Surname Index - 1880 Census Hempstead Co., Arkansas

The names found in the census are listed alphabetically by surname, with names grouped together by household. Each individual's name has the township of residence listed to the right. Find the desired individual below, then go to the census page for the corresponding township by clicking on it's link below.

This information is intended for genealogical research only and may not be used for commercial purposes.

Bois d'arc  Columbus   De Roane  Fulton   Garland  Hope  Mine Creek   Ozan  Redland  Saline   Spring Hill  Wallaceburg   Washington

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AARON, John C.   	Spring Hill
ABBOTT, S.       	De Roane
ABEL, Patsy      	Ozan
ABEL, William    	Ozan
ACKER, Anna E.   	De Roane
ACKER, Ellen     	De Roane
ACKER, Jasper N. 	De Roane
ACKER, Malissa   	De Roane
ACOCK, Betsey    	De Roane
ACOCK, Betsy     	De Roane
ACOCK, Drew      	Saline
ACOCK, Eliza     	De Roane
ACOCK, Eliza     	De Roane
ACOCK, Etter     	Saline
ACOCK, Fannie    	Saline
ACOCK, Henderson 	De Roane
ACOCK, Henderson 	De Roane
ACOCK, Henderson 	De Roane
ACOCK, Mary      	Saline
ACOCK, Susan     	De Roane
ACOCK, Thomas    	Saline
ADAIR, Caroline  	De Roane
ADAIR, Caroline  	De Roane
ADAIR, Charlot   	De Roane
ADAIR, Cornelius 	De Roane
ADAIR, Ellen     	De Roane
ADAIR, Fannie    	De Roane
ADAIR, Georgia   	De Roane
ADAIR, Jackson   	De Roane
ADAIR, Jackson   	De Roane
ADAIR, January   	De Roane
ADAIR, Lawrence  	De Roane
ADAIR, Martha    	De Roane
ADAIR, Sip       	De Roane
ADAIR, Thair     	De Roane
ADAIR, Willie    	De Roane
ADAIR, Workman   	De Roane
ADAM, Dora       	Ozan
ADAM, Elizabeth  	Ozan
ADAM, James      	Ozan
ADAM, John       	Ozan
ADAM, Rufus      	Ozan
ADAM, Sidney     	Ozan
ADAMS, Abraham   	Saline
ADAMS, Albert    	Saline
ADAMS, Alesy     	Saline
ADAMS, Allick    	Saline
ADAMS, Austin A. 	Spring Hill
ADAMS, Calista   	Saline
ADAMS, Charlie   	Saline
ADAMS, Charlotte E.	Spring Hill
ADAMS, Clarinda  	De Roane
ADAMS, Clarinda  	De Roane
ADAMS, Denion    	Wallaceburg
ADAMS, Elizabeth 	Wallaceburg
ADAMS, Emana     	Wallaceburg
ADAMS, Emma      	Garland
ADAMS, Grant     	Saline
ADAMS, Henry     	Garland
ADAMS, James     	Ozan
ADAMS, James H.  	Garland
ADAMS, John      	Wallaceburg
ADAMS, Lela V.   	Ozan
ADAMS, Lula      	Garland
ADAMS, Manerva   	Garland
ADAMS, Martin    	De Roane
ADAMS, Mary      	Garland
ADAMS, Mary A.   	Garland
ADAMS, Mary F.   	Garland
ADAMS, Mary L.   	Ozan
ADAMS, Melvina   	Saline
ADAMS, Minta     	Garland
ADAMS, Nancy     	Ozan
ADAMS, Nancy     	Wallaceburg
ADAMS, Nancy E.  	Spring Hill
ADAMS, Neoma     	Saline
ADAMS, Oscar L.  	Spring Hill
ADAMS, Reith     	Saline
ADAMS, Robert T. 	Garland
ADAMS, Rosie     	Wallaceburg
ADAMS, Thomas    	Garland
ADAMS, William   	De Roane
ADAMS, William   	Garland
ADKINS, Albert   	De Roane
ADKINS, Amanda   	Ozan
ADKINS, Amanda P.	Ozan
ADKINS, Binkie   	Wallaceburg
ADKINS, Charles  	Ozan
ADKINS, Charly   	De Roane
ADKINS, Eliza    	De Roane
ADKINS, Joseph L.	Ozan
ADKINS, Joseph W.	Ozan
ADKINS, Molly    	De Roane
ADKINS, Nancy J. 	De Roane
ADKINS, Ned      	Wallaceburg
ADKINS, Nellie   	Ozan
ADKINS, Phebe A. 	Ozan
ADKINS, Sousan M.	Ozan
ADKINS, Tilda    	Ozan
ADKINS, William  	De Roane
AGAN, A. J.      	Spring Hill
AGAN, Andrew     	Spring Hill
AGAN, Debby      	Spring Hill
AGAN, Elzora     	Spring Hill
AGAN, Mary       	Spring Hill
AGAN, Nancy J.   	Spring Hill
AGAN, Sarah E.   	Spring Hill
AGAN, William    	Spring Hill
AGARS, Berry     	Spring Hill
AGARS, Eva       	Spring Hill
AGARS, Mahala    	Spring Hill
AGARS, Martha L. 	Spring Hill
AGARS, Trudy     	Spring Hill
AGARS, William   	Spring Hill
AIKEN, Eveline   	Bois D'Arc
AIKEN, George    	Bois D'Arc
AIKEN, Mary      	Bois D'Arc
AIKEN, William   	Bois D'Arc
AINSWORTH, Bell  	Saline
AINSWORTH, Robert	Saline
ALBERT, Charity  	Saline
ALBERT, E. M.    	Hope
ALBERT, J. M.    	Hope
ALBERT, Penington	Saline
ALBERT, S. C.    	Hope
ALDEMAN, George  	Washington
ALEET, Luther C. 	Ozan
ALEET, Sousan    	Ozan
ALEX, Ann        	De Roane
ALEX, Betsey     	De Roane
ALEX, Calvin     	De Roane
ALEX, Easter     	De Roane
ALEX, Mariah     	De Roane
ALEX, Rose W.    	De Roane
ALEX, Steve      	De Roane
ALEX, Wash       	De Roane
ALEX, William    	De Roane
ALEX, Willis     	De Roane
ALEXANDER, Albert P.	Ozan
ALEXANDER, Daniel	Ozan
ALEXANDER, Daniel E.	Ozan
ALEXANDER, Donnah	Ozan
ALEXANDER, Hannah	Red Land
ALEXANDER, Haywood	Ozan
ALEXANDER, Isabell	Ozan
ALEXANDER, James 	Bois D'Arc
ALEXANDER, Jno.  	Bois D'Arc
ALEXANDER, Jos.  	Bois D'Arc
ALEXANDER, Liza  	Bois D'Arc
ALEXANDER, Lizzie	Hope
ALEXANDER, Nancy 	Ozan
ALEXANDER, Percy 	Ozan
ALEXANDER, William A	Ozan
ALFORD, Burgess S.	Spring Hill
ALFORD, Christopher	Spring Hill
ALFRED, Stacy    	De Roane
ALIOTE, Elmore   	Ozan
ALIOTE, John     	Ozan
ALIOTE, Minnie   	Ozan
ALKINSON, Eugene 	Ozan
ALKINSON, Frank  	Ozan
ALKINSON, Frank N.	Ozan
ALKINSON, James  	Ozan
ALKINSON, John   	Ozan
ALKINSON, Judah  	Ozan
ALKOM, Annie C.  	Spring Hill
ALKOM, Francis M.	Spring Hill
ALKOM, George W. 	Spring Hill
ALKOM, Lemuel M. 	Spring Hill
ALKOM, Talula L. 	Spring Hill
ALKOM, William T.	Spring Hill
ALLEN, Agnes A.  	De Roane
ALLEN, Alex      	Garland
ALLEN, Alex      	Ozan
ALLEN, Alex      	Wallaceburg
ALLEN, Alex W.   	De Roane
ALLEN, Alfred    	Garland
ALLEN, Alice     	De Roane
ALLEN, Ann       	Garland
ALLEN, Annie J.  	Bois D'Arc
ALLEN, Belle     	Fulton
ALLEN, Catha C.  	Garland
ALLEN, Catherine 	Wallaceburg
ALLEN, Charles   	Garland
ALLEN, Charles   	Garland
ALLEN, Charles P.	Garland
ALLEN, Christian 	Wallaceburg
ALLEN, Christian 	Wallaceburg
ALLEN, Eliza G.  	De Roane
ALLEN, Elizabeth 	Wallaceburg
ALLEN, Elizabeth A.	Spring Hill
ALLEN, Elizabeth K.	De Roane
ALLEN, Elnora    	Spring Hill
ALLEN, Emma V.   	Spring Hill
ALLEN, Ennis     	Garland
ALLEN, Fanni M.  	Ozan
ALLEN, Francis   	Garland
ALLEN, Frank     	Spring Hill
ALLEN, George    	De Roane
ALLEN, George    	Garland
ALLEN, George    	Saline
ALLEN, George A. 	De Roane
ALLEN, George C. 	Bois D'Arc
ALLEN, Georgia An	Saline
ALLEN, Harriett  	Wallaceburg
ALLEN, Henry     	Wallaceburg
ALLEN, J. C.     	De Roane
ALLEN, J. M.     	De Roane
ALLEN, Joe S.    	Garland
ALLEN, John      	De Roane
ALLEN, John      	Garland
ALLEN, John      	Ozan
ALLEN, Johny     	Saline
ALLEN, Joseph L. 	De Roane
ALLEN, Joseph W. 	Spring Hill
ALLEN, Josephine M.	Garland
ALLEN, Julia J.  	Spring Hill
ALLEN, Laura     	Garland
ALLEN, Leanna    	Spring Hill
ALLEN, Lenora    	Spring Hill
ALLEN, Lethie    	Spring Hill
ALLEN, Lizzie    	Garland
ALLEN, Lou M.    	De Roane
ALLEN, Louisa    	Garland
ALLEN, Lue Ella  	Garland
ALLEN, M. F.     	Hope
ALLEN, Martha J. 	Garland
ALLEN, Mary      	Bois D'Arc
ALLEN, Mary      	Saline
ALLEN, Mary E.   	De Roane
ALLEN, Mary H.   	Spring Hill
ALLEN, Mattie S. 	Spring Hill
ALLEN, Mina      	De Roane
ALLEN, Minnie K. 	Spring Hill
ALLEN, Mollie    	De Roane
ALLEN, Nora D.   	Ozan
ALLEN, Robert    	Wallaceburg
ALLEN, Robert J. 	Spring Hill
ALLEN, Robert L. 	Garland
ALLEN, Robt. J.  	Bois D'Arc
ALLEN, Ruth E.   	Spring Hill
ALLEN, Sallie J. 	De Roane
ALLEN, Samuel    	Garland
ALLEN, Samuel    	Garland
ALLEN, Samuel    	Wallaceburg
ALLEN, Samuel    	Wallaceburg
ALLEN, Sarah     	Garland
ALLEN, Sarah     	Wallaceburg
ALLEN, Susan     	Wallaceburg
ALLEN, Thomas T. 	Garland
ALLEN, Velva     	Garland
ALLEN, William   	Wallaceburg
ALLEN, William A.	Spring Hill
ALLEN, William G.	Fulton
ALLEN, Wm. J.    	Bois D'Arc
ALLINAND, Jessie 	Garland
ALLINAND, Madison	Garland
ALLINAND, Mary   	Garland
ALLINAND, Thomas 	Garland
ALLINAND, William A.	Garland
ALLISON, June E. 	Mine Creek
ALLISON, Layfaett	Mine Creek
ALLISON, Levina F.	Mine Creek
ALLISON, May E.  	Mine Creek
ALLISON, S.      	Mine Creek
ALMAND, Columbus 	Garland
ALMAND, Ellen    	Garland
ALMAND, Joanna V.	Garland
ALMAND, Jos. H.  	Garland
ALMAND, Permalie 	Garland
ALMAND, Pete     	Garland
ALMAND, Peter B. 	Garland
ALMAND, Welcome W.	Garland
ALSABROOK, Ann   	Garland
ALSABROOK, Ralph C.	Garland
ALSABROOK, William R.	Garland
ALSBRAKER, A.    	Hope
ALSTON, Alfred   	Washington
ALSTON, Eliza H. 	Fulton
ALSTON, Elizabeth	Washington
ALSTON, Ella     	Washington
ALSTON, James    	Washington
ALSTON, Joseph D.	Fulton
ALSTON, Josie    	Fulton
ALSTON, Mary E.  	Fulton
ALSTON, Nancy    	Washington
ALSTON, Spencer A.	Fulton
ALSTON, Wesley   	Washington
ALSTON, Willis C.	Fulton
AMERICUS, Elizabeth	Ozan
AMERICUS, Letha  	Ozan
AMERICUS, Lucetta	Ozan
AMERICUS, Margaret	Ozan
AMERICUS, Martha 	Ozan
AMERICUS, Ned    	Ozan
AMERICUS, Netta  	Ozan
AMERICUS, Sally  	Ozan
AMERICUS, Samuel 	Ozan
AMERICUS, Samuel 	Ozan
AMERICUS, Samuel 	Ozan
AMERICUS, Tena   	Ozan
AMERICUS, Vergil 	Ozan
AMES, Delila     	Ozan
AMES, General B. 	Ozan
AMES, George     	Ozan
AMES, Mary E.    	Ozan
AMES, Sylvester C.	Ozan
AMOS, Joe        	Bois D'Arc
AMUS, Cathrine   	Mine Creek
AMUS, Gamble     	Mine Creek
AMUS, Hyatt      	Mine Creek
AMUS, Joseph     	Mine Creek
AMUS, Major      	Mine Creek
AMUS, Misirene   	Mine Creek
AMUS, Peggy      	Mine Creek
AMUS, Susan      	Mine Creek
ANDERSON, A.     	Hope
ANDERSON, Ada    	Garland
ANDERSON, Ada S. 	Spring Hill
ANDERSON, Agnes L.	Ozan
ANDERSON, Alabama	Ozan
ANDERSON, Albert 	Spring Hill
ANDERSON, Alex   	Wallaceburg
ANDERSON, Andrew J.	Spring Hill
ANDERSON, Andrew J.	Spring Hill
ANDERSON, Anna   	De Roane
ANDERSON, Annie M.	Spring Hill
ANDERSON, Artitia	Spring Hill
ANDERSON, Bell   	De Roane
ANDERSON, C. A.  	Hope
ANDERSON, C. M.  	De Roane
ANDERSON, Caroline	Saline
ANDERSON, Carrie 	Hope
ANDERSON, Charles	Ozan
ANDERSON, Cora   	Ozan
ANDERSON, David  	Mine Creek
ANDERSON, David W.	Garland
ANDERSON, Della  	Hope
ANDERSON, Eaden  	Hope
ANDERSON, Eduard 	Ozan
ANDERSON, Edward G.	Spring Hill
ANDERSON, Effie  	Hope
ANDERSON, Eli T. 	Saline
ANDERSON, Elizabeth E.	Ozan
ANDERSON, Emma   	Hope
ANDERSON, Emma   	Ozan
ANDERSON, Erasmus	Ozan
ANDERSON, Ethel L.	Mine Creek
ANDERSON, Eudora C.	Spring Hill
ANDERSON, Evaline	De Roane
ANDERSON, F. A.  	De Roane
ANDERSON, Fenesee	Ozan
ANDERSON, Florence	Ozan
ANDERSON, Frank  	De Roane
ANDERSON, Frankin	Spring Hill
ANDERSON, George 	Hope
ANDERSON, Henry  	Hope
ANDERSON, Isaac  	Ozan
ANDERSON, Isaac  	Ozan
ANDERSON, Isaac  	Spring Hill
ANDERSON, J.     	Hope
ANDERSON, Jacob  	Spring Hill
ANDERSON, Jacob W.	Spring Hill
ANDERSON, James  	De Roane
ANDERSON, James  	Hope
ANDERSON, James  	Spring Hill
ANDERSON, James M.	Spring Hill
ANDERSON, James S.	Spring Hill
ANDERSON, Jo Ella	Saline
ANDERSON, Joe    	Hope
ANDERSON, John   	Hope
ANDERSON, John J.	Ozan
ANDERSON, John M.	Ozan
ANDERSON, John W.	Spring Hill
ANDERSON, Jonathon H.	Mine Creek
ANDERSON, Joseph 	De Roane
ANDERSON, L. T.  	Hope
ANDERSON, Laura  	Garland
ANDERSON, Lee    	Wallaceburg
ANDERSON, Leian G.	Spring Hill
ANDERSON, Lizzie 	Saline
ANDERSON, Luarka 	Spring Hill
ANDERSON, Lucy   	Ozan
ANDERSON, Lucy R.	Saline
ANDERSON, Lula P.	Spring Hill
ANDERSON, Margaret A.	Spring Hill
ANDERSON, Margaret E.	Ozan
ANDERSON, Martha A.	Hope
ANDERSON, Martha A.	Spring Hill
ANDERSON, Martha A.	Spring Hill
ANDERSON, Martha D.	Spring Hill
ANDERSON, Martitia	Spring Hill
ANDERSON, Mary   	Ozan
ANDERSON, Mary   	Ozan
ANDERSON, Mary   	Spring Hill
ANDERSON, Mary A.	Spring Hill
ANDERSON, Mary E.	Garland
ANDERSON, Mary I.	Spring Hill
ANDERSON, Mary L.	Ozan
ANDERSON, Minnie H.	Mine Creek
ANDERSON, Nancy  	Spring Hill
ANDERSON, Nellie E.	Garland
ANDERSON, Nelson 	Saline
ANDERSON, Noah   	Spring Hill
ANDERSON, Rheuben	Spring Hill
ANDERSON, Richard	Hope
ANDERSON, Robbert	Saline
ANDERSON, Rufus G.	Ozan
ANDERSON, Sallie 	Wallaceburg
ANDERSON, Saluda 	De Roane
ANDERSON, Sarah  	Wallaceburg
ANDERSON, Susanna M.	Spring Hill
ANDERSON, Theodocins	Wallaceburg
ANDERSON, Tom    	Fulton
ANDERSON, Unknown	De Roane
ANDERSON, Walter 	Spring Hill
ANDERSON, Warren 	Wallaceburg
ANDERSON, William	Ozan
ANDERSON, William	Ozan
ANDERSON, William	Spring Hill
ANDERSON, William N.	Mine Creek
ANDERSON, William T.	Spring Hill
ANDERSON, Willie 	Spring Hill
ANDREUS, Nancy   	Washington
ANDREWS, A. H.   	De Roane
ANDREWS, Addie   	Hope
ANDREWS, Alice   	De Roane
ANDREWS, Andrew A.	De Roane
ANDREWS, Elvira L.	Spring Hill
ANDREWS, G. H.   	Spring Hill
ANDREWS, George  	Hope
ANDREWS, Henry D.	De Roane
ANDREWS, Hillard 	Hope
ANDREWS, John C. 	De Roane
ANDREWS, Joshuway	De Roane
ANDREWS, Martha  	De Roane
ANDREWS, Mary    	Hope
ANDREWS, Rebecca 	De Roane
ANDREWS, Tennessee A.	Spring Hill
ANDREWS, Thomas  	De Roane
ANDREWS, William G.	Spring Hill
ANTOINE, Aaron   	Bois D'Arc
ANTOINE, Bayless 	Bois D'Arc
ANTOINE, Franklin	Bois D'Arc
ANTOINE, Isabella	Bois D'Arc
ANTOINE, Lawson  	Bois D'Arc
ANTOINE, Leila   	Bois D'Arc
ANTOINE, Lida    	Bois D'Arc
ANTOINE, Nelly Ann	Bois D'Arc
ANTOINE, Nich    	Bois D'Arc
ANTOINE, Sammy   	Bois D'Arc
ANTOINE, Sarah   	Bois D'Arc
APPLE, Peter     	De Roane
APPLE, Tamfry    	De Roane
APPLETON, Abegill	Saline
APPLETON, Sie    	Saline
ARCHER, J. R.    	De Roane
ARCHER, James    	Ozan
ARCHER, Joseph   	De Roane
ARCHER, Malissa A.	De Roane
ARCHER, Mary     	De Roane
ARCHER, Mary J.  	De Roane
ARCHER, Nancy    	Ozan
ARCHER, Peter    	Ozan
ARCHER, Robert   	De Roane
ARINGTON, Milly A.	Ozan
ARINGTON, William	Ozan
ARMINATE, William H.	Washington
ARMSTRING, Emma  	Garland
ARMSTRING, Henrietta	Garland
ARMSTRING, Silus 	Garland
ARMSTRONG, Ben   	De Roane
ARMSTRONG, Carry E.	De Roane
ARMSTRONG, Clara 	Garland
ARMSTRONG, Cornelia	De Roane
ARMSTRONG, Creasy	Ozan
ARMSTRONG, Daisy 	Ozan
ARMSTRONG, Ed    	Ozan
ARMSTRONG, Ella  	Ozan
ARMSTRONG, Frank 	Ozan
ARMSTRONG, G. W. 	De Roane
ARMSTRONG, Granderson	Ozan
ARMSTRONG, Henry 	Ozan
ARMSTRONG, Ida   	Ozan
ARMSTRONG, Jorden	Ozan
ARMSTRONG, Joseph	De Roane
ARMSTRONG, Julia 	Ozan
ARMSTRONG, Luther E.	De Roane
ARMSTRONG, Margaret	Ozan
ARMSTRONG, Maria 	Ozan
ARMSTRONG, Mary J.	De Roane
ARMSTRONG, Mary J.	De Roane
ARMSTRONG, Molly 	Ozan
ARMSTRONG, Morrison	Ozan
ARMSTRONG, Nancy 	De Roane
ARMSTRONG, Nancy 	Ozan
ARMSTRONG, Retter	Ozan
ARMSTRONG, Sally 	Ozan
ARMSTRONG, Sarah 	De Roane
ARMSTRONG, Unknown	De Roane
ARMSTRONG, William	De Roane
ARNETT, Ada A. M.	Saline
ARNETT, E.       	Hope
ARNETT, Frank B. 	Saline
ARNETT, Henry    	Saline
ARNETT, Isan     	Saline
ARNETT, James D. 	Saline
ARNETT, John M.  	Saline
ARNETT, Lue A.   	Saline
ARNETT, Martha   	Saline
ARNETT, Mary     	Saline
ARNETT, Mary A.  	Saline
ARNETT, Miller   	Saline
ARNETT, Sarah A. 	Saline
ARNETT, Vira     	Saline
ARNETT, William H.	Saline
ARNETTE, Elizabeth	Ozan
ARNETTE, John    	Ozan
ARNETTE, John W. 	Ozan
ARNETTE, John W. 	Ozan
ARNETTE, Roswell 	Washington
ARNOLD, Alice    	Garland
ARNOLD, Asberry  	Ozan
ARNOLD, Calvin   	Garland
ARNOLD, Caroline 	Mine Creek
ARNOLD, Carrie   	Garland
ARNOLD, Charity  	Garland
ARNOLD, Ella     	Garland
ARNOLD, Ellen    	Ozan
ARNOLD, Emma     	Garland
ARNOLD, Erasmus  	Ozan
ARNOLD, Erastus B.	Garland
ARNOLD, F. A.    	De Roane
ARNOLD, George A.	Garland
ARNOLD, Gus      	Garland
ARNOLD, James    	Garland
ARNOLD, James J. 	Ozan
ARNOLD, Jane     	Ozan
ARNOLD, Jasper   	Garland
ARNOLD, Kandis   	De Roane
ARNOLD, Lewis W. 	Garland
ARNOLD, Louisia  	Garland
ARNOLD, Margaret 	Garland
ARNOLD, Martha   	De Roane
ARNOLD, Martha   	Ozan
ARNOLD, Mary     	Garland
ARNOLD, Mary J.  	Garland
ARNOLD, Matilda  	Garland
ARNOLD, Mose A.  	Garland
ARNOLD, Moses    	Garland
ARNOLD, Moses    	Ozan
ARNOLD, Nellie D.	Garland
ARNOLD, Oliver   	Mine Creek
ARNOLD, Prince   	De Roane
ARNOLD, Robert   	Ozan
ARNOLD, Robert Lee	Ozan
ARNOLD, Salina   	Garland
ARNOLD, Salina   	Garland
ARNOLD, Sally    	De Roane
ARNOLD, Sally    	Ozan
ARNOLD, Samuel   	Garland
ARNOLD, Samuel L.	Mine Creek
ARNOLD, Sarah    	Ozan
ARNOLD, Sarah W. 	Garland
ARNOLD, Sherman  	De Roane
ARNOLD, Virginia 	Ozan
ARNOLD, William  	Ozan
ARNOLD, William J.	Garland
ARNOLD, Young    	Garland
ARRINGTON, Charles	Spring Hill
ARRINGTON, Dick  	Spring Hill
ARRINGTON, Emma  	Spring Hill
ARRINGTON, Endry 	Spring Hill
ARRINGTON, Henrietta	Spring Hill
ARRINGTON, John  	Spring Hill
ARRINGTON, Lu    	Spring Hill
ARRINGTON, Melvet	Spring Hill
ARRINGTON, Sis   	Spring Hill
ARRINGTON, Thomas	Spring Hill
ARRINGTON, Thomas	Spring Hill
ARTERBY, H. L.   	De Roane
ARTERBY, W. H.   	De Roane
ASBERRY, Dora    	Spring Hill
ASBERRY, William 	Spring Hill
ASKEN, Adline    	Wallaceburg
ASKEN, Anna      	Wallaceburg
ASKEN, Caldonia  	Wallaceburg
ASKEN, Cordelia  	Wallaceburg
ASKEN, Hugh      	Wallaceburg
ASKEN, James     	Wallaceburg
ASKEN, Joseph    	Wallaceburg
ASKEN, Robert    	Wallaceburg
ASKEW, Angeline  	Red Land
ASKEW, Edward    	Red Land
ASKEW, Henry     	Red Land
ASKEW, James     	Red Land
ASKEW, Jemima    	Red Land
ASKEW, Laura     	Red Land
ASKEW, Levenie   	Red Land
ASKEW, Marlin    	Red Land
ASKEW, Martha    	Red Land
ASKEW, Mary      	Red Land
ASKEW, Mary      	Red Land
ASKEW, Moses     	Red Land
ASKEW, Nancy     	Red Land
ASKEW, Ruth      	Red Land
ASKEW, S.        	Hope
ASKEW, Sarah     	Red Land
ASKEW, Sarah     	Red Land
ASKEW, Tempie    	Red Land
ASKEW, William   	Red Land
ASKEW, William   	Red Land
ATISON, Ruben    	Saline
AUBREY, A. E.    	Hope
AUBREY, A. F.    	Hope
AUBREY, Ada      	Spring Hill
AUBREY, Alex     	Spring Hill
AUBREY, Amanda E.	Spring Hill
AUBREY, Bennet   	Spring Hill
AUBREY, Elijah   	Spring Hill
AUBREY, G.       	Hope
AUBREY, Henry    	Spring Hill
AUBREY, James    	Spring Hill
AUBREY, Joseph   	Spring Hill
AUBREY, Julia    	Spring Hill
AUBREY, Julia    	Spring Hill
AUBREY, L. L.    	Hope
AUBREY, M. J.    	Hope
AUBREY, M. M.    	Hope
AUBREY, Margaret 	Spring Hill
AUBREY, Nancy    	Spring Hill
AUBREY, W.       	Hope
AUBREY, W. A.    	Hope
AUBREY, Willie   	Spring Hill
AUBRY, J.        	Hope
AUBRY, J.        	Hope
AUBRY, W.        	Hope
AUSTIN, Brazila  	Columbus
AUSTIN, Brown    	Saline
AUSTIN, David    	Saline
AUSTIN, Fedging  	Columbus
AUSTIN, Hattie   	Columbus
AUSTIN, Henry G. 	Garland
AUSTIN, Henry J. 	Saline
AUSTIN, James    	Garland
AUSTIN, Jane     	Columbus
AUSTIN, Julia    	Saline
AUSTIN, Lee      	Saline
AUSTIN, Lewis    	Saline
AUSTIN, Lizzie   	Columbus
AUSTIN, Martha A.	Garland
AUSTIN, Mary     	Columbus
AUSTIN, Milie    	Saline
AUSTIN, Rosa M.  	Garland
AUSTIN, Sam      	Saline
AUSTIN, William A.	Garland
AVERY, Alex      	Garland
AVERY, Andrew H. 	Garland
AVERY, Drury V.  	Garland
AVERY, Letssy C. 	Garland
AVERY, Lucy J    	Garland
AVERY, Lucy L.   	Garland
AVERY, Minah     	Mine Creek
AVERY, William M 	Garland
AWBREY, Albert   	De Roane
AWBREY, Buck     	De Roane
AWBREY, Elmyra   	De Roane
AWBREY, N. J. T. 	De Roane
AWBREY, Sidney   	De Roane
AYLOR, James     	Wallaceburg
AYLOR, Joseph    	Wallaceburg
AYLOR, Rhoda     	Wallaceburg
AYRES, George L. 	De Roane
AYRES, Mary      	De Roane
AYRES, Saint     	De Roane
B., Brown        	Mine Creek
B., Mariah       	Mine Creek
BABER, George    	Wallaceburg
BABER, John      	Wallaceburg
BACKBORN, Charles	Hope
BACKBORN, Charlie	Hope
BACKBORN, Jasper 	Hope
BACKBORN, Josephine	Hope
BACKBORN, Lena   	Hope
BACKBORN, Lillie 	Hope
BACON, Charles   	De Roane
BAGLEY, C. A.    	Hope
BAGLEY, H. R.    	Hope
BAGLEY, N. C.    	Hope
BAILEY, Debora   	Spring Hill
BAILEY, Levi     	Red Land
BAILEY, Martha   	Red Land
BAILEY, Sarah    	Red Land
BAILEY, Sprigs   	Wallaceburg
BAILY, Alpha     	Mine Creek
BAILY, Augusta S.	Mine Creek
BAILY, Henry H.  	Mine Creek
BAILY, Mathew W. 	Mine Creek
BAILY, Thomas J. 	Mine Creek
BAILY, Thomas S. 	Mine Creek
BAILY, William A.	Mine Creek
BAIRD, Albert    	Garland
BAIRD, Albert C. 	Washington
BAIRD, Cornelia A.	Washington
BAIRD, Ella      	Columbus
BAIRD, Elmon     	Washington
BAIRD, Emily     	Washington
BAIRD, Freeman   	Saline
BAIRD, Georgia A.	Saline
BAIRD, Harden    	Ozan
BAIRD, Henry     	Columbus
BAIRD, James     	Bois D'Arc
BAIRD, James W.  	Saline
BAIRD, Jennie    	Fulton
BAIRD, John      	Ozan
BAIRD, Jordan    	Fulton
BAIRD, Louis     	Washington
BAIRD, Lulu      	Bois D'Arc
BAIRD, Martha    	Fulton
BAIRD, Martha    	Saline
BAIRD, Mary      	Garland
BAIRD, Peggy     	Saline
BAIRD, Rose      	Columbus
BAIRD, Roy       	Washington
BAIRD, Taylor    	Fulton
BAIRD, Warren    	Ozan
BAIRD, William   	Garland
BAIRD, William O.	Saline
BAISTON, Benjamin M.	Saline
BAISTON, James W.	Saline
BAISTON, Johnie W.	Saline
BAISTON, Maggie P.	Saline
BAISTON, Mary A. 	Saline
BAISTON, Mildred 	Saline
BAISTON, Stephen B.	Saline
BAISTON, William M.	Saline
BAKER, Allen     	Saline
BAKER, Allice    	De Roane
BAKER, Benjamin  	Spring Hill
BAKER, Booker    	Ozan
BAKER, Calvin    	De Roane
BAKER, Christopher	De Roane
BAKER, Eliza     	De Roane
BAKER, Elizabeth 	De Roane
BAKER, George W. 	Mine Creek
BAKER, Green     	Mine Creek
BAKER, Hanna     	Mine Creek
BAKER, Henrietta 	De Roane
BAKER, Henry     	De Roane
BAKER, Inez      	Ozan
BAKER, J.        	De Roane
BAKER, James     	De Roane
BAKER, James W.  	De Roane
BAKER, Jo H.     	Ozan
BAKER, John H.   	De Roane
BAKER, Lewis     	Spring Hill
BAKER, Lidia     	De Roane
BAKER, Lou       	De Roane
BAKER, Loucinda  	De Roane
BAKER, Louiza    	De Roane
BAKER, Mahaly    	De Roane
BAKER, Mandy     	De Roane
BAKER, Mandy     	De Roane
BAKER, Martha    	De Roane
BAKER, Martha    	Ozan
BAKER, Mary      	De Roane
BAKER, Mary      	De Roane
BAKER, Mary J.   	Spring Hill
BAKER, Mattie L. 	Spring Hill
BAKER, Milly     	De Roane
BAKER, Milton    	Mine Creek
BAKER, Mosell    	Ozan
BAKER, Peter     	De Roane
BAKER, Ruben     	De Roane
BAKER, Samuel    	De Roane
BAKER, Sharlott  	De Roane
BAKER, Theoda    	Mine Creek
BAKER, William D.	De Roane
BALDWIN, Agness  	Ozan
BALDWIN, Alabama 	Ozan
BALDWIN, Amanda  	Ozan
BALDWIN, Benjamin	Ozan
BALDWIN, Charlie 	Ozan
BALDWIN, Charlotte	Ozan
BALDWIN, D.      	De Roane
BALDWIN, Elizabeth	Ozan
BALDWIN, Florence	Ozan
BALDWIN, Fowler  	De Roane
BALDWIN, George  	Ozan
BALDWIN, Harry L.	De Roane
BALDWIN, Isaac   	Ozan
BALDWIN, Malissa 	Hope
BALDWIN, Mary    	Ozan
BALDWIN, Nancy   	Ozan
BALDWIN, Nelson  	Ozan
BALDWIN, Norma   	De Roane
BALDWIN, Robert  	Ozan
BALDWIN, Ruth    	De Roane
BALDWIN, Tabie   	Ozan
BALDWIN, Teller  	Ozan
BALDWIN, William 	Washington
BALDWIN, Willie K.	De Roane
BALES, Caroline  	Spring Hill
BALES, Elizabeth 	Spring Hill
BALEY, Ely       	De Roane
BALEY, Joel      	De Roane
BALEY, Kindrick  	De Roane
BALEY, Sarah     	De Roane
BALEY, William W.	De Roane
BALEY, Zackariah 	De Roane
BALL, Andrew J.  	Mine Creek
BALL, Ann E.     	Mine Creek
BALL, Fedri D.   	Mine Creek
BALL, John M.    	Mine Creek
BALL, John W.    	Mine Creek
BALL, Joseph     	Mine Creek
BALL, Mary F.    	Mine Creek
BALL, Nancy J.   	Mine Creek
BALL, Rebeca     	Mine Creek
BALL, Thomas F.  	Mine Creek
BALOY, Elizabeth 	De Roane
BALOY, John W.   	De Roane
BALOY, Sarah     	De Roane
BALOY, Thomas    	De Roane
BARKLY, Alic     	Red Land
BARKLY, Candas   	Red Land
BARKLY, David    	Red Land
BARKLY, Elvira   	Red Land
BARKLY, John     	Red Land
BARKLY, Lelia    	Red Land
BARKLY, Lillie   	Red Land
BARKLY, Mary     	Red Land
BARKSDALE, James 	Washington
BARKSDALE, Julia A.	Washington
BARN, J. T.      	Hope
BARNES, Annie E. 	Mine Creek
BARNES, Carrol   	De Roane
BARNES, Charles  	Red Land
BARNES, Daniel   	De Roane
BARNES, Eliza    	De Roane
BARNES, Ellen    	Ozan
BARNES, Frank M. 	Mine Creek
BARNES, George   	De Roane
BARNES, J. W.    	De Roane
BARNES, James    	Red Land
BARNES, John     	Red Land
BARNES, Lou      	Mine Creek
BARNES, Margaret 	Red Land
BARNES, Martha C.	Mine Creek
BARNES, Martin   	Red Land
BARNES, Martin   	Red Land
BARNES, Mary     	Red Land
BARNES, Nathan   	Bois D'Arc
BARNES, Neppy    	Spring Hill
BARNES, Nicie    	Red Land
BARNES, Thomas   	De Roane
BARNES, William  	De Roane
BARNES, William S.	Mine Creek
BARNETT, Green   	Hope
BARNEY, T.       	Hope
BARNS, A. M.     	Hope
BARNS, John E.   	Hope
BARNS, Martha    	Hope
BARNS, Pauline   	Hope
BARR, Amacetta   	Columbus
BARR, Elgin      	Columbus
BARR, Joseph M.  	Columbus
BARR, Robbert L. 	Columbus
BARR, Roldan     	Columbus
BARRAN, William  	De Roane
BARROW, Belle    	Red Land
BARROW, Bettie   	Red Land
BARROW, David    	Red Land
BARROW, Elizabeth	Red Land
BARROW, Francis  	Red Land
BARROW, Francis  	Red Land
BARROW, Jacob    	Red Land
BARROW, James    	Red Land
BARROW, Jettie   	Red Land
BARROW, Mary     	Red Land
BARROW, William  	Red Land
BARTEN, J.       	Hope
BARTEN, S. L.    	Hope
BARTLETT, Eliza  	Bois D'Arc
BARTLETT, Eliza  	Spring Hill
BARTLETT, Jno. L.	Bois D'Arc
BARTLETT, William	Bois D'Arc
BARTON, Benjamin B.	Garland
BARTON, Cinda    	Mine Creek
BARTON, Laura J. 	Garland
BARTON, Lee      	Garland
BARTON, Lewis M. 	Mine Creek
BARTON, Luther   	Mine Creek
BARTON, Mary E.  	Mine Creek
BARTON, Mary J.  	Mine Creek
BARTON, Mollie   	Garland
BARTON, Ozilla   	Mine Creek
BARTON, Sarah E. 	Mine Creek
BARTON, W. H.    	Mine Creek
BARTON, Wade     	Mine Creek
BARTON, William  	Mine Creek
BARTON, William G.	Garland
BASEMORE, William	Ozan
BASTICK, Jeff    	De Roane
BATEMAN, Matilda 	Mine Creek
BATEMAN, W. M.   	Hope
BATLY, Fannie    	Garland
BATT, James      	Wallaceburg
BATTLES, William T.	Fulton
BAWDEN, Elizabeth	De Roane
BAWDEN, Elmore P.	De Roane
BAWDEN, J.       	De Roane
BAWDEN, John C.  	De Roane
BAWDEN, Lou J.   	De Roane
BAWDEN, W. J.    	De Roane
BAXTER, Delaney A.	Spring Hill
BAXTER, Emma A.  	Spring Hill
BAXTER, Emma V.  	Spring Hill
BAXTER, John M.  	Spring Hill
BAXTER, Margaret A. J.	Spring Hill
BAXTER, Margaret E.	Spring Hill
BAXTER, Margaret J.	Spring Hill
BAXTER, Mary A. F.	Spring Hill
BAXTER, Mary M.  	Spring Hill
BAXTER, Mitchel M.	Spring Hill
BAXTER, Richard S.	Spring Hill
BAXTER, Robert E. L.	Spring Hill
BAXTER, Thomas J.	Spring Hill
BAYLESS, Charles H.	Hope
BAYLESS, Dezzina M.	Hope
BAYLESS, Essie O.	Garland
BAYLESS, L.      	Hope
BAYLESS, Mattie M.	Hope
BAYLESS, S. H.   	Hope
BAYLESS, Samuel A.	Garland
BAYLIS, K. W.    	Hope
BAYLIS, M. L.    	Hope
BAYLIS, T. H.    	Hope
BAZEMON, Elizabeth	Spring Hill
BAZEMON, James B.	Spring Hill
BAZEMON, James H.	Spring Hill
BAZEMON, Jennie O.	Spring Hill
BAZEMON, Martha J.	Spring Hill
BAZEMON, Nicodemus	Spring Hill
BAZEMON, T. L.   	Spring Hill
BAZEMON, Unknown 	Spring Hill
BEAGLY, J. F.    	Hope
BEARD, B.        	Hope
BEARD, Cinda     	Bois D'Arc
BEARD, Clarinda  	Bois D'Arc
BEARD, Eliza     	De Roane
BEARD, Francis   	Bois D'Arc
BEARD, George    	De Roane
BEARD, Henry     	Bois D'Arc
BEARD, James     	Bois D'Arc
BEARD, John      	De Roane
BEARD, Mose      	Bois D'Arc
BEARD, Mose      	Bois D'Arc
BEARD, Paul      	De Roane
BEARD, Rancy     	De Roane
BEARD, Rena      	Bois D'Arc
BEARD, Robert    	De Roane
BEARD, S. A.     	De Roane
BEARD, Sallie    	Bois D'Arc
BEARD, Sally P.  	Hope
BEARD, Samuel    	De Roane
BEARDEN, Frances 	Garland
BEARDEN, James   	Garland
BEARDEN, Jno.    	Garland
BEARDEN, Laura   	Garland
BEARDEN, Paulda  	Garland
BEARDEN, Thomas  	Garland
BEARDOM, Augustus	De Roane
BEARDSLEY, George D.	Washington
BEASLEY, Isaac L.	De Roane
BEASLY, Ebonezer 	De Roane
BEASLY, Elizabeth	De Roane
BEASLY, Ellen    	De Roane
BEASLY, Isaac    	De Roane
BEASLY, Jane     	De Roane
BEASLY, Martha   	De Roane
BEASLY, Sarah    	De Roane
BEATY, Edward    	Garland
BEATY, Ellen     	Garland
BEATY, Ernest    	Garland
BEATY, Isabella  	Garland
BEATY, Joseph    	Garland
BEATY, Lemuael   	Garland
BEATY, Mary A.   	Garland
BEATY, Rosa      	Garland
BEATY, William   	Garland
BEAUCHAMP, B. W. 	De Roane
BEAUCHAMP, Henry 	Bois D'Arc
BEAUCHAMP, Iaack H.	De Roane
BEAUCHAMP, J. C. 	Bois D'Arc
BEAUCHAMP, John W.	De Roane
BEAUCHAMP, Laury 	Bois D'Arc
BEAUCHAMP, Mary  	Bois D'Arc
BEAUCHAMP, Mary F.	De Roane
BEAUCHAMP, May   	Bois D'Arc
BEAUCHAMP, Robert L.	De Roane
BEAUCHAMP, Sally A.	De Roane
BEAUCHAMP, Thomes	Bois D'Arc
BEAUCHAMP, Webster	Bois D'Arc
BEAVER, Mollie   	Spring Hill
BEAVER, Robert   	Spring Hill
BEAVERS, John T. 	Spring Hill
BEAVERS, Martha A.	Spring Hill
BEAVERS, Mary E. 	Spring Hill
BEAVERS, Nancy M.	Spring Hill
BEAVERS, William H.	Spring Hill
BECKET, Eliza    	Washington
BECKET, Pearl    	Washington
BEDFORD, Andrew  	Ozan
BEDFORD, Annie   	Ozan
BEDFORD, Boston  	Ozan
BEDFORD, Celia   	Ozan
BEDFORD, Charlotte A.	Ozan
BEDFORD, Daniel  	Ozan
BEDFORD, David   	Ozan
BEDFORD, David   	Ozan
BEDFORD, Edmond  	Ozan
BEDFORD, Eliza   	Ozan
BEDFORD, George  	Ozan
BEDFORD, James   	Ozan
BEDFORD, John    	Ozan
BEDFORD, Leo     	Ozan
BEDFORD, Lucy    	Ozan
BEDFORD, Mennie  	Ozan
BEDFORD, Mollie  	Ozan
BEDFORD, Pauline 	Ozan
BEDFORD, Van     	Ozan
BEDFORD, Van     	Ozan
BEDFORD, William 	Ozan
BEENE, Charles   	Mine Creek
BEENE, Edward    	Wallaceburg
BEENE, Elizabeth 	Wallaceburg
BEENE, Emma      	Mine Creek
BEENE, Emma      	Wallaceburg
BEENE, Henry     	Wallaceburg
BEENE, Jacob     	Wallaceburg
BEENE, John      	Mine Creek
BEENE, John H.   	Mine Creek
BEENE, John L.   	Mine Creek
BEENE, L. L.     	Mine Creek
BEENE, Lemuell   	Wallaceburg
BEENE, Lonie     	Mine Creek
BEENE, Lucy      	Wallaceburg
BEENE, Mark M. L.	Mine Creek
BEENE, Mary      	Wallaceburg
BEENE, Mary E.   	Mine Creek
BEENE, Minda A.  	Mine Creek
BEENE, Mollie    	Mine Creek
BEENE, Nancy     	Mine Creek
BEENE, Sallie    	Wallaceburg
BEENE, Thomas    	Wallaceburg
BEENE, Walter    	Wallaceburg
BEENE, William   	Wallaceburg
BELL, A.         	Hope
BELL, A.         	Hope
BELL, Alen       	Wallaceburg
BELL, Anna       	Wallaceburg
BELL, Antony     	Wallaceburg
BELL, Beatrass   	De Roane
BELL, Bell       	Wallaceburg
BELL, Carrie     	Wallaceburg
BELL, Cattie     	Hope
BELL, Charles    	Wallaceburg
BELL, E.         	Hope
BELL, Elisha     	Wallaceburg
BELL, Elizabeth  	Wallaceburg
BELL, Elza L.    	De Roane
BELL, George W.  	Garland
BELL, Harriett   	Wallaceburg
BELL, Henry      	Hope
BELL, Ida        	Garland
BELL, Ike        	Hope
BELL, J.         	Hope
BELL, Jane       	Wallaceburg
BELL, John       	Wallaceburg
BELL, Judie      	Wallaceburg
BELL, Kate       	Hope
BELL, Lewis E.   	De Roane
BELL, Lizzie     	Garland
BELL, Lola       	Garland
BELL, M.         	Hope
BELL, M. T.      	Hope
BELL, Martha     	Garland
BELL, Martha     	Wallaceburg
BELL, Martha     	Wallaceburg
BELL, Mary       	Wallaceburg
BELL, Mat D.     	Garland
BELL, Mento      	Wallaceburg
BELL, Mollie     	Wallaceburg
BELL, Nancy E.   	De Roane
BELL, Rosa       	Garland
BELL, Sarah      	Wallaceburg
BELL, Savie      	Wallaceburg
BELL, Thomas     	Wallaceburg
BELL, Venia      	Wallaceburg
BELL, Victory    	Wallaceburg
BELL, Vojenia    	Wallaceburg
BELL, W. R.      	Hope
BELL, William E. 	Garland
BELL, Wilmuth    	Garland
BELLER, Albert T.	Columbus
BELLER, William  	Mine Creek
BELT, Clara      	Ozan
BELT, George H.  	Ozan
BELT, Oar        	Ozan
BELT, William    	Ozan
BEMDY, Adeline E.	Spring Hill
BEMDY, Andrew J. 	Spring Hill
BEMDY, Andrew T. 	Spring Hill
BEMDY, Thomas J. 	Spring Hill
BENINGFIELD, Caroline F.	Saline
BENINGFIELD, Martha	Saline
BENINGFIELD, Sebastian	Saline
BENINGFIELD, Virginia	Saline
BENNET, Jane     	Ozan
BENNETT, Charles 	Spring Hill
BENNETT, Charles S.	Spring Hill
BENNETT, Elizabeth	Spring Hill
BENNETT, Ida     	De Roane
BENNETT, Ida R.  	Spring Hill
BENNETT, J. M.   	Spring Hill
BENNETT, Jeff B. 	Spring Hill
BENNETT, John A. 	Spring Hill
BENNETT, Laura E.	Spring Hill
BENNETT, Lillian 	De Roane
BENNETT, Lula    	De Roane
BENNETT, Martha A.	Spring Hill
BENNETT, Mary A. 	Spring Hill
BENNETT, Mary J. 	Spring Hill
BENNETT, Mary M. 	Spring Hill
BENNETT, Mattie M.	Spring Hill
BENNETT, Matty   	De Roane
BENNETT, Minnie L.	Spring Hill
BENNETT, Otis A. 	Spring Hill
BENNETT, Sarah Z.	Spring Hill
BENNETT, Unah F. 	Spring Hill
BENNETT, Vivia A.	Spring Hill
BENNETT, W. H.   	De Roane
BENSON, Cora     	Ozan
BENSON, Curry    	Ozan
BENSON, Fredrick 	Ozan
BENSON, Jane     	Ozan
BENSON, Maggie L.	Ozan
BENSON, Margaret 	Ozan
BENSON, Stephen  	Ozan
BENTLEY, Elizabeth	Spring Hill
BENTLEY, Washington	Spring Hill
BENTON, Anna     	De Roane
BENTON, John     	De Roane
BENTON, Mary     	De Roane
BENTON, Nora     	De Roane
BENTON, Polly    	De Roane
BENTON, Seab     	De Roane
BENTON, Simon    	De Roane
BENTON, Thomas   	De Roane
BENTON, Thomas   	De Roane
BERCHFIELD, Elisabeth C.	Mine Creek
BERCHFIELD, James M.	Mine Creek
BERNHARDT, Caroline	Bois D'Arc
BERRY, Eliza     	De Roane
BERRY, James     	De Roane
BERRY, Jeff      	De Roane
BERRY, John      	Bois D'Arc
BERRY, Nancy     	De Roane
BERRY, Robert    	De Roane
BERRY, William   	De Roane
BETTS, Adna      	Ozan
BETTS, Albert    	Hope
BETTS, Anna      	Hope
BETTS, Augusta   	Hope
BETTS, Ethal     	Hope
BETTS, Florence  	Hope
BETTS, Francis   	Ozan
BETTS, Franklin P.	Spring Hill
BETTS, Georgia I.	Spring Hill
BETTS, James     	Hope
BETTS, John W.   	Spring Hill
BETTS, Julia     	Hope
BETTS, Julius    	Ozan
BETTS, Levy O.   	Spring Hill
BETTS, Louisa    	Hope
BETTS, Lucius C. 	Spring Hill
BETTS, Martha    	Ozan
BETTS, Mary      	Ozan
BETTS, Nancy A.  	Spring Hill
BETTS, R. H.     	Spring Hill
BETTS, Thomas    	Ozan
BETTS, William C.	Hope
BEUFORD, Ann     	De Roane
BIDDIE, Wilson   	Wallaceburg
BIGLOE, J. C.    	Hope
BIGLOE, L. S.    	Hope
BILIEW, John     	Hope
BILLINGSLEY, Lizzie P.	Garland
BILLINGSLEY, Sarah F.	Garland
BILLINGSLEY, Semanta E.	Garland
BILLINGSLEY, William L.	Garland
BINFORD, Susan   	Spring Hill
BIRK, Gus        	Bois D'Arc
BISH, Allie R.   	Spring Hill
BISH, Emma F.    	Spring Hill
BISH, Lleullin   	Spring Hill
BISH, Martha E.  	Spring Hill
BISH, Robert E. L.	Spring Hill
BISH, W. G. W.   	Spring Hill
BISH, W. G. W.   	Spring Hill
BISH, William F. 	Spring Hill
BISHOP, Ann      	Mine Creek
BISHOP, Basil    	Ozan
BISHOP, Charity  	Ozan
BISHOP, Colman   	Ozan
BISHOP, Elijah   	Ozan
BISHOP, Eugene   	Ozan
BISHOP, Fannie   	Ozan
BISHOP, Hardy    	Mine Creek
BISHOP, Harmon   	Wallaceburg
BISHOP, Henry    	Ozan
BISHOP, Hugh     	Wallaceburg
BISHOP, Huldy    	Mine Creek
BISHOP, Jenni    	Ozan
BISHOP, Jennie   	Ozan
BISHOP, John     	Ozan
BISHOP, Laura    	Ozan
BISHOP, Lea      	Mine Creek
BISHOP, Lee      	Ozan
BISHOP, Margaret 	Ozan
BISHOP, Maria    	Ozan
BISHOP, Mary     	Mine Creek
BISHOP, Mary     	Wallaceburg
BISHOP, Molley   	Ozan
BISHOP, Nancy    	Wallaceburg
BISHOP, Nc.      	Ozan
BISHOP, Polly    	Ozan
BISHOP, Robert   	Mine Creek
BISHOP, Roselle  	Mine Creek
BISHOP, Sarah    	Wallaceburg
BISHOP, Solon    	Wallaceburg
BISHOP, Taylor   	Red Land
BISHOP, Theodocins	Wallaceburg
BISHOP, William  	Ozan
BISHOP, Willis   	Ozan
BISHOP, Wyatt    	Ozan
BISK, William P. 	Fulton
BITTICK, Ada     	Wallaceburg
BITTICK, Era     	Wallaceburg
BITTICK, Fannie  	Wallaceburg
BITTICK, Franklin	Wallaceburg
BITTICK, Julia   	Wallaceburg
BITTICK, Soby    	Wallaceburg
BITTICK, Sylvania	Wallaceburg
BITTICK, William 	Wallaceburg
BLACK, Abraham   	Washington
BLACK, Almira    	Red Land
BLACK, Augustus  	Ozan
BLACK, Cary      	Red Land
BLACK, Estelle   	Washington
BLACK, Ettie     	Red Land
BLACK, Exter     	Ozan
BLACK, George H. 	Spring Hill
BLACK, Hantia    	Red Land
BLACK, Ira O.    	Spring Hill
BLACK, Jane P.   	Hope
BLACK, John M.   	Spring Hill
BLACK, Jullia    	Washington
BLACK, Laura     	Red Land
BLACK, Mandy C.  	Spring Hill
BLACK, Mary C.   	Spring Hill
BLACK, Mary E.   	Spring Hill
BLACK, Medee     	Washington
BLACK, Nellie    	Washington
BLACK, Polley    	Ozan
BLACK, Rhoda     	Red Land
BLACK, Sarah S.  	Spring Hill
BLACK, T. C.     	Hope
BLACK, William   	Red Land
BLACKMORE, Molley	Washington
BLACKWELL, A. S. 	Spring Hill
BLACKWELL, Alice E.	Spring Hill
BLACKWELL, James H.	Spring Hill
BLACKWELL, Lilly E.	Spring Hill
BLAIR, Loranzo B.	Garland
BLAKE, Jackson   	Wallaceburg
BLAKE, Martha    	Wallaceburg
BLAKE, Mary      	Wallaceburg
BLAND, A. J.     	Spring Hill
BLAND, Aquilla   	Spring Hill
BLAND, Argustus A.	Spring Hill
BLAND, Charles   	Spring Hill
BLAND, Eliza     	Spring Hill
BLAND, John W.   	Spring Hill
BLAND, Martin A. 	Spring Hill
BLAND, Preston   	Spring Hill
BLAND, Rebecca   	Spring Hill
BLAND, Sarah     	Spring Hill
BLAND, Tera E.   	Spring Hill
BLAND, Tranquilla	Spring Hill
BLANTON, James   	Spring Hill
BLANTON, Nancy H.	Spring Hill
BLASSENGAME, Elisabeth	Saline
BLASSENGAME, Hattie	Saline
BLASSENGAME, Thomas	Saline
BLASSENGAME, Thos. J.	Saline
BLAVIUS, David   	Garland
BLAVIUS, Easter  	Garland
BLEDSOE, C. H.   	Hope
BLEDSOE, J. E.   	Hope
BLEDSOE, J. M.   	Hope
BLEDSOE, V. E.   	Hope
BLEDSOE, W. T.   	Hope
BLEDSOE, Yoner   	Spring Hill
BLEVINS, Armsted 	Wallaceburg
BLEVINS, Birda   	Wallaceburg
BLEVINS, Isreal  	Garland
BLEVINS, James   	Wallaceburg
BLEVINS, John    	Wallaceburg
BLEVINS, Keturah 	Wallaceburg
BLEVINS, Laura   	Wallaceburg
BLEVINS, Lewis   	Garland
BLEVINS, Mahalie 	Bois D'Arc
BLEVINS, Martha  	Bois D'Arc
BLEVINS, Martha  	Wallaceburg
BLEVINS, Mary    	Wallaceburg
BLEVINS, Millie  	Garland
BLEVINS, Sarah   	Wallaceburg
BLEVINS, Sylvester	Wallaceburg
BLIOTE, Brunetta 	Ozan
BLOCK, Alice     	Bois D'Arc
BLOCK, Berdie    	Ozan
BLOCK, Dota      	Ozan
BLOCK, Ellen     	Ozan
BLOCK, Emeline   	Bois D'Arc
BLOCK, Frank     	Ozan
BLOCK, Hamelton  	Ozan
BLOCK, Henry     	Bois D'Arc
BLOCK, John      	Ozan
BLOCK, Laura     	Ozan
BLOCK, Lillie    	Bois D'Arc
BLOCK, Lilly     	Ozan
BLOCK, Lina      	Ozan
BLOCK, Lucinda   	Bois D'Arc
BLOCK, Phillip   	Ozan
BLOCK, Roy       	Ozan
BLOCK, Samuel    	Ozan
BLOCK, Sherman   	Ozan
BLOCK, Virginia  	Bois D'Arc
BLOCK, Walter    	Bois D'Arc
BLOCK, William   	Ozan
BLOCK, William   	Ozan
BLOUNT, Lola L.  	Bois D'Arc
BLOUNT, Mary A.  	Bois D'Arc
BLOUNT, William A.	Bois D'Arc
BLUE, K. S.      	De Roane
BLUNT, Charles   	Wallaceburg
BLUNT, Clarence  	Wallaceburg
BLUNT, Fannie    	Wallaceburg
BLUNT, Lilian    	Wallaceburg
BLUNT, Martha    	Wallaceburg
BLUNT, Thomas    	Wallaceburg
BOBBIN, J.       	Hope
BOBO, Andrew     	Spring Hill
BOBO, Frank      	Spring Hill
BOBO, Latitia    	Spring Hill
BOBO, Rebecca S. 	Spring Hill
BOBO, Robert     	Spring Hill
BOBO, Young S.   	Spring Hill
BOLAND, Eliza    	Saline
BOLAND, Eliza    	Saline
BOLAND, Frank M. 	Saline
BOLAND, George   	Saline
BOLAND, Jefferson	Saline
BOLAND, John     	Saline
BOLAND, Joseph   	Saline
BOLAND, Josiah M.	Saline
BOLAND, Manola   	Saline
BOLAND, Mecky    	Saline
BOLAND, Monroe   	Saline
BOLAND, Nancy A. 	Saline
BOLDER, Fannie   	Ozan
BOLDER, Frank    	Ozan
BOLDER, George   	Ozan
BOLDER, Henry    	Ozan
BOLDER, Joseph   	Ozan
BOLDER, Rose     	Ozan
BOLEN, Augustus  	Spring Hill
BOLEN, George    	Spring Hill
BOLEN, Lucy      	Spring Hill
BOLEN, Sloman    	Spring Hill
BOLT, Thomas     	Wallaceburg
BOLT, Vira       	Wallaceburg
BOLTON, William  	Fulton
BOMAN, Caroline  	De Roane
BOMAN, Elie      	Ozan
BOMAN, Emma      	Ozan
BOMAN, Henrietta 	De Roane
BOMAN, Lela      	Ozan
BOMAN, Luke C.   	Ozan
BOMAN, Robert    	De Roane
BOMAN, Rosa E.   	De Roane
BOMAN, Saml.     	De Roane
BOMAN, Sampson   	De Roane
BOND, Anna       	Wallaceburg
BOND, Edgar      	Wallaceburg
BOND, Harve      	Wallaceburg
BOND, Margaret   	Wallaceburg
BOND, Sanford    	Wallaceburg
BOND, Standfield 	Wallaceburg
BOND, Walter     	Wallaceburg
BONDEN, George   	De Roane
BONDEN, John     	De Roane
BONNER, Albert   	Bois D'Arc
BOOKER, Agnes    	Ozan
BOOKER, Anna     	Ozan
BOOKER, Araham   	Mine Creek
BOOKER, Bell     	Washington
BOOKER, Betsey   	Mine Creek
BOOKER, Betsy    	Mine Creek
BOOKER, Caroline 	Ozan
BOOKER, Edmond   	Ozan
BOOKER, Eliza    	Ozan
BOOKER, Eliza    	Washington
BOOKER, Ella     	Washington
BOOKER, Emeline  	Mine Creek
BOOKER, Fannie   	Ozan
BOOKER, George   	Ozan
BOOKER, Hannah   	Ozan
BOOKER, Harriett 	Mine Creek
BOOKER, Henry    	Washington
BOOKER, James    	Ozan
BOOKER, James    	Saline
BOOKER, Johnson  	Mine Creek
BOOKER, Johny    	Saline
BOOKER, Joseph   	Mine Creek
BOOKER, Joseph   	Ozan
BOOKER, Josephine	Mine Creek
BOOKER, Julie    	Mine Creek
BOOKER, Lizzie   	Ozan
BOOKER, Mary     	Ozan
BOOKER, Mary E.  	Columbus
BOOKER, Mary E.  	Mine Creek
BOOKER, Mattie   	Mine Creek
BOOKER, Morton   	Ozan
BOOKER, Nancy G. 	Mine Creek
BOOKER, Nannie   	Columbus
BOOKER, Nannie   	Ozan
BOOKER, Paul     	Columbus
BOOKER, Rachael  	Mine Creek
BOOKER, Rachael  	Saline
BOOKER, Richard  	Washington
BOOKER, Sarah    	Washington
BOOKER, Stephen  	Ozan
BOOKER, Tamer    	Mine Creek
BOOKER, Thomas   	Columbus
BOOKER, Thomas   	Mine Creek
BOOKER, Thomas J.	Columbus
BOOKER, Unknown  	Saline
BOOKER, Willis   	Columbus
BOOKOUT, Anavius 	Mine Creek
BOOKOUT, Annie   	Ozan
BOOKOUT, Charles 	Red Land
BOOKOUT, Eliza   	Ozan
BOOKOUT, Emma    	Ozan
BOOKOUT, Henry   	Ozan
BOOKOUT, James   	Ozan
BOOKOUT, Jennie  	Ozan
BOOKOUT, John    	Ozan
BOOKOUT, John T. 	Ozan
BOOKOUT, Margaret E.	Ozan
BOOKOUT, Marmaduk	Ozan
BOOKOUT, Martha S.	Ozan
BOOKOUT, Mary    	Ozan
BOON, Ellis E.   	Garland
BOON, Emily G.   	Garland
BOON, Jacob F.   	Garland
BOON, Willie F.  	Garland
BORG, Flora      	Hope
BORG, I.         	Hope
BORG, Manual     	Hope
BOSEN, Mollie    	Fulton
BOSEN, Tobe      	Fulton
BOSIER, A.       	Hope
BOSIER, Alice    	Hope
BOSIER, Maude    	Hope
BOSTIC, Caroline 	Wallaceburg
BOSTIC, Chaney   	Spring Hill
BOSTIC, Doney    	Spring Hill
BOSTIC, Ellen    	Spring Hill
BOSTIC, Joe      	Spring Hill
BOSTIC, Levi     	Wallaceburg
BOSTIC, Link     	Spring Hill
BOSTIC, Margaret A.	Spring Hill
BOSTIC, Mary     	Spring Hill
BOSTIC, Robert   	Spring Hill
BOSTIC, Susie    	Wallaceburg
BOSTIC, Tena     	Spring Hill
BOSTIC, William  	Spring Hill
BOSTON, Eliza    	Spring Hill
BOSTON, Lear     	Spring Hill
BOSTON, Lottie   	Spring Hill
BOSTWICK, Dennis 	De Roane
BOSTWICK, Rachel 	De Roane
BOSTWICK, Sharlott	De Roane
BOSTWICK, Thomas 	De Roane
BOULDEN, Allice  	Ozan
BOULDEN, Elizabeth	Ozan
BOULDEN, James   	Ozan
BOULDEN, John L. 	Ozan
BOULDEN, John L. 	Ozan
BOULDEN, Lou     	Ozan
BOULDEN, Mary    	Ozan
BOULDEN, Robert  	Ozan
BOULDEN, Sally   	Ozan
BOWDEN, Adda M.  	De Roane
BOWDEN, Anna F.  	De Roane
BOWDEN, Cattie   	De Roane
BOWDEN, Emma     	Hope
BOWDEN, G. W.    	De Roane
BOWDEN, James    	De Roane
BOWDEN, James I. 	De Roane
BOWDEN, Jane     	De Roane
BOWDEN, Joseph D 	De Roane
BOWDEN, M.       	De Roane
BOWDEN, Malessa J.	De Roane
BOWDEN, Rosa     	De Roane
BOWDEN, Sam L.   	Hope
BOWDEN, Thomas B.	De Roane
BOWDEN, Willie T.	De Roane
BOWDEN, Zola     	Hope
BOWEN, Andy      	Garland
BOWEN, Charity   	Garland
BOWEN, Doc       	Garland
BOWEN, James     	Fulton
BOWEN, Mollie    	Garland
BOWEN, Nancy     	Wallaceburg
BOWEN, Sarah     	Wallaceburg
BOWEN, Sophie    	Garland
BOWMAN, Emeline  	Bois D'Arc
BOWMAN, Hannah   	Spring Hill
BOWMAN, Harkless 	Spring Hill
BOWMAN, Henry    	Bois D'Arc
BOWMAN, Henry    	Spring Hill
BOWMAN, James    	Spring Hill
BOWMAN, Jasper   	Garland
BOWMAN, Mary     	Bois D'Arc
BOWMAN, Philip   	Bois D'Arc
BOX, Artie       	Red Land
BOX, David       	Red Land
BOX, Elegah E    	Ozan
BOX, James       	Red Land
BOX, John        	Red Land
BOX, Mary        	Red Land
BOX, Mary A.     	Ozan
BOX, Mary E.     	Ozan
BOX, Nancy       	Red Land
BOX, Robert      	Red Land
BOX, Stephen     	Ozan
BOX, Steven      	Red Land
BOYCE, Bell      	Saline
BOYCE, Carrell   	Saline
BOYCE, G. W.     	Hope
BOYCE, Ilalu     	Saline
BOYCE, James     	Ozan
BOYCE, James A.  	Saline
BOYCE, Lelia     	Saline
BOYCE, M. A.     	Hope
BOYCE, M. C.     	Hope
BOYCE, Mary      	Ozan
BOYCE, Mary A.   	Saline
BOYCE, Mason H.  	Saline
BOYCE, Maud      	Ozan
BOYCE, Maud T.   	Saline
BOYCE, Melton    	Ozan
BOYCE, Milton C. 	Saline
BOYCE, Olele     	Ozan
BOYCE, Walter    	Ozan
BOYD, Abbott     	Wallaceburg
BOYD, Alex       	Spring Hill
BOYD, Almoranda  	Wallaceburg
BOYD, Andrew     	Saline
BOYD, Ann        	De Roane
BOYD, Ary        	Saline
BOYD, Carrie     	Saline
BOYD, Cassie     	Saline
BOYD, Celia      	De Roane
BOYD, Charles    	Spring Hill
BOYD, Cubet      	Saline
BOYD, Daniel     	Spring Hill
BOYD, Danniel    	Saline
BOYD, Danniel    	Saline
BOYD, E.         	De Roane
BOYD, Eddie      	Saline
BOYD, Henry      	Spring Hill
BOYD, James H.   	Spring Hill
BOYD, James V.   	Saline
BOYD, Jerry      	Spring Hill
BOYD, Jessie     	Saline
BOYD, Jno W      	Garland
BOYD, Joe R.     	Saline
BOYD, John       	Spring Hill
BOYD, Julius     	Saline
BOYD, Katie      	Saline
BOYD, Lucy       	Saline
BOYD, Maggy      	Saline
BOYD, Mahalie    	Bois D'Arc
BOYD, Mary       	De Roane
BOYD, Mary E.    	Saline
BOYD, Mary L.    	Saline
BOYD, Mat        	Saline
BOYD, Matilda    	De Roane
BOYD, Matilda    	Spring Hill
BOYD, Nancy      	Saline
BOYD, Nancy      	Spring Hill
BOYD, Nettie     	Saline
BOYD, Orange     	Saline
BOYD, Rufus      	Saline
BOYD, Sallie     	Saline
BOYD, Sandy      	Saline
BOYD, Steve      	Saline
BOYD, Tena       	Saline
BOYD, Violet     	Saline
BOYD, William    	Spring Hill
BOYD, William    	Wallaceburg
BOYD, Willie     	Wallaceburg
BOYETT, Ed L.    	Garland
BOYETT, Eliga H. 	Garland
BOYETT, Eliza B. 	Garland
BOYETT, L. Jane  	Garland
BOYETT, Matilda  	Spring Hill
BOYETT, Nath H.  	Garland
BOYETT, William A.	Spring Hill
BOYETT, Wilson A.	Spring Hill
BOYLSTON, A.     	Hope
BOYSE, Alex      	Spring Hill
BOYSE, Burrell   	Spring Hill
BOYSE, Emmerline 	Spring Hill
BOYSE, Isabella  	Spring Hill
BOYSE, James     	Spring Hill
BOYSE, Mary J.   	Spring Hill
BOYSE, Sancho    	Spring Hill
BOYSE, Unknown   	Spring Hill
BRACY, Sam L.    	Hope
BRADFUTE, John   	Wallaceburg
BRADLEY, A.      	Hope
BRADLEY, Addison 	Ozan
BRADLEY, Albert  	Garland
BRADLEY, Aleck   	Garland
BRADLEY, Alex    	Ozan
BRADLEY, Anna    	Garland
BRADLEY, Arn     	Ozan
BRADLEY, Bell    	De Roane
BRADLEY, Ben     	De Roane
BRADLEY, Bettie  	Saline
BRADLEY, Budd    	Ozan
BRADLEY, Carry   	Ozan
BRADLEY, Crum    	De Roane
BRADLEY, Dennis  	Ozan
BRADLEY, Dora    	Garland
BRADLEY, Edward  	Mine Creek
BRADLEY, Ellen   	Ozan
BRADLEY, Ellen   	Ozan
BRADLEY, Emanuel 	Garland
BRADLEY, Emeline 	Mine Creek
BRADLEY, Emily   	Columbus
BRADLEY, Emma    	De Roane
BRADLEY, Emma    	Ozan
BRADLEY, George  	Columbus
BRADLEY, Hamp    	Garland
BRADLEY, Hannah  	Washington
BRADLEY, Henry   	Ozan
BRADLEY, Jack    	Garland
BRADLEY, James   	Ozan
BRADLEY, Jane    	Ozan
BRADLEY, Jennie  	Ozan
BRADLEY, Joe     	Garland
BRADLEY, John    	De Roane
BRADLEY, John    	Spring Hill
BRADLEY, John F. 	Columbus
BRADLEY, John W. 	Columbus
BRADLEY, Juber   	Saline
BRADLEY, Julia   	Washington
BRADLEY, Katie   	Saline
BRADLEY, Lacy    	Garland
BRADLEY, Lee     	Ozan
BRADLEY, Louie   	Garland
BRADLEY, Louisa  	Ozan
BRADLEY, Lula    	De Roane
BRADLEY, Maggie  	Ozan
BRADLEY, March   	Ozan
BRADLEY, Maria   	Ozan
BRADLEY, Martha  	Ozan
BRADLEY, Mary    	Ozan
BRADLEY, Mary    	Spring Hill
BRADLEY, Mary E. 	De Roane
BRADLEY, Melia   	Garland
BRADLEY, Minta   	Garland
BRADLEY, Nancy   	Ozan
BRADLEY, Neptune 	Ozan
BRADLEY, Nero    	Ozan
BRADLEY, Patty   	Ozan
BRADLEY, Sally   	Ozan
BRADLEY, Samuel  	Ozan
BRADLEY, Samuel  	Ozan
BRADLEY, Sarah   	Garland
BRADLEY, Satira  	Ozan
BRADLEY, Savanah 	Ozan
BRADLEY, Silvia  	Garland
BRADLEY, Sue     	Garland
BRADLEY, Thomas  	De Roane
BRADLEY, Thomas  	De Roane
BRADLEY, Tibbett 	Ozan
BRADLEY, Vicie   	Garland
BRADLEY, Walter  	Ozan
BRADLEY, Wiley   	Ozan
BRADLEY, William 	De Roane
BRADLEY, William 	Ozan
BRADLEY, William C.	Columbus
BRADLY, Abraham  	De Roane
BRADLY, Annette  	Mine Creek
BRADLY, Annie    	Saline
BRADLY, Augustean	De Roane
BRADLY, Caroline 	Hope
BRADLY, Charles  	Mine Creek
BRADLY, Cooper   	De Roane
BRADLY, Danny    	Mine Creek
BRADLY, Dinah    	De Roane
BRADLY, Dinah    	De Roane
BRADLY, E.       	De Roane
BRADLY, Elisabeth	Mine Creek
BRADLY, Emma     	De Roane
BRADLY, Evealine 	De Roane
BRADLY, Evilesa  	De Roane
BRADLY, Florence 	De Roane
BRADLY, Harry    	De Roane
BRADLY, Harry    	De Roane
BRADLY, Henry    	De Roane
BRADLY, Henry    	Saline
BRADLY, Henry Y. 	Mine Creek
BRADLY, James F. 	Mine Creek
BRADLY, James M  	Mine Creek
BRADLY, Jimmie   	Saline
BRADLY, John     	Saline
BRADLY, Limas    	Saline
BRADLY, Loucetta F.	Mine Creek
BRADLY, Maggie   	De Roane
BRADLY, Margaret 	De Roane
BRADLY, Mary     	De Roane
BRADLY, Mary     	De Roane
BRADLY, Mattie   	De Roane
BRADLY, Mattie   	Mine Creek
BRADLY, Minda    	Saline
BRADLY, Noah     	Saline
BRADLY, Richmond 	Saline
BRADLY, Sarah    	Mine Creek
BRADLY, Thomas   	De Roane
BRADLY, Tina     	Saline
BRADLY, Unknown  	Mine Creek
BRADLY, Virginia 	Mine Creek
BRADLY, Walter   	De Roane
BRADLY, Will     	Saline
BRADLY, William  	Saline
BRADSHAW, Charles	Washington
BRADSHAW, E. D.  	Hope
BRADSHAW, Jane   	Washington
BRADSHAW, John   	Washington
BRADSHAW, Laura  	Washington
BRADSHAW, Rachael	Washington
BRADY, A. P.     	Hope
BRADY, Cornelia  	Washington
BRADY, E. F.     	Hope
BRADY, Lizzie K. 	Washington
BRADY, W. D.     	Hope
BRADY, W. L.     	Hope
BRAKE, Andrew    	Ozan
BRAKE, Andrew J. 	Ozan
BRAKE, Archer    	Ozan
BRAKE, Elizabeth 	Ozan
BRAKE, Florence K.	Ozan
BRAKE, James A.  	Ozan
BRAKE, John      	Ozan
BRAKE, John A.   	Ozan
BRAKE, Julia     	Ozan
BRAKE, Mathew    	Ozan
BRAKE, Nancy     	Ozan
BRAKE, Rena      	Ozan
BRAKE, Sarah     	Ozan
BRAKE, William H.	Ozan
BRANDEN, Benjamin	Spring Hill
BRANDEN, E. M.   	Hope
BRANDEN, P. A.   	Hope
BRANDEN, R.      	Hope
BRANDEN, R. S.   	Hope
BRANDEN, W. T.   	Hope
BRANDON, Albert  	Ozan
BRANDON, Barbary 	Ozan
BRANDON, Bradley 	Ozan
BRANDON, Jerry   	Ozan
BRANDON, Martha  	Ozan
BRANDON, Viney   	Ozan
BRANTLY, F.      	Hope
BRAXTON, Ed      	Garland
BRAY, Johnson    	De Roane
BRAZELL, Davie   	Hope
BRAZELL, Gus     	Hope
BRAZELL, J. W.   	Hope
BRAZELL, Laura   	Hope
BRAZLE, Rosa     	Hope
BRAZLE, William  	Hope
BRAZUR, John     	Washington
BRAZUR, Mennie A.	Washington
BRAZUR, Osker    	Washington
BREED, Eliza     	Garland
BREED, James M.  	Garland
BREED, Joseph W. 	Garland
BREED, Laura K.  	Garland
BREED, Rosa      	Garland
BREED, William J.	Garland
BREED, Zenoba B. 	Garland
BREEDING, George 	Saline
BREEDING, Sarah A.	Saline
BRENTHYN, Birdy  	Hope
BRENTHYN, Jonus M.	Hope
BRENTHYN, Joseph 	Hope
BRENTHYN, Mandy  	Hope
BRENTHYN, R.     	Hope
BRENTHYN, Samella	Hope
BRENTHYN, Thomas 	Hope
BREUER, Fremar   	Ozan
BREUER, Margaret 	Ozan
BREWER, Aaron    	Ozan
BREWER, Aaron    	Ozan
BREWER, Ada      	Mine Creek
BREWER, Albert   	De Roane
BREWER, Alex     	De Roane
BREWER, Alisy    	Mine Creek
BREWER, Alony    	Ozan
BREWER, Amanda   	Mine Creek
BREWER, Anderson 	Mine Creek
BREWER, Andrew   	De Roane
BREWER, Ann      	De Roane
BREWER, Arteener 	De Roane
BREWER, Calvin   	De Roane
BREWER, David    	De Roane
BREWER, Delia    	De Roane
BREWER, Dolly    	Mine Creek
BREWER, Dorah    	Mine Creek
BREWER, Edward   	De Roane
BREWER, Elizabeth	De Roane
BREWER, Felix B. 	Mine Creek
BREWER, Generll  	Mine Creek
BREWER, George   	Ozan
BREWER, Henry    	De Roane
BREWER, Isaac N. 	Mine Creek
BREWER, James    	Mine Creek
BREWER, James    	Mine Creek
BREWER, James    	Ozan
BREWER, Jane     	De Roane
BREWER, John     	De Roane
BREWER, John     	De Roane
BREWER, Joseph   	Mine Creek
BREWER, Lela     	Mine Creek
BREWER, Lucinda  	Ozan
BREWER, Lula     	De Roane
BREWER, Mada     	Mine Creek
BREWER, Mariah   	De Roane
BREWER, Mary     	De Roane
BREWER, Mary     	Mine Creek
BREWER, Mary     	Mine Creek
BREWER, Mary E.  	Mine Creek
BREWER, Mary J.  	Mine Creek
BREWER, Minna    	Mine Creek
BREWER, Pat B.   	Mine Creek
BREWER, Phebe    	Ozan
BREWER, Polly A. 	Mine Creek
BREWER, Reana    	De Roane
BREWER, Robert   	De Roane
BREWER, Rufus    	Ozan
BREWER, Sada     	De Roane
BREWER, Sarah    	Mine Creek
BREWER, Thomas   	Mine Creek
BREWER, William  	De Roane
BREWER, William  	Mine Creek
BREWER, William  	Mine Creek
BRICE, C.        	Hope
BRICE, C.        	Hope
BRIDGEMAN, Jesse 	Spring Hill
BRIDGEMAN, Robert G.	Spring Hill
BRIDGEMAN, Sarah E.	Spring Hill
BRIDGMAN, Eddie  	Saline
BRIDGMAN, Mina   	Saline
BRIDGMAN, Samuel 	Saline
BRIDGMAN, William	Saline
BRIDIWELL, Charles	Hope
BRIDIWELL, Jane  	Hope
BRIDIWELL, Robert	Hope
BRIDIWELL, Stella	Hope
BRIDIWELL, William	Hope
BRIED, Curry     	Garland
BRIGGS, Andrew   	Mine Creek
BRIGGS, Anna     	De Roane
BRIGGS, Benjamin 	Red Land
BRIGGS, Caroline 	De Roane
BRIGGS, Charles E.	Bois D'Arc
BRIGGS, Charley  	De Roane
BRIGGS, Cornelius	De Roane
BRIGGS, Daniel   	Mine Creek
BRIGGS, Dilly M. 	Bois D'Arc
BRIGGS, Ella     	De Roane
BRIGGS, Florence 	De Roane
BRIGGS, George   	Red Land
BRIGGS, Henry    	Mine Creek
BRIGGS, Henry    	Red Land
BRIGGS, Jacob    	Mine Creek
BRIGGS, Jacob    	Red Land
BRIGGS, Jake     	De Roane
BRIGGS, James    	De Roane
BRIGGS, James    	Red Land
BRIGGS, Jno. J.  	Bois D'Arc
BRIGGS, John R.  	Bois D'Arc
BRIGGS, Kirt     	De Roane
BRIGGS, Kitty    	De Roane
BRIGGS, Lex      	Mine Creek
BRIGGS, Lou      	Mine Creek
BRIGGS, Lula     	De Roane
BRIGGS, Martha   	Red Land
BRIGGS, Martha E.	Bois D'Arc
BRIGGS, Martin S.	Bois D'Arc
BRIGGS, Mary     	Mine Creek
BRIGGS, Mary     	Red Land
BRIGGS, Mary S.  	Bois D'Arc
BRIGGS, Mary S.  	Bois D'Arc
BRIGGS, Milly    	Mine Creek
BRIGGS, Nancy    	De Roane
BRIGGS, Prissey  	De Roane
BRIGGS, Rachel   	De Roane
BRIGGS, Rachel   	Red Land
BRIGGS, Ross     	Red Land
BRIGGS, Sarah    	Bois D'Arc
BRIGGS, Sarah    	Red Land
BRIGGS, Simms    	Red Land
BRIGGS, Thomas M.	Bois D'Arc
BRIGGS, Wash     	Mine Creek
BRIGGS, William  	Bois D'Arc
BRIGGS, William A.	Bois D'Arc
BRIGHTWELL, Lovean	De Roane
BRIGHTWELL, Mary 	De Roane
BRIGHTWELL, Netty	De Roane
BRIGHTWELL, Sally	De Roane
BRIGHTWELL, Thomas	De Roane
BRINKLEY, Elrod C.	Mine Creek
BRISCOE, Dennis  	Spring Hill
BRISCOE, Emily   	Spring Hill
BRISTOE, A.      	De Roane
BRITON, D.       	De Roane
BRITON, Desla    	De Roane
BRITON, Ella     	De Roane
BRITON, Florence 	De Roane
BRITON, George L.	De Roane
BRITON, Licurgus 	De Roane
BRITON, Lina C.  	De Roane
BRITON, Storek   	De Roane
BRITON, Truda    	De Roane
BRITON, Willie   	De Roane
BROKER, Gus      	Saline
BRONSEN, Artemecia	Bois D'Arc
BROOKS, Alice    	Bois D'Arc
BROOKS, Allen    	Ozan
BROOKS, Ann      	Spring Hill
BROOKS, Auther   	Garland
BROOKS, Cathrine 	Garland
BROOKS, Daniel   	Spring Hill
BROOKS, David A. 	Mine Creek
BROOKS, Emma     	Garland
BROOKS, Isom     	Garland
BROOKS, J. M.    	Hope
BROOKS, Jane     	Garland
BROOKS, Jane     	Garland
BROOKS, John     	Bois D'Arc
BROOKS, Josephine	Garland
BROOKS, Lulu     	Bois D'Arc
BROOKS, Martha   	Hope
BROOKS, Millie   	Garland
BROOKS, Mollie   	Spring Hill
BROOKS, Nancy    	Bois D'Arc
BROOKS, Samuel W.	Garland
BROOKS, Tim      	Garland
BROOKS, Unknown  	Spring Hill
BROUN, Allen     	Ozan
BROUN, Ann       	Ozan
BROUN, Benjamine 	Ozan
BROUN, Calldonia 	Ozan
BROUN, David     	Ozan
BROUN, Dica      	Ozan
BROUN, Dulane    	Ozan
BROUN, Elizabeth 	Ozan
BROUN, George    	Washington
BROUN, Henry     	Ozan
BROUN, John      	Ozan
BROUN, Simon     	Ozan
BROUN, William   	Ozan
BROWN, Aaron     	Saline
BROWN, Ada       	Hope
BROWN, Addie     	Spring Hill
BROWN, Allie     	Fulton
BROWN, Amanda    	Ozan
BROWN, Bessy R.  	Mine Creek
BROWN, Bula      	De Roane
BROWN, C. G.     	Spring Hill
BROWN, C. Graham 	Spring Hill
BROWN, Calvin    	Hope
BROWN, Carroll M.	Mine Creek
BROWN, Charlee E.	Mine Creek
BROWN, Clarence  	Fulton
BROWN, Cora      	Ozan
BROWN, Cora      	Red Land
BROWN, Cornelia  	Fulton
BROWN, E.        	Hope
BROWN, E. C.     	Hope
BROWN, E. F.     	Hope
BROWN, Edmon     	Wallaceburg
BROWN, Elizabeth 	Hope
BROWN, Elizabeth 	Ozan
BROWN, Elizabeth H.	Mine Creek
BROWN, Emily     	Spring Hill
BROWN, Emma      	Hope
BROWN, Emma      	Ozan
BROWN, Emma      	Wallaceburg
BROWN, Estelle   	Hope
BROWN, Etta      	Ozan
BROWN, Fannie    	Red Land
BROWN, Fanny     	De Roane
BROWN, Florence  	Hope
BROWN, Franklin  	Red Land
BROWN, George H. 	Ozan
BROWN, Gun       	Mine Creek
BROWN, Gustaves G.	Spring Hill
BROWN, Hariet    	Bois D'Arc
BROWN, Henry     	Spring Hill
BROWN, Isaac T.  	Bois D'Arc
BROWN, Iverson   	Fulton
BROWN, J.        	Hope
BROWN, Jamerson  	Wallaceburg
BROWN, Jane      	Hope
BROWN, Joe       	Bois D'Arc
BROWN, John      	Ozan
BROWN, John      	Wallaceburg
BROWN, John      	Wallaceburg
BROWN, John      	Wallaceburg
BROWN, Joseph    	Saline
BROWN, Katie     	Wallaceburg
BROWN, Katie J.  	Mine Creek
BROWN, Laura     	Red Land
BROWN, Lavenia   	Red Land
BROWN, Lida      	Hope
BROWN, Liza      	Fulton
BROWN, Louis     	Wallaceburg
BROWN, Lousy R.  	Mine Creek
BROWN, Lucy      	Hope
BROWN, Lula      	Wallaceburg
BROWN, Maggie    	Spring Hill
BROWN, Mamie     	Fulton
BROWN, Margaret  	Bois D'Arc
BROWN, Margaret  	Red Land
BROWN, Martha    	Red Land
BROWN, Mary      	Red Land
BROWN, Mary      	Spring Hill
BROWN, Mary      	Wallaceburg
BROWN, Mary      	Wallaceburg
BROWN, Mary E.   	Mine Creek
BROWN, Mary H.   	Spring Hill
BROWN, Mary L.   	Mine Creek
BROWN, Matilda B.	Saline
BROWN, Mattie    	Fulton
BROWN, Melton    	Ozan
BROWN, Millie    	Hope
BROWN, Minta     	De Roane
BROWN, Mitchel   	Saline
BROWN, Mollie    	Spring Hill
BROWN, Mordacai  	Spring Hill
BROWN, Nanny     	Hope
BROWN, Nathan    	Spring Hill
BROWN, Pacy      	De Roane
BROWN, Pierce    	Saline
BROWN, Porter    	Spring Hill
BROWN, Rebeca    	Mine Creek
BROWN, Robert    	Red Land
BROWN, Robert    	Red Land
BROWN, Roda      	Hope
BROWN, Rufus     	Red Land
BROWN, Sarah     	Saline
BROWN, Sarah     	Saline
BROWN, Simon     	Hope
BROWN, Smith     	De Roane
BROWN, Sousan    	Ozan
BROWN, Stella    	Spring Hill
BROWN, Thebr     	Bois D'Arc
BROWN, Thomas M. 	Mine Creek
BROWN, Tobitha   	De Roane
BROWN, William   	Bois D'Arc
BROWN, William   	Red Land
BROWN, William   	Red Land
BROWN, William H.	Bois D'Arc
BROWN, Willie    	Hope
BROWN, Willie    	Hope
BROWN, Willie A. 	De Roane
BROWN, York      	De Roane
BROWN, Zack      	De Roane
BROWNER, Alice M.	De Roane
BROWNER, E. D.   	De Roane
BROWNER, Eddie   	De Roane
BROWNER, Emily   	De Roane
BROWNER, Franklin J.	De Roane
BROWNER, John    	Hope
BROWNER, Zilla   	De Roane
BROWNING, Elizabeth	De Roane
BROWNING, John E.	De Roane
BROWNING, William	De Roane
BROWNW, Margaret E.	Mine Creek
BRUCE, Charles   	Wallaceburg
BRUCE, Eunice    	Wallaceburg
BRUCE, Francis   	Wallaceburg
BRUCE, George    	Mine Creek
BRUCE, Henry     	Wallaceburg
BRUCE, Jewel     	Wallaceburg
BRUCE, Joseph H. 	Mine Creek
BRUCE, Loucinda  	Mine Creek
BRUCE, Lue       	Wallaceburg
BRUCE, Mary      	Red Land
BRUCE, Rachel    	Wallaceburg
BRUCE, Robert    	Red Land
BRUCE, William M.	Mine Creek
BRUCE, Willie    	Mine Creek
BRUMMAL, B. J.   	De Roane
BRUMMAL, Elizabeth J.	De Roane
BRUMMAL, George W.	De Roane
BRUMMAL, Robert H.	De Roane
BRUMMAL, William A.	De Roane
BRUNDRIDGE, Unknown	Hope
BRUNDRIGE, Molly 	Hope
BRUNDRIGE, Pebles	Hope
BRUNDRIGE, Samuel	Hope
BRUNDRIGE, Stephen	Hope
BRUNSON, Cap     	Spring Hill
BRUNSON, Elias   	Columbus
BRUNSON, Gus     	Spring Hill
BRUNSON, Henry   	Spring Hill
BRUNSON, Hill    	Columbus
BRUNSON, Jasper  	Spring Hill
BRUNSON, Johnie  	Columbus
BRUNSON, Juda    	Columbus
BRUNSON, Katie   	Saline
BRUNSON, Lavenia 	Saline
BRUNSON, Leila   	Spring Hill
BRUNSON, Lucresia	Columbus
BRUNSON, Martha  	Saline
BRUNSON, Mary    	Fulton
BRUNSON, Mary    	Spring Hill
BRUNSON, Mary J. 	Spring Hill
BRUNSON, Mose    	Columbus
BRUNSON, Nathan  	Saline
BRUNSON, Nelly   	Spring Hill
BRUNSON, Oliver  	Saline
BRUNSON, Robert  	Columbus
BRUNSON, Robert  	Spring Hill
BRUNSON, Virgl   	Columbus
BRUNSON, Warren  	Saline
BRUNSON, Willis  	Saline
BRYANT, C. L.    	Hope
BRYANT, Charles C.	Mine Creek
BRYANT, G. H.    	Hope
BRYANT, Garton A.	Mine Creek
BRYANT, George E.	Mine Creek
BRYANT, George T.	Mine Creek
BRYANT, Harriet S.	Red Land
BRYANT, James E. 	Mine Creek
BRYANT, James H. 	Bois D'Arc
BRYANT, Jessee   	Mine Creek
BRYANT, Jessee M.	Mine Creek
BRYANT, Jessie A.	Mine Creek
BRYANT, Jno. C.  	Bois D'Arc
BRYANT, John H.  	Mine Creek
BRYANT, John L.  	Mine Creek
BRYANT, Jonathon K	Mine Creek
BRYANT, Julie D. 	Mine Creek
BRYANT, L.       	Hope
BRYANT, L. J.    	Hope
BRYANT, Lorena   	Bois D'Arc
BRYANT, Louvicy E.	Mine Creek
BRYANT, Lulabell 	Mine Creek
BRYANT, M. A.    	Hope
BRYANT, M. A.    	Hope
BRYANT, Mary A   	Washington
BRYANT, Mary M.  	Mine Creek
BRYANT, Melissa  	Bois D'Arc
BRYANT, Minnie F.	Mine Creek
BRYANT, Owen M.  	Mine Creek
BRYANT, Owen P.  	Mine Creek
BRYANT, P.       	Hope
BRYANT, Patience 	Red Land
BRYANT, S. H.    	Hope
BRYANT, Samuel W.	Mine Creek
BRYANT, Serritus R.	Mine Creek
BRYANT, Susan A. 	Mine Creek
BRYANT, Virginia 	Mine Creek
BRYANT, W. E.    	Hope
BRYANT, W. H.    	Hope
BRYANT, William  	Red Land
BRYANT, William E.	Mine Creek
BRYANT, William R.	Mine Creek
BRYANT, Zerelda R.	Mine Creek
BUCHANAN, Henryetta	Mine Creek
BUCHANAN, Jerry  	Mine Creek
BUCHANAN, Lorah  	Mine Creek
BUCHANAN, Molly  	Mine Creek
BUGG, Dora A.    	Spring Hill
BUGG, John O.    	Spring Hill
BUGG, Sarah A.   	Spring Hill
BUGG, William H. 	Spring Hill
BULL, Allenia    	Spring Hill
BULL, Almyra E.  	Spring Hill
BULL, James R.   	Spring Hill
BULL, Lucinda J. 	Spring Hill
BULL, Mary C.    	Spring Hill
BULLOCK, Nancy   	Wallaceburg
BULOCK, John     	De Roane
BULOCK, Judia E. 	De Roane
BULOCK, Mary J.  	De Roane
BULOCK, Priscilla	De Roane
BULOCK, R.       	De Roane
BULOCK, Sarah A. 	De Roane
BULOCK, William  	De Roane
BURCH, William   	Hope
BURD, Bob        	Saline
BURD, David      	Saline
BURD, John       	Saline
BURD, Josephine  	Saline
BURD, Liley      	Saline
BURD, Lucy       	Saline
BURD, Mintie     	Saline
BURD, Simon      	Saline
BURDET, Adeline  	Spring Hill
BURDET, Angeline 	Spring Hill
BURDET, Charles  	Spring Hill
BURDET, Isaac    	Spring Hill
BURDET, James    	Spring Hill
BURDET, Mary E.  	Spring Hill
BURDET, Sarah A. V.	Spring Hill
BURGESS, Mary    	Wallaceburg
BURK, Bulah      	Ozan
BURK, Eliza      	Ozan
BURK, Elizabeth  	Ozan
BURK, John H.    	Ozan
BURK, Mary J.    	Ozan
BURK, Thos.      	Bois D'Arc
BURK, William    	Ozan
BURK, Willie H.  	Ozan
BURKE, Alice V.  	Garland
BURKE, Emma D.   	Garland
BURKE, Frances D.	Garland
BURKE, Harriett  	Wallaceburg
BURKE, Ida       	Wallaceburg
BURKE, James W.  	Garland
BURKE, Jno. B.   	Garland
BURKE, John      	Wallaceburg
BURKE, Julia     	Wallaceburg
BURKE, Lucy      	Wallaceburg
BURKE, Maggie    	Wallaceburg
BURKE, Martha    	Wallaceburg
BURKE, Mary E.   	Garland
BURKE, Robert L. 	Garland
BURKE, Samuel T. 	Garland
BURKE, Stanton A.	Garland
BURKE, Tennesee  	Wallaceburg
BURKE, Thomas E. 	Garland
BURKE, Wiley D   	Garland
BURKE, William P.	Garland
BURKET, G. W.    	Spring Hill
BURKET, Nancy    	Spring Hill
BURKET, Omery A. 	Spring Hill
BURKET, Prebble  	Spring Hill
BURKET, Vesta    	Spring Hill
BURKET, William  	Spring Hill
BURNS, A.        	De Roane
BURNS, Ada       	De Roane
BURNS, Adaline   	De Roane
BURNS, Alex      	Red Land
BURNS, Amie      	Spring Hill
BURNS, Anna      	Wallaceburg
BURNS, Benjamin C.	Spring Hill
BURNS, Benjamin F.	Spring Hill
BURNS, Benjamin W.	Spring Hill
BURNS, Catharine 	Red Land
BURNS, Charles   	Spring Hill
BURNS, Daniel K. 	Spring Hill
BURNS, Elizabeth 	De Roane
BURNS, Ella      	Spring Hill
BURNS, Emily M.  	Spring Hill
BURNS, Fannie    	Spring Hill
BURNS, Frances E. P.	Spring Hill
BURNS, Francis E.	De Roane
BURNS, Frank     	Spring Hill
BURNS, George    	De Roane
BURNS, George    	Spring Hill
BURNS, H. L.     	Spring Hill
BURNS, Henry     	Spring Hill
BURNS, Henry H.  	Spring Hill
BURNS, Hugh H.   	Spring Hill
BURNS, Isabella J.	Spring Hill
BURNS, John      	De Roane
BURNS, John      	De Roane
BURNS, John      	Fulton
BURNS, John      	Spring Hill
BURNS, John A.   	De Roane
BURNS, John F.   	Spring Hill
BURNS, John H.   	Spring Hill
BURNS, John K.   	Spring Hill
BURNS, Joseph L. 	Spring Hill
BURNS, Julia     	De Roane
BURNS, Killis    	De Roane
BURNS, Lawrence W.	Spring Hill
BURNS, Leonard   	Spring Hill
BURNS, Lonny     	De Roane
BURNS, Lula B.   	Spring Hill
BURNS, Luraney   	Spring Hill
BURNS, Mandy     	Spring Hill
BURNS, Margaret S.	Spring Hill
BURNS, Martha A. 	Spring Hill
BURNS, Martha M. 	Spring Hill
BURNS, Martha M. 	Spring Hill
BURNS, Martha V. 	De Roane
BURNS, Mary      	Spring Hill
BURNS, Mary A.   	Spring Hill
BURNS, Mary E.   	Spring Hill
BURNS, Monday    	De Roane
BURNS, Moses K   	Spring Hill
BURNS, Nancy L.  	Spring Hill
BURNS, Nathan T. 	Spring Hill
BURNS, Paralee   	De Roane
BURNS, Paralee   	Spring Hill
BURNS, Robert L. 	Spring Hill
BURNS, Rufus G.  	Spring Hill
BURNS, Samuel C. 	Spring Hill
BURNS, Samuel R. 	Spring Hill
BURNS, Savannah  	Spring Hill
BURNS, Talula    	Spring Hill
BURNS, Thomas    	Spring Hill
BURNS, Thomas H. 	Spring Hill
BURNS, Victoria  	Spring Hill
BURNS, William   	Spring Hill
BURNS, William A.	Spring Hill
BURNS, William B.	De Roane
BURNS, William F.	Spring Hill
BURNS, William H.	Spring Hill
BURRELL, Si      	Ozan
BURT, Archer     	Ozan
BURT, Bell S.    	Hope
BURT, Cassie     	Ozan
BURT, Daytime    	Ozan
BURT, Dica       	Ozan
BURT, Eduard     	Ozan
BURT, Eli        	Ozan
BURT, Eliza Jane 	Ozan
BURT, Elvira     	Ozan
BURT, George     	Ozan
BURT, Grant      	Ozan
BURT, Guy        	Ozan
BURT, Guy        	Ozan
BURT, H. E.      	Ozan
BURT, Harriette  	Ozan
BURT, Hellen     	Ozan
BURT, James      	Ozan
BURT, John       	Ozan
BURT, John       	Washington
BURT, John M.    	Ozan
BURT, Julia A.   	Ozan
BURT, Kettie     	Washington
BURT, Laura      	Ozan
BURT, Martha A.  	Ozan
BURT, Martha S.  	Ozan
BURT, Mary       	Washington
BURT, Matilda    	Ozan
BURT, Moses      	Ozan
BURT, Oscar F.   	Ozan
BURT, Pearl      	Ozan
BURT, Sada       	Ozan
BURT, Samuel     	Ozan
BURT, Samuel     	Ozan
BURT, Sarah      	Ozan
BURT, Sarah      	Ozan
BURT, Sophia     	Ozan
BURT, Sousan     	Ozan
BURT, Sousan A.  	Ozan
BURT, W. M.      	Hope
BURT, William    	Ozan
BURT, William    	Washington
BARTEE, Cisero C.	Mine Creek
BARTEE, Edd      	Mine Creek
BARTEE, Ella S.  	Mine Creek
BARTEE, Francis E.	Mine Creek
BARTEE, Hollie J.	Mine Creek
BARTEE, Irene    	Mine Creek
BARTEE, Isabella 	Mine Creek
BARTEE, Osker O. 	Mine Creek
BARTEE, Thomas A.	Mine Creek
BARTEE, Thomas B.	Mine Creek
BURTON, Adaline  	De Roane
BURTON, Antny    	De Roane
BURTON, Dolly    	De Roane
BURTON, Edie     	Spring Hill
BURTON, Eli      	Spring Hill
BURTON, Ellen    	De Roane
BURTON, Ellen    	Spring Hill
BURTON, Harriet A.	De Roane
BURTON, Harrison 	Spring Hill
BURTON, James    	Spring Hill
BURTON, John     	Spring Hill
BURTON, Mollie   	Spring Hill
BURTON, Samuel   	De Roane
BURTON, Stevin H.	De Roane
BURTON, Thomas   	Spring Hill
BURTON, Tommy    	De Roane
BUSSA, Bertha    	Wallaceburg
BUSSA, Henry     	Wallaceburg
BUSSA, Laura     	Wallaceburg
BUSSA, Mary      	Wallaceburg
BUSSA, William   	Wallaceburg
BUSSBY, Lou      	De Roane
BUTLER, Charles  	De Roane
BUTLER, Charles  	Spring Hill
BUTLER, Charles H.	Spring Hill
BUTLER, Charlotta	Spring Hill
BUTLER, David    	Spring Hill
BUTLER, Edward   	De Roane
BUTLER, Frank    	Spring Hill
BUTLER, Hugh     	Spring Hill
BUTLER, J.       	De Roane
BUTLER, James    	Spring Hill
BUTLER, Jane     	De Roane
BUTLER, Joseph   	De Roane
BUTLER, Josie    	Spring Hill
BUTLER, Juliann  	De Roane
BUTLER, Kate     	Spring Hill
BUTLER, Lewis    	Spring Hill
BUTLER, M. B.    	De Roane
BUTLER, Media    	Spring Hill
BUTLER, Milly    	De Roane
BUTLER, Morgan   	De Roane
BUTLER, Roberta  	De Roane
BUTLER, Sis      	Spring Hill
BUTLER, Walter   	Bois D'Arc
BUTLER, William  	De Roane
BUTTERFIELD, George W	Fulton
BUZBEE, Alonzo   	Wallaceburg
BUZBEE, Archie   	Wallaceburg
BUZBEE, Clarend  	Wallaceburg
BUZBEE, Edward   	Wallaceburg
BUZBEE, John     	Wallaceburg
BUZBEE, Kate     	Wallaceburg
BUZBEE, Mack     	Wallaceburg
BUZBEE, Martha   	Red Land
BUZBEE, William  	Red Land
BYARS, Albert    	Mine Creek
BYARS, America E.	Mine Creek
BYARS, Arkansas  	Mine Creek
BYARS, Betsy J.  	Mine Creek
BYARS, Eliza A.  	Mine Creek
BYARS, George    	Mine Creek
BYARS, George W. 	Mine Creek
BYARS, James M.  	Mine Creek
BYERS, Crawford  	Mine Creek
BYERS, Edna      	Mine Creek
BYERS, George    	Mine Creek
BYERS, James     	Mine Creek
BYERS, Owen      	Mine Creek
BYERS, Willie    	Mine Creek
CABINES, George  	Mine Creek
CABINES, Hanah E.	Mine Creek
CABNISS, Charles M.	Garland
CABNISS, Emma J. 	Garland
CABNISS, James E.	Garland
CABNISS, Samanta 	Garland
CABNISS, William P.	Garland
CAFFREY, Frank   	Bois D'Arc
CALAHAN, Isham   	Ozan
CALBERT, Monroe  	Washington
CALHOON, David   	Saline
CALHOON, Davie   	Saline
CALHOON, Harriet 	Saline
CALHOON, Lu Monta	Saline
CALHOON, Malissa 	Saline
CALHOON, Noris   	Saline
CALLAHAN, C. W.  	Hope
CALLAHAN, Della  	Hope
CALLIES, Eda     	Saline
CALLOWAY, Sarah  	De Roane
CALLOWAY, Sigh   	De Roane
CALLOWSAY, Laura 	De Roane
CALVIN, Aaron    	Mine Creek
CALVIN, Ansa     	Ozan
CALVIN, Caldonia 	Mine Creek
CALVIN, Cathrine 	Mine Creek
CALVIN, George   	Mine Creek
CALVIN, Green    	Ozan
CALVIN, Jane     	Mine Creek
CALVIN, John     	Mine Creek
CALVIN, Joseph   	Mine Creek
CALVIN, Mary     	Mine Creek
CALVIN, Mourning 	Mine Creek
CALVIN, Rachel   	Mine Creek
CALVIN, Roy      	Mine Creek
CALVIN, Sarah A. 	Mine Creek
CALVIN, Unknown  	Mine Creek
CALVINE, Caroline	De Roane
CALVINE, Ella W. 	De Roane
CALVINE, William 	De Roane
CAMIE, Grant MC  	Hope
CAMMEL, Evander  	Ozan
CAMMEL, Harriett 	Ozan
CAMMEL, Henry    	Ozan
CAMMEL, Henry O. 	Ozan
CAMMEL, Jerome A.	Ozan
CAMMEL, Laura    	Ozan
CAMMEL, Lemuel R.	Ozan
CAMMEL, Lois M.  	Ozan
CAMMEL, Maggie B.	Ozan
CAMMEL, Marjant J.	Ozan
CAMP, Florence N.	Spring Hill
CAMP, George W.  	Spring Hill
CAMP, Mary       	Spring Hill
CAMP, R. T.      	Spring Hill
CAMPBELL, Emma A.	De Roane
CAMPBELL, Emma C.	De Roane
CAMPBELL, James  	De Roane
CAMPBELL, James  	De Roane
CAMPBELL, James  	Garland
CAMPBELL, James  	Spring Hill
CAMPBELL, John B.	Mine Creek
CAMPBELL, Joseph M.	De Roane
CAMPBELL, Margaret	De Roane
CAMPBELL, R. M.  	Hope
CAMPBELL, Sarah J.	De Roane
CAMPBELL, Udora J.	De Roane
CAMPBELL, Volarean	De Roane
CAMPBELL, W. H.  	Hope
CANE, Malinda    	Ozan
CANIDGE, J. T.   	Hope
CANIDGE, L.      	Hope
CANIDGE, L. D.   	Hope
CANIDGE, P.      	Hope
CANIDGE, S.      	Hope
CANIGAN, Becky   	Fulton
CANIGAN, Henry   	Fulton
CANIGAN, Susan   	Fulton
CANNON, Adalade  	Saline
CANNON, Benjamin 	Wallaceburg
CANNON, Benjamin 	Wallaceburg
CANNON, Curol    	Saline
CANNON, David    	Fulton
CANNON, Dora     	Fulton
CANNON, Eddie    	Saline
CANNON, Edward   	Saline
CANNON, Ellen    	De Roane
CANNON, Ellen F. 	Saline
CANNON, Emmett   	Wallaceburg
CANNON, Gus      	Fulton
CANNON, Hannah   	Fulton
CANNON, Isabelle 	Saline
CANNON, James    	Wallaceburg
CANNON, John     	Saline
CANNON, John     	Washington
CANNON, Johny    	Saline
CANNON, Lilly    	Saline
CANNON, Lizzie   	Saline
CANNON, Malinda  	Wallaceburg
CANNON, Margaret 	De Roane
CANNON, Martha   	Saline
CANNON, Mary     	Wallaceburg
CANNON, Mattie   	Saline
CANNON, Mitchel  	Saline
CANNON, Nica     	Washington
CANNON, Ophelia  	Bois D'Arc
CANNON, Osard    	Saline
CANNON, Paul     	Fulton
CANNON, Samantha 	Wallaceburg
CANNON, Samuel   	Wallaceburg
CANNON, Saphenie 	Wallaceburg
CANNON, Thomas   	Ozan
CANNON, Waity    	Saline
CANNON, William  	Wallaceburg
CANNON, Willie   	De Roane
CANNON, Wyatt    	Fulton
CANTRELL, Ada    	Ozan
CANTRELL, Mary   	Ozan
CANTRELL, Pleasant	Ozan
CAPER, John      	Spring Hill
CAPERS, Lucy     	Spring Hill
CAPLE, Alex      	Wallaceburg
CAPLE, Jefferson 	Wallaceburg
CAPLE, John      	Wallaceburg
CAPLE, Lue       	Wallaceburg
CAPLE, Media     	Wallaceburg
CAPLE, Virie     	Wallaceburg
CAPPER, Isaac    	De Roane
CAPPER, Jerry    	De Roane
CAPPER, Kitty    	De Roane
CAPPER, Mary     	De Roane
CAPPER, Mary E.  	De Roane
CARAGAN, George  	Ozan
CARICS, Henry    	Saline
CARICS, Thomas L.	Saline
CARINGTON, Albert	Saline
CARINGTON, Anna  	Wallaceburg
CARINGTON, Greene	Wallaceburg
CARINGTON, James 	Wallaceburg
CARINGTON, John  	Wallaceburg
CARINGTON, Luvenia	De Roane
CARINGTON, Martha A.	Saline
CARINGTON, Sarah 	Washington
CARINGTON, Susana	Saline
CARINGTON, Tobias	Washington
CARK, M.         	Hope
CARLES, Allice   	Washington
CARLES, Sousan   	Washington
CARLILE, Benjamin	Wallaceburg
CARLILE, Emma    	Wallaceburg
CARLTON, Amanda  	Wallaceburg
CARLTON, Elmore  	Wallaceburg
CARLTON, Henry   	Wallaceburg
CARLTON, Leanah  	Wallaceburg
CARLTON, Nancy   	Wallaceburg
CARLTON, William 	Wallaceburg
CARMAN, Amanda   	Wallaceburg
CARMAN, Henrietta	Wallaceburg
CARMAN, James    	Wallaceburg
CARMAN, Kansas   	Wallaceburg
CARMAN, Martha   	Wallaceburg
CARMAN, Nancy    	Wallaceburg
CARMAN, Nettie   	Wallaceburg
CARMAN, Robert   	Wallaceburg
CARMAN, Samuel   	Wallaceburg
CARMAN, William  	Wallaceburg
CARMAN, William  	Wallaceburg
CARMICEL, H.     	Hope
CARNET, Carry F. 	Washington
CARNET, Martha A.	Washington
CARNET, Mary A.  	Washington
CARNET, Mary H.  	Washington
CARNET, Maud H.  	Washington
CARNET, Nannie B.	Washington
CARNET, William H.	Washington
CARPENTER, Caroline	Saline
CARPENTER, Jackson	Saline
CARPENTER, Lewis 	Saline
CARPENTER, William	Saline
CARR, Adelaide   	Bois D'Arc
CARR, Asher      	Mine Creek
CARR, Cordelia   	Saline
CARR, Daniel     	Mine Creek
CARR, Dicey      	Mine Creek
CARR, Henry      	Mine Creek
CARR, Isom       	Mine Creek
CARR, Jack W.    	Mine Creek
CARR, John       	Bois D'Arc
CARR, Letty      	Mine Creek
CARR, Louiza     	Mine Creek
CARR, Manda J.   	Mine Creek
CARR, Primes F.  	Mine Creek
CARR, Priscella  	Mine Creek
CARR, Rosetta    	Mine Creek
CARR, Susanna    	Mine Creek
CARR, Thomas     	Mine Creek
CARR, Tom        	Bois D'Arc
CARR, Unknown    	Saline
CARR, William P. 	Saline
CARR, Winnie E.  	Saline
CARRAGAI, Eddie  	Ozan
CARRAGAI, Fannie 	Ozan
CARRAGAI, Jerry  	Ozan
CARRAGAN, Alfred H.	Ozan
CARRAGAN, Allice 	Ozan
CARRAGAN, Andrew 	Washington
CARRAGAN, Andrew N.	Washington
CARRAGAN, Bell   	Ozan
CARRAGAN, Ella   	Ozan
CARRAGAN, Emily  	Washington
CARRAGAN, Florence	Washington
CARRAGAN, Frank  	Washington
CARRAGAN, George C.	Ozan
CARRAGAN, Gray   	Ozan
CARRAGAN, Jerry  	Ozan
CARRAGAN, Jerry  	Ozan
CARRAGAN, Josephine	Ozan
CARRAGAN, Katie E.	Washington
CARRAGAN, London 	Ozan
CARRAGAN, Lucrecia	Washington
CARRAGAN, Lulu   	Ozan
CARRAGAN, Mark   	Ozan
CARRAGAN, Mary   	Washington
CARRAGAN, Mary E.	Ozan
CARRAGAN, Mary G.	Washington
CARRAGAN, Maud   	Washington
CARRAGAN, Robert A.	Ozan
CARRAGAN, Samuel M.	Washington
CARRAGAN, Stephen	Ozan
CARRAGAN, Wylie  	Ozan
CARRAGAN, Zinobia	Ozan
CARRAJAR, Adolphus	Ozan
CARRAJAR, Anne   	Ozan
CARRAJAR, Mary   	Ozan
CARRAJAR, Pienkney	Ozan
CARRAJAR, William	Ozan
CARRIGAN, Belle  	Bois D'Arc
CARRIGAN, Caroline	Bois D'Arc
CARRIGAN, Cealy  	Bois D'Arc
CARRIGAN, Gus    	Bois D'Arc
CARRIGAN, Ida    	Bois D'Arc
CARRIGAN, Joe    	Bois D'Arc
CARRIGAN, John   	Bois D'Arc
CARRIGAN, Josie  	Bois D'Arc
CARRIGAN, Lindsey	Bois D'Arc
CARRIGAN, Lindsey	Bois D'Arc
CARRIGAN, Mack   	Bois D'Arc
CARRIGAN, Mark   	Bois D'Arc
CARRIGAN, Marshall	Bois D'Arc
CARRIGAN, Mary Jane	Bois D'Arc
CARRIGAN, Mitchel	Bois D'Arc
CARRIGAN, Monroe 	Bois D'Arc
CARRIGAN, Orange 	Bois D'Arc
CARRIGAN, Oscar  	Bois D'Arc
CARRIGAN, Pleas  	Bois D'Arc
CARRIGAN, Sarah  	Bois D'Arc
CARRIGAN, Thomas 	Bois D'Arc
CARRIGAN, Walter 	Bois D'Arc
CARRIGAN, William	Bois D'Arc
CARRINGTON, Elisha B.	Spring Hill
CARRINGTON, Eliza	Spring Hill
CARRINGTON, George	Spring Hill
CARRINGTON, Jacob	Spring Hill
CARRINGTON, James	Spring Hill
CARRINGTON, Jno. T.	Garland
CARRINGTON, Margaret	Spring Hill
CARRINGTON, Nellie M.	Garland
CARRINGTON, Rebecca	Spring Hill
CARRINGTON, Sinta C.	Garland
CARRINGTON, Walter	Spring Hill
CARRINGTON, Willie	Spring Hill
CARROLL, Betsy   	Ozan
CARROLL, Clem    	Ozan
CARROLL, Eliza J.	Spring Hill
CARROLL, Emps    	Ozan
CARROLL, George  	Ozan
CARROLL, Harriett	Ozan
CARROLL, John    	Ozan
CARROLL, John B. 	Ozan
CARROLL, Lualen  	Spring Hill
CARROLL, Mary F. 	Spring Hill
CARROLL, Thomas P.	Spring Hill
CARROLL, William B.	Spring Hill
CARSON, Ambrose  	Wallaceburg
CARSON, Ducan    	Saline
CARSON, Ellick   	Saline
CARSON, Jane     	Wallaceburg
CARSON, Jimmie   	Saline
CARSON, Katie    	Saline
CARSON, Mrs. S. R.	Hope
CARSON, Rebecca  	Wallaceburg
CARSON, Virg     	Bois D'Arc
CARSON, Winnie   	Saline
CARTER, Alex     	Bois D'Arc
CARTER, Annie    	Bois D'Arc
CARTER, Bettie   	Bois D'Arc
CARTER, Charles  	Spring Hill
CARTER, Clara J. 	Bois D'Arc
CARTER, Elisabeth L.	Mine Creek
CARTER, Frank    	Bois D'Arc
CARTER, Ham      	Bois D'Arc
CARTER, Henretta 	Ozan
CARTER, Hessie   	Bois D'Arc
CARTER, Jake     	Ozan
CARTER, James E. 	Mine Creek
CARTER, Jane     	Hope
CARTER, Joe      	Bois D'Arc
CARTER, Judy     	Bois D'Arc
CARTER, Julia    	Ozan
CARTER, Lewis C. 	Bois D'Arc
CARTER, Mahala   	Spring Hill
CARTER, Martha   	Bois D'Arc
CARTER, Martha   	Ozan
CARTER, Narmie E.	Mine Creek
CARTER, Pearl    	Ozan
CARTER, Richd.   	Bois D'Arc
CARTER, S.       	Hope
CARTER, William E.	Mine Creek
CARTRELL, John W.	Mine Creek
CARY, A.         	Mine Creek
CARY, Albert A.  	Mine Creek
CARY, Alice      	Red Land
CARY, Bitha      	Red Land
CARY, Burnis     	Red Land
CARY, Daniel     	Mine Creek
CARY, Delie      	Red Land
CARY, Duncan E.  	Mine Creek
CARY, Elizabeth  	Red Land
CARY, Felix      	Red Land
CARY, George     	Mine Creek
CARY, Henry      	Mine Creek
CARY, James T.   	Mine Creek
CARY, Jasper N.  	Mine Creek
CARY, John       	Red Land
CARY, Julie E.   	Mine Creek
CARY, Lenora F.  	Mine Creek
CARY, Lucy C.    	Mine Creek
CARY, Martha E.  	Mine Creek
CARY, Michael    	Red Land
CARY, Nancy E.   	Mine Creek
CARY, Robert     	Mine Creek
CARY, Sarah E.   	Mine Creek
CARY, Sarah H.   	Mine Creek
CARY, Unknown    	Mine Creek
CARY, William Jasper	Mine Creek
CARY, Willie A.  	Mine Creek
CASEY, Albert    	Mine Creek
CASEY, Annie     	Spring Hill
CASEY, Bob       	Mine Creek
CASEY, Charlotte A.	Spring Hill
CASEY, Ellen F.  	Spring Hill
CASEY, George    	Spring Hill
CASEY, Harman    	Mine Creek
CASEY, Hilliard W.	Spring Hill
CASEY, James F.  	Spring Hill
CASEY, James K.  	Spring Hill
CASEY, Lafayette 	Spring Hill
CASEY, Lorenia   	Spring Hill
CASEY, Marshall  	Spring Hill
CASEY, Nancy     	Mine Creek
CASEY, Rosie J.  	Spring Hill
CASEY, Thomas M. 	Spring Hill
CASH, Joe        	Bois D'Arc
CASH, Rile       	Washington
CASH, Sallie     	Bois D'Arc
CASPER, Isabella 	Mine Creek
CASPER, Jack     	Mine Creek
CASTER, Wm. E.   	Bois D'Arc
CATES, Benjamin  	Wallaceburg
CATES, Francis   	Wallaceburg
CATES, James     	Wallaceburg
CATES, Laura     	Wallaceburg
CATES, William   	Hope
CATHRIGHT, Mary A.	Mine Creek
CATHRIGHT, Nancy E.	Mine Creek
CATO, John       	Spring Hill
CAUTHERS, Edward 	Wallaceburg
CAUTHERS, Eleander	Wallaceburg
CAUTHERS, Elizabeth	Wallaceburg
CAUTHERS, James  	Wallaceburg
CAUTHERS, Thomas 	Wallaceburg
CAY, Manual MC   	De Roane
CAY, Milly MC    	De Roane
CAYLE, George E. 	De Roane
CAYLE, John      	De Roane
CAYLE, John F.   	De Roane
CAYLE, Manorrey  	De Roane
CAYLE, Mary      	De Roane
CAYLE, Sarah D.  	De Roane
CAYLE, Sarah H.  	De Roane
CAYLE, Washington	De Roane
CAYSON, M.       	Hope
CEALS, Electra   	Spring Hill
CEALS, Emma      	Spring Hill
CEALS, John      	Spring Hill
CEALS, Martha A. 	Spring Hill
CEALS, Mary E.   	Spring Hill
CEALS, William   	Spring Hill
CHAMBERLAIN, Augustus	Bois D'Arc
CHAMBERLAIN, Charles M.	Bois D'Arc
CHAMBERLAIN, Jacob E.	Bois D'Arc
CHAMBERLAIN, James W.	Bois D'Arc
CHAMBERLAIN, Lafayette	Saline
CHAMBERLAIN, Olive E.	Bois D'Arc
CHAMBERLAIN, Robbert	Saline
CHAMBERLAIN, Sarah J.	Bois D'Arc
CHAMBERLAIN, Unknown	Bois D'Arc
CHAMBERS, Ed     	Garland
CHAMBERS, Eliza  	Garland
CHAMBERS, Fralenya	Garland
CHAMBERS, Jno.   	Garland
CHAMBERS, John   	Garland
CHAMBERS, Laura  	Garland
CHAMBERS, Osber  	Hope
CHAMBERS, Permalia	Garland
CHAMBERS, Rebecca	Hope
CHAMBERS, Sam W. 	Garland
CHAMBERS, Sarah A.	Garland
CHAMBERS, Thomas 	Garland
CHAMBERS, William	Hope
CHAMBLISS, Alex  	Ozan
CHAMBLISS, Betty 	Ozan
CHAMBLISS, Cathrine	Ozan
CHAMBLISS, Cora  	Ozan
CHAMBLISS, Eliza 	Ozan
CHAMBLISS, Ella  	Ozan
CHAMBLISS, Lela  	Ozan
CHAMBLISS, Lucy  	Ozan
CHAMBLISS, Richard	Ozan
CHAMBLISS, Sarah 	Ozan
CHAMBLISS, Truda 	Ozan
CHAMBOS, Ansel   	Garland
CHANDLER, Benjamin	Spring Hill
CHANDLER, George W.	Spring Hill
CHANDLER, Henrietta	Spring Hill
CHANDLER, Mary A. F.	Spring Hill
CHAPPELL, H. A.  	De Roane
CHARLES, Edward  	De Roane
CHAYTOR, Dan O.  	Fulton
CHEATHAM, Alfred 	Saline
CHEATHAM, Ben    	Saline
CHEATHAM, Byron  	Saline
CHEATHAM, Byron  	Saline
CHEATHAM, Charlie	Saline
CHEATHAM, Elmira 	Saline
CHEATHAM, Erasmus	Saline
CHEATHAM, George 	Saline
CHEATHAM, George 	Saline
CHEATHAM, Green A.	Columbus
CHEATHAM, Hanna  	Saline
CHEATHAM, Harriette	Ozan
CHEATHAM, Henretta	Saline
CHEATHAM, Henry  	Saline
CHEATHAM, James A.	Saline
CHEATHAM, Jane   	Saline
CHEATHAM, Jeff   	Saline
CHEATHAM, Jessie 	Saline
CHEATHAM, John   	Saline
CHEATHAM, John   	Saline
CHEATHAM, John H.	Columbus
CHEATHAM, Johnie 	Saline
CHEATHAM, Joice Ann	Saline
CHEATHAM, Julie A.	Saline
CHEATHAM, Kity   	Saline
CHEATHAM, Lemon  	Saline
CHEATHAM, Louise 	Columbus
CHEATHAM, Lu Buster	Saline
CHEATHAM, Manerva	Saline
CHEATHAM, Maria  	Ozan
CHEATHAM, Mary Ann	Saline
CHEATHAM, Maud   	Columbus
CHEATHAM, Mollie 	Columbus
CHEATHAM, Mollie 	Saline
CHEATHAM, Nancy  	Saline
CHEATHAM, Phillis	Saline
CHEATHAM, Richard	Saline
CHEATHAM, Richard	Saline
CHEATHAM, Sarah  	Saline
CHEATHAM, Sarah E.	Saline
CHEATHAM, Silas  	Saline
CHEATHAM, Silas  	Saline
CHEATHAM, Silus  	Saline
CHEATHAM, Susan  	Saline
CHEATHAM, Swan   	Saline
CHEATHAM, Tabelia	Saline
CHEATHAM, Unknown	Saline
CHEATHAM, Unknown	Saline
CHEATHAM, Wesley 	Ozan
CHEATHAM, Wess   	Saline
CHEATHAM, William	Saline
CHEATHAM, William	Saline
CHEATHAM, William H.	Saline
CHEATHAN, Becka  	Saline
CHEATHAN, Ella   	Ozan
CHEATHAN, Harriet	Saline
CHEATHAN, Hessy  	Saline
CHEATHAN, James W.	Saline
CHEATHAN, Jefferson	Saline
CHEATHAN, John   	Ozan
CHEATHAN, John   	Ozan
CHEATHAN, Mollie 	Saline
CHEATHAN, Price  	Saline
CHEATHAN, Symon  	Saline
CHEATHAN, Washington	Saline
CHEATHAN, William	Ozan
CHEATHMAN, Coley 	De Roane
CHENGAN, Andrew J.	Mine Creek
CHENGAN, George W.	Mine Creek
CHENGAN, Jackson 	Mine Creek
CHENGAN, James H.	Mine Creek
CHENGAN, John H. 	Mine Creek
CHENGAN, Joseph N.	Mine Creek
CHENGAN, Larry   	Mine Creek
CHENGAN, Mary E. 	Mine Creek
CHENGAN, Mary J. 	Mine Creek
CHENGAN, Thomas E.	Mine Creek
CHENGAN, William D.	Mine Creek
CHILDAP, Effy    	De Roane
CHILDAP, Moriah  	De Roane
CHILDERS, Addie  	Saline
CHILDERS, James H.	Saline
CHILDES, Henry   	Hope
CHISM, Bradford  	Wallaceburg
CHISM, Dock      	Wallaceburg
CHISM, Emma      	Wallaceburg
CHISM, Francis   	Wallaceburg
CHISM, John      	Wallaceburg
CHISM, Josephine 	Wallaceburg
CHISM, Martha    	Wallaceburg
CHISM, Matterson 	Wallaceburg
CHISM, William   	Wallaceburg
CHOATE, Gabrael  	Ozan
CHOATE, Malinda  	Ozan
CHOATE, Margaret 	Ozan
CHOATE, Mary J.  	Ozan
CHOATE, Nancy    	Ozan
CHOATE, Samuel   	Ozan
CHOATE, Sarah A. 	Ozan
CHRISTIAN, Anena M.	Fulton
CHRISTIAN, Archie	Hope
CHRISTIAN, Edmond C.	Fulton
CHRISTIAN, Franklin R.	Fulton
CHRISTIAN, Harry P.	Fulton
CHRISTIAN, John  	Hope
CHRISTIAN, Lou   	Hope
CHRISTIAN, Mary  	Hope
CHRISTIAN, Pauline L.	Fulton
CHRISTIAN, Robert	Fulton
CHRISTIAN, Robert B.	Fulton
CHRISTIAN, Sally 	Hope
CHRISTIAN, Willie	Hope
CHRISTIE, Bettie P.	Spring Hill
CHRISTIE, De     	Spring Hill
CHRISTIE, Eugene E.	Spring Hill
CHRISTIE, J. W.  	Spring Hill
CHRISTIE, James W.	Spring Hill
CHRISTIE, Mary L.	Spring Hill
CHRISTOPHER, Bishop	De Roane
CHRISTOPHER, Edward	De Roane
CHRISTOPHER, Louiza	De Roane
CHUCHISE, W. H.  	Fulton
CHUMAW, Max      	Fulton
CHURCH, E. W.    	De Roane
CHURCH, Elizabeth	De Roane
CITY, Daniel J.  	Mine Creek
CITY, Daniel M.  	Mine Creek
CITY, Daniel N.  	Ozan
CITY, Dinwetta   	Mine Creek
CITY, Dora       	Ozan
CITY, Emily C.   	Ozan
CITY, Evilyn E.  	Mine Creek
CITY, Franklin P.	Ozan
CITY, Jackson    	Wallaceburg
CITY, Jacob      	Ozan
CITY, James W.   	Ozan
CITY, Jocob E.   	Ozan
CITY, Joel       	Wallaceburg
CITY, John C.    	Mine Creek
CITY, Julean F.  	Ozan
CITY, Lou A.     	Ozan
CITY, Mary       	Wallaceburg
CITY, Mary F.    	Mine Creek
CITY, Maryetta   	Mine Creek
CITY, Nancy      	Wallaceburg
CITY, Nancy E.   	Mine Creek
CITY, Nelly A.   	Mine Creek
CITY, Pheby E.   	Mine Creek
CITY, Sousan J.  	Ozan
CITY, William H. 	Ozan
CITY, Wylie      	Wallaceburg
CITY, Zac T.     	Mine Creek
CITY, Zuineg     	Mine Creek
CLABORN, Francis 	Saline
CLABORN, Mary    	Saline
CLAKR, Jane      	Ozan
CLAMPET, Charles 	Red Land
CLAMPET, Emma    	Red Land
CLAMPET, John    	Red Land
CLAMPET, Mary    	Red Land
CLAMPET, Mary    	Red Land
CLAMPET, Samuel  	Red Land
CLAMPET, Victoria	Red Land
CLAMPET, William 	Red Land
CLAMPET, William 	Red Land
CLARDY, W. F.    	Hope
CLARK, Aaron P.  	Garland
CLARK, Ada M.    	Spring Hill
CLARK, Adam      	Ozan
CLARK, Adam      	Spring Hill
CLARK, Alex M.   	Garland
CLARK, Annie     	Spring Hill
CLARK, Anthony   	Ozan
CLARK, C. O. K.  	Spring Hill
CLARK, Caroline  	Spring Hill
CLARK, Carry     	Ozan
CLARK, Cleoda F. 	Garland
CLARK, Delha     	Spring Hill
CLARK, Elisabeth 	Mine Creek
CLARK, Eliza J.  	Garland
CLARK, Eliza T.  	Garland
CLARK, Emma      	Hope
CLARK, Ercy      	Ozan
CLARK, Florance E.	Garland
CLARK, Francis   	Ozan
CLARK, Fredrick  	Washington
CLARK, Georgean E.	Mine Creek
CLARK, Harriett  	Ozan
CLARK, Henry     	Ozan
CLARK, Henry     	Spring Hill
CLARK, Hulda     	Ozan
CLARK, Isih      	Garland
CLARK, James     	Ozan
CLARK, James     	Spring Hill
CLARK, James C.  	Garland
CLARK, James F.  	Spring Hill
CLARK, Jno B.    	Garland
CLARK, Jno C.    	Garland
CLARK, Jno J.    	Garland
CLARK, Jno. H.   	Garland
CLARK, John      	Bois D'Arc
CLARK, John      	Ozan
CLARK, John      	Spring Hill
CLARK, John D.   	Mine Creek
CLARK, John D.   	Spring Hill
CLARK, John S.   	Ozan
CLARK, Laura     	Spring Hill
CLARK, Leila     	Spring Hill
CLARK, Lewis     	Spring Hill
CLARK, Lewis     	Spring Hill
CLARK, Lucinda   	Spring Hill
CLARK, Lucy      	Spring Hill
CLARK, Maggie    	Washington
CLARK, Martha J. 	Spring Hill
CLARK, Martha.   	Ozan
CLARK, Mary      	Mine Creek
CLARK, Mary E.   	Ozan
CLARK, Mary J.   	Garland
CLARK, Milly     	Washington
CLARK, Monira    	Ozan
CLARK, Oceola    	Spring Hill
CLARK, Pauline   	Garland
CLARK, Robert    	Spring Hill
CLARK, Robert L. 	Garland
CLARK, Sam       	Garland
CLARK, Samuel    	Ozan
CLARK, Sarah J.  	Garland
CLARK, Sarah S.  	Garland
CLARK, Serena    	Washington
CLARK, Suanah C. 	Garland
CLARK, Tennessee 	Spring Hill
CLARK, Unknown   	Spring Hill
CLARK, Wardlaw   	Spring Hill
CLARK, Warren G. 	Garland
CLARK, William   	Spring Hill
CLARK, William J.	Garland
CLARKE, Albert G.	Garland
CLARKE, Matilda  	Garland
CLARKE, Sabra I. 	Garland
CLARKE, William T.	Garland
CLARKE, William W.	Garland
CLAY, Henry      	Washington
CLAY, James W.   	Garland
CLAY, Jenne      	Washington
CLAY, Jerry      	Ozan
CLAY, John       	Ozan
CLAY, Matilda    	Garland
CLAY, Sarah      	Washington
CLAY, Sarah I.   	Garland
CLAY, Vina       	Ozan
CLAY, William N. 	Garland
CLAYBORN, Camanthy	Saline
CLAYBORN, Eddie L.	Saline
CLAYBORNE, Benjamin	Wallaceburg
CLAYBORNE, Bina  	Wallaceburg
CLAYBORNE, Florence	Wallaceburg
CLAYBORNE, Henrietta	Wallaceburg
CLAYBORNE, Nancy 	Wallaceburg
CLAYBORNE, Roland	Wallaceburg
CLAYTON, Eliza   	Saline
CLAYTON, Essie   	Saline
CLAYTON, Lambert 	Saline
CLAYTON, Mary    	Saline
CLAYTON, Philo G.	Saline
CLAYTON, Ruben   	Saline
CLEAVER, Jonathon W.	Mine Creek
CLELLAN, Adelade MC	Spring Hill
CLELLAN, Eugene MC	Spring Hill
CLELLAN, Harrey MC	Spring Hill
CLELLAN, Henry MC	Spring Hill
CLELLAN, Houston MC	Spring Hill
CLELLAN, Ida MC  	Spring Hill
CLELLAN, John MC 	Spring Hill
CLELLAN, Josephine MC	Spring Hill
CLELLAN, Margaret MC	Spring Hill
CLELLAN, Mary MC 	Spring Hill
CLEMENTS, Eliza  	Spring Hill
CLEMENTS, M. N.  	Spring Hill
CLEMENTS, Susan B.	Spring Hill
CLEMENTS, W. A.  	Spring Hill
CLEMONS, M.      	De Roane
CLENAHAN, Della MC	De Roane
CLENAHAN, George MC	De Roane
CLENAN, J. MC    	De Roane
CLENDENNIS, George	Saline
CLENDENNIS, Joseph	Saline
CLENDENNIS, Mary 	Saline
CLENDENNIS, Mary E.	Saline
CLENDENNIS, Thadius	Saline
CLENDENNIS, Thomas	Saline
CLICK, Sandy     	Ozan
CLIFTON, Georgian	De Roane
CLIFTON, Isabel  	De Roane
CLIFTON, Jessey  	De Roane
CLIFTON, John    	De Roane
CLIFTON, Lafayette	De Roane
CLIFTON, Louiza  	De Roane
CLIFTON, Mandy   	De Roane
CLIFTON, Martha  	De Roane
CLIFTON, Mary    	De Roane
CLIFTON, Rosa    	De Roane
CLONES, A.       	Hope
CLOUD, Lizzie MC 	Ozan
CLOUD, Phillip MC	Ozan
CLOUD, Thomas MC 	Ozan
CLOUD, Thomas MC 	Ozan
CLOW, Emma       	Mine Creek
CLOW, Ladora     	Mine Creek
CLOW, Lee        	Mine Creek
CLOW, William T. 	Mine Creek
COBB, Cynthia    	De Roane
COBB, Ezeriah    	De Roane
COBB, George     	De Roane
COBB, John       	De Roane
COBB, Mary       	De Roane
COBB, Matty      	De Roane
COBB, Peter      	De Roane
COBB, Richmond   	De Roane
COBB, Richmond   	De Roane
COBB, Willie     	De Roane
COCKE, Dink      	Wallaceburg
COCKE, James     	Wallaceburg
COCKE, Nancy     	Wallaceburg
COCKE, William   	Wallaceburg
COCKE, William   	Wallaceburg
COCKRIN, Sam MC  	Ozan
COFFEE, Fanny    	De Roane
COFFEE, John F.  	De Roane
COFFEE, Louis E. 	De Roane
COFFEE, Lucian   	De Roane
COFFEE, Robert   	De Roane
COFFEE, Sammy    	De Roane
COFFIN, Joe      	Fulton
COHEN, Isider    	Fulton
COLBERT, Fanny   	Bois D'Arc
COLE, Bell E.    	Ozan
COLE, Davidson   	Ozan
COLE, Douglass   	Ozan
COLE, Elvira     	Ozan
COLE, Hester     	Ozan
COLE, Isaac      	Bois D'Arc
COLE, Isaac      	Ozan
COLE, Isaac      	Ozan
COLE, Laurence   	Ozan
COLE, Mary       	Ozan
COLE, Millie     	Wallaceburg
COLE, Mitchel    	Ozan
COLEMAN, Airey A.	Bois D'Arc
COLEMAN, Amos    	Bois D'Arc
COLEMAN, Anna    	Spring Hill
COLEMAN, Austin  	Spring Hill
COLEMAN, Dan     	Fulton
COLEMAN, Eddy    	Spring Hill
COLEMAN, Freeman 	Spring Hill
COLEMAN, Hal     	Bois D'Arc
COLEMAN, Harriet 	Spring Hill
COLEMAN, Hizzie  	Spring Hill
COLEMAN, Ida     	Spring Hill
COLEMAN, Isham   	Spring Hill
COLEMAN, Judson  	Spring Hill
COLEMAN, Lou     	Hope
COLEMAN, Marg.   	Bois D'Arc
COLEMAN, Martha  	Spring Hill
COLEMAN, Mary    	De Roane
COLEMAN, Mary    	Spring Hill
COLEMAN, Mary Jane	Bois D'Arc
COLEMAN, Pinkny  	Bois D'Arc
COLEMAN, Tamer   	Spring Hill
COLEMAN, William C.	Spring Hill
COLEMAN, Zebulen 	Spring Hill
COLLINS, Ada F   	Garland
COLLINS, Allen   	Ozan
COLLINS, Amos    	Garland
COLLINS, Analee  	De Roane
COLLINS, Anna B. 	Spring Hill
COLLINS, Bell    	De Roane
COLLINS, Bettie  	Red Land
COLLINS, Beulah F.	Spring Hill
COLLINS, Calvin M.	Spring Hill
COLLINS, Caroline	Wallaceburg
COLLINS, Charity 	Garland
COLLINS, Charles 	Washington
COLLINS, Charles G.	Spring Hill
COLLINS, David   	Red Land
COLLINS, Edgar L.	Spring Hill
COLLINS, Elizabeth	Spring Hill
COLLINS, Evie    	Red Land
COLLINS, Fannie E.	Spring Hill
COLLINS, Fanny   	Bois D'Arc
COLLINS, George  	Ozan
COLLINS, Hattie  	Washington
COLLINS, Henry   	Ozan
COLLINS, Isabell 	Ozan
COLLINS, James   	Red Land
COLLINS, James   	Washington
COLLINS, James A.	Spring Hill
COLLINS, Jenine  	Bois D'Arc
COLLINS, Joe     	Bois D'Arc
COLLINS, Joe E   	Spring Hill
COLLINS, John    	De Roane
COLLINS, John    	Ozan
COLLINS, Laann   	Garland
COLLINS, Levi    	Ozan
COLLINS, Lou     	De Roane
COLLINS, Louis   	Washington
COLLINS, Margaret	Ozan
COLLINS, Mary    	Ozan
COLLINS, Mary    	Red Land
COLLINS, Mary    	Spring Hill
COLLINS, Mary    	Washington
COLLINS, Robert  	Wallaceburg
COLLINS, Sehon B.	Spring Hill
COLLINS, Sigh    	De Roane
COLLINS, Silas   	Ozan
COLLINS, Thomas A.	Spring Hill
COLLINS, Vina    	Ozan
COLLINS, Virginia	Ozan
COLLINS, Wade    	Ozan
COLLINS, William 	De Roane
COLLINS, William 	Ozan
COLLINS, William 	Red Land
COLLINS, William B.	Spring Hill
COLLINS, William T.	Spring Hill
COLLUM, Joseph   	Saline
COLLUM, Margaret 	Saline
COLMAN, Allice   	Ozan
COLMAN, Ann      	Ozan
COLMAN, Annie    	Ozan
COLMAN, Douglas  	Ozan
COLMAN, Henry    	Ozan
COLMAN, Jennie   	Ozan
COLMAN, John     	Ozan
COLMAN, Martha   	Ozan
COLMAN, Martha   	Ozan
COLMAN, Mary E.  	Ozan
COLMAN, Monroe   	Ozan
COLMAN, Peter    	Ozan
COLMAN, Robert   	Ozan
COLMAN, Simon P. 	Ozan
COLMAN, Tama     	Ozan
COLTER, Laura    	Saline
COLTER, Nelly    	Hope
COLTER, Sally    	Hope
COLVIN, Grant    	Garland
COMPTON, Alvin L.	Mine Creek
COMPTON, America F.	Mine Creek
COMPTON, Delila J.	Mine Creek
COMPTON, Emma B. 	Mine Creek
COMPTON, Gelslo D.	Mine Creek
COMPTON, Java W. 	Mine Creek
COMPTON, John F. 	Mine Creek
COMPTON, Juns T. 	Mine Creek
COMPTON, Martha P.	Mine Creek
COMPTON, Maryetta	Mine Creek
COMPTON, Nancy E.	Mine Creek
COMPTON, Nancy P.	Mine Creek
COMPTON, Orra E. 	Mine Creek
COMPTON, Robert J.	Mine Creek
COMPTON, Sarah E.	Mine Creek
COMPTON, Thomas O.	Mine Creek
COMPTON, William Hicks	Mine Creek
COMPTON, William L.	Mine Creek
CONDER, Bertha   	Hope
CONDER, Elisabeth	Hope
CONDER, J. F.    	Hope
CONGER, Sidney   	Saline
CONLEY, Goodlor  	Spring Hill
CONLEY, Liddy    	Spring Hill
CONNE, William   	De Roane
CONNERS, James L.	Garland
CONNEY, Dolley   	Ozan
CONUAY, Chana    	Ozan
CONUAY, Charles M.	Ozan
CONUAY, Elejah H.	Ozan
CONUAY, Emily    	Ozan
CONUAY, Finis    	Ozan
CONUAY, George   	Ozan
CONUAY, George   	Ozan
CONUAY, Hannah   	Ozan
CONUAY, Jack     	Ozan
CONUAY, James S. 	Ozan
CONUAY, Jane     	Ozan
CONUAY, Lidia    	Ozan
CONUAY, Lurana   	Ozan
CONUAY, Mary     	Ozan
CONUAY, Oden     	Ozan
CONUAY, Pleasant 	Ozan
CONUAY, Robert H.	Ozan
CONUAY, Vance    	Ozan
CONUAY, Willis   	Ozan
CONUEY, Bessie B.	Washington
CONUEY, David B. 	Washington
CONUEY, Eola     	Washington
CONUEY, Gray F.  	Washington
CONUEY, Jod D.   	Washington
CONUEY, Josie    	Washington
CONUEY, Rosa     	Washington
CONUEY, Rosa     	Washington
CONWAY, Abner    	Ozan
CONWAY, Almedia  	Washington
CONWAY, Ann      	Ozan
CONWAY, Augustus 	Ozan
CONWAY, Beller   	Saline
CONWAY, Caroline 	De Roane
CONWAY, Charles  	Saline
CONWAY, Charles  	Washington
CONWAY, Clarissa 	Saline
CONWAY, Fannie   	Ozan
CONWAY, Fannie   	Saline
CONWAY, George   	Ozan
CONWAY, Henry    	De Roane
CONWAY, Idora E. 	Ozan
CONWAY, Jack     	Ozan
CONWAY, Jinks    	Saline
CONWAY, John     	Saline
CONWAY, Katie    	Ozan
CONWAY, Lila     	Ozan
CONWAY, Martha A.	Saline
CONWAY, Mary     	Ozan
CONWAY, Mary C.  	Ozan
CONWAY, Miller   	Ozan
CONWAY, Mineon S.	Ozan
CONWAY, Minnie   	Washington
CONWAY, Nat      	Ozan
CONWAY, Pleas.   	Ozan
CONWAY, Rike     	Ozan
CONWAY, Sophia   	Fulton
CONWAY, Toad     	Ozan
CONWAY, Virginia C.	De Roane
CONWAY, William  	Ozan
CONWAY, Willis   	Saline
COOK, Alice      	De Roane
COOK, Barnie     	Wallaceburg
COOK, Betty      	De Roane
COOK, Biley W.   	De Roane
COOK, Carrie     	Wallaceburg
COOK, Daniel     	De Roane
COOK, Davy I.    	De Roane
COOK, Della      	De Roane
COOK, Dona       	De Roane
COOK, Georgie    	Fulton
COOK, Hattie D.  	De Roane
COOK, Jennie C.  	De Roane
COOK, John       	Bois D'Arc
COOK, John       	Wallaceburg
COOK, Lou        	Washington
COOK, Margaret   	Spring Hill
COOK, Molly E.   	De Roane
COOK, Nancy      	De Roane
COOK, Nancy      	Wallaceburg
COOK, Paralee    	De Roane
COOK, Teriah D.  	De Roane
COOK, Wash       	De Roane
COOK, William C. 	De Roane
COOPER, Addelaid 	Ozan
COOPER, Albert   	Garland
COOPER, Alfred   	Ozan
COOPER, Ann      	Ozan
COOPER, Annie    	Ozan
COOPER, Annie    	Ozan
COOPER, Bama     	Ozan
COOPER, Bettie   	De Roane
COOPER, Caroline 	Ozan
COOPER, Dolly    	Ozan
COOPER, Dora     	Ozan
COOPER, Eduard   	Ozan
COOPER, Elison   	De Roane
COOPER, Fane     	Ozan
COOPER, Fannie   	Garland
COOPER, Fannie   	Ozan
COOPER, Flora    	Ozan
COOPER, George   	Ozan
COOPER, George   	Ozan
COOPER, George A.	Ozan
COOPER, George W.	Washington
COOPER, Hampton  	Ozan
COOPER, Hampton  	Ozan
COOPER, Harriet  	De Roane
COOPER, Horace   	Ozan
COOPER, Isadore  	Ozan
COOPER, James    	Ozan
COOPER, Jennie   	Ozan
COOPER, Joens    	Ozan
COOPER, John     	De Roane
COOPER, John     	Mine Creek
COOPER, John     	Ozan
COOPER, John     	Ozan
COOPER, Joseph   	Ozan
COOPER, Joseph H.	Garland
COOPER, Laurah   	Mine Creek
COOPER, Lidda    	Ozan
COOPER, Maranda  	Ozan
COOPER, Mary     	De Roane
COOPER, Milton   	Ozan
COOPER, Mollie   	Ozan
COOPER, Mollie   	Ozan
COOPER, Nancy    	Ozan
COOPER, Nelson   	Ozan
COOPER, Rachel   	De Roane
COOPER, Reams    	Garland
COOPER, Rena     	Ozan
COOPER, Rena     	Ozan
COOPER, Richard  	Ozan
COOPER, Richard  	Ozan
COOPER, Robert   	Ozan
COOPER, Rose     	Ozan
COOPER, Sammy    	De Roane
COOPER, Samuel   	Ozan
COOPER, Sawney   	Ozan
COOPER, Sidna    	Mine Creek
COOPER, Sidney   	Ozan
COOPER, Sue. El  	Fulton
COOPER, Sylvia   	Ozan
COOPER, Tilda    	De Roane
COOPER, Tony     	Ozan
COOPER, Wade     	Mine Creek
COOPER, Washington	Washington
COOPER, William  	De Roane
COOPER, William  	De Roane
COOPER, William  	De Roane
COOPWOOD, Andrew 	Wallaceburg
COOPWOOD, Annie  	Wallaceburg
COOPWOOD, Barbee 	Wallaceburg
COOPWOOD, John   	Wallaceburg
COPE, William B. 	Mine Creek
COPELAND, A.     	Hope
COPELAND, James W. T.	Mine Creek
COPELAND, Lee L. 	Mine Creek
COPPER, Minnie   	Bois D'Arc
CORKLE, A. MC    	Hope
CORKLE, Edward MC	Hope
CORKLE, Jessie MC	Hope
CORKLE, Louis MC 	Hope
CORKLE, Mary MC  	Hope
CORKLE, Odis MC  	Hope
CORKLE, Sammy MC 	Hope
CORKLE, Tammy MC 	Hope
CORNELIUS, Berry 	De Roane
CORNELIUS, Edward	De Roane
CORNELIUS, Edward	De Roane
CORNELIUS, Fanny 	De Roane
CORNELIUS, Fanny 	De Roane
CORNELIUS, Fanny 	Spring Hill
CORNELIUS, Fed   	Ozan
CORNELIUS, Harriette	Ozan
CORNELIUS, Henry 	De Roane
CORNELIUS, Henry M.	De Roane
CORNELIUS, Jacob 	Hope
CORNELIUS, James 	De Roane
CORNELIUS, John  	De Roane
CORNELIUS, L.    	De Roane
CORNELIUS, Madison	De Roane
CORNELIUS, Mariah	Hope
CORNELIUS, Mark P.	De Roane
CORNELIUS, Martha	De Roane
CORNELIUS, Martha J.	De Roane
CORNELIUS, Mary  	De Roane
CORNELIUS, Mary  	Ozan
CORNELIUS, Maud  	De Roane
CORNELIUS, Nancy M.	De Roane
CORNELIUS, Nellie	Ozan
CORNELIUS, P.    	De Roane
CORNELIUS, Peter 	Hope
CORNELIUS, Reuben E.	De Roane
CORNELIUS, Robert	De Roane
CORNELIUS, Ruben E.	De Roane
CORNELIUS, Ruben R.	De Roane
CORNELIUS, Sally 	De Roane
CORNELIUS, Sally 	De Roane
CORNELIUS, Sally 	Hope
CORNELIUS, Sam   	De Roane
CORNELIUS, Sarah 	De Roane
CORNELIUS, Sarah 	De Roane
CORNELIUS, Sina  	De Roane
CORNELIUS, Tom   	De Roane
CORNELIUS, Tom   	De Roane
CORNELIUS, Tomas 	De Roane
CORNELIUS, Violet	De Roane
CORNELIUS, William	De Roane
CORNELIUS, William	De Roane
CORNELIUS, William	De Roane
CORNELIUS, Zion  	De Roane
CORNELL, C.      	Hope
CORNISH, Estelle A.	Spring Hill
CORNISH, Joel S. 	Spring Hill
CORNISH, John M. 	Spring Hill
CORNISH, Louisiana G.	Spring Hill
CORNISH, Nancy   	Garland
CORNISH, Paul A. 	Spring Hill
CORNISH, Tennessee	Garland
CORNISH, Thomas J.	Garland
CORNISH, William 	Spring Hill
CORNISH, William G.	Spring Hill
CORUM, Benjamin B.	Garland
CORUM, Ella      	De Roane
CORUM, Emma      	De Roane
CORUM, Fanny     	De Roane
CORUM, James     	De Roane
CORUM, M. L.     	De Roane
CORUM, Mary      	De Roane
CORUM, Minnie    	De Roane
CORUM, S. R.     	De Roane
CORY, John       	Mine Creek
COTHAM, Easter   	Ozan
COTHERN, Henry J.	Spring Hill
COTHERN, Isabella	Spring Hill
COTHERN, Joel A. 	Spring Hill
COTHERN, John K. 	Spring Hill
COTHERN, Mary    	Spring Hill
COTHERN, Rosie   	Spring Hill
COTTINGHAM, Elen 	Wallaceburg
COTTINGHAM, Isaac	Wallaceburg
COTTINGHAM, John 	Wallaceburg
COTTINGHAM, John 	Wallaceburg
COTTINGHAM, Junius	Wallaceburg
COTTINGHAM, Lucy 	Wallaceburg
COTTINGHAM, Mary 	Wallaceburg
COTTINGHAM, Thomas	Wallaceburg
COTTINGHAM, Unknown	Wallaceburg
COTTON, Abe      	Ozan
COTTON, Eliza    	Ozan
COTTON, Emma     	Ozan
COTTON, Emma     	Ozan
COTTON, George   	Ozan
COUCH, J. A.     	Hope
COUCH, L. F.     	Hope
COULTER, Clayburn	Mine Creek
COULTER, Elizabeth	Mine Creek
COULTER, Emanuel 	Mine Creek
COULTER, George  	Mine Creek
COULTER, Jennie  	Ozan
COULTER, Kate    	Ozan
COULTER, Lem     	Mine Creek
COULTER, Martin  	Ozan
COULTER, Mary C. 	Mine Creek
COULTER, Minervy 	Mine Creek
COULTER, Robert  	Mine Creek
COULTER, Thomas  	Bois D'Arc
COULTER, Thomas  	Mine Creek
COULTER, Thomas  	Ozan
COUNTS, Ellen    	Bois D'Arc
COURTNEY, John   	De Roane
COX, A. B.       	Hope
COX, Albert      	Ozan
COX, Albert R.   	Mine Creek
COX, Alfred A.   	De Roane
COX, Allen       	De Roane
COX, Allen       	De Roane
COX, Amie        	De Roane
COX, Andrew      	Hope
COX, Andrew      	Hope
COX, Andrew J.   	Bois D'Arc
COX, Andrew J.   	Ozan
COX, Annie       	Washington
COX, Arleane     	Mine Creek
COX, Ben         	Washington
COX, Calvin S.   	Ozan
COX, Caroline    	De Roane
COX, Charles G.  	Mine Creek
COX, Clarinda    	Ozan
COX, Ed J.       	Garland
COX, Eddie       	Ozan
COX, Edward      	De Roane
COX, Edward      	Hope
COX, Eliza J.    	Mine Creek
COX, Eliza J.    	Spring Hill
COX, Elizabeth   	Ozan
COX, Elizabeth   	Washington
COX, Ellin       	Mine Creek
COX, Eugene      	De Roane
COX, Fannie      	Ozan
COX, Francis F.  	Hope
COX, Franklin    	Spring Hill
COX, Fred        	De Roane
COX, George      	Ozan
COX, George E.   	De Roane
COX, George M.   	Mine Creek
COX, George W.   	Bois D'Arc
COX, Henry       	Hope
COX, Henry       	Hope
COX, Henry       	Ozan
COX, Henry       	Ozan
COX, Ishma       	De Roane
COX, James       	De Roane
COX, James       	Ozan
COX, James       	Ozan
COX, James       	Spring Hill
COX, James A.    	Bois D'Arc
COX, James W.    	Bois D'Arc
COX, John L.     	Ozan
COX, John M.     	Mine Creek
COX, John W.     	Spring Hill
COX, Judge       	De Roane
COX, Leanna      	Ozan
COX, Loudoria    	Mine Creek
COX, Louiza N.   	Mine Creek
COX, Lucinda     	Bois D'Arc
COX, Lucy        	Ozan
COX, Martha A.   	Spring Hill
COX, Martha E.   	Spring Hill
COX, Mattie      	Ozan
COX, Millie      	Hope
COX, Minnie      	Ozan
COX, Mira        	Ozan
COX, Mollie      	Ozan
COX, Mollie E.   	Garland
COX, Monroe P.   	Mine Creek
COX, Nancy H.    	De Roane
COX, Nancy Jane  	Bois D'Arc
COX, Octavia     	Ozan
COX, Ophilia     	Ozan
COX, Oscer       	Ozan
COX, Patsy       	De Roane
COX, Philip      	De Roane
COX, Phillip     	Washington
COX, Phillip W.  	Washington
COX, Prudence R. 	Ozan
COX, Robert      	De Roane
COX, Sallie B.   	Garland
COX, Samuel P.   	Spring Hill
COX, Thomas E.   	Bois D'Arc
COX, Thomas S.   	Mine Creek
COX, Vernatte    	Bois D'Arc
COX, W. P.       	Spring Hill
COX, Walter      	Hope
COX, Walter      	Ozan
COX, William     	Bois D'Arc
COX, William     	Mine Creek
COX, William     	Ozan
COX, William H.  	Ozan
COX, William S.  	Ozan
COX, Willis F.   	Mine Creek
COX, Wright      	Spring Hill
COY, Caroline MC 	Ozan
COY, Charles MC  	Ozan
COY, Dick MC     	Ozan
COY, Eliza MC    	Ozan
COY, Fanni MC    	Ozan
COY, Georgia MC  	Ozan
COY, Holsy MC    	Ozan
COY, James MC    	Ozan
COY, Jane MC     	Ozan
COY, John MC     	Ozan
COY, Josephine MC	De Roane
COY, Katy MC     	De Roane
COY, Laura MC    	De Roane
COY, Lucy MC     	De Roane
COY, Lula MC     	De Roane
COY, Margaret MC 	Ozan
COY, Milton MC   	Ozan
COY, Pauline MC  	Ozan
COY, Rose MC     	Ozan
COY, Sophy MC    	De Roane
CRABTREE, Lucy   	Ozan
CRABTREE, Ned    	Spring Hill
CRAFTON, H. H.   	De Roane
CRAFTON, Jennie  	De Roane
CRAIG, Edward F. 	Mine Creek
CRAIG, Elias P.  	Mine Creek
CRAIG, Jenny J.  	Mine Creek
CRAIG, Leona     	Mine Creek
CRAIG, Martha E. 	Mine Creek
CRAIG, Mary G.   	Mine Creek
CRAIG, Norah L.  	Mine Creek
CRAIG, Thomas E. 	Mine Creek
CRAND, Charles A.	Spring Hill
CRAND, Elizabeth L.	Spring Hill
CRANK, Albert D. 	Spring Hill
CRANK, Charles W.	Spring Hill
CRANK, Eliza     	Spring Hill
CRANK, Elizabeth T.	Spring Hill
CRANK, George W. 	Spring Hill
CRANK, John W.   	Spring Hill
CRANK, Walter A. 	Spring Hill
CRANK, Walter S. 	Spring Hill
CRASNOE, J. M.   	De Roane
CRASNOE, Mandy A.	De Roane
CRASNOE, Margaret	Hope
CRASNOE, Robert L.	De Roane
CRASNOE, S. W.   	Hope
CRASNOE, Thomas C.	De Roane
CRAVENS, Cassie  	Bois D'Arc
CRAVENS, Harry   	Bois D'Arc
CRAVENS, Jno. S. 	Bois D'Arc
CRAVENS, Judy    	Bois D'Arc
CRAVENS, Nobie J.	Bois D'Arc
CRAVENS, Susan   	Bois D'Arc
CRAWFORD, Alex   	Bois D'Arc
CRAWFORD, Bassmer	Hope
CRAWFORD, Delia  	Bois D'Arc
CRAWFORD, Emma   	Hope
CRAWFORD, Fanny  	De Roane
CRAWFORD, Jos.   	Bois D'Arc
CRAWFORD, Jos. D.	Bois D'Arc
CRAWFORD, Julia  	Fulton
CRAWFORD, Julia  	Fulton
CRAWFORD, Laura  	Hope
CRAWFORD, Mandy  	Hope
CRAWFORD, Maria  	Bois D'Arc
CRAWFORD, Prince 	Hope
CREDICK, Ada     	De Roane
CREDICK, Adaline 	De Roane
CREDICK, Emma    	De Roane
CREDICK, William 	De Roane
CRENSHAW, Martha 	Bois D'Arc
CRENSHAW, Reaben 	Bois D'Arc
CREWS, Albert M. 	De Roane
CREWS, Eliza     	De Roane
CREWS, Gid S.    	Bois D'Arc
CREWS, Lucy      	Bois D'Arc
CREWS, Marcellus 	Bois D'Arc
CREWS, Martha J. 	De Roane
CREWS, Millie    	Bois D'Arc
CREWS, Nev H.    	Bois D'Arc
CREWS, William M.	De Roane
CRIDER, A. J.    	De Roane
CRIDER, Artell   	De Roane
CRIDER, Jane     	De Roane
CRIE, Catharine  	De Roane
CRIE, Elias J.   	De Roane
CRIE, Hariet     	De Roane
CRIE, John L.    	De Roane
CRIE, Kell M.    	De Roane
CRIE, Mary       	De Roane
CRIE, Minton     	De Roane
CRIE, Wesly      	De Roane
CRIEKUTTE, Zanor 	Hope
CROFFORD, Eliza  	Saline
CROFFORD, Goode  	Saline
CROFFORD, Henry  	Saline
CROFS, Lizzie    	Garland
CROFS, Mary      	Garland
CROFS, Sallie    	Garland
CROFS, Susan     	Garland
CROFS, William   	Garland
CROMWELL, Robert 	Washington
CROOK, Arthur    	Washington
CROOKS, Andrew   	Bois D'Arc
CROOKS, Henry    	Bois D'Arc
CROOKS, Irene    	Bois D'Arc
CROOKS, Jas.     	Fulton
CROOKS, Julia A. 	Bois D'Arc
CROP, Hiram C.   	Garland
CROP, Martha J.  	Garland
CROP, Thomas J.  	Garland
CROP, Udora      	Garland
CROSBY, Antonia E.	De Roane
CROSBY, Betty    	Washington
CROSBY, Bula L.  	De Roane
CROSBY, Charlott W.	De Roane
CROSBY, Corneleus	Washington
CROSBY, Dick     	Washington
CROSBY, Dora     	Hope
CROSBY, Eliza J. 	De Roane
CROSBY, Ellen    	De Roane
CROSBY, Francis  	De Roane
CROSBY, Laura    	Washington
CROSBY, Lula     	De Roane
CROSBY, Marcus   	De Roane
CROSBY, Margaret S.	De Roane
CROSBY, Molly    	Washington
CROSBY, Richard  	Washington
CROSBY, Savilla  	De Roane
CROSBY, Sly      	Washington
CROSBY, William  	De Roane
CROSBY, William P.	De Roane
CROSS, Albert    	Wallaceburg
CROSS, Cebran    	Wallaceburg
CROSS, Edward    	Wallaceburg
CROSS, Edward    	Wallaceburg
CROSS, Elvira    	Wallaceburg
CROSS, Hampton   	Wallaceburg
CROSS, Henderson 	Wallaceburg
CROSS, James     	Fulton
CROSS, John      	Wallaceburg
CROSS, Laura     	Wallaceburg
CROSS, Mary      	Wallaceburg
CROSS, Mary      	Wallaceburg
CROSS, Matterson 	Wallaceburg
CROUCH, Augustus 	Washington
CROUCH, Augustus 	Washington
CROUCH, E. William	Washington
CROUCH, Nellie   	Washington
CROUCH, Sophia E 	Washington
CROUCH, William  	Mine Creek
CROUMP, Emma     	Red Land
CROW, Eddie      	Fulton
CROW, Elmira     	Fulton
CROW, Flora      	Fulton
CROW, John       	Spring Hill
CROW, John       	Spring Hill
CROW, Mary       	Fulton
CROW, Mollie     	Spring Hill
CROW, Nathan A.  	Fulton
CROW, Neomi      	Spring Hill
CROWDUS, Agnes   	Fulton
CROWDUS, John    	Fulton
CROWILL, Anni C. 	Mine Creek
CROWILL, Corie I.	Mine Creek
CROWILL, Louizie V.	Mine Creek
CROWILL, Manervy 	Mine Creek
CROWILL, Mary H. 	Mine Creek
CROWILL, Mattie B.	Mine Creek
CROWILL, Robert A.	Mine Creek
CROWILL, William B.	Mine Creek
CROWLEY, J. William	Mine Creek
CROWLEY, Joseph  	Mine Creek
CRUM, A. P.      	Hope
CRUM, B.         	Hope
CRUM, G. W.      	Hope
CRUSH, Charles   	Saline
CRYER, Anna      	Fulton
CRYER, Caroline  	Fulton
CRYER, Jesse     	Fulton
CRYER, John      	Fulton
CRYOR, Charles   	Ozan
CRYOR, Ellen     	Ozan
CRYOR, Emely     	Ozan
CRYOR, Hardy     	Ozan
CRYOR, Monday    	Ozan
CRYOR, Thomas    	Ozan
CUMINGS, Sam     	Mine Creek
CUMMERFORD, Henry	Bois D'Arc
CUMMINGS, J. R. H.	Mine Creek
CUMMINGS, Mollie 	Red Land
CUMMINGS, Nancy  	Red Land
CUMMINGS, Saphina E.	Mine Creek
CUMMINGS, Thomas 	Red Land
CUNNING, Jessy   	De Roane
CUNNING, Neal    	De Roane
CUNNINGHAM, Ed   	Bois D'Arc
CUROLY, John     	Garland
CURRY, A. M.     	De Roane
CURRY, Abraham   	Spring Hill
CURRY, Anderson  	Spring Hill
CURRY, Anthony   	Washington
CURRY, Anthony   	Washington
CURRY, Arch      	Spring Hill
CURRY, E.        	De Roane
CURRY, Edward    	De Roane
CURRY, Elizabeth 	De Roane
CURRY, Henry     	Washington
CURRY, Jane      	Washington
CURRY, John      	De Roane
CURRY, Julia     	Washington
CURRY, Manda     	De Roane
CURRY, Mariah    	De Roane
CURRY, Martha    	De Roane
CURRY, Martha    	Washington
CURRY, Mary Jane 	Spring Hill
CURRY, Molly     	De Roane
CURRY, Myma      	De Roane
CURRY, Prince    	Washington
CURRY, Robert    	De Roane
CURRY, Sally     	De Roane
CURRY, Silva     	Spring Hill
CURRY, William   	De Roane
CURTIS, Elizabeth	Spring Hill
CURTIS, Fanny    	Spring Hill
CURTIS, Franklin 	Spring Hill
CURTIS, George W.	Spring Hill
CURTIS, Henrietta	Washington
CURTIS, Jacob    	Washington
CURTIS, Jcob     	Washington
CURTIS, Mandy H. 	Spring Hill
CURTIS, Mandy W. 	Spring Hill
CURTIS, Martha   	Washington
CURTIS, Martha E.	Spring Hill
CURTIS, Nettie   	Washington
CURTIS, Percy    	Washington
CURTIS, Robert F.	Spring Hill
CURTIS, Sally    	Ozan
CURTIS, Tarpley  	Spring Hill
CURTIS, Tennessee	Spring Hill
CURTIS, Tennessee A.	Spring Hill
CURTIS, Thomas   	Spring Hill
CURTIS, Torrans  	Washington
CURTIS, Unknown  	Spring Hill
CURTIS, Wesley   	Spring Hill
CURTIS, William  	Washington
CURTIS, William A.	Spring Hill
CUSTER, Earlack  	Saline
CUSTER, Eliza    	Saline
CUSTER, Maria    	Bois D'Arc
CUSTER, Porter   	Saline
DALANY, Francis  	Saline
DANAL, Rosey MC  	De Roane
DANAL, Sally MC  	De Roane
DANIEL, A.       	Hope
DANIEL, Ada      	Wallaceburg
DANIEL, Amarilas 	Red Land
DANIEL, Augustus 	Red Land
DANIEL, Augustus MC	De Roane
DANIEL, Bettie   	Red Land
DANIEL, Charles  	Wallaceburg
DANIEL, Cintha   	Red Land
DANIEL, Cora MC  	De Roane
DANIEL, D.       	Hope
DANIEL, Dora     	Wallaceburg
DANIEL, Ed       	Hope
DANIEL, Eliza MC 	De Roane
DANIEL, Elizabeth	Red Land
DANIEL, Emmerline MC	Spring Hill
DANIEL, Hardie   	Wallaceburg
DANIEL, Henry    	Wallaceburg
DANIEL, Henry    	Wallaceburg
DANIEL, Jackson  	Wallaceburg
DANIEL, James    	Red Land
DANIEL, James    	Wallaceburg
DANIEL, James    	Wallaceburg
DANIEL, John     	Red Land
DANIEL, John     	Red Land
DANIEL, John     	Wallaceburg
DANIEL, John MC  	De Roane
DANIEL, L.       	Hope
DANIEL, Lee MC   	Spring Hill
DANIEL, Martha   	Wallaceburg
DANIEL, Martha   	Wallaceburg
DANIEL, Martha   	Wallaceburg
DANIEL, Martha MC	De Roane
DANIEL, Munroe MC	De Roane
DANIEL, Nancy    	Wallaceburg
DANIEL, Rufus MC 	De Roane
DANIEL, Sally MC 	De Roane
DANIEL, Salona   	Wallaceburg
DANIEL, Sarah    	Red Land
DANIEL, Stevanns 	Wallaceburg
DANIEL, Susan    	Red Land
DANIEL, William  	Red Land
DANIEL, William  	Red Land
DANIEL, William  	Wallaceburg
DANIELS, Ann     	Ozan
DANIELS, Celia   	De Roane
DANIELS, Clarisa 	Ozan
DANIELS, Daniel  	Ozan
DANIELS, Dilly   	Bois D'Arc
DANIELS, Easter  	De Roane
DANIELS, Eliza   	Ozan
DANIELS, Elizabeth	Ozan
DANIELS, Emma    	De Roane
DANIELS, Eugene  	De Roane
DANIELS, Gadson  	Ozan
DANIELS, Gilly   	Ozan
DANIELS, Grace   	Ozan
DANIELS, Hannah  	Ozan
DANIELS, Henry   	Bois D'Arc
DANIELS, Isaac   	De Roane
DANIELS, James   	De Roane
DANIELS, James   	Ozan
DANIELS, James   	Ozan
DANIELS, James M.	De Roane
DANIELS, Jeff    	De Roane
DANIELS, Jeff    	De Roane
DANIELS, Jessie  	De Roane
DANIELS, Josephine	Ozan
DANIELS, Julia   	Ozan
DANIELS, K.      	De Roane
DANIELS, Lizzie  	De Roane
DANIELS, Maggie  	Ozan
DANIELS, Major   	Hope
DANIELS, Mandy   	De Roane
DANIELS, Martha  	De Roane
DANIELS, Martha  	Ozan
DANIELS, Mary    	Ozan
DANIELS, Milly   	Ozan
DANIELS, Nancy   	Ozan
DANIELS, Nelson  	De Roane
DANIELS, Patsy   	De Roane
DANIELS, Phillis 	Ozan
DANIELS, Richard 	Ozan
DANIELS, Rina    	Ozan
DANIELS, Ruth    	De Roane
DANIELS, Sandefur	Ozan
DANIELS, Sarah   	De Roane
DANIELS, Sarah   	Ozan
DANIELS, Willis  	De Roane
DANNIEL, Dave    	Saline
DANNIEL, Mose    	Saline
DANNIEL, Nora    	Saline
DARFIELD, Francis	Hope
DARFIELD, M.     	Hope
DARR, Eliza      	Hope
DARR, S. M.      	Hope
DAUGHERTY, Emma F.	Spring Hill
DAUGHERTY, George W.	Spring Hill
DAUGHERTY, Ida E.	Spring Hill
DAUGHERTY, Mary E.	Spring Hill
DAUGHERTY, Rhoda E.	Spring Hill
DAUGHERTY, Thomas D.	Spring Hill
DAUGHERTY, William A.	Spring Hill
DAVENPORT, George	Garland
DAVIDSON, Augustus	De Roane
DAVIDSON, Josephine	Ozan
DAVIDSON, Peter  	Ozan
DAVIES, J. E.    	Hope
DAVIES, J. M.    	Hope
DAVIS, Alda      	Ozan
DAVIS, Alfred    	De Roane
DAVIS, Ann       	Saline
DAVIS, Asa       	Ozan
DAVIS, Ben       	Ozan
DAVIS, Ben F.    	Fulton
DAVIS, Benjamin B.	De Roane
DAVIS, Bertie    	Saline
DAVIS, Betty     	De Roane
DAVIS, C. A.     	Hope
DAVIS, Calvin    	De Roane
DAVIS, Caroline  	De Roane
DAVIS, Caroline  	Saline
DAVIS, Carrie    	Fulton
DAVIS, Charline  	Washington
DAVIS, Chester M.	Washington
DAVIS, D. B.     	De Roane
DAVIS, Dock      	De Roane
DAVIS, Dora      	Saline
DAVIS, Edith     	Fulton
DAVIS, Edward    	De Roane
DAVIS, Eivans    	Saline
DAVIS, Elija     	De Roane
DAVIS, Elizabeth 	Ozan
DAVIS, Elizabeth J.	De Roane
DAVIS, Ella      	De Roane
DAVIS, Ellen     	De Roane
DAVIS, Ellen     	Fulton
DAVIS, Emme      	Ozan
DAVIS, Francis   	Ozan
DAVIS, George    	De Roane
DAVIS, George    	De Roane
DAVIS, Henry     	Ozan
DAVIS, Henry W.  	De Roane
DAVIS, Hernando P.	Ozan
DAVIS, Ida       	Mine Creek
DAVIS, Ida E.    	Spring Hill
DAVIS, Isaac     	Mine Creek
DAVIS, James     	De Roane
DAVIS, James     	De Roane
DAVIS, James     	Ozan
DAVIS, James     	Red Land
DAVIS, James     	Red Land
DAVIS, James     	Saline
DAVIS, Jarel     	Fulton
DAVIS, Jennie    	Ozan
DAVIS, Jiles     	Saline
DAVIS, John      	De Roane
DAVIS, John H.   	De Roane
DAVIS, John H.   	De Roane
DAVIS, John K.   	Spring Hill
DAVIS, John P.   	Spring Hill
DAVIS, Joseph    	Mine Creek
DAVIS, Josephine C.	De Roane
DAVIS, Joshua B  	Ozan
DAVIS, Josiphine J.	Ozan
DAVIS, Kittie    	Red Land
DAVIS, Laura     	De Roane
DAVIS, Lewis     	De Roane
DAVIS, M. E.     	Hope
DAVIS, Mandy     	Bois D'Arc
DAVIS, Maria E.  	Spring Hill
DAVIS, Marion J. 	De Roane
DAVIS, Martha    	De Roane
DAVIS, Mary E.   	Saline
DAVIS, Mary E.   	Spring Hill
DAVIS, Mary L.   	Ozan
DAVIS, Miama     	Ozan
DAVIS, Minta     	De Roane
DAVIS, Mollie    	Mine Creek
DAVIS, Molly     	De Roane
DAVIS, Napoleon  	Saline
DAVIS, Norma     	Washington
DAVIS, Oliver    	Fulton
DAVIS, Osid G.   	De Roane
DAVIS, Pat       	Spring Hill
DAVIS, Patsey    	De Roane
DAVIS, Pearl     	De Roane
DAVIS, Perry     	Wallaceburg
DAVIS, Rena      	Washington
DAVIS, Robert E. 	Spring Hill
DAVIS, Robert L. 	Washington
DAVIS, Russell   	Ozan
DAVIS, S. E.     	Hope
DAVIS, Silas E.  	Ozan
DAVIS, Sophia    	De Roane
DAVIS, Thomas    	Ozan
DAVIS, Tom B.    	Saline
DAVIS, Unknown   	Saline
DAVIS, W. C.     	De Roane
DAVIS, William   	De Roane
DAVIS, William   	Saline
DAVIS, William   	Spring Hill
DAVIS, William A.	Ozan
DAVIS, William P.	De Roane
DAVIS, William W.	Spring Hill
DAVIS, Willie    	De Roane
DAVIS, Willie    	Saline
DAWSON, Silla    	De Roane
DAWSON, Sloan    	Hope
DAWSON, Wash     	Hope
DEAN, Arthur     	De Roane
DEAN, Margaret J.	De Roane
DEAN, Thomas     	De Roane
DEAN, Thomas M.  	De Roane
DEATON, Ardella  	Spring Hill
DEATON, F. M.    	Spring Hill
DEATON, Jacob M. 	Spring Hill
DEATON, Joel O.  	Spring Hill
DEATON, M. C.    	Spring Hill
DEATON, Rhoda H. 	Spring Hill
DEATON, Sarah A. 	Spring Hill
DEATON, Sarah F. 	Spring Hill
DEATON, Sarah R. 	Spring Hill
DEBERRY, Junius  	Wallaceburg
DEE, Clifton     	Garland
DEE, Dennis      	Bois D'Arc
DEE, Fannie L.   	Garland
DEE, Mandy       	Garland
DEE, Richmond    	Garland
DEE, Samuel V.   	Garland
DEES, Frank      	Hope
DEES, Louis      	Hope
DEES, Matty D.   	Hope
DEES, Mittie     	Hope
DEES, Nancy E.   	Spring Hill
DEES, Nelly      	Hope
DEES, Sarah A. E.	Spring Hill
DEGOREPH, Claud  	Bois D'Arc
DEGOREPH, Cora   	Bois D'Arc
DEGOREPH, Cora   	Bois D'Arc
DEGOREPH, Jane   	Bois D'Arc
DEGOREPH, Peter  	Bois D'Arc
DEKARD, Fanny    	Hope
DEKARD, Hannah   	Hope
DEKARD, Henrietta	Hope
DEKARD, Henry    	Hope
DEKARD, James A. 	Hope
DEKARD, Thomas   	Hope
DEKARD, William  	Hope
DELAHUNT, Alice  	Bois D'Arc
DELAHUNT, Dennis 	Bois D'Arc
DELAHUNT, Joe    	Bois D'Arc
DELAHUNT, Mary   	Bois D'Arc
DELAHUNT, William	Bois D'Arc
DELANY, Ann      	Red Land
DELANY, John     	Red Land
DELANY, Maggie   	Red Land
DELANY, Mary     	Red Land
DELANY, William  	Red Land
DELLAHUNT, Ed    	Bois D'Arc
DELONEY, Bettie  	Fulton
DELONY, Alcorry F.	Washington
DELONY, Annie M. 	Washington
DELONY, Archie   	Washington
DELONY, Bettie L.	Washington
DELONY, Charry   	Ozan
DELONY, Daisy    	Washington
DELONY, Frank    	Ozan
DELONY, Jennie E.	Washington
DELONY, Katy     	Ozan
DELONY, Lucy     	Ozan
DELONY, Malinda  	Washington
DELONY, Rachael  	Ozan
DELONY, Stuart   	Ozan
DELONY, William L.	Washington
DEMISON, Sousan  	Washington
DEMPSEY, John    	Bois D'Arc
DENMAN, Cinton G.	Garland
DENMAN, Ella W.  	Garland
DENMAN, Henry    	Ozan
DENMAN, Iredell C.	Garland
DENMAN, Jno. O   	Garland
DENMAN, Josh. W. 	Garland
DENMAN, Laricey R	Garland
DENMAN, Laura    	Ozan
DENMAN, Lewis F  	Garland
DENMAN, Lulu     	Ozan
DENMAN, Mary     	Ozan
DENMAN, Mary E.  	Garland
DENMAN, Peter    	Ozan
DENMAN, Rena     	Ozan
DENMAN, Sarah E  	Garland
DENMAN, Thomas L.	Garland
DENMAN, William  	Ozan
DENSON, Frank    	Hope
DEVINE, James    	Washington
DEW, Susan C.    	Garland
DEW, Tobithy     	Garland
DICK, Mercer     	Saline
DICKERSON, Elias 	Wallaceburg
DICKERSON, Harriette	Washington
DICKERSON, Mary  	Wallaceburg
DICKEY, Eliha F. 	Garland
DICKEY, Henry    	Garland
DICKEY, Laura E. 	Garland
DICKEY, Margret J.	Garland
DICKEY, Virginia 	Garland
DICKINSEN, Margaret	Bois D'Arc
DICKSON, Adison  	Garland
DICKSON, Albert  	Ozan
DICKSON, Alfred D.	Garland
DICKSON, Allen   	Ozan
DICKSON, Allen   	Ozan
DICKSON, Allen   	Ozan
DICKSON, Allie   	Ozan
DICKSON, Anna    	Garland
DICKSON, Belle   	Garland
DICKSON, Caeln   	Ozan
DICKSON, Cora    	Garland
DICKSON, Creed   	Ozan
DICKSON, Dan     	Garland
DICKSON, David   	Garland
DICKSON, Dela    	Garland
DICKSON, Delia   	Ozan
DICKSON, Elizabeth	Ozan
DICKSON, Elizabeth	Ozan
DICKSON, Ellis   	Ozan
DICKSON, Emily   	Garland
DICKSON, Emma    	Ozan
DICKSON, Fannie  	Garland
DICKSON, Fannie  	Ozan
DICKSON, Fedirick	Ozan
DICKSON, George  	De Roane
DICKSON, H. C.   	De Roane
DICKSON, Harriette	Garland
DICKSON, Henry   	Columbus
DICKSON, Henry   	Garland
DICKSON, Henry   	Ozan
DICKSON, Hester  	Ozan
DICKSON, James   	Garland
DICKSON, Jno.    	Garland
DICKSON, Jno.    	Garland
DICKSON, Joanna  	Ozan
DICKSON, Julius  	Ozan
DICKSON, Julous  	Ozan
DICKSON, Lee     	Ozan
DICKSON, Lem     	Garland
DICKSON, Lizzie  	Garland
DICKSON, Louisia 	Garland
DICKSON, Martha  	Garland
DICKSON, Martha  	Garland
DICKSON, Mary    	De Roane
DICKSON, Mary E. 	Ozan
DICKSON, Matilda 	Garland
DICKSON, Nancy   	Ozan
DICKSON, Phillip 	Garland
DICKSON, Phillip 	Garland
DICKSON, Phoebe  	Garland
DICKSON, Rachael C.	Garland
DICKSON, Robert  	Ozan
DICKSON, Robert  	Ozan
DICKSON, Robert S.	Garland
DICKSON, Ruth S. 	De Roane
DICKSON, Sarah   	Garland
DICKSON, Sarah   	Ozan
DICKSON, Susan   	Garland
DICKSON, Tempa   	Ozan
DICKSON, Tempa   	Ozan
DICKSON, Tennessee	Garland
DICKSON, Theodore O.	De Roane
DICKSON, Thomas  	Garland
DICKSON, William 	Garland
DICKSON, Willie  	Garland
DICKSON, Word    	Garland
DILDY, Alice     	Spring Hill
DILDY, Caroline  	Spring Hill
DILDY, D. W.     	Spring Hill
DILDY, Myrom     	Spring Hill
DILLARD, Alabama 	Mine Creek
DILLARD, Caroline	Ozan
DILLARD, George  	Washington
DILLARD, Levi    	Ozan
DILLARD, Martha J.	Ozan
DILLARD, Mary C. 	Mine Creek
DILLARD, Mary J. 	Ozan
DILLARD, Missa   	Ozan
DILLARD, Nancy   	Mine Creek
DILLARD, Tilda   	Ozan
DIXON, Bell      	Wallaceburg
DIXON, Belle     	Bois D'Arc
DOBBINS, Mary    	Bois D'Arc
DOBSON, Benjamin H.	Spring Hill
DOBSON, Elizabeth J.	Spring Hill
DOBSON, George W.	Spring Hill
DOBSON, John F.  	Spring Hill
DOBSON, Joseph W.	Spring Hill
DOBSON, Lou      	Wallaceburg
DOBSON, Martha F.	Spring Hill
DOBSON, Mary P.  	Spring Hill
DOBSON, Rebecca J.	Spring Hill
DOBSON, Rufus G. 	Spring Hill
DOBSON, Sarah F. 	Spring Hill
DOBSON, Snort    	Spring Hill
DOBSON, William  	Wallaceburg
DOBSON, William C.	Spring Hill
DODSON, America M.	Spring Hill
DODSON, John C.  	Spring Hill
DONALD, A. MC    	Hope
DONALD, D. MC    	Hope
DONALD, Elizabeth	Wallaceburg
DONALD, Martha MC	Spring Hill
DONALD, Milt MC  	Spring Hill
DONALD, Nancy MC 	Spring Hill
DONALD, P. MC    	Hope
DONALD, Robert   	Wallaceburg
DONLIN, B. P.    	Fulton
DONNELLY, C.     	Hope
DONNELLY, P.     	Hope
DONNELLY, S. C.  	Hope
DOOLEY, James C. 	Ozan
DOOLY, Allice    	Ozan
DOOLY, Lilly     	Ozan
DOOLY, Louisa    	Ozan
DOOLY, Mary      	Ozan
DOOLY, Robert    	Ozan
DOOLY, William   	Ozan
DOOLY, William   	Ozan
DORMAN, Allen    	Spring Hill
DORMAN, G. W.    	Spring Hill
DORMAN, Lucy J.  	Spring Hill
DORMAN, Luraney  	Spring Hill
DORMAN, Mary J.  	Spring Hill
DORMAN, Ranela   	Spring Hill
DORMAN, Wiley    	Spring Hill
DORSEY, Amanda   	Mine Creek
DORSEY, Ben      	Mine Creek
DORSEY, Joseph   	Mine Creek
DORSEY, Linda    	Mine Creek
DORSEY, Linda    	Mine Creek
DORSEY, Martin   	Mine Creek
DORWIN, Elda     	Hope
DORWIN, Frank    	Hope
DOSIER, Sylvester	De Roane
DOTEY, Elizabeth 	Hope
DOTEY, J.        	Hope
DOTSON, Carel    	Wallaceburg
DOTSON, Cordelia 	Wallaceburg
DOTSON, John W.  	Fulton
DOTSON, Liza     	Fulton
DOTSON, Orlenia  	Wallaceburg
DOTSON, Permelia 	Wallaceburg
DOTSON, Spencer  	Wallaceburg
DOUGLAS, Perry   	Hope
DOWELL, Alma MC  	Spring Hill
DOWELL, Eula MC  	Spring Hill
DOWELL, George MC	Spring Hill
DOWELL, Isaac MC 	Spring Hill
DOWELL, Jane MC  	Spring Hill
DOWELL, Lucy MC  	Spring Hill
DOWELL, Mollie MC	Spring Hill
DOWELL, Rhoda MC 	Spring Hill
DOWELL, William MC	Spring Hill
DOWNS, Albin L.  	Spring Hill
DOWNS, Elizabeth M.	Spring Hill
DOWNS, James     	Spring Hill
DOWNS, John E.   	Spring Hill
DOWNS, Joseph T. 	Spring Hill
DOWNS, L. E.     	Spring Hill
DOWNS, Lorenzo A.	Spring Hill
DOWNS, William   	Spring Hill
DOWNS, Zilla     	Spring Hill
DOYER, Bishop    	Fulton
DOYER, Edward    	Fulton
DOYLE, Kate      	Hope
DOYLE, Mary E    	Hope
DOYLE, Thomas W. 	Hope
DRAKE, Andrew F. 	Spring Hill
DRAKE, Bynum J.  	Spring Hill
DRAKE, James A.  	Spring Hill
DRAKE, James E.  	Spring Hill
DRAKE, John J.   	Spring Hill
DRAKE, John P.   	Spring Hill
DRAKE, Lawrence C.	Spring Hill
DRAKE, Rebecca J.	Spring Hill
DRAKE, Rhoda A.  	Spring Hill
DRAKE, Robert    	Washington
DRAKE, S. E.     	Hope
DRAKE, Sallie P. 	Spring Hill
DRAKE, Thomas J. 	Spring Hill
DRAKE, William Edwin	Spring Hill
DRAPER, Albert   	Red Land
DRAPER, Allen    	Ozan
DRAPER, Allen    	Ozan
DRAPER, Ben      	Bois D'Arc
DRAPER, Franklin 	Red Land
DRAPER, Joseph   	Ozan
DRAPER, Julia    	Ozan
DRAPER, Lidia    	Red Land
DRAPER, Lucinda  	Red Land
DRAPER, Mary     	Red Land
DRAPER, Nancy    	Ozan
DRAPER, Peter    	Red Land
DRAPER, Phill    	De Roane
DRAPER, Samuel   	Red Land
DRAPER, York     	Ozan
DRAPER, York     	Ozan
DREYFUS, Albert  	Fulton
DREYFUS, Elise   	Fulton
DREYFUS, Esther  	Fulton
DREYFUS, Hulda   	Fulton
DREYFUS, Leon    	Fulton
DRURY, Ada       	Hope
DRURY, E. B.     	Hope
DRURY, J. B.     	Hope
DRURY, L. V.     	Hope
DUCKET, Eliza    	Ozan
DUCKETT, Georgia 	Wallaceburg
DUCKETT, Jessie  	Wallaceburg
DUCKETT, Jessie  	Wallaceburg
DUCKETT, Mary    	Wallaceburg
DUCKETT, Mary    	Wallaceburg
DUCKETT, Sarah   	Wallaceburg
DUCKETT, Thomas  	Wallaceburg
DUCKETT, William 	Wallaceburg
DUCKETT, Wylie   	Wallaceburg
DUDLEY, Asberry  	De Roane
DUDLEY, Catherine	Spring Hill
DUDLEY, Charles  	De Roane
DUDLEY, Charles  	Spring Hill
DUDLEY, Early    	De Roane
DUDLEY, Edward   	De Roane
DUDLEY, Elbert   	De Roane
DUDLEY, Elizabeth	De Roane
DUDLEY, Elutta   	De Roane
DUDLEY, James H. 	De Roane
DUDLEY, Jane     	De Roane
DUDLEY, John     	De Roane
DUDLEY, Leonora  	De Roane
DUDLEY, Levitus  	De Roane
DUDLEY, Martha   	De Roane
DUDLEY, R. C.    	Spring Hill
DUDLEY, Robert W.	Spring Hill
DUDLEY, Sally    	De Roane
DUDLEY, Samuel   	De Roane
DUDLEY, Viney A. 	De Roane
DUFFEY, Angeline 	De Roane
DUFFEY, Delaney  	Hope
DUFFEY, Ellen M. 	De Roane
DUFFEY, Jerome P.	De Roane
DUFFEY, S.       	Hope
DUFFEY, William  	De Roane
DUFFIE, Henry    	Ozan
DUFFIE, Joseph   	Ozan
DUFFY, Annie     	Ozan
DUFFY, Cansada   	Ozan
DUFFY, Carry     	Ozan
DUFFY, Eliza     	De Roane
DUFFY, Florence  	De Roane
DUFFY, Henrietta 	Ozan
DUFFY, James     	De Roane
DUFFY, Joseph    	Ozan
DUFFY, Leann     	Ozan
DUFFY, Lizzie    	Ozan
DUFFY, Lulu      	Ozan
DUFFY, Nancy     	Ozan
DUFFY, Spencer   	De Roane
DUFFY, William   	Ozan
DUGAN, Alice     	Bois D'Arc
DUGAN, Philip    	Bois D'Arc
DUGGER, Augustus 	Ozan
DUGGER, Belle    	Ozan
DUGGER, Clauid   	Ozan
DUGGER, James F. 	Ozan
DUGGER, Martha   	Ozan
DUKE, Adessa     	Garland
DUKE, Alonzo W.  	Spring Hill
DUKE, Anderson   	De Roane
DUKE, Cora       	Garland
DUKE, Darell     	Garland
DUKE, E. M. H.   	Spring Hill
DUKE, Eula       	Garland
DUKE, Isabella   	Garland
DUKE, James G.   	Garland
DUKE, Jeff D.    	Garland
DUKE, M. F.      	Hope
DUKE, M. L.      	Hope
DUKE, Mary E     	Spring Hill
DUKE, R. E.      	Spring Hill
DUKE, Reuben J.  	Spring Hill
DUKE, Sarah E.   	Spring Hill
DUKE, William A. 	Garland
DUKE, William M. 	Spring Hill
DUNCAN, Bethseba 	Bois D'Arc
DUNCAN, Richard  	Ozan
DUNCAN, William  	Hope
DUNN, Ada        	Ozan
DUNN, Armedia    	Ozan
DUNN, Augustus   	Ozan
DUNN, Eda        	Ozan
DUNN, Emilie     	Red Land
DUNN, Lizzie     	Ozan
DUNN, Louisa     	Ozan
DUNN, Lugenia    	Ozan
DUNN, Mary       	Ozan
DUNN, Mary       	Ozan
DUNN, Missourie  	Ozan
DUNN, Nancy      	Ozan
DUNN, Primos     	Ozan
DUNN, Richard    	Ozan
DUNN, Thomas     	Ozan
DURFEE, Charles  	Washington
DURKEE, Henry    	Bois D'Arc
DWYER, Erma B.   	Bois D'Arc
DWYER, James     	Bois D'Arc
DWYER, Margaret  	Bois D'Arc
DWYER, Nancy     	Bois D'Arc
DWYRE, Susan     	Spring Hill
DYER, Desy A.    	Mine Creek
DYER, Harman     	Mine Creek
DYER, James R.   	Mine Creek
DYER, Jessee     	Mine Creek
DYER, Joel       	Mine Creek
DYER, Josephine  	Mine Creek
DYER, M. Ellin   	Mine Creek
DYER, Milly F.   	Mine Creek
DYER, Sarah      	Mine Creek
DYER, William    	Mine Creek
DYER, Zilla A.   	Mine Creek
DYKE, A. L.      	Hope
DYKE, A. P.      	Hope
DYKE, James      	De Roane
DYKE, L.         	Hope
DYKE, L. A.      	Hope
E., Margaret     	Mine Creek
E., P. T.        	De Roane
EAGERS, Phebe    	Washington
EAKIN, Ann E.    	Garland
EAKIN, Bettie M. 	Garland
EAKIN, Jno. M.   	Garland
EAKIN, Lou E.    	Garland
EAKIN, Martha    	Garland
EAKIN, Mary      	Mine Creek
EAKIN, Nancy B.  	Garland
EAKIN, William A.	Garland
EARLES, Isabella 	Bois D'Arc
EASON, Edna C.   	Spring Hill
EASON, Graff L.  	Spring Hill
EASON, Mary E.   	Spring Hill
EASON, Nancy E.  	Spring Hill
EASON, William J.	Spring Hill
EASTER, J. W.    	De Roane
EASTER, Mary     	De Roane
EASTER, Nancy    	De Roane
EASTER, Viola    	De Roane
EASTERLAND, Elizabeth	De Roane
EASTERLAND, Jane 	De Roane
EASTERLAND, John C.	De Roane
EASTERLAND, Louiza E.	De Roane
EASTERLAND, Mahaley	De Roane
EASTERLAND, Mary E.	De Roane
EASTERLAND, William W.	De Roane
EASTMAN, Ann     	Ozan
EASTMAN, Joseph  	Ozan
EASTMAN, Phillip 	Ozan
EASTMAN, Richard 	Ozan
EATON, Daniel F. 	De Roane
EATON, Edward A. 	De Roane
EATON, Hubbard J.	De Roane
EATON, John      	De Roane
EATON, Laura B.  	De Roane
EATON, Margaret  	De Roane
EATON, Olla L.   	De Roane
EATON, Sally M.  	De Roane
EATON, Susan S.  	De Roane
EAVES, Dave      	Fulton
EAVES, Geo. W.   	Bois D'Arc
EAVES, George    	Fulton
EAVES, Josey     	Fulton
EAVES, Lula      	Fulton
EAVES, Mack      	Fulton
EAVES, Majer     	Fulton
EAVES, Mollie    	Fulton
EAVES, Wash      	Washington
EBLEY, Anne      	Garland
ECHELS, Harriet  	Spring Hill
EDGE, Alvin      	Bois D'Arc
EDGE, Amie       	Bois D'Arc
EDGE, Eugenia    	Bois D'Arc
EDGE, Jessie     	Bois D'Arc
EDGE, Prescalln  	Bois D'Arc
EDGE, Susan      	Bois D'Arc
EDGE, Wesley     	Bois D'Arc
EDGE, William    	Bois D'Arc
EDGE, William    	Bois D'Arc
EDMENDS, Thomas  	Fulton
EDMIASTON, Alexander	Mine Creek
EDMIASTON, Eliza J.	Mine Creek
EDMIASTON, John H.	Mine Creek
EDMIASTON, William	Mine Creek
EDUARDS, Adoline 	Ozan
EDUARDS, Bell    	Ozan
EDUARDS, Charles 	Ozan
EDUARDS, Eleanor 	Ozan
EDUARDS, Elizabeth	Ozan
EDUARDS, Elizabeth	Ozan
EDUARDS, Emily   	Ozan
EDUARDS, Emily   	Ozan
EDUARDS, Esquire 	Ozan
EDUARDS, George  	Ozan
EDUARDS, Henrietta	Ozan
EDUARDS, John    	Ozan
EDUARDS, John F. 	Ozan
EDUARDS, Madora  	Ozan
EDUARDS, Manerva 	Ozan
EDUARDS, Millo E.	Ozan
EDUARDS, Noah    	Ozan
EDUARDS, Themra J.	Ozan
EDUARDS, Victoria	Ozan
EDUARDS, William 	Ozan
EDWARDS, Amy     	Bois D'Arc
EDWARDS, Charles 	Spring Hill
EDWARDS, Creasey 	Bois D'Arc
EDWARDS, Eugene  	Hope
EDWARDS, Green   	Spring Hill
EDWARDS, Hariet  	Bois D'Arc
EDWARDS, Harrison	Hope
EDWARDS, Henry   	De Roane
EDWARDS, James   	Spring Hill
EDWARDS, John    	Spring Hill
EDWARDS, Lafayette C.	Spring Hill
EDWARDS, Laura   	De Roane
EDWARDS, Lindy   	Spring Hill
EDWARDS, Louisia 	Spring Hill
EDWARDS, Mattie L.	De Roane
EDWARDS, Nathaniel	Spring Hill
EDWARDS, Richard 	De Roane
EDWARDS, Roxanna 	Spring Hill
EDWARDS, Seinda  	Hope
EDWARDS, Squire  	Bois D'Arc
EDWARDS, Susan   	Spring Hill
EDWARDS, Thomas  	Spring Hill
EDWARDS, Willie  	Hope
EGGERS, John     	Hope
EIVANS, Catty    	De Roane
EIVANS, Dinah    	De Roane
EIVANS, Dolly D. 	De Roane
EIVANS, Elizabeth	De Roane
EIVANS, Ellen F. 	De Roane
EIVANS, Ephram   	De Roane
EIVANS, Ephram   	De Roane
EIVANS, Fanny P. 	De Roane
EIVANS, Frank W. 	De Roane
EIVANS, Harriet  	De Roane
EIVANS, J. P.    	De Roane
EIVANS, James    	De Roane
EIVANS, John P.  	De Roane
EIVANS, Joseph   	De Roane
EIVANS, Lucy     	De Roane
EIVANS, Thomas   	De Roane
EIVANS, Willie   	De Roane
EIVANS, Young    	De Roane
EIVERS, Martha   	Wallaceburg
ELAM, George N.  	Spring Hill
ELAM, Mollie     	Spring Hill
ELAM, Perry      	Hope
ELAM, William F. 	Spring Hill
ELBERT, H. H.    	Hope
ELEY, Alabama    	Red Land
ELEY, Caroline   	Red Land
ELEY, Girtie     	Red Land
ELEY, Jacob      	Red Land
ELEY, James      	Red Land
ELEY, John       	Red Land
ELEY, John       	Red Land
ELEY, John       	Red Land
ELEY, Lemuel     	Red Land
ELEY, Margaret   	Red Land
ELEY, Martha     	Red Land
ELEY, Missouri   	Red Land
ELEY, Stella     	Red Land
ELEY, William    	Red Land
ELI, Louis       	Washington
ELI, Rose        	Washington
ELIA, Sarah J.   	Spring Hill
ELIA, Thomas     	Spring Hill
ELIA, Thomas W.  	Spring Hill
ELIAS, William   	Wallaceburg
ELIOT, Ann       	Wallaceburg
ELLIOT, Allice   	Ozan
ELLIOT, Bell     	Ozan
ELLIOT, Blanche  	Ozan
ELLIOT, Erasmus  	Ozan
ELLIOT, Fereby   	Ozan
ELLIOT, Frank    	Ozan
ELLIOT, John     	Ozan
ELLIOT, Julia    	Ozan
ELLIOT, Julia    	Ozan
ELLIOT, M. E.    	Hope
ELLIOT, Martin   	Ozan
ELLIOT, Mollie   	Ozan
ELLIOT, P.       	Hope
ELLIOT, P. E.    	Hope
ELLIOT, Pleasant H.	Ozan
ELLIOT, William  	Ozan
ELLIOTT, Cyrenius	Garland
ELLIOTT, Eliza   	Garland
ELLIOTT, Elizabeth	De Roane
ELLIOTT, Fannie  	Ozan
ELLIOTT, James   	De Roane
ELLIOTT, Jno. C. 	Garland
ELLIOTT, Lillie  	De Roane
ELLIOTT, Lucy    	Garland
ELLIOTT, Mahala  	Spring Hill
ELLIOTT, Midleton	Ozan
ELLIOTT, Robert  	Garland
ELLIOTT, Roland  	De Roane
ELLIOTT, W. M.   	De Roane
ELLIOTT, William J.	Garland
ELLIOTT, Willie  	De Roane
ELLIS, Adolphus  	Spring Hill
ELLIS, Annie     	Hope
ELLIS, Berdee    	Hope
ELLIS, Bula M.   	Mine Creek
ELLIS, Caroline M.	Mine Creek
ELLIS, Cathrine  	Ozan
ELLIS, Charles   	Spring Hill
ELLIS, Charles K.	Mine Creek
ELLIS, Eliza     	Ozan
ELLIS, Ellie     	Washington
ELLIS, Fedrick   	Ozan
ELLIS, Fertima   	Hope
ELLIS, Fredrick  	Ozan
ELLIS, Henry     	Ozan
ELLIS, J. S.     	Hope
ELLIS, James C.  	Hope
ELLIS, James D.  	Mine Creek
ELLIS, James W.  	Mine Creek
ELLIS, Jane      	Ozan
ELLIS, Jerry     	Ozan
ELLIS, Jerry     	Ozan
ELLIS, Jesse     	Washington
ELLIS, Jessee M. 	Mine Creek
ELLIS, Josie     	Hope
ELLIS, Lawson M. 	Mine Creek
ELLIS, Margaret  	Spring Hill
ELLIS, Marinda   	Ozan
ELLIS, Martha    	Ozan
ELLIS, Mary      	Mine Creek
ELLIS, Mary      	Ozan
ELLIS, Maud E.   	Mine Creek
ELLIS, Mike      	Hope
ELLIS, Sally     	Ozan
ELLIS, Samuel    	Ozan
ELLIS, Sousan    	Ozan
ELLIS, Walter C. 	Hope
ELLIS, William L.	Mine Creek
ELLIS, Zenobia   	Washington
ELLISON, Jane    	Saline
ELLISON, Joe     	Saline
ELLY, Dolen      	Saline
ELLY, Hanna      	Saline
ELLY, Mitchel    	Saline
ELLY, Unknown    	Saline
ELMORE, Charles  	De Roane
ELRAY, Ada MC    	De Roane
ELRAY, Caroline MC	De Roane
ELRAY, Minty MC  	De Roane
ELRAY, Orang MC  	De Roane
ELRAY, Sebern MC 	De Roane
ELRAY, W. MC     	De Roane
ELRAY, Washington MC	De Roane
ELROY, Elizabeth MC	De Roane
ELROY, Emma MC   	De Roane
ELROY, Henry MC  	De Roane
ELROY, Ida MC    	De Roane
ELROY, Louis MC  	Fulton
ELROY, Margaret MC	De Roane
ELROY, Melvyra MC	De Roane
ELROY, Nelora MC 	De Roane
ELSBERRY, Caroline	Wallaceburg
ELSBERRY, Lafayett	Wallaceburg
ELSEN, Frank     	Garland
ELSEN, Frank E.  	Garland
ELSEN, Malisa    	Garland
ELSEN, Nellie    	Garland
ELSEN, Walter    	Garland
ELSEN, William   	Garland
ELSNER, E. S.    	Hope
ELSNER, F.       	Hope
ELSNER, M.       	Hope
ELSNER, W. S.    	Hope
ELVAIN, Betsy MC 	De Roane
ELVAIN, Eliza MC 	De Roane
ELVAIN, Emma MC  	De Roane
ELVAIN, Henry MC 	De Roane
ELVAIN, Lizzie MC	De Roane
ELVAIN, Mandy MC 	De Roane
ELVAIN, Margaret MC	De Roane
ELVAIN, Mary MC  	De Roane
ELVAIN, Robert MC	De Roane
ELVAIN, Robert MC	De Roane
ELVAIN, Samuel MC	De Roane
EMCLINK, Joseph  	Hope
EMISON, Cathrine 	Garland
ENGLISH, Abraham 	Ozan
ENGLISH, Abraham 	Ozan
ENGLISH, Bell    	Ozan
ENGLISH, Caroline	Ozan
ENGLISH, Carry   	Ozan
ENGLISH, Carry   	Ozan
ENGLISH, Cathrine	Ozan
ENGLISH, Charles 	Ozan
ENGLISH, Eduard  	Ozan
ENGLISH, Emily   	Ozan
ENGLISH, Everette	Ozan
ENGLISH, Haywood 	Ozan
ENGLISH, Isabell 	Ozan
ENGLISH, James   	Ozan
ENGLISH, James   	Ozan
ENGLISH, Julia   	Ozan
ENGLISH, Lilly   	Ozan
ENGLISH, Louisa  	Saline
ENGLISH, Mary    	Bois D'Arc
ENGLISH, Mary    	Ozan
ENGLISH, Nancy   	Ozan
ENGLISH, Ransom  	Ozan
ENGLISH, Ranson  	Ozan
ENGLISH, Rosetta 	Bois D'Arc
ENGLISH, Sarah   	Ozan
ENGLISH, William 	Ozan
ENGLISH, William 	Ozan
ENGLISH, William 	Ozan
EOLY, John       	De Roane
EPPERSON, George W.	Spring Hill
EPPERSON, Nancy J.	Spring Hill
EPPERSON, Sarah E.	Spring Hill
EPPS, Amie       	Spring Hill
EPPS, Cornelius  	Spring Hill
EPPS, Frank      	Spring Hill
EPPS, John       	Spring Hill
EPPS, Maranda    	Spring Hill
EPPS, Martha     	Spring Hill
EPPS, Robert     	Spring Hill
EPPS, Silless    	Spring Hill
EPPS, Unknown    	Spring Hill
ERVIN, Robert    	Mine Creek
ETTER, Allice    	Washington
ETTER, Bettie    	Washington
ETTER, Chambers  	Washington
ETTER, Daniel O. 	Washington
ETTER, John      	Washington
ETTER, Josephine 	Washington
ETTER, Mabel     	Washington
ETTER, Mollie    	Washington
ETTER, Myrtle    	Washington
ETTER, Robert B. 	Washington
ETTER, Roxy      	Washington
ETTER, Teruttia  	Washington
ETTER, William   	Washington
EUBANKS, Lou     	Bois D'Arc
EUBANKS, Thomas G.	Bois D'Arc
EUBANKS, William T.	Bois D'Arc
EVANS, Frank     	Ozan
EVANS, Mary      	Ozan
EVERETT, Alta    	Saline
EVERETT, Catherine	Saline
EVERETT, Pharaoh 	Saline
EVERETT, Vivian  	Saline
EVINS, Ada       	Red Land
EVINS, Albert    	Red Land
EVINS, Joshua    	Red Land
EVINS, Nancy     	Red Land
EXAM, Joseph W.  	Washington
EXAM, Nora       	Washington
EYSTER, Charles W.	Washington
FADDEN, Aaron MC 	De Roane
FADDEN, Adaline MC	De Roane
FADDEN, Alf MC   	De Roane
FADDEN, Amey MC  	De Roane
FADDEN, Annie MC 	Ozan
FADDEN, Calvin MC	Mine Creek
FADDEN, Caroline MC	Ozan
FADDEN, Clemci MC	Garland
FADDEN, David MC 	Ozan
FADDEN, Duke MC  	Mine Creek
FADDEN, Earey MC 	Garland
FADDEN, Ebbie MC 	Garland
FADDEN, Edmond MC	Ozan
FADDEN, Eliza MC 	Ozan
FADDEN, Elizabeth MC	De Roane
FADDEN, Ella MC  	Ozan
FADDEN, Fayett MC	Garland
FADDEN, Francis MC	Ozan
FADDEN, Gadson MC	Ozan
FADDEN, George MC	Ozan
FADDEN, George MC	Ozan
FADDEN, Hannah MC	Ozan
FADDEN, Harry MC 	Mine Creek
FADDEN, Howell MC	Wallaceburg
FADDEN, Ida MC   	Ozan
FADDEN, James MC 	Ozan
FADDEN, Jane MC  	Mine Creek
FADDEN, Jane MC  	Wallaceburg
FADDEN, Jeff MC  	De Roane
FADDEN, Jinnet MC	Mine Creek
FADDEN, Jinnie MC	Garland
FADDEN, Joe MC   	Garland
FADDEN, John MC  	Ozan
FADDEN, John MC  	Ozan
FADDEN, Kansa MC 	De Roane
FADDEN, Katey MC 	De Roane
FADDEN, Katharine MC	De Roane
FADDEN, Kattie MC	Ozan
FADDEN, Keath MC 	De Roane
FADDEN, Kissiah MC	Ozan
FADDEN, L. MC    	Hope
FADDEN, Laura MC 	Garland
FADDEN, Loucetta MC	Mine Creek
FADDEN, Louise MC	De Roane
FADDEN, Luvenia MC	Ozan
FADDEN, Manton MC	De Roane
FADDEN, Manton MC	De Roane
FADDEN, Maria MC 	Ozan
FADDEN, Mariah MC	De Roane
FADDEN, Mary MC  	Ozan
FADDEN, Mary MC  	Wallaceburg
FADDEN, Milly MC 	Ozan
FADDEN, Monroe MC	Mine Creek
FADDEN, Nellie MC	Ozan
FADDEN, Norah MC 	Mine Creek
FADDEN, Peggie MC	Ozan
FADDEN, Peter MC 	De Roane
FADDEN, Prince MC	Garland
FADDEN, Prince MC	Mine Creek
FADDEN, Quint MC 	Garland
FADDEN, Rachel MC	Mine Creek
FADDEN, Sarah MC 	De Roane
FADDEN, Sarah MC 	Ozan
FADDEN, Sidney MC	Ozan
FADDEN, Sophy MC 	De Roane
FADDEN, Stephen MC	Ozan
FADDEN, Virginia MC	De Roane
FADDEN, Warren MC	Ozan
FADDEN, Warren MC	Ozan
FADDEN, William MC	Mine Creek
FADDEN, Willie MC	Garland
FADDIN, Andrew MC	Spring Hill
FADDIN, Emma MC  	Spring Hill
FADDIN, Louisiana MC	Spring Hill
FAGAN, Michael   	De Roane
FAIR, Allen      	Wallaceburg
FAIR, Annie      	Wallaceburg
FAIR, Ella       	Wallaceburg
FAIR, James      	Wallaceburg
FAIR, Martha     	Columbus
FAIR, Mary       	Wallaceburg
FAIR, Richard    	Wallaceburg
FAIR, William    	Columbus
FAMBROUGH, Elijah	Spring Hill
FAMBROUGH, John P.	Spring Hill
FAMBROUGH, Mollie	Spring Hill
FAMBROUGH, William T.	Spring Hill
FARLY, John D.   	Mine Creek
FARLY, Mary E.   	Mine Creek
FARLY, Mary E.   	Mine Creek
FARLY, Thomas    	Mine Creek
FARLY, William   	Mine Creek
FARMER, Alice    	De Roane
FARMER, Charles E.	De Roane
FARMER, J. G.    	De Roane
FARMER, Louisa   	De Roane
FARMER, Minnie   	De Roane
FARMER, Willie   	De Roane
FARR, Ben        	Saline
FARR, Braynard   	Ozan
FARR, Charles    	Ozan
FARR, Elisabeth  	Saline
FARR, Ella       	Saline
FARR, John B.    	Saline
FARR, Martha     	Ozan
FARR, Monroe     	Saline
FARR, Pauline    	Ozan
FARR, Thomas     	Ozan
FARR, Unknown    	Saline
FARR, William    	Ozan
FARRELL, Fannie  	Washington
FARRER, J. H.    	De Roane
FARRER, Mariah   	De Roane
FASTON, Ison     	Mine Creek
FAULKES, Acme    	Garland
FAULKES, Caroline	Garland
FAULKES, Emma    	Garland
FAULKES, Essex   	Garland
FAULKES, Luida   	Garland
FAULKES, Thomas S.	Garland
FAULKNER, Susan E.	De Roane
FAULKNER, Susan L.	De Roane
FAULKNER, Tinarari E.	De Roane
FAULKNER, W. H.  	De Roane
FAULKS, Giles    	Garland
FAULKS, Grant    	Garland
FAULKS, Julia    	Garland
FAULKS, Robert A.	Garland
FELLOWS, Agness  	Wallaceburg
FELLOWS, Alex    	Wallaceburg
FELLOWS, Caroline	Garland
FELLOWS, Dave    	Garland
FELLOWS, David   	Wallaceburg
FELLOWS, Eliza   	Garland
FELLOWS, Jno.    	Garland
FELLOWS, Josephine	Wallaceburg
FELLOWS, Margaret	Wallaceburg
FELLOWS, Martha  	Garland
FELLOWS, Rose    	Garland
FELLOWS, Samuel  	Wallaceburg
FELLOWS, Thomas  	Garland
FELLOWS, William 	Garland
FELLOWS, William 	Garland
FELLOWS, William 	Wallaceburg
FENLEY, Frank    	Hope
FENTER, Ellen    	Wallaceburg
FENTER, John     	Wallaceburg
FENTER, Joseph   	Wallaceburg
FENTER, Leon     	Wallaceburg
FERGUSON, Albert 	Washington
FERGUSON, Eb     	Washington
FERGUSON, Florence	Washington
FERGUSON, George 	Washington
FERGUSON, Henry P.	Ozan
FERGUSON, Irene  	Washington
FERGUSON, Maranda	Ozan
FERGUSON, Mary I.	Washington
FERGUSON, Nellie 	Washington
FERGUSON, Thomas H.	Washington
FERGUSON, William J.	Washington
FERREL, Henry    	Spring Hill
FERRELL, Elizabeth	Wallaceburg
FERRELL, Ellen   	Wallaceburg
FERRELL, Emily   	Wallaceburg
FERRELL, George  	Wallaceburg
FERRELL, Hettie  	Wallaceburg
FERRELL, Josie   	Wallaceburg
FERRELL, Samuel  	Wallaceburg
FERRELL, Weslie  	Wallaceburg
FIELD, Albert    	Fulton
FIELD, Mary J.   	Washington
FIELD, Richard   	Fulton
FIELD, T. W.     	Fulton
FINLEY, Amanda   	Ozan
FINLEY, Anna     	Hope
FINLEY, Carry    	Ozan
FINLEY, Dora     	Spring Hill
FINLEY, Eliza    	Ozan
FINLEY, Foster   	Hope
FINLEY, Harry    	Hope
FINLEY, Henry    	Ozan
FINLEY, Ida      	Ozan
FINLEY, John     	Hope
FINLEY, John     	Hope
FINLEY, Lela     	Hope
FINLEY, Mary     	Hope
FINLEY, P. F.    	Hope
FINLEY, U. B.    	Hope
FINLEY, Willie   	Hope
FINLY, Carry     	Washington
FISHER, Celia A. 	Ozan
FISHER, Charles  	Spring Hill
FISHER, Francis  	Bois D'Arc
FISHER, Jno.     	Bois D'Arc
FISHER, Julia    	Spring Hill
FISHER, Louisia  	Spring Hill
FISHER, Sarah    	Bois D'Arc
FISHER, Wash.    	Ozan
FITZPATRIC, Henry	Wallaceburg
FLEMMING, Jerre  	Spring Hill
FLESHER, Sibelie B.	Mine Creek
FLESHER, William H.	Mine Creek
FLOUERS, Alfred  	Ozan
FLOUERS, Frank   	Ozan
FLOUERS, Mary A. 	Ozan
FLOUERS, Nancy   	Ozan
FLOWERS, Alonz   	Red Land
FLOWERS, Catharine	Red Land
FLOWERS, Draden  	Red Land
FLOWERS, Elizabeth	Red Land
FLOWERS, Jefferson	Red Land
FLOWERS, Sarah   	Red Land
FLOWERS, Sarah   	Red Land
FLOWERS, Thomas  	Red Land
FLOWERS, Virgil  	Red Land
FOLEY, John      	Spring Hill
FOLEY, John      	Spring Hill
FOLEY, Mary      	Spring Hill
FOLEY, Michael   	Spring Hill
FOLEY, Roderick J.	Spring Hill
FOLEY, William   	Spring Hill
FOLKES, Alice    	De Roane
FOLKES, Canway   	De Roane
FOLKES, Caroline 	De Roane
FOLKES, Grant    	De Roane
FOLKES, Hattie   	De Roane
FOLKES, Jane     	De Roane
FOLKES, Letsey   	De Roane
FOLKES, Pleasant 	De Roane
FOLKES, Robert   	De Roane
FOLKES, Washinton	De Roane
FOMBY, Robert    	Garland
FONTAIN, America 	Mine Creek
FONTAIN, Annie M.	Mine Creek
FONTAIN, Carrie E.	Mine Creek
FONTAIN, Emma F. 	Mine Creek
FONTAIN, Jo      	Ozan
FONTAIN, Margaret J.	Mine Creek
FONTAIN, Mary E. 	Mine Creek
FONTAIN, Roda E. 	Mine Creek
FONTAIN, William 	Mine Creek
FONTAIN, William E.	Mine Creek
FONTAINE, Draton 	Mine Creek
FONTAINE, Drayton	Mine Creek
FONTAINE, Elisabeth	Mine Creek
FONTAINE, Finas H.	Mine Creek
FONTAINE, Hager  	Mine Creek
FONTAINE, James E.	Mine Creek
FONTAINE, John   	Mine Creek
FONTAINE, Loucinda	Mine Creek
FONTAINE, Louiza 	Mine Creek
FONTAINE, Lovenia	Mine Creek
FONTAINE, Mary E.	Mine Creek
FONTAINE, Milton 	Mine Creek
FONTAINE, Nancy  	Ozan
FONTAINE, Sally  	Ozan
FONTAINE, Samuel 	Mine Creek
FONTAINE, Silvy  	Mine Creek
FONTAINE, Susanna	Mine Creek
FONTAINE, William B.	Mine Creek
FONTAINE, Wilson T.	Mine Creek
FONTAINE, Young  	Mine Creek
FOOTE, Annie P.  	Spring Hill
FOOTE, George H. 	Spring Hill
FOOTE, Kate A.   	Spring Hill
FOOTE, Marie L.  	Spring Hill
FORD, Avarilla   	De Roane
FORD, Ben        	De Roane
FORD, D. J.      	Hope
FORD, Fredrick   	De Roane
FORD, James M.   	De Roane
FORD, Jeremiad   	Bois D'Arc
FORD, Lee        	Bois D'Arc
FORD, Loucy      	De Roane
FORD, Mary       	De Roane
FORD, Millie     	Bois D'Arc
FORD, Richard    	Bois D'Arc
FORD, T.         	Hope
FORD, Thomas     	De Roane
FORDE, C. W.     	Hope
FORDE, H. J.     	Hope
FORDE, I. M.     	Hope
FOREMAN, Jno.    	Bois D'Arc
FORESIGHT, William	Wallaceburg
FOREST, Rosa     	De Roane
FOREST, Simon    	De Roane
FORMBY, Obie L.  	Spring Hill
FORR, Charity    	Ozan
FORR, Moses      	Ozan
FORSHEE, F. K.   	Hope
FORSHEE, J. H.   	Hope
FORSHEE, K. L.   	Hope
FORSHEE, L. S.   	Hope
FORSHEE, M. P.   	Hope
FORSHU, William  	Ozan
FORT, C. B.      	Hope
FORT, E. C.      	Hope
FORT, Eugene     	Hope
FORT, F. D.      	Hope
FORT, H. G.      	Hope
FORT, L.         	Hope
FORT, L. A.      	Hope
FORT, Laura      	Hope
FORT, M. G.      	Hope
FORT, M. M.      	Hope
FORT, N. Y.      	Hope
FORT, V.         	Hope
FORT, W. R.      	Hope
FOSTER, Albert   	De Roane
FOSTER, Albert R.	Garland
FOSTER, Alice    	De Roane
FOSTER, Anna E.  	Spring Hill
FOSTER, Archie   	De Roane
FOSTER, Babe     	De Roane
FOSTER, Castiloe 	De Roane
FOSTER, Dansia   	Bois D'Arc
FOSTER, Edmond   	De Roane
FOSTER, Eleanor  	Bois D'Arc
FOSTER, Felix    	Spring Hill
FOSTER, Frankie A.	Spring Hill
FOSTER, Giles    	Bois D'Arc
FOSTER, Henrietta	De Roane
FOSTER, Henry H. 	Spring Hill
FOSTER, Ike      	Bois D'Arc
FOSTER, Izora    	Hope
FOSTER, James    	Bois D'Arc
FOSTER, James    	Spring Hill
FOSTER, Jesse    	Ozan
FOSTER, John     	Spring Hill
FOSTER, John J.  	Ozan
FOSTER, Julia    	Hope
FOSTER, Karl     	Hope
FOSTER, Laura    	Spring Hill
FOSTER, Lenidas  	Spring Hill
FOSTER, Lewis    	De Roane
FOSTER, Lillie   	Hope
FOSTER, Liza     	Bois D'Arc
FOSTER, Margaret 	Hope
FOSTER, Martha   	Bois D'Arc
FOSTER, Mary     	De Roane
FOSTER, Mary J.  	Ozan
FOSTER, Mollie   	Spring Hill
FOSTER, Nelson K.	Spring Hill
FOSTER, Ophelia B.	Spring Hill
FOSTER, Sally    	De Roane
FOSTER, Sarah J. 	Spring Hill
FOSTER, Thomas A.	Ozan
FOSTER, Thomas J.	Spring Hill
FOSTER, W. B.    	Hope
FOSTER, Washington	Hope
FOULKS, Allice   	Ozan
FOULKS, Becky    	Ozan
FOULKS, Classray 	Ozan
FOULKS, John A.  	Ozan
FOULKS, Mary     	Ozan
FOULKS, William  	Ozan
FOULKS, Zack     	Ozan
FOUNTAIN, Fannie 	Garland
FOUNTAIN, Mollie 	Garland
FOWLER, Horace   	Fulton
FOWLER, Willie   	Bois D'Arc
FRANCE, Jack     	Spring Hill
FRANCE, Lizzie   	Spring Hill
FRANCES, Ed      	Fulton
FRANCES, Emily   	Fulton
FRANCES, George  	Fulton
FRANCES, Morris  	Fulton
FRANCES, Robert  	Fulton
FRANCIS, Ambrose A.	Spring Hill
FRANCIS, Fronic R.	Spring Hill
FRANCIS, John J. M. J.	Spring Hill
FRANCIS, Missouri A.	Spring Hill
FRANCIS, Sophia  	Spring Hill
FRANCIS, Tilda Matilda	Spring Hill
FRANK, Dora      	Saline
FRANK, Emoline   	De Roane
FRANK, Joel      	De Roane
FRANK, John      	De Roane
FRANK, Lavinia   	De Roane
FRANK, Lucy      	Saline
FRANK, Mary J.   	Saline
FRANK, Philip    	Mine Creek
FRANK, Richard   	Saline
FRANKES, Ann I.  	De Roane
FRANKES, Giles W.	De Roane
FRANKES, Jackson A.	De Roane
FRANKES, Laura F.	De Roane
FRANKES, Robert A.	De Roane
FRANKES, T. C.   	De Roane
FRANKLE, H.      	Hope
FRANKLEN, Alva   	Ozan
FRANKLEN, Emily  	Ozan
FRANKLEN, Hiram  	Ozan
FRANKLEN, Ina    	Ozan
FRANKLEN, Phillip	Ozan
FRANKLIN, Addie  	Hope
FRANKLIN, Ben    	Bois D'Arc
FRANKLIN, Benjamin	De Roane
FRANKLIN, Francis	De Roane
FRANKLIN, Henry  	De Roane
FRANKLIN, Isam   	De Roane
FRANKLIN, M.     	Hope
FRANKLIN, Martha 	De Roane
FRANKLIN, William	Bois D'Arc
FRANKLIN, William A.	De Roane
FRANKLIN, Willis 	Bois D'Arc
FRANKLIN, Willis 	De Roane
FRANKS, George W.	Spring Hill
FRANKS, J.       	De Roane
FRANKS, John H.  	De Roane
FRANKS, Martha J.	De Roane
FRANKS, Minnie E.	Spring Hill
FRANKS, Rebecca  	De Roane
FRANKS, Sarah F. 	Spring Hill
FRANKS, W. L.    	Spring Hill
FRANKS, Willie E.	Spring Hill
FRAZAR, Clarissa 	Hope
FRAZAR, Ruben    	Hope
FRAZIER, Arrenie E.	Mine Creek
FRAZIER, Joseph W.	Mine Creek
FRAZIER, Mary E. 	Mine Creek
FRAZIER, Nick P. 	Mine Creek
FRAZIER, Pasify T.	Mine Creek
FRAZIER, Samuel B.	Mine Creek
FRAZIER, Thomas Z.	Mine Creek
FRAZIER, William Hope	Mine Creek
FRAZOR, Charley  	De Roane
FRAZOR, Henry    	De Roane
FRAZOR, Marinda  	De Roane
FRAZOR, Ormsteau 	De Roane
FRAZOR, Sarah    	De Roane
FREDERICK, Adaline	De Roane
FREDERICK, Alberta	De Roane
FREDERICK, Allie 	De Roane
FREDERICK, Eva   	De Roane
FREDERICK, Green 	De Roane
FREDERICK, Mary E.	De Roane
FREDERICK, P. C. 	De Roane
FREDERICK, Thomas	De Roane
FREDERICK, W. K. 	De Roane
FREELAND, John   	Wallaceburg
FREELAND, Larcenie	Wallaceburg
FREEMAN, Casina  	Garland
FREEMAN, Cynthaam	Saline
FREEMAN, Fronia  	Saline
FREEMAN, Henrietta M.	Garland
FREEMAN, Izora   	Saline
FREEMAN, Mazada  	Saline
FREEMAN, Purmela A.	Garland
FREEMAN, Robert F.	Garland
FREEMAN, W. M.   	Fulton
FREEMAN, William 	Saline
FREEMAN, William H.	Saline
FRENCH, John     	Bois D'Arc
FRENCH, John     	Red Land
FRENCH, Martha   	Red Land
FRENCH, Sylvania 	Red Land
FRENZLY, James   	Wallaceburg
FRENZLY, Jane    	Wallaceburg
FRENZLY, Sarah   	Wallaceburg
FRIERSON, Archie 	Fulton
FRIERSON, Caroline	Ozan
FRIERSON, Margaret	Ozan
FRIERSON, Robert 	Ozan
FRITZE, Bentley  	Hope
FRIZBEE, Elizabeth	Wallaceburg
FRIZBEE, William 	Wallaceburg
FROMMEL, E.      	Hope
FROMMEL, F.      	Hope
FROMMEL, R.      	Hope
FRYASON, C.      	De Roane
FRYASON, Calvin  	De Roane
FRYASON, Caroline	De Roane
FRYASON, Emma    	De Roane
FRYASON, Estella 	De Roane
FRYASON, Etta    	De Roane
FRYASON, Eugene  	De Roane
FRYASON, George  	De Roane
FRYASON, John    	De Roane
FRYASON, John C. 	De Roane
FRYASON, John G. 	De Roane
FRYASON, Mandy   	De Roane
FRYASON, Milly   	De Roane
FRYASON, Nancy   	De Roane
FRYASON, Riley   	De Roane
FRYASON, Robert  	De Roane
FRYASON, Styles  	De Roane
FRYASON, Viney   	De Roane
FRYASON, William T.	De Roane
FULKES, Aro      	De Roane
FULKES, Elizabeth	De Roane
FULKES, J. M.    	De Roane
FULKES, James    	De Roane
FULLER, A. E.    	Hope
FULLER, Alex J.  	Spring Hill
FULLER, Arrena E.	Spring Hill
FULLER, Debby A. 	Spring Hill
FULLER, E.       	Hope
FULLER, Edward C.	Spring Hill
FULLER, Hamon    	Spring Hill
FULLER, John F.  	Spring Hill
FULLER, John T.  	Spring Hill
FULLER, Jones J. 	Spring Hill
FULLER, Josephine	Spring Hill
FULLER, Kate E.  	Spring Hill
FULLER, Margaret J.	Spring Hill
FULLER, Martha   	Spring Hill
FULLER, Milton F.	Spring Hill
FULLER, Salley   	Ozan
FULLER, Savanah E.	Spring Hill
FULLER, William M.	Spring Hill
FULMER, Ada      	Ozan
FULMER, Benjam W.	Ozan
FULMER, Edmond M.	Ozan
FULMER, James E. 	Ozan
FULMER, James N. 	Ozan
FULMER, Mary J.  	Ozan
FULMER, Mary M.  	Ozan
FULMER, Samuel   	Ozan
FULMER, Samuel E.	Ozan
FULSOM, Alice    	Wallaceburg
FULSOM, Auston   	Wallaceburg
FULSOM, Edmon    	Wallaceburg
FULSOM, Francis  	Wallaceburg
FULTON, Harry    	Mine Creek
FULTON, Zilla Ann	Mine Creek
FURGASON, Easter 	De Roane
FURGASON, John   	De Roane
FURGASON, Nancy  	De Roane
FURGASON, W.     	De Roane
FURGUSON, Ambrose B.	De Roane
FURGUSON, E. J.  	De Roane
FURGUSON, Ely    	De Roane
FURGUSON, Granville	De Roane
FURGUSON, Henry J.	De Roane
FURGUSON, J. C.  	De Roane
FURGUSON, J. R.  	De Roane
FURGUSON, Jane M.	De Roane
FURGUSON, John   	De Roane
FURGUSON, John   	De Roane
FURGUSON, John   	De Roane
FURGUSON, Josephene	De Roane
FURGUSON, Liddia 	De Roane
FURGUSON, Liddia 	De Roane
FURGUSON, Liddia 	De Roane
FURGUSON, Lucian 	De Roane
FURGUSON, Lucinda	De Roane
FURGUSON, Lucinda	De Roane
FURGUSON, Lucy   	De Roane
FURGUSON, Manervia	De Roane
FURGUSON, Maniervia	De Roane
FURGUSON, Margaret	De Roane
FURGUSON, Mary   	De Roane
FURGUSON, Mary   	De Roane
FURGUSON, Mary M.	De Roane
FURGUSON, Mary S.	De Roane
FURGUSON, Robert 	De Roane
FURGUSON, Rosa   	De Roane
FURGUSON, Rosa D.	De Roane
FURGUSON, Rose   	De Roane
FURGUSON, Sally L.	De Roane
FURGUSON, Sam    	De Roane
FURGUSON, Samuel 	De Roane
FURGUSON, Wiley H.	De Roane
FURGUSON, Z.     	De Roane
FURNER, Dolly A. 	De Roane
FURNER, G. M.    	De Roane
FURNER, Martha   	De Roane
FURNER, Robert   	De Roane
FURNER, Walter   	De Roane
G., Edward       	Spring Hill
G., Judith       	Spring Hill
G., Quallis      	Spring Hill
GAB, Smith       	Bois D'Arc
GABBORT, D. Luke 	Bois D'Arc
GABRIL, Bettie   	Mine Creek
GABRIL, Branna   	Mine Creek
GABRIL, Edward   	Mine Creek
GABRIL, Hanns    	Mine Creek
GABRIL, John     	Mine Creek
GABRIL, Unknown  	Mine Creek
GABRIL, William  	Mine Creek
GAINES, Hariet   	Bois D'Arc
GAINES, Lewis    	Bois D'Arc
GAINES, Milton L.	Bois D'Arc
GAINES, Rose     	Bois D'Arc
GAINES, Samuel   	Bois D'Arc
GAINS, Benjamine 	Washington
GAINS, Delpha    	Washington
GAINS, Georgia   	Washington
GAINS, Mary      	Washington
GALLOWAY, A.     	De Roane
GALLOWAY, A. B.  	Fulton
GALLOWAY, Amanda 	Spring Hill
GALLOWAY, Amanda C.	Spring Hill
GALLOWAY, Ardella	Spring Hill
GALLOWAY, David  	De Roane
GALLOWAY, Hugh   	De Roane
GALLOWAY, J. F.  	Spring Hill
GALLOWAY, James  	Spring Hill
GALLOWAY, John   	De Roane
GALLOWAY, John   	Spring Hill
GALLOWAY, Lafayette	De Roane
GALLOWAY, Marshall	De Roane
GALLOWAY, Mary A.	De Roane
GALLOWAY, Mary C.	De Roane
GALLOWAY, Melvina	De Roane
GALLOWAY, Nancy  	De Roane
GALLOWAY, Sarah  	De Roane
GALLOWAY, Sophia 	De Roane
GALLOWAY, William	Spring Hill
GAMBELL, Alsey   	De Roane
GAMBELL, Antny   	De Roane
GAMBELL, Clarissa	De Roane
GAMBELL, Ellen   	De Roane
GAMBELL, Leroy   	De Roane
GAMBELL, Lucy    	De Roane
GAMBELL, Molly   	De Roane
GAMBELL, Robert  	De Roane
GAMBELL, Robert  	De Roane
GAMBELL, Thomas  	De Roane
GAMBELL, Toby    	De Roane
GAMBLE, Abram    	Mine Creek
GAMBLE, Allice   	Ozan
GAMBLE, America  	Ozan
GAMBLE, Anna B.  	Mine Creek
GAMBLE, Annie    	Mine Creek
GAMBLE, Annie    	Mine Creek
GAMBLE, Artanza  	Mine Creek
GAMBLE, Bettes   	Mine Creek
GAMBLE, Catherin 	Mine Creek
GAMBLE, Draton   	Mine Creek
GAMBLE, Drayton  	Mine Creek
GAMBLE, Eli      	Mine Creek
GAMBLE, Eli      	Mine Creek
GAMBLE, Elisabeth	Mine Creek
GAMBLE, Eliza    	Mine Creek
GAMBLE, Emma     	Saline
GAMBLE, Ezekiel  	Mine Creek
GAMBLE, Fowler   	Mine Creek
GAMBLE, George   	Ozan
GAMBLE, George   	Ozan
GAMBLE, Harriette	Ozan
GAMBLE, Henry    	Mine Creek
GAMBLE, Hester   	Mine Creek
GAMBLE, Ida      	Mine Creek
GAMBLE, Jim      	Mine Creek
GAMBLE, Jim W.   	Saline
GAMBLE, Jinnie   	Mine Creek
GAMBLE, John     	Mine Creek
GAMBLE, John     	Ozan
GAMBLE, Josephine	Mine Creek
GAMBLE, June     	Mine Creek
GAMBLE, Lavan    	Mine Creek
GAMBLE, Lela     	Mine Creek
GAMBLE, Loucinda 	Mine Creek
GAMBLE, Louis    	Mine Creek
GAMBLE, Luther   	Ozan
GAMBLE, Maggie   	Saline
GAMBLE, Mark     	Saline
GAMBLE, Martha   	Ozan
GAMBLE, Mary     	Mine Creek
GAMBLE, Mary     	Mine Creek
GAMBLE, Mary     	Ozan
GAMBLE, Mary C.  	Mine Creek
GAMBLE, Mathew   	Ozan
GAMBLE, Melie    	Mine Creek
GAMBLE, Mira     	Ozan
GAMBLE, Nancy    	Ozan
GAMBLE, Osker    	Mine Creek
GAMBLE, Parthenia	Mine Creek
GAMBLE, Parthina 	Mine Creek
GAMBLE, Pernettie	Mine Creek
GAMBLE, Phillis  	Ozan
GAMBLE, Priscilla	Mine Creek
GAMBLE, Robert   	Ozan
GAMBLE, Taylor   	Ozan
GAMBLE, Walter   	Ozan
GAMBLE, Webb     	Bois D'Arc
GAMBLE, Wilson   	Mine Creek
GAN, Andrew      	Wallaceburg
GAN, Luisa       	Wallaceburg
GAN, Orlena      	Wallaceburg
GANES, Harry     	De Roane
GANES, Julia     	De Roane
GANES, Mary      	De Roane
GANES, Rosa      	Hope
GANT, John       	Saline
GANT, Martha     	Hope
GANT, Pearl      	Hope
GANT, Sally      	Hope
GANT, Tilda      	Hope
GANTE, C.        	Hope
GANTE, M. J.     	Hope
GARDEN, Ida      	Columbus
GARETT, Betsey   	De Roane
GARETT, Bula     	De Roane
GARETT, Mary B.  	De Roane
GARETT, Relius   	De Roane
GARETT, S.       	De Roane
GARETT, Sidney   	De Roane
GARETT, Warren   	De Roane
GARLAND, Edmond  	Ozan
GARLAND, Hannah  	Garland
GARLAND, Jennie  	Ozan
GARLAND, John    	Spring Hill
GARLAND, Malinda 	Ozan
GARLAND, Maria   	Spring Hill
GARLAND, Richard 	Saline
GARLAND, William 	Garland
GARNER, Elizabeth A.	Spring Hill
GARNER, Emma     	De Roane
GARNER, F. B.    	Spring Hill
GARNER, Flora    	De Roane
GARNER, Florence 	De Roane
GARNER, Isabella J.	De Roane
GARNER, John M.  	De Roane
GARNER, Louvenia 	De Roane
GARNER, Lucius   	De Roane
GARNER, Lula A.  	Spring Hill
GARNER, Margaret 	De Roane
GARNER, Nelson   	Spring Hill
GARNER, Rebecca H	Spring Hill
GARNER, Sarah    	De Roane
GARNER, William F.	Spring Hill
GARREN, E.       	Hope
GARREN, J. M.    	Hope
GARRETT, Buffin  	De Roane
GARRETT, Charles 	De Roane
GARRETT, George  	Hope
GARRETT, George  	Spring Hill
GARRETT, Haywood 	De Roane
GARRETT, Mandy   	De Roane
GARRETT, Mary F. 	De Roane
GARRETT, Paul    	De Roane
GARRETT, Samuel  	De Roane
GARRETT, Sarah J.	De Roane
GARRISON, Dora   	Garland
GARRISON, Hary J.	Garland
GASERWAY, George 	Hope
GATHRIGHT, A. M. 	Mine Creek
GATHRIGHT, Benjamin Z.	Mine Creek
GATHRIGHT, Henry L.	Mine Creek
GATHRIGHT, Joanna	Mine Creek
GATHRIGHT, John L.	Mine Creek
GATHRIGHT, Lou A.	Mine Creek
GATHRIGHT, Mary  	Mine Creek
GATHRIGHT, Sarah E.	Mine Creek
GATHRIGHT, William M.	Mine Creek
GATHRIGHT, William S.	Mine Creek
GATLIN, Alice    	Saline
GATLIN, Jake     	Bois D'Arc
GATLIN, Liza     	Bois D'Arc
GATLIN, Susan    	Saline
GEE, Bernard MC  	Hope
GEE, Carrie MC   	Hope
GEE, Elizabeth   	Garland
GEE, Ellington MC	Hope
GEE, Ida         	Garland
GEE, Ila         	Garland
GEE, Ira         	Garland
GEE, Jennie MC   	Hope
GEE, Lee         	Garland
GEE, Sam B.      	Garland
GEIFFIN, Elisabeth	Saline
GEIFFIN, Mary    	Saline
GEIFFIN, William 	Saline
GELMORE, J.      	De Roane
GENTRY, Charles  	Spring Hill
GENTRY, Florence 	Spring Hill
GENTRY, Joseph   	De Roane
GENTRY, Leonora  	De Roane
GENTRY, Lucy     	De Roane
GENTRY, Martha   	De Roane
GENTRY, Miles H. 	De Roane
GENTRY, Nora     	De Roane
GENTRY, Octave   	Spring Hill
GENTRY, Pearl    	De Roane
GENTRY, Rufus    	De Roane
GEORG, Mary      	De Roane
GEORTNEY, Josephine	Ozan
GERALD, Berry C. 	Spring Hill
GERALD, Callie B.	Spring Hill
GERALD, Catherine	Spring Hill
GERALD, Columbus M.	Spring Hill
GERALD, Elijah   	Spring Hill
GERALD, Lutetia  	Spring Hill
GERALD, William  	Spring Hill
GEVINS, Edgar    	Washington
GEVINS, Ellen    	Washington
GEVINS, Roy      	Washington
GEVINS, Samuel   	Ozan
GHOLSTEN, Albert 	Ozan
GHOLSTEN, Charlotte	Ozan
GHOLSTEN, Cornelius	Ozan
GHOLSTEN, Daniel 	Ozan
GHOLSTEN, Elizabeth	Ozan
GHOLSTEN, Ella   	Ozan
GHOLSTEN, Francis	Ozan
GHOLSTEN, Henry  	Ozan
GHOLSTEN, Jennette	Ozan
GHOLSTEN, Lee    	Ozan
GHOLSTEN, Lulu   	Ozan
GHOLSTEN, Malekiah	Ozan
GHOLSTEN, Precilla	Ozan
GHOLSTEN, Shadreck	Ozan
GHOLSTEN, William	Ozan
GHOLSTON, Arsena 	Ozan
GHOLSTON, Becky  	Ozan
GHOLSTON, Eduard 	Ozan
GHOLSTON, Elizabeth	Ozan
GHOLSTON, Frank  	Ozan
GHOLSTON, Isabella	Ozan
GHOLSTON, John   	Ozan
GHOLSTON, Josa   	Ozan
GHOLSTON, Louis  	Ozan
GHOLSTON, Luvenia	Ozan
GHOLSTON, Mary   	Ozan
GHOLSTON, Mary A.	Ozan
GHOLSTON, Media  	Ozan
GHOLSTON, Obiah  	Ozan
GHOLSTON, Sarah  	Ozan
GHOLSTON, Walter 	Ozan
GIBBONS, Ann     	De Roane
GIBBS, Alice J.  	Spring Hill
GIBBS, John      	Hope
GIBBS, John A.   	Spring Hill
GIBBS, Mary A.   	Spring Hill
GIBBS, N. R.     	Spring Hill
GIBBS, Thomas E. 	Spring Hill
GIBBS, William F.	Spring Hill
GIBSON, A. A.    	De Roane
GIBSON, Albert S.	De Roane
GIBSON, Arthur   	De Roane
GIBSON, Bell     	De Roane
GIBSON, Candis   	Bois D'Arc
GIBSON, E.       	Hope
GIBSON, Estelle  	De Roane
GIBSON, F. A. B. 	Hope
GIBSON, Foster F.	De Roane
GIBSON, H.       	Hope
GIBSON, James A. 	De Roane
GIBSON, Jim      	Bois D'Arc
GIBSON, John S.  	De Roane
GIBSON, M. E.    	De Roane
GIBSON, Mary J.  	De Roane
GIBSON, Mattie R.	De Roane
GIBSON, S.       	Hope
GIBSON, S.       	Hope
GIDDEN, Mary L.  	Spring Hill
GIDDEN, Phoeba J.	Spring Hill
GIDDEN, William C.	Spring Hill
GILBERT, Alice C.	Fulton
GILBERT, Angust  	Fulton
GILBERT, Arbella T.	Mine Creek
GILBERT, Betsy   	Fulton
GILBERT, Birtes  	Mine Creek
GILBERT, Cinda   	Fulton
GILBERT, Daniel J.	Mine Creek
GILBERT, Delia   	Fulton
GILBERT, Elbert  	Fulton
GILBERT, Elen R. 	Mine Creek
GILBERT, Eliza J.	Mine Creek
GILBERT, Elizabeth	Mine Creek
GILBERT, Eudora M.	Mine Creek
GILBERT, George  	Fulton
GILBERT, Harrison	Mine Creek
GILBERT, Henry   	Fulton
GILBERT, Henry W. H.	Mine Creek
GILBERT, Joel R. F.	Mine Creek
GILBERT, John    	Fulton
GILBERT, John F. 	Fulton
GILBERT, John W. 	Mine Creek
GILBERT, Joseph  	Mine Creek
GILBERT, Judson B.	Mine Creek
GILBERT, Leroy M.	Mine Creek
GILBERT, Martina J.	Mine Creek
GILBERT, Mary Jane	Fulton
GILBERT, Mary M. 	Mine Creek
GILBERT, Samuel A. J.	Mine Creek
GILBERT, Sarah   	Fulton
GILBERT, Sarah   	Saline
GILBERT, Sarah E.	Mine Creek
GILBERT, Thomas B.	Mine Creek
GILBERT, William 	Fulton
GILBERT, William F.	Mine Creek
GILES, Albert    	Wallaceburg
GILES, Amanda M. 	Spring Hill
GILES, E. A.     	Hope
GILES, Francis I.	De Roane
GILES, Froney    	De Roane
GILES, J. F.     	Hope
GILES, J. M.     	Hope
GILES, J. R.     	Hope
GILES, Jane      	Spring Hill
GILES, John P.   	De Roane
GILES, Mary      	Wallaceburg
GILES, P. L.     	Hope
GILES, R. P.     	Hope
GILES, Rebecca   	De Roane
GILES, Sarah     	Wallaceburg
GILES, Singleton 	Spring Hill
GILES, Susan     	Wallaceburg
GILES, Tom       	Bois D'Arc
GILL, Francis    	De Roane
GILL, I Sam      	De Roane
GILL, Jeff       	Garland
GILL, John H.    	Garland
GILL, Joseph     	Wallaceburg
GILL, Mary       	Garland
GILL, Mary       	Garland
GILL, Ned        	Garland
GILL, Rena       	Garland
GILL, Robert     	Garland
GILL, Sarah      	Garland
GILL, Sarah      	Garland
GILL, Simon      	Garland
GILL, William    	Garland
GILL, Willie     	De Roane
GILLS, Fannie    	Spring Hill
GILLS, Robert    	Spring Hill
GILLUM, Ann      	Mine Creek
GILLUM, Daniel H.	Mine Creek
GILLUM, George A.	Mine Creek
GILLUS, Emma     	Bois D'Arc
GILMER, Betsy    	Spring Hill
GILMER, Erastus  	Spring Hill
GILMER, Eula     	Spring Hill
GILMER, James    	Spring Hill
GILMER, John     	Spring Hill
GILMER, Russel   	Spring Hill
GILMER, Sallie   	Spring Hill
GILMORE, Adeline 	Bois D'Arc
GILMORE, Ben     	Garland
GILMORE, Catherine	Bois D'Arc
GILMORE, Comfort 	Garland
GILMORE, Eliza   	Garland
GILMORE, Emily   	Bois D'Arc
GILMORE, Gus     	Bois D'Arc
GILMORE, Hariet  	Bois D'Arc
GILMORE, Isaac   	Bois D'Arc
GILMORE, Jacob   	Garland
GILMORE, Jim     	Bois D'Arc
GILMORE, Jno     	Garland
GILMORE, Kate    	Garland
GILMORE, Liddie  	Garland
GILMORE, Margret 	Garland
GILMORE, Misty   	Bois D'Arc
GILMORE, Nancy   	Hope
GILMORE, Nellie  	Bois D'Arc
GILMORE, Patsy   	Bois D'Arc
GILMORE, Sarah J.	Spring Hill
GILMORE, Tucker  	Bois D'Arc
GILMORE, Virginia	Bois D'Arc
GILMORE, William 	Bois D'Arc
GILMORE, William 	Spring Hill
GILMORE, William C.	Bois D'Arc
GILREAD, Charlotte	Fulton
GILREAD, Joe     	Fulton
GISH, Ida M.     	Mine Creek
GISH, James C.   	Mine Creek
GISH, Margaret C.	Mine Creek
GISH, Minnie     	Mine Creek
GISH, Nancy      	Mine Creek
GISH, William R. 	Mine Creek
GLASS, Elizabeth 	Wallaceburg
GLASS, Israel    	Bois D'Arc
GLEGHORN, Albert E.	De Roane
GLEGHORN, B. D.  	De Roane
GLEGHORN, Count P.	De Roane
GLEGHORN, Ellen A.	De Roane
GLEGHORN, Hiram  	De Roane
GLEGHORN, Matty  	De Roane
GLEGHORN, Sarah V.	De Roane
GLEN, Eliza      	Washington
GLEN, Isaac      	Washington
GLEN, Mary       	Washington
GLOVER, Elizabeth J.	Mine Creek
GLOVER, George L.	Mine Creek
GLOVER, Ida M.   	Mine Creek
GLOVER, James L. 	Saline
GLOVER, James R. 	Mine Creek
GLOVER, Jonathon W.	Mine Creek
GLOVER, Mary E.  	Mine Creek
GOANS, Henry     	Mine Creek
GOANS, Polly     	Mine Creek
GODFREY, Becky   	Ozan
GODFREY, Henry   	Ozan
GOFF, Agnes      	Ozan
GOFF, Easter     	Ozan
GOFF, Emoline    	Ozan
GOFF, Isah       	Ozan
GOFF, Janie      	Mine Creek
GOFF, Joseph     	Ozan
GOFF, Lulu       	Mine Creek
GOFF, William L. 	Mine Creek
GOFF, Willis     	Mine Creek
GOLD, John       	Wallaceburg
GOLD, Malinda    	Wallaceburg
GOLD, Nancy      	Wallaceburg
GOLD, Robert     	Wallaceburg
GOLD, Tabitha    	Wallaceburg
GOLDEN, John     	Garland
GOLDEN, Joseph   	Garland
GOLDEN, Lucy     	Garland
GOLDEN, Mary     	Garland
GOLDEN, Nellie   	Garland
GOLIXELY, Hence  	Saline
GOLIXELY, Lizzie 	Saline
GOLIXELY, Mattie 	Saline
GOLIXELY, Robbert	Saline
GOLIXELY, Selia  	Saline
GOLIXELY, Willis 	Saline
GOOBLET, Betty O.	Mine Creek
GOOBLET, Charley 	Mine Creek
GOOBLET, David M.	Mine Creek
GOOBLET, David M.	Mine Creek
GOOBLET, Edger W.	Mine Creek
GOOBLET, Jessee E	Mine Creek
GOOBLET, Maggie S.	Mine Creek
GOOBLET, Martha A.	Mine Creek
GOOBLET, Parille 	Mine Creek
GOOD, A. E.      	De Roane
GOOD, Louis      	De Roane
GOODLET, Elisa   	Saline
GOODLET, Mary E. 	Saline
GOODLET, Mary H. 	Saline
GOODLET, William 	Saline
GOODLET, Willie  	Saline
GOODMAN, R. P.   	Fulton
GOODWIN, Charly  	De Roane
GOODWIN, Delfu   	De Roane
GOODWIN, Edward  	De Roane
GOODWIN, Edwin   	Wallaceburg
GOODWIN, Eliza   	Wallaceburg
GOODWIN, Elizabeth	De Roane
GOODWIN, Francis 	Wallaceburg
GOODWIN, G. A.   	Spring Hill
GOODWIN, George E.	De Roane
GOODWIN, Ida     	De Roane
GOODWIN, Jennie  	Spring Hill
GOODWIN, Lasaphine	Wallaceburg
GOODWIN, Lela    	Wallaceburg
GOODWIN, Rennal  	De Roane
GOODWIN, Rich    	Hope
GOODWIN, Sarah   	Wallaceburg
GOODWIN, Thodosia	De Roane
GOODWIN, Walter  	Spring Hill
GORDON, Frances L.	Spring Hill
GORDON, John     	Spring Hill
GORHAM, Almedia  	Wallaceburg
GORHAM, Bettie   	Wallaceburg
GORHAM, Brutus   	Red Land
GORHAM, Derwood  	Red Land
GORHAM, Elizabeth	Red Land
GORHAM, Isaac    	Wallaceburg
GORHAM, James    	Red Land
GORHAM, John     	Red Land
GORHAM, Menterra 	Red Land
GORHAM, Milton   	Wallaceburg
GORHAM, Sarah    	Red Land
GORHAM, Smith    	Wallaceburg
GORHAM, Thomas   	Wallaceburg
GORHAM, Wright   	Red Land
GORRELL, Mary J. 	Spring Hill
GOSHILL, Ab H.   	Mine Creek
GOSHILL, Elbert  	Mine Creek
GOSHILL, Emma    	Mine Creek
GOSHILL, Josefus 	Mine Creek
GOSHILL, Lela    	Mine Creek
GOSHILL, Martha J.	Mine Creek
GOSHILL, Thomas  	Mine Creek
GOTHRIGHT, Essy C.	Mine Creek
GOTHRIGHT, John T.	Mine Creek
GOTHRIGHT, Mary E.	Mine Creek
GOTHRIGHT, Mattie E.	Mine Creek
GRADY, A.        	Hope
GRADY, Cass      	Ozan
GRADY, John      	Ozan
GRADY, M. E.     	Hope
GRADY, William   	Ozan
GRAHAM, Carrie   	Wallaceburg
GRAHAM, Dollie   	Wallaceburg
GRAHAM, Hugh R.  	Garland
GRAHAM, James    	Fulton
GRAHAM, James    	Garland
GRAHAM, Lawson   	Wallaceburg
GRAHAM, Martha   	Garland
GRAHAM, May June 	Bois D'Arc
GRAHAM, Nancy    	Garland
GRAHAM, Nancy    	Wallaceburg
GRAHAM, Pillina  	Garland
GRAHAM, Sophronie	Wallaceburg
GRAHAM, Taylor W.	Garland
GRAHAM, William  	Garland
GRANBARY, Elias J.	Fulton
GRANT, Jno       	Bois D'Arc
GRANT, R. H.     	Spring Hill
GRANT, Siberia   	Bois D'Arc
GRANT, William   	Bois D'Arc
GRASON, Dennis   	De Roane
GRASON, Emily    	De Roane
GRASON, Hetty    	De Roane
GRASON, Layer    	De Roane
GRATEOT, Alex    	Washington
GRATEOT, Amanda  	Washington
GRATEOT, Jonha R.	Washington
GRATEOT, Ninette 	Washington
GRAVELL, Mary P. 	Ozan
GRAVES, Adeline  	Ozan
GRAVES, Alsom    	Mine Creek
GRAVES, Arreny J.	Mine Creek
GRAVES, Charles  	Ozan
GRAVES, Henry R. 	Mine Creek
GRAVES, James    	Ozan
GRAVES, Jinetta  	Mine Creek
GRAVES, Joe C.   	Fulton
GRAVES, John     	Ozan
GRAVES, Melissa  	Fulton
GRAVES, Osker    	Mine Creek
GRAVES, Pinkney  	Ozan
GRAVES, Samuel H.	Mine Creek
GRAVES, Washington	Mine Creek
GRAY, Abelee     	Garland
GRAY, Ann        	De Roane
GRAY, Bell       	De Roane
GRAY, Berdie     	Ozan
GRAY, Burl       	Mine Creek
GRAY, Buster     	Saline
GRAY, Caroline   	Mine Creek
GRAY, Cathrine   	Ozan
GRAY, Charity    	Mine Creek
GRAY, Cinda      	Mine Creek
GRAY, Cliff      	Ozan
GRAY, Daniel     	Saline
GRAY, Danniel    	Saline
GRAY, Ellen      	Saline
GRAY, Fannie     	Saline
GRAY, Hannah     	Saline
GRAY, Harison    	Saline
GRAY, Henry      	Spring Hill
GRAY, Hestella   	De Roane
GRAY, James      	De Roane
GRAY, James      	De Roane
GRAY, James      	Garland
GRAY, James      	Garland
GRAY, Jane       	Ozan
GRAY, Jane       	Ozan
GRAY, Jane       	Saline
GRAY, Jeff D.    	Ozan
GRAY, Jennie     	Hope
GRAY, Joseph     	Garland
GRAY, Joseph     	Saline
GRAY, Lucy       	Saline
GRAY, Lula       	De Roane
GRAY, Lula       	De Roane
GRAY, Malinda    	Ozan
GRAY, Mariah     	Saline
GRAY, Marshall   	Ozan
GRAY, Martha     	Garland
GRAY, Mary       	Garland
GRAY, Mary       	Saline
GRAY, Nancy      	Spring Hill
GRAY, Nathan S.  	Spring Hill
GRAY, Nettie     	Ozan
GRAY, Peter      	Saline
GRAY, Richard L. 	Hope
GRAY, Rosa       	Spring Hill
GRAY, Sally M.   	Spring Hill
GRAY, Samuel     	Mine Creek
GRAY, Sarah      	Ozan
GRAY, Shederick  	Spring Hill
GRAY, Susan      	De Roane
GRAY, W. T.      	Hope
GRAY, William    	Garland
GRAY, William    	Ozan
GREAR, Lizzie    	Ozan
GREEN, Albert    	Mine Creek
GREEN, Alfred    	Saline
GREEN, Alice     	De Roane
GREEN, Anderson  	Ozan
GREEN, Anderson W.	Ozan
GREEN, Anjuline  	Mine Creek
GREEN, Ann       	Mine Creek
GREEN, Anna      	De Roane
GREEN, Anthony   	Ozan
GREEN, Becky     	Mine Creek
GREEN, Ben       	Ozan
GREEN, Ben       	Saline
GREEN, Benjamine 	Ozan
GREEN, Bunrel    	Mine Creek
GREEN, Caroline  	Ozan
GREEN, Carrie W. 	Fulton
GREEN, Charles   	Mine Creek
GREEN, Earnest   	Washington
GREEN, Ed        	Garland
GREEN, Eduin J.  	Ozan
GREEN, Elen      	Mine Creek
GREEN, Eliza     	Ozan
GREEN, Elizabeth W.	Fulton
GREEN, Ellen     	De Roane
GREEN, Ellen J.  	Spring Hill
GREEN, Emily     	Washington
GREEN, Emma      	Hope
GREEN, Estell    	Washington
GREEN, Eugeneiee 	Ozan
GREEN, Fannie    	Ozan
GREEN, Fed       	Saline
GREEN, Florance  	Saline
GREEN, George    	Mine Creek
GREEN, George    	Ozan
GREEN, George M. 	Fulton
GREEN, Hannah    	Ozan
GREEN, Harriet   	De Roane
GREEN, Harriette 	Ozan
GREEN, Harriette 	Ozan
GREEN, Henry     	De Roane
GREEN, Henry     	Saline
GREEN, Hettie    	Saline
GREEN, Hilliard  	Ozan
GREEN, Ida       	Mine Creek
GREEN, J.        	Hope
GREEN, James     	Garland
GREEN, James     	Ozan
GREEN, James E.  	Columbus
GREEN, Jane      	Garland
GREEN, Jane      	Ozan
GREEN, Janie L.  	Columbus
GREEN, Jenkins   	Ozan
GREEN, Jennie    	Mine Creek
GREEN, Jno.      	Garland
GREEN, Jno.      	Garland
GREEN, Jo        	Washington
GREEN, Joe       	Garland
GREEN, John      	De Roane
GREEN, John      	Ozan
GREEN, John      	Washington
GREEN, John F.   	Columbus
GREEN, John L.   	Columbus
GREEN, Jose      	Ozan
GREEN, Joseph    	Mine Creek
GREEN, Joseph    	Ozan
GREEN, Joseph E. 	Ozan
GREEN, Josiah    	Washington
GREEN, Judeah    	Ozan
GREEN, Judith    	Spring Hill
GREEN, Julius    	Washington
GREEN, L. R.     	Hope
GREEN, Linda     	Ozan
GREEN, Lottie    	Saline
GREEN, Lou       	Ozan
GREEN, Luamy J.  	Ozan
GREEN, Martin    	Ozan
GREEN, Mary      	Bois D'Arc
GREEN, Mary      	Ozan
GREEN, Mary      	Ozan
GREEN, Mary      	Saline
GREEN, Mary L.   	Columbus
GREEN, Milton    	Mine Creek
GREEN, Minnie L. 	Spring Hill
GREEN, Myra      	Garland
GREEN, Nancy     	Ozan
GREEN, Nancy     	Ozan
GREEN, Narcis    	Saline
GREEN, Nulis     	Mine Creek
GREEN, Odessa    	Mine Creek
GREEN, Peter     	Mine Creek
GREEN, Richard   	Ozan
GREEN, Rodey     	Mine Creek
GREEN, Rose      	Ozan
GREEN, Rose      	Ozan
GREEN, Roystin   	Garland
GREEN, Royston   	Ozan
GREEN, Sallie    	Garland
GREEN, Sallie    	Saline
GREEN, Sally     	Ozan
GREEN, Sarah     	Fulton
GREEN, Sarah     	Garland
GREEN, Sarah     	Ozan
GREEN, Sarah     	Saline
GREEN, Sarah F.  	Ozan
GREEN, Sarah L.  	Ozan
GREEN, Saul      	Mine Creek
GREEN, Stephen   	Garland
GREEN, Steve     	Saline
GREEN, Susy      	Saline
GREEN, Terry     	Mine Creek
GREEN, Thomas    	Columbus
GREEN, Tilla     	Saline
GREEN, Vica      	Ozan
GREEN, Victor J. 	Fulton
GREEN, Washington	Ozan
GREEN, William   	Bois D'Arc
GREEN, William   	Washington
GREEN, William D.	Ozan
GREEN, William D.	Ozan
GREEN, William H.	Spring Hill
GREEN, Willis    	Mine Creek
GREEN, Willis    	Mine Creek
GREEN, Willy E.  	Mine Creek
GREEN, Wilson    	Ozan
GREEN, Woodson   	Ozan
GREEN, Zuile     	De Roane
GREENE, Ann      	Wallaceburg
GREENE, Augustus 	Wallaceburg
GREENE, Benjamin 	Wallaceburg
GREENE, Carrie   	Wallaceburg
GREENE, Daniel   	Wallaceburg
GREENE, Ella     	Wallaceburg
GREENE, Fannie   	Wallaceburg
GREENE, Ida      	Wallaceburg
GREENE, James    	Wallaceburg
GREENE, James    	Wallaceburg
GREENE, Jennett  	Wallaceburg
GREENE, John     	Wallaceburg
GREENE, Joseph   	Wallaceburg
GREENE, Louisa   	Wallaceburg
GREENE, Mack     	Wallaceburg
GREENE, Nancy    	Wallaceburg
GREENE, Robert   	Wallaceburg
GREENE, Sallie   	Wallaceburg
GREENHAW, Emma J.	Bois D'Arc
GREENHAW, Jane   	Bois D'Arc
GREENHAW, Jas H. 	Bois D'Arc
GREENHAW, Jas. F.	Bois D'Arc
GREENHAW, Laura J.	Bois D'Arc
GREENHAW, Martha A.	Bois D'Arc
GREENHAW, May F. 	Bois D'Arc
GREENHAW, Mozilla	Bois D'Arc
GREENHAW, Oliva L.	Bois D'Arc
GREGORY, Alexander	Mine Creek
GREGORY, Ellen   	Mine Creek
GREY, Andy B.    	Mine Creek
GREY, John W.    	Mine Creek
GREY, Martha J.  	Mine Creek
GREYER, Colornd  	Washington
GRIFFET, Alex    	Hope
GRIFFET, Ann     	Hope
GRIFFET, Emely   	Hope
GRIFFET, Henry   	Hope
GRIFFET, James   	Hope
GRIFFET, John    	Hope
GRIFFET, Katharine	Hope
GRIFFET, Mandy   	Hope
GRIFFET, Roxey   	Hope
GRIFFIN, Alice   	Spring Hill
GRIFFIN, Augustus	Spring Hill
GRIFFIN, Calvin  	Bois D'Arc
GRIFFIN, Cephas  	Bois D'Arc
GRIFFIN, Cornelia	Spring Hill
GRIFFIN, Della   	Wallaceburg
GRIFFIN, Ella    	Spring Hill
GRIFFIN, Eugene  	De Roane
GRIFFIN, Eugene  	Spring Hill
GRIFFIN, Frank   	Bois D'Arc
GRIFFIN, Gray    	Wallaceburg
GRIFFIN, Harry   	Ozan
GRIFFIN, Helen   	De Roane
GRIFFIN, Henry   	Ozan
GRIFFIN, Isaac   	Bois D'Arc
GRIFFIN, John    	Mine Creek
GRIFFIN, Joseph J.	Mine Creek
GRIFFIN, Lewis   	De Roane
GRIFFIN, Lida    	Spring Hill
GRIFFIN, Lizzie  	Spring Hill
GRIFFIN, Louis   	De Roane
GRIFFIN, Louisa  	Bois D'Arc
GRIFFIN, Lue     	Wallaceburg
GRIFFIN, Maud    	Spring Hill
GRIFFIN, Mellie  	Bois D'Arc
GRIFFIN, Monroe  	Wallaceburg
GRIFFIN, Orange  	De Roane
GRIFFIN, Pollie  	Wallaceburg
GRIFFIN, Rebecca 	Bois D'Arc
GRIFFIN, S. B.   	Spring Hill
GRIFFIN, Samuel  	Wallaceburg
GRIFFIN, Sarah   	Bois D'Arc
GRIFFIN, Tennessee	Mine Creek
GRIFFIN, William 	Wallaceburg
GRIFFIN, William O.	Fulton
GRIGGS, Roddy    	Bois D'Arc
GRINSTEAD, Amne  	Washington
GRINSTEAD, John F.	Washington
GRINSTEAD, Louisa N.	Washington
GRINSTEAD, Lula  	Washington
GRINSTEAD, Mary  	Washington
GRINSTEAD, William	Washington
GRISBY, Alburton 	Spring Hill
GRISBY, Ellen    	Spring Hill
GRISBY, Henry    	Spring Hill
GRISBY, James    	Spring Hill
GRISBY, James    	Spring Hill
GRISBY, Malinda  	Spring Hill
GRISBY, Mary     	Spring Hill
GRISBY, Robert   	Spring Hill
GRISBY, Sallie   	Spring Hill
GRISBY, Thomas   	Spring Hill
GRISBY, William  	Spring Hill
GROUNDS, Brunettie	Spring Hill
GROUNDS, Caroline	Saline
GROUNDS, Charly  	De Roane
GROUNDS, Clarinda	Ozan
GROUNDS, Daniel  	Ozan
GROUNDS, Daniel  	Saline
GROUNDS, David   	Spring Hill
GROUNDS, David W.	Spring Hill
GROUNDS, Elijah  	Ozan
GROUNDS, Elisha  	Ozan
GROUNDS, Fannie  	Saline
GROUNDS, Francis 	Saline
GROUNDS, Jennie  	Saline
GROUNDS, John    	Ozan
GROUNDS, John H. 	Saline
GROUNDS, Josiah  	Saline
GROUNDS, Linmer E.	Spring Hill
GROUNDS, Martha J.	Ozan
GROUNDS, Mary    	Ozan
GROUNDS, Mary    	Saline
GROUNDS, Minnie A.	Spring Hill
GROUNDS, Neddie  	Saline
GROUNDS, Nelly   	Saline
GROUNDS, Olive R.	Ozan
GROUNDS, Oscar   	De Roane
GROUNDS, Polly A.	Saline
GROUNDS, Rose    	Ozan
GROUNDS, Sarah   	Saline
GROUNDS, Sopha   	De Roane
GROUNDS, Thas    	Saline
GRUNDY, Annie    	Ozan
GRUNDY, Chana    	Ozan
GRUNDY, Dora     	Ozan
GRUNDY, Ellen    	Ozan
GRUNDY, Harriette	Ozan
GRUNDY, James    	Ozan
GRUNDY, Laura    	Ozan
GRUNDY, Martha   	Ozan
GRUNDY, Martha   	Washington
GRUNDY, Milton   	Ozan
GRUNDY, Mira     	Ozan
GRUNDY, Ritter   	Ozan
GRUNDY, Sarah    	Ozan
GUFFIN, Elizabeth	Wallaceburg
GUFFIN, Garland  	Wallaceburg
GUFFIN, Henry    	Wallaceburg
GUFFIN, Lisco    	Wallaceburg
GUILLIAMS, Griff 	Garland
GUILLIAMS, Laura B.	Garland
GUILLIAMS, Martha F.	Garland
GULLEY, Artemesie	Garland
GULLEY, Cathrine O.	Garland
GULLEY, Marshal  	Garland
GULLEY, William M.	Garland
GULLY, Henry     	De Roane
GULLY, Jeff      	De Roane
GULLY, John A.   	De Roane
GULLY, Judy      	De Roane
GULLY, Lee       	De Roane
GULLY, Molly     	De Roane
GUN, Della       	Wallaceburg
GUN, Ellie       	Wallaceburg
GUN, James       	Wallaceburg
GUN, Lawney      	Wallaceburg
GUN, Lawrence    	Wallaceburg
GUN, Lue         	Wallaceburg
GUN, Nattie      	Wallaceburg
GUN, Sarah       	Wallaceburg
GUN, Virginia    	Wallaceburg
GUN, William MC  	Ozan
GUNTER, Annie L  	Bois D'Arc
GUNTER, Jno. W.  	Bois D'Arc
GUNTER, Joseph B.	Bois D'Arc
GUNTER, Joseph H.	Bois D'Arc
GUNTER, Laurie W.	Bois D'Arc
GUNTER, Lizzie F.	Bois D'Arc
GUNTER, Margaret A.	Bois D'Arc
GUNTER, Sarah J. 	Bois D'Arc
GUNTER, Wiley E. 	Bois D'Arc
GURNLEY, Bertie  	Saline
GURNLEY, Elizabeth	Saline
GURNLEY, James   	Saline
GURNLEY, Louis H.	Saline
GURNLEY, Median  	Saline
GURNLEY, Sarah   	Saline
GURNLEY, William P.	Saline
GUSTIN, Henry    	De Roane
GUSTIN, Mary     	De Roane
GUYSE, James     	Mine Creek
GUYSE, James B.  	Mine Creek
GUYSE, Sarah     	Mine Creek
GUYSE, William   	Mine Creek
HACK, Joseph     	Spring Hill
HADFIELD, Elizabeth	Ozan
HADFIELD, Hiram E.	Ozan
HADFIELD, Madison	Ozan
HADFIELD, Madison A.	Ozan
HADFIELD, Mary S.	Ozan
HADFIELD, Nancy E.	Ozan
HADFIELD, William G.	Ozan
HAINEY, Sidney   	Spring Hill
HALCOMBE, John R.	Spring Hill
HALE, Adoline    	Ozan
HALE, Emily      	Mine Creek
HALE, James      	Ozan
HALE, Loucinda C.	Mine Creek
HALE, Nancy A.   	Mine Creek
HALE, Sousan     	Ozan
HALE, William    	Mine Creek
HALL, Alice M.   	Hope
HALL, Charley    	Mine Creek
HALL, Eliza      	Mine Creek
HALL, Ellick     	Saline
HALL, Isabella   	De Roane
HALL, J. D.      	Hope
HALL, J. Richard 	Fulton
HALL, Jackson    	De Roane
HALL, James      	Ozan
HALL, John       	Bois D'Arc
HALL, John       	Ozan
HALL, Joseph G.  	De Roane
HALL, Laura      	Ozan
HALL, Louiza     	De Roane
HALL, Lucy       	De Roane
HALL, Madison D. 	De Roane
HALL, Madison J. 	De Roane
HALL, Margaret   	Bois D'Arc
HALL, Mary F.    	De Roane
HALL, Mathis     	Ozan
HALL, Milly      	Ozan
HALL, Mittie     	De Roane
HALL, Robert     	Mine Creek
HALL, Robert H.  	De Roane
HALL, Rufus      	De Roane
HALL, S. J.      	Hope
HALL, Sally      	De Roane
HALL, Sarah      	De Roane
HALL, Sidney     	Hope
HALL, Tom        	De Roane
HALOMAN, B.      	Hope
HAM, Eliza J.    	De Roane
HAM, Lilla K.    	De Roane
HAM, Richard A.  	De Roane
HAM, William L.  	De Roane
HAMAH, Margaret  	Ozan
HAMELTON, A. H.  	De Roane
HAMELTON, Cora   	Washington
HAMELTON, Elizabeth	De Roane
HAMELTON, Hannah 	De Roane
HAMELTON, James  	Washington
HAMELTON, Sarah  	Wallaceburg
HAMELTON, Thomas 	Red Land
HAMILTON, Albert 	De Roane
HAMILTON, Albert T.	Spring Hill
HAMILTON, Alex   	Wallaceburg
HAMILTON, Amanda E.	Spring Hill
HAMILTON, Andrew 	De Roane
HAMILTON, Anna B.	Garland
HAMILTON, Bee    	Wallaceburg
HAMILTON, Catherin	Saline
HAMILTON, Dicy   	Saline
HAMILTON, Elby A.	De Roane
HAMILTON, Elvie A.	De Roane
HAMILTON, Eve    	Garland
HAMILTON, Francis M.	De Roane
HAMILTON, Hays W.	Garland
HAMILTON, Hiram  	De Roane
HAMILTON, James A.	Spring Hill
HAMILTON, Jennetta	Spring Hill
HAMILTON, Jessy M.	De Roane
HAMILTON, Jno. E.	Garland
HAMILTON, John   	Saline
HAMILTON, John A.	Spring Hill
HAMILTON, John F.	Spring Hill
HAMILTON, John T.	De Roane
HAMILTON, Joseph I.	De Roane
HAMILTON, Kitty  	De Roane
HAMILTON, Lizzie 	Washington
HAMILTON, Louisiana	Saline
HAMILTON, M.     	De Roane
HAMILTON, Mabel  	Washington
HAMILTON, Mandy J.	De Roane
HAMILTON, Margaret L.	Garland
HAMILTON, Nancy P.	Spring Hill
HAMILTON, Ned    	Saline
HAMILTON, Neddie 	Saline
HAMILTON, Robert M.	Spring Hill
HAMILTON, Sallie E.	De Roane
HAMILTON, Silva  	Garland
HAMILTON, T. M.  	Spring Hill
HAMILTON, Wash   	De Roane
HAMILTON, William	Saline
HAMILTON, William H.	Spring Hill
HAMLIN, Burrel   	Spring Hill
HAMLIN, Henry    	Spring Hill
HAMLIN, Lethia   	Spring Hill
HAMMER, Daniel   	Ozan
HAMMER, Manerva  	Ozan
HAMPLETON, Sacs  	De Roane
HAMPTON, Beulah  	Red Land
HAMPTON, Dorah   	Red Land
HAMPTON, Elijah  	Red Land
HAMPTON, Emma    	Red Land
HAMPTON, Emma    	Red Land
HAMPTON, Hindra  	Red Land
HAMPTON, J. D.   	Spring Hill
HAMPTON, James   	Red Land
HAMPTON, James   	Red Land
HAMPTON, Kindra  	Red Land
HAMPTON, Lulah   	Red Land
HAMPTON, Malinda 	Red Land
HAMPTON, Sarah   	Red Land
HAMPTON, Wakely  	Red Land
HAMS, Denice     	Fulton
HANCHEY, Albert B.	Spring Hill
HANCHEY, Albert M.	Spring Hill
HANCHEY, Benjamin F.	Spring Hill
HANCHEY, Charles M.	Spring Hill
HANCHEY, James F.	Spring Hill
HANCHEY, Mary E  	Spring Hill
HANCHEY, Mary E. 	Spring Hill
HANCHEY, Mary E. 	Spring Hill
HANCHEY, Minnie T.	Spring Hill
HANCHEY, Susan P.	Spring Hill
HANCHEY, Susan R.	Spring Hill
HANEGAN, Allice  	Ozan
HANEGAN, Easter  	Ozan
HANEGAN, Emily   	Ozan
HANEGAN, Emma    	Ozan
HANEGAN, Felix   	Ozan
HANEGAN, Ike     	Ozan
HANEGAN, Joseph  	Ozan
HANEGAN, Lizzie  	Ozan
HANEGAN, Mary    	Ozan
HANEGAN, Mattie  	Ozan
HANEGAN, Nelson  	Garland
HANEGAN, Nume    	Ozan
HANEGAN, Prudence	Garland
HANEGAN, Sarah   	Ozan
HANEYAN, Ara     	Ozan
HANEYAN, Caleb   	Ozan
HANIGAN, Alice M.	De Roane
HANIGAN, Ambroes F.	De Roane
HANIGAN, Carry M.	De Roane
HANIGAN, Exa. L. 	De Roane
HANIGAN, J. M.   	De Roane
HANIGAN, Sarah C.	De Roane
HANIGAN, William A.	De Roane
HANKES, Joseph   	Hope
HANKIN, Emma     	Ozan
HANKIN, Mattie   	Ozan
HANKIN, Richard  	Ozan
HANKINS, Celey   	Ozan
HANKINS, Charles 	Ozan
HANKINS, Dora    	Ozan
HANKINS, Jack    	Ozan
HANKINS, Jorden  	Ozan
HANKINS, Martha  	Ozan
HANKINS, Ned     	Ozan
HANKINS, Ruebin  	Ozan
HANKINS, Samuel  	Ozan
HANN, Susan V.   	Spring Hill
HANNA, Charles A.	Mine Creek
HANNA, Earl      	Mine Creek
HANNA, Ford B.   	Mine Creek
HANNA, Francis F.	Mine Creek
HANNA, Harvy H.  	Mine Creek
HANNA, Hary E.   	Mine Creek
HANNA, Hortensa  	Saline
HANNA, Hugh O.   	Saline
HANNA, James F.  	Mine Creek
HANNA, Martha E. 	Mine Creek
HANNA, Mary      	Saline
HANNA, Mary E.   	Mine Creek
HANNAH, A.       	Hope
HANNAH, Addie    	Ozan
HANNAH, Albert   	Ozan
HANNAH, Amanda   	Ozan
HANNAH, Calvin   	Wallaceburg
HANNAH, Celia    	Ozan
HANNAH, Emily    	De Roane
HANNAH, Flurnoy  	Ozan
HANNAH, Flurnoy  	Ozan
HANNAH, Frank    	Ozan
HANNAH, George   	De Roane
HANNAH, George   	De Roane
HANNAH, Henderson	Ozan
HANNAH, Ida      	Wallaceburg
HANNAH, Isaac    	De Roane
HANNAH, James    	Ozan
HANNAH, Jerry    	De Roane
HANNAH, Joel N.  	Ozan
HANNAH, Kylap    	De Roane
HANNAH, Lou      	Ozan
HANNAH, Maggie B.	Ozan
HANNAH, Mary     	Spring Hill
HANNAH, May      	Ozan
HANNAH, Rainy    	Ozan
HANNAH, Sousan   	Ozan
HANNAH, Sousan F.	Ozan
HANNAH, Sue      	Ozan
HANNAH, Thomas   	Ozan
HANNAH, Walter   	Wallaceburg
HANNAH, William  	Wallaceburg
HANNAH, William F.	Hope
HANNON, John B.  	Saline
HANSON, Albert C.	Spring Hill
HANSON, Caroline M.	Spring Hill
HANSON, Celey P. 	Spring Hill
HANSON, Elisha A.	Spring Hill
HANSON, James W. 	Spring Hill
HANSON, Nancy A. P.	Spring Hill
HANSON, Obediah  	Spring Hill
HANSON, Sarah C. 	Spring Hill
HAPER, Carrilla  	Garland
HAPER, Malica J. 	Garland
HAPER, Rocsy     	Garland
HARBISON, Ann    	Hope
HARBISON, Edward D.	Hope
HARBISON, Samuel 	Hope
HARCULUS, Ellen  	De Roane
HARCULUS, Grant  	De Roane
HARCULUS, Matty  	De Roane
HARDEY, Billie   	De Roane
HARDEY, George W.	De Roane
HARDEY, Hugh     	De Roane
HARDEY, Isiah    	De Roane
HARDEY, Patrick  	De Roane
HARDEY, Rebecca M.	De Roane
HARDEY, Robert   	De Roane
HARDIE, William A.	Garland
HARDWICK, Archer 	Ozan
HARDWICK, Emanuil	Ozan
HARDWICK, Lizzie 	Ozan
HARDWICK, Sousan 	Ozan
HARDWICK, Walter 	Ozan
HARDY, Fredrick  	De Roane
HARGETT, Wilson E.	Spring Hill
HARGIS, Asa      	Washington
HARGIS, Jerome   	Washington
HARGIS, Lucetta  	Washington
HARGIS, Mary     	Washington
HARGIS, Samuel   	Washington
HARGIS, Samuel   	Washington
HARGIS, Tilton   	Washington
HARGIS, Vila     	Washington
HARGIS, Vina     	Washington
HARIS, Nicy      	Saline
HARISON, Dobney  	Columbus
HARISON, William 	Columbus
HARKER, David    	Hope
HARKER, Manett   	Hope
HARKER, Percy S. 	Hope
HARKNESS, Frank S.	Ozan
HARMON, Thott    	Garland
HARPER, Charles  	Columbus
HARPER, John     	Red Land
HARPER, John     	Red Land
HARPER, Luther   	Red Land
HARPER, Marcella 	Red Land
HARPER, Noble    	Red Land
HARPER, Pearl    	Red Land
HARPER, Willie   	Red Land
HARPOLE, Mariah  	Saline
HARRIS, A.       	Hope
HARRIS, Abe      	Saline
HARRIS, Aggie    	Garland
HARRIS, Albert   	De Roane
HARRIS, Albert   	De Roane
HARRIS, Alexander	Red Land
HARRIS, Alice    	Spring Hill
HARRIS, Auther   	Garland
HARRIS, Auther   	Garland
HARRIS, B.       	Hope
HARRIS, Betsy    	Ozan
HARRIS, Bettie   	Garland
HARRIS, Bettie   	Red Land
HARRIS, C.       	Hope
HARRIS, Carter   	Garland
HARRIS, Charly   	De Roane
HARRIS, David    	Red Land
HARRIS, Dora     	Garland
HARRIS, E.       	Hope
HARRIS, Edmond   	Spring Hill
HARRIS, Edward   	De Roane
HARRIS, Effie A. 	Garland
HARRIS, Elbert   	Garland
HARRIS, Eliga    	Garland
HARRIS, Elijah   	Spring Hill
HARRIS, Ella     	Ozan
HARRIS, Ely      	Garland
HARRIS, Emma     	Spring Hill
HARRIS, F.       	Hope
HARRIS, Fletcher 	De Roane
HARRIS, Florance 	Garland
HARRIS, Frank    	Garland
HARRIS, G.       	Hope
HARRIS, G.       	Hope
HARRIS, George   	De Roane
HARRIS, George   	Red Land
HARRIS, Georgia  	De Roane
HARRIS, Gray     	De Roane
HARRIS, Gus      	Garland
HARRIS, Gus      	Saline
HARRIS, H.       	Hope
HARRIS, Haywood  	Red Land
HARRIS, Henry    	De Roane
HARRIS, Isabella 	De Roane
HARRIS, J.       	Hope
HARRIS, Jack     	Mine Creek
HARRIS, Jackson  	Ozan
HARRIS, James    	Garland
HARRIS, James    	Red Land
HARRIS, James    	Red Land
HARRIS, James    	Saline
HARRIS, James    	Spring Hill
HARRIS, John     	De Roane
HARRIS, John     	Red Land
HARRIS, John L.  	Garland
HARRIS, Julia    	Bois D'Arc
HARRIS, Julia    	Red Land
HARRIS, Julia A. 	Spring Hill
HARRIS, Kato     	Garland
HARRIS, Lawrance 	Garland
HARRIS, Leonidas 	Red Land
HARRIS, Liddie   	Garland
HARRIS, Lucy     	Spring Hill
HARRIS, Lula     	Spring Hill
HARRIS, M.       	Hope
HARRIS, M.       	Hope
HARRIS, M.       	Hope
HARRIS, Mahala E.	Garland
HARRIS, Malinda  	Garland
HARRIS, Martha   	De Roane
HARRIS, Martha   	Garland
HARRIS, Martha   	Ozan
HARRIS, Martha   	Saline
HARRIS, Martha A.	Garland
HARRIS, Mary     	Mine Creek
HARRIS, Mary     	Red Land
HARRIS, Mary     	Saline
HARRIS, Mary     	Spring Hill
HARRIS, Mary E.  	Garland
HARRIS, Mary E.  	Garland
HARRIS, Mary V.  	Garland
HARRIS, Mollie   	Red Land
HARRIS, Mollie   	Spring Hill
HARRIS, Nancy    	Red Land
HARRIS, Nannie   	Garland
HARRIS, Napolian 	Garland
HARRIS, Nellie   	Garland
HARRIS, Newton   	Garland
HARRIS, O.       	Hope
HARRIS, Phill    	Garland
HARRIS, Phillip  	Garland
HARRIS, Phillip  	Wallaceburg
HARRIS, Pricilla 	Garland
HARRIS, R.       	Hope
HARRIS, Rena     	Saline
HARRIS, Robbert  	Saline
HARRIS, Rosa     	Garland
HARRIS, Rosa E.  	Garland
HARRIS, Russie   	Red Land
HARRIS, Sallie   	Saline
HARRIS, Sallie   	Spring Hill
HARRIS, Samuel   	Red Land
HARRIS, Sarah    	Garland
HARRIS, Sarah    	Garland
HARRIS, Sarah C. 	Garland
HARRIS, Seby     	De Roane
HARRIS, Silla    	Spring Hill
HARRIS, Thomas   	Garland
HARRIS, Thomas   	Ozan
HARRIS, Thomas   	Red Land
HARRIS, Thomas W.	Garland
HARRIS, Tricie   	Red Land
HARRIS, W.       	Hope
HARRIS, Ward B.  	Garland
HARRIS, William  	Garland
HARRIS, William  	Red Land
HARRIS, William E.	Garland
HARRIS, William F.	Garland
HARRIS, William H.	Garland
HARRIS, William M.	Mine Creek
HARRIS, Willis   	De Roane
HARRISON, Benjamin	De Roane
HARRISON, Elizabeth A.	De Roane
HARRISON, Emma   	De Roane
HARRISON, Grandason	De Roane
HARRISON, Grande Son	Ozan
HARRISON, Hellen M.	De Roane
HARRISON, J. B.  	De Roane
HARRISON, J. C.  	De Roane
HARRISON, James A.	De Roane
HARRISON, John   	De Roane
HARRISON, John H.	De Roane
HARRISON, Lewis  	De Roane
HARRISON, Lewis L.	De Roane
HARRISON, Martha F.	De Roane
HARRISON, Martha J.	De Roane
HARRISON, Matty B.	De Roane
HARRISON, May Pearl	De Roane
HARRISON, Nancy  	De Roane
HARRISON, Nancy C.	De Roane
HARRISON, Nancy M.	De Roane
HARRISON, R. J.  	De Roane
HARRISON, Samuel J.	De Roane
HARRISON, Sarah  	De Roane
HARRISON, Tranquilla E.	De Roane
HARRISON, Virginia	De Roane
HARRISON, William	De Roane
HARRISON, William	De Roane
HARROD, Andrew   	Ozan
HARROD, Ann E.   	Ozan
HARROD, George   	Ozan
HARROD, Harriette	Ozan
HARROD, James    	Ozan
HARROD, Lona     	Ozan
HARROD, Martha   	Ozan
HARROD, Robert   	Ozan
HARROD, Ruffin   	Ozan
HARROD, Sally    	Ozan
HARROD, William M.	Ozan
HART, Bettie     	Washington
HART, Bettie     	Washington
HART, Cora V.    	Spring Hill
HART, Daniel     	Washington
HART, Letty      	Spring Hill
HART, Moses      	Spring Hill
HART, Ola        	Spring Hill
HART, Polly Ann  	Spring Hill
HART, William    	Washington
HART, Wright     	Washington
HARTIN, Eujinia  	Hope
HARTIN, J. F.    	Hope
HARTIN, May      	Hope
HARTLESS, Elvira 	Wallaceburg
HARTLESS, Josephine	Wallaceburg
HARTLESS, Ruben  	Wallaceburg
HARTSFIELD, Lusinda J.	Ozan
HARTSFIELD, Martha A.	Ozan
HARTSFIELD, Thomas J.	Ozan
HARTSFIELD, William	Ozan
HARTSFIELD, William R.	Ozan
HASENWOOD, Elizabeth	Spring Hill
HASENWOOD, John  	Spring Hill
HASKINS, John    	Spring Hill
HASKINS, Lizzie  	Spring Hill
HASKINS, Sarah   	Spring Hill
HASKINS, Unknown 	Spring Hill
HASKINS, Virginia	Spring Hill
HATCH, Annie H.  	Spring Hill
HATCH, Charles D.	Spring Hill
HATCH, Eliza N.  	Mine Creek
HATCH, Ida B.    	Spring Hill
HATCH, James R.  	Mine Creek
HATCH, John D.   	Spring Hill
HATCH, John W.   	Spring Hill
HATCH, Joshua    	Mine Creek
HATCH, Lee C.    	Spring Hill
HATCH, Mary C.   	Spring Hill
HATCH, Nancy P.  	Spring Hill
HATCH, Orpha M.  	Spring Hill
HATCH, Robert M. 	Spring Hill
HATCH, Thomas H. 	Mine Creek
HATCH, Unknown   	Mine Creek
HATCH, William T.	Mine Creek
HATCHETT, Clarissa	Saline
HATCHETT, Derby  	Saline
HATCHETT, Frank  	Saline
HATCHETT, Maleesa	Saline
HATCHETT, Minnie 	Saline
HATCHETT, Sarah  	Saline
HATCHETT, Steve  	Saline
HATHAWAY, S.     	Hope
HATLEY, Ben D.   	Ozan
HATTER, Mary E.  	Spring Hill
HATTON, Ora J.   	Spring Hill
HAUSER, Claud    	Saline
HAUSER, Virginia 	Saline
HAUSER, Wade     	Saline
HAUSER, William E.	Saline
HAVRY, William   	Ozan
HAVY, Samuel H.  	Washington
HAWEY, William   	Bois D'Arc
HAWKINS, Amelia  	Garland
HAWKINS, Anthony 	Ozan
HAWKINS, Anthony 	Ozan
HAWKINS, Arbella 	Ozan
HAWKINS, Betsie  	Garland
HAWKINS, Busker  	Garland
HAWKINS, Caroline	Ozan
HAWKINS, Dan     	De Roane
HAWKINS, Dan     	De Roane
HAWKINS, Dicy    	Garland
HAWKINS, E.      	Hope
HAWKINS, Elija   	Hope
HAWKINS, Eliza   	Garland
HAWKINS, Eliza A.	Garland
HAWKINS, Ellen   	Bois D'Arc
HAWKINS, Elmina  	Ozan
HAWKINS, Hanna   	Garland
HAWKINS, Harriett	Hope
HAWKINS, Henry   	Garland
HAWKINS, Ida R.  	Garland
HAWKINS, Jackson A.	De Roane
HAWKINS, James   	De Roane
HAWKINS, James   	Wallaceburg
HAWKINS, Jefferson	Garland
HAWKINS, Jno.    	Bois D'Arc
HAWKINS, John    	Wallaceburg
HAWKINS, Joseph  	De Roane
HAWKINS, Katie   	Garland
HAWKINS, Lizzie  	Wallaceburg
HAWKINS, Lucy    	Garland
HAWKINS, Mamie   	Garland
HAWKINS, Margaret	De Roane
HAWKINS, Margaret	De Roane
HAWKINS, Mary E. 	De Roane
HAWKINS, Milton  	Ozan
HAWKINS, Milus   	Garland
HAWKINS, Ned     	Garland
HAWKINS, Ned     	Ozan
HAWKINS, Percilla	De Roane
HAWKINS, Phil    	Bois D'Arc
HAWKINS, Philip  	Bois D'Arc
HAWKINS, Richard 	De Roane
HAWKINS, Richmond	Garland
HAWKINS, Robert M.	Garland
HAWKINS, Sarah   	Wallaceburg
HAWKINS, Sophia  	Garland
HAWKINS, Sophia  	Ozan
HAWKINS, Tema    	Garland
HAWLEY, Franklin 	Fulton
HAWLEY, James M. 	Fulton
HAWLEY, Laura    	Fulton
HAWLEY, Lewis B. 	Fulton
HAWLEY, Minniebell	Fulton
HAWLEY, Thomas B.	Fulton
HAWTHORN, Andrew D. W.	Ozan
HAWTHORN, Andrew J.	Ozan
HAWTHORN, James A.	Ozan
HAWTHORN, John F.	Ozan
HAWTHORN, Mary E.	Ozan
HAYES, Ellen     	Bois D'Arc
HAYES, Mandy     	Bois D'Arc
HAYES, Savaniah  	Bois D'Arc
HAYES, Yancey    	Bois D'Arc
HAYNES, Bell     	Hope
HAYNES, Benjamin P.	Spring Hill
HAYNES, C.       	Hope
HAYNES, Charles A.	Spring Hill
HAYNES, Ella Z.  	De Roane
HAYNES, George M.	De Roane
HAYNES, Henrietta G.	De Roane
HAYNES, Hurshal  	De Roane
HAYNES, Ida Hope 	De Roane
HAYNES, James A. 	Spring Hill
HAYNES, John     	De Roane
HAYNES, John     	Hope
HAYNES, John H.  	Spring Hill
HAYNES, John J.  	De Roane
HAYNES, John S.  	De Roane
HAYNES, Lenora J.	De Roane
HAYNES, Lula E.  	Spring Hill
HAYNES, Mary A.  	Spring Hill
HAYNES, Mary E.  	De Roane
HAYNES, Mary J.  	De Roane
HAYNES, Molly J. 	De Roane
HAYNES, Natris J.	Spring Hill
HAYNES, Rufus A. 	De Roane
HAYNES, Sarah    	Hope
HAYNES, Susan M. 	De Roane
HAYNES, Thomas J.	De Roane
HAYNES, William  	De Roane
HAYS, Michael    	Bois D'Arc
HAYSE, Kate      	Hope
HAYWOOD, F.      	Hope
HEARAN, Hinry    	Hope
HEATH, Lou E.    	Fulton
HEATH, Robert E. 	Fulton
HEATH, Sophia    	Fulton
HEATHER, Lucy B. 	Ozan
HEATHER, Melley  	Ozan
HEATHER, Rose    	Ozan
HEATHER, William H.	Ozan
HEDGEPETH, Columbus	De Roane
HEDGEPETH, Elizabeth	De Roane
HEDGEPETH, F. T. 	De Roane
HEDGEPETH, Minnie	De Roane
HENAGAN, Jefferson	Wallaceburg
HENAGAN, Martha  	Wallaceburg
HENAGAN, Martha  	Wallaceburg
HENAGAN, Thomas  	Wallaceburg
HENAGAN, Wilson  	Wallaceburg
HENDERSON, Elizabeth	Bois D'Arc
HENDERSON, Emma  	Spring Hill
HENDERSON, James 	Spring Hill
HENDERSON, Jno. T.	Bois D'Arc
HENDERSON, Margaret	Spring Hill
HENDERSON, Martha	Garland
HENDERSON, Sarah Ann	Bois D'Arc
HENDERSON, Simon 	Ozan
HENDRICKS, James 	Wallaceburg
HENDRICKS, Katie 	Wallaceburg
HENDRICKS, Laura 	Wallaceburg
HENDRICKS, Martha	Wallaceburg
HENDRICKS, Martin	Wallaceburg
HENDRICKS, Mary  	Wallaceburg
HENDRICKS, Thomas	Wallaceburg
HENDRICKS, Wesly 	Wallaceburg
HENNESSY, Edward 	Bois D'Arc
HENNESSY, John   	Ozan
HENRY, Clayton   	Spring Hill
HENRY, Emma      	Hope
HENRY, George    	Spring Hill
HENRY, Harriet   	Spring Hill
HENRY, Horace    	Hope
HENRY, James     	Spring Hill
HENRY, James     	Spring Hill
HENRY, Jane      	Spring Hill
HENRY, John      	Hope
HENRY, Josiah    	Spring Hill
HENRY, M.        	Hope
HENRY, Malissa   	Hope
HENRY, Narcis    	Spring Hill
HENRY, Pat       	Spring Hill
HENRY, Queen     	Hope
HENRY, S. B.     	Hope
HENRY, Salena    	Spring Hill
HENRY, Sementha  	Spring Hill
HENRY, Unknown R.	Hope
HENSHAW, Mary    	Wallaceburg
HENSHAW, Walter  	Wallaceburg
HENSHAW, William 	Wallaceburg
HENSON, Cintha   	Wallaceburg
HENSON, Mary     	Wallaceburg
HENSON, Sarah    	Wallaceburg
HERBERT, Mary    	Red Land
HERBERT, Sophia  	Red Land
HERBERT, Thomas P.	Mine Creek
HERBERT, William 	Red Land
HERDLEY, Dolly   	Saline
HERDLEY, Robbert 	Saline
HERDLEY, Robbert 	Saline
HERMAM, Matilda  	Fulton
HERRAN, Mary     	Hope
HERRIN, Marcy A. 	Garland
HERRIN, Margaret O.	Garland
HERRON, Arie     	Spring Hill
HERRON, C. E.    	Hope
HERRON, Clara    	Ozan
HERRON, Claresa  	Ozan
HERRON, Emily    	Ozan
HERRON, Francis  	Washington
HERRON, H.       	Hope
HERRON, Hayward  	Saline
HERRON, Jennie   	Washington
HERRON, Joseph   	Spring Hill
HERRON, Martin   	Spring Hill
HERRON, Mary     	Spring Hill
HERRON, Mary     	Washington
HERRON, Nancy    	Ozan
HERRON, R. A.    	Hope
HERRON, R. L.    	Hope
HERRON, Rose     	Ozan
HERRON, S. A.    	Hope
HERRON, Sally    	De Roane
HERRON, Sousan   	Ozan
HERRON, W. J.    	Hope
HERRON, Walter   	Ozan
HERVEY, Albert   	Saline
HERVEY, C. H.    	Hope
HERVEY, E.       	Hope
HERVEY, Hannah   	Saline
HERVEY, Harriet  	Saline
HERVEY, J. P.    	Hope
HERVEY, Mary     	Saline
HERVEY, Millie   	Saline
HERVEY, Robbert  	Saline
HERVEY, Sarah    	Saline
HERVY, Albert    	Mine Creek
HERVY, Hanna     	Mine Creek
HERVY, James     	Mine Creek
HERVY, Jamston   	Mine Creek
HERVY, Norcisus  	Mine Creek
HERVY, Sarah     	Mine Creek
HERVY, Susan     	Mine Creek
HESTER, Halie    	Garland
HESTER, James    	Saline
HESTER, Joseph   	Saline
HESTER, Margaret 	Saline
HESTER, Matilda  	Garland
HESTER, Patsy    	Garland
HESTER, Peter    	Saline
HESTES, Chana    	Ozan
HESTES, Daniel W.	Ozan
HESTES, Dora     	Ozan
HESTES, Ebin     	Ozan
HESTES, Hattie   	Ozan
HESTES, James    	Ozan
HESTES, Laura    	Ozan
HESTES, Molly    	Ozan
HESTES, Peter    	Ozan
HESTOR, Willis   	Garland
HETTRABRANA, Percilla	De Roane
HEWETT, Margaret 	De Roane
HEWETT, Syrestor 	De Roane
HICK, Amelia     	Saline
HICK, Henry      	Saline
HICK, James      	Saline
HICK, James H.   	Saline
HICK, James L.   	Saline
HICK, John       	Saline
HICK, John B.    	Saline
HICK, Joseph     	Saline
HICK, Laura      	Saline
HICK, Mattie M.  	Saline
HICK, Mollie E.  	Saline
HICK, Rosa L.    	Saline
HICK, Thomas     	Saline
HICK, William D. 	Saline
HICKES, A.       	Hope
HICKES, A.       	Hope
HICKES, F.       	Hope
HICKES, F. O.    	Hope
HICKES, G. F.    	Hope
HICKES, G. W.    	Hope
HICKES, H.       	Hope
HICKES, M. E.    	Hope
HICKES, M. J.    	Hope
HICKES, R.       	Hope
HICKES, R. C.    	Hope
HICKES, W.       	Hope
HICKEY, David    	Fulton
HICKMAN, Edmond  	Ozan
HICKMAN, Sandy   	Ozan
HICKS, Ada       	Hope
HICKS, Andrew J. 	Spring Hill
HICKS, Arona     	Garland
HICKS, Beverly   	Garland
HICKS, Caroline  	Garland
HICKS, Cora B.   	Garland
HICKS, D. G.     	Hope
HICKS, Emily J.  	Spring Hill
HICKS, Francis A.	Mine Creek
HICKS, George    	Hope
HICKS, Hoskins   	Hope
HICKS, Jaine M.  	Hope
HICKS, James F.  	Washington
HICKS, James H.  	Mine Creek
HICKS, James M.  	Mine Creek
HICKS, Jenney    	Hope
HICKS, John W. H.	Spring Hill
HICKS, Jonathon W.	Mine Creek
HICKS, Joseph N. 	Spring Hill
HICKS, Josie     	Hope
HICKS, Lena L.   	Mine Creek
HICKS, Margaret A.	Mine Creek
HICKS, Marilda O.	Spring Hill
HICKS, Martha J. 	Mine Creek
HICKS, Mary      	Hope
HICKS, Mary E.   	Garland
HICKS, Mary E.   	Mine Creek
HICKS, Mary E.   	Spring Hill
HICKS, Rasma     	Garland
HICKS, Robert    	Hope
HICKS, Robert M. 	Mine Creek
HICKS, Robert W. 	Mine Creek
HICKS, Rosa B.   	Garland
HICKS, Susas H.  	Mine Creek
HICKS, Walter B. 	Mine Creek
HICKS, William H.	Mine Creek
HIGGINS, Charles R.	Mine Creek
HIGGINS, John P. 	Mine Creek
HIGGINS, Mary V. 	Mine Creek
HIGGINS, Rebeca A.	Mine Creek
HIGGINS, Richard 	Bois D'Arc
HIGGS, Ira       	Ozan
HIGGS, Mary      	Ozan
HIGGS, William   	Ozan
HIGHTOWER, Abe   	De Roane
HIGHTOWER, Allen 	De Roane
HIGHTOWER, Cinda 	De Roane
HIGHTOWER, Ephran	De Roane
HIGHTOWER, Green 	De Roane
HIGHTOWER, James 	De Roane
HIGHTOWER, John  	De Roane
HIGHTOWER, Mathew	De Roane
HILDRETH, Byron  	Ozan
HILDRETH, John   	Ozan
HILDRETH, Mary J.	Ozan
HILL, Ada        	Hope
HILL, Adlate     	Garland
HILL, Alferd     	Mine Creek
HILL, Almedia    	Ozan
HILL, Ama        	Ozan
HILL, Andrew     	Garland
HILL, Anna       	Spring Hill
HILL, Annie B.   	Mine Creek
HILL, Benjiman   	Garland
HILL, Charles    	Ozan
HILL, Charles    	Spring Hill
HILL, Clide      	Saline
HILL, Colonel    	Saline
HILL, Dink       	Ozan
HILL, Dixon      	Mine Creek
HILL, Dolly      	Spring Hill
HILL, Edgar      	Bois D'Arc
HILL, Edgar      	Mine Creek
HILL, Eduard     	Ozan
HILL, Edward M.  	Mine Creek
HILL, Elizabeth  	Ozan
HILL, Elvira     	Ozan
HILL, Emma       	Hope
HILL, Fanny      	De Roane
HILL, Frank      	Bois D'Arc
HILL, Fredley    	Ozan
HILL, George     	Hope
HILL, George     	Mine Creek
HILL, Green      	Mine Creek
HILL, Guss       	Hope
HILL, Harriet    	Saline
HILL, Heck       	Ozan
HILL, Henrietta  	Spring Hill
HILL, Henry      	Bois D'Arc
HILL, Henry      	Saline
HILL, Himan      	Garland
HILL, Irene      	Hope
HILL, J. W.      	Bois D'Arc
HILL, Jack       	Saline
HILL, James      	Mine Creek
HILL, James      	Ozan
HILL, James B.   	Mine Creek
HILL, Jeff L.    	Bois D'Arc
HILL, Jennie     	Ozan
HILL, John       	Ozan
HILL, John C.    	Saline
HILL, Jos. B.    	Bois D'Arc
HILL, Joseph W.  	Hope
HILL, Josephine  	Hope
HILL, Josephine  	Ozan
HILL, Julia      	Hope
HILL, June       	Garland
HILL, Lizzie     	Garland
HILL, Lou        	Mine Creek
HILL, Lou        	Ozan
HILL, Lula       	Bois D'Arc
HILL, Madison    	Mine Creek
HILL, Maggie     	Bois D'Arc
HILL, Maggie L.  	Bois D'Arc
HILL, Margaret   	Ozan
HILL, Martha     	Mine Creek
HILL, Mary       	Hope
HILL, Mary       	Ozan
HILL, Mary A.    	Ozan
HILL, Mary J.    	Spring Hill
HILL, Mattie     	Garland
HILL, Mattie     	Hope
HILL, Milly      	Mine Creek
HILL, Mollie     	Fulton
HILL, Mollie E.  	Bois D'Arc
HILL, Nanni M.   	Saline
HILL, Neddie     	Saline
HILL, Peter      	Saline
HILL, Phebe      	Ozan
HILL, Preston    	Ozan
HILL, Quincy     	Mine Creek
HILL, Richard    	De Roane
HILL, Robbert    	Saline
HILL, Samuel     	Ozan
HILL, Samuel D.  	Garland
HILL, Sarah      	Ozan
HILL, Sarilla    	Saline
HILL, Spaight    	Fulton
HILL, Torry      	Ozan
HILL, Tracy F.   	Hope
HILL, Wade       	Spring Hill
HILL, Willie     	Saline
HILLARD, William 	De Roane
HILLIARD, Nancy  	Spring Hill
HILLIARD, Thomas 	Spring Hill
HILLIARD, William	Spring Hill
HILLS, Elias     	Bois D'Arc
HINES, Columbus  	Hope
HINES, Emma      	Wallaceburg
HINES, G. W.     	Hope
HINES, Hazlet    	Wallaceburg
HINES, Jane R.   	Hope
HINES, Lousis    	Wallaceburg
HINES, Lydia     	Wallaceburg
HINES, Martha    	Wallaceburg
HINES, Mary      	Wallaceburg
HINES, Porter    	Hope
HINES, Tolie     	Hope
HINTON, A. M.    	Spring Hill
HINTON, Bertha   	Spring Hill
HINTON, Bynum    	Spring Hill
HINTON, C. B.    	Spring Hill
HINTON, E. M.    	Spring Hill
HINTON, F. D.    	Spring Hill
HINTON, Fanny L. 	Spring Hill
HINTON, Frank J. 	Spring Hill
HINTON, George W.	Spring Hill
HINTON, H. J.    	Spring Hill
HINTON, Jacob P. 	Spring Hill
HINTON, L. S.    	Spring Hill
HINTON, Levitt T.	Spring Hill
HINTON, Lugene   	Spring Hill
HINTON, Maria    	Ozan
HINTON, Marion W.	Spring Hill
HINTON, Nancy    	Ozan
HINTON, Nancy A. E.	Spring Hill
HINTON, Phillip  	Spring Hill
HINTON, Rachael  	Ozan
HINTON, Rebecca S.	Spring Hill
HINTON, Samuel F.	Spring Hill
HINTON, T. A.    	Spring Hill
HINTON, T. J.    	Spring Hill
HINTON, Thomas   	Ozan
HINTON, Vasco    	Spring Hill
HINTON, Virgil F.	Spring Hill
HINTON, W. F.    	Spring Hill
HINTON, Wiley B. 	Spring Hill
HINTON, William B.	Spring Hill
HINTON, William F.	Spring Hill
HINTON, William J.	Spring Hill
HINTON, William R.	Spring Hill
HIT, Joseph      	Red Land
HIT, Mary        	Red Land
HIT, Preston     	Red Land
HIT, Thomas      	Red Land
HIT, William     	Red Land
HITOUER, Charles 	Ozan
HITOUER, Charles 	Ozan
HITOUER, Eliza   	Ozan
HITOUER, Emma    	Ozan
HITOUER, George  	Ozan
HITOUER, Harriette	Ozan
HITOUER, Jerry   	Ozan
HITOUER, Nathan  	Ozan
HITOUER, Sarah   	Ozan
HITOUER, Sylvia  	Ozan
HITOUER, Tobe    	Ozan
HOBSON, Albert   	Ozan
HOBSON, Allern   	Ozan
HOBSON, Allice   	Ozan
HOBSON, Anson W. 	Washington
HOBSON, Cathrine 	Ozan
HOBSON, Eliza    	Ozan
HOBSON, Giles    	Ozan
HOBSON, Giles    	Ozan
HOBSON, Hamat    	Ozan
HOBSON, John     	Ozan
HOBSON, Mary A.  	Ozan
HOBSON, Milly    	Ozan
HOBSON, Netty    	Ozan
HOBSON, Phebe    	Ozan
HOBSON, Robert   	Ozan
HOBSON, Sarah    	Ozan
HOBSON, Virgil   	Ozan
HODAES, Ed       	Garland
HODAES, Ellie    	Garland
HODAES, James D. 	Garland
HODAES, John     	Garland
HODGE, Elisha    	Red Land
HODGE, Minnie    	Red Land
HODGE, Nancy     	Red Land
HODGE, William   	Red Land
HODNETT, James L.	Spring Hill
HODNETT, Nancy C.	Spring Hill
HODNETT, Samuel M.	Spring Hill
HODNETT, Thomas E.	Spring Hill
HODNETT, William H.	Spring Hill
HOFFMAN, H.      	Hope
HOGARD, Asa      	Red Land
HOGARD, John     	Red Land
HOGARD, Susan    	Red Land
HOGLAND, Unknown 	Wallaceburg
HOLANDER, John   	De Roane
HOLCOMBE, Kinnian	Mine Creek
HOLEDG, Joab     	Mine Creek
HOLEDG, Julie A. 	Mine Creek
HOLEDG, Mary J.  	Mine Creek
HOLEDG, Nancy E. 	Mine Creek
HOLEDG, Rozan    	Mine Creek
HOLEDG, Thomas D.	Mine Creek
HOLIDAY, Albert  	Mine Creek
HOLIDAY, Daley   	Mine Creek
HOLIDAY, Elijah  	Mine Creek
HOLIDAY, Mary J. 	Mine Creek
HOLIDAY, William 	Mine Creek
HOLINGSWORTH, Jessie T.	Garland
HOLINGSWORTH, Lurinia	Garland
HOLINGSWORTH, Luther	Garland
HOLINGSWORTH, Parthenia A.	Garland
HOLINGSWORTH, Rebecca J.	Garland
HOLINGSWORTH, William	Garland
HOLISWORTH, Austin	De Roane
HOLISWORTH, Ellen	De Roane
HOLISWORTH, John B.	De Roane
HOLISWORTH, Martha	De Roane
HOLISWORTH, Mary 	De Roane
HOLISWORTH, Sarah	De Roane
HOLISWORTH, Tenny	De Roane
HOLLAND, Benj. F.	Garland
HOLLAND, Rich M. 	Garland
HOLLIS, Alfred   	Spring Hill
HOLLIS, Alfred   	Spring Hill
HOLLIS, Emma     	Spring Hill
HOLLIS, George   	Spring Hill
HOLLIS, H. B.    	Spring Hill
HOLLIS, J. G.    	Spring Hill
HOLLIS, John     	Spring Hill
HOLLIS, Leviney C.	Spring Hill
HOLLIS, Lula     	Spring Hill
HOLLIS, Mary     	Spring Hill
HOLLIS, Missouri 	Spring Hill
HOLLIS, Nancy C. 	Spring Hill
HOLLIS, Sebell   	Spring Hill
HOLLIS, Semantha 	Spring Hill
HOLMAN, Harriette	Ozan
HOLMAN, Henry B. 	Washington
HOLMAN, Lindsey  	Ozan
HOLMAN, Mark     	Ozan
HOLMAN, Mary S.  	Washington
HOLMAN, Monroe   	Ozan
HOLMES, Cally    	De Roane
HOLMES, Edy      	De Roane
HOLMES, Eliza Jane	Spring Hill
HOLMES, Emily    	Spring Hill
HOLMES, Fanny    	De Roane
HOLMES, James    	De Roane
HOLMES, Jefferson	Spring Hill
HOLMES, John     	De Roane
HOLMES, John     	De Roane
HOLMES, John     	Spring Hill
HOLMES, Lewis    	De Roane
HOLMES, Mary     	De Roane
HOLMES, S.       	Hope
HOLMES, Sally    	De Roane
HOLMES, Sarah    	De Roane
HOLMES, Scott    	De Roane
HOLMES, William  	De Roane
HOLT, Aaron      	Garland
HOLT, Alfred C.  	Ozan
HOLT, Andrew     	Ozan
HOLT, Annie B.   	Ozan
HOLT, Arie A.    	Mine Creek
HOLT, Barbary J. 	Ozan
HOLT, Betty E.   	Ozan
HOLT, Carrie     	Garland
HOLT, Chanie     	Garland
HOLT, Charles S. 	Mine Creek
HOLT, Clarisa J. 	Ozan
HOLT, Cornelia   	Bois D'Arc
HOLT, Crith H.   	Mine Creek
HOLT, Daisy S.   	Ozan
HOLT, Daniel     	Garland
HOLT, David      	Garland
HOLT, David W.   	Ozan
HOLT, Edwin M.   	Ozan
HOLT, Elbert W.  	Mine Creek
HOLT, Elisabeth  	Saline
HOLT, Ellick     	Saline
HOLT, Emily      	Garland
HOLT, Emma       	Garland
HOLT, Emma C.    	Mine Creek
HOLT, Fannie     	Garland
HOLT, Flavius A  	Mine Creek
HOLT, Flavius P. 	Mine Creek
HOLT, Francis    	Saline
HOLT, George     	Ozan
HOLT, George A.  	Ozan
HOLT, Hansford R.	Mine Creek
HOLT, Harriet G. 	Mine Creek
HOLT, Harriett C.	Mine Creek
HOLT, Henry      	Bois D'Arc
HOLT, Hillory    	Bois D'Arc
HOLT, James H.   	Mine Creek
HOLT, James T. M.	Mine Creek
HOLT, Jane       	Garland
HOLT, Jessie     	Garland
HOLT, Jessie     	Garland
HOLT, Jessie M   	Mine Creek
HOLT, Jno        	Garland
HOLT, Jno W.     	Garland
HOLT, John H.    	Mine Creek
HOLT, John W.    	Ozan
HOLT, Jonathon M.	Mine Creek
HOLT, Julia A    	Garland
HOLT, Kate       	Washington
HOLT, Lana       	Mine Creek
HOLT, Larty A.   	Mine Creek
HOLT, Lee A.     	Mine Creek
HOLT, Linsy      	Saline
HOLT, Lizie Ann  	Saline
HOLT, Lizzie     	Bois D'Arc
HOLT, Lizzie     	Garland
HOLT, Margaret E.	Mine Creek
HOLT, Martha A.  	Ozan
HOLT, Martha C.  	Mine Creek
HOLT, Mary A.    	Ozan
HOLT, Mary J.    	Ozan
HOLT, Mattie S.  	Ozan
HOLT, May E.     	Mine Creek
HOLT, Milton A.  	Ozan
HOLT, Milvira    	Garland
HOLT, Monroe     	Garland
HOLT, Nath.      	Garland
HOLT, Nath.      	Garland
HOLT, Phoebe A.  	Garland
HOLT, Robbert    	Saline
HOLT, Robert C.  	Ozan
HOLT, Sallie     	Bois D'Arc
HOLT, Sallie     	Garland
HOLT, Sally K.   	Ozan
HOLT, Sam        	Saline
HOLT, Silvy      	Ozan
HOLT, Tabby      	Bois D'Arc
HOLT, Thomas     	Fulton
HOLT, Thomas E.  	Mine Creek
HOLT, Thomas J.  	Mine Creek
HOLT, Tom        	Bois D'Arc
HOLT, Travis O.  	Ozan
HOLT, Unknown    	Bois D'Arc
HOLT, Wiley      	Bois D'Arc
HOLT, William A. 	Mine Creek
HOLT, William E. 	Ozan
HOLT, William H. 	Mine Creek
HOLT, William L. 	Garland
HONEY, Daniel    	Washington
HONEYCUTT, Albert	Garland
HONEYCUTT, Delia O.	Garland
HONEYCUTT, Jane E.	Garland
HONEYCUTT, Joseph G.	Garland
HONEYCUTT, Tobias B.	Garland
HOOD, Allie      	Ozan
HOOD, Champ      	Ozan
HOOD, Daniel N.  	Ozan
HOOD, Dock       	Bois D'Arc
HOOD, Hellery    	Ozan
HOOD, Jackson    	Ozan
HOOD, Jane       	Ozan
HOOD, Manuel     	Bois D'Arc
HOOD, Mary E.    	Ozan
HOOD, Smith      	Ozan
HOOD, Warren     	Ozan
HOOKER, Francis E.	Mine Creek
HOOKER, Hary L.  	Mine Creek
HOOKER, James D. 	Mine Creek
HOOKER, James L. 	Mine Creek
HOOKER, John H.  	Mine Creek
HOOKER, Jonathon R.	Mine Creek
HOOKER, Maggie D.	Mine Creek
HOOKER, Mary C.  	Mine Creek
HOOKER, Mary E   	Mine Creek
HOOKS, Ann       	Washington
HOOKS, Charles   	Washington
HOOKS, Emoline   	Ozan
HOOKS, George Ann	Washington
HOOKS, Hillery   	Ozan
HOOKS, Joseph    	Washington
HOOKS, Samuel    	Ozan
HOOPER, Abraham  	De Roane
HOOPER, Charley W.	De Roane
HOOPER, Della S. 	De Roane
HOOPER, Edward   	De Roane
HOOPER, Ervin    	De Roane
HOOPER, Learmer J.	De Roane
HOOPER, Lianna   	De Roane
HOOPER, Martha A.	De Roane
HOOPER, Molly    	De Roane
HOOPER, Mundy    	De Roane
HOOPER, Nancy I. 	De Roane
HOOPER, Nanny    	De Roane
HOOPER, Pleasant 	De Roane
HOOPER, Savanah  	De Roane
HOOPER, Thomas W.	De Roane
HOOVER, Harriett 	Red Land
HOOVER, Samuel   	Red Land
HOPE, Annie      	Ozan
HOPE, Becky      	Ozan
HOPE, Ben        	Ozan
HOPE, Green      	Ozan
HOPE, Jane       	Ozan
HOPKINS, Adaline 	Saline
HOPKINS, Alfred  	Saline
HOPKINS, Alfred  	Saline
HOPKINS, Cetty L.	Saline
HOPKINS, Charles 	Ozan
HOPKINS, Clarinda	Saline
HOPKINS, Cyntha  	Saline
HOPKINS, Ed H.   	Saline
HOPKINS, Eddie   	Ozan
HOPKINS, Eliza F.	Ozan
HOPKINS, Emily   	Saline
HOPKINS, Evanniel	Saline
HOPKINS, Francis 	Ozan
HOPKINS, Frank   	Saline
HOPKINS, George  	Saline
HOPKINS, George  	Saline
HOPKINS, James   	Ozan
HOPKINS, Jessie  	Saline
HOPKINS, John    	Ozan
HOPKINS, Livi    	Garland
HOPKINS, Lucinda 	Ozan
HOPKINS, Mary    	Ozan
HOPKINS, Nannie L.	Saline
HOPKINS, Nathan  	Saline
HOPKINS, Nathaniel	Saline
HOPKINS, Oster   	Saline
HOPKINS, Rebecca 	Saline
HOPKINS, Richard 	Saline
HOPKINS, Robert  	Ozan
HOPKINS, Robert  	Saline
HOPKINS, Sallie  	Saline
HOPKINS, Sallie  	Saline
HOPKINS, Samuel  	Saline
HOPKINS, Thomas  	Ozan
HOPKINS, Virgil  	Saline
HOPSON, Albert   	Saline
HOPSON, Alfred   	Ozan
HOPSON, Alfred   	Saline
HOPSON, Allen    	Saline
HOPSON, Allen    	Saline
HOPSON, Alma     	Fulton
HOPSON, Burtie   	Saline
HOPSON, Charles  	Bois D'Arc
HOPSON, Cora     	Bois D'Arc
HOPSON, Dave     	Saline
HOPSON, David    	Ozan
HOPSON, David R. 	Spring Hill
HOPSON, Della    	Saline
HOPSON, Eliza    	Ozan
HOPSON, Emmy     	Fulton
HOPSON, George   	Bois D'Arc
HOPSON, Georgie A.	Spring Hill
HOPSON, Graham   	Fulton
HOPSON, Grandison	Saline
HOPSON, Grandison	Saline
HOPSON, Henry    	Mine Creek
HOPSON, Henry    	Ozan
HOPSON, Ida      	Saline
HOPSON, Isabella 	Ozan
HOPSON, Jas.     	Bois D'Arc
HOPSON, Jefferson	Ozan
HOPSON, Joe      	Saline
HOPSON, Joe      	Saline
HOPSON, Johnie   	Saline
HOPSON, Judy     	Bois D'Arc
HOPSON, Julia    	Ozan
HOPSON, Lelia    	Saline
HOPSON, Lenie    	Bois D'Arc
HOPSON, Liberty  	Ozan
HOPSON, Liza     	Saline
HOPSON, Lucetta  	Saline
HOPSON, Malissa  	Saline
HOPSON, Manora A.	Spring Hill
HOPSON, Mary     	Saline
HOPSON, Maryland 	Saline
HOPSON, Meredeth 	Saline
HOPSON, Mildred  	Saline
HOPSON, Millie   	Saline
HOPSON, Mollie   	Saline
HOPSON, Molsy    	Ozan
HOPSON, Neddie   	Saline
HOPSON, Parine   	Ozan
HOPSON, Rena     	Bois D'Arc
HOPSON, Renix    	Spring Hill
HOPSON, Samuel   	Ozan
HOPSON, Sarah M. 	Ozan
HOPSON, Stella   	Bois D'Arc
HOPSON, Stuart   	Saline
HOPSON, Vergenia 	Ozan
HOPSON, Virge    	Saline
HOPSON, William  	Bois D'Arc
HOPSON, William  	Ozan
HOPSON, Willie   	Saline
HORD, E.         	Hope
HOSEA, Zebbie L. 	Mine Creek
HOSIE, Jim G.    	Mine Creek
HOSKINS, R. O.   	Bois D'Arc
HOTCHKISS, Liza F.	Fulton
HOTCHKISS, William H.	Fulton
HOUARD, Robert   	Ozan
HOUSE, Francis M.	Spring Hill
HOUSE, James     	Spring Hill
HOUSE, Mary A.   	Spring Hill
HOUSTON, Sam     	Hope
HOWARD, Brytha A.	Spring Hill
HOWARD, C.       	De Roane
HOWARD, Fannie   	Spring Hill
HOWARD, Fannie H 	Fulton
HOWARD, George   	Wallaceburg
HOWARD, George W.	Spring Hill
HOWARD, John     	Wallaceburg
HOWARD, John H.  	Spring Hill
HOWARD, Laura    	Spring Hill
HOWARD, Leslie   	Wallaceburg
HOWARD, Mary M.  	Spring Hill
HOWARD, Mollie E.	Fulton
HOWARD, Nellie E.	Fulton
HOWARD, Nolie    	Wallaceburg
HOWARD, Olie     	Wallaceburg
HOWARD, Olympus  	Wallaceburg
HOWARD, Pearson  	Spring Hill
HOWARD, Thomas   	Spring Hill
HOWE, George N.  	Ozan
HOWEL, Claude E. 	De Roane
HOWEL, Fanny     	De Roane
HOWEL, John      	De Roane
HOWEL, L.        	De Roane
HOWEL, Lucy      	De Roane
HOWEL, Maud      	De Roane
HOWEL, S. L.     	De Roane
HOWEL, Sally F.  	De Roane
HOWELL, David    	Wallaceburg
HOWELL, Elijah   	Wallaceburg
HOWELL, George   	Wallaceburg
HOWELL, Martha   	Garland
HOWELL, Mary     	Wallaceburg
HOWELL, Samuel   	Wallaceburg
HOWELL, Susan    	Bois D'Arc
HOWELL, Tilman   	Garland
HOWELL, Tulula   	Wallaceburg
HOWELL, William  	Bois D'Arc
HOWISON, W. T.   	Hope
HOYE, Henry      	De Roane
HUBBARD, Abe L.  	Garland
HUBBARD, Ada A.  	Garland
HUBBARD, Albert S.	Garland
HUBBARD, Amanda  	De Roane
HUBBARD, Amanda  	Ozan
HUBBARD, Amey    	Garland
HUBBARD, Ann     	De Roane
HUBBARD, Annette R.	Garland
HUBBARD, Bird    	De Roane
HUBBARD, Charles 	De Roane
HUBBARD, Elizabeth	De Roane
HUBBARD, Ellis   	Ozan
HUBBARD, Ellis   	Ozan
HUBBARD, Emma    	Garland
HUBBARD, Emma L. 	Spring Hill
HUBBARD, Esther  	Ozan
HUBBARD, Fannie  	Garland
HUBBARD, Francis 	Ozan
HUBBARD, Garland N.	Spring Hill
HUBBARD, Georgia 	De Roane
HUBBARD, Greyson 	Ozan
HUBBARD, Henry   	De Roane
HUBBARD, Henry   	De Roane
HUBBARD, Ida M.  	Garland
HUBBARD, Isaac   	Garland
HUBBARD, Isaac P.	Spring Hill
HUBBARD, James M.	Garland
HUBBARD, Jno.    	Garland
HUBBARD, John    	Garland
HUBBARD, John W. 	Spring Hill
HUBBARD, Joseph L.	Garland
HUBBARD, Julia   	Garland
HUBBARD, Lee J.  	Spring Hill
HUBBARD, Lizzie  	Garland
HUBBARD, Lula M. 	Spring Hill
HUBBARD, Mandy   	Garland
HUBBARD, Margaret A.	Spring Hill
HUBBARD, Mary    	Ozan
HUBBARD, Mary    	Spring Hill
HUBBARD, Moses   	Garland
HUBBARD, Pilot   	Ozan
HUBBARD, Prescilla	Ozan
HUBBARD, Russell 	Garland
HUBBARD, Sammy   	De Roane
HUBBARD, William M.	Garland
HUCKABEE, B. M.  	Spring Hill
HUCKABEE, Barbara	Spring Hill
HUCKABEE, Barbara E.	Spring Hill
HUCKABEE, Berry  	Spring Hill
HUCKABEE, Billy  	Spring Hill
HUCKABEE, Charles E.	Spring Hill
HUCKABEE, Dicey  	Spring Hill
HUCKABEE, Dicey M.	Spring Hill
HUCKABEE, Emma C.	Spring Hill
HUCKABEE, George 	De Roane
HUCKABEE, Hillery M.	Spring Hill
HUCKABEE, Ida V. 	Spring Hill
HUCKABEE, Isaac B.	De Roane
HUCKABEE, Isaac C.	Spring Hill
HUCKABEE, James B.	Spring Hill
HUCKABEE, James B.	Spring Hill
HUCKABEE, James C.	Spring Hill
HUCKABEE, James H.	Spring Hill
HUCKABEE, Jennie A.	Spring Hill
HUCKABEE, John B.	Spring Hill
HUCKABEE, John M.	Spring Hill
HUCKABEE, John W.	Spring Hill
HUCKABEE, Joseph 	Spring Hill
HUCKABEE, Kitty  	De Roane
HUCKABEE, Laura V.	Spring Hill
HUCKABEE, Leroy  	Spring Hill
HUCKABEE, Lilly F.	Spring Hill
HUCKABEE, Lucius E.	Spring Hill
HUCKABEE, Lucy E.	Spring Hill
HUCKABEE, Malissa	De Roane
HUCKABEE, Margaret R.	Spring Hill
HUCKABEE, Marshall L.	Spring Hill
HUCKABEE, Martha 	Spring Hill
HUCKABEE, Martha A.	Spring Hill
HUCKABEE, Martha M.	Spring Hill
HUCKABEE, Mary C.	De Roane
HUCKABEE, Mary C.	Spring Hill
HUCKABEE, Nancy  	Spring Hill
HUCKABEE, Nancy C.	Spring Hill
HUCKABEE, Pasalee	Spring Hill
HUCKABEE, Rebecca A.	Spring Hill
HUCKABEE, Robert C.	Spring Hill
HUCKABEE, Sallie 	Spring Hill
HUCKABEE, Sarah E.	Spring Hill
HUCKABEE, Unknown	Spring Hill
HUCKABEE, Walter B.	Spring Hill
HUCKELEY, Alice C.	Saline
HUCKELEY, America P.	Saline
HUCKELEY, George T.	Saline
HUCKELEY, Henry  	Saline
HUCKELEY, Luncindy	Saline
HUCKELEY, Sarah B.	Saline
HUCKELEY, William C.	Saline
HUDDLESTON, Fielding	Wallaceburg
HUDDLESTON, Jackson	Wallaceburg
HUDDLESTON, Sarah	Wallaceburg
HUDLESTON, Elizabeth	Ozan
HUDLESTON, Fliney	Ozan
HUDLESTON, Woodson	Ozan
HUDSPETH, Ester J.	Saline
HUDSPETH, Florance A.	Saline
HUDSPETH, Lelia A.	Saline
HUDSPETH, Nolina L.	Saline
HUDSPETH, William	Saline
HUFF, Charles Y. 	De Roane
HUFF, Flavius J. 	De Roane
HUFF, Francis    	De Roane
HUFF, Ida T.     	De Roane
HUFF, James      	De Roane
HUFF, Lucius J.  	De Roane
HUFF, Madura L.  	De Roane
HUFF, Nancy O.   	De Roane
HUFF, Robert L.  	De Roane
HUFF, Talulah H. 	De Roane
HUGHES, Julia    	Wallaceburg
HUGHES, Mack     	Wallaceburg
HUGHSON, Emma M. 	Spring Hill
HUGHSON, George W.	Bois D'Arc
HUGHSON, Ike     	Bois D'Arc
HUITT, Anna B.   	De Roane
HUITT, John      	De Roane
HUITT, John S.   	De Roane
HUITT, Josephine 	De Roane
HUITT, Mary E.   	De Roane
HUITT, William   	De Roane
HULSE, Loula     	Hope
HULSEY, James D. 	Garland
HULSEY, Maggie J.	Garland
HULSEY, Nancy A. 	Garland
HULSEY, Thomas M.	Garland
HUMPHREY, John P.	Spring Hill
HUMPHREY, Lula B.	Spring Hill
HUMPHRIE, Alford M.	Mine Creek
HUMPHRIE, Amanda 	Mine Creek
HUMPHRIE, Amanda A.	Mine Creek
HUMPHRIE, Frances M.	Mine Creek
HUMPHRIE, Martha M.	Mine Creek
HUMPHRIES, Caley M.	Mine Creek
HUMPHRIES, George W.	Mine Creek
HUMPHRIES, James 	Mine Creek
HUMPHRIES, John  	Mine Creek
HUMPHRIES, Martha A.	Mine Creek
HUMPHRIES, Mary J.	Mine Creek
HUMPHRIES, May J.	Mine Creek
HUMPHRIES, Polly 	Mine Creek
HUMPHRIES, Sarah A.	Mine Creek
HUMPHRIES, William	Mine Creek
HUMPHY, Elijah A.	Mine Creek
HUMPHY, Louiza   	Mine Creek
HUMPHY, Marion N.	Mine Creek
HUNT, Daniel     	Saline
HUNT, Daniel     	Saline
HUNT, Emily      	Saline
HUNT, Geo. L.    	Bois D'Arc
HUNT, Hart       	Saline
HUNT, Louisa     	Saline
HUNT, Nelson     	Spring Hill
HUNT, Paul       	Saline
HUNT, Phrona     	Ozan
HUNT, Silas      	Saline
HUNTER, George   	Spring Hill
HUNTER, John     	De Roane
HUNTER, Malissa  	De Roane
HUNTER, Malissa L. A.	Spring Hill
HUNTER, Mariah   	De Roane
HUNTER, Mary     	De Roane
HUNTER, Mary     	Spring Hill
HUNTER, Ruben    	De Roane
HUNTER, Sue A.   	Garland
HUNTLEY, Charles 	Ozan
HUNTLEY, Elcy    	Ozan
HUNTLEY, Jennie  	Ozan
HUNTLEY, Luceus  	Ozan
HUNTLEY, Lula    	Ozan
HUNTLEY, Mary J. 	Ozan
HUNTLEY, Pett    	Ozan
HUNTLEY, Wallace 	Ozan
HUNTLEY, Wiley   	Ozan
HUNTLEY, William 	Ozan
HUNTLEY, Willis  	Ozan
HUNTLY, Winston  	Ozan
HUSE, Isaac      	Wallaceburg
HUSE, James      	Wallaceburg
HUSE, John       	Wallaceburg
HUSE, Julia      	Wallaceburg
HUSKY, Hampton   	Wallaceburg
HUSKY, James     	Wallaceburg
HUSKY, John      	Wallaceburg
HUSKY, Laura     	Wallaceburg
HUSKY, Lewis     	Wallaceburg
HUSKY, Lillie    	Wallaceburg
HUSKY, Ruhama    	Wallaceburg
HUSKY, William   	Wallaceburg
HUSTON, Ervin    	Hope
HUTCHINS, Nickelus R.	Mine Creek
HUTCHINS, Sarah J.	Mine Creek
HUTCHINS, William N.	Mine Creek
HUTCHINSON, John A.	Mine Creek
HUTCHINSON, Mary C.	Mine Creek
HUTCHINSON, Mary E.	Mine Creek
HUTCHINSON, Sarah I.	Mine Creek
HUTCHINSON, Susan E.	Mine Creek
HUTCHINSON, Young H.	Mine Creek
HUTCHISON, James 	Ozan
HUTSON, Andrew J.	Mine Creek
HUTSON, Davis    	Mine Creek
HUTSON, Dock     	Mine Creek
HUTSON, Elisabeth J.	Mine Creek
HUTSON, Joab     	Mine Creek
HUTSON, Loretta  	Mine Creek
HUTSON, Martha   	Mine Creek
HUTSON, Nancy A. 	Mine Creek
HUTSON, Nancy P. 	Mine Creek
HUTSON, Rachel   	Mine Creek
HUTSON, Sarah E. 	Mine Creek
HYATT, Annie M.  	Mine Creek
HYATT, Benjamin I.	Mine Creek
HYATT, Calvin A. 	Mine Creek
HYATT, Emma F.   	Mine Creek
HYATT, James E.  	Mine Creek
HYATT, James G.  	Mine Creek
HYATT, James J.  	Mine Creek
HYATT, John B.   	Mine Creek
HYATT, Marsha A. 	Mine Creek
HYATT, Nancey    	Mine Creek
HYATT, Nancy L.  	Mine Creek
HYATT, Sarah E.  	Mine Creek
HYATT, William T.	Mine Creek
HYDE, Benjamin   	Wallaceburg
HYDE, Henry      	Spring Hill
HYDE, John A.    	Spring Hill
HYDE, Lemuel     	Wallaceburg
HYDE, Lucind     	Wallaceburg
HYDE, Maria      	Spring Hill
HYDE, Sarah      	Wallaceburg
HYDEN, Alford    	Red Land
HYDEN, Samuel    	Red Land
HYDEN, William   	Red Land
HYLTON, Hiram    	Spring Hill
HYLTON, Manerva  	Spring Hill
HYLTON, Willie   	Spring Hill
HYMAN, Ardell    	Saline
HYMAN, Charlie   	Saline
HYMAN, Cherry A. 	Saline
HYMAN, Columbus  	Saline
HYMAN, Timmie    	Saline
HYMAN, Walker    	Saline
HYMAN, Willie    	Saline
HYNES, Mark      	Wallaceburg
IRVIN, Andrew H. 	Ozan
IRVIN, Andrew H. 	Ozan
IRVIN, Anna      	Ozan
IRVIN, David C.  	Ozan
IRVIN, Henry     	Ozan
IRVIN, John H.   	Ozan
IRVIN, John H.   	Ozan
IRVIN, John M.   	Ozan
IRVIN, Martha    	Ozan
IRVIN, Martha    	Ozan
IRVIN, Martha A. 	Ozan
IRVIN, Sousan A. 	Ozan
IRVIN, Sousan T. 	Ozan
IRVIN, William   	Ozan
IRVIN, William   	Ozan
IRVIN, William M.	Ozan
IRVIN, William P.	Ozan
IRWIN, Jno. W.   	Garland
IRWIN, Rebecca J.	Garland
ISAAC, Newton    	Bois D'Arc
ISAACS, Chaney   	Bois D'Arc
ISAACS, Elvira   	Bois D'Arc
ISAACS, Hount    	Bois D'Arc
ISAACS, Jeannette	Bois D'Arc
ISAACS, Morse    	Bois D'Arc
ISAACS, Robt.    	Bois D'Arc
ISAACS, Robt.    	Bois D'Arc
ISELY, Alex      	Ozan
ISELY, Hannah    	Ozan
ISELY, Presella  	Ozan
ISELY, Sousan    	Ozan
ISRAELSON, Fannie	Wallaceburg
IVER, Arthur MC  	Spring Hill
IVER, John MC    	Spring Hill
IVEY, C. L.      	De Roane
IVEY, Jane       	Spring Hill
IVEY, Mary L.    	De Roane
IVEY, Mary L.    	De Roane
IVINS, Araminta  	Garland
IVORY, James     	Spring Hill
J., F.           	Hope
JACKS, Frank     	De Roane
JACKS, Jackson   	De Roane
JACKS, James     	De Roane
JACKS, Lula      	De Roane
JACKS, Sophy     	De Roane
JACKS, Walter    	De Roane
JACKSON, Abe     	Hope
JACKSON, Adaline 	De Roane
JACKSON, Addline 	De Roane
JACKSON, Adilade 	De Roane
JACKSON, Alfred  	Spring Hill
JACKSON, Amanda E.	Spring Hill
JACKSON, Amelia  	De Roane
JACKSON, Andrew  	Hope
JACKSON, Annie   	Ozan
JACKSON, Ben     	De Roane
JACKSON, Benjamin	De Roane
JACKSON, Berter  	Ozan
JACKSON, Calvin  	Ozan
JACKSON, Clarinda	Ozan
JACKSON, David   	Spring Hill
JACKSON, Dennis  	Spring Hill
JACKSON, Dock    	Mine Creek
JACKSON, Easter  	Bois D'Arc
JACKSON, Ed      	Bois D'Arc
JACKSON, Edward  	Ozan
JACKSON, Eliza   	De Roane
JACKSON, Ella    	De Roane
JACKSON, Elnora  	Fulton
JACKSON, Ely     	De Roane
JACKSON, Ephraim 	Spring Hill
JACKSON, Fannie  	Ozan
JACKSON, Florence	Ozan
JACKSON, Frank   	Ozan
JACKSON, Froney  	De Roane
JACKSON, Gabe    	De Roane
JACKSON, George W.	Spring Hill
JACKSON, Green   	De Roane
JACKSON, Henrietta	Hope
JACKSON, Henry   	Garland
JACKSON, J. N.   	Hope
JACKSON, Jack    	Ozan
JACKSON, Jacob   	Bois D'Arc
JACKSON, James   	Ozan
JACKSON, James F.	Spring Hill
JACKSON, Jessie  	Saline
JACKSON, John    	De Roane
JACKSON, John    	Saline
JACKSON, John    	Spring Hill
JACKSON, Jos.    	Bois D'Arc
JACKSON, Joseph  	Ozan
JACKSON, Judia   	De Roane
JACKSON, Julia A.	Spring Hill
JACKSON, Kissiah 	Ozan
JACKSON, Kissiah 	Ozan
JACKSON, L. C.   	Spring Hill
JACKSON, Laura   	Ozan
JACKSON, Liddy   	Spring Hill
JACKSON, Lucy    	Ozan
JACKSON, Margarette	Ozan
JACKSON, Maria   	Ozan
JACKSON, Marion  	De Roane
JACKSON, Martha J.	Spring Hill
JACKSON, Mary    	De Roane
JACKSON, Mary    	De Roane
JACKSON, Mary    	Hope
JACKSON, Mary J. 	Bois D'Arc
JACKSON, Mary R. 	Spring Hill
JACKSON, Melia   	De Roane
JACKSON, Mima    	Ozan
JACKSON, Minerva 	Bois D'Arc
JACKSON, Moses   	Ozan
JACKSON, Nathan  	Spring Hill
JACKSON, Obiah   	Ozan
JACKSON, Pink    	Spring Hill
JACKSON, Rachiel 	Saline
JACKSON, Royston 	Ozan
JACKSON, Sarah G.	Ozan
JACKSON, Stephen 	Ozan
JACKSON, Tilda   	De Roane
JACKSON, Warren  	Ozan
JACKSON, William 	Ozan
JACOBS, Benney   	Hope
JACOBS, Berna    	Hope
JACOBS, Ellena   	Hope
JACOBS, F. E.    	Hope
JACOBS, Herman   	Hope
JACOBS, Joe      	Hope
JACOBS, Olivia   	Hope
JAGENSFIELD, Carl	Washington
JAMES, Ann       	Saline
JAMES, Anna      	Ozan
JAMES, Bismorck  	Saline
JAMES, Caroline  	Saline
JAMES, Catharine 	Red Land
JAMES, Charlott  	De Roane
JAMES, Daniel    	Red Land
JAMES, Edna      	Red Land
JAMES, Elijah    	Red Land
JAMES, Finley    	Wallaceburg
JAMES, Francis   	Mine Creek
JAMES, Henry     	Ozan
JAMES, Henry     	Ozan
JAMES, Henry F.  	Mine Creek
JAMES, J.        	Hope
JAMES, John      	De Roane
JAMES, John      	Red Land
JAMES, John B.   	Mine Creek
JAMES, John H.   	Mine Creek
JAMES, Johny     	Saline
JAMES, Josephine 	Mine Creek
JAMES, Juda      	Saline
JAMES, Laura     	Red Land
JAMES, Lena      	De Roane
JAMES, Maggie    	Ozan
JAMES, Martha    	Mine Creek
JAMES, Mary      	De Roane
JAMES, Mary      	Red Land
JAMES, Mary      	Saline
JAMES, Morison   	Saline
JAMES, Nancy     	Red Land
JAMES, Osie      	De Roane
JAMES, Phillis   	Washington
JAMES, Sarah J.  	Mine Creek
JAMES, Solomon   	Saline
JAMES, Susan     	Wallaceburg
JAMES, Thomas J. 	Mine Creek
JAMES, Tinna     	Saline
JAMES, Unknown   	Saline
JAMES, Vina      	Garland
JAMES, William   	De Roane
JAMES, William   	Ozan
JAMES, William   	Wallaceburg
JAMES, William B.	Mine Creek
JAMESON, James L.	Hope
JAMESON, Joe K.  	Hope
JAMESON, Lillie D.	Hope
JAMESON, Mary    	Hope
JAMESON, May B.  	Hope
JAMESON, W. D.   	Hope
JARMAN, Dorah    	Mine Creek
JARMAN, Jane     	Mine Creek
JARMAN, Jonathon L.	Mine Creek
JARMAN, Robie    	Mine Creek
JARMAN, Susan E. 	Mine Creek
JARMAN, Wicker   	Mine Creek
JARMIN, Minnie   	Hope
JARNEGAN, Chesley	Spring Hill
JARNEGAN, Mary M.	Spring Hill
JARNEGAN, Mary O.	Spring Hill
JARNEGAN, Oscar M.	Spring Hill
JARNEGAN, Sarah L.	Spring Hill
JARNEGAN, Surrinda E.	Spring Hill
JARNEGAN, Ula C. 	Spring Hill
JARNEGAN, William T.	Spring Hill
JARVIS, Jessee R.	Mine Creek
JARVIS, Maranda L.	Mine Creek
JARVIS, Mary J.  	Mine Creek
JARVIS, Nancy A. 	Mine Creek
JARVIS, Rachel D.	Mine Creek
JARVIS, Sarah A. 	Mine Creek
JAURDON, Phibbie 	Saline
JAURDON, Will    	Saline
JEB, Hester      	Hope
JEFFERS, Lemon   	Ozan
JEFFERS, Orange J.	Ozan
JEFFERSON, Bell  	Ozan
JEFFERSON, Betsy 	Saline
JEFFERSON, Bias  	Columbus
JEFFERSON, Charlotte	Ozan
JEFFERSON, Eliza 	Saline
JEFFERSON, Fannie	Saline
JEFFERSON, Francis	Saline
JEFFERSON, George	Ozan
JEFFERSON, George	Ozan
JEFFERSON, George	Saline
JEFFERSON, Henry 	Ozan
JEFFERSON, Isaac 	Ozan
JEFFERSON, James 	Hope
JEFFERSON, James 	Hope
JEFFERSON, James 	Saline
JEFFERSON, Jane R.	Saline
JEFFERSON, Jasper	Ozan
JEFFERSON, John  	Ozan
JEFFERSON, John W.	Saline
JEFFERSON, Joseph	Ozan
JEFFERSON, Lela  	Ozan
JEFFERSON, Linda 	Ozan
JEFFERSON, Lobuster	Saline
JEFFERSON, Louis 	Ozan
JEFFERSON, Louis 	Ozan
JEFFERSON, Louis 	Ozan
JEFFERSON, Louis 	Ozan
JEFFERSON, Lucy  	Hope
JEFFERSON, Marinda	Hope
JEFFERSON, Mary  	Bois D'Arc
JEFFERSON, Mary  	Hope
JEFFERSON, Mary  	Ozan
JEFFERSON, Matty 	Hope
JEFFERSON, Mollie	Saline
JEFFERSON, Moses 	Ozan
JEFFERSON, Nellie B.	Ozan
JEFFERSON, Parker	Saline
JEFFERSON, Sarah C.	Ozan
JEFFERSON, Solomon	Saline
JEFFERSON, Susex 	Saline
JEFFERSON, Thomas	Bois D'Arc
JEFFERSON, Thomas	Columbus
JEFFERSON, Thomas	Saline
JEFFERSON, Thomas E.	Bois D'Arc
JEFFERSON, Virgil	Ozan
JEFFERSON, William	Bois D'Arc
JEFFERSON, William	Ozan
JEFFERSON, William	Saline
JEFFERSON, Willie	Hope
JEFFREY, Susan A.	Garland
JEFFREY, William A.	Garland
JEFFRIES, William	Ozan
JENKINS, Addie   	Ozan
JENKINS, Bora    	Ozan
JENKINS, Edward  	Saline
JENKINS, John    	Hope
JENKINS, Rufus   	Red Land
JERVIN, Hempstead	Ozan
JERVIN, Jo. E.   	Ozan
JESTER, Acey     	Spring Hill
JESTER, Adeline  	Spring Hill
JESTER, Berrgess A.	Spring Hill
JESTER, Caty L.  	Spring Hill
JESTER, Frances A.	Spring Hill
JESTER, Frank    	Spring Hill
JESTER, Hezekiah 	Spring Hill
JESTER, John H.  	Spring Hill
JESTER, John H.  	Spring Hill
JESTER, Liddy    	Spring Hill
JESTER, Marchess 	Spring Hill
JESTER, Mary A.  	Spring Hill
JESTER, Priscilla	Spring Hill
JESTER, Thomas E.	Spring Hill
JESTER, Thomas F.	Spring Hill
JESTER, William T.	Spring Hill
JETT, Ambrose S. 	Fulton
JETT, Annie      	Washington
JETT, Ben        	Washington
JETT, Edward     	Washington
JETT, Edward     	Washington
JETT, Francis    	Ozan
JETT, Frank      	Ozan
JETT, Idyl       	Washington
JETT, Irene      	Washington
JETT, John       	Ozan
JETT, Kate E.    	Fulton
JETT, Lulu       	Washington
JETT, Mary       	Washington
JETT, Pendleton  	Washington
JETT, Rose       	Ozan
JETT, Ruffin     	Ozan
JETT, Walter O.  	Fulton
JETT, William A. 	Fulton
JINKUKINS, Thomas	Mine Creek
JOBE, Alice      	Hope
JOBE, Edward     	Hope
JOBE, Elizabeth  	Hope
JOBE, Emma       	Hope
JOBE, John       	Hope
JOBE, Luna       	Hope
JOBE, Mary       	Hope
JOBE, William    	Hope
JOHANSON, John F.	Ozan
JOHLSON, Vina    	Fulton
JOHN, James W.   	Spring Hill
JOHN, P. F.      	De Roane
JOHNES, Augustus 	Washington
JOHNES, Fannie   	Washington
JOHNES, John     	Washington
JOHNES, John     	Washington
JOHNES, Martha   	Washington
JOHNES, Virginia 	Washington
JOHNS, Willie    	Bois D'Arc
JOHNSON, A.      	De Roane
JOHNSON, A. L.   	Hope
JOHNSON, Ada B.  	Mine Creek
JOHNSON, Adline  	Garland
JOHNSON, Adoline 	Ozan
JOHNSON, Albert L.	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, Alex    	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, Alexander	Ozan
JOHNSON, Alfred  	Ozan
JOHNSON, Alfred  	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, Alice   	Saline
JOHNSON, Alice   	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, Allen   	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, Ama     	Ozan
JOHNSON, Ama     	Ozan
JOHNSON, Amanda  	Ozan
JOHNSON, Amanda  	Ozan
JOHNSON, Amanda  	Ozan
JOHNSON, Amandy  	Mine Creek
JOHNSON, Amie E. 	Ozan
JOHNSON, Andrew  	De Roane
JOHNSON, Andrew  	Saline
JOHNSON, Andrew  	Saline
JOHNSON, Ann     	Bois D'Arc
JOHNSON, Ann     	Garland
JOHNSON, Ann     	Ozan
JOHNSON, Ann     	Ozan
JOHNSON, Ann     	Saline
JOHNSON, Ann     	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, Anna    	Columbus
JOHNSON, Anna B. 	Saline
JOHNSON, Annie   	Washington
JOHNSON, Annie B.	Columbus
JOHNSON, Arbella 	Mine Creek
JOHNSON, Archie  	Ozan
JOHNSON, Arhalia 	Wallaceburg
JOHNSON, Arnold  	Washington
JOHNSON, Arnold J.	Washington
JOHNSON, Arthur  	Ozan
JOHNSON, Augusta 	Ozan
JOHNSON, Austin  	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, Barney  	Garland
JOHNSON, Bateart 	Saline
JOHNSON, Bell    	Ozan
JOHNSON, Ben     	Hope
JOHNSON, Ben     	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, Berry   	Bois D'Arc
JOHNSON, Berter  	Ozan
JOHNSON, Betsey  	De Roane
JOHNSON, Betsy   	Saline
JOHNSON, Bettie  	Fulton
JOHNSON, Bettie  	Saline
JOHNSON, Bettie  	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, Beulah  	Wallaceburg
JOHNSON, Booker  	Ozan
JOHNSON, Booker J.	Saline
JOHNSON, Brooks  	Saline
JOHNSON, C. A.   	Hope
JOHNSON, C. L.   	Fulton
JOHNSON, C. M.   	Hope
JOHNSON, C. M.   	Hope
JOHNSON, Caldonia	Saline
JOHNSON, Caledonia	Ozan
JOHNSON, Callie  	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, Caroline	Saline
JOHNSON, Carry   	Ozan
JOHNSON, Catharine	Saline
JOHNSON, Charles 	Ozan
JOHNSON, Charles B.	Columbus
JOHNSON, Charles W.	Garland
JOHNSON, Charles W.	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, Chess   	Ozan
JOHNSON, Cinda   	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, Claib   	Ozan
JOHNSON, Clarence	Ozan
JOHNSON, Clarisa 	Washington
JOHNSON, Clark   	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, Clay    	Saline
JOHNSON, Coleman 	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, Columbia	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, Columbus C.	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, Cora    	Bois D'Arc
JOHNSON, Cora    	Ozan
JOHNSON, Cread   	De Roane
JOHNSON, Curt L. 	Mine Creek
JOHNSON, Daen    	Saline
JOHNSON, Dan     	Saline
JOHNSON, Daniel  	Ozan
JOHNSON, David   	Saline
JOHNSON, Delia   	Saline
JOHNSON, Della W.	Garland
JOHNSON, Dilcie  	Garland
JOHNSON, Dora C. 	Ozan
JOHNSON, Dorcus A.	Ozan
JOHNSON, Drew    	Saline
JOHNSON, E.      	Hope
JOHNSON, Earl    	Columbus
JOHNSON, Edie    	Saline
JOHNSON, Edmond  	Mine Creek
JOHNSON, Edmund  	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, Edna S. 	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, Edward  	De Roane
JOHNSON, Edward  	Saline
JOHNSON, Elevira 	Bois D'Arc
JOHNSON, Elisabeth	Mine Creek
JOHNSON, Eliza   	Washington
JOHNSON, Elizabeth	Ozan
JOHNSON, Ella    	Ozan
JOHNSON, Ella    	Saline
JOHNSON, Ellen   	Ozan
JOHNSON, Elmore  	Garland
JOHNSON, Elvira  	Ozan
JOHNSON, Ely     	Saline
JOHNSON, Emerit  	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, Emma    	Bois D'Arc
JOHNSON, Emma    	Columbus
JOHNSON, Emma    	De Roane
JOHNSON, Emma    	Ozan
JOHNSON, Emma    	Saline
JOHNSON, Emma    	Saline
JOHNSON, Enos    	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, Etter   	Saline
JOHNSON, Eugene  	Hope
JOHNSON, Fannie  	Ozan
JOHNSON, Fannie  	Saline
JOHNSON, Fannie  	Washington
JOHNSON, Fannie L.	Ozan
JOHNSON, Felix   	Garland
JOHNSON, Finas   	Mine Creek
JOHNSON, Flora   	Saline
JOHNSON, Florence J.	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, Florissa	Bois D'Arc
JOHNSON, Ford    	Saline
JOHNSON, Ford J. 	Columbus
JOHNSON, Frances 	Columbus
JOHNSON, Francis 	Washington
JOHNSON, Frank   	De Roane
JOHNSON, Frank   	De Roane
JOHNSON, Freeman 	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, Gabrella	Garland
JOHNSON, George  	Garland
JOHNSON, George  	Garland
JOHNSON, George  	Saline
JOHNSON, George  	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, George A.	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, George W.	Ozan
JOHNSON, Georgia 	Hope
JOHNSON, Hannah  	Saline
JOHNSON, Hariet  	Bois D'Arc
JOHNSON, Harriet 	De Roane
JOHNSON, Harriet 	Saline
JOHNSON, Harriet 	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, Harriet 	Wallaceburg
JOHNSON, Henretta	Saline
JOHNSON, Henry   	De Roane
JOHNSON, Henry   	Garland
JOHNSON, Henry   	Mine Creek
JOHNSON, Henry   	Saline
JOHNSON, Henry   	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, Henry   	Wallaceburg
JOHNSON, Henry   	Washington
JOHNSON, Henry C.	Garland
JOHNSON, Herculus	Saline
JOHNSON, Herculus	Saline
JOHNSON, Hester A.	Ozan
JOHNSON, Hiram   	Garland
JOHNSON, Ida     	Saline
JOHNSON, Irene   	Saline
JOHNSON, Irvin   	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, Isabell 	Saline
JOHNSON, Isabell 	Saline
JOHNSON, Ivory   	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, J.      	Hope
JOHNSON, J.      	Hope
JOHNSON, Jack    	Garland
JOHNSON, James   	Ozan
JOHNSON, James   	Ozan
JOHNSON, James W.	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, Jane    	Garland
JOHNSON, Jane    	Ozan
JOHNSON, Jane    	Ozan
JOHNSON, Jane    	Saline
JOHNSON, Jeames  	Saline
JOHNSON, Jeff    	Ozan
JOHNSON, Jefferson	Wallaceburg
JOHNSON, Jerry   	Garland
JOHNSON, Jesse M.	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, Jesse T.	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, Jno Q.  	Garland
JOHNSON, Joe     	Saline
JOHNSON, Joe H.  	Garland
JOHNSON, Joe H.  	Saline
JOHNSON, Joe T.  	Bois D'Arc
JOHNSON, John    	Columbus
JOHNSON, John    	De Roane
JOHNSON, John    	Mine Creek
JOHNSON, John    	Ozan
JOHNSON, John    	Ozan
JOHNSON, John    	Ozan
JOHNSON, John    	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, John    	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, John A. 	Ozan
JOHNSON, John A. 	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, John B. 	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, John W. 	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, Johnie  	Saline
JOHNSON, Johny   	Saline
JOHNSON, Jonathon	Mine Creek
JOHNSON, Jorden  	Ozan
JOHNSON, Jos. H. 	Fulton
JOHNSON, Josepe  	Mine Creek
JOHNSON, Joseph  	Red Land
JOHNSON, Josephene	De Roane
JOHNSON, Josephine	Ozan
JOHNSON, Josephine	Red Land
JOHNSON, Josephine	Washington
JOHNSON, Josiphine	Ozan
JOHNSON, Julia   	De Roane
JOHNSON, Julia A.	Washington
JOHNSON, Julius  	Saline
JOHNSON, Kate    	Ozan
JOHNSON, Kinchin 	Ozan
JOHNSON, King    	Bois D'Arc
JOHNSON, King    	Ozan
JOHNSON, Kitty   	Garland
JOHNSON, L.      	Mine Creek
JOHNSON, Laura   	Washington
JOHNSON, Lavenia 	Washington
JOHNSON, Lawrance	Garland
JOHNSON, Leana   	De Roane
JOHNSON, Leanna  	Garland
JOHNSON, Lester  	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, Lidia   	Ozan
JOHNSON, Lila    	Bois D'Arc
JOHNSON, Lilly   	Saline
JOHNSON, Linda G.	Mine Creek
JOHNSON, Lou     	Ozan
JOHNSON, Loucinda	Mine Creek
JOHNSON, Louis   	Fulton
JOHNSON, Louis   	Saline
JOHNSON, Louisa  	Saline
JOHNSON, Loyd    	Saline
JOHNSON, Lu Ella 	Columbus
JOHNSON, Lucetta 	Columbus
JOHNSON, Lucinda 	Saline
JOHNSON, Lucinda 	Washington
JOHNSON, Lucius  	Ozan
JOHNSON, Lucrecia	Ozan
JOHNSON, Lucy    	Bois D'Arc
JOHNSON, Lucy    	Garland
JOHNSON, Lucy    	Ozan
JOHNSON, Lucy    	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, Lucy    	Wallaceburg
JOHNSON, Luetta  	Garland
JOHNSON, Lulu    	Fulton
JOHNSON, Lulu    	Saline
JOHNSON, Lunsey  	Garland
JOHNSON, Luthur  	Ozan
JOHNSON, M. A.   	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, Maggie  	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, Maggie M.	Mine Creek
JOHNSON, Malissa 	Washington
JOHNSON, Mandy   	Saline
JOHNSON, Manerva 	Ozan
JOHNSON, Manerva 	Saline
JOHNSON, Maria   	Garland
JOHNSON, Maria   	Ozan
JOHNSON, Mark    	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, Martha  	Bois D'Arc
JOHNSON, Martha  	Columbus
JOHNSON, Martha  	De Roane
JOHNSON, Martha  	Garland
JOHNSON, Martha  	Garland
JOHNSON, Martha  	Ozan
JOHNSON, Martha  	Ozan
JOHNSON, Martha  	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, Martha  	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, Martha A.	Garland
JOHNSON, Martha A.	Mine Creek
JOHNSON, Martha A.	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, Martha D.	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, Mary    	De Roane
JOHNSON, Mary    	Fulton
JOHNSON, Mary    	Fulton
JOHNSON, Mary    	Ozan
JOHNSON, Mary    	Ozan
JOHNSON, Mary    	Ozan
JOHNSON, Mary    	Ozan
JOHNSON, Mary    	Ozan
JOHNSON, Mary    	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, Mary A. 	Garland
JOHNSON, Mary A. 	Mine Creek
JOHNSON, Mary A. 	Saline
JOHNSON, Mary A. 	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, Mary Bell	Columbus
JOHNSON, Mary E  	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, Mary E. 	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, Mary J. 	Hope
JOHNSON, Mat     	Bois D'Arc
JOHNSON, Mat     	Saline
JOHNSON, Mat     	Saline
JOHNSON, Matilda 	Wallaceburg
JOHNSON, Milly   	Ozan
JOHNSON, Mimns   	Ozan
JOHNSON, Minnie  	Bois D'Arc
JOHNSON, Minnie  	Ozan
JOHNSON, Minnie G.	De Roane
JOHNSON, Minnie J.	Garland
JOHNSON, Monin   	Garland
JOHNSON, Monroe  	Saline
JOHNSON, Mose    	Bois D'Arc
JOHNSON, Moses   	De Roane
JOHNSON, Moses   	Garland
JOHNSON, Nancy   	Bois D'Arc
JOHNSON, Nancy   	Mine Creek
JOHNSON, Nancy   	Ozan
JOHNSON, Nancy E.	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, Nancy J.	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, Nannie  	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, Nina    	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, Ode     	Bois D'Arc
JOHNSON, Ophelia J.	Bois D'Arc
JOHNSON, Oval    	Washington
JOHNSON, P.      	Mine Creek
JOHNSON, Paicy   	Saline
JOHNSON, Patsy   	Ozan
JOHNSON, Patty   	Ozan
JOHNSON, Pauline 	Ozan
JOHNSON, Peyton  	Bois D'Arc
JOHNSON, Pierce  	Saline
JOHNSON, Pink    	Saline
JOHNSON, Pleasant	Mine Creek
JOHNSON, Pleasant	Saline
JOHNSON, Polly Ann	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, Preston 	Garland
JOHNSON, Rachael 	Ozan
JOHNSON, Rachael 	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, Rena    	Saline
JOHNSON, Renty   	Saline
JOHNSON, Richard 	De Roane
JOHNSON, Richard 	Garland
JOHNSON, Richard 	Ozan
JOHNSON, Richard 	Ozan
JOHNSON, Richard 	Ozan
JOHNSON, Richard 	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, Richard M.	Bois D'Arc
JOHNSON, Ridgeway	Ozan
JOHNSON, Robert  	De Roane
JOHNSON, Robert  	Ozan
JOHNSON, Robert  	Ozan
JOHNSON, Robert  	Ozan
JOHNSON, Robert  	Ozan
JOHNSON, Roda B. 	Saline
JOHNSON, Rosetta 	De Roane
JOHNSON, Rosetta 	Saline
JOHNSON, Roy     	Columbus
JOHNSON, Rufus   	Garland
JOHNSON, Rufus J.	Mine Creek
JOHNSON, S.      	Hope
JOHNSON, Sallie  	Bois D'Arc
JOHNSON, Sallie  	Saline
JOHNSON, Sallie  	Saline
JOHNSON, Sally   	Ozan
JOHNSON, Sally   	Washington
JOHNSON, Sam     	Saline
JOHNSON, Sampson 	Ozan
JOHNSON, Sampson 	Ozan
JOHNSON, Samuel  	Garland
JOHNSON, Samuel  	Ozan
JOHNSON, Samuel  	Washington
JOHNSON, Sarah   	De Roane
JOHNSON, Sarah   	Garland
JOHNSON, Sarah   	Ozan
JOHNSON, Sarah   	Saline
JOHNSON, Sarah F.	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, Sarah J.	De Roane
JOHNSON, Savannah	Bois D'Arc
JOHNSON, Silus   	Ozan
JOHNSON, Smith   	Saline
JOHNSON, Smith   	Saline
JOHNSON, Sophia  	Ozan
JOHNSON, Stella  	Ozan
JOHNSON, Steve   	Saline
JOHNSON, Susan   	Garland
JOHNSON, Susan   	Saline
JOHNSON, Susan M.	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, T. M.   	De Roane
JOHNSON, Talulu  	De Roane
JOHNSON, Thomas  	Garland
JOHNSON, Thomas  	Saline
JOHNSON, Tracy   	Saline
JOHNSON, Unknown 	Hope
JOHNSON, Unknown 	Mine Creek
JOHNSON, Unknown 	Saline
JOHNSON, Unknown 	Saline
JOHNSON, Vena    	Columbus
JOHNSON, Venus   	Columbus
JOHNSON, Vina    	Bois D'Arc
JOHNSON, Virgil  	Ozan
JOHNSON, Virginia	Saline
JOHNSON, W.      	Hope
JOHNSON, Wallace 	Garland
JOHNSON, Wallace 	Garland
JOHNSON, Walter  	Ozan
JOHNSON, Warren  	Columbus
JOHNSON, Warren  	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, William 	Bois D'Arc
JOHNSON, William 	De Roane
JOHNSON, William 	Ozan
JOHNSON, William 	Ozan
JOHNSON, William 	Ozan
JOHNSON, William 	Saline
JOHNSON, William 	Saline
JOHNSON, William 	Saline
JOHNSON, William 	Saline
JOHNSON, William 	Washington
JOHNSON, William A.	Bois D'Arc
JOHNSON, William H.	Garland
JOHNSON, William M.	Spring Hill
JOHNSON, Willie  	Hope
JOHNSON, Willie  	Saline
JOHNSON, Willis  	Wallaceburg
JOHNSON, Wilson  	Garland
JOHNSON, Zeke    	Saline
JOHNSTON, Ann S. 	Bois D'Arc
JOHNSTON, David B.	Washington
JOHNSTON, Fannie B.	Washington
JOHNSTON, John   	Bois D'Arc
JOHNSTON, Manuel 	Spring Hill
JOHNSTON, Mary E.	Washington
JOHNSTON, Walter R	Washington
JOHNSTON, William D.	Washington
JOHNSTON, Wm. D. 	Bois D'Arc
JONES, A.        	De Roane
JONES, Ada       	Ozan
JONES, Ada       	Spring Hill
JONES, Adaline   	De Roane
JONES, Addie     	Garland
JONES, Albert    	Ozan
JONES, Alex      	Spring Hill
JONES, Alfred M. 	Spring Hill
JONES, Alice     	Bois D'Arc
JONES, Alice M.  	De Roane
JONES, Ama       	Ozan
JONES, America J.	Mine Creek
JONES, Aminbur   	De Roane
JONES, Anderson  	Garland
JONES, Anna      	Spring Hill
JONES, B. A.     	Hope
JONES, B. R.     	Hope
JONES, Basil W.  	Garland
JONES, Bayless   	Bois D'Arc
JONES, Bazil     	Garland
JONES, Becky     	Spring Hill
JONES, Ben       	Fulton
JONES, Benj.     	Bois D'Arc
JONES, Benjamin  	Spring Hill
JONES, Benjamin F.	Spring Hill
JONES, Bertha    	Spring Hill
JONES, Bettie B. 	Columbus
JONES, Bitha E.  	Spring Hill
JONES, Bobbie N. 	Washington
JONES, Bryson    	De Roane
JONES, Butler    	Spring Hill
JONES, Caleb B.  	Spring Hill
JONES, Calep F.  	Spring Hill
JONES, Carry     	Ozan
JONES, Charles   	Spring Hill
JONES, Charlotte 	Ozan
JONES, Charly    	De Roane
JONES, Christopher C.	Spring Hill
JONES, Claudius  	Washington
JONES, Daniel W. 	Washington
JONES, Daul W.   	Washington
JONES, David     	Ozan
JONES, David     	Spring Hill
JONES, David H.  	Spring Hill
JONES, Dora      	Ozan
JONES, Dora      	Saline
JONES, Edmond    	Ozan
JONES, Elijah    	Saline
JONES, Eliza J.  	Spring Hill
JONES, Elizabeth 	Bois D'Arc
JONES, Elizabeth 	Spring Hill
JONES, Elizabeth W.	Washington
JONES, Ella      	Columbus
JONES, Ella E.   	Columbus
JONES, Ellen     	Mine Creek
JONES, Elmira    	Spring Hill
JONES, Emely     	De Roane
JONES, Emma A.   	Garland
JONES, Emmett    	De Roane
JONES, Evey L.   	De Roane
JONES, Fanny     	Hope
JONES, Fanny     	Hope
JONES, Felix     	Bois D'Arc
JONES, Floyd     	De Roane
JONES, Francis   	De Roane
JONES, Frank     	Bois D'Arc
JONES, Frank D.  	De Roane
JONES, Geo.      	Bois D'Arc
JONES, George    	De Roane
JONES, George    	De Roane
JONES, George    	Spring Hill
JONES, George E. 	De Roane
JONES, George H. 	Ozan
JONES, George W. 	De Roane
JONES, George W. 	Spring Hill
JONES, Grant     	De Roane
JONES, Gus       	Bois D'Arc
JONES, Harriet   	Saline
JONES, Harriet V.	Spring Hill
JONES, Henderson 	Spring Hill
JONES, Henry     	De Roane
JONES, Henry     	De Roane
JONES, Henry     	Mine Creek
JONES, Henry     	Ozan
JONES, Henry     	Saline
JONES, Henry     	Spring Hill
JONES, Henry     	Spring Hill
JONES, Henry E.  	Garland
JONES, Henry J.  	Spring Hill
JONES, Herbert   	Bois D'Arc
JONES, Houard    	Washington
JONES, Ida       	Garland
JONES, Ida       	Saline
JONES, Isaac     	Bois D'Arc
JONES, Isaac     	De Roane
JONES, Isaac     	De Roane
JONES, Isham     	Ozan
JONES, J. E.     	Hope
JONES, J. E.     	Hope
JONES, J. R.     	Hope
JONES, Jacob A.  	Spring Hill
JONES, Jacob B.  	Spring Hill
JONES, Jacob F.  	Spring Hill
JONES, James     	Garland
JONES, James     	Mine Creek
JONES, James     	Spring Hill
JONES, James A.  	De Roane
JONES, James A.  	Spring Hill
JONES, James B.  	Garland
JONES, James F.  	Spring Hill
JONES, James G.  	Spring Hill
JONES, James H.  	Spring Hill
JONES, James H.  	Spring Hill
JONES, James K.  	Washington
JONES, James K.  	Washington
JONES, James O.  	Spring Hill
JONES, Jane      	Washington
JONES, Jas. C    	Fulton
JONES, Jasen     	Ozan
JONES, Jno. E.   	Bois D'Arc
JONES, Jno. H.   	Garland
JONES, John      	De Roane
JONES, John B.   	Spring Hill
JONES, John T.   	Spring Hill
JONES, John W.   	Spring Hill
JONES, John W.   	Spring Hill
JONES, Josephene 	De Roane
JONES, Juanita C.	Spring Hill
JONES, Judy      	Hope
JONES, Julia     	Spring Hill
JONES, Julia A.  	Bois D'Arc
JONES, K. I.     	Hope
JONES, Kate      	Ozan
JONES, L.        	Hope
JONES, Latha J.  	Spring Hill
JONES, Lena      	Garland
JONES, Lenora    	Washington
JONES, Leonora   	Spring Hill
JONES, Lewis     	Bois D'Arc
JONES, Liddia    	De Roane
JONES, Liddia    	De Roane
JONES, Lilly     	Saline
JONES, Lilly     	Saline
JONES, Lindsey   	De Roane
JONES, Loranzo   	Garland
JONES, Louis     	Ozan
JONES, Lucinda   	Bois D'Arc
JONES, Lucy A.   	Washington
JONES, Lucy C.   	Spring Hill
JONES, Lula      	Spring Hill
JONES, Lutha G   	Garland
JONES, M.        	Hope
JONES, M. D.     	Hope
JONES, M. E.     	Hope
JONES, Mack Henry	De Roane
JONES, Mada      	Garland
JONES, Malinda   	Ozan
JONES, Mandy     	De Roane
JONES, Margaret  	Hope
JONES, Margrett P.	Washington
JONES, Mariah    	De Roane
JONES, Marion F. 	Spring Hill
JONES, Martha    	Bois D'Arc
JONES, Martha    	Spring Hill
JONES, Martha    	Spring Hill
JONES, Martha A. 	De Roane
JONES, Martha F. 	Bois D'Arc
JONES, Martha H. 	De Roane
JONES, Martin    	De Roane
JONES, Mary      	Ozan
JONES, Mary      	Ozan
JONES, Mary F.   	Garland
JONES, Mary J.   	De Roane
JONES, Mary J.   	Washington
JONES, Mary L.   	Hope
JONES, Mary L.   	Spring Hill
JONES, Mary R.   	Bois D'Arc
JONES, Mary S.   	Washington
JONES, Mattie    	Spring Hill
JONES, Melinda E.	Bois D'Arc
JONES, Molley    	Mine Creek
JONES, Mollie    	Columbus
JONES, Mollie A. 	Spring Hill
JONES, Nancy     	Ozan
JONES, Nat K.    	Washington
JONES, Nat K.    	Washington
JONES, Oliver    	Ozan
JONES, Otus      	De Roane
JONES, Paralee   	Ozan
JONES, Paralee   	Spring Hill
JONES, Parker S. 	Bois D'Arc
JONES, Peter     	De Roane
JONES, Precilla  	Ozan
JONES, Price     	Mine Creek
JONES, Priscilla 	Spring Hill
JONES, Quinan    	Mine Creek
JONES, Rainy     	Ozan
JONES, Rebecca   	Hope
JONES, Rebecca   	Spring Hill
JONES, Rebecca   	Spring Hill
JONES, Rhachael  	Ozan
JONES, Rhoda     	Ozan
JONES, Robbert   	Columbus
JONES, Robert    	Spring Hill
JONES, Robert W. 	Spring Hill
JONES, Rocksy A. 	Garland
JONES, Rosie L.  	De Roane
JONES, S. L.     	Hope
JONES, Sallie    	Columbus
JONES, Sallie    	Garland
JONES, Sallie    	Saline
JONES, Sally     	De Roane
JONES, Sally     	De Roane
JONES, Samuel    	Spring Hill
JONES, Sarah     	Bois D'Arc
JONES, Sarah     	Bois D'Arc
JONES, Sarah     	De Roane
JONES, Sarah     	Spring Hill
JONES, Sarah E.  	Spring Hill
JONES, Seabrin T.	Ozan
JONES, Sebey     	De Roane
JONES, Selvy A.  	Mine Creek
JONES, Silvy     	Mine Creek
JONES, Sophia    	Bois D'Arc
JONES, Sophronia 	Spring Hill
JONES, Sousan    	Ozan
JONES, Stephen   	Ozan
JONES, Sue R.    	Washington
JONES, Sue S.    	Washington
JONES, Susan     	De Roane
JONES, Susan     	Spring Hill
JONES, Taletha   	Spring Hill
JONES, Thomas    	Bois D'Arc
JONES, Thomas    	Ozan
JONES, Thomas D. 	Spring Hill
JONES, Thomas J. 	Spring Hill
JONES, Thomas J. 	Spring Hill
JONES, Thomas L. 	Columbus
JONES, Thomas M. 	Ozan
JONES, Thomas S. 	Columbus
JONES, Thomas W. 	Spring Hill
JONES, Tilda     	Bois D'Arc
JONES, Ufama D.  	Ozan
JONES, W R.      	Bois D'Arc
JONES, W. E. F.  	Hope
JONES, Walter    	Spring Hill
JONES, Washington	Ozan
JONES, Wiley J.  	Spring Hill
JONES, Wiley J.  	Spring Hill
JONES, William   	Columbus
JONES, William   	Spring Hill
JONES, William A.	Fulton
JONES, William F.	Bois D'Arc
JONES, William F.	Spring Hill
JONES, William F.	Spring Hill
JONES, William H.	Garland
JONES, William P.	Garland
JONES, Willie    	De Roane
JONES, Willie    	De Roane
JONES, Willis A. 	Spring Hill
JONES, Winney R. 	Spring Hill
JONES, Wright H. 	Spring Hill
JORDAN, Allen    	Saline
JORDAN, Alonzo   	Saline
JORDAN, Buck     	Saline
JORDAN, Caroline 	Saline
JORDAN, Elisabeth	Mine Creek
JORDAN, Elisabeth	Saline
JORDAN, George   	Saline
JORDAN, Hannah A.	Mine Creek
JORDAN, Henry    	Mine Creek
JORDAN, Isabell  	Saline
JORDAN, Jackson  	Saline
JORDAN, Lu       	Saline
JORDAN, Mandy    	Saline
JORDAN, Marion   	Mine Creek
JORDAN, Mary P.  	Saline
JORDAN, Miles    	Mine Creek
JORDAN, Polly A. 	Mine Creek
JORDAN, Theodocious	Mine Creek
JORDAN, William  	Mine Creek
JORDEN, Allen    	Ozan
JORDEN, Caroline 	Washington
JORDEN, Florida  	Ozan
JORDEN, Georgia  	Ozan
JORDEN, Harriette	Ozan
JORDEN, Isabella 	Ozan
JORDEN, Jerry    	Ozan
JORDEN, John     	Ozan
JORDEN, Julia A. 	Ozan
JORDEN, Lizzie   	Ozan
JORDEN, Mahala   	Ozan
JORDEN, Nenette  	Washington
JORDEN, Sarah    	Ozan
JORDEN, Thomas   	Ozan
JORDEN, Tonona   	Washington
JOSEY, William   	Fulton
JOST, Peter      	Fulton
JOURDAN, Daniel  	Saline
JOURDAN, Mary    	Saline
JOURDAN, Sallie  	Saline
JUNIOR, Jordon   	Hope
JUNIOR, Mandy    	Hope
JUSTER, A. J.    	De Roane
JUSTER, Arthur   	De Roane
JUSTER, Dorsy    	De Roane
JUSTER, Foster   	De Roane
JUSTER, Hetty    	De Roane
JUSTER, Nancy A. 	De Roane
JUSTER, Sibby    	De Roane
JUSTICE, Fanny   	Hope
JUSTICE, Ginevra 	Hope
JUSTICE, J. T.   	Hope
JUSTUS, John     	Washington
JUSTUS, Margaret 	Washington
JUSTUS, Maria    	Washington
JUSTUS, Patrick H.	Washington
JUSTUS, Rufus K  	Washington
JUSTUS, Susie    	Washington
KAHN, A.         	Hope
KAHN, C.         	Hope
KAHN, F.         	Hope
KAHN, G.         	Hope
KAHN, H.         	Hope
KAHN, I.         	Hope
KAHN, J.         	Hope
KAHN, J.         	Hope
KAHN, L.         	Hope
KAHN, L.         	Hope
KAHN, S.         	Hope
KARNS, R.        	Hope
KAY, Susan MC    	Spring Hill
KAYLER, John     	Saline
KAYLER, Kurry    	Saline
KAYLER, Manerva  	Saline
KEATON, Richard  	Bois D'Arc
KEEL, Addie      	Saline
KEEL, Diana      	Saline
KEEL, Frank      	De Roane
KEEL, James      	Saline
KEEL, John       	De Roane
KEEL, John M.    	Saline
KEEL, Katie      	Saline
KEEL, Laurance   	Saline
KEEL, Lizzie     	Saline
KEEL, London     	Saline
KEEL, Mary       	Saline
KEEL, Nannie     	Saline
KEEL, Ned        	Saline
KEEL, Ned        	Saline
KEEL, Paesto     	Saline
KEEL, Prince     	Saline
KEEL, Robert     	De Roane
KEEL, Rosannah   	De Roane
KEEL, Sallie E.  	Saline
KEEL, Tenesee    	Ozan
KEEL, Thomas P.  	De Roane
KEEL, Tobe       	Ozan
KEEL, Tobe       	Ozan
KEEL, Unknown    	Saline
KEEL, Victoria   	Saline
KEEL, Willie F.  	De Roane
KEELS, Cena      	Ozan
KEELS, Elizabeth 	Ozan
KEELS, Robert    	Ozan
KEIG, A. MC      	Hope
KEIG, J. MC      	Hope
KEIG, Tommy MC   	Hope
KEITH, Columbus N.	Spring Hill
KEITH, Maria     	Spring Hill
KEITH, Mary L.   	Spring Hill
KEITH, Mary M.   	Spring Hill
KEITH, Sarah G.  	Spring Hill
KEITH, W. D.     	Spring Hill
KELEY, Alen      	Red Land
KELEY, Delany    	Red Land
KELEY, James     	Red Land
KELEY, Lafayett  	Red Land
KELEY, Laura     	Red Land
KELEY, Leanora   	Red Land
KELEY, Mahalie   	Red Land
KELEY, Maliccie  	Red Land
KELEY, Miles     	Red Land
KELLER, Cyrus    	Fulton
KELLER, Elbridge 	Fulton
KELLER, Elizabeth	Fulton
KELLER, John     	Fulton
KELLER, Leon     	Fulton
KELLER, Lou      	Fulton
KELLER, Raymond  	Fulton
KELLER, William MC	Saline
KELLEY, Inticia  	Wallaceburg
KELLEY, John P.  	Mine Creek
KELLEY, Mary     	Wallaceburg
KELLEY, Minnie E.	Mine Creek
KELLEY, Victoria 	Mine Creek
KELLEY, William  	Wallaceburg
KELLY, Ann       	Wallaceburg
KELLY, Barnard   	Fulton
KELLY, Brian     	Bois D'Arc
KELLY, Cordelia  	Wallaceburg
KELLY, David     	Wallaceburg
KELLY, David W.  	Bois D'Arc
KELLY, Elijah    	Wallaceburg
KELLY, Elizabeth 	Wallaceburg
KELLY, Elmore    	Wallaceburg
KELLY, Giles     	Wallaceburg
KELLY, James     	Wallaceburg
KELLY, John      	Wallaceburg
KELLY, Mary      	Wallaceburg
KELLY, Quincy    	Wallaceburg
KELLY, Robert    	Wallaceburg
KEMP, Hope       	Spring Hill
KEMP, Jack       	Spring Hill
KEMP, Louisia    	Spring Hill
KEMP, Marinda    	Spring Hill
KEMP, Susan      	Spring Hill
KEMP, Tranquilla 	Spring Hill
KENDALL, B. W.   	Hope
KENDALL, C. T.   	Hope
KENDALL, Charly  	Hope
KENDALL, E. L.   	Hope
KENDALL, Enale   	Hope
KENDALL, Ida     	Hope
KENDALL, J. A.   	Hope
KENDALL, Mary J. 	Spring Hill
KENDALL, Pearl   	Hope
KENDALL, Punky   	Hope
KENDALL, Robert B.	Spring Hill
KENDALL, Sidney  	Hope
KENDALL, W.      	Hope
KENDRICK, Babe   	Spring Hill
KENDRICK, Cornelia	Spring Hill
KENDRICK, Ed     	Spring Hill
KENDRICK, Eliver 	Spring Hill
KENDRICK, Harriet	Spring Hill
KENDRICK, Milley 	Spring Hill
KENDRICK, Sister 	Spring Hill
KENEDEY, Anne L. 	Mine Creek
KENEDEY, Mary E. 	Mine Creek
KENEDEY, Milton H.	Mine Creek
KENEDEY, Paschel W.	Mine Creek
KENEDEY, Unknown 	Mine Creek
KENNARD, J. A.   	Hope
KENNARD, J. B.   	Hope
KENNEDY, Jno.    	Bois D'Arc
KENT, Addie      	Garland
KENT, Don M.     	Bois D'Arc
KENT, Dora       	Garland
KENT, Edna       	Garland
KENT, Ella       	Garland
KENT, Ellen M.   	Bois D'Arc
KENT, Florance   	Garland
KENT, Iris       	Spring Hill
KENT, Jackson    	Spring Hill
KENT, Jno H.     	Garland
KENT, John       	Spring Hill
KENT, John       	Spring Hill
KENT, Josie      	Spring Hill
KENT, Judy       	Spring Hill
KENT, Laura      	Garland
KENT, Lillian    	Spring Hill
KENT, Lou D.     	Garland
KENT, Lucrtia    	Garland
KENT, Mary E.    	Spring Hill
KENT, Nancy      	Garland
KENT, Neonia     	Garland
KENT, Orange B.  	Bois D'Arc
KENT, Oscar      	Spring Hill
KENT, Richard    	Garland
KENT, Richard    	Garland
KENT, William    	Spring Hill
KENT, William S. 	Spring Hill
KERR, Barbary    	Ozan
KERR, H. M.      	Hope
KERR, James      	Ozan
KERR, James      	Ozan
KERR, Joseph     	Ozan
KERR, Stephen    	Ozan
KERR, T. R.      	Hope
KERR, William    	Ozan
KERSEY, Georgie  	Spring Hill
KEY, Chandler    	Garland
KEY, Madison     	De Roane
KEY, Rebecca     	Garland
KEY, Sam         	Garland
KEY, Sampson     	Garland
KEY, Stanla      	Garland
KEY, Stanmore    	Garland
KIDD, Augusta L. 	Spring Hill
KIDD, Bettie     	Spring Hill
KIDD, James A.   	Spring Hill
KIDD, James T.   	Spring Hill
KIDD, Jane R. E. 	Spring Hill
KIDD, Maggie W.  	Spring Hill
KIDD, Robert L.  	Spring Hill
KIDD, Sabania B. 	Spring Hill
KIDD, Sallie P.  	Spring Hill
KIDD, Sudie B.   	Spring Hill
KIDD, William A. 	Garland
KIGHT, Cinthia   	Saline
KILLGORE, John   	Washington
KIMBALL, Ellen   	Spring Hill
KIMBALL, James   	Spring Hill
KIMBALL, Malissa 	Spring Hill
KIMBLE, George   	Washington
KIMBLE, Lalu     	Washington
KIMPNER, James   	Hope
KINDLE, F.       	Hope
KINDRICK, Abram  	De Roane
KINDRICK, Alexander	De Roane
KINDRICK, Angusta	De Roane
KINDRICK, Dora   	De Roane
KINDRICK, Eliza  	De Roane
KINDRICK, Joseph 	De Roane
KINDRICK, Manthan	De Roane
KINDRICK, Rena   	De Roane
KINDRICK, Savanna	De Roane
KINDRICK, Spencer	De Roane
KING, Alex       	Ozan
KING, Anthony    	Ozan
KING, Bettie     	Saline
KING, Cathrine   	Ozan
KING, Charles    	Wallaceburg
KING, Clarence J.	Ozan
KING, Cyntha     	Ozan
KING, Dinah      	Ozan
KING, Double     	Ozan
KING, Early      	De Roane
KING, Eddie      	Saline
KING, Elisha     	Ozan
KING, Elizabeth  	De Roane
KING, Fletcher   	Wallaceburg
KING, Forney     	Ozan
KING, George     	De Roane
KING, George     	Wallaceburg
KING, Harriet    	Spring Hill
KING, Henry A.   	Ozan
KING, James      	Spring Hill
KING, Jimmie     	Saline
KING, John       	Ozan
KING, John       	Ozan
KING, Lizzie     	Saline
KING, Louiza     	De Roane
KING, Lue        	Saline
KING, Maresitte  	Ozan
KING, Martha     	De Roane
KING, Martha     	Ozan
KING, Martha     	Ozan
KING, Mary       	Ozan
KING, Mattie     	Saline
KING, Owens      	De Roane
KING, Pleas      	Saline
KING, Rebecca    	Ozan
KING, Roxanna    	Ozan
KING, Solomon    	Spring Hill
KING, Walter     	De Roane
KING, William    	De Roane
KING, William R. 	Ozan
KINSER, Hixey    	De Roane
KINSER, John M.  	De Roane
KINSER, Josie    	De Roane
KINSER, Myra     	De Roane
KINSER, Nettie G.	De Roane
KIRBY, Alfred    	Fulton
KIRK, Charles    	Washington
KIRKPATRICK, Ada 	Washington
KIRKPATRICK, Archer	Washington
KIRKPATRICK, Bill	Washington
KIRKPATRICK, Dennis	Washington
KIRKPATRICK, Gilly	Washington
KIRKPATRICK, Hannah	Washington
KIRKPATRICK, Jane	Washington
KIRKPATRICK, John	Washington
KIRKPATRICK, William	Washington
KIRKPATRICK, Wilson	Washington
KITCHENS, Archie 	Wallaceburg
KITCHENS, Augustus	Wallaceburg
KITCHENS, Bell   	Wallaceburg
KITCHENS, Gertrude	Wallaceburg
KITCHENS, Green B. N.	Spring Hill
KITCHENS, Henry  	Wallaceburg
KITCHENS, James R. B.	Spring Hill
KITCHENS, Laura  	Wallaceburg
KITCHENS, Laura  	Wallaceburg
KITCHENS, Leray  	De Roane
KITCHENS, Margaret	De Roane
KITCHENS, Martha J. W.	Spring Hill
KITCHENS, Mary E.	Spring Hill
KITCHENS, Mary M. E.	Spring Hill
KITCHENS, S. M.  	De Roane
KITCHENS, Thomas 	Wallaceburg
KITE, Alva V.    	Spring Hill
KITE, J. D.      	Spring Hill
KITE, Jo A.      	Spring Hill
KITE, M. S.      	Spring Hill
KITTIEDYE, Charles	Fulton
KNIGHT, John     	Bois D'Arc
KNIGHT, John     	Spring Hill
KNIGHT, John L.  	Spring Hill
KNIGHT, Josephene MC	De Roane
KNIGHT, Julia MC 	De Roane
KNIGHT, Liddy    	Spring Hill
KNOBLE, Edward   	Hope
KNOBLE, G.       	Hope
KNOBLE, Louisa   	Hope
KNOBLE, Mary F.  	Hope
KNOBLE, Willie G.	Hope
KNOX, Ben        	De Roane
KNOX, Caroline   	De Roane
KNOX, Elisabeth  	De Roane
KNOX, Ezekiel    	De Roane
KNOX, Henry      	De Roane
KNOX, James      	De Roane
KNOX, James      	De Roane
KNOX, Mandy      	De Roane
KNOX, Martha     	De Roane
KNOX, Robert     	De Roane
KNOX, Samuel     	De Roane
KNOX, Willie     	De Roane
KOBLE, F.        	Hope
KOBLE, Fanny     	Hope
KOBLE, Lena      	Hope
KOBLE, Rolley    	Hope
KRICHTON, S.     	Hope
KYLE, A.         	Hope
KYLE, Fanny      	Hope
KYLE, Isabella   	Hope
KYLE, Jessey     	Hope
L., W.           	Hope
LACEFIELD, Cilla 	Garland
LACEFIELD, Daniel	Garland
LACEFIELD, Ella J.	Garland
LACEFIELD, Franklin	Garland
LACEFIELD, Henry 	Garland
LACEFIELD, Robert L.	Garland
LACEFIELD, Sallie	Garland
LACEFIELD, Wash  	Garland
LACY, Polly Ann  	Spring Hill
LACY, Thomas     	Spring Hill
LAFERTY, William 	Red Land
LAFFERTY, Andrew 	Spring Hill
LAFFERTY, Benjamin	Spring Hill
LAFFERTY, Fanny  	Spring Hill
LAFFERTY, Henry  	Spring Hill
LAFFERTY, Ida    	Spring Hill
LAFFERTY, Julia  	Spring Hill
LAFFERTY, Lena   	Spring Hill
LAFFERTY, Martha 	Spring Hill
LAFFERTY, Thomas B.	Spring Hill
LAGRONE, R.      	Hope
LAMAR, H. S. DE  	Hope
LAMPKIN, Prudence	Spring Hill
LAMREAUX, Pierre 	Washington
LANCASTER, Benjamin	Ozan
LANCASTER, Celia 	Ozan
LANCASTER, Fannie	Ozan
LANCASTER, Jack  	Ozan
LANCASTER, John  	Ozan
LANCASTER, Jorden	Ozan
LANCASTER, Martha	Ozan
LANDERS, Alice   	Garland
LANDERS, Benjamin	Saline
LANDERS, Benjamin L.	Garland
LANDERS, Betty   	Ozan
LANDERS, Charles A.	Garland
LANDERS, Eradney 	Garland
LANDERS, Henry B.	Garland
LANDERS, Jno B.  	Garland
LANDERS, Joe     	Garland
LANDERS, Liddie C.	Garland
LANDERS, Martha  	Garland
LANDERS, Permelia	Garland
LANDERS, Permelia	Garland
LANDERS, Robert A.	Garland
LANDERS, Sallie A.	Garland
LANDERS, Thomas J.	Garland
LANDERS, William A.	Garland
LANE, Augustus F.	Spring Hill
LANE, Charles L. 	Spring Hill
LANE, Elizabeth C.	Spring Hill
LANE, Emma E.    	Spring Hill
LANE, George L.  	Spring Hill
LANE, Henry A.   	Spring Hill
LANE, Iverson A. 	Spring Hill
LANE, J. L. B.   	Spring Hill
LANE, James L.   	Spring Hill
LANE, James L.   	Spring Hill
LANE, John B     	Spring Hill
LANE, Lewis L.   	Spring Hill
LANE, Martha R.  	Spring Hill
LANE, Prince     	Ozan
LANE, Roberta L. 	Spring Hill
LANE, Sinius     	Mine Creek
LANG, Benjaman   	Wallaceburg
LANG, Fannie     	Wallaceburg
LANG, John       	Wallaceburg
LANG, Louisa     	Wallaceburg
LANG, Mollie     	Wallaceburg
LANG, Nancy      	Wallaceburg
LANGFORD, George 	Washington
LANGFORD, Girther	Washington
LANGSTON, Andy   	Spring Hill
LANGSTON, Betsy  	Bois D'Arc
LANGSTON, George W.	Spring Hill
LANGSTON, Laura E. J.	Spring Hill
LANGSTON, Mandy  	Spring Hill
LANIER, Alfred   	Columbus
LANIER, Fancy    	Saline
LANIER, Judson   	Columbus
LANIER, Monroe   	Saline
LANIER, Nancy D. 	Columbus
LANIER, Woodson  	Saline
LANKFORD, A.     	Hope
LARD, Caroline   	Ozan
LARD, Charles    	Ozan
LARD, Charlie    	Ozan
LARD, Emily      	Ozan
LARD, Emily      	Ozan
LARD, James      	Ozan
LARD, John       	Ozan
LARD, Mattie     	Ozan
LARD, Melia      	Ozan
LARD, Rebecca    	Ozan
LARD, Ritter     	Ozan
LASH, J. P.      	De Roane
LASH, James H.   	De Roane
LASH, Lida       	De Roane
LASH, Louiza L.  	De Roane
LASH, Martha J.  	De Roane
LASH, Mary E.    	De Roane
LASH, Thomas C.  	De Roane
LASITER, C. G.   	Spring Hill
LASITER, John L. 	Spring Hill
LASITER, L. W.   	Spring Hill
LASITER, Lee A.  	Spring Hill
LASITER, Luther W.	Spring Hill
LASITER, Mary G. 	Spring Hill
LASITER, Sarah C.	Spring Hill
LASITER, Sion    	Spring Hill
LASSITER, Jno. T.	Bois D'Arc
LASSITER, Joseph S.	Bois D'Arc
LASSITER, L. S.  	Bois D'Arc
LASSITER, Lizzie 	Bois D'Arc
LASSITER, May E. 	Bois D'Arc
LASSITER, Theodoria	Bois D'Arc
LAUGHLIN, Thomas MC	Spring Hill
LAVENDER, Samuel 	De Roane
LAWSON, Manda    	Hope
LAWSON, Miles    	Hope
LAWTON, E. B.    	Hope
LAWTON, H. L.    	Hope
LAWTON, L. P.    	Hope
LAWTON, W.       	Hope
LAZARUS, Henry   	Washington
LEAKE, William   	Fulton
LEATHERWOOD, Elviny A.	Spring Hill
LEATHERWOOD, George F.	Spring Hill
LEATHERWOOD, Mary C.	Spring Hill
LEATHERWOOD, Naomi E.	Spring Hill
LEATHERWOOD, Z. W.	Spring Hill
LEE, A. A.       	Hope
LEE, Andrew      	Bois D'Arc
LEE, Calvin      	Bois D'Arc
LEE, Henny       	Ozan
LEE, James B.    	Spring Hill
LEE, Joshua K.   	Spring Hill
LEE, Louisia     	Spring Hill
LEE, Luvenia     	Washington
LEE, Mary        	Ozan
LEE, Mary        	Spring Hill
LEE, Mary        	Spring Hill
LEE, Mary I.     	Spring Hill
LEE, Mary J.     	Hope
LEE, R. E.       	Hope
LEE, Roxana      	Wallaceburg
LEE, Samuel      	Spring Hill
LEE, William S.  	Spring Hill
LEGGAT, Mary     	De Roane
LEGGON, Benjamin 	De Roane
LEGGON, Eliza    	De Roane
LEGGON, Eliza    	De Roane
LEGGON, James W. 	De Roane
LEGGON, Johnson  	De Roane
LEGGONS, Tilda   	Hope
LENARD, Harriet  	Hope
LENARD, S.       	Hope
LENTON, Emily Y. 	Saline
LENTON, Ofless   	Saline
LENTON, Savana   	Saline
LENTON, Susan    	Saline
LENTON, Tony     	Saline
LEOPARD, Bettie  	Spring Hill
LEOPARD, Catherine	Spring Hill
LEOPARD, Eudora V.	Spring Hill
LEOPARD, H. H.   	Spring Hill
LEOPARD, James H.	Spring Hill
LEOPARD, John    	Spring Hill
LEOPARD, John R. 	Spring Hill
LEOPARD, M. J.   	Spring Hill
LEOPARD, Martha A. H.	Spring Hill
LEOPARD, Necey   	Spring Hill
LEOPARD, William J.	Spring Hill
LESLIE, Austin   	Ozan
LESLIE, Elisabeth	Mine Creek
LESLIE, Francis A.	Mine Creek
LESLIE, Franklin 	Red Land
LESLIE, George C.	Mine Creek
LESLIE, George D.	Mine Creek
LESLIE, Ida J.   	Mine Creek
LESLIE, Isabella A.	Mine Creek
LESLIE, James S. 	Mine Creek
LESLIE, Lula     	Mine Creek
LESLIE, Maggie O.	Mine Creek
LESLIE, Mary C.  	Mine Creek
LESLIE, Mollie K.	Mine Creek
LESLIE, Nancy    	Red Land
LESLIE, Quintella	Mine Creek
LESLIE, Rachel C.	Mine Creek
LESLIE, Robert   	Mine Creek
LESLIE, Robert E.	Mine Creek
LESLIE, Rufus A. 	Mine Creek
LESLIE, Sarah E. 	Mine Creek
LESLIE, Standhope W.	Mine Creek
LESLIE, Suzan    	Mine Creek
LESLIE, Walter   	Mine Creek
LESLIE, William C.	Mine Creek
LESLIE, William E.	Mine Creek
LESTER, Hiram J  	Garland
LESTER, Leroy    	Garland
LESTER, Mary     	Garland
LESTER, Mary A.  	Garland
LESTER, Minnie E.	Garland
LETCHFINED, Joseph A.	Mine Creek
LEVEY, Ella      	De Roane
LEVEY, Jack      	De Roane
LEVEY, John      	De Roane
LEVEY, Tom       	De Roane
LEVI, Ann        	Mine Creek
LEVI, Martha P.  	Mine Creek
LEVIE, Nathan    	Wallaceburg
LEVINS, Anderson 	De Roane
LEVINS, Aron     	De Roane
LEVINS, Eugene   	De Roane
LEVINS, Julia    	De Roane
LEVINS, Mandy    	De Roane
LEVINS, Mary     	Hope
LEVINS, Ophelia  	Hope
LEVINS, R.       	Hope
LEVINS, Rebecca J.	De Roane
LEVINS, Sarah    	Hope
LEVINS, Willie   	De Roane
LEVINS, Z. T.    	De Roane
LEWIS, Adda      	De Roane
LEWIS, Adica     	Saline
LEWIS, Alice     	Hope
LEWIS, Alice M.  	Spring Hill
LEWIS, Allice    	Mine Creek
LEWIS, Allice    	Mine Creek
LEWIS, Andrew    	De Roane
LEWIS, Annie     	De Roane
LEWIS, Bosen     	Hope
LEWIS, Brice     	Mine Creek
LEWIS, Calvin    	Red Land
LEWIS, Charles M.	Mine Creek
LEWIS, Charly    	De Roane
LEWIS, Decalb    	Red Land
LEWIS, Deliah    	Red Land
LEWIS, Delilia   	Hope
LEWIS, Dorah     	Mine Creek
LEWIS, E.        	Hope
LEWIS, E.        	Hope
LEWIS, E. J.     	Hope
LEWIS, E. N.     	Spring Hill
LEWIS, Elijah    	Mine Creek
LEWIS, Elizabeth 	Spring Hill
LEWIS, Ellen     	De Roane
LEWIS, Emma      	De Roane
LEWIS, Enora     	Red Land
LEWIS, Finus     	Saline
LEWIS, Foster    	Hope
LEWIS, George    	De Roane
LEWIS, George    	De Roane
LEWIS, George    	De Roane
LEWIS, Grun      	De Roane
LEWIS, Henderson 	Spring Hill
LEWIS, Henry     	Hope
LEWIS, Henry J.  	Mine Creek
LEWIS, Henry J.  	Spring Hill
LEWIS, Ida B.    	Spring Hill
LEWIS, J.        	De Roane
LEWIS, Jackson   	De Roane
LEWIS, Jackson   	De Roane
LEWIS, James     	De Roane
LEWIS, James     	Red Land
LEWIS, James     	Red Land
LEWIS, James     	Spring Hill
LEWIS, James T.  	Mine Creek
LEWIS, Jane      	Red Land
LEWIS, Jeff      	Spring Hill
LEWIS, Jessie    	De Roane
LEWIS, Jim       	Garland
LEWIS, John      	De Roane
LEWIS, John      	Red Land
LEWIS, John B.   	Spring Hill
LEWIS, John F.   	Spring Hill
LEWIS, Jonah     	De Roane
LEWIS, Joseph    	Red Land
LEWIS, Laney C.  	Spring Hill
LEWIS, Leander   	De Roane
LEWIS, Leroy     	Red Land
LEWIS, Lewis     	De Roane
LEWIS, Lisabeth  	Mine Creek
LEWIS, Lizzie    	Saline
LEWIS, Louiza    	De Roane
LEWIS, Lucinda   	Wallaceburg
LEWIS, Lucius    	De Roane
LEWIS, Lula      	Red Land
LEWIS, Luther    	Red Land
LEWIS, Lyddia    	De Roane
LEWIS, M. E.     	Hope
LEWIS, Major     	Saline
LEWIS, Malinda J.	Spring Hill
LEWIS, Martha    	Garland
LEWIS, Martha A. 	Fulton
LEWIS, Mary      	De Roane
LEWIS, Mary      	Garland
LEWIS, Mary      	Garland
LEWIS, Mary      	Spring Hill
LEWIS, Mary D.   	De Roane
LEWIS, Melcenie  	Red Land
LEWIS, Midy      	Hope
LEWIS, N. D.     	Hope
LEWIS, Nancy     	Mine Creek
LEWIS, Nancy     	Red Land
LEWIS, Nancy D.  	Mine Creek
LEWIS, Nobe R.   	Mine Creek
LEWIS, Ophelia J.	Spring Hill
LEWIS, Patty     	Hope
LEWIS, Prince    	Hope
LEWIS, R. W.     	Hope
LEWIS, Robert    	De Roane
LEWIS, Robert C. 	Spring Hill
LEWIS, Rodah     	Red Land
LEWIS, Salina    	Red Land
LEWIS, Sallie    	Spring Hill
LEWIS, Sally A.  	De Roane
LEWIS, Sarah     	De Roane
LEWIS, Sarah     	Spring Hill
LEWIS, Silas     	Mine Creek
LEWIS, Silla     	De Roane
LEWIS, Sister    	Mine Creek
LEWIS, Thomas    	Red Land
LEWIS, Unknown   	Saline
LEWIS, Van       	De Roane
LEWIS, W. G.     	Hope
LEWIS, Washington	Hope
LEWIS, William   	Red Land
LEWIS, William   	Spring Hill
LEWIS, Willie    	Spring Hill
LEWIS, Winnie    	De Roane
LIGGIN, George   	Bois D'Arc
LIGGIN, Lewis    	Bois D'Arc
LIGGIN, Tena     	Bois D'Arc
LIGHT, Isabel    	Spring Hill
LIGHT, Joshua L. 	Spring Hill
LIGHT, Louisia E.	Spring Hill
LIGHT, Mary N.   	Spring Hill
LIGHT, William H.	Spring Hill
LIGHTNER, George W.	Fulton
LILUNTHAL, Arnold	Washington
LINDSAY, Ellen J.	Spring Hill
LINDSAY, Samuel  	Spring Hill
LINDSEY, Louisia 	Spring Hill
LINDSEY, Margaret	Spring Hill
LINDSEY, Sarah L.	Spring Hill
LINDSEY, William R.	Spring Hill
LINGO, Sarah J.  	Mine Creek
LISK, Elnora E.  	Garland
LISK, James A    	Garland
LISK, Jno. W.    	Garland
LISK, Martha J.  	Garland
LISK, Mary E.    	Garland
LISK, May E.     	Garland
LISK, Nancy C.   	Garland
LISK, Nancy T.   	Garland
LISK, Thomas J.  	Garland
LITTLE, E. Y.    	Hope
LITTLE, H.       	Hope
LITTLE, John W.  	De Roane
LITTLE, Martin   	Ozan
LITTLE, Mary     	De Roane
LITTLE, N.       	Hope
LITTLE, N.       	Hope
LITTLE, N. F.    	Hope
LITTLE, Sarah E. 	De Roane
LITTLE, Wilson P.	De Roane
LITTLEJOHN, Edward	De Roane
LITTLEJOHN, Mary 	De Roane
LITTLEJOHN, Violet A.	De Roane
LITTLEPAGE, Bettie H.	Washington
LITTLEPAGE, John C.	Washington
LITTLEPAGE, William C.	Washington
LIVELY, Ella     	Saline
LIVELY, Galand   	Red Land
LIVELY, James    	Red Land
LIVELY, Jasper   	Saline
LIVELY, Jasper A.	Saline
LIVELY, John     	Red Land
LIVELY, John     	Red Land
LIVELY, Laura    	Red Land
LIVELY, Mary     	Red Land
LIVELY, Robbert  	Saline
LIVELY, Sarah    	Saline
LIVELY, William  	Red Land
LIVELY, Willie   	Saline
LLOYD, Anderson  	Ozan
LLOYD, Austin    	De Roane
LLOYD, Carry M.  	Ozan
LLOYD, Cooper    	De Roane
LLOYD, Cyntha    	Ozan
LLOYD, Ella      	De Roane
LLOYD, George    	Garland
LLOYD, Isam      	De Roane
LLOYD, Jane      	De Roane
LLOYD, Joseph    	De Roane
LLOYD, Lonie     	De Roane
LLOYD, Lucy A.   	Ozan
LLOYD, Lula B.   	Ozan
LLOYD, Manual    	De Roane
LLOYD, Mariah    	De Roane
LLOYD, Nancy     	De Roane
LLOYD, Prince    	De Roane
LLOYD, Sally     	De Roane
LLOYD, Samuel    	De Roane
LLOYD, Sandy     	De Roane
LLOYD, Sarah     	De Roane
LLOYD, Sarah     	De Roane
LLOYD, Steven    	De Roane
LLOYD, Thomas    	Garland
LLOYD, William   	Garland
LLOYD, William F.	Ozan
LLOYD, Winnie    	Garland
LOCKETT, Charles 	Red Land
LOCKHART, Alice R.	Garland
LOCKHART, Amos N.	Garland
LOCKHART, Daniel C.	Garland
LOCKHART, Emma E.	Garland
LOCKHART, Francis	Spring Hill
LOCKHART, James  	Spring Hill
LOCKHART, James B.	Garland
LOCKHART, Lenora 	Garland
LOCKHART, Mary F.	Garland
LOCKHART, Nancy M.	Garland
LOCKHART, Nellie H.	Garland
LOCKHART, Tilden B.	Garland
LOCKHART, Willis S.	Garland
LOGAN, Augustus  	Bois D'Arc
LOGAN, Ben       	Ozan
LOGAN, Coleman   	De Roane
LOGAN, Dave      	Bois D'Arc
LOGAN, Eliza     	De Roane
LOGAN, Eliza     	Ozan
LOGAN, Essex     	De Roane
LOGAN, George O. 	Saline
LOGAN, Henrietta 	Ozan
LOGAN, Henry     	De Roane
LOGAN, John      	De Roane
LOGAN, Laura     	De Roane
LOGAN, Lee       	Ozan
LOGAN, Liza      	Bois D'Arc
LOGAN, Louiza    	De Roane
LOGAN, Lyddie    	Saline
LOGAN, Mahalie   	Bois D'Arc
LOGAN, Martha    	De Roane
LOGAN, Mary      	Bois D'Arc
LOGAN, Mary      	De Roane
LOGAN, Rich      	Bois D'Arc
LOGAN, William   	Bois D'Arc
LOGAN, William   	De Roane
LOMAX, Alice     	Bois D'Arc
LOMAX, Alice     	Fulton
LOMAX, Alonzo    	Bois D'Arc
LOMAX, Alonzo    	Bois D'Arc
LOMAX, Betsy     	Saline
LOMAX, Carolina  	Bois D'Arc
LOMAX, Ella      	Saline
LOMAX, Esther    	Fulton
LOMAX, Fanny     	Bois D'Arc
LOMAX, George    	Bois D'Arc
LOMAX, Hariet    	Bois D'Arc
LOMAX, Hattie    	Bois D'Arc
LOMAX, Hessie    	Bois D'Arc
LOMAX, Hull      	Bois D'Arc
LOMAX, Isarel    	Saline
LOMAX, Jane      	Saline
LOMAX, Liza      	Bois D'Arc
LOMAX, Lotta     	Fulton
LOMAX, Louisa    	Saline
LOMAX, Lula      	Bois D'Arc
LOMAX, Mack      	Bois D'Arc
LOMAX, Mack      	Fulton
LOMAX, Mary E    	Bois D'Arc
LOMAX, Mattie    	Fulton
LOMAX, Polly     	Saline
LOMAX, Pressly   	Fulton
LOMAX, Roxie     	Fulton
LOMAX, Roxyann   	Bois D'Arc
LOMAX, Solomon   	Saline
LOMAX, Wiley     	Fulton
LOMAX, William   	Spring Hill
LOMAX, Willie    	Bois D'Arc
LONDON, James    	Washington
LONDON, Melia    	Washington
LONDON, Sousan   	Washington
LONDON, Thomas   	Washington
LONG, Elias      	Fulton
LONG, Eliza      	Fulton
LONG, Eliza      	Red Land
LONG, Evens      	Red Land
LONG, Galand     	Red Land
LONG, Hiram A.   	Fulton
LONG, James      	Red Land
LONG, John       	Red Land
LONG, John A.    	Fulton
LONG, John S.    	Fulton
LONG, Joseph     	Red Land
LONG, Margaret   	Red Land
LONG, Margaret   	Red Land
LONG, Martha     	Red Land
LONG, Mary       	Fulton
LONG, Mary       	Red Land
LONG, Mary A.    	Fulton
LONG, Nancy      	Red Land
LONG, Robert     	Red Land
LONG, Rufus      	Red Land
LONG, William    	Fulton
LONG, William    	Red Land
LONG, William    	Red Land
LORD, A.         	Hope
LORDE, N.        	Hope
LOTTA, Liza      	Bois D'Arc
LOTTA, Thomas    	Bois D'Arc
LOUCASS, M.      	Hope
LOUDELL, David D.	Fulton
LOUDELL, Eliza A.	Fulton
LOUDELL, Hattie  	Fulton
LOUDERMICK, Annett	Garland
LOUDERMICK, Augustus	Garland
LOUDERMICK, Jack 	Garland
LOUDERMICK, James	Garland
LOUDERMICK, John L.	Garland
LOUDERMICK, Queen	Garland
LOUIS, Bates     	Red Land
LOUIS, Benjamin  	Red Land
LOUIS, Elijah    	Red Land
LOUIS, Eva       	Red Land
LOUIS, James     	Washington
LOUIS, Lula      	Red Land
LOUIS, Mary      	Red Land
LOUIS, Sarah     	Red Land
LOUIS, Susan     	Red Land
LOURY, Annie M.  	Washington
LOURY, Fannie F. 	Washington
LOURY, Frank F   	Washington
LOURY, James     	Ozan
LOURY, John P.   	Washington
LOURY, John P.   	Washington
LOURY, Missouri A.	Ozan
LOURY, Ruth      	Washington
LOVE, Ed         	Bois D'Arc
LOVE, Lou        	Washington
LOVELACE, Betsy Jane	Spring Hill
LOVELACE, Candis 	Red Land
LOVELACE, Elmore 	Red Land
LOVELACE, John   	Red Land
LOVELACE, John   	Spring Hill
LOVELACE, Martha 	Spring Hill
LOVELACE, Millard	Red Land
LOVELACE, Minnie 	Red Land
LOVELACE, Thomas 	Red Land
LOVELAIS, Elizabeth	Mine Creek
LOVELAIS, Leonidas L.	Mine Creek
LOVELAIS, Marsha E.	Mine Creek
LOVELAIS, Wesley H.	Mine Creek
LOVILIS, Alonzo W	Mine Creek
LOVILIS, Millie E	Mine Creek
LOVILIS, Perdom Q.	Mine Creek
LOVIN, Arminta   	Wallaceburg
LOVIN, Charles   	Wallaceburg
LOVIN, George    	Wallaceburg
LOVIN, Wylie     	Wallaceburg
LOVING, David    	Mine Creek
LOVING, Ezekele  	Mine Creek
LOVING, Martha   	Mine Creek
LOVING, Martha D.	Mine Creek
LOVING, Seth J.  	Mine Creek
LOVING, Tennessee F.	Mine Creek
LOVING, Wilaby H.	Mine Creek
LOVINGARD, Dock  	Bois D'Arc
LOVJOY, Alice    	De Roane
LOVJOY, John     	De Roane
LOVJOY, Mary     	De Roane
LOVJOY, Noah     	De Roane
LOVJOY, Rosa     	De Roane
LOW, William     	Wallaceburg
LOWE, Augustus   	Garland
LOWE, Eliza      	Garland
LOWE, Emma       	Garland
LOWE, Frances    	Garland
LOWE, John       	Garland
LOWERY, A. G.    	Hope
LOWERY, A. G.    	Hope
LOWERY, Ann      	De Roane
LOWERY, C. C.    	Hope
LOWERY, H. H.    	Hope
LOWERY, Hance    	De Roane
LOWERY, J. H.    	Hope
LOWERY, Mattie J.	Hope
LOWERY, Milly    	De Roane
LOWERY, Minnie   	De Roane
LOWERY, Molly    	De Roane
LOWRY, Ada E.    	Garland
LOWRY, Lilly M.  	Garland
LOWRY, Robert    	Hope
LOWRY, Roswell J.	Garland
LOWRY, Sarah E.  	Garland
LOWRY, Tayman    	Hope
LOWRY, William J.	Garland
LOWRY, William J.	Garland
LOYD, Celia      	De Roane
LOYD, Joel T.    	De Roane
LOYD, Thomas     	De Roane
LSAM, B.         	Hope
LUCK, Gaston S.  	De Roane
LUCK, John A.    	De Roane
LUCK, Joseph B.  	De Roane
LUCK, Lamar S.   	De Roane
LUCK, Lnney A.   	De Roane
LUCK, Nancy M.   	De Roane
LUCKY, Bettie    	Bois D'Arc
LUDHAM, America  	Fulton
LUDHANS, Nathan  	Bois D'Arc
LULOX, Henry     	Saline
LUSK, Frank      	Fulton
LUTZ, John       	Ozan
LYNCH, A.        	Hope
LYNCH, R.        	Hope
LYNN, J. T.      	Hope
LYNN, L. M.      	Hope
LYNN, M. E.      	Hope
LYNN, S. R.      	Hope
LYONS, Archa     	Mine Creek
LYONS, Calvin    	Mine Creek
LYONS, Cassie L. 	Bois D'Arc
LYONS, Corrie    	Mine Creek
LYONS, Elizabeth A.	Mine Creek
LYONS, Harden    	Mine Creek
LYONS, Henry K.  	Mine Creek
LYONS, Judie     	Mine Creek
LYONS, Lillie    	Mine Creek
LYONS, Maggie    	Mine Creek
LYONS, Morgan    	Mine Creek
LYONS, Price     	Mine Creek
LYONS, Robert T. 	Bois D'Arc
LYONS, Sarah E.  	Mine Creek
LYONS, Sarah J.  	Mine Creek
LYONS, Susie     	Mine Creek
LYONS, Thomas F. 	Mine Creek
LYONS, William   	Mine Creek
M., C.           	Hope
MACH, Antony     	Spring Hill
MACH, John       	Spring Hill
MACH, John H.    	Spring Hill
MACH, Mary A.    	Spring Hill
MACH, Nancy C.   	Spring Hill
MACH, Tennessee A.	Spring Hill
MACH, William    	Spring Hill
MACINTOSH, Harriett	Wallaceburg
MACINTOSH, William	Wallaceburg
MACK, A.         	Hope
MACK, Adaline    	Hope
MACK, Andrew     	Hope
MACK, Andrew     	Hope
MACK, Carry J.   	De Roane
MACK, Charles    	Ozan
MACK, Classy     	Hope
MACK, G.         	Hope
MACK, G. W.      	Hope
MACK, Georgia    	Hope
MACK, Henry X.   	Bois D'Arc
MACK, J.         	De Roane
MACK, Jennie     	De Roane
MACK, John       	Hope
MACK, Laton      	De Roane
MACK, Lida       	Hope
MACK, Molly      	Hope
MACK, Nancy      	Hope
MACK, Sallie     	Hope
MACK, Sam        	Hope
MACK, Tennessee  	Hope
MACK, Tobey      	Hope
MACK, William    	Hope
MACK, William    	Hope
MADDEN, Jerry    	Spring Hill
MADDEN, Maggie L.	Spring Hill
MADDEN, Mary J.  	Spring Hill
MADDEN, Massie   	Spring Hill
MADDEN, Myrum    	Spring Hill
MADDEN, Tolly B. 	Spring Hill
MADDOX, L.       	Hope
MADEN, Georgian  	De Roane
MADEN, Mary      	De Roane
MADEN, Oscar     	De Roane
MAFREY, Moses    	De Roane
MAHAN, Mary A.   	Columbus
MAHAN, Thomas L. 	Columbus
MAHONEY, John    	Fulton
MAJ, Louis       	Ozan
MALANY, Pattrick 	De Roane
MALLERY, A. E.   	Hope
MALLERY, E.      	Hope
MALLERY, R. E.   	Hope
MALLERY, R. E.   	Hope
MALONE, Mollie   	Hope
MALONE, Robert   	Washington
MALONEY, Pat     	Fulton
MALTUCK, Bell    	Washington
MALTUCK, Bulah   	Washington
MALTUCK, David   	Washington
MALTUCK, Ellen   	Washington
MALTUCK, Zulah   	Washington
MANESS, Fannie F.	Ozan
MANESS, Laura    	Ozan
MANESS, Marga    	Ozan
MANESS, Morgan   	Ozan
MANESS, Murray E.	Ozan
MANGNUM, Bettie J.	Garland
MANGNUM, James B.	Garland
MANGNUM, Joseph A.	Garland
MANGNUM, Joseph D.	Garland
MANGNUM, Thomas E.	Garland
MANN, Unknown MC 	De Roane
MANNING, Lawrence J.	Fulton
MANUAL, J.       	De Roane
MANUAL, W.       	De Roane
MANUEL, Celeste  	Ozan
MANUEL, Dan      	Fulton
MANUEL, Thomas   	Fulton
MARA, Annie      	De Roane
MARA, Charles    	De Roane
MARA, Edward P.  	De Roane
MARA, Mary L.    	De Roane
MARA, S. Cordy   	De Roane
MARA, Sarah L.   	De Roane
MARA, Unknown S. 	De Roane
MARCHBANKS, Emma 	Garland
MARCUS, James    	Wallaceburg
MARCUS, Martha   	Wallaceburg
MARLOW, Centre   	Wallaceburg
MARLOW, Dicy     	Saline
MARLOW, Minnie   	Saline
MARLOW, Phillis  	Wallaceburg
MARLOW, Reihrer I.	Saline
MARLOW, Susan    	Wallaceburg
MARLOW, Susan    	Wallaceburg
MARLOW, Willie M.	Saline
MARR, Jamus      	Ozan
MARR, John A.    	Ozan
MARR, Margaret   	Ozan
MARR, Mathew     	Ozan
MARR, Molley     	Ozan
MARR, William H. 	Ozan
MARSH, Aggy      	Spring Hill
MARSH, Andrew J. 	Spring Hill
MARSH, George R. 	Spring Hill
MARSH, Harriett  	Red Land
MARSH, John      	Spring Hill
MARSH, John J.   	Spring Hill
MARSH, Joseph    	Fulton
MARSH, Joseph    	Red Land
MARSH, Lucy      	Spring Hill
MARSH, Mollie A. 	Spring Hill
MARSH, Scottie   	Spring Hill
MARSHAL, Ben     	Mine Creek
MARSHAL, Betsey  	Mine Creek
MARSHAL, Carra   	Mine Creek
MARSHAL, Crockett	Mine Creek
MARSHAL, Davi    	Mine Creek
MARSHAL, Delie   	Mine Creek
MARSHAL, Dina    	Mine Creek
MARSHAL, Ella    	Mine Creek
MARSHAL, Frances 	Mine Creek
MARSHAL, Gus     	Mine Creek
MARSHAL, Henry   	Mine Creek
MARSHAL, Jack    	Mine Creek
MARSHAL, James   	Mine Creek
MARSHAL, Jiney A.	Mine Creek
MARSHAL, Jo Henry	Mine Creek
MARSHAL, John    	Mine Creek
MARSHAL, John    	Mine Creek
MARSHAL, Joshua  	Mine Creek
MARSHAL, Julie A.	Mine Creek
MARSHAL, Julie A.	Mine Creek
MARSHAL, Kitty   	Mine Creek
MARSHAL, Manervy 	Mine Creek
MARSHAL, Margrit A.	Mine Creek
MARSHAL, Melinda 	Mine Creek
MARSHAL, Milly   	Mine Creek
MARSHAL, Mollie  	Mine Creek
MARSHAL, Phene   	Mine Creek
MARSHAL, Prince  	Mine Creek
MARSHAL, Prince  	Mine Creek
MARSHAL, Richard 	Mine Creek
MARSHAL, Robert  	Mine Creek
MARSHAL, Robert  	Mine Creek
MARSHAL, Rose    	Mine Creek
MARSHAL, Sarah   	Mine Creek
MARSHAL, Silvy   	Mine Creek
MARSHAL, Sipie   	Mine Creek
MARSHAL, Walker  	Mine Creek
MARSHALL, Authry 	Garland
MARSHALL, Ben    	Ozan
MARSHALL, Bennet M.	Ozan
MARSHALL, Betty  	De Roane
MARSHALL, Eveline	Mine Creek
MARSHALL, Hanah G.	Ozan
MARSHALL, Harrison	Mine Creek
MARSHALL, Ida L. 	Ozan
MARSHALL, James  	Mine Creek
MARSHALL, Joel H.	Ozan
MARSHALL, Kitty  	De Roane
MARSHALL, Lucy   	Garland
MARSHALL, Mandy  	De Roane
MARSHALL, Mary   	Mine Creek
MARSHALL, Mary D.	Ozan
MARSHALL, Mary L.	Ozan
MARSHALL, Riley  	Saline
MARSHALL, Robert 	De Roane
MARSHALL, William G.	Ozan
MARTIN, A. L.    	De Roane
MARTIN, Adaline  	De Roane
MARTIN, Charlotte J.	Spring Hill
MARTIN, Chester  	Washington
MARTIN, Della    	Washington
MARTIN, Egbert E.	Spring Hill
MARTIN, Eliza    	Washington
MARTIN, Elizabeth	Spring Hill
MARTIN, Ellen A. 	Ozan
MARTIN, Francis A.	Spring Hill
MARTIN, George H.	Ozan
MARTIN, George W.	Spring Hill
MARTIN, Henrietta	Ozan
MARTIN, Henry D. C.	Spring Hill
MARTIN, J. C.    	Spring Hill
MARTIN, James H. 	Spring Hill
MARTIN, James H. 	Spring Hill
MARTIN, James M. 	Saline
MARTIN, John D.  	Ozan
MARTIN, Jos.     	Bois D'Arc
MARTIN, Julia M. 	Ozan
MARTIN, Julia M. 	Spring Hill
MARTIN, Laura    	Ozan
MARTIN, Lela     	Ozan
MARTIN, Levenia F.	Spring Hill
MARTIN, Mandy    	Garland
MARTIN, Margaret A.	Spring Hill
MARTIN, Mary E.  	Spring Hill
MARTIN, Molly    	Washington
MARTIN, N. M.    	Spring Hill
MARTIN, Nancy M. 	Spring Hill
MARTIN, Nathaniel	Garland
MARTIN, Nica     	Washington
MARTIN, Ollie E. 	Spring Hill
MARTIN, Pouel C. 	Ozan
MARTIN, R. J.    	Spring Hill
MARTIN, Rebecca A.	Spring Hill
MARTIN, Robert A. V.	Spring Hill
MARTIN, Robert O.	Spring Hill
MARTIN, Sarah J. 	Spring Hill
MARTIN, Thomas   	Ozan
MARTIN, Thomas   	Washington
MARTIN, Thomas G.	Spring Hill
MARTIN, V. H.    	Spring Hill
MARTIN, Virginia C.	Fulton
MARTIN, William B.	Spring Hill
MARTIN, William M.	Spring Hill
MARTINDALE, Addie	Mine Creek
MARTINDALE, Elisabeth F.	Mine Creek
MARTINDALE, Lula 	Mine Creek
MARTINDALE, Mary M.	Mine Creek
MARUNE, America  	Mine Creek
MARUNE, Archa    	Mine Creek
MARUNE, Elisabeth A.	Mine Creek
MARUNE, Elisabeth S.	Mine Creek
MARUNE, James H. 	Mine Creek
MARUNE, John H.  	Mine Creek
MARUNE, Malinda F.	Mine Creek
MARUNE, Mary E.  	Mine Creek
MARUNE, Rebecca A.	Mine Creek
MARUNE, Samuel A.	Mine Creek
MARUNE, Sarah E. 	Mine Creek
MARUNE, Saul A.  	Mine Creek
MARUNE, William R.	Mine Creek
MARUNE, William Trousdal	Mine Creek
MASON, Adline    	Mine Creek
MASON, Ann       	Mine Creek
MASON, Charles   	Mine Creek
MASON, Elley     	Ozan
MASON, Lula      	Mine Creek
MASON, Sarah A.  	Mine Creek
MASS, Ann        	Saline
MASS, Betsy A.   	Saline
MASS, Bud        	Saline
MASS, Harriet    	Saline
MASS, Lewis      	Saline
MASS, Peter      	Saline
MASS, Robert     	Saline
MASS, Unknown    	Saline
MASSEY, Alice    	Hope
MASSEY, C. F.    	Hope
MASSEY, Carson   	Spring Hill
MASSEY, James W. 	Spring Hill
MASSEY, Nancy R. 	Spring Hill
MASSEY, Sarah P. 	Spring Hill
MASSEY, Thomas   	Hope
MATHES, James    	Red Land
MATHES, John     	Red Land
MATHES, Mary     	Red Land
MATHES, Samantha 	Red Land
MATHES, William  	Red Land
MATHEWS, C. W.   	Hope
MATHEWS, Jane    	Hope
MATHEWS, Lewis T.	Garland
MATHEWS, Martha M.	Spring Hill
MATHEWS, P. T.   	Spring Hill
MATHEWS, Rachel R.	Spring Hill
MATHEWS, Reb W.  	Garland
MATHEWS, Rosie E.	Spring Hill
MATHIS, Jane     	Garland
MATHIS, Mary A   	Garland
MATHIS, Patrick  	Garland
MATLOCK, Wesley  	Saline
MATTHEWS, Jasua  	Bois D'Arc
MATTHEWS, Lucinda	Bois D'Arc
MATTHEWS, Nancy  	Bois D'Arc
MATTOX, Bessie   	Washington
MATTOX, Henry    	Washington
MATTOX, Jenk     	Washington
MATTOX, Martha   	Washington
MATTOX, Walter   	Washington
MAULDEN, Elbert  	Garland
MAULDEN, John    	Garland
MAULDEN, Margaret	Garland
MAULDEN, Mattie  	Garland
MAULDIN, Castinada	Spring Hill
MAULDIN, Cyrus E.	Spring Hill
MAULDIN, George F.	Spring Hill
MAULDIN, Henry L.	Spring Hill
MAULDIN, J. W.   	Spring Hill
MAULDIN, James O.	Spring Hill
MAULDIN, Lulu G. 	Spring Hill
MAULDIN, Luther S.	Spring Hill
MAULDIN, Mary E. 	Spring Hill
MAULDIN, Nancy R.	Spring Hill
MAULDIN, Unknown 	Spring Hill
MAULDIN, W. E.   	Spring Hill
MAURISON, Bettie 	Garland
MAURISON, Ely    	Garland
MAURISON, Prudence	Garland
MAURSETTE, Adam  	Garland
MAURSETTE, Charles	Garland
MAURSETTE, Darkus A.	Garland
MAURSETTE, Eliza R.	Garland
MAURSETTE, Emma  	Garland
MAURSETTE, Henry 	Garland
MAURSETTE, Julie 	Garland
MAURSETTE, Loyd  	Garland
MAURSETTE, Sallie	Garland
MAURSETTE, Siam  	Garland
MAXWELL, Abe     	Wallaceburg
MAXWELL, Alice   	Wallaceburg
MAXWELL, Anna    	Wallaceburg
MAXWELL, Benjamin	Wallaceburg
MAXWELL, Effie   	Wallaceburg
MAXWELL, Ella    	Fulton
MAXWELL, Eloise  	Fulton
MAXWELL, Estella 	Wallaceburg
MAXWELL, Gravill 	Wallaceburg
MAXWELL, Henry   	Ozan
MAXWELL, Jane    	Ozan
MAXWELL, Jane    	Wallaceburg
MAXWELL, Jerry   	Wallaceburg
MAXWELL, John    	Wallaceburg
MAXWELL, Jordan  	Wallaceburg
MAXWELL, Laura O.	Spring Hill
MAXWELL, Margaret	Wallaceburg
MAXWELL, Maze    	Wallaceburg
MAXWELL, Minnie  	Wallaceburg
MAXWELL, Molly J.	Hope
MAXWELL, Moses   	Wallaceburg
MAXWELL, Moses   	Wallaceburg
MAXWELL, Nancy E.	Spring Hill
MAXWELL, Nannie  	Fulton
MAXWELL, Pauline 	Ozan
MAXWELL, Rubie   	Wallaceburg
MAXWELL, Virie   	Wallaceburg
MAXWELL, W. W.   	Hope
MAXWELL, Wesley C.	Spring Hill
MAXWELL, William 	Wallaceburg
MAY, Ada         	Ozan
MAY, Adaline     	De Roane
MAY, Alex        	Mine Creek
MAY, Alex        	Mine Creek
MAY, Alex W.     	De Roane
MAY, Ally        	Mine Creek
MAY, Annie       	Ozan
MAY, B. F.       	De Roane
MAY, Benjamin    	De Roane
MAY, Benjamin    	De Roane
MAY, Carry       	Mine Creek
MAY, Catharine   	De Roane
MAY, Charlotte   	Mine Creek
MAY, Charlottie  	De Roane
MAY, Daniel      	Ozan
MAY, Dave        	Mine Creek
MAY, Eliza       	De Roane
MAY, Esther E.   	Mine Creek
MAY, Fenton      	Ozan
MAY, Georgeanna  	Mine Creek
MAY, Georges W.  	De Roane
MAY, Harry       	Ozan
MAY, Ida         	Mine Creek
MAY, Jacob       	Mine Creek
MAY, James D.    	Mine Creek
MAY, James R.    	Mine Creek
MAY, Jesse C.    	Mine Creek
MAY, Jessy D.    	De Roane
MAY, John W.     	De Roane
MAY, Joseph      	Ozan
MAY, Josh        	Saline
MAY, Joshua      	Mine Creek
MAY, Josiy       	Mine Creek
MAY, June        	Mine Creek
MAY, Leed        	Mine Creek
MAY, Leroy W.    	Mine Creek
MAY, Letsy       	Mine Creek
MAY, Lidy        	Mine Creek
MAY, Liza A      	Mine Creek
MAY, Lucinda     	De Roane
MAY, Lula        	De Roane
MAY, Martha K.   	De Roane
MAY, Mary        	De Roane
MAY, Mary J.     	Mine Creek
MAY, Mary M.     	De Roane
MAY, May F.      	Mine Creek
MAY, Nancy L.    	Mine Creek
MAY, Olliver     	Mine Creek
MAY, Part M.     	Mine Creek
MAY, Peggy       	Mine Creek
MAY, Pleas       	Mine Creek
MAY, Robert      	Mine Creek
MAY, Rosey       	Mine Creek
MAY, Sarah E.    	Mine Creek
MAY, Sarah J.    	Mine Creek
MAY, Sharlott    	Mine Creek
MAY, Simaline    	De Roane
MAY, Thomas      	Mine Creek
MAY, Udora       	De Roane
MAY, Voluntine   	Mine Creek
MAY, William     	Mine Creek
MAY, William     	Ozan
MAYBEN, Andrew J.	Garland
MAYBEN, Hale M.  	Garland
MAYBEN, Harmon   	Ozan
MAYBEN, Jno H.   	Garland
MAYBEN, Laura J. 	Garland
MAYBEN, Lilly    	Garland
MAYBEN, Lou A.   	Garland
MAYBEN, Martha   	Garland
MAYBEN, Martha J.	Garland
MAYBEN, Mary E.  	Garland
MAYBEN, Mayhala S.	Garland
MAYBEN, Pomeroy  	Garland
MAYBEN, Robert   	Garland
MAYBEN, Susan E. 	Garland
MAYBEN, Thomas   	Garland
MAYBEN, William  	Garland
MAYBEN, William  	Garland
MAYBEN, William L.	Garland
MAYE, C. L.      	Hope
MAYFIELD, William	Garland
MAYWETHER, Ettie 	Saline
MAYWETHER, Katie 	Saline
MAYWETHER, Mandy 	Saline
MAYWETHER, Mary J.	Saline
MAYWETHER, Ned   	Saline
MAYWETHER, Robbin	Saline
MAYWETHER, Vergil	Saline
MCADAMS, Emma    	Bois D'Arc
MCBRIDE, F. H.   	Spring Hill
MCCARRA, Alonzo E.	Spring Hill
MCCARRA, Elizabeth J.	Spring Hill
MCCARRA, Lena A. 	Spring Hill
MCCARRA, Milton F.	Spring Hill
MCCARRA, S. J.   	Spring Hill
MCCARRA, Sallie H.	Spring Hill
MCCASKILL, Agnus 	Wallaceburg
MCCASKILL, Alex  	Wallaceburg
MCCASKILL, Fred  	Wallaceburg
MCCASKILL, John  	Wallaceburg
MCCASKILL, Lucy  	Wallaceburg
MCCASKILL, Mary  	Wallaceburg
MCCASKILL, Mattie	Wallaceburg
MCCASKILL, Nellie	Wallaceburg
MCCASKILL, Niel  	Wallaceburg
MCCASKILL, William	Wallaceburg
MCCLARITY, Archa 	Mine Creek
MCCLARITY, John H.	Mine Creek
MCCLENDAN, Emilie	Red Land
MCCLENDAN, John  	Red Land
MCCLENDAN, Lettie	Red Land
MCCLENDAN, Malinda	Red Land
MCCLENDAN, Martha	Red Land
MCCLENDAN, Thomas	Red Land
MCCLOUD, Charles C.	Ozan
MCCOLLUM, Adline 	Garland
MCCOLLUM, Betsie 	Garland
MCCOLLUM, Haven  	Garland
MCCOLLUM, James  	Garland
MCCOLLUM, Josh   	Garland
MCCOLLUM, William	Garland
MCCORKLE, L. C.  	Hope
MCCOUN, George   	Ozan
MCCOUN, Jessie   	Ozan
MCCOUN, Molley   	Ozan
MCCOUN, Rachael  	Ozan
MCCOUN, Willirs  	Ozan
MCCOY, Allen     	Fulton
MCCOY, James A.  	De Roane
MCCOY, Martha A. 	De Roane
MCCOY, W. W.     	De Roane
MCCOY, William H.	Spring Hill
MCCRARY, Cary    	Fulton
MCCRARY, Lizzie  	Fulton
MCCRAVAN, Roda   	Garland
MCCRAVAN, Wesley 	Garland
MCCRAW, Alexander	Red Land
MCCRAW, Georgia  	Red Land
MCCRAW, John     	Red Land
MCCRAW, John     	Red Land
MCCRAW, John     	Red Land
MCCRAW, Laurence 	Red Land
MCCRAW, Mary     	Red Land
MCCRAW, Nona     	Red Land
MCCRAW, Theodocia	Red Land
MCCRAW, Thomas   	Red Land
MCCRAW, Walter   	Red Land
MCCULLAH, Dorcus 	Wallaceburg
MCCULLAH, Emma   	Wallaceburg
MCCULLAH, Felte  	Wallaceburg
MCCULLAH, Samuel 	Wallaceburg
MCCULLAH, Thomas 	Wallaceburg
MCCULLAH, William	Wallaceburg
MCDANIEL, David  	Fulton
MCDANIEL, Fancy  	Fulton
MCDANIEL, Josephine	Fulton
MCDANIEL, Julia A.	De Roane
MCDANIEL, Magnolia	Fulton
MCDANIEL, Mollie 	Fulton
MCDONALD, Alferd 	Mine Creek
MCDONALD, Elessa O.	Spring Hill
MCDONALD, Fannie C.	Spring Hill
MCDONALD, J. L.  	Hope
MCDONALD, Jacob G.	Spring Hill
MCDONALD, James A.	Spring Hill
MCDONALD, James A.	Spring Hill
MCDONALD, James S.	Spring Hill
MCDONALD, John H.	Spring Hill
MCDONALD, L. P.  	Hope
MCDONALD, Lota   	Mine Creek
MCDONALD, Martha C.	Spring Hill
MCDONALD, Memima E.	Mine Creek
MCDONALD, Mittie A.	Mine Creek
MCDONALD, Rufus A.	Mine Creek
MCDONALD, S. A.  	Hope
MCDONALD, Sarah A.	Spring Hill
MCDONALD, William	Fulton
MCDONALD, William D.	Spring Hill
MCDONALD, William T.	Mine Creek
MCDONALD, William T.	Spring Hill
MCDOUGALD, Alex  	Red Land
MCDOUGALD, Elizabeth	Red Land
MCDOUGALD, James 	Red Land
MCDOUGALD, John  	Red Land
MCDOUGALD, Lemuel	Red Land
MCDOUGALD, Martha	Red Land
MCDOUGALD, Robert	Red Land
MCDOWELL, Emma Z.	Spring Hill
MCDOWELL, George W.	Spring Hill
MCDOWELL, James B.	Spring Hill
MCDOWELL, James B.	Spring Hill
MCDOWELL, John S.	Spring Hill
MCDOWELL, Juley E.	Spring Hill
MCDOWELL, Mary E.	Spring Hill
MCDOWELL, Mary E.	Spring Hill
MCDOWELL, Rosie L.	Spring Hill
MCDOWELL, Sarah W.	Spring Hill
MCDOWELL, Thaddeus F.	Spring Hill
MCDOWELL, William C.	Spring Hill
MCELRAY, George T.	De Roane
MCELRAY, James L.	De Roane
MCELRAY, John W. 	De Roane
MCELRAY, Luly G. 	De Roane
MCELRAY, Sally T.	De Roane
MCELROY, Anna J. 	De Roane
MCELROY, Aron    	Saline
MCELROY, Aron    	Saline
MCELROY, Augustus	Saline
MCELROY, Bertie  	Saline
MCELROY, Bettie  	Saline
MCELROY, David   	Bois D'Arc
MCELROY, David   	Saline
MCELROY, G. W.   	De Roane
MCELROY, George L.	De Roane
MCELROY, Green   	Saline
MCELROY, Henretta	Saline
MCELROY, Henry   	Bois D'Arc
MCELROY, Henry   	Saline
MCELROY, Joe     	Saline
MCELROY, John E. 	De Roane
MCELROY, John H. 	De Roane
MCELROY, John H. 	De Roane
MCELROY, Johny   	Saline
MCELROY, Jos     	Bois D'Arc
MCELROY, Laura   	Saline
MCELROY, Mahaly  	Saline
MCELROY, Mandy J.	De Roane
MCELROY, Mary F. 	De Roane
MCELROY, Moses   	Saline
MCELROY, Nancy   	Saline
MCELROY, Nobia   	Saline
MCELROY, Sarah   	Saline
MCELROY, Sarah A.	De Roane
MCELROY, William E.	Saline
MCELROY, Winstead	Saline
MCFADDEN         	Mine Creek
MCFADDEN, Abner  	Garland
MCFADDEN, Adaline	Wallaceburg
MCFADDEN, Agness 	Ozan
MCFADDEN, Alfred 	Ozan
MCFADDEN, Amey   	Garland
MCFADDEN, Annie  	Ozan
MCFADDEN, Annie  	Ozan
MCFADDEN, Arbella	Ozan
MCFADDEN, Bell   	Saline
MCFADDEN, Benjamin	Ozan
MCFADDEN, Calvin 	Saline
MCFADDEN, Caroline	Ozan
MCFADDEN, Charles	Ozan
MCFADDEN, David  	Ozan
MCFADDEN, David  	Ozan
MCFADDEN, David  	Ozan
MCFADDEN, Delia  	Ozan
MCFADDEN, Duke   	Saline
MCFADDEN, E. C.  	De Roane
MCFADDEN, E. C.  	Hope
MCFADDEN, Elizabeth	Ozan
MCFADDEN, Elmore 	Ozan
MCFADDEN, Fagan  	Ozan
MCFADDEN, George 	Ozan
MCFADDEN, George 	Ozan
MCFADDEN, George 	Ozan
MCFADDEN, Henry  	Ozan
MCFADDEN, Jackson	Ozan
MCFADDEN, John   	Ozan
MCFADDEN, Joseph 	Ozan
MCFADDEN, Joshuah	Wallaceburg
MCFADDEN, Lela   	Ozan
MCFADDEN, Louis  	Ozan
MCFADDEN, Manton 	Saline
MCFADDEN, Marietta	Ozan
MCFADDEN, Mary   	Saline
MCFADDEN, Millie A.	Garland
MCFADDEN, Milly  	Ozan
MCFADDEN, Milton 	Garland
MCFADDEN, Mingo  	Ozan
MCFADDEN, Myra   	Ozan
MCFADDEN, Nelly  	Ozan
MCFADDEN, Nero   	Wallaceburg
MCFADDEN, Renta  	Ozan
MCFADDEN, Rose   	Ozan
MCFADDEN, S. W.  	De Roane
MCFADDEN, Sarah  	Ozan
MCFADDEN, Sarah F.	Hope
MCFADDEN, Venus  	Saline
MCFADDEN, William	Ozan
MCFADDEN, William Y.	Garland
MCFADDIN, John W.	Spring Hill
MCGEE, M. M.     	Hope
MCGILL, Amon     	Wallaceburg
MCGILL, Amus     	Wallaceburg
MCGILL, Caroline 	Wallaceburg
MCGILL, Clarance 	Garland
MCGILL, Emma     	Garland
MCGILL, George   	Wallaceburg
MCGILL, Idella   	Garland
MCGILL, Jane     	Wallaceburg
MCGILL, Jeff     	Garland
MCGILL, Jeff     	Garland
MCGILL, Jefferson	Wallaceburg
MCGILL, Kate     	Wallaceburg
MCGILL, Katie    	Wallaceburg
MCGILL, Lee      	Garland
MCGILL, Mary E.  	Garland
MCGILL, Minto    	Wallaceburg
MCGILL, Phillis  	Garland
MCGILL, Robert   	Wallaceburg
MCGILL, Sarah    	Wallaceburg
MCGILL, Tishue   	Garland
MCGILL, Tom      	Garland
MCGILL, Violet   	Wallaceburg
MCGILL, William  	Garland
MCGRAW, George   	Fulton
MCGUIRE, Julia H.	Spring Hill
MCINTOCH, Grace  	Ozan
MCINTOCH, Samuel 	Ozan
MCINTYRE, Alex   	Bois D'Arc
MCIVER, Eliza C. 	Spring Hill
MCIVER, Emily A. 	Spring Hill
MCIVER, James P. 	Spring Hill
MCIVER, Martha A.	Spring Hill
MCIVER, Mathew   	Ozan
MCIVER, Melvin A.	Spring Hill
MCIVER, Oscar E. 	Spring Hill
MCIVER, Sarah    	Ozan
MCIVER, Walter L.	Spring Hill
MCJOOR, J. P.    	Bois D'Arc
MCJOOR, Lide     	Bois D'Arc
MCJOOR, William  	Bois D'Arc
MCKEE, Annie E.  	Garland
MCKEE, Ida E.    	Garland
MCKEE, Lu E.     	Garland
MCKEE, Rolla E.  	Garland
MCKEE, William A.	Garland
MCKEE, William G.	Garland
MCKEEVER, Arch   	Saline
MCKELLER, Emma A.	Saline
MCKELLER, John   	Saline
MCKELLER, Josephine	Saline
MCKELLER, Manda  	Saline
MCKELLER, Mary E.	Saline
MCKELLER, William	Saline
MCKELLER, William	Saline
MCKIEVER, Eduard 	Ozan
MCKILLIAN, Emma  	Garland
MCKILLIAN, Ernest	Garland
MCKILLIAN, Frances	Garland
MCKILLIAN, Gabriel	Garland
MCKILLIAN, Henry 	Garland
MCKILLIAN, James 	Garland
MCKILLIAN, Jane  	Garland
MCKILLIAN, Jno.  	Garland
MCKILLIAN, John  	Garland
MCKILLIAN, Laura 	Garland
MCKILLIAN, Mandy 	Garland
MCKILLIAN, Mary  	Garland
MCKILLIAN, Mattie	Garland
MCKILLIAN, Melie 	Garland
MCKILLIAN, Peter 	Garland
MCKILLIAN, Randolph	Garland
MCKILLIAN, Robert	Garland
MCKILLIAN, Warren	Garland
MCKNIGHT, Calhoon	Columbus
MCKNIGHT, Dora B.	De Roane
MCKNIGHT, G. L.  	De Roane
MCKNIGHT, James H.	De Roane
MCKNIGHT, John N.	Saline
MCKNIGHT, Julia F.	De Roane
MCKNIGHT, Lena A.	De Roane
MCKNIGHT, Nanny B.	De Roane
MCKNIGHT, Rosa D.	De Roane
MCKNIGHT, Susan F.	De Roane
MCKOY, Alferd L. 	Mine Creek
MCKOY, Loucinda D.	Mine Creek
MCKOY, Mary J.   	Mine Creek
MCKOY, Unknown   	Mine Creek
MCKOY, Virginia A.	Mine Creek
MCLAIN, Rebecca  	Washington
MCLAUCHLAIN, Christiania	Washington
MCLAUCHLAIN, John	Washington
MCLAUCHLAIN, Maggie	Washington
MCLAUGHTON, Armuda C.	Mine Creek
MCLAUGHTON, George W.	Mine Creek
MCLAUGHTON, John H.	Mine Creek
MCLAUGHTON, Thomas C.	Mine Creek
MCLAUGHTON, William B.	Mine Creek
MCLENDEN, Alfred 	Saline
MCLENDEN, Frank  	Saline
MCLENDEN, James  	Saline
MCLENDEN, Loyd J.	Saline
MCLENDEN, Manerva	Saline
MCLENDEN, Margaret	Saline
MCLENDEN, Martha A.	Saline
MCLENDEN, Sarah  	Saline
MCLENDEN, Simon  	Saline
MCMAHAN, Mandy A.	Mine Creek
MCMAHAN, Robert  	Mine Creek
MCMICAEL, Ada    	Ozan
MCMICAEL, Carnot 	Ozan
MCMICAEL, Mary   	Ozan
MCMICAEL, Sarah  	Ozan
MCMICAEL, Wm.    	Ozan
MCMONEGLE, Martha A.	Ozan
MCMONEGLE, William Ellis	Ozan
MCMULLEN, Elizabeth	Ozan
MCMULLEN, Fenton 	Ozan
MCMULLEN, Green  	Ozan
MCMULLEN, Henrietta	Ozan
MCMULLEN, Jane   	Ozan
MCMULLEN, Wylie  	Ozan
MCMULLIN, Mary   	Garland
MCMULLIN, Samuel 	Garland
MCNIGHT, W. H.   	De Roane
MCOLLEM, Lucinda 	Washington
MCWHERTER, Delia C.	Fulton
MCWHERTER, William H.	Fulton
MCWHORTER, Lela  	Washington
MCWHORTER, Marga 	Washington
MCWHORTER, Sallie	Fulton
MCWILLIAMS, Anna L.	Spring Hill
MCWILLIAMS, Ellen L.	De Roane
MCWILLIAMS, Francis M.	Spring Hill
MCWILLIAMS, Galin J.	Spring Hill
MCWILLIAMS, Isaac N.	Spring Hill
MCWILLIAMS, James S.	Spring Hill
MCWILLIAMS, Madison L.	De Roane
MCWILLIAMS, Martha J.	Spring Hill
MCWILLIAMS, Robert L.	Spring Hill
MECKELBY, Abba   	Ozan
MEEK, G. W.      	Hope
MEEKS, Frances E.	Spring Hill
MEEKS, James K.  	Spring Hill
MEEKS, James K.  	Spring Hill
MEEKS, Malissa A.	Spring Hill
MEEKS, Margaret E.	Spring Hill
MEEKS, Martha M. 	Spring Hill
MEEKS, Mary F.   	Spring Hill
MEEKS, Robert C. 	Spring Hill
MEEKS, Sarah A. E.	Spring Hill
MELEAN, David G. 	Garland
MELEAN, Ermanild 	Garland
MELEAN, Richard A.	Garland
MELTON, Jno.     	Bois D'Arc
MELTON, Lola     	Bois D'Arc
MELTON, Mary     	Bois D'Arc
MENDENHALL, Annie	Bois D'Arc
MENDENHALL, Coranna	Bois D'Arc
MENDENHALL, Mack 	Bois D'Arc
MENDENHALL, Mark 	Bois D'Arc
MENDENHALL, Peter Ann	Bois D'Arc
MENELL, Ada      	Bois D'Arc
MENELL, Albert   	Bois D'Arc
MENELL, Albert   	Bois D'Arc
MENELL, Clements 	Bois D'Arc
MENELL, Florence 	Bois D'Arc
MENELL, Liza     	Bois D'Arc
MENELL, Lizzie   	Bois D'Arc
MENELL, Oscedla  	Bois D'Arc
MENELL, Polk     	Bois D'Arc
MENELL, Sonnie   	Bois D'Arc
MENELL, Willie   	Bois D'Arc
MERCER, Amy      	Saline
MERCER, Ben      	Saline
MERCER, Bettie B.	Saline
MERCER, Dick     	Saline
MERCER, Dick A.  	Saline
MERCER, Fannie   	Saline
MERCER, Jack     	Saline
MERCER, James    	Saline
MERCER, Joe      	Saline
MERCER, Joe      	Saline
MERCER, Josh     	Saline
MERCER, Josh     	Saline
MERCER, Josiphine	Saline
MERCER, Laura    	Saline
MERCER, Lavenia  	Saline
MERCER, Lavenia  	Saline
MERCER, Luvenia  	Ozan
MERCER, Mary     	Saline
MERCER, Mesiea   	Saline
MERCER, Moses    	Saline
MERCER, Nancy    	Saline
MERCER, Rosella  	Saline
MERCER, Rosetta  	Saline
MERCER, Unknown  	Saline
MERCER, Walden   	Saline
MERCER, Willis   	Saline
MERCHER, Archie  	Spring Hill
MERCHER, Fronie  	Spring Hill
MERCHER, Gineora 	Spring Hill
MERCHER, Jane    	Spring Hill
MERCHER, John    	Spring Hill
MERCHER, Martin  	Spring Hill
MERCHER, Unknown 	Spring Hill
MERCHINE, H.     	Hope
MERCHINE, Myrtle 	Hope
MEREDETH, Carrie 	Columbus
MEREDETH, Cornelia	Ozan
MEREDETH, Hunter T.	Ozan
MEREDETH, John R.	Ozan
MEREDETH, Namie L.	Ozan
MEREDETH, San R. 	Ozan
MERIDETH, John   	Red Land
MERIDETH, Margaret	Red Land
MERIDETH, Sarah  	Red Land
MERRELL, Alex    	Red Land
MERRELL, Andrew  	Red Land
MERRELL, Elijah  	Red Land
MERRELL, Elonora 	Red Land
MERRELL, Emarillis	Red Land
MERRELL, Joseph  	Red Land
MERRELL, Joseph  	Red Land
MERRELL, Lucinda 	Red Land
MERRELL, William 	Red Land
MERRELL, Wylie   	Red Land
MERRILL, Martha  	Red Land
MERRILL, Robert  	Red Land
MERRILL, Robert  	Red Land
MEUTIN, Howard   	Bois D'Arc
MICHAEL, Harry   	Saline
MICHELL, A. H.   	Hope
MICHELL, C. E.   	Hope
MICHELL, P. J.   	Hope
MICHELL, R. L.   	Hope
MICHELL, S. B.   	Hope
MIDDLETON, Phillis	De Roane
MIDDLETON, Rufus 	De Roane
MIDDLETON, Slrass	De Roane
MIDDLETON, Willie	De Roane
MILES, Anna      	De Roane
MILES, Anna      	Spring Hill
MILES, Crawford  	De Roane
MILES, Emma      	De Roane
MILES, Ersa      	De Roane
MILES, John      	Spring Hill
MILES, Mandy     	Spring Hill
MILES, Mary      	De Roane
MILES, Mollie    	Spring Hill
MILES, Nina      	De Roane
MILES, Paralee   	De Roane
MILES, Spencer   	De Roane
MILIKEN, J. A.   	Hope
MILIKEN, M. J.   	Hope
MILLARD, Franny  	Mine Creek
MILLARD, Samuel  	Mine Creek
MILLEN, L. MC    	Hope
MILLER, Charles  	Bois D'Arc
MILLER, David    	Wallaceburg
MILLER, Fannie   	Wallaceburg
MILLER, Fredric  	Wallaceburg
MILLER, Jacob    	Wallaceburg
MILLER, James S. 	Saline
MILLER, Jno.     	Garland
MILLER, John     	Ozan
MILLER, Julia    	Wallaceburg
MILLER, June     	Garland
MILLER, Leanna   	Garland
MILLER, Malinda  	Wallaceburg
MILLER, Margaret 	Saline
MILLER, Mary     	Spring Hill
MILLER, Richmond 	Garland
MILLER, Samuel   	Wallaceburg
MILLER, Sarah    	Saline
MILLER, Susan    	Wallaceburg
MILLER, Tennie   	Wallaceburg
MILLICAN, C. A.  	Hope
MILLICAN, E.     	Hope
MILLICAN, H. T.  	Hope
MILLICAN, J. A.  	Hope
MILLICAN, J. A.  	Hope
MILLICAN, M. A.  	Hope
MILLON, Aaron MC 	Hope
MILLON, Nancy MC 	Hope
MILLON, S. MC    	Hope
MILLS, Ruth A.   	Spring Hill
MILLS, Susan     	Spring Hill
MILLS, William A. J.	Spring Hill
MILLS, William K. P.	Spring Hill
MILON, P. MC     	Hope
MIMMS, Emma      	De Roane
MIMMS, Joseph F. 	De Roane
MIMMS, Louiza C. 	De Roane
MIMS, Carrie     	Garland
MIMS, Cora       	Garland
MIMS, David L.   	Garland
MIMS, Fannie     	Garland
MIMS, William R. 	Garland
MINCH, Elias C.  	Mine Creek
MINCH, Elizabeth 	Mine Creek
MINCH, Sarah A.  	Mine Creek
MINCH, Sarah A.  	Mine Creek
MINER, Jno.      	Fulton
MINK, Emma       	Spring Hill
MINK, Peter      	Spring Hill
MISHLEMEYER, Thomas	Bois D'Arc
MITCHEL, Alandar J.	De Roane
MITCHEL, Alex    	De Roane
MITCHEL, Ben     	Ozan
MITCHEL, Canalis 	Spring Hill
MITCHEL, Charles 	Bois D'Arc
MITCHEL, Charles E	Washington
MITCHEL, Elijah B.	Washington
MITCHEL, Henrietta	Spring Hill
MITCHEL, James E.	Washington
MITCHEL, James W.	De Roane
MITCHEL, John T. 	Washington
MITCHEL, Laura E.	Washington
MITCHEL, Lou     	Washington
MITCHEL, Madison H.	De Roane
MITCHEL, Maggie  	Washington
MITCHEL, Mark    	De Roane
MITCHEL, Millie  	Ozan
MITCHEL, Nancy A.	De Roane
MITCHEL, William 	Washington
MITCHELL, Adoline	Ozan
MITCHELL, Bell   	Mine Creek
MITCHELL, Benj   	Bois D'Arc
MITCHELL, Benjamin F.	Mine Creek
MITCHELL, Benjamine	Ozan
MITCHELL, Betsy  	Bois D'Arc
MITCHELL, Dolly  	Bois D'Arc
MITCHELL, Ellen  	Ozan
MITCHELL, Hattie 	Ozan
MITCHELL, Howell W.	Mine Creek
MITCHELL, Indianna	Mine Creek
MITCHELL, Jane H.	Mine Creek
MITCHELL, John   	Mine Creek
MITCHELL, John   	Red Land
MITCHELL, John   	Red Land
MITCHELL, Jordan E.	Bois D'Arc
MITCHELL, Joseph 	Mine Creek
MITCHELL, Joseph 	Red Land
MITCHELL, Joseph 	Red Land
MITCHELL, Laura  	Red Land
MITCHELL, Ledora 	Mine Creek
MITCHELL, Lee    	Ozan
MITCHELL, Leroy  	Mine Creek
MITCHELL, Likerghes	Mine Creek
MITCHELL, Liza   	Bois D'Arc
MITCHELL, Lula   	Mine Creek
MITCHELL, Lydia  	Red Land
MITCHELL, Lydia  	Red Land
MITCHELL, Margaret	Red Land
MITCHELL, Mary   	Red Land
MITCHELL, Mathew 	Red Land
MITCHELL, Milley 	Ozan
MITCHELL, Nancy  	Mine Creek
MITCHELL, Neptune	Ozan
MITCHELL, Oliver 	Ozan
MITCHELL, Pearl V.	Ozan
MITCHELL, Phebie 	Red Land
MITCHELL, Rebecca	Red Land
MITCHELL, Rhoda  	Bois D'Arc
MITCHELL, Richard	Ozan
MITCHELL, Richard	Ozan
MITCHELL, Samuel 	Bois D'Arc
MITCHELL, Susana 	Mine Creek
MITCHELL, Warren 	Bois D'Arc
MITCHELL, Warren 	Ozan
MITCHELL, William	Bois D'Arc
MITCHELL, William	Red Land
MIVAN, K. A.     	Hope
MIVAN, W. H.     	Hope
MIVAN, Willie    	Hope
MODEST, Caroline 	Bois D'Arc
MODEST, Dolly    	Bois D'Arc
MODEST, George   	Bois D'Arc
MODEST, George   	Bois D'Arc
MODEST, James R. 	Bois D'Arc
MODEST, Joanna   	Bois D'Arc
MODEST, Mary     	Bois D'Arc
MODEST, Melinda  	Bois D'Arc
MODEST, Robert   	Bois D'Arc
MODEST, Sallie   	Bois D'Arc
MODEST, Sam      	Bois D'Arc
MODEST, Sam      	Bois D'Arc
MOLICESE, Cathrine	Ozan
MOLONE, James R. 	Garland
MOLONE, Lee      	Garland
MOLONE, Lizzie   	Garland
MOLONE, Mollie   	Garland
MOMAN, Allen     	Hope
MONCRIEF, Charity	Spring Hill
MONCRIEF, Lizzie 	Spring Hill
MONEGLE, Valentino MC	Ozan
MONIGAR, Andrew A.	Ozan
MONIGAR, Bridget 	Ozan
MONIGAR, Charles 	Ozan
MONIGAR, Emma    	Ozan
MONIGAR, Mary    	Ozan
MONIGAR, Mary A. 	Ozan
MONK, Frank      	De Roane
MONK, Martha     	De Roane
MONROE, Albert   	Ozan
MONROE, Albert D.	Washington
MONROE, Allice   	Washington
MONROE, Budd     	Ozan
MONROE, Cena     	Ozan
MONROE, Charles D.	Spring Hill
MONROE, Ella     	Washington
MONROE, Francis N.	Spring Hill
MONROE, Hannah   	Fulton
MONROE, James M. 	Spring Hill
MONROE, James S. 	Washington
MONROE, Leonidus 	Ozan
MONROE, Louis F. 	Washington
MONROE, Mary     	Washington
MONROE, Nancy J. 	Spring Hill
MONROE, Rebecca  	Ozan
MONROE, Susie    	Washington
MONROE, William  	Fulton
MONSEN, Albert S.	Spring Hill
MONSEN, Cekonia C.	Spring Hill
MONSEN, Francis D.	Spring Hill
MONSEN, Martha   	Spring Hill
MONSEN, Stephen  	Spring Hill
MONTGOMERY, Addie L.	De Roane
MONTGOMERY, Bell 	De Roane
MONTGOMERY, Carra	Red Land
MONTGOMERY, Carrie	Wallaceburg
MONTGOMERY, Claudius	Red Land
MONTGOMERY, David	Wallaceburg
MONTGOMERY, Emma 	Wallaceburg
MONTGOMERY, Evie 	Red Land
MONTGOMERY, Florence L.	De Roane
MONTGOMERY, Francis	Hope
MONTGOMERY, Jacob	Wallaceburg
MONTGOMERY, James	Wallaceburg
MONTGOMERY, James	Wallaceburg
MONTGOMERY, Jennett	Wallaceburg
MONTGOMERY, John 	Red Land
MONTGOMERY, Mary 	Red Land
MONTGOMERY, Mary 	Wallaceburg
MONTGOMERY, Minnie	Red Land
MONTGOMERY, Mittie	Red Land
MONTGOMERY, Nannie	Wallaceburg
MONTGOMERY, Norman	Mine Creek
MONTGOMERY, Richard	Wallaceburg
MONTGOMERY, Sally J.	De Roane
MONTGOMERY, Sarah	Red Land
MONTGOMERY, Thomas	Red Land
MONTGOMERY, Thomas	Red Land
MONTGOMERY, Thomas W.	Hope
MONTGOMERY, William	Red Land
MOON, Britton    	Ozan
MOON, Clark      	Saline
MOON, Columbus   	Ozan
MOON, Francis    	Saline
MOON, Josephine  	Ozan
MOON, Mack       	Ozan
MOON, Mitty      	Ozan
MOON, Sarah      	Saline
MOON, Thomas     	Saline
MOORE, Albert    	Saline
MOORE, Alex M.   	De Roane
MOORE, Amas      	Saline
MOORE, Anderson  	Saline
MOORE, Andrew    	Saline
MOORE, Ann       	Saline
MOORE, Ann E.    	Ozan
MOORE, Annie     	Washington
MOORE, Armstead  	Bois D'Arc
MOORE, Belle     	Bois D'Arc
MOORE, Beller    	Saline
MOORE, Birdie    	De Roane
MOORE, Branch    	Washington
MOORE, Bu        	Washington
MOORE, Calvin    	Ozan
MOORE, Carana    	Saline
MOORE, Carly     	Washington
MOORE, Caroline  	Ozan
MOORE, Caroline  	Washington
MOORE, Carrie    	Saline
MOORE, Charlotte 	Ozan
MOORE, Clara B   	Garland
MOORE, Clennie   	Saline
MOORE, Columbus  	Bois D'Arc
MOORE, Cornelia  	Saline
MOORE, Cornelius 	Ozan
MOORE, David     	De Roane
MOORE, David     	Ozan
MOORE, David     	Saline
MOORE, Dolly     	Ozan
MOORE, Drew      	Ozan
MOORE, Ed        	Columbus
MOORE, Edmond    	Garland
MOORE, Ellick    	Saline
MOORE, Emma      	Garland
MOORE, Emma      	Saline
MOORE, Fannie    	Saline
MOORE, Fannie L. 	Ozan
MOORE, Frank     	Saline
MOORE, Fred      	Columbus
MOORE, George    	Ozan
MOORE, George    	Saline
MOORE, George W. 	Bois D'Arc
MOORE, George W. 	De Roane
MOORE, Hannah    	Saline
MOORE, Harriette 	Ozan
MOORE, Henrietta 	De Roane
MOORE, Henry     	Ozan
MOORE, Henry     	Saline
MOORE, Henry     	Saline
MOORE, Isaac     	Red Land
MOORE, James     	De Roane
MOORE, James     	Fulton
MOORE, James     	Fulton
MOORE, James     	Saline
MOORE, James     	Saline
MOORE, Jeff      	Ozan
MOORE, Jeff      	Ozan
MOORE, Jennie    	Saline
MOORE, Jennie    	Washington
MOORE, Jessie L. 	Ozan
MOORE, Joe S.    	Garland
MOORE, John      	De Roane
MOORE, John      	Washington
MOORE, John S.   	Saline
MOORE, John S.   	Saline
MOORE, Johny     	Saline
MOORE, Josh      	Columbus
MOORE, Julia     	Bois D'Arc
MOORE, Julia C.  	Ozan
MOORE, Leona     	Washington
MOORE, Lidia     	Ozan
MOORE, Londen    	Bois D'Arc
MOORE, London    	Washington
MOORE, Louesa    	Saline
MOORE, Louie     	Garland
MOORE, Manerva   	De Roane
MOORE, Martha    	De Roane
MOORE, Martha E  	Garland
MOORE, Mary      	De Roane
MOORE, Mary      	Garland
MOORE, Mary      	Ozan
MOORE, Mary      	Wallaceburg
MOORE, Mary      	Washington
MOORE, Mary J.   	Ozan
MOORE, Mary S.   	De Roane
MOORE, Mary S.   	Ozan
MOORE, Matilda R.	Ozan
MOORE, Mattie    	De Roane
MOORE, Millie    	Ozan
MOORE, Molly G.  	De Roane
MOORE, Monroe    	Columbus
MOORE, N. R.     	De Roane
MOORE, Paralee   	De Roane
MOORE, Polly     	Saline
MOORE, Polly     	Washington
MOORE, R. C.     	Columbus
MOORE, Rhaleigh  	Ozan
MOORE, Robbert   	Saline
MOORE, Robbert   	Saline
MOORE, Robert    	Saline
MOORE, Robert W  	Garland
MOORE, Rose      	Columbus
MOORE, Sallie    	Saline
MOORE, Sallie    	Saline
MOORE, Sallie    	Saline
MOORE, Sally M.  	Ozan
MOORE, Samuel    	Hope
MOORE, Sarah     	Ozan
MOORE, Sarah E.  	Ozan
MOORE, Stephen   	Ozan
MOORE, Stephen   	Ozan
MOORE, Stephen C.	Ozan
MOORE, Thomas    	Red Land
MOORE, Vina      	Ozan
MOORE, Wade      	Saline
MOORE, Walter    	Columbus
MOORE, Washington	De Roane
MOORE, William   	Ozan
MOORE, William   	Saline
MOORHEAD, Mary   	Wallaceburg
MORAIS, George   	Saline
MORAIS, Henry    	Saline
MORAIS, Janie    	Saline
MORAIS, Martha   	Saline
MORE, Waitie     	Washington
MOREHEAD, Ama    	Ozan
MOREHEAD, Benjamin	Ozan
MOREHEAD, Daniel 	Ozan
MOREHEAD, Frank  	Ozan
MOREHEAD, Joseph 	Ozan
MOREHEAD, Lou    	Ozan
MOREHEAD, Monroe 	Ozan
MOREHEAD, Terry  	Ozan
MOREN, Anna      	Saline
MOREN, Emma L.   	Saline
MOREN, Reuben    	Saline
MORGAN, Ada      	Ozan
MORGAN, Agnes    	Bois D'Arc
MORGAN, Allice   	Ozan
MORGAN, Ammorillons	Spring Hill
MORGAN, B.       	Hope
MORGAN, Beauty   	Hope
MORGAN, Cathrine 	Ozan
MORGAN, Charles M.	Spring Hill
MORGAN, Corena   	Hope
MORGAN, David    	Spring Hill
MORGAN, Dora     	Saline
MORGAN, E.       	Hope
MORGAN, Edley    	Ozan
MORGAN, Elias    	Bois D'Arc
MORGAN, Francis  	Ozan
MORGAN, George   	De Roane
MORGAN, H. C.    	Bois D'Arc
MORGAN, Harry    	Hope
MORGAN, J. R.    	Hope
MORGAN, Joseph B.	Spring Hill
MORGAN, Julius   	Bois D'Arc
MORGAN, Kemp     	Saline
MORGAN, Laura    	Washington
MORGAN, Lillie   	Hope
MORGAN, Lou      	Ozan
MORGAN, Louis    	Bois D'Arc
MORGAN, Luanna   	Hope
MORGAN, Minta    	Hope
MORGAN, Mollie   	Wallaceburg
MORGAN, Patsie   	Wallaceburg
MORGAN, Rebecca  	Hope
MORGAN, Sammie   	Hope
MORGAN, Tempa    	Ozan
MORGAN, Victoria C.	Spring Hill
MORISON, Bass    	Saline
MORISON, Cora    	Saline
MORISON, Fibbie  	Saline
MORISON, Joe     	Saline
MORISON, Mary A. 	Saline
MORISON, Mary J. 	Saline
MORISON, Morris  	Saline
MORISON, Robert  	Saline
MORISON, Sammie  	Saline
MORISON, Sarah   	Saline
MORISON, Sibbie  	Saline
MORMAN, David M. 	Spring Hill
MORMAN, Elizabeth	Spring Hill
MORMAN, Foster   	Spring Hill
MORMAN, James    	Spring Hill
MORMAN, Josephine	Spring Hill
MORMAN, Mary     	Spring Hill
MORMAN, Mattie   	Spring Hill
MORMAN, Pacalee  	Spring Hill
MORMAN, Rachael  	Spring Hill
MORMAN, Robert   	Spring Hill
MORMAN, William  	Spring Hill
MORRE, Annie     	Bois D'Arc
MORRE, Francis   	Bois D'Arc
MORRE, Joanna    	Bois D'Arc
MORRE, Sam       	Bois D'Arc
MORRES, Oscar    	Fulton
MORRIS, Allice   	Mine Creek
MORRIS, Christopher C.	Spring Hill
MORRIS, Elisabeth	Mine Creek
MORRIS, Ellen    	Spring Hill
MORRIS, Elzady   	Spring Hill
MORRIS, Green B. 	Spring Hill
MORRIS, J.       	Hope
MORRIS, James    	Spring Hill
MORRIS, James B. 	Mine Creek
MORRIS, Sarah E. 	Spring Hill
MORRIS, Susan E. 	Spring Hill
MORRIS, Thomas   	Spring Hill
MORRIS, Willie G.	Spring Hill
MORRISON, Aaron  	Ozan
MORRISON, Amand  	Ozan
MORRISON, Angeline	Ozan
MORRISON, Ann    	Washington
MORRISON, Charles	Ozan
MORRISON, Charles	Ozan
MORRISON, Charlotte	Ozan
MORRISON, Chester	Ozan
MORRISON, Daniel 	Ozan
MORRISON, Daniel 	Ozan
MORRISON, Eliza  	Ozan
MORRISON, Eliza  	Ozan
MORRISON, Ella   	Ozan
MORRISON, Francis	Ozan
MORRISON, Frank  	Ozan
MORRISON, Frank  	Ozan
MORRISON, George A.	Ozan
MORRISON, Green  	Ozan
MORRISON, Hannah 	Ozan
MORRISON, Harry  	Ozan
MORRISON, Jane   	Washington
MORRISON, Jerry  	Washington
MORRISON, John   	Ozan
MORRISON, John   	Ozan
MORRISON, Joseph 	Ozan
MORRISON, Julius 	Ozan
MORRISON, Kitty  	Ozan
MORRISON, Laura  	Washington
MORRISON, Lucietta	Ozan
MORRISON, Lulu   	Ozan
MORRISON, Mary   	Ozan
MORRISON, Mary O.	Ozan
MORRISON, Peter  	Ozan
MORRISON, Prescella	Ozan
MORRISON, Rebecca	Ozan
MORRISON, Samuel 	Ozan
MORRISON, William	Ozan
MORRISON, Willis 	Ozan
MORRISON, Wilson 	Ozan
MORROW, Abraham  	Wallaceburg
MORROW, Albert   	Wallaceburg
MORROW, Albert   	Wallaceburg
MORROW, Catherine	Wallaceburg
MORROW, Cintha   	Wallaceburg
MORROW, Francis  	Wallaceburg
MORROW, Fredric  	Wallaceburg
MORROW, James    	Wallaceburg
MORROW, John     	Wallaceburg
MORROW, John     	Wallaceburg
MORROW, Mark     	Wallaceburg
MORROW, Mary     	Wallaceburg
MORROW, Monroe   	Wallaceburg
MORROW, Sarah    	Wallaceburg
MORROW, Serena   	Wallaceburg
MORROW, Willis   	Wallaceburg
MORSE, Rosalie   	Bois D'Arc
MORTIN, Daniel   	Hope
MORTIN, Fannie   	Hope
MORTIN, Lafayette	Hope
MORTIN, Laura    	Hope
MORTIN, Mary     	Hope
MORTIN, Percy    	Hope
MORTON, Huggins W.	Bois D'Arc
MORTON, James    	Saline
MORTON, John     	Ozan
MORTON, John E.  	Ozan
MORTON, Lee      	Saline
MORTON, Letta    	Ozan
MORTON, Lou      	Ozan
MORTON, Martha   	Saline
MORTON, Maug     	Ozan
MORTON, Sarah    	Ozan
MORTON, Tom      	Fulton
MOSELEY, D. H.   	Spring Hill
MOSELEY, N. H.   	Spring Hill
MOSELEY, Thomas J.	Spring Hill
MOSELY, Clara    	Bois D'Arc
MOSELY, Willis   	Bois D'Arc
MOSER, Sarah     	Saline
MOSES, Arceline  	Red Land
MOSES, Carrie A. 	Spring Hill
MOSES, George R. 	Spring Hill
MOSES, Henrietta 	Spring Hill
MOSES, Henry     	Red Land
MOSES, Henry H.  	Spring Hill
MOSES, James     	Red Land
MOSES, James     	Red Land
MOSES, James W.  	Spring Hill
MOSES, John      	Red Land
MOSES, John H. H.	Spring Hill
MOSES, John S.   	Saline
MOSES, Joseph    	Red Land
MOSES, Larney C. 	Spring Hill
MOSES, Lucinda   	Red Land
MOSES, Margaret  	Red Land
MOSES, Martha    	Red Land
MOSES, Martha J. 	Spring Hill
MOSES, Mary      	Ozan
MOSES, Mary      	Red Land
MOSES, Mary      	Red Land
MOSES, Mary J.   	Saline
MOSES, Matilda   	Red Land
MOSES, Patrick F.	Spring Hill
MOSES, Robert    	Red Land
MOSES, Rufus     	Red Land
MOSES, Rufus     	Red Land
MOSES, Sarah F.  	Spring Hill
MOSES, Starlin S.	Spring Hill
MOSES, Susan C.  	Spring Hill
MOSES, William   	Ozan
MOSES, William   	Red Land
MOSES, William   	Red Land
MOSES, William   	Spring Hill
MOSES, William C.	Saline
MOSS, Abe        	Washington
MOSS, Charlie L. 	Ozan
MOSS, Cornelia J.	Spring Hill
MOSS, Daisey     	Spring Hill
MOSS, Daniel     	Spring Hill
MOSS, Dora       	Spring Hill
MOSS, Eliza J.   	Spring Hill
MOSS, Elizabeth  	Spring Hill
MOSS, Emma       	Spring Hill
MOSS, Evoline    	Ozan
MOSS, George W.  	Spring Hill
MOSS, Henry      	Spring Hill
MOSS, Hetty      	Spring Hill
MOSS, J. M.      	Spring Hill
MOSS, James      	Wallaceburg
MOSS, James H.   	Spring Hill
MOSS, James M.   	Ozan
MOSS, John       	Spring Hill
MOSS, John       	Spring Hill
MOSS, Julia      	Hope
MOSS, Laura      	Ozan
MOSS, Lucy       	Ozan
MOSS, Mary S.    	Spring Hill
MOSS, Mathew     	Ozan
MOSS, Pink       	Spring Hill
MOSS, Sarah F.   	Spring Hill
MOSS, Sarah F.   	Spring Hill
MOSS, Sarah V.   	Ozan
MOSS, Thomas     	Spring Hill
MOSS, Thomas J.  	Spring Hill
MOSS, William    	Washington
MOUSER, Anna     	De Roane
MOUSER, Eliza    	De Roane
MOUSER, Eliza A. 	De Roane
MOUSER, Elizabeth	De Roane
MOUSER, Isaac    	De Roane
MOUSER, Isaac    	De Roane
MOUSER, James    	De Roane
MOUSER, John     	De Roane
MOUSER, John D.  	De Roane
MOUSER, Malena   	De Roane
MOUSER, Martin   	De Roane
MOUSER, Mary     	De Roane
MOUSER, Millie   	De Roane
MOUSER, Phoebe   	De Roane
MOUSER, Rufus    	De Roane
MOUSER, Virginius C.	De Roane
MOUSER, William  	De Roane
MOUSER, Willie   	De Roane
MOW, Alice L.    	Fulton
MOW, Joseph C.   	Fulton
MOW, Norma L.    	Fulton
MU, Roxey EDWARDS	Hope
MUCHISON, Daniel 	Washington
MUCHISON, George 	Washington
MUCHISON, Henry  	Washington
MUCHISON, Henry  	Washington
MUCHISON, Ida    	Washington
MUCHISON, Jane   	Washington
MUCHISON, Maggie 	Washington
MUCHISON, Nannie 	Washington
MUCHISON, Phill  	Washington
MULDRA, Wash     	De Roane
MULDRO, Addison  	De Roane
MULDRO, Andrew   	De Roane
MULDRO, Anna     	De Roane
MULDRO, Atha     	Saline
MULDRO, Carry    	De Roane
MULDRO, Cesar    	De Roane
MULDRO, Daisy    	De Roane
MULDRO, Daniel   	De Roane
MULDRO, Daria    	De Roane
MULDRO, Elsey    	De Roane
MULDRO, Emaline  	De Roane
MULDRO, Frazer   	De Roane
MULDRO, Fredrick 	De Roane
MULDRO, George W.	Saline
MULDRO, Hampton  	De Roane
MULDRO, Kizey    	De Roane
MULDRO, Landon   	De Roane
MULDRO, Mariah   	De Roane
MULDRO, Mary     	De Roane
MULDRO, Moraday  	De Roane
MULDRO, Ned      	De Roane
MULDRO, Newton   	De Roane
MULDRO, Ozannah  	De Roane
MULDRO, Parris   	De Roane
MULDRO, Peter    	De Roane
MULDRO, Richard  	De Roane
MULDRO, Rosannah 	De Roane
MULDRO, Rose     	De Roane
MULDRO, Sam      	Saline
MULDRO, Shuck    	De Roane
MULDRO, Silva    	De Roane
MULDRO, Tommy    	De Roane
MULDRO, Venus    	De Roane
MULDRO, Willie   	De Roane
MULDRO, Wilson   	De Roane
MULDROM, Elija T.	Garland
MULDROM, Emanuel W.	Garland
MULDROM, Jno. S. 	Garland
MULDROM, Mary J. 	Garland
MULDROM, Minnie A.	Garland
MULDROM, Robert A.	Garland
MULDROM, Sarah J.	Garland
MULDROM, Thomas C.	Garland
MULDROM, Thomas E.	Garland
MULDRON, Allice  	Washington
MULDRON, Bell    	Ozan
MULDRON, Benjamine	Ozan
MULDRON, Bettie  	Ozan
MULDRON, Charity 	Saline
MULDRON, Charlot 	Ozan
MULDRON, Connie  	Ozan
MULDRON, Cornelia	Ozan
MULDRON, Delia   	Ozan
MULDRON, Easter  	Saline
MULDRON, Elizabeth	Ozan
MULDRON, Ella    	Ozan
MULDRON, Ellen   	Ozan
MULDRON, Emma    	Ozan
MULDRON, Emma    	Ozan
MULDRON, Flurnoy 	Washington
MULDRON, Francis 	Ozan
MULDRON, Hannah  	Ozan
MULDRON, Ike     	Ozan
MULDRON, Jack    	Ozan
MULDRON, James   	Ozan
MULDRON, James   	Ozan
MULDRON, Jane    	Saline
MULDRON, John    	Ozan
MULDRON, Joseph  	Ozan
MULDRON, Josh    	Washington
MULDRON, Josiphine	Saline
MULDRON, Julia   	Columbus
MULDRON, Lela    	Ozan
MULDRON, Maggie  	Ozan
MULDRON, Manige  	Ozan
MULDRON, Mary    	Ozan
MULDRON, Mary    	Ozan
MULDRON, Moses   	Ozan
MULDRON, Nero    	Ozan
MULDRON, Pompy   	Ozan
MULDRON, Robert  	Ozan
MULDRON, Rose    	Ozan
MULDRON, Salina  	Ozan
MULDRON, Sarah   	Ozan
MULDRON, Smart   	Ozan
MULDRON, Sousan  	Ozan
MULDRON, Sousan  	Ozan
MULDRON, Tobe    	Ozan
MULDRON, Varden  	Ozan
MULDRON, Virgenia	Ozan
MULDRON, Virginia	Ozan
MULDRON, William 	Ozan
MULDROW, Abner   	Mine Creek
MULDROW, Addie   	Ozan
MULDROW, Adolaid 	Ozan
MULDROW, Alax    	Ozan
MULDROW, Albert  	Ozan
MULDROW, Albert  	Ozan
MULDROW, Allice  	Ozan
MULDROW, Allice C.	Mine Creek
MULDROW, Amzi    	Ozan
MULDROW, Anna    	Ozan
MULDROW, Annie   	Ozan
MULDROW, Annie   	Ozan
MULDROW, Archy   	Ozan
MULDROW, Betty   	Ozan
MULDROW, Bridget 	Ozan
MULDROW, Burgess 	Ozan
MULDROW, Burgess 	Ozan
MULDROW, Carrie  	De Roane
MULDROW, Carry   	Ozan
MULDROW, Cater   	Ozan
MULDROW, Celia   	Ozan
MULDROW, Clara   	Ozan
MULDROW, Clarisa 	Ozan
MULDROW, Cornelia	Ozan
MULDROW, Daniel  	Ozan
MULDROW, Daniel  	Ozan
MULDROW, David   	Ozan
MULDROW, Delia   	Ozan
MULDROW, Dennis  	Ozan
MULDROW, Dollie  	Ozan
MULDROW, Edmond  	Ozan
MULDROW, Eli     	Ozan
MULDROW, Elisabeth	Saline
MULDROW, Eliza   	Mine Creek
MULDROW, Eliza   	Ozan
MULDROW, Eliza J.	Mine Creek
MULDROW, Elizabeth	De Roane
MULDROW, Ella    	Ozan
MULDROW, Ellen   	De Roane
MULDROW, Emma    	Mine Creek
MULDROW, Emma    	Ozan
MULDROW, Fanni   	Ozan
MULDROW, Fannie  	Wallaceburg
MULDROW, Flurnoy 	Ozan
MULDROW, Fox     	Ozan
MULDROW, G.      	Ozan
MULDROW, George  	Mine Creek
MULDROW, George  	Ozan
MULDROW, Georgia 	De Roane
MULDROW, Grant   	Mine Creek
MULDROW, Grant   	Ozan
MULDROW, Hager   	Mine Creek
MULDROW, Hannah  	De Roane
MULDROW, Hardy   	Ozan
MULDROW, Harriet 	Saline
MULDROW, Harvy   	Ozan
MULDROW, Haywood 	Ozan
MULDROW, Haywood 	Ozan
MULDROW, Henry   	Ozan
MULDROW, Henry   	Ozan
MULDROW, Hervey  	Mine Creek
MULDROW, Hmrie   	Ozan
MULDROW, Hosanna 	Ozan
MULDROW, Irene   	Saline
MULDROW, Jackson 	Ozan
MULDROW, Jacob   	Mine Creek
MULDROW, Jacob   	Wallaceburg
MULDROW, James   	Mine Creek
MULDROW, James   	Ozan
MULDROW, James   	Ozan
MULDROW, James   	Ozan
MULDROW, James   	Ozan
MULDROW, James   	Ozan
MULDROW, Janie   	Mine Creek
MULDROW, Jeff    	Ozan
MULDROW, Jennie  	Ozan
MULDROW, Jennie  	Ozan
MULDROW, Jennie  	Ozan
MULDROW, Jerry   	Ozan
MULDROW, Jinnie  	Mine Creek
MULDROW, John    	Ozan
MULDROW, John R. 	Ozan
MULDROW, Jordon  	De Roane
MULDROW, Joseph  	Mine Creek
MULDROW, Joseph  	Mine Creek
MULDROW, Josh    	Ozan
MULDROW, Julia   	Ozan
MULDROW, Julia   	Ozan
MULDROW, July    	Ozan
MULDROW, July    	Ozan
MULDROW, Junior  	Ozan
MULDROW, Kate    	Ozan
MULDROW, Laura   	Saline
MULDROW, Lauson  	Ozan
MULDROW, Leah    	Ozan
MULDROW, Leah    	Ozan
MULDROW, Lena    	Ozan
MULDROW, Lenora  	De Roane
MULDROW, Liddy   	Mine Creek
MULDROW, Lillie  	De Roane
MULDROW, Linda   	Mine Creek
MULDROW, Littleton	Ozan
MULDROW, Lizzie  	Ozan
MULDROW, Louesa  	Ozan
MULDROW, Louis R.	Ozan
MULDROW, Lucinda 	Ozan
MULDROW, Luvenia 	Ozan
MULDROW, Luvinia 	Ozan
MULDROW, Madison 	Ozan
MULDROW, Maggie  	Mine Creek
MULDROW, Maggie  	Ozan
MULDROW, Malisse 	Ozan
MULDROW, Martha  	Ozan
MULDROW, Mary    	Ozan
MULDROW, Mary    	Ozan
MULDROW, Mary    	Ozan
MULDROW, Mary    	Ozan
MULDROW, Mary    	Wallaceburg
MULDROW, Mary C. 	Fulton
MULDROW, Matilda 	Ozan
MULDROW, Melie   	Mine Creek
MULDROW, Mina    	Saline
MULDROW, Monroe  	Ozan
MULDROW, Moses   	Ozan
MULDROW, Moses   	Ozan
MULDROW, Nancy   	Ozan
MULDROW, Nancy   	Ozan
MULDROW, Ned     	Ozan
MULDROW, Nelson  	De Roane
MULDROW, Newton  	Mine Creek
MULDROW, Nina    	Ozan
MULDROW, Noah    	Ozan
MULDROW, Norry   	Ozan
MULDROW, Nuton   	Mine Creek
MULDROW, Ouly    	Ozan
MULDROW, Patience	Ozan
MULDROW, Patience	Ozan
MULDROW, Patsey  	Ozan
MULDROW, Peggy   	Mine Creek
MULDROW, Peggy   	Mine Creek
MULDROW, Peter   	Ozan
MULDROW, Peter   	Ozan
MULDROW, Phillis 	Ozan
MULDROW, Phoeby  	De Roane
MULDROW, Phrona  	Ozan
MULDROW, Ransome 	Ozan
MULDROW, Rease   	Saline
MULDROW, Rebecca 	Ozan
MULDROW, Rena    	Ozan
MULDROW, Retter  	Ozan
MULDROW, Robert  	Ozan
MULDROW, Robert  	Ozan
MULDROW, Robert  	Ozan
MULDROW, Rosanna 	Ozan
MULDROW, Rose    	Ozan
MULDROW, Sally   	Ozan
MULDROW, Sarah   	Mine Creek
MULDROW, Sarah A.	Fulton
MULDROW, Sarah J.	Fulton
MULDROW, Sinda   	De Roane
MULDROW, Sooky   	Ozan
MULDROW, Sylvia  	Ozan
MULDROW, Tamrie  	De Roane
MULDROW, Theophelus	Ozan
MULDROW, Thomas  	Ozan
MULDROW, Thomas  	Ozan
MULDROW, Thomas  	Ozan
MULDROW, Tim     	Ozan
MULDROW, Tomy    	Ozan
MULDROW, Tyler   	Saline
MULDROW, Vina    	Mine Creek
MULDROW, Wesley  	Ozan
MULDROW, William 	Ozan
MULDROW, William 	Ozan
MULDROW, William S.	Mine Creek
MULDROW, Willie  	Mine Creek
MULHOLLAND, Jas. 	Bois D'Arc
MULKEY, Joseph   	Mine Creek
MULKEY, Mollie   	Mine Creek
MULLANEY, Alice V.	Spring Hill
MULLANEY, James  	Spring Hill
MULLANEY, Lula   	Spring Hill
MULLANEY, Nora   	Spring Hill
MULLANEY, Pat    	Fulton
MULLINS, E. A.   	De Roane
MULLINS, F. W.   	Hope
MULLINS, G. W.   	De Roane
MUMM, Annie      	Garland
MUMM, Green D.   	Garland
MUMM, John T.    	Garland
MUMY, L.         	Hope
MUMY, O. W.      	Hope
MUNDELL, Hillery 	Fulton
MURF, Henry      	Spring Hill
MURF, Lewis      	Spring Hill
MURF, Mary       	Spring Hill
MURPHY, A.       	Hope
MURPHY, Arthur   	Hope
MURPHY, Bud      	Spring Hill
MURPHY, Charley  	De Roane
MURPHY, Ed       	De Roane
MURPHY, Ellen    	Hope
MURPHY, Emma     	Spring Hill
MURPHY, F.       	Hope
MURPHY, Huey     	Bois D'Arc
MURPHY, James    	Spring Hill
MURPHY, James    	Wallaceburg
MURPHY, Jane     	De Roane
MURPHY, Jane     	De Roane
MURPHY, John     	Bois D'Arc
MURPHY, John     	Spring Hill
MURPHY, John     	Wallaceburg
MURPHY, John G.  	Hope
MURPHY, Joseph   	Spring Hill
MURPHY, Laura    	Hope
MURPHY, Leila    	Spring Hill
MURPHY, Leonora  	Wallaceburg
MURPHY, Louisia G.	Spring Hill
MURPHY, Margaret 	Spring Hill
MURPHY, Mark M.  	Spring Hill
MURPHY, Maud     	Hope
MURPHY, Nat      	Spring Hill
MURPHY, Nettie   	De Roane
MURPHY, Nobia    	Hope
MURPHY, Pearl    	Hope
MURPHY, R. R.    	Hope
MURPHY, Robert   	Hope
MURPHY, Sarah    	Wallaceburg
MURPHY, Sister   	Spring Hill
MURPHY, Susan    	Wallaceburg
MURPHY, William  	Wallaceburg
MURPHY, Willie   	De Roane
MURPHY, Willie   	De Roane
MURPHY, Willie   	Hope
MURRAY, Allen H. 	Spring Hill
MURRAY, Ann      	Spring Hill
MURRAY, Arthy    	Spring Hill
MURRAY, Elizabeth	Ozan
MURRAY, Ella     	Spring Hill
MURRAY, Fronie   	Spring Hill
MURRAY, Henry E. 	Spring Hill
MURRAY, Heran D. 	Ozan
MURRAY, John     	Ozan
MURRAY, Julia M. 	Ozan
MURRAY, Lewis    	Spring Hill
MURRAY, Martha   	Ozan
MURRAY, S. N.    	Spring Hill
MURRAY, Sousan   	Ozan
MURRAY, Virginia H.	Spring Hill
MURRAY, Walter   	Ozan
MURRELL, George  	Hope
MURRY, Alex      	Ozan
MURRY, E.        	Hope
MURRY, J.        	Hope
MURRY, L.        	Hope
MURRY, L.        	Hope
MURRY, R.        	Hope
MUSIC, Samuel    	Spring Hill
MYER, A.         	Hope
MYER, H.         	Hope
MYER, J. W.      	Hope
MYER, N. S.      	Hope
MYER, R.         	Hope
MYER, S.         	Hope
MYERS, Charles   	Spring Hill
MYERS, George    	Spring Hill
MYERS, Susan C.  	Spring Hill
NAIL, Charles    	Bois D'Arc
NAIL, Mary       	Washington
NAIL, William    	Bois D'Arc
NANCE, Bell      	De Roane
NANCE, Bettie    	Saline
NANCE, Elizabeth 	De Roane
NANCE, John      	De Roane
NANCE, Liza      	De Roane
NANCE, Lulu      	Saline
NANCE, Lutha A.  	De Roane
NANCE, Molly     	De Roane
NANCE, Moses     	De Roane
NANCE, O. D.     	Hope
NANNY, James     	Mine Creek
NANNY, Thomas    	Mine Creek
NANNY, Unknown   	Mine Creek
NASH, Alex       	Bois D'Arc
NASH, Ann        	Bois D'Arc
NASH, Annis      	Bois D'Arc
NASH, David      	Bois D'Arc
NASH, Fanny      	Bois D'Arc
NASH, Fanny      	Bois D'Arc
NASH, Hannah     	Bois D'Arc
NASH, Hattie     	Bois D'Arc
NASH, Irene      	Bois D'Arc
NASH, James      	Garland
NASH, Jerry      	Bois D'Arc
NASH, Jim        	Bois D'Arc
NASH, Mandy      	Bois D'Arc
NASH, Maria      	Bois D'Arc
NASH, Mary       	Bois D'Arc
NASH, Oliver     	Bois D'Arc
NASH, Peter      	Bois D'Arc
NASH, Pink       	Bois D'Arc
NASH, Rainy      	Bois D'Arc
NASH, Rena       	Garland
NASH, Richard    	Bois D'Arc
NASH, Robert     	Bois D'Arc
NASH, Robert     	Bois D'Arc
NASH, Rosetta    	Bois D'Arc
NASH, Rosetta    	Bois D'Arc
NASH, Sallie     	Bois D'Arc
NASH, Sarah      	Bois D'Arc
NASH, Thomas     	Bois D'Arc
NATHANIEL, Charlie	Saline
NATHANIEL, Fannie	Saline
NATHANIEL, Matthew	Saline
NATHANIEL, Sylvia	Saline
NATHANIEL, Taylor	Saline
NATIONS, Daniel J.	Spring Hill
NATIONS, Jesse B.	Spring Hill
NATIONS, John    	Spring Hill
NATIONS, John H. 	Spring Hill
NATIONS, Lovenia A.	Spring Hill
NATIONS, Martha B.	Spring Hill
NATIONS, Mary E. 	Spring Hill
NATIONS, Willis C.	Spring Hill
NAUPHLET, Drucilla	Garland
NEAL, Amanda     	Mine Creek
NEAL, Anthony    	Mine Creek
NEAL, Ardella A. 	Bois D'Arc
NEAL, Benjamin   	Mine Creek
NEAL, Cintha     	Bois D'Arc
NEAL, Ellen      	Mine Creek
NEAL, Elsa       	Mine Creek
NEAL, Galisen    	Mine Creek
NEAL, George T.  	Bois D'Arc
NEAL, George W.  	Bois D'Arc
NEAL, Harry C.   	Bois D'Arc
NEAL, Henritta   	Bois D'Arc
NEAL, Jackson E. 	Mine Creek
NEAL, James      	Mine Creek
NEAL, James OD   	Spring Hill
NEAL, James T. OD	Spring Hill
NEAL, Jno M. D.  	Bois D'Arc
NEAL, Joab       	Bois D'Arc
NEAL, Joan       	Bois D'Arc
NEAL, John       	Mine Creek
NEAL, Loucinda   	Mine Creek
NEAL, Martha     	Mine Creek
NEAL, Mary A. OD 	Spring Hill
NEAL, Mary J.    	Saline
NEAL, Nancy N.   	Bois D'Arc
NEAL, Osker      	Mine Creek
NEAL, Permelia   	Mine Creek
NEAL, Peter T.   	Bois D'Arc
NEAL, Priscilla  	Mine Creek
NEAL, Robert     	Mine Creek
NEAL, Susan A.   	Mine Creek
NEAL, Vernette L.	Bois D'Arc
NEAL, William    	Mine Creek
NEAL, William B. 	Bois D'Arc
NEALE, Mike      	Saline
NEICE, Andrew MC 	Mine Creek
NEICE, Catherine MC	Mine Creek
NEICE, James MC  	Mine Creek
NEICE, Johnie MC 	Mine Creek
NEICE, Josephine MC	Mine Creek
NEICE, Shug MC   	Mine Creek
NELSON, A.       	Mine Creek
NELSON, Ada      	Ozan
NELSON, Adam     	Mine Creek
NELSON, Adam     	Mine Creek
NELSON, Alice    	Saline
NELSON, Anderson 	Saline
NELSON, Andrew   	Mine Creek
NELSON, Andrew   	Ozan
NELSON, Ann      	Ozan
NELSON, Anna     	Saline
NELSON, Annie L. 	Mine Creek
NELSON, Archie   	Hope
NELSON, Augusta  	Ozan
NELSON, Beckey   	Mine Creek
NELSON, Bell     	Ozan
NELSON, Ben      	Ozan
NELSON, Bonus    	Mine Creek
NELSON, Caroline 	Mine Creek
NELSON, Charlatte	Fulton
NELSON, Charles H.	Mine Creek
NELSON, Clara W. 	Ozan
NELSON, Corine   	Ozan
NELSON, Cornell  	Saline
NELSON, Dafney   	Saline
NELSON, Dallas   	Red Land
NELSON, Dallis   	Mine Creek
NELSON, Darley   	Mine Creek
NELSON, Delia    	Saline
NELSON, Dica     	Ozan
NELSON, Dora     	Bois D'Arc
NELSON, Dora     	Fulton
NELSON, Elisabeth	Saline
NELSON, Elizabeth	Hope
NELSON, Elizabeth	Ozan
NELSON, Elizabeth	Ozan
NELSON, Ellen    	Ozan
NELSON, Emly E.  	Mine Creek
NELSON, Feraby   	Saline
NELSON, Florence 	Mine Creek
NELSON, Gui      	Saline
NELSON, Harriette	Garland
NELSON, Harriette	Ozan
NELSON, Harry    	Ozan
NELSON, Harvie   	Ozan
NELSON, Henry    	Bois D'Arc
NELSON, Henry    	Bois D'Arc
NELSON, Hetty    	Ozan
NELSON, Hetty    	Saline
NELSON, J.       	Mine Creek
NELSON, Jack     	Ozan
NELSON, Jacob    	Saline
NELSON, James    	Garland
NELSON, James    	Saline
NELSON, James S. 	Garland
NELSON, Jane     	Saline
NELSON, Janie    	Saline
NELSON, John     	Bois D'Arc
NELSON, John     	Bois D'Arc
NELSON, John     	Ozan
NELSON, John     	Saline
NELSON, Joseph A.	Mine Creek
NELSON, Joseph J.	Mine Creek
NELSON, Kila     	Saline
NELSON, L.       	Mine Creek
NELSON, Lavenia  	Saline
NELSON, Linda    	Ozan
NELSON, Lizzie   	Ozan
NELSON, Lizzie   	Saline
NELSON, Lu       	Saline
NELSON, Luvenia  	Ozan
NELSON, Mamy     	Saline
NELSON, Maney    	Mine Creek
NELSON, Mariah   	Saline
NELSON, Martha   	Bois D'Arc
NELSON, Martha   	Garland
NELSON, Martha   	Ozan
NELSON, Mary     	Ozan
NELSON, Mary     	Ozan
NELSON, Mary E.  	Mine Creek
NELSON, Mary M.  	Ozan
NELSON, Mat      	Mine Creek
NELSON, Mat      	Saline
NELSON, Matilda  	Mine Creek
NELSON, Mattie   	Saline
NELSON, Melia    	Fulton
NELSON, Melia    	Saline
NELSON, Mencer   	Saline
NELSON, Monen    	Saline
NELSON, Nancy    	Ozan
NELSON, Nancy    	Saline
NELSON, Nancy S. 	Mine Creek
NELSON, Peggy    	Saline
NELSON, Pheba    	Ozan
NELSON, Piggie   	Ozan
NELSON, Pirk     	Ozan
NELSON, Pirk     	Ozan
NELSON, Rachel   	Hope
NELSON, Randal   	Saline
NELSON, Rena     	Ozan
NELSON, Rich     	Bois D'Arc
NELSON, Richard  	Fulton
NELSON, Richmond 	Ozan
NELSON, Rob      	Bois D'Arc
NELSON, Sab      	Saline
NELSON, Salina   	Ozan
NELSON, Sally    	Ozan
NELSON, Sam      	Garland
NELSON, Sam      	Hope
NELSON, Sampson  	Ozan
NELSON, Samuel   	Ozan
NELSON, Sarah    	Garland
NELSON, Sarah    	Saline
NELSON, Selia    	Saline
NELSON, Stepna   	Ozan
NELSON, Tary     	Saline
NELSON, Unknown  	Saline
NELSON, Unknown  	Saline
NELSON, Unknown C.	Mine Creek
NELSON, Venus    	Saline
NELSON, Virginia L.	Mine Creek
NELSON, Walter   	Ozan
NELSON, William  	Mine Creek
NELSON, William  	Mine Creek
NELSON, William  	Ozan
NELSON, William S.	Mine Creek
NELSON, Willie   	Hope
NEWMAN, Charles  	Ozan
NEWMAN, Hannah   	Ozan
NEWMAN, Sam      	Bois D'Arc
NEWTON, Adeline  	Spring Hill
NEWTON, C. D.    	Spring Hill
NICHOLS, Ed      	Fulton
NICKLES, Emanul  	Ozan
NICKLES, George  	Ozan
NICKLES, Jane    	Ozan
NICKLES, Lulu    	Ozan
NICKLES, Maggie  	Ozan
NICKLES, Rachael 	Ozan
NICKLES, Thomas  	Ozan
NICKS, Charly S. 	Hope
NICKS, Lillie M. 	Hope
NICKS, Lizzie    	Hope
NICKS, Malissa   	Hope
NICKS, N. C.     	Hope
NICKS, Willie S. 	Hope
NILSON, Annie    	Mine Creek
NILSON, Ellen    	Mine Creek
NILSON, Elonza   	Mine Creek
NILSON, Fedrick  	Mine Creek
NILSON, Henry    	Mine Creek
NILSON, Jim      	Mine Creek
NILSON, William  	Ozan
NIVINS, John     	Ozan
NIVINS, Mary     	Ozan
NIVINS, Nancy    	Ozan
NOLAN, Mary      	Bois D'Arc
NOLEN, Calvin    	Wallaceburg
NOLEN, Edward    	Wallaceburg
NOLEN, Ella      	Wallaceburg
NOLEN, John      	Wallaceburg
NOLEN, Mary      	Wallaceburg
NOLEN, Nancy     	Wallaceburg
NOLEN, Parale    	Wallaceburg
NOLEN, Peter     	Wallaceburg
NOLEN, Philip    	Wallaceburg
NOLEN, Solaman   	Wallaceburg
NOLEN, Willis    	Wallaceburg
NOLIN, Oliver    	Garland
NORSWORTHY, Alice E.	Garland
NORSWORTHY, Andrew J.	Garland
NORSWORTHY, Carrol	Garland
NORSWORTHY, Joseph H.	Garland
NORSWORTHY, Margaret	Garland
NORUORD, James   	Ozan
NORUORD, Sousan R.	Ozan
NORWOOD, Augustus	Mine Creek
NORWOOD, Birter  	Mine Creek
NORWOOD, Cathrine	Mine Creek
NORWOOD, George  	Hope
NORWOOD, Henrietta	Bois D'Arc
NORWOOD, Isabella	Mine Creek
NORWOOD, John J. 	Mine Creek
NORWOOD, John W. 	Mine Creek
NORWOOD, Josphine	Mine Creek
NORWOOD, June    	Mine Creek
NORWOOD, Junie   	Mine Creek
NORWOOD, Rozenah 	Mine Creek
NORWOOD, Sarah   	Mine Creek
NORWOOD, William H.	Mine Creek
NOTICE, Mack     	Bois D'Arc
NULL, George W.  	Spring Hill
OAKES, Anderson  	Spring Hill
OAKES, Anna      	Spring Hill
OAKES, Elizabeth 	Spring Hill
OAKES, Emma      	Spring Hill
OAKES, George A. 	Spring Hill
OAKES, James     	Spring Hill
OAKES, Marcus    	Spring Hill
OAKES, Willie    	Spring Hill
O'BRIEN, J.      	Hope
ODAY, Brian      	Bois D'Arc
OETTINGER, Gus   	Fulton
OGDEN, Ada       	Garland
OGDEN, Beaula M. 	Garland
OGDEN, Elizabeth R.	Spring Hill
OGDEN, Elizabeth S.	Bois D'Arc
OGDEN, Fancy C.  	Spring Hill
OGDEN, Gracie    	Fulton
OGDEN, Hannah    	Ozan
OGDEN, Henry     	Fulton
OGDEN, Isah      	Ozan
OGDEN, J. V.     	Spring Hill
OGDEN, James     	Ozan
OGDEN, James S.  	Bois D'Arc
OGDEN, John E.   	Spring Hill
OGDEN, Lewis     	Garland
OGDEN, Louisa    	Garland
OGDEN, Martha P. 	Spring Hill
OGDEN, Mary E.   	Spring Hill
OGDEN, Mattie    	Garland
OGDEN, Mattie L. 	Spring Hill
OGDEN, Nash      	Ozan
OGDEN, Pleas     	Garland
OGDEN, Queen E.  	Garland
OGDEN, Rachael   	Ozan
OGDEN, Samuel    	Bois D'Arc
OGDEN, Sarilla   	Garland
OGDEN, Thomas R. 	Spring Hill
OGDEN, William   	Garland
OGDEN, William   	Garland
OGDEN, William   	Spring Hill
OGDEN, William J.	Bois D'Arc
OGDEN, William R.	Garland
OGDEN, Willie    	Ozan
OGDEN, Zemo      	Ozan
OGLESBY, E. H.   	Hope
OGLESBY, F. M.   	Hope
OGLESBY, M.      	De Roane
OGLESBY, R. L.   	Hope
OGLESBY, S. R.   	Hope
OGLESBY, Walter M.	De Roane
OLANDER, Anna    	Ozan
OLANDER, David   	Ozan
OLANDER, Ellen   	Ozan
OLANDER, Francis 	Ozan
OLANDER, Lizzie  	Ozan
OLANDER, Margarett	Ozan
OLANDER, Nancy   	Ozan
OLANDER, Peggy   	Ozan
OLANDER, Phillip 	Ozan
OLANDER, Phillip 	Ozan
OLANDER, Samuel  	Ozan
OLANDER, Wesley  	Ozan
OLANDER, Wilson  	Ozan
OLD, Kate        	Fulton
OLD, Kate W.     	Fulton
OLD, Oscar D.    	Fulton
OLD, Walter C.   	Fulton
OLDHAM, Dan      	Ozan
OLDHAM, George   	Ozan
OLDHAM, Robert A.	Ozan
OLDHAM, William O.	Ozan
OLDS, Babe       	Ozan
OLDS, Edmond     	Ozan
OLDS, Elizabeth  	Ozan
OLDS, Florence   	Ozan
OLFORD, Hillard  	De Roane
OLIVER, Bryant A 	De Roane
OLIVER, Mary A.  	De Roane
OLIVER, Savannah 	De Roane
OLIVER, Unknown  	De Roane
OLIVER, William  	De Roane
OLIVER, William M.	De Roane
OMAX, Georgiana  	Bois D'Arc
ONSTEAD, Ella L. 	Garland
ONSTEAD, Lou     	Garland
ONSTEAD, William C.	Garland
OREAR, William   	Ozan
O'ROARKE, J.     	Bois D'Arc
OROURKE, Altha   	Bois D'Arc
OROURKE, Anna    	Bois D'Arc
OROURKE, Margaret E.	Bois D'Arc
OROURKE, William 	Bois D'Arc
OROURKE, William E.	Bois D'Arc
ORR, Mandy       	Garland
ORTON, Cornelia  	Fulton
ORTON, Edward P. 	Fulton
ORTON, Eugene T. 	Fulton
ORTON, George    	Bois D'Arc
ORTON, George A. 	Fulton
ORTON, George W. 	Fulton
ORVILLE, P.      	Hope
OSTEEN, Carrie L.	Garland
OSTEEN, Celia    	Garland
OSTEEN, Eliga I. 	Garland
OSTEEN, Jno B.   	Garland
OSTEEN, Josaphine	Garland
OSTEEN, Joseph P.	Garland
OSTEEN, Lena M.  	Garland
OSTEEN, Lucy J.  	Garland
OSTEEN, Lutiha   	Garland
OSTEEN, Samuel J.	Garland
OSTEEN, William A.	Garland
OSTEEN, William L.	Garland
OUSTEAD, George L.	Garland
OUSTEAD, Jane M. 	Garland
OVERHALL, Eliza A.	Spring Hill
OVERHALL, Raymond	Spring Hill
OWENS, Charles   	Bois D'Arc
OWENS, Clarissa  	Bois D'Arc
OWENS, Cottie L. 	Spring Hill
OWENS, D. G.     	Spring Hill
OWENS, Doctor G. 	Spring Hill
OWENS, Ed        	Bois D'Arc
OWENS, Elizabeth 	Ozan
OWENS, Emeline   	Bois D'Arc
OWENS, Emily S.  	Spring Hill
OWENS, Henry     	Ozan
OWENS, Horace    	Bois D'Arc
OWENS, John      	Ozan
OWENS, John P.   	Spring Hill
OWENS, John P.   	Spring Hill
OWENS, Lucy A.   	Spring Hill
OWENS, Lucy A.   	Spring Hill
OWENS, Margaret J.	Spring Hill
OWENS, Martha    	Bois D'Arc
OWENS, Mary E    	Mine Creek
OWENS, Mary L.   	Mine Creek
OWENS, Mary L.   	Spring Hill
OWENS, Nancy C.  	Spring Hill
OWENS, Nora      	Spring Hill
OWENS, P. W.     	Spring Hill
OWENS, Rebecca   	Spring Hill
OWENS, Robert Lee	Mine Creek
OWENS, Sarah     	Spring Hill
OWENS, Thomas W. 	Mine Creek
OWENS, Unknown   	Spring Hill
OWENS, Wesley    	Bois D'Arc
OWENS, Willis    	Spring Hill
OZMENT, Arminta  	Spring Hill
OZMENT, Ruthy J. 	Spring Hill
OZMENT, Sarah B. 	Spring Hill
OZMENT, Thomas J.	Spring Hill
OZMENT, Thomas J.	Spring Hill
P., Margaret     	Bois D'Arc
PAGE, Andrew     	Red Land
PAGE, Charles    	Red Land
PAGE, Cintha     	Mine Creek
PAGE, Emma R.    	Ozan
PAGE, George     	Red Land
PAGE, Horace C.  	Ozan
PAGE, James      	Mine Creek
PAGE, James E.   	Ozan
PAGE, Jesse May  	Ozan
PAGE, John       	Mine Creek
PAGE, Julie      	Mine Creek
PAGE, Margaret   	Red Land
PAGE, Mary       	Mine Creek
PAGE, Minnie     	Washington
PAGE, Nancy      	Mine Creek
PAGE, Robert     	Garland
PAGE, Robert T.  	Ozan
PAGE, Sally A.   	Ozan
PAGE, Sarah M.   	Ozan
PAGE, Vince      	Mine Creek
PAGE, Vincent    	Red Land
PAGE, Wilburn L. 	Ozan
PAGE, William    	Red Land
PAINTER, James   	De Roane
PALIER, Lemuel A.	Ozan
PALIER, Luralee D.	Ozan
PALIER, Mary V.  	Ozan
PALIER, Rhoda L. 	Ozan
PALIER, William E.	Ozan
PALMER, Annie    	Wallaceburg
PALMER, Becky    	Bois D'Arc
PALMER, Charles  	Wallaceburg
PALMER, Fannie   	Wallaceburg
PALMER, Henry F. 	Spring Hill
PALMER, Horrace  	Wallaceburg
PALMER, Joe      	Bois D'Arc
PALMER, Katie    	Wallaceburg
PALMER, Levi     	Bois D'Arc
PALMER, Luella J.	Spring Hill
PALMER, M. A.    	Spring Hill
PALMER, Mary     	Wallaceburg
PALMER, Mary S.  	Spring Hill
PALMER, Nancy    	Wallaceburg
PALMER, Paul     	Wallaceburg
PALMER, Sarah    	Bois D'Arc
PALMER, Sarah    	Wallaceburg
PALMER, Susan    	Wallaceburg
PALMER, Thomas J.	Spring Hill
PALMER, William T.	Spring Hill
PARIS, Eliza A.  	Garland
PARIS, Mary J.   	Garland
PARIS, Nettie A. 	Garland
PARIS, Noton H.  	Garland
PARIS, Walter    	De Roane
PARIS, William   	Garland
PARIS, William T.	Garland
PARISH, Jacob W. 	Mine Creek
PARISH, Jno.     	Fulton
PARK, George     	Washington
PARKE, Daniel    	De Roane
PARKE, Edmond    	De Roane
PARKE, Henry     	De Roane
PARKE, Mary J.   	De Roane
PARKE, Richmond  	De Roane
PARKE, Sarah     	De Roane
PARKER, A. John  	Hope
PARKER, Benjmen F.	Ozan
PARKER, C. C.    	Hope
PARKER, Cyrus    	Bois D'Arc
PARKER, E. T.    	Hope
PARKER, Edward F.	Ozan
PARKER, Elizabeth L.	Mine Creek
PARKER, Ella     	Bois D'Arc
PARKER, Halley P.	Ozan
PARKER, Ivey M.  	Ozan
PARKER, Jessee A.	Mine Creek
PARKER, Jessee L.	Mine Creek
PARKER, Laura    	Bois D'Arc
PARKER, Laura H. 	Ozan
PARKER, Lettie   	Fulton
PARKER, Mahala   	Ozan
PARKER, Mary J.  	Ozan
PARKER, Susan    	Bois D'Arc
PARKER, Thomas   	Bois D'Arc
PARKS, Tom       	Fulton
PARNELL, James E.	De Roane
PARNELL, Nanny   	De Roane
PARNELL, Susan M.	De Roane
PARNELL, W. T.   	De Roane
PATE, Anney      	Garland
PATERSON, Joseph 	Saline
PATERSON, Millie 	Saline
PATILLO, William 	Washington
PATOUREL, Henry  	Hope
PATOUREL, Louisa 	Hope
PATOUREL, Peter  	Hope
PATTEN, James W. H.	Mine Creek
PATTEN, Margaret S.	Mine Creek
PATTEN, Moses    	Mine Creek
PATTEN, Nancy E. 	Mine Creek
PATTEN, Nancy J. 	Mine Creek
PATTEN, Thomas J.	Mine Creek
PATTERSON, Albert	Hope
PATTERSON, Claudia	Ozan
PATTERSON, Edgar 	Hope
PATTERSON, F. Bedford	Hope
PATTERSON, J.    	Hope
PATTERSON, James F.	Hope
PATTERSON, Kate  	Hope
PATTERSON, Lucretia	Hope
PATTERSON, Mary  	Ozan
PATTERSON, Nelly 	Hope
PATTON, Emiline  	De Roane
PATTON, Loutishia	De Roane
PATTON, Susan    	De Roane
PAUF, Judah      	Washington
PAUP, Margaret   	Ozan
PAUP, Peter      	Saline
PAUP, Phillis    	Saline
PAUP, William    	Ozan
PAUP, William    	Ozan
PAXTEN, Andrew   	Bois D'Arc
PAXTEN, Drew     	Bois D'Arc
PAXTEN, Georgiana	Bois D'Arc
PAXTEN, Harrison 	Bois D'Arc
PAXTEN, Harry    	Bois D'Arc
PAXTEN, Ida      	Bois D'Arc
PAXTEN, Jno      	Bois D'Arc
PAXTEN, Lettie   	Bois D'Arc
PAXTEN, Luke     	Bois D'Arc
PAXTEN, Lula     	Bois D'Arc
PAXTEN, Mahalie  	Bois D'Arc
PAXTEN, Roxie    	Bois D'Arc
PAXTEN, Sarah Ann	Bois D'Arc
PAXTEN, William  	Bois D'Arc
PAXTEN, Zeke     	Bois D'Arc
PAXTON, Ada      	Bois D'Arc
PAXTON, Cassie   	Bois D'Arc
PAXTON, Charles  	Bois D'Arc
PAXTON, Clarence 	Bois D'Arc
PAXTON, Joseph   	Bois D'Arc
PAXTON, Orlando  	Bois D'Arc
PAXTON, Orlando  	Bois D'Arc
PAXTON, Prince   	Bois D'Arc
PAXTON, Ridon    	Bois D'Arc
PAXTON, Virgil   	Bois D'Arc
PAXTON, Willis   	Ozan
PAYNE, A. A.     	Hope
PAYNE, C. D.     	Hope
PAYNE, Cornelia  	Hope
PAYNE, F. F.     	Hope
PAYTON, Arthur   	Garland
PAYTON, Caroline 	Garland
PAYTON, Chester  	Garland
PAYTON, Clarinda 	Garland
PAYTON, Dora     	Garland
PAYTON, Ephram   	Garland
PAYTON, George   	De Roane
PAYTON, James A. 	Garland
PAYTON, Jno.     	Garland
PAYTON, Mattie   	Garland
PEARSON, Alford  	Wallaceburg
PEARSON, Ambrose 	Wallaceburg
PEARSON, James   	Wallaceburg
PEARSON, James   	Wallaceburg
PEARSON, Pearl   	Washington
PEARSON, Zelemer 	Wallaceburg
PEDEN, Sarah     	Wallaceburg
PEGGINS, Bill    	Garland
PEGGINS, Jane    	Garland
PEGGINS, Joe     	Garland
PEGGINS, Lizzie  	Garland
PEGGINS, Martha  	Garland
PEGGINS, Mary    	Garland
PEGGINS, Sarah   	Garland
PENDIN, Birthy   	Saline
PENDIN, Huldy J. 	Saline
PENDIN, Isack H. 	Saline
PENDIN, James    	Saline
PENDIN, Victor   	Saline
PENDIN, Willie   	Saline
PENINGTON, Amy   	Saline
PENINGTON, Ben H.	Saline
PENINGTON, Billy 	Saline
PENINGTON, Bluford	Saline
PENINGTON, Bluford	Saline
PENINGTON, Caroline	Saline
PENINGTON, Chely 	Saline
PENINGTON, Chester	Saline
PENINGTON, Daen  	Saline
PENINGTON, Danniel	Saline
PENINGTON, Dave  	Saline
PENINGTON, Dave  	Saline
PENINGTON, David 	Ozan
PENINGTON, David 	Ozan
PENINGTON, Ella  	Ozan
PENINGTON, Francis	Saline
PENINGTON, George	Saline
PENINGTON, Johny 	Saline
PENINGTON, Joseph	Ozan
PENINGTON, Josey 	Saline
PENINGTON, Kate  	Ozan
PENINGTON, Louisa	Saline
PENINGTON, Lucinda	Ozan
PENINGTON, Lucinda	Saline
PENINGTON, Lucinda	Saline
PENINGTON, Lucinda	Saline
PENINGTON, Lunett	Saline
PENINGTON, M.    	Saline
PENINGTON, Mary  	Ozan
PENINGTON, Mary  	Saline
PENINGTON, Mary A.	Saline
PENINGTON, Moses 	Ozan
PENINGTON, Moses 	Saline
PENINGTON, N.    	Saline
PENINGTON, Nancy 	Saline
PENINGTON, Necis 	Saline
PENINGTON, Nenett	Ozan
PENINGTON, Pearl 	Ozan
PENINGTON, Royston	Saline
PENINGTON, Sally 	Ozan
PENINGTON, Susana	Saline
PENINGTON, Unknown	Saline
PENINGTON, William	Ozan
PENNAY, Hattie   	Hope
PENNAY, R.       	Hope
PENNAY, Walter   	Hope
PENNINGTON, Alenedia	Bois D'Arc
PENNINGTON, Eleonora	Bois D'Arc
PENNINGTON, Emma Lu	Bois D'Arc
PENNINGTON, Eugene	Bois D'Arc
PENNINGTON, Jacob	Bois D'Arc
PENNINGTON, Lethy Ann	Bois D'Arc
PENNINGTON, Maggie D	Bois D'Arc
PENNINGTON, Sarah E.	Bois D'Arc
PEOPLES, Fannie  	Spring Hill
PEOPLES, Isaac   	Spring Hill
PEOPLES, John    	Spring Hill
PEOPLES, John    	Spring Hill
PEOPLES, William 	Ozan
PEOPLES, Zibner  	Spring Hill
PERDUE, John R.  	De Roane
PERDUE, Mary A.  	De Roane
PERKIN, Henry    	De Roane
PERKIN, Judas    	De Roane
PERKIN, Mary F.  	De Roane
PERKIN, Toriann  	De Roane
PERKINS, David   	Ozan
PERKINS, Ellen   	Ozan
PERKINS, George  	Fulton
PERKINS, H.      	Bois D'Arc
PERKINS, Hannah  	Mine Creek
PERKINS, Henry   	Bois D'Arc
PERKINS, Henry   	Fulton
PERKINS, Henry   	Mine Creek
PERKINS, Jinnie  	Mine Creek
PERKINS, John    	Bois D'Arc
PERKINS, Joseph M.	Mine Creek
PERKINS, Katie   	Mine Creek
PERKINS, Margaret	Ozan
PERKINS, Maria   	Bois D'Arc
PERKINS, Mary Ann	Bois D'Arc
PERKINS, Mo. Emma	Mine Creek
PERKINS, Nora    	Ozan
PERKINS, William H	Bois D'Arc
PERRY, Augustus  	Wallaceburg
PERRY, Henry     	Wallaceburg
PERRY, Isaac     	Wallaceburg
PERRY, Jane      	Ozan
PERRY, Luther    	Wallaceburg
PERRY, Nancy     	Wallaceburg
PERRY, Sallie    	Wallaceburg
PERRY, Sallie    	Wallaceburg
PERRY, Simon     	Ozan
PESTON, June     	Spring Hill
PESTON, Rosie    	Spring Hill
PESTON, Stephen  	Spring Hill
PETERSEN, John   	Bois D'Arc
PETTIS, J.       	Hope
PETTY, Ellen     	Ozan
PETTY, Henry     	Ozan
PETTY, James     	Ozan
PETTY, Nica      	Ozan
PETTY, Peter     	Ozan
PETTY, Petter    	Ozan
PETTY, Rhoda     	Ozan
PETTY, Rhoda     	Ozan
PEYTON, Charles  	Washington
PEYTON, Henry C. 	Washington
PEYTON, Joseph A.	Washington
PEYTON, Louis B. 	Washington
PEYTON, Mary M.  	Washington
PEYTON, Rosa     	Washington
PEYTON, Walter L.	Washington
PEYTON, William R.	Washington
PHELPS, Betty    	Washington
PHELPS, Carry    	Washington
PHELPS, Florence 	Washington
PHELPS, Frank    	Washington
PHELPS, Henry    	Washington
PHELPS, Maud     	Washington
PHELPS, Rolla M. 	Garland
PHELPS, William  	Washington
PHILIPES, J.     	Hope
PHILLIP, Bercilla	De Roane
PHILLIP, Charly  	De Roane
PHILLIP, Edgar   	De Roane
PHILLIP, Edward  	De Roane
PHILLIP, Hayward 	De Roane
PHILLIP, Henry   	Washington
PHILLIP, Mary    	De Roane
PHILLIPPS, William	Mine Creek
PHILLIPS, Alaban J.	De Roane
PHILLIPS, Aldora 	Wallaceburg
PHILLIPS, Alfred 	De Roane
PHILLIPS, Alice  	De Roane
PHILLIPS, Allice 	Ozan
PHILLIPS, Allice 	Washington
PHILLIPS, Ambroes	De Roane
PHILLIPS, Amos   	De Roane
PHILLIPS, Amson  	De Roane
PHILLIPS, Anderson	Ozan
PHILLIPS, Andrew J.	Spring Hill
PHILLIPS, Ann    	De Roane
PHILLIPS, Augustus	Ozan
PHILLIPS, Ben A. J.	Spring Hill
PHILLIPS, Benjaman	Wallaceburg
PHILLIPS, Benjaman	Wallaceburg
PHILLIPS, Benjamin L.	Washington
PHILLIPS, Berrie 	Garland
PHILLIPS, Calvin 	De Roane
PHILLIPS, Chedister	Washington
PHILLIPS, Clara  	Garland
PHILLIPS, Clarence	Ozan
PHILLIPS, Cora   	Spring Hill
PHILLIPS, Cornelia	Washington
PHILLIPS, David  	Spring Hill
PHILLIPS, Dickey 	De Roane
PHILLIPS, Dora   	De Roane
PHILLIPS, Dover  	De Roane
PHILLIPS, Easter 	Ozan
PHILLIPS, Edward L.	Spring Hill
PHILLIPS, Eliza E.	Washington
PHILLIPS, Eliza J.	Spring Hill
PHILLIPS, Elizabeth	Washington
PHILLIPS, Ella C.	Washington
PHILLIPS, Ellis E.	Spring Hill
PHILLIPS, Elsa   	Ozan
PHILLIPS, Eudora 	Spring Hill
PHILLIPS, Florence	Washington
PHILLIPS, Frank  	De Roane
PHILLIPS, Franklin	De Roane
PHILLIPS, Fredrick	Wallaceburg
PHILLIPS, George 	Garland
PHILLIPS, Georgia	De Roane
PHILLIPS, Harriette	Garland
PHILLIPS, Ida    	De Roane
PHILLIPS, J. H.  	Spring Hill
PHILLIPS, J. W.  	De Roane
PHILLIPS, Jack   	Ozan
PHILLIPS, James  	De Roane
PHILLIPS, James  	De Roane
PHILLIPS, James  	De Roane
PHILLIPS, James  	Wallaceburg
PHILLIPS, James A.	Spring Hill
PHILLIPS, James L.	Spring Hill
PHILLIPS, James W.	Spring Hill
PHILLIPS, Jane   	Garland
PHILLIPS, Jane M.	Garland
PHILLIPS, Jno.   	Garland
PHILLIPS, Joe M. 	Spring Hill
PHILLIPS, John   	Spring Hill
PHILLIPS, John W.	De Roane
PHILLIPS, Josephine	Garland
PHILLIPS, Juliett F.	Spring Hill
PHILLIPS, Lemuel R.	Spring Hill
PHILLIPS, Lilla  	De Roane
PHILLIPS, Lou    	Ozan
PHILLIPS, Louisa 	Wallaceburg
PHILLIPS, Lula F.	De Roane
PHILLIPS, Maggy  	De Roane
PHILLIPS, Maggy A. W.	De Roane
PHILLIPS, Margaret	Wallaceburg
PHILLIPS, Margaret E.	De Roane
PHILLIPS, Martha 	Spring Hill
PHILLIPS, Martha A.	Spring Hill
PHILLIPS, Mary   	De Roane
PHILLIPS, Mary   	De Roane
PHILLIPS, Mary   	De Roane
PHILLIPS, Mary   	Ozan
PHILLIPS, Mary   	Wallaceburg
PHILLIPS, Mary A.	Spring Hill
PHILLIPS, Mary I.	Spring Hill
PHILLIPS, Mary J.	Spring Hill
PHILLIPS, Mary L.	Spring Hill
PHILLIPS, Missouri	Wallaceburg
PHILLIPS, Molly  	De Roane
PHILLIPS, Munroe 	De Roane
PHILLIPS, Nancy W.	Spring Hill
PHILLIPS, Noby   	Garland
PHILLIPS, Obrie  	Wallaceburg
PHILLIPS, Oliver 	De Roane
PHILLIPS, Oscar  	De Roane
PHILLIPS, Oscar  	Washington
PHILLIPS, Paralee	De Roane
PHILLIPS, Paralee	De Roane
PHILLIPS, Pleas  	Garland
PHILLIPS, Pleasant	Wallaceburg
PHILLIPS, Rebecca C.	Washington
PHILLIPS, Rica   	Ozan
PHILLIPS, Richard	Garland
PHILLIPS, Robert 	De Roane
PHILLIPS, Robert L.	Washington
PHILLIPS, Robert P.	Spring Hill
PHILLIPS, Rose   	Garland
PHILLIPS, Rose   	Garland
PHILLIPS, Roxey  	De Roane
PHILLIPS, Ruben M.	De Roane
PHILLIPS, Sarah  	De Roane
PHILLIPS, Susan  	Garland
PHILLIPS, Susan F.	De Roane
PHILLIPS, Thomas 	De Roane
PHILLIPS, Thomas 	Wallaceburg
PHILLIPS, Viola E.	Spring Hill
PHILLIPS, Walker 	Garland
PHILLIPS, Walker 	Ozan
PHILLIPS, Washington	De Roane
PHILLIPS, William	Ozan
PHILLIPS, William	Wallaceburg
PHILLIPS, William W.	Garland
PHILLIPS, Willie 	De Roane
PHILLIPS, Willis 	De Roane
PHILLIPS, Willis 	Ozan
PHILLIPS, Winnie 	Ozan
PHILLIPS, Wyatt D.	Spring Hill
PHILLIPS, Wyatt O.	Spring Hill
PICKARD, Emma    	De Roane
PICKARD, Ida Bell	De Roane
PICKARD, Isaac M.	De Roane
PICKARD, Marshall	De Roane
PICKARD, Nora    	De Roane
PICKINS, Adam    	Ozan
PICKINS, Bell    	Mine Creek
PICKINS, Dinah   	Ozan
PICKINS, Eleijah 	Ozan
PICKINS, Hanibal 	Mine Creek
PICKINS, Jamimah 	Ozan
PICKINS, John    	Mine Creek
PICKINS, Larity S.	Mine Creek
PICKINS, Lou     	Mine Creek
PICKINS, Mary    	Mine Creek
PICKINS, Mary    	Ozan
PICKINS, Senica  	Ozan
PICKINS, Stephen 	Ozan
PICKINS, William 	Mine Creek
PIERCE, N.       	De Roane
PIERSON, Cappie  	De Roane
PIERSON, Ditney  	De Roane
PIERSON, Ella    	De Roane
PIERSON, Henry   	De Roane
PIERSON, Henry   	De Roane
PIERSON, Martha  	De Roane
PIERSON, Stanopi 	De Roane
PILKINTON, Annie L	Bois D'Arc
PILKINTON, Emma A.	Bois D'Arc
PILKINTON, Jno. W.	Bois D'Arc
PILKINTON, Lacy A.	Bois D'Arc
PILKINTON, Mittie G.	Bois D'Arc
PININGTON, Bluford	Ozan
PININGTON, Drew  	Ozan
PININGTON, Eliza 	Ozan
PININGTON, Lucy  	Ozan
PININGTON, Milly 	Ozan
PININGTON, Peter 	Ozan
PININGTON, William	Ozan
PINKARD, Bell    	Ozan
PINKARD, Fannie  	Ozan
PINKARD, John J. 	Ozan
PINKARD, Lou E.  	Ozan
PINKARD, Mary K. 	Ozan
PINKARD, Thomas J.	Ozan
PITMAN, Littleton	Wallaceburg
PITMAN, Rebecka  	Wallaceburg
PLEW, Johnie     	De Roane
POINDEXTE, James 	Ozan
POINDEXTER, Bell 	Washington
POINDEXTER, Charles	Washington
POINDEXTER, Charlotte	Ozan
POINDEXTER, Claudia	Washington
POINDEXTER, Elizabeth	Washington
POINDEXTER, Granville	Ozan
POINDEXTER, Hannah	Washington
POINDEXTER, Lilly	Washington
POINDEXTER, Lou  	Washington
POINDEXTER, Margaritte	Ozan
POINDEXTER, Nicholas	Ozan
POINDEXTER, Rina 	Washington
POINDEXTER, Robert	Washington
POINDEXTER, Royston	Washington
POINDEXTER, Sandy	Washington
POINDEXTER, Stephen	Ozan
POINDEXTER, Wesley	Washington
POINDEXTER, William	Washington
POINDEXTER, William	Washington
POINDIXTER, Gus  	Washington
POINDIXTER, Harriette	Washington
POINDIXTER, Ida  	Washington
POINDIXTER, Mary 	Washington
POINDIXTER, Ned  	Washington
POINDIXTER, William	Washington
POLLOCK, Benjamin O.	Garland
POLLOCK, David W.	Garland
POLLOCK, James K.	Garland
POLLOCK, Jno. L. 	Garland
POLLOCK, Martha P.	Garland
POLLOCK, Sarah J.	Garland
PONDEXTER, Bird  	De Roane
PONDEXTER, Caldonia	De Roane
PONDEXTER, Clarissa	De Roane
PONDEXTER, George	De Roane
PONDEXTER, H.    	De Roane
PONDEXTER, Hester	De Roane
PONDEXTER, James 	De Roane
PONDEXTER, Oliver	De Roane
PONDEXTER, Urchey	De Roane
PONDEXTER, William	De Roane
POOL, Mary       	Hope
POOL, Massy      	De Roane
POOLE, Green     	De Roane
POOLE, Harriet   	De Roane
POOLE, Matty     	De Roane
POOLE, Pink      	Spring Hill
POOLE, William   	De Roane
POPE, Alexis D.  	Ozan
POPE, Charley    	Mine Creek
POPE, Dolly      	Garland
POPE, Ella C.    	Bois D'Arc
POPE, Elsa       	Garland
POPE, Irvin M.   	Mine Creek
POPE, James      	Garland
POPE, James L.   	Mine Creek
POPE, Jim        	Garland
POPE, Jim        	Garland
POPE, John       	Mine Creek
POPE, Louisa     	Ozan
POPE, Martha A.  	Garland
POPE, Nancy A.   	Mine Creek
POPE, Noah V.    	Mine Creek
POPE, Sam        	Garland
POPE, William F. 	Mine Creek
PORANEE, P.      	Hope
PORTER, Claricy  	Mine Creek
PORTER, Clay     	Ozan
PORTER, Dicy     	Mine Creek
PORTER, Dora     	Ozan
PORTER, Eliza    	Garland
PORTER, Eliza    	Garland
PORTER, Elsy     	Ozan
PORTER, George   	Ozan
PORTER, Green    	Saline
PORTER, Henry    	Ozan
PORTER, Isabell  	Ozan
PORTER, James    	Ozan
PORTER, James    	Saline
PORTER, Jerry    	Ozan
PORTER, Jerry    	Ozan
PORTER, Jerry    	Saline
PORTER, John     	Mine Creek
PORTER, Johny    	Saline
PORTER, Joseph   	Mine Creek
PORTER, Joseph   	Ozan
PORTER, Josie    	Saline
PORTER, Julia    	Ozan
PORTER, Julia    	Spring Hill
PORTER, Laurance 	Saline
PORTER, Lilly    	Saline
PORTER, Lula     	Mine Creek
PORTER, Mack     	Saline
PORTER, Mariah   	Saline
PORTER, Mary M.  	Mine Creek
PORTER, Matilda  	Mine Creek
PORTER, Mike     	Saline
PORTER, Mike     	Saline
PORTER, Milly    	Saline
PORTER, Monroe   	Ozan
PORTER, Nancy    	Saline
PORTER, Oden     	Ozan
PORTER, Paron    	Saline
PORTER, Polly    	Mine Creek
PORTER, Polly    	Ozan
PORTER, Robert   	Saline
PORTER, Rusty    	Mine Creek
PORTER, Scott    	Mine Creek
PORTER, Stephan  	Ozan
PORTER, Webb     	Ozan
PORTER, William  	Saline
PORTERFIELD, Chris	Spring Hill
PORTERFIELD, Elijah G.	Spring Hill
PORTERFIELD, Elizabeth	Spring Hill
PORTERFIELD, Elmira C.	Spring Hill
PORTERFIELD, Emma J.	Spring Hill
PORTERFIELD, Francis	Spring Hill
PORTERFIELD, George C.	Spring Hill
PORTERFIELD, George W.	Mine Creek
PORTERFIELD, Ida B.	Spring Hill
PORTERFIELD, James F.	Spring Hill
PORTERFIELD, James W.	Spring Hill
PORTERFIELD, John A.	Spring Hill
PORTERFIELD, Joseph C.	Spring Hill
PORTERFIELD, Lula	Spring Hill
PORTERFIELD, Malissa	Spring Hill
PORTERFIELD, Manda V.	Spring Hill
PORTERFIELD, Mandy M.	Spring Hill
PORTERFIELD, Mollie E.	Spring Hill
PORTERFIELD, Ruthy	Spring Hill
PORTERFIELD, William B.	Spring Hill
PORTERFIELD, William E.	Spring Hill
POSEY, Richard   	Hope
POST, Nancy      	Wallaceburg
POST, Wesley     	Wallaceburg
POWEL, Ann       	De Roane
POWEL, Caroline  	Hope
POWEL, Charly    	De Roane
POWEL, Fanny     	De Roane
POWEL, H. C.     	Hope
POWEL, Jane      	De Roane
POWEL, Julia     	De Roane
POWEL, Laura     	De Roane
POWEL, Lee       	De Roane
POWEL, Lidia     	Hope
POWEL, Lillian   	De Roane
POWEL, Louis     	De Roane
POWEL, Margaret  	De Roane
POWEL, Mart      	De Roane
POWEL, Mary      	De Roane
POWEL, Mary      	De Roane
POWEL, Mary      	De Roane
POWEL, Mary      	De Roane
POWEL, Paralee   	De Roane
POWEL, Rebecca   	De Roane
POWEL, Robert    	De Roane
POWEL, S.        	Hope
POWEL, Samuel    	Hope
POWEL, Sarah J.  	De Roane
POWEL, Tommy     	De Roane
POWEL, William   	De Roane
POWEL, William   	De Roane
POWELL, A. L.    	Hope
POWELL, Albert   	De Roane
POWELL, Benecey  	De Roane
POWELL, Benjamin 	Spring Hill
POWELL, C. N.    	Hope
POWELL, Calex C. 	Spring Hill
POWELL, Eliza J. 	Spring Hill
POWELL, Elizabeth	Hope
POWELL, Elizabeth	Spring Hill
POWELL, Fanny E. 	Spring Hill
POWELL, George C.	Spring Hill
POWELL, George W.	Spring Hill
POWELL, Henry C. 	De Roane
POWELL, Hillery  	Spring Hill
POWELL, Isler H. 	Spring Hill
POWELL, J. B.    	Hope
POWELL, J. C.    	De Roane
POWELL, J. M.    	Spring Hill
POWELL, Jacob B. 	Spring Hill
POWELL, James A. 	Spring Hill
POWELL, James W. 	Spring Hill
POWELL, Jane     	Spring Hill
POWELL, Joabe    	De Roane
POWELL, Judith W.	Spring Hill
POWELL, Julia A. 	Spring Hill
POWELL, Louisia  	Spring Hill
POWELL, Louiza   	De Roane
POWELL, Martha   	Spring Hill
POWELL, Martha A. F.	Spring Hill
POWELL, Mary     	Spring Hill
POWELL, Mary A. C.	Spring Hill
POWELL, Mary C.  	Spring Hill
POWELL, Mary E.  	Spring Hill
POWELL, Nelly B. 	De Roane
POWELL, Sally    	De Roane
POWELL, Sarah A. 	Spring Hill
POWELL, Sarah E. 	Spring Hill
POWELL, Sarah M. 	Spring Hill
POWELL, Sophronia A.	Spring Hill
POWELL, T. M.    	Hope
POWELL, Tennessee E.	De Roane
POWELL, V.       	Hope
POWELL, W. G.    	Hope
POWELL, W. P.    	Hope
POWELL, Wesley G.	Spring Hill
POWELL, William  	Spring Hill
POWELL, William F.	Spring Hill
POWELL, William M.	Spring Hill
POWER, Charles T.	Mine Creek
POWER, Elferd C. 	Mine Creek
POWER, Flean M.  	Mine Creek
POWER, Frany C.  	Mine Creek
POWER, Joseph O. 	Mine Creek
POWER, Mary W.   	Mine Creek
POWER, Nancy L.  	Mine Creek
POWER, S. W.     	Mine Creek
POWER, Unknown   	Mine Creek
POWER, William T.	Mine Creek
POWER, Zelotus O.	Mine Creek
POWERS, William  	Fulton
PRATHER, James C.	De Roane
PRATHER, John J. 	De Roane
PRATHER, Julia P.	De Roane
PRATHER, Mary J. 	De Roane
PRATHER, Robert W.	De Roane
PRATHER, Thomas J.	De Roane
PRATHER, Unknown J.	De Roane
PRATHER, W. A.   	De Roane
PREE, Bell       	Spring Hill
PREE, Hatty      	Spring Hill
PREE, Puss       	Spring Hill
PREE, Willie     	Spring Hill
PRESLEY, Birtha  	Ozan
PRESLEY, Charles 	Ozan
PRESLEY, Elizabeth	Ozan
PRESLEY, Ellen   	Ozan
PRESLEY, George  	Ozan
PRESLEY, James   	Ozan
PRESLEY, James F.	Ozan
PRESLEY, Mary E. 	Ozan
PRESLEY, William 	Ozan
PRESSLEY, Hariet 	Bois D'Arc
PRESSLEY, James  	Bois D'Arc
PRESTRIDGE, Alma E.	Fulton
PRESTRIDGE, James H.	Fulton
PRESTRIDGE, James S.	Fulton
PRICE, Amanda    	Wallaceburg
PRICE, Andrew    	Red Land
PRICE, Angeline  	Bois D'Arc
PRICE, Beatrice  	Bois D'Arc
PRICE, Bethenie  	Red Land
PRICE, Corrilla  	Wallaceburg
PRICE, Dock      	Washington
PRICE, Ella      	Wallaceburg
PRICE, Emily     	Ozan
PRICE, Fannie    	Washington
PRICE, Francis   	Wallaceburg
PRICE, Francis   	Wallaceburg
PRICE, George W. 	Mine Creek
PRICE, Harve     	Wallaceburg
PRICE, James     	Red Land
PRICE, James J. H.	Mine Creek
PRICE, Jessee G. 	Mine Creek
PRICE, Jno. T.   	Bois D'Arc
PRICE, John      	Fulton
PRICE, Laura     	Red Land
PRICE, Lydia     	Red Land
PRICE, Martha E. 	Bois D'Arc
PRICE, Mary      	Red Land
PRICE, Mose      	Bois D'Arc
PRICE, Nancie    	Mine Creek
PRICE, Pleasant  	Red Land
PRICE, Safronia  	Mine Creek
PRICE, Sephronia 	Red Land
PRICE, Susan     	Red Land
PRICE, Susan     	Wallaceburg
PRICE, Tennessee 	Red Land
PRICE, Texarkana 	Mine Creek
PRICE, Thadeus   	Ozan
PRICE, Thomas    	Red Land
PRICE, Viola     	Wallaceburg
PRICE, William S.	Bois D'Arc
PRICHARD, Caroline	De Roane
PRICHARD, E. E.  	De Roane
PRICHARD, Levi   	De Roane
PRICHARD, Mary   	De Roane
PRICHARD, Sarah  	De Roane
PRICHARD, Susan  	De Roane
PRIDE, Amanda    	Washington
PRIMM, Joseph    	De Roane
PRIMM, Josephine 	De Roane
PRIMUS, Alice    	De Roane
PRIMUS, Emely    	De Roane
PRIMUS, Fannie   	De Roane
PRIMUS, George   	De Roane
PRIMUS, James    	De Roane
PRIMUS, James    	De Roane
PRIMUS, Jane     	De Roane
PRIMUS, Manerva  	De Roane
PRINCE, Ailsie L.	Garland
PRINCE, Benjamin T.	Garland
PRINCE, Eliza    	Garland
PRINCE, Frances E.	Garland
PRINCE, James W. 	Garland
PRINCE, Jennie O.	Washington
PRINCE, Jerry    	Garland
PRINCE, Jno. A.  	Garland
PRINCE, Jno. W   	Garland
PRINCE, Lewis F. 	Garland
PRINCE, Lucinda  	Garland
PRINCE, Lucy     	Garland
PRINCE, Mary N.  	Washington
PRINCE, Nancy J  	Garland
PRINCE, Ruebene  	Washington
PRINCE, Ruffus J.	Washington
PRINCE, Sarah    	Garland
PRINCE, Sarah A. 	Garland
PRINCE, Thomas   	Garland
PRINCE, Thomas A.	Garland
PRINCE, William J.	Garland
PRISTELL, B. F.  	De Roane
PRISTELL, Theodsia	De Roane
PRITLE, Christopher	Garland
PRITLE, James    	Garland
PRITLE, Margaret J.	Garland
PROCTOR, Tilman  	Ozan
PRUITT, Jane     	Fulton
PRYOR, E. L.     	Hope
PULLAM, Rebecca  	Bois D'Arc
PULLAM, W. F.    	Bois D'Arc
PULLUN, Johnson  	Ozan
PULLUN, Lawer    	Ozan
PULLUN, Phebe    	Ozan
PURDEM, Julia A. 	Fulton
PURDOM, Alex     	Red Land
PURDOM, Martha   	Red Land
PURDOM, Nanrie   	Washington
PURDOM, Sue      	Washington
PURSER, Clarisa  	Ozan
PURSER, Samuel D.	Ozan
PURTLE, A. J.    	De Roane
PURTLE, Albey    	De Roane
PURTLE, Alexander	De Roane
PURTLE, Averilla 	De Roane
PURTLE, George L.	De Roane
PURTLE, Malissa  	De Roane
PURTLE, Mary A.  	De Roane
PURTLE, Mary C.  	De Roane
PURTLE, Samuel J.	De Roane
PURTLE, T. J.    	De Roane
PURTLE, Thomas J.	De Roane
PURTLE, Viola    	De Roane
PURYEAR, Corah K.	Mine Creek
PURYEAR, Dalorah W.	Mine Creek
PURYEAR, James A.	Mine Creek
PURYEAR, Marsha J.	Mine Creek
PURYEAR, Mary O. 	Mine Creek
PURYEAR, Ruth    	Mine Creek
PURYEAR, Thomas F.	Mine Creek
PURYER, James    	Ozan
PURYER, Margaret 	Ozan
PURYER, Mary     	Ozan
PURYER, Sandy    	Ozan
PURYEUR, Cathrine	Ozan
PURYEUR, Emma    	Ozan
PURYEUR, James   	Ozan
PURYEUR, Louis   	Ozan
QUARLES, Bosean  	Mine Creek
QUARLES, Caroline	Mine Creek
QUARLES, Cathrine	Mine Creek
QUARLES, Daniel  	Mine Creek
QUARLES, George  	Hope
QUARLES, Hal     	Hope
QUARLES, Harriett	Mine Creek
QUARLES, John    	Mine Creek
QUARLES, Louzane 	Mine Creek
QUILLIN, Augustus C.	Spring Hill
QUILLIN, Ceila C.	Spring Hill
QUILLIN, Christopher C.	Spring Hill
QUILLIN, Holman  	Spring Hill
QUILLIN, Julia E.	Spring Hill
QUILLIN, Luarka E.	Spring Hill
QUILLIN, Luinda E.	Spring Hill
QUILLIN, Mary M. 	Spring Hill
QUINN, Toni      	Fulton
R., Elizabeth    	Spring Hill
R., Harrison     	Spring Hill
R., Jeff         	Spring Hill
R., L. Lee       	Spring Hill
RADICAN, Caldonia	Wallaceburg
RADICAN, Charles 	Wallaceburg
RADICAN, Christine	Wallaceburg
RADICAN, Jane    	Wallaceburg
RADICAN, Lucy    	Wallaceburg
RADICAN, Wesley  	Wallaceburg
RAE, Ben         	Saline
RAE, Charlie     	Saline
RAE, George      	Saline
RAE, George      	Saline
RAE, Louisa      	Saline
RAE, Mariz       	Saline
RAE, Rosa        	Saline
RAE, Tena        	Saline
RAE, Willie D.   	Saline
RAIDER, Mary     	Spring Hill
RAINY, Ama       	Ozan
RAINY, Ann       	Ozan
RAINY, Hariette  	Ozan
RAINY, Harriette 	Ozan
RAINY, Texas     	Ozan
RAMAGE, John R.  	Mine Creek
RAMAGE, John W.  	Mine Creek
RAMAGE, Margaret I.	Mine Creek
RAMAGE, Mella O. 	Mine Creek
RAMAGE, Rose P.  	Mine Creek
RAMAGE, Ula A.   	Mine Creek
RAMEY, Mary      	Ozan
RAMEY, Robert Lu 	Ozan
RAMEY, Samuel    	Ozan
RAMEY, Willard E.	Ozan
RAMMAGE, Edgar M.	Mine Creek
RAMMAGE, Isaac W 	Mine Creek
RAMMAGE, James T.	Mine Creek
RAMMAGE, Landy B.	Mine Creek
RAMMAGE, Laurah J.	Mine Creek
RAMMAGE, Nancy J.	Mine Creek
RAMMAGE, Nancy L.	Mine Creek
RAMMAGE, Willie B.	Mine Creek
RANEY, H. C.     	Hope
RANNEY, L. M.    	Hope
RANNEY, Lidia M. 	Hope
RASSON, Andy     	Bois D'Arc
RATCLIFF, Francis A.	Spring Hill
RATCLIFF, James S.	Spring Hill
RATCLIFF, Jo A.  	Spring Hill
RATCLIFF, John G.	Spring Hill
RATCLIFF, Josephine	Spring Hill
RATCLIFF, King H.	Spring Hill
RATCLIFF, Nancy M.	Spring Hill
RATCLIFF, Sarah  	Spring Hill
RATCLIFF, Tabitha O.	Spring Hill
RAVENSCROFT, James O.	Bois D'Arc
RAVENSCROFT, Lizzie	Bois D'Arc
RAVENSCROFT, Robert L.	Bois D'Arc
RAY, Alice       	Garland
RAY, Clarinda    	Garland
RAY, Magdeline   	Garland
RAY, Margaret A. 	Garland
RAY, Minnie      	Garland
RAY, Rebecca     	Garland
RAY, Rebecca     	Garland
RAY, William     	Garland
RAY, William J.  	Garland
RAY, Willis      	Garland
RAYE, Henry MC   	De Roane
RAYE, John MC    	De Roane
RAYE, Sally MC   	De Roane
RAYLAND, Becky   	Bois D'Arc
RAYLAND, Henry   	Bois D'Arc
RAYLAND, Peter   	Bois D'Arc
RAYMOND, John    	Washington
READ, Amie       	Wallaceburg
READ, Elizabeth  	Wallaceburg
READ, James      	Wallaceburg
READ, John       	Wallaceburg
READ, Joseph     	Wallaceburg
READ, William    	Wallaceburg
READER, Betty    	De Roane
REAVES, Ada P.   	Spring Hill
REAVES, Barbara O.	Bois D'Arc
REAVES, Caldonia 	Spring Hill
REAVES, Elijah J.	Spring Hill
REAVES, Ellen    	Spring Hill
REAVES, Emma C.  	Spring Hill
REAVES, George F.	Spring Hill
REAVES, Henry G. 	Bois D'Arc
REAVES, James M. 	Spring Hill
REAVES, Jane     	Bois D'Arc
REAVES, Joseph M.	Spring Hill
REAVES, Josh     	Spring Hill
REAVES, Lee      	Bois D'Arc
REAVES, Lucinda E.	Spring Hill
REAVES, Mal R.   	Spring Hill
REAVES, Margaret L.	Spring Hill
REAVES, Margaret-M.	Spring Hill
REAVES, Missouri 	Spring Hill
REAVES, Nancy L. 	Spring Hill
REAVES, Nichelas 	Spring Hill
REAVES, Pinkney  	Hope
REAVES, Rosalie  	Bois D'Arc
REAVES, Sarah F. 	Spring Hill
REAVES, Susan    	Bois D'Arc
REAVES, Thomas W.	Spring Hill
REAVES, William A.	Spring Hill
REAVIS, Julia    	Columbus
REAVIS, Mack     	Columbus
REAVIS, Mary J.  	Columbus
REAVIS, Nancy    	Columbus
REAVIS, Thomas W.	Columbus
REAVIS, William  	Columbus
REAVS, Alice H.  	Hope
REAVS, Anna      	Hope
REAVS, J. D.     	Hope
REDMAN, Joseph L.	Mine Creek
REED, Abby       	Ozan
REED, Ada        	Hope
REED, Amanda     	Hope
REED, Amos F.    	Mine Creek
REED, Andrew V.  	Mine Creek
REED, Andy       	Saline
REED, Anna M.    	Hope
REED, Belzore    	Mine Creek
REED, Berdy      	Hope
REED, Catherine C.	Mine Creek
REED, Clarence   	Hope
REED, Decater    	Hope
REED, Delia      	Ozan
REED, Dora       	Saline
REED, Edgar      	Saline
REED, Edgar S.   	Saline
REED, Elisabeth  	Saline
REED, Eliza J.   	Saline
REED, Ellen F.   	Mine Creek
REED, Estelle    	Hope
REED, Ferry      	Mine Creek
REED, Finus      	Saline
REED, Finus R. L.	Saline
REED, Francis    	Hope
REED, George     	Ozan
REED, Hubbard    	Ozan
REED, James C.   	Saline
REED, James E.   	Mine Creek
REED, James M.   	Ozan
REED, Jinee F.   	Mine Creek
REED, John       	Saline
REED, John A. W. 	Mine Creek
REED, John C.    	Saline
REED, Jonus W.   	Mine Creek
REED, Joseph R.  	Mine Creek
REED, Josie A.   	Saline
REED, Lila C.    	Mine Creek
REED, Louisa     	Ozan
REED, Lucetta M. 	Saline
REED, Madison    	Ozan
REED, Malinda    	Garland
REED, Marinda    	Ozan
REED, Martha     	Garland
REED, Martha     	Saline
REED, Martha E.  	Mine Creek
REED, Nancy E.   	Mine Creek
REED, Nobia      	Hope
REED, Ona        	Hope
REED, Richard    	Saline
REED, Robbert P. 	Saline
REED, Robert     	Hope
REED, Robert B.  	Garland
REED, Sarah A.   	Mine Creek
REED, Sidney     	Hope
REED, Sousan     	Ozan
REED, Thomas N.  	Mine Creek
REED, Wallace    	Ozan
REED, William D. R.	Mine Creek
REEDER, Anna     	Garland
REEDER, Daniel A.	Mine Creek
REEDER, Daniel P.	Saline
REEDER, Edmond   	Saline
REEDER, Edward   	Mine Creek
REEDER, Girtnia  	Saline
REEDER, Mary A.  	Mine Creek
REEDER, Nannie   	Saline
REEDER, Sally K. 	Mine Creek
REESE, James     	Bois D'Arc
REESE, Susan     	Bois D'Arc
REEVES, Bell     	Ozan
REEVES, Delila J.	Spring Hill
REEVES, Eli A.   	Spring Hill
REEVES, Elisabeth J.	Mine Creek
REEVES, George   	Ozan
REEVES, James    	Ozan
REEVES, Jane     	Ozan
REEVES, John A.  	Ozan
REEVES, Louis A. 	Mine Creek
REEVES, Mary     	Ozan
REEVES, Maud     	Spring Hill
REEVES, Stella   	Spring Hill
REEVES, Vestus T.	Mine Creek
REGAN, Benjiman  	Garland
REGAN, Willis    	Garland
REID, Ellen C.   	Spring Hill
REID, John W.    	Spring Hill
REIDER, Charles  	Saline
REIDER, Ella J.  	Saline
REIDER, John W.  	Saline
REIDER, Rebecca  	Saline
RENFRO, Adiline  	Ozan
RENFRO, James T. 	Spring Hill
RENFRO, Martha P.	Spring Hill
RENFRO, Mary J.  	Spring Hill
REVELS, Emiline  	Saline
REYNOLDS, Alice  	Spring Hill
REYNOLDS, Allie  	De Roane
REYNOLDS, Annie  	Garland
REYNOLDS, Briant 	Spring Hill
REYNOLDS, Della  	De Roane
REYNOLDS, Doctor 	De Roane
REYNOLDS, Ella   	De Roane
REYNOLDS, Emily  	Washington
REYNOLDS, Emma   	Spring Hill
REYNOLDS, Higby  	De Roane
REYNOLDS, Jno B. 	Garland
REYNOLDS, John   	De Roane
REYNOLDS, Laura B.	Garland
REYNOLDS, Malissa	De Roane
REYNOLDS, Martha 	Spring Hill
REYNOLDS, Nelly  	Spring Hill
REYNOLDS, Octoby 	Spring Hill
REYNOLDS, William	Fulton
RHODES, Mary     	Wallaceburg
RHUDD, Emma      	Spring Hill
RHUDD, Gus       	Spring Hill
RHYNE, Henry     	Spring Hill
RICHARDS, Abram  	Saline
RICHARDS, Adeline	Spring Hill
RICHARDS, Anna J.	Garland
RICHARDS, Doctor G.	Spring Hill
RICHARDS, Elizabeth	Spring Hill
RICHARDS, George T.	Spring Hill
RICHARDS, H.     	Bois D'Arc
RICHARDS, Jack R.	Garland
RICHARDS, James R.	De Roane
RICHARDS, Letty H.	De Roane
RICHARDS, Lidy   	Garland
RICHARDS, Lila   	Saline
RICHARDS, M. A.  	De Roane
RICHARDS, Marcus L.	Spring Hill
RICHARDS, Margaret E.	Garland
RICHARDS, Maria  	Bois D'Arc
RICHARDS, Minnie 	De Roane
RICHARDS, Nancy C.	Spring Hill
RICHARDS, Paldro 	Saline
RICHARDS, Reason 	Bois D'Arc
RICHARDS, Rhoda  	Bois D'Arc
RICHARDS, Robert J.	Spring Hill
RICHARDS, Samuel A.	Garland
RICHARDS, Sidney 	De Roane
RICHARDS, Thomas 	Bois D'Arc
RICHARDS, Tom    	Bois D'Arc
RICHARDS, Wiley  	Garland
RICHARDS, William	Bois D'Arc
RICHARDS, William	Spring Hill
RICHARDS, William W.	Spring Hill
RICHARDSON, Amanda	Wallaceburg
RICHARDSON, Blanche	Ozan
RICHARDSON, Elizabeth A.	Ozan
RICHARDSON, Ella 	Wallaceburg
RICHARDSON, Franklin	Wallaceburg
RICHARDSON, Georgia	Wallaceburg
RICHARDSON, James	Wallaceburg
RICHARDSON, Jenette	Ozan
RICHARDSON, John 	Wallaceburg
RICHARDSON, Mary 	Wallaceburg
RICHARDSON, Mary 	Wallaceburg
RICHARDSON, Mary 	Wallaceburg
RICHARDSON, Nossie	Wallaceburg
RICHARDSON, Rebecca	Ozan
RICHARDSON, Sylas	Wallaceburg
RICHARDSON, William	Wallaceburg
RICHARDSON, William	Wallaceburg
RICHMOND, A. R.  	Hope
RICHMOND, George 	Hope
RICHMOND, James  	Hope
RICHMOND, Jennie R.	Saline
RICHMOND, Lizzie 	Hope
RIDDLE, Bettie   	Ozan
RIDDLE, Henry B. 	Ozan
RIDDLE, Lulu A   	Ozan
RIDDLE, Sarah    	Ozan
RIDDLE, William  	Ozan
RIDDLE, Wm. H.   	Ozan
RIDER, A. J.     	Spring Hill
RIDER, Amos T.   	Spring Hill
RIDER, Cornelia E.	Spring Hill
RIDER, Daniel    	Spring Hill
RIDER, G. H.     	De Roane
RIDER, George    	Spring Hill
RIDER, George L. 	Spring Hill
RIDER, George M. 	Spring Hill
RIDER, James     	Spring Hill
RIDER, Jennie M. 	Spring Hill
RIDER, John A.   	Spring Hill
RIDER, Mary C.   	De Roane
RIDER, Mary E.   	Spring Hill
RIDER, Mary E.   	Spring Hill
RIDER, Milburn L.	Spring Hill
RIDER, Oscar T.  	De Roane
RIDER, Ozella S. 	Spring Hill
RIDER, Susannah  	Spring Hill
RIDGE, Earnest W.	De Roane
RIDGE, Hubbard   	De Roane
RIDGE, Sallie F. 	De Roane
RIGGAN, J. M.    	Hope
RIKE, Alfred L.  	Ozan
RIKE, Andrew J.  	Ozan
RIKE, Annie      	Ozan
RIKE, Augustus E.	Ozan
RIKE, Caroline B.	Ozan
RIKE, George     	Washington
RIKE, George O.  	Ozan
RIKE, George O.  	Washington
RIKE, Gertrude   	Ozan
RIKE, James M.   	Ozan
RIKE, John F.    	Ozan
RIKE, Maggie M.  	Ozan
RIKE, Mary A.    	Washington
RIKE, Mary E.    	Ozan
RIKE, Michael D. 	Ozan
RIKE, Thomas J.  	Ozan
RILEY, James S.  	Saline
RILEY, Mary E.   	Saline
RILEY, Sarah J.  	Saline
RILEY, Susan     	Saline
RINEHART, Eliza E	Garland
RINEHART, Frances L	Garland
RINEHART, Francis N	Garland
RINEHART, Joseph A	Garland
RINEHART, Joseph N	Garland
RINEHART, William E	Garland
RING, Lillie     	Wallaceburg
RISER, Thomas B. 	Mine Creek
RITCHARDS, Apalona	De Roane
RITCHARDS, E. T. 	De Roane
RITCHARDS, Emma  	De Roane
RITCHARDS, Francis	De Roane
RIVERS, Austen   	Fulton
ROAN, Cage       	Ozan
ROAN, Ella       	Saline
ROAN, Paralee    	Ozan
ROAN, Pleasant   	Ozan
ROANOAK, Ada     	Ozan
ROANOAK, Charry  	Ozan
ROANOAK, Green   	Ozan
ROANOAK, Josephine	Ozan
ROANOAK, Lucius  	Ozan
ROANOAK, Maud    	Ozan
ROANOAK, Primos  	Ozan
ROBBERTS, Betsy  	Saline
ROBBERTS, Catherin	Saline
ROBBERTS, Clarrinda	Saline
ROBBERTS, Henry  	Saline
ROBBERTS, Major  	Saline
ROBBERTS, Tennessee	Saline
ROBBERTS, Thomas 	Columbus
ROBBERTS, Thomas 	Saline
ROBERSON, Albert 	Saline
ROBERSON, Albert 	Saline
ROBERSON, Allice B.	Saline
ROBERSON, Anna   	Wallaceburg
ROBERSON, Bettie 	Wallaceburg
ROBERSON, Charity	Saline
ROBERSON, Charles	Saline
ROBERSON, Charly 	Saline
ROBERSON, Clarinda	Saline
ROBERSON, Cordelia	Wallaceburg
ROBERSON, Dave   	Saline
ROBERSON, David T.	Saline
ROBERSON, Dina   	Saline
ROBERSON, Eddie  	Saline
ROBERSON, Elizabeth	Wallaceburg
ROBERSON, Fannie 	Wallaceburg
ROBERSON, Flavius	Wallaceburg
ROBERSON, Frances	Spring Hill
ROBERSON, Franklin	Wallaceburg
ROBERSON, Harry  	Saline
ROBERSON, Harve  	Wallaceburg
ROBERSON, Hessy A.	Saline
ROBERSON, Jack   	Saline
ROBERSON, James  	Spring Hill
ROBERSON, James  	Wallaceburg
ROBERSON, James  	Wallaceburg
ROBERSON, Jennie 	Saline
ROBERSON, Jimmie 	Saline
ROBERSON, John   	Wallaceburg
ROBERSON, Johny  	Saline
ROBERSON, Louisa 	Saline
ROBERSON, Lucy   	Saline
ROBERSON, Luke   	Saline
ROBERSON, Lula   	Wallaceburg
ROBERSON, Mary   	Saline
ROBERSON, Mary   	Wallaceburg
ROBERSON, Mary   	Wallaceburg
ROBERSON, Mary   	Wallaceburg
ROBERSON, Mattie 	Wallaceburg
ROBERSON, Nannie P.	Saline
ROBERSON, Nellie 	Saline
ROBERSON, Robert 	Wallaceburg
ROBERSON, Roxana 	Saline
ROBERSON, Sallie 	Wallaceburg
ROBERSON, Sam    	Saline
ROBERSON, Sarah  	Wallaceburg
ROBERSON, Sidney 	Saline
ROBERSON, Silas  	Wallaceburg
ROBERSON, Thomas 	Wallaceburg
ROBERSON, Thomas 	Wallaceburg
ROBERSON, Ulalah 	Wallaceburg
ROBERSON, Valentine	Wallaceburg
ROBERSON, Virgil 	Wallaceburg
ROBERSON, Washington	Saline
ROBERSON, Wiley  	Saline
ROBERSON, William	Saline
ROBERSON, William	Wallaceburg
ROBERSON, Willie 	Saline
ROBERSON, Wylie  	Wallaceburg
ROBERTS, Alice   	Spring Hill
ROBERTS, Benjamin F.	De Roane
ROBERTS, Betsy   	Bois D'Arc
ROBERTS, Charles 	Garland
ROBERTS, Ella    	Red Land
ROBERTS, Ella C. 	Garland
ROBERTS, Ellen   	Ozan
ROBERTS, Emilie  	Red Land
ROBERTS, Eurlanla	De Roane
ROBERTS, Faney   	Bois D'Arc
ROBERTS, Florence	Ozan
ROBERTS, Florence P.	Spring Hill
ROBERTS, Hannah  	De Roane
ROBERTS, Idella  	Garland
ROBERTS, Jacob   	Bois D'Arc
ROBERTS, James   	De Roane
ROBERTS, James   	De Roane
ROBERTS, James   	Red Land
ROBERTS, James M.	De Roane
ROBERTS, James T.	De Roane
ROBERTS, James W.	De Roane
ROBERTS, Jessy M.	De Roane
ROBERTS, Jno.    	Garland
ROBERTS, Joe Ann 	Garland
ROBERTS, John L. 	De Roane
ROBERTS, John R. 	De Roane
ROBERTS, Jordan  	Red Land
ROBERTS, Joseph  	Garland
ROBERTS, Keys    	Red Land
ROBERTS, Kitty   	Ozan
ROBERTS, Lawson  	De Roane
ROBERTS, Lnther C.	De Roane
ROBERTS, Lois P. 	Spring Hill
ROBERTS, Lucinda 	De Roane
ROBERTS, Mandy V.	De Roane
ROBERTS, Marshall	De Roane
ROBERTS, Martha  	Garland
ROBERTS, Mary E. 	De Roane
ROBERTS, Mary E. 	Garland
ROBERTS, Mary M. 	De Roane
ROBERTS, Neely   	De Roane
ROBERTS, Richard 	De Roane
ROBERTS, Rocsey I.	Garland
ROBERTS, Sanford 	Ozan
ROBERTS, Sarah E.	Garland
ROBERTS, Stirling P.	De Roane
ROBERTS, Theodore H.	De Roane
ROBERTS, W. H.   	Spring Hill
ROBERTS, Walter  	Red Land
ROBERTS, Wicker  	Red Land
ROBERTS, William 	De Roane
ROBERTS, William 	Red Land
ROBERTS, William H.	De Roane
ROBERTSEN, Eliza 	Fulton
ROBERTSON, Ada   	De Roane
ROBERTSON, Charles	Fulton
ROBERTSON, Fanny C.	De Roane
ROBERTSON, George F.	Washington
ROBERTSON, Hattie	De Roane
ROBERTSON, John T.	De Roane
ROBERTSON, Joseph	Washington
ROBERTSON, Lucy  	Bois D'Arc
ROBERTSON, Margret J.	De Roane
ROBERTSON, Mittie	Fulton
ROBERTSON, Oscar G.	De Roane
ROBERTSON, S. H. 	De Roane
ROBERTSON, Sally 	Washington
ROBERTSON, W. H. 	De Roane
ROBERTSON, Wilder	De Roane
ROBINS, America E.	Mine Creek
ROBINS, Andrew J.	Mine Creek
ROBINS, Ava      	Mine Creek
ROBINS, Delila A.	Mine Creek
ROBINS, Delona A.	Mine Creek
ROBINS, Henry A. 	Mine Creek
ROBINS, John B.  	Mine Creek
ROBINS, John B.  	Mine Creek
ROBINS, John H.  	Mine Creek
ROBINS, Joseph P.	Mine Creek
ROBINS, Laurah J.	Mine Creek
ROBINS, Lemuel   	Mine Creek
ROBINS, Lenora B.	Mine Creek
ROBINS, Rufus B. 	Mine Creek
ROBINS, Samuel H.	Mine Creek
ROBINS, Samuel M 	Mine Creek
ROBINS, Sarah    	Mine Creek
ROBINS, Susan    	Mine Creek
ROBINS, William F.	Mine Creek
ROBINS, William H.	Mine Creek
ROBINSON, Amelia 	Washington
ROBINSON, Charles L.	Garland
ROBINSON, Edward 	Washington
ROBINSON, Jno. G.	Garland
ROBINSON, Jno. W.	Garland
ROBINSON, Laura E.	Garland
ROBINSON, Laurance E.	Garland
ROBINSON, Minnie N. O.	Garland
ROBINSON, Mozelle	Washington
ROBINSON, Nobia  	Washington
ROBINSON, Sallie E.	Garland
ROBINSON, Susan  	Washington
ROBINSON, Thomas W.	Garland
ROBINSON, William J.	Garland
ROBISON, Austin  	Ozan
ROBISON, Fannie  	Ozan
ROBISON, Kitty   	Washington
ROBISON, Robert  	Washington
ROCKETT, Amanda L.	Mine Creek
ROCKETT, Anna E. 	Mine Creek
ROCKETT, Edward B.	Mine Creek
ROCKETT, Joseph W.	Mine Creek
ROCKETT, Martha A.	Mine Creek
ROCKETT, Mary E. 	Mine Creek
RODGERS, Ab.     	Spring Hill
RODGERS, C. L.   	Hope
RODGERS, Mary    	Spring Hill
ROGERS, Ann      	Garland
ROGERS, C. R.    	Hope
ROGERS, F. A.    	Hope
ROGERS, James H. 	Garland
ROGERS, Josh     	Garland
ROGERS, Joshua   	Garland
ROGERS, Levi     	Ozan
ROGERS, Loranza  	Garland
ROGERS, Martha   	Ozan
ROGERS, Robert A.	Garland
ROGERS, Rosa     	Garland
ROGERS, S. E.    	Hope
ROGERS, Sarah    	Garland
ROGERS, Sarah B. 	Garland
ROGERS, Susan A. 	Garland
ROGERS, Thomas   	Fulton
ROGERS, Valentine	Ozan
ROGERS, Wesley   	Ozan
ROHYNE, Elijah   	Red Land
ROHYNE, Michael  	Red Land
ROHYNE, Penelope 	Red Land
ROHYNE, Robert   	Red Land
ROHYNE, William  	Red Land
ROLAND, Allen    	De Roane
ROLAND, Augustus 	De Roane
ROLAND, Jerry    	De Roane
ROLAND, Maggy    	De Roane
ROLAND, Matty    	De Roane
RONEY, Georgeanna	Mine Creek
RONEY, James     	Mine Creek
RONEY, Nobe R    	Mine Creek
ROOTS, Adlea     	Mine Creek
ROOTS, Clarranse F.	Mine Creek
ROOTS, Edward T. 	Mine Creek
ROOTS, Mary F.   	Mine Creek
ROOTS, William E.	Mine Creek
ROSE, Annie      	Ozan
ROSE, Anthony    	Ozan
ROSE, Charles    	Washington
ROSE, E.         	Hope
ROSE, Eduard     	Ozan
ROSE, Francis    	Ozan
ROSE, George     	Ozan
ROSE, Julia      	Ozan
ROSE, Lizzie     	Ozan
ROSE, Martha     	Ozan
ROSE, Ona        	Washington
ROSE, Oney       	Ozan
ROSE, Porter     	Ozan
ROSE, Richard    	Ozan
ROSE, William    	Ozan
ROSENBAUM, George	Bois D'Arc
ROSENBAUN, Alfred	Saline
ROSENBAUN, Alice 	Saline
ROSENBAUN, Author	Saline
ROSENBAUN, Columbus	Saline
ROSENBAUN, Mary  	Saline
ROSENBAUN, Paul S.	Saline
ROSENBAUN, William J.	Saline
ROSENBERG, Ellen 	Fulton
ROSENBERG, Gasten	Fulton
ROSENBERG, Joseph	Fulton
ROSENBERG, Lee   	Fulton
ROSENBERG, Sallie	Fulton
ROSS, Annis M.   	De Roane
ROSS, Augustus   	De Roane
ROSS, Elizabeth F.	De Roane
ROSS, Ellen      	De Roane
ROSS, Ely        	Wallaceburg
ROSS, Emma       	Ozan
ROSS, Emma       	Washington
ROSS, Emma Z.    	De Roane
ROSS, Harrison   	De Roane
ROSS, Hester     	Ozan
ROSS, James      	Wallaceburg
ROSS, John       	De Roane
ROSS, John       	De Roane
ROSS, John W.    	De Roane
ROSS, Joseph     	Ozan
ROSS, Josephine  	Washington
ROSS, Louiza M.  	De Roane
ROSS, Lucinda E. 	De Roane
ROSS, Luther P.  	De Roane
ROSS, Mack       	Wallaceburg
ROSS, Margaret   	Wallaceburg
ROSS, Martin L.  	De Roane
ROSS, Mary       	Wallaceburg
ROSS, Paschal    	Ozan
ROSS, Patrick    	Wallaceburg
ROSS, Percilla E.	De Roane
ROSS, Phillip    	Ozan
ROSS, Sally      	De Roane
ROSS, Sarianna   	De Roane
ROSS, Scott      	De Roane
ROSS, Thill      	Ozan
ROSS, Thomas     	Wallaceburg
ROSS, William    	Hope
ROTHWELL, Agnes  	De Roane
ROTHWELL, George W.	De Roane
ROTHWELL, John R.	De Roane
ROTHWELL, Joseph W.	De Roane
ROTHWELL, Martha A.	De Roane
ROTHWELL, Mary E.	De Roane
ROTHWELL, Robert 	De Roane
ROTHWELL, Susan  	De Roane
ROTHWELL, Susan C.	De Roane
ROTHWELL, W. T.  	De Roane
ROTHWELL, William J.	De Roane
ROTHWELL, William L.	De Roane
ROUNDTREE, Benjamin F.	Spring Hill
ROUNDTREE, John M.	Spring Hill
ROUNDTREE, Julia E.	Spring Hill
ROUNDTREE, Mattie V.	Spring Hill
ROUNDTREE, Paralee	Spring Hill
ROUNDTREE, Walker	Spring Hill
ROUNDTREE, William J.	Spring Hill
ROUTON, Betty    	Washington
ROUTON, Kittie   	Washington
ROUTON, Nancy    	Washington
ROUTON, Nash     	Washington
ROWLAND, Elizabeth	Wallaceburg
ROWLAND, Indie   	Wallaceburg
ROWLAND, Janie   	Wallaceburg
ROWLAND, John    	Wallaceburg
ROWLAND, Margret 	Wallaceburg
ROWLAND, Oliver  	Garland
ROWLAND, Robert  	Wallaceburg
ROWLAND, Sarah   	Wallaceburg
ROWLAND, Thomas  	Wallaceburg
ROWLEY, Henry C. 	Garland
ROY, Ann         	Bois D'Arc
ROY, John        	Bois D'Arc
ROY, Jos.        	Bois D'Arc
ROY, Lizzie      	Bois D'Arc
ROY, Mary Ella   	Bois D'Arc
ROY, Petie       	Bois D'Arc
ROY, Roxie Ann   	Bois D'Arc
ROY, William     	Bois D'Arc
ROY, Zetta       	Bois D'Arc
ROYSTEN, George  	Hope
ROYSTER, John    	Ozan
ROYSTON, Anna    	Wallaceburg
ROYSTON, Benjamin	Wallaceburg
ROYSTON, Benjamin	Wallaceburg
ROYSTON, Bessie  	Washington
ROYSTON, Charles 	Washington
ROYSTON, Emma    	Wallaceburg
ROYSTON, Flora   	Wallaceburg
ROYSTON, Fredrick	Washington
ROYSTON, Granderson D.	Washington
ROYSTON, Henry   	Wallaceburg
ROYSTON, Lena    	Washington
ROYSTON, Margaret	Garland
ROYSTON, Martha  	Garland
ROYSTON, Mary    	Wallaceburg
ROYSTON, Mary C. 	Washington
ROYSTON, Mattie  	Washington
ROYSTON, Milfred 	Garland
ROYSTON, Mollie  	Washington
ROYSTON, Royston 	Wallaceburg
ROYSTON, Stella  	Washington
ROYSTON, Tom     	Garland
ROYSTON, William 	Wallaceburg
RUNNELS, Fedrick 	Ozan
RUNNELS, Jacob   	Ozan
RUNNELS, Jorden  	Ozan
RUNNELS, Lynch   	Ozan
RUNNELS, Mary    	Ozan
RUSSELL, Florence S.	Spring Hill
RUSSELL, Francis M.	Spring Hill
RUSSELL, James E.	Spring Hill
RUSSELL, John A. 	Spring Hill
RUSSELL, Joseph G.	Garland
RUSSELL, Manning 	Spring Hill
RUSSELL, May E.  	Spring Hill
RUSSELL, Roll V. 	Columbus
RUSSELL, W. J.   	Spring Hill
RUSSELL, William 	Fulton
RYAN, S.         	Hope
RYBURN, George   	Spring Hill
RYBURN, Robert   	Spring Hill
RYE, B. A.       	Hope
RYE, B. L.       	Hope
RYE, D. A.       	Hope
RYE, L. A.       	Hope
RYE, L. P.       	Hope
RYE, M. W.       	Hope
SAGE, James M.   	Garland
SAGE, Jessie H.  	Garland
SAGE, Mary M.    	Garland
SAGE, Sue O.     	Garland
SAGE, Susan      	Garland
SAGE, Thomas J.  	Garland
SAGE, Thomas J.  	Garland
SAGE, Wallace P. 	Garland
SAMMONS, William 	Mine Creek
SAMPSON, Aaron   	Mine Creek
SAMPSON, Alice   	Mine Creek
SAMPSON, Amanda  	Mine Creek
SAMPSON, America 	Mine Creek
SAMPSON, Clarra  	Saline
SAMPSON, David   	Mine Creek
SAMPSON, David   	Mine Creek
SAMPSON, Edward  	Mine Creek
SAMPSON, Elgg    	Mine Creek
SAMPSON, Eliza A.	Mine Creek
SAMPSON, Glascor 	Saline
SAMPSON, Green   	Saline
SAMPSON, Gus     	Saline
SAMPSON, John    	Mine Creek
SAMPSON, John    	Mine Creek
SAMPSON, Joseph  	Mine Creek
SAMPSON, King    	Mine Creek
SAMPSON, Lilly   	Saline
SAMPSON, Lizzie  	Saline
SAMPSON, Lourah  	Mine Creek
SAMPSON, Lu M.   	Saline
SAMPSON, Lucy    	Mine Creek
SAMPSON, Mary A. 	Mine Creek
SAMPSON, Mary Jane	Mine Creek
SAMPSON, Pegy    	Mine Creek
SAMPSON, Polly   	Saline
SAMPSON, Probby  	Mine Creek
SAMPSON, Robert  	Mine Creek
SAMPSON, Sarah   	Mine Creek
SAMPSON, Sarah F.	Mine Creek
SAMPSON, Scott   	Mine Creek
SAMPSON, Thomas  	Mine Creek
SAMPSON, Thomas  	Mine Creek
SAMPSON, Tobby   	Mine Creek
SAMPSON, Wade    	Mine Creek
SAMPSON, William 	Mine Creek
SAMSON, Frances  	Mine Creek
SAMSON, George   	Mine Creek
SAMSON, James    	Mine Creek
SAMSON, John     	Mine Creek
SAMSON, John     	Mine Creek
SAMSON, Louberta 	Mine Creek
SAMSON, Loucetta 	Mine Creek
SAMSON, Marg B.  	Mine Creek
SAMSON, Monroe   	Mine Creek
SAMSON, Virginia 	Mine Creek
SAMSON, William  	Mine Creek
SAMUAELS, Cora   	Garland
SAMUAELS, Fannie 	Garland
SAMUAELS, Fedings E.	Garland
SAMUAELS, Lelia  	Garland
SAMUAELS, Lenora 	Garland
SAMUEL, George S.	Garland
SAMUEL, Jno. W.  	Garland
SAMUEL, Martha E.	Garland
SAMUEL, Richard  	Garland
SAMUEL, William E.	Garland
SAMUELS, Emanuel O.	Ozan
SAMUELS, Fannie  	Ozan
SAMUELS, Isadora P.	Ozan
SAMUELS, Lillian 	Ozan
SAMUELS, Lilly   	Washington
SAMUELS, Mary E. 	Ozan
SAMUELS, Richard H.	Ozan
SAMUELS, Robert  	Ozan
SAMUELS, Sarah   	Ozan
SAMUELS, Sue     	Washington
SAMUL, John      	Washington
SANDEFER, Elisabeth	Mine Creek
SANDEFER, H. M   	Fulton
SANDEFER, Osker  	Mine Creek
SANDEFR, Elijah  	Mine Creek
SANDEFR, Emily   	Mine Creek
SANDEFUR, Belle  	Garland
SANDEFUR, Berniece	De Roane
SANDEFUR, Edgar  	Ozan
SANDEFUR, Eliza  	De Roane
SANDEFUR, Eliza J.	Ozan
SANDEFUR, George 	Ozan
SANDEFUR, George W.	De Roane
SANDEFUR, Ida    	Garland
SANDEFUR, James P.	Garland
SANDEFUR, John B.	De Roane
SANDEFUR, John E.	De Roane
SANDEFUR, Mary F.	Ozan
SANDEFUR, Maud   	Ozan
SANDEFUR, Penn   	Garland
SANDEFUR, Salie  	Ozan
SANDERS, Andy    	Hope
SANDERS, Angeline	Spring Hill
SANDERS, Ben     	Hope
SANDERS, Bithy   	Spring Hill
SANDERS, George  	Washington
SANDERS, Gertrude	Hope
SANDERS, Henrietta	Spring Hill
SANDERS, Henry   	Spring Hill
SANDERS, Ida     	Hope
SANDERS, Ida     	Spring Hill
SANDERS, Isaac   	Spring Hill
SANDERS, Jack    	Spring Hill
SANDERS, Jacob   	Spring Hill
SANDERS, Jane    	Hope
SANDERS, Jane    	Hope
SANDERS, Jane    	Spring Hill
SANDERS, Jeff    	Spring Hill
SANDERS, Jno.    	Bois D'Arc
SANDERS, Jordan  	Spring Hill
SANDERS, L.      	Hope
SANDERS, Lizzie  	Spring Hill
SANDERS, Marietta	De Roane
SANDERS, Mary C. 	Hope
SANDERS, Matilda A.	Spring Hill
SANDERS, Mollie A.	Spring Hill
SANDERS, Nancy   	Spring Hill
SANDERS, Patience	Spring Hill
SANDERS, Ritta   	Spring Hill
SANDERS, Sarah   	De Roane
SANDERS, Solomon 	Spring Hill
SANDERS, Tom     	Spring Hill
SANDERS, Vena    	Spring Hill
SANDERS, William 	Hope
SANDERS, William H.	Spring Hill
SANDERS, Z. T.   	De Roane
SANDERSON, Martha	Spring Hill
SANDLIN, Lula    	Bois D'Arc
SANDLIN, Miles   	Bois D'Arc
SANDLIN, Walter  	Bois D'Arc
SANDLIN, William 	Bois D'Arc
SANFORD, Jane    	Mine Creek
SANIER, J. F.    	Hope
SARAZAN, Louis   	Washington
SARYNER, John C. 	Ozan
SARYNER, Sue C.  	Ozan
SARYNER, William 	Ozan
SAUALIN, Pleas. H.	Fulton
SAUNDENS, Simon F.	Washington
SAUNDERS, David  	Mine Creek
SAUNDERS, Eddie  	Mine Creek
SAUNDERS, Eli    	Mine Creek
SAUNDERS, John P.	Mine Creek
SAUNDERS, Nanny  	Mine Creek
SAYERS, Elizabeth	Ozan
SAYERS, Georgia  	Ozan
SAYERS, Jane     	Ozan
SAYERS, Jeff     	Ozan
SAYERS, Millie   	Ozan
SAYERS, Quen     	Ozan
SCARLET, Ada     	Hope
SCARLET, Allice  	Hope
SCARLET, Emma    	Hope
SCARLET, M.      	Hope
SCARLET, Margaret	Hope
SCHINER, Ella    	Hope
SCHINER, John    	Hope
SCHINER, Laura   	Hope
SCHINER, Lucy    	Hope
SCHINER, William 	Hope
SCHOOLFIELD, Charles H.	Fulton
SCHOOLFIELD, Harriette	Ozan
SCHOOLFIELD, Sarah S.	Fulton
SCHWARTS, Charles	Fulton
SCOGGIN, Allen   	Mine Creek
SCOGGIN, Ann     	Mine Creek
SCOGGIN, Ann E.  	Mine Creek
SCOGGIN, Author H.	Mine Creek
SCOGGIN, Becky   	Mine Creek
SCOGGIN, Benjamin F.	Mine Creek
SCOGGIN, Catherin	Mine Creek
SCOGGIN, Charles 	Mine Creek
SCOGGIN, Corrie P.	Mine Creek
SCOGGIN, David   	Mine Creek
SCOGGIN, Dorothy C.	Mine Creek
SCOGGIN, Elisabeth M.	Mine Creek
SCOGGIN, Ella S. 	Mine Creek
SCOGGIN, Elmiry  	Mine Creek
SCOGGIN, Elzer   	Mine Creek
SCOGGIN, Emeline 	Mine Creek
SCOGGIN, Francis C.	Mine Creek
SCOGGIN, Greene  	Mine Creek
SCOGGIN, Hannah  	Mine Creek
SCOGGIN, Hicks   	Mine Creek
SCOGGIN, Isadorah M.	Mine Creek
SCOGGIN, Jacob W.	Mine Creek
SCOGGIN, James   	Mine Creek
SCOGGIN, James L.	Mine Creek
SCOGGIN, James S.	Mine Creek
SCOGGIN, John R. 	Mine Creek
SCOGGIN, Josephine A.	Mine Creek
SCOGGIN, Lawyer  	Mine Creek
SCOGGIN, Lilburn 	Mine Creek
SCOGGIN, Lillie V.	Mine Creek
SCOGGIN, Malinda 	Mine Creek
SCOGGIN, Margaret A.	Mine Creek
SCOGGIN, Martha L.	Mine Creek
SCOGGIN, Mary B. 	Mine Creek
SCOGGIN, Mary C. 	Mine Creek
SCOGGIN, May E.  	Mine Creek
SCOGGIN, Nancy A.	Mine Creek
SCOGGIN, Nancy C.	Mine Creek
SCOGGIN, Nettie  	Mine Creek
SCOGGIN, Old Good	Mine Creek
SCOGGIN, Paulee  	Mine Creek
SCOGGIN, Payton E.	Mine Creek
SCOGGIN, Rosa B. 	Mine Creek
SCOGGIN, Sarah A.	Mine Creek
SCOGGIN, Sellies 	Mine Creek
SCOGGIN, Silas   	Mine Creek
SCOGGIN, Sister  	Mine Creek
SCOGGIN, Susan   	Mine Creek
SCOGGIN, Walt    	Mine Creek
SCOGGIN, William G.	Mine Creek
SCOGGIN, William J.	Mine Creek
SCOTT, Alice     	Wallaceburg
SCOTT, Antony    	Wallaceburg
SCOTT, Broaker   	Saline
SCOTT, Cain      	Wallaceburg
SCOTT, Caldonia  	Mine Creek
SCOTT, Canary    	Saline
SCOTT, Cannon    	Wallaceburg
SCOTT, Cannon    	Wallaceburg
SCOTT, Carman    	Garland
SCOTT, Ceazar    	Garland
SCOTT, Celie     	Wallaceburg
SCOTT, Chanie    	Wallaceburg
SCOTT, Cherry    	Garland
SCOTT, Clossey   	De Roane
SCOTT, Cola      	Wallaceburg
SCOTT, Crady     	Saline
SCOTT, Daniel    	Mine Creek
SCOTT, Dee       	De Roane
SCOTT, Draton    	Mine Creek
SCOTT, Edie      	Wallaceburg
SCOTT, Edward    	Wallaceburg
SCOTT, Eliga     	Garland
SCOTT, Elijah    	Ozan
SCOTT, Elizabeth 	De Roane
SCOTT, Elizabeth 	Wallaceburg
SCOTT, Emline    	Saline
SCOTT, Farlie    	Wallaceburg
SCOTT, Febie     	Wallaceburg
SCOTT, Flora     	Garland
SCOTT, Flora     	Wallaceburg
SCOTT, Francis H.	Mine Creek
SCOTT, George    	Mine Creek
SCOTT, George    	Saline
SCOTT, George    	Wallaceburg
SCOTT, Hannah    	Wallaceburg
SCOTT, Harrett   	Wallaceburg
SCOTT, Honor     	Saline
SCOTT, Hugh      	De Roane
SCOTT, Irvin     	Wallaceburg
SCOTT, James     	Garland
SCOTT, James     	Wallaceburg
SCOTT, James     	Wallaceburg
SCOTT, Jane      	Garland
SCOTT, Jno.      	Garland
SCOTT, John      	De Roane
SCOTT, John F.   	Mine Creek
SCOTT, Joseph    	Wallaceburg
SCOTT, Joseph A. 	Mine Creek
SCOTT, Jun       	Garland
SCOTT, Junius    	Wallaceburg
SCOTT, Laura     	Wallaceburg
SCOTT, Laura     	Wallaceburg
SCOTT, Letha     	Ozan
SCOTT, Letha     	Ozan
SCOTT, Liddia    	De Roane
SCOTT, Lidia     	Wallaceburg
SCOTT, Lidia     	Wallaceburg
SCOTT, Lucy      	Garland
SCOTT, Manuel    	De Roane
SCOTT, Margaret  	Ozan
SCOTT, Margret   	Wallaceburg
SCOTT, Martha    	Wallaceburg
SCOTT, Mary      	Garland
SCOTT, Mary      	Garland
SCOTT, Mary F.   	Garland
SCOTT, Mary J.   	Garland
SCOTT, Mathew    	Wallaceburg
SCOTT, Michael   	Garland
SCOTT, Nancy     	Garland
SCOTT, Nancy     	Wallaceburg
SCOTT, Orah      	De Roane
SCOTT, Peggie    	Garland
SCOTT, Prince    	Mine Creek
SCOTT, Rachael   	Garland
SCOTT, Rachael   	Ozan
SCOTT, Richard   	Garland
SCOTT, Robert    	Garland
SCOTT, Robert    	Mine Creek
SCOTT, Robert    	Wallaceburg
SCOTT, Samuel    	Wallaceburg
SCOTT, Samuel    	Wallaceburg
SCOTT, Samuel    	Wallaceburg
SCOTT, Sarah     	Garland
SCOTT, Sarah     	Wallaceburg
SCOTT, Sarah F.  	Mine Creek
SCOTT, Sarah J.  	Garland
SCOTT, Solomon   	Garland
SCOTT, Susan     	Wallaceburg
SCOTT, Susan     	Wallaceburg
SCOTT, Thomas    	Wallaceburg
SCOTT, Thomas A. 	Mine Creek
SCOTT, Trump     	Ozan
SCOTT, Tunsy     	Saline
SCOTT, Vina      	Saline
SCOTT, Virginia  	Saline
SCOTT, William   	De Roane
SCOTT, William   	Wallaceburg
SCOTT, William D.	Mine Creek
SCOTT, William M.	Mine Creek
SCOTTE, F.       	Hope
SCOTTE, M.       	Hope
SCOTTE, T.       	Hope
SCRINE, Martha   	Ozan
SCRINE, Ninnion  	Ozan
SCRINE, Thomas   	Ozan
SCRUGGS, Dora    	Spring Hill
SEABORN, William 	Spring Hill
SEAGS, Hansell W.	Spring Hill
SEALES, Anna     	Spring Hill
SEALES, Charles M.	Spring Hill
SEALES, Lilly    	Spring Hill
SEALES, Lula     	Spring Hill
SEALES, Robert   	Spring Hill
SEALES, Robert S.	Spring Hill
SEARCY, Easter   	Ozan
SEARS, Albert    	Mine Creek
SEARS, Candis    	Red Land
SEARS, Frank     	Spring Hill
SEARS, Jefferson 	Red Land
SEARS, Julia C.  	Spring Hill
SEARS, Leonora P.	Spring Hill
SEE, B.          	Hope
SERIDGE, Augustus	Mine Creek
SERIDGE, Cintha L.	Mine Creek
SERIDGE, Jasper N.	Mine Creek
SERIDGE, Kizza   	Mine Creek
SERIDGE, Low     	Mine Creek
SERIDGE, Martha J.	Mine Creek
SERIDGE, Mary    	Mine Creek
SERIDGE, William A.	Mine Creek
SESSIONS, Fannie 	Spring Hill
SESSIONS, Henrietta	Spring Hill
SEVEDGE, William H.	Mine Creek
SEVIDGE, Lawson M.	Mine Creek
SEVIER, Anderson 	Spring Hill
SEVIER, Bacchus  	Spring Hill
SEVIER, Elizabeth	Spring Hill
SEVIER, Julia A. 	Spring Hill
SEVIER, Mary J.  	Spring Hill
SEWEL, Calwell   	De Roane
SEWEL, F.        	Hope
SEWEL, Fanny     	De Roane
SEWEL, J.        	Hope
SEWEL, M. L.     	Hope
SHANKLE, Ely H.  	De Roane
SHANKLE, Isabella	De Roane
SHANKLE, Martha J.	De Roane
SHANKLE, Mondy   	De Roane
SHANKLE, Nancy   	De Roane
SHANKLE, Philix  	De Roane
SHANKLE, William J.	De Roane
SHANNON, Clarinda J.	Spring Hill
SHANNON, James B.	Spring Hill
SHAREF, Louis    	Fulton
SHARKY, Austin   	Washington
SHARKY, William  	Washington
SHARP, Annis     	Hope
SHARP, Gundy     	Hope
SHARP, Matty     	Hope
SHARP, P.        	Hope
SHAVER, Francis R.	Spring Hill
SHAVER, J. L.    	Spring Hill
SHAW, Alice      	Spring Hill
SHAW, Benjamin   	Spring Hill
SHAW, Bettie     	Garland
SHAW, Callie     	Spring Hill
SHAW, Charly     	De Roane
SHAW, Cornelia   	De Roane
SHAW, Eliza      	Garland
SHAW, Haywood    	De Roane
SHAW, Jno R.     	Garland
SHAW, Jno.       	Garland
SHAW, Josie      	Spring Hill
SHAW, Louiza     	De Roane
SHAW, Nancy      	Garland
SHAW, Rena C.    	Garland
SHAW, Robert     	De Roane
SHAW, Robert     	Garland
SHAW, Rose       	Garland
SHAW, Teddy      	Spring Hill
SHAW, Unknown    	Spring Hill
SHAY, Pattrick   	De Roane
SHEA, Joseph H.  	De Roane
SHELTON, Caroline A.	Mine Creek
SHELTON, Thomas  	Mine Creek
SHEPHERD, J. A.  	De Roane
SHEPPANE, Maggie 	Bois D'Arc
SHEPPARD, Alice  	De Roane
SHEPPARD, Alice V.	De Roane
SHEPPARD, Sarah  	De Roane
SHEPPARD, Sarah  	De Roane
SHEPPERSON, Archer	Washington
SHEPPERSON, Archer G.	Washington
SHEPPERSON, Charles B.	Washington
SHEPPERSON, Giles	Garland
SHEPPERSON, Hindley	Bois D'Arc
SHEPPERSON, Isabella T.	Washington
SHEPPERSON, Joel 	Saline
SHEPPERSON, John G.	Saline
SHEPPERSON, Lucetta	Saline
SHEPPERSON, Lucy 	Washington
SHEPPERSON, Matthew V.	Saline
SHEPPERSON, Morton	Saline
SHEPPERSON, Peerce	Washington
SHERMAN, Simon   	Spring Hill
SHERMAN, Sophia  	Spring Hill
SHERWOOD, Henry  	De Roane
SHIELDS, Annie E.	Ozan
SHIELDS, Eduard N.	Ozan
SHIELDS, Emma    	Ozan
SHIELDS, Erasmes D.	Ozan
SHIELDS, Eulale  	Ozan
SHIELDS, Isaac   	Ozan
SHIELDS, James H.	Ozan
SHIELDS, Mary B. 	Ozan
SHIKLEY, Booney  	Mine Creek
SHIP, Anthony    	Wallaceburg
SHIP, Caroline   	Wallaceburg
SHIP, Jasper     	Wallaceburg
SHIP, John       	Wallaceburg
SHIP, Louisa     	Wallaceburg
SHIP, Martha     	Wallaceburg
SHIP, Mary       	Wallaceburg
SHIP, Robert     	Wallaceburg
SHIP, William    	Wallaceburg
SHOKLEY, Frances 	Mine Creek
SHOKLEY, Harrison	Mine Creek
SHOKLEY, James   	Mine Creek
SHOKLEY, John J. 	Mine Creek
SHOKLEY, Julie R.	Mine Creek
SHOOK, Clara Jane	Bois D'Arc
SHOOK, Harry     	Bois D'Arc
SHOOK, Maria     	Bois D'Arc
SHOOK, Milly     	Bois D'Arc
SHORT, Anna      	De Roane
SHORT, Augusta   	Hope
SHORT, C. T.     	Hope
SHORT, Emma      	Spring Hill
SHORT, Ida       	Spring Hill
SHORT, Inez      	Hope
SHORT, J. T.     	Hope
SHORT, James     	De Roane
SHORT, Lena      	Hope
SHORT, Mandy     	De Roane
SHORT, Mary      	Hope
SHORT, Massey    	Hope
SHORT, R. B.     	De Roane
SHORT, Rebecca   	Spring Hill
SHORT, Robert    	Hope
SHORT, Samuel D. 	Hope
SHORT, Sarah     	Hope
SHORT, Sophronia 	Spring Hill
SHORT, Thomas    	Spring Hill
SHORT, Thomas B. 	Hope
SHORT, Willie    	Hope
SHUFFIELD, Barberie	Wallaceburg
SHUFFIELD, John  	Wallaceburg
SHUGEARS, Isaac P.	Spring Hill
SHUTTLESWERTH, Annie D.	Washington
SHUTTLESWERTH, Ellen	Washington
SHUTTLESWERTH, James	Washington
SHUTTLESWERTH, Mary A.	Washington
SIDDEN, L. M.    	De Roane
SIDDEN, Mary E.  	De Roane
SIDES, Lucinda   	Wallaceburg
SIDES, Lucy      	Wallaceburg
SIER, Georg      	De Roane
SIMMONS, Abbey   	Bois D'Arc
SIMMONS, Addie   	Saline
SIMMONS, Alice   	Garland
SIMMONS, Archie H.	Spring Hill
SIMMONS, Charles J.	Spring Hill
SIMMONS, Danah S.	Spring Hill
SIMMONS, David H.	Spring Hill
SIMMONS, David O.	Spring Hill
SIMMONS, Emma    	Bois D'Arc
SIMMONS, Florance	Garland
SIMMONS, Frances 	Garland
SIMMONS, Frank   	Bois D'Arc
SIMMONS, George  	Garland
SIMMONS, Hariet  	Bois D'Arc
SIMMONS, Henry   	Bois D'Arc
SIMMONS, Jake    	Bois D'Arc
SIMMONS, James   	Spring Hill
SIMMONS, James R.	Spring Hill
SIMMONS, James S.	Spring Hill
SIMMONS, Jane    	Garland
SIMMONS, Jas.    	Bois D'Arc
SIMMONS, John    	Bois D'Arc
SIMMONS, John    	Spring Hill
SIMMONS, John A. 	Spring Hill
SIMMONS, John W. 	Spring Hill
SIMMONS, Julia   	Garland
SIMMONS, Junius  	Spring Hill
SIMMONS, Laura A.	Spring Hill
SIMMONS, Leila E.	Spring Hill
SIMMONS, Leila I.	Spring Hill
SIMMONS, Leola   	Saline
SIMMONS, Leonard A.	Spring Hill
SIMMONS, Lillie E.	Spring Hill
SIMMONS, Lucie A.	Spring Hill
SIMMONS, Lucius A.	Spring Hill
SIMMONS, Lucy    	Bois D'Arc
SIMMONS, Lucy    	Saline
SIMMONS, Lucy    	Spring Hill
SIMMONS, Lula    	Spring Hill
SIMMONS, Lulu    	Bois D'Arc
SIMMONS, Luwna D.	Spring Hill
SIMMONS, Mary    	Spring Hill
SIMMONS, Mary    	Spring Hill
SIMMONS, Mary A. 	Spring Hill
SIMMONS, Mary E. 	Spring Hill
SIMMONS, Mitch   	Bois D'Arc
SIMMONS, Nancy C.	Spring Hill
SIMMONS, Nick    	Garland
SIMMONS, Nina    	Spring Hill
SIMMONS, Oscar   	Bois D'Arc
SIMMONS, Oscar   	Spring Hill
SIMMONS, Oscar A.	Spring Hill
SIMMONS, Palona F.	Spring Hill
SIMMONS, Parker  	Garland
SIMMONS, Rosie L.	Spring Hill
SIMMONS, Rufus A.	Spring Hill
SIMMONS, Sam     	Garland
SIMMONS, Sam A.  	Saline
SIMMONS, Simon   	Garland
SIMMONS, Sophia  	Saline
SIMMONS, Susan   	Spring Hill
SIMMONS, Suson   	Bois D'Arc
SIMMONS, Thomas A.	Spring Hill
SIMMONS, William E.	Spring Hill
SIMMONS, William H.	Spring Hill
SIMMONS, Wm.     	Bois D'Arc
SIMMS, Charles   	Spring Hill
SIMMS, Clary Ann 	Spring Hill
SIMMS, Cornelius 	Spring Hill
SIMMS, Damon     	Spring Hill
SIMMS, David     	Saline
SIMMS, Georgie A.	Spring Hill
SIMMS, Hannah    	Saline
SIMMS, Henry     	Spring Hill
SIMMS, John      	De Roane
SIMMS, John      	Spring Hill
SIMMS, John      	Spring Hill
SIMMS, Joshua A. 	Garland
SIMMS, Lizzie    	Washington
SIMMS, Malinda J.	Spring Hill
SIMMS, Mandy J.  	Spring Hill
SIMMS, Margaret  	Spring Hill
SIMMS, Margaret  	Spring Hill
SIMMS, Mary      	Washington
SIMMS, Mary A.   	De Roane
SIMMS, Mollie    	Washington
SIMMS, Montcalm  	Washington
SIMMS, Nancy     	Spring Hill
SIMMS, Ninette   	Washington
SIMMS, Robert    	Spring Hill
SIMMS, Robert    	Spring Hill
SIMMS, Sallie    	Spring Hill
SIMMS, Salome    	Washington
SIMMS, Sarah     	Spring Hill
SIMMS, Thomas    	Bois D'Arc
SIMMS, Thomas    	Washington
SIMMS, Thomas    	Washington
SIMMS, Walter    	Washington
SIMMS, William   	Ozan
SIMMS, Willie    	De Roane
SIMONS, Willie A 	Bois D'Arc
SIMPSON, Billie Ann	Mine Creek
SIMPSON, Caroline	Mine Creek
SIMPSON, Dancy J.	Mine Creek
SIMPSON, Eugenie 	Spring Hill
SIMPSON, George D.	Spring Hill
SIMPSON, Jim     	Mine Creek
SIMPSON, John E. 	Mine Creek
SIMPSON, Lou     	Mine Creek
SIMPSON, Lovey   	Washington
SIMPSON, Mary A. 	Spring Hill
SIMPSON, Mollie P.	Spring Hill
SIMPSON, Peter   	Mine Creek
SIMPSON, Radie   	Mine Creek
SIMPSON, Robert H.	Spring Hill
SIMPSON, Samuel  	Bois D'Arc
SIMPSON, Susan   	Mine Creek
SIMPSON, Urilla P.	Mine Creek
SIMPSON, W. W.   	Spring Hill
SIMPSON, William T.	Spring Hill
SIMS, Lucy       	Spring Hill
SIMS, Mattie     	Spring Hill
SIMS, Prophet    	Spring Hill
SIMS, Susan      	Spring Hill
SIMS, Thomas     	Spring Hill
SIMS, Unknown    	Spring Hill
SINCLAIR, Hatty  	Spring Hill
SINCLAIR, Mary C.	Spring Hill
SINCLAIR, W. S.  	Spring Hill
SINGLETON, Charles	Red Land
SINGLETON, Elizabeth	Red Land
SINGLETON, Emily 	Mine Creek
SINGLETON, Eveline	Mine Creek
SINGLETON, G.    	Hope
SINGLETON, G.    	Hope
SINGLETON, George	Red Land
SINGLETON, James 	Washington
SINGLETON, Jeff  	Ozan
SINGLETON, John  	Washington
SINGLETON, John W.	Mine Creek
SINGLETON, Larkin	Red Land
SINGLETON, Layfaett	Mine Creek
SINGLETON, Margaret	Red Land
SINGLETON, Martha	Red Land
SINGLETON, Martha	Red Land
SINGLETON, Mary  	Red Land
SINGLETON, Richardson	Red Land
SINGLETON, Sarah A.	Mine Creek
SINGLETON, T. J. 	Mine Creek
SINGLETON, Tempie	Red Land
SINGLETON, Tobe  	Hope
SINGLETON, William	Red Land
SINGLETON, William	Red Land
SINGLETON, William	Washington
SKELTON, Andrew  	Mine Creek
SKELTON, Hanna   	Mine Creek
SKELTON, Rody    	Mine Creek
SKIDMORE, Daris  	Garland
SKIDMORE, Jno.   	Garland
SKIDMORE, William	Garland
SKINNER, Sousan  	Ozan
SKINNER, William 	Hope
SLAYTER, Ages    	Spring Hill
SLAYTER, Elisha  	Spring Hill
SLAYTER, Frances 	Spring Hill
SLAYTER, Frances V.	Spring Hill
SLAYTER, Lawrence	Spring Hill
SLAYTER, Mary E. 	Spring Hill
SLAYTER, Thomas B.	Spring Hill
SLAYTER, William B.	Spring Hill
SLOVER, Dillia   	Fulton
SLOVER, Jno.     	Fulton
SLOVER, Nora     	Fulton
SLOVER, Rolla    	Fulton
SMALL, Stephen   	Fulton
SMALLWOOD, Eadora	Bois D'Arc
SMALLWOOD, George	Bois D'Arc
SMALLWOOD, Henry 	Bois D'Arc
SMALLWOOD, Jacob 	Bois D'Arc
SMALLWOOD, Martha	Bois D'Arc
SMALLWOOD, Mitchell	Bois D'Arc
SMALLWOOD, Morris	Bois D'Arc
SMALLWOOD, Virginia	Bois D'Arc
SMALLWOOD, Willis	Bois D'Arc
SMEAD, James M.  	Mine Creek
SMEAD, Julie F.  	Mine Creek
SMEAD, Nathaniel H.	Mine Creek
SMITH, Aaron     	Ozan
SMITH, Abe       	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Abner F.  	Ozan
SMITH, Absolum   	Ozan
SMITH, Adalade   	De Roane
SMITH, Adline    	Garland
SMITH, Agnes     	De Roane
SMITH, Airey     	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Albert    	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Albert    	Ozan
SMITH, Alex      	Garland
SMITH, Alex      	Wallaceburg
SMITH, Alexander 	De Roane
SMITH, Alice     	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Alice V.  	Spring Hill
SMITH, Allen     	Mine Creek
SMITH, Allice    	De Roane
SMITH, Allie     	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Amanda    	Wallaceburg
SMITH, Anderson  	Spring Hill
SMITH, Ann M.    	Mine Creek
SMITH, Annie     	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Annie     	Spring Hill
SMITH, Aonn      	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Arthur G. 	Mine Creek
SMITH, Augustus  	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Belle     	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Benjamin  	Saline
SMITH, Benjamin F.	Mine Creek
SMITH, Berry     	Garland
SMITH, Betsy     	De Roane
SMITH, Betty     	Ozan
SMITH, Buddy     	De Roane
SMITH, Burta     	De Roane
SMITH, Callia A. 	Mine Creek
SMITH, Caroline  	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Caroline  	Ozan
SMITH, Carry     	De Roane
SMITH, Carry     	Washington
SMITH, Cary      	De Roane
SMITH, Casey     	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Catharine 	De Roane
SMITH, Charles   	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Charles   	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Charles   	Garland
SMITH, Charly    	De Roane
SMITH, Cindy     	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Cliney    	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Cora      	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Cuba      	Ozan
SMITH, David     	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, David     	De Roane
SMITH, Deliah    	De Roane
SMITH, Delila    	Ozan
SMITH, Dica      	De Roane
SMITH, Dora      	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Duck      	Washington
SMITH, Earley    	Mine Creek
SMITH, Eddie     	Washington
SMITH, Edna B.   	Ozan
SMITH, Edward    	Hope
SMITH, Edward    	Wallaceburg
SMITH, Edward W. 	Ozan
SMITH, Edwd.     	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Elias     	Washington
SMITH, Eliza     	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Elizabeth 	Ozan
SMITH, Elizabeth 	Spring Hill
SMITH, Elizabeth 	Wallaceburg
SMITH, Ella      	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Ella N.   	Spring Hill
SMITH, Ellar     	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Ellen     	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Ellen     	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Ellen     	Ozan
SMITH, Ellen     	Wallaceburg
SMITH, Ellis     	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Ely       	De Roane
SMITH, Emely     	De Roane
SMITH, Emily     	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Emily C.  	Ozan
SMITH, Emma      	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Fanny     	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Fanny     	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Fanny     	De Roane
SMITH, Fanny     	De Roane
SMITH, Fenobia   	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Fletcher  	Wallaceburg
SMITH, Florence  	De Roane
SMITH, Frank     	De Roane
SMITH, General   	De Roane
SMITH, Georgann  	Ozan
SMITH, George    	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, George    	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, George    	Ozan
SMITH, George D. 	De Roane
SMITH, George J. 	Ozan
SMITH, George T. 	De Roane
SMITH, Graham    	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Green     	Ozan
SMITH, Gus       	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, H. A.     	Hope
SMITH, Harriet   	De Roane
SMITH, Harrison  	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Harrit    	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Harry     	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Harvey    	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Harvey    	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Hattie    	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Hattie    	Garland
SMITH, Henrietta 	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Henry     	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Henry     	De Roane
SMITH, Henry     	Wallaceburg
SMITH, Henry     	Wallaceburg
SMITH, Henry D.  	De Roane
SMITH, Henry J.  	Spring Hill
SMITH, Hezekiah F.	Spring Hill
SMITH, Horace    	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Hugh      	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Ida       	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Ida       	Garland
SMITH, Ira A.    	Mine Creek
SMITH, Irene     	Hope
SMITH, Isaac     	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Isaac N.  	Garland
SMITH, Isaac N.  	Ozan
SMITH, Isabella  	Ozan
SMITH, Isom      	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, J.        	Hope
SMITH, J. A.     	De Roane
SMITH, J. L.     	De Roane
SMITH, Jack      	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Jack      	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Jackson   	De Roane
SMITH, Jackson   	De Roane
SMITH, Jackson   	Saline
SMITH, Jacob     	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Jacob     	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Jacob     	Ozan
SMITH, Jacob     	Spring Hill
SMITH, Jacob W.  	Mine Creek
SMITH, Jake      	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, James     	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, James     	Hope
SMITH, James     	Ozan
SMITH, James     	Ozan
SMITH, James     	Wallaceburg
SMITH, James E.  	Spring Hill
SMITH, James M.  	Spring Hill
SMITH, Jane      	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Jane      	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Jane      	Garland
SMITH, Jane      	Spring Hill
SMITH, Jane E.   	De Roane
SMITH, Jefferson 	Wallaceburg
SMITH, Jennie    	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Jennie    	Ozan
SMITH, Jennie    	Ozan
SMITH, Jennie    	Washington
SMITH, Jimmy     	De Roane
SMITH, Jno.      	Garland
SMITH, Jo        	Washington
SMITH, Joanna    	De Roane
SMITH, Joe       	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, John      	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, John      	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, John      	De Roane
SMITH, John      	De Roane
SMITH, John      	De Roane
SMITH, John      	Ozan
SMITH, John      	Ozan
SMITH, John      	Ozan
SMITH, John      	Wallaceburg
SMITH, John      	Wallaceburg
SMITH, John A.   	Spring Hill
SMITH, John G.   	Spring Hill
SMITH, John H.   	Spring Hill
SMITH, John H.   	Washington
SMITH, John T.   	Spring Hill
SMITH, John W.   	Saline
SMITH, Jonah     	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Jos       	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Judith L. 	Spring Hill
SMITH, Julia     	De Roane
SMITH, Julia     	De Roane
SMITH, Kisaiah   	Ozan
SMITH, Lafayett  	Wallaceburg
SMITH, Laura     	De Roane
SMITH, Laura     	Garland
SMITH, Laura     	Garland
SMITH, Laura     	Ozan
SMITH, Laura M.  	Ozan
SMITH, Leann     	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Leona     	Spring Hill
SMITH, Lewis     	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Lincoln   	Ozan
SMITH, Liza      	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Lizzie    	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Logan     	De Roane
SMITH, London    	Washington
SMITH, Lorena    	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Lou       	De Roane
SMITH, Lou       	Washington
SMITH, Louis     	De Roane
SMITH, Louisa    	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Louisa    	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Louisa    	De Roane
SMITH, Lucien    	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Lucy      	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Lucy      	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Lucy J.   	De Roane
SMITH, Lufelia   	Hope
SMITH, Lula      	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Lula      	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Lula      	Spring Hill
SMITH, Lulu      	Ozan
SMITH, Lulu      	Washington
SMITH, Mack      	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Maggie    	Garland
SMITH, Mahaley   	De Roane
SMITH, Majie     	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Mamy      	Hope
SMITH, Mandy     	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Mandy     	Spring Hill
SMITH, Mara      	Ozan
SMITH, Marcus    	Garland
SMITH, Margaret  	Hope
SMITH, Margaret M.	Spring Hill
SMITH, Margret   	Fulton
SMITH, Maria     	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Maria     	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Maria L.  	Ozan
SMITH, Mariah    	De Roane
SMITH, Marshall  	De Roane
SMITH, Martha    	De Roane
SMITH, Martha    	De Roane
SMITH, Martha    	Wallaceburg
SMITH, Martha A. 	Spring Hill
SMITH, Martha J. 	Spring Hill
SMITH, Mary      	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Mary      	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Mary      	De Roane
SMITH, Mary      	Garland
SMITH, Mary      	Ozan
SMITH, Mary      	Ozan
SMITH, Mary      	Spring Hill
SMITH, Mary      	Wallaceburg
SMITH, Mary      	Wallaceburg
SMITH, Mary      	Wallaceburg
SMITH, Mary      	Wallaceburg
SMITH, Mary      	Washington
SMITH, Mary A.   	De Roane
SMITH, Mary A.   	Spring Hill
SMITH, Mary Ann  	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Mary J.   	Garland
SMITH, Mary J.   	Ozan
SMITH, Mary J.   	Saline
SMITH, Mary J.   	Washington
SMITH, Mary L.   	De Roane
SMITH, Mercessa  	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Millie    	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Milton    	Garland
SMITH, Milvina   	Garland
SMITH, Minty     	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Mollie    	Garland
SMITH, Mollie    	Spring Hill
SMITH, Nancy     	De Roane
SMITH, Nancy     	Ozan
SMITH, Nancy     	Red Land
SMITH, Nancy     	Wallaceburg
SMITH, Nancy A.  	Mine Creek
SMITH, Nancy E.  	Ozan
SMITH, Nancy M.  	De Roane
SMITH, Narcisa   	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Ned       	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Nora      	De Roane
SMITH, Oceala    	Spring Hill
SMITH, Oney      	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Orange    	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Orange    	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Orange    	Ozan
SMITH, P.        	Hope
SMITH, P. W.     	Spring Hill
SMITH, Palastine 	Ozan
SMITH, Patsy     	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Paul      	Ozan
SMITH, Peter     	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Phillip   	Garland
SMITH, Prince    	Saline
SMITH, R. B.     	De Roane
SMITH, Randle B. 	De Roane
SMITH, Rebecca   	De Roane
SMITH, Rhoda A.  	Ozan
SMITH, Rich      	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Richard   	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Richard   	De Roane
SMITH, Richard A.	De Roane
SMITH, Richard J.	Mine Creek
SMITH, Robert    	De Roane
SMITH, Robert    	Wallaceburg
SMITH, Robert    	Wallaceburg
SMITH, Rosa      	Garland
SMITH, Rosalie   	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Roxania   	Mine Creek
SMITH, Rufus     	De Roane
SMITH, Sab       	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Sallie    	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Sallie    	Saline
SMITH, Sam       	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Samuel    	De Roane
SMITH, Samuel    	Hope
SMITH, Samuel H. 	Mine Creek
SMITH, Sarah     	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Sarah     	De Roane
SMITH, Sarah     	De Roane
SMITH, Sarah     	Hope
SMITH, Sarah     	Mine Creek
SMITH, Sarah     	Wallaceburg
SMITH, Sarah A.  	De Roane
SMITH, Sarah A.  	Spring Hill
SMITH, Sarah E.  	Mine Creek
SMITH, Scott     	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Silva     	Mine Creek
SMITH, Simen     	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Sims      	Spring Hill
SMITH, Sissy     	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Smith     	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Sol       	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Sophia    	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Sophia    	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Sophronia 	Wallaceburg
SMITH, Stephen   	De Roane
SMITH, Susan     	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Susan     	De Roane
SMITH, Susan     	De Roane
SMITH, Thomas    	Ozan
SMITH, Thomas    	Wallaceburg
SMITH, Thomas C. 	Ozan
SMITH, Thomas C. 	Ozan
SMITH, Thomas F  	Ozan
SMITH, Thomas G. 	Mine Creek
SMITH, Thornten  	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Tobithy   	Garland
SMITH, Tom       	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Toney     	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Tony      	Ozan
SMITH, Unknown   	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Viney     	De Roane
SMITH, Virginia  	De Roane
SMITH, Waman     	Spring Hill
SMITH, Washington	Ozan
SMITH, Wesley    	Garland
SMITH, Wilber    	Washington
SMITH, Wiley     	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, William   	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, William   	Mine Creek
SMITH, William   	Ozan
SMITH, William   	Ozan
SMITH, William   	Red Land
SMITH, William   	Red Land
SMITH, William   	Spring Hill
SMITH, William A.	Ozan
SMITH, William A.	Spring Hill
SMITH, William C.	Garland
SMITH, William C.	Ozan
SMITH, William E.	Spring Hill
SMITH, William W.	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Willie    	Hope
SMITH, Winnie    	Washington
SMITH, Wm.       	Bois D'Arc
SMITH, Wyatt M.  	Mine Creek
SMITH, Z. W.     	De Roane
SMITH, Zachary   	Wallaceburg
SMITHSON, J. A.  	Mine Creek
SMITHSON, Jessee A.	Mine Creek
SMITHSON, Margaret E.	Mine Creek
SMITTY, Mary     	Spring Hill
SNELGROVE, Obediah	Wallaceburg
SNELGROVE, Rosa  	Wallaceburg
SNELL, Amanda    	Hope
SNELL, Cora      	Garland
SNELL, Fanny     	De Roane
SNELL, Frank     	Garland
SNELL, Fredrick  	Garland
SNELL, Jackson   	Hope
SNELL, Marcus    	De Roane
SNELL, Mary      	Garland
SNELL, Nicy      	Garland
SNELL, Sally     	De Roane
SNELL, Sally     	De Roane
SNELL, Turner    	De Roane
SNOW, Anna       	Hope
SNOW, James M.   	Mine Creek
SNOW, James W.   	Mine Creek
SNOW, R. E.      	Hope
SNOW, Rachal A.  	Mine Creek
SNOW, Richard L. 	Mine Creek
SNOWDON, Edward  	Red Land
SNOWDON, John    	Red Land
SNOWDON, Josie   	Red Land
SNOWDON, Lucy    	Red Land
SNOWDON, Nero    	Red Land
SNOWDON, Samuel  	Red Land
SOMERVILLE, Mary A.	Fulton
SOUTHWORTH, Amanda	Red Land
SOUTHWORTH, Bradly	Red Land
SOUTHWORTH, Cintha	Red Land
SOUTHWORTH, Della	Red Land
SOUTHWORTH, Francis	Red Land
SOUTHWORTH, Gordan	Red Land
SOUTHWORTH, Harve	Red Land
SOUTHWORTH, Harve	Red Land
SOUTHWORTH, Howell	Red Land
SOUTHWORTH, Ida  	Red Land
SOUTHWORTH, James	Red Land
SOUTHWORTH, John 	Red Land
SOUTHWORTH, John 	Red Land
SOUTHWORTH, Malinda	Red Land
SOUTHWORTH, Wallace	Red Land
SPAIGHT, Jas.    	Bois D'Arc
SPARKS, Frank    	Garland
SPARKS, Sarah    	Garland
SPEARS, Benjamin 	Wallaceburg
SPEARS, Charles  	Fulton
SPEARS, Charlie  	Ozan
SPEARS, Dick     	Ozan
SPEARS, Isah     	Red Land
SPEARS, James    	Garland
SPEARS, John     	Garland
SPEARS, John     	Ozan
SPEARS, John     	Wallaceburg
SPEARS, Kirby    	Wallaceburg
SPEARS, Lucy     	Wallaceburg
SPEARS, Luther   	Wallaceburg
SPEARS, Mack     	Wallaceburg
SPEARS, Margaret 	Garland
SPEARS, Mary     	Wallaceburg
SPEARS, Nancy    	Garland
SPEARS, Nellie   	Garland
SPEARS, Richard  	Ozan
SPEARS, Sally    	Ozan
SPEARS, Walter   	Mine Creek
SPEARS, William  	Ozan
SPEARS, William  	Wallaceburg
SPEARS, William  	Wallaceburg
SPEARS, William  	Wallaceburg
SPENCE, Robert   	Garland
SPENCER, Angeline E.	Spring Hill
SPENCER, George  	Ozan
SPENCER, John    	Spring Hill
SPENCER, Martha A.	Spring Hill
SPENCER, Mary E. 	Spring Hill
SPENCER, Rose B. 	Ozan
SPENHANK, Edgar  	Saline
SPENHANK, George 	Saline
SPENHANK, Texan  	Saline
SPIVEY, A. N.    	Hope
SPIVEY, Bula     	Hope
SPIVEY, M. E.    	Hope
SPRAGGINS, Abe   	Wallaceburg
SPRAGGINS, Eliza 	Wallaceburg
SPRAGGINS, John  	Wallaceburg
SPRAGGINS, Mary  	Wallaceburg
SPRAGINS, Martha 	Ozan
SPRAGINS, Nelson 	Ozan
SPRAGNER, Patsy  	Spring Hill
SPRAGNER, Robert 	Spring Hill
SPRIGGS, Ann     	De Roane
SPRIGGS, Dudley  	De Roane
SPRIGGS, E. G.   	De Roane
SPRIGGS, Eglantine	De Roane
SPRIGGS, Ella    	De Roane
SPRIGGS, Florence	De Roane
SPRIGGS, Gillitia	De Roane
SPRIGGS, Isabella	Ozan
SPRIGGS, Joseph  	Ozan
SPRIGGS, Joseph  	Ozan
SPRIGGS, Lucinda 	De Roane
SPRIGGS, Lucy    	Ozan
SPRIGGS, Minta   	Ozan
SPRIGGS, Talbert 	De Roane
SPRIGGS, Thomas  	De Roane
SPRINGS, Hamp    	Saline
SPRINGS, Nayan   	Saline
SPRINGS, Roda    	Saline
SPTIGGS, Claudius	De Roane
STAFFORD, Belle  	Bois D'Arc
STAFFORD, Dorkis 	Bois D'Arc
STAFFORD, Green W.	Bois D'Arc
STAFFORD, Hiram  	Bois D'Arc
STAFFORD, John   	Bois D'Arc
STAFFORD, Lillie 	Bois D'Arc
STAGERS, August  	Ozan
STAGERS, Betty   	Ozan
STAGERS, George  	Ozan
STAGERS, George Ann	Ozan
STAGERS, Jane    	Ozan
STAGERS, Jeff    	Ozan
STAGERS, Lula    	Ozan
STAGERS, Mary    	Ozan
STAGERS, Milly   	Ozan
STAGERS, Queen   	Ozan
STAGERS, Rust    	Ozan
STAGGS, Anna     	De Roane
STAGGS, Darey    	De Roane
STAGGS, Julia    	De Roane
STAGGS, Thomas P.	De Roane
STAKS, Birdie E. 	Mine Creek
STAKS, Harral L. 	Mine Creek
STAKS, Margaret G.	Mine Creek
STAMPS, Ama      	Ozan
STAMPS, Andrew   	Wallaceburg
STAMPS, Charles  	Ozan
STAMPS, George   	Ozan
STAMPS, John     	Wallaceburg
STAMPS, Manda    	Bois D'Arc
STAMPS, Milton   	Ozan
STAMPS, Mose     	Bois D'Arc
STAMPS, Price    	Ozan
STAMPS, Rena     	Bois D'Arc
STAMPS, Willis   	Ozan
STAMPS, Willis   	Ozan
STANLEY, Alice V.	Spring Hill
STANLEY, Andrew O.	Spring Hill
STANLEY, Calley A.	Spring Hill
STANLEY, Dora L. 	Spring Hill
STANLEY, Martha A.	Spring Hill
STANLEY, Ollie T.	Spring Hill
STANLEY, Walter G.	Spring Hill
STANNER, Garner  	Ozan
STARKS, Anna     	Saline
STARKS, Burnard  	Saline
STARKS, Eliza    	Saline
STARKS, Maud     	Saline
STARKS, Ned      	Saline
STARKS, Pink     	Saline
STARKS, Turner   	Saline
STARR, Annie     	Fulton
STARR, Charles A.	Fulton
STARR, Cora      	Fulton
STARR, Jessie    	Fulton
STATON, Eliza    	Hope
STATON, Hattie   	Hope
STATON, Jordan   	Hope
STEADMAN, H.     	Hope
STEADMAN, Savannah	Hope
STEEL, J. A.     	Hope
STEEL, S.        	Hope
STEEN, Francis   	Ozan
STEEN, Ida T.    	Ozan
STEEN, Mary E.   	Ozan
STEEN, Mitty P.  	Ozan
STEEN, William W.	Ozan
STELL, George    	Spring Hill
STEPHENS, Adolphus	Wallaceburg
STEPHENS, Anna J.	Mine Creek
STEPHENS, Calvin 	Wallaceburg
STEPHENS, Charles	Wallaceburg
STEPHENS, Elijah 	Wallaceburg
STEPHENS, Elisabeth J.	Mine Creek
STEPHENS, Elizabeth	Spring Hill
STEPHENS, Ella   	Mine Creek
STEPHENS, Emiline	Mine Creek
STEPHENS, Erastus B.	Mine Creek
STEPHENS, Euda A.	Mine Creek
STEPHENS, Frances M.	Mine Creek
STEPHENS, George 	Wallaceburg
STEPHENS, George W.	Mine Creek
STEPHENS, George W.	Mine Creek
STEPHENS, James P.	Bois D'Arc
STEPHENS, James R.	Mine Creek
STEPHENS, Joab   	Mine Creek
STEPHENS, John   	Wallaceburg
STEPHENS, John H.	Mine Creek
STEPHENS, Julia  	Wallaceburg
STEPHENS, Julia E.	Bois D'Arc
STEPHENS, Magaret A.	Mine Creek
STEPHENS, Maggie 	Wallaceburg
STEPHENS, Margaret A.	Bois D'Arc
STEPHENS, Margaret A.	Mine Creek
STEPHENS, Martha J.	Bois D'Arc
STEPHENS, Mary   	Mine Creek
STEPHENS, Mary L.	Mine Creek
STEPHENS, Milliner	Wallaceburg
STEPHENS, Minnie J.	Bois D'Arc
STEPHENS, Philip 	Fulton
STEPHENS, Priscilla A.	Mine Creek
STEPHENS, Rocksiana	Mine Creek
STEPHENS, Rose   	Wallaceburg
STEPHENS, Sandy  	Spring Hill
STEPHENS, Sarah  	Wallaceburg
STEPHENS, Sarah A.	Mine Creek
STEPHENS, Susan  	Wallaceburg
STEPHENS, Thomas B.	Mine Creek
STEPHENS, Thomas J.	Mine Creek
STEPHENS, Thomas M. E.	Mine Creek
STEPHENS, William F.	Bois D'Arc
STEPHENS, William J.	Mine Creek
STEPHENS, William R.	Bois D'Arc
STEPHENSON, Emma F.	De Roane
STEPHENSON, Minnie	De Roane
STEPHENSON, Virginia	De Roane
STEVENNS, W.     	Hope
STEVENS, James   	Hope
STEVENS, Margret 	De Roane
STEVENS, William 	De Roane
STEVENSON, A. P. 	De Roane
STEVENSON, Anna B.	De Roane
STEVENSON, Clark A.	De Roane
STEVENSON, George	De Roane
STEVENSON, J. P. 	Spring Hill
STEVENSON, James F.	De Roane
STEVENSON, Jas. W.	De Roane
STEVENSON, John C.	De Roane
STEVENSON, Joseph W.	De Roane
STEVENSON, Leonora A.	Spring Hill
STEVENSON, Lonny 	De Roane
STEVENSON, Manda 	De Roane
STEVENSON, Martha A.	Spring Hill
STEVENSON, Prudence	De Roane
STEVENSON, Robert V.	De Roane
STEVENSON, Sarah M.	De Roane
STEVENSON, Siom T.	De Roane
STEVENSON, Thomas J.	Spring Hill
STEVENSON, William R.	Spring Hill
STEVENSON, Willie	De Roane
STEVINSON, Dave  	Hope
STEVINSON, James E.	Hope
STEVINSON, Jane  	Hope
STEVINSON, Lena  	Hope
STEVINSON, Margarett	Hope
STEVINSON, Thomas	Hope
STEWARD, Angeline	Saline
STEWARD, Clayborn	Saline
STEWARD, Collier 	Saline
STEWARD, Cyntha A.	Saline
STEWARD, Elisabeth	Saline
STEWARD, John A. 	Saline
STEWARD, Thomas  	Saline
STEWARD, Wash    	Saline
STEWART, Anthony 	Saline
STEWART, Bob     	Saline
STEWART, Elizabeth	Wallaceburg
STEWART, Fred    	Saline
STEWART, Harve   	Wallaceburg
STEWART, Judge   	Saline
STEWART, Julia   	Columbus
STEWART, Lewis   	Saline
STEWART, Mary    	Saline
STEWART, Maud    	Columbus
STEWART, Nancy   	Wallaceburg
STEWART, Rachael 	Saline
STEWART, Sallie M.	Columbus
STEWART, Sam     	Saline
STEWART, Samuel  	Columbus
STEWART, Walter  	Columbus
STEWART, Wheeler 	Saline
STEWART, William 	Saline
STEWART, William 	Wallaceburg
STEWART, William P.	Columbus
STEWART, Willie  	Columbus
STINSON, George W.	Washington
STINSON, W.      	Hope
STOKES, Charles  	Spring Hill
STOKES, George   	Spring Hill
STOKES, Thomas C.	Spring Hill
STONE, Davis     	Red Land
STONE, Elisabeth C.	Mine Creek
STONE, Eliza     	Red Land
STONE, Jane      	Mine Creek
STONE, Jefferson 	Red Land
STONE, John      	Red Land
STONE, Josiah    	Wallaceburg
STONE, Luvina    	Wallaceburg
STONE, Margaret T.	Mine Creek
STONE, Martha    	Red Land
STONE, Martha    	Wallaceburg
STONE, Martin    	Red Land
STONE, Mary      	Red Land
STONE, Mary      	Red Land
STONE, Mary A.   	Mine Creek
STONE, Mary F.   	Mine Creek
STONE, Mirna A.  	Mine Creek
STONE, Nancy     	Red Land
STONE, Nancy J.  	Mine Creek
STONE, Robert    	Red Land
STONE, Samuel A. 	Mine Creek
STONE, Sarah E.  	Mine Creek
STONE, Thomas    	Red Land
STONE, Wesley    	Red Land
STONE, William   	Red Land
STONE, William M.	Mine Creek
STORM, Augustus F.	Hope
STORM, Charles   	Hope
STORM, Charles   	Hope
STORM, Charlotte 	Hope
STORY, Ada L.    	Hope
STORY, Amanda S. 	Spring Hill
STORY, J. R.     	Hope
STORY, James T.  	Spring Hill
STORY, James W.  	Hope
STORY, Jasper B. 	Hope
STORY, Lenora    	Hope
STORY, M. E.     	Hope
STORY, Molly E.  	Hope
STORY, Oliver A. 	Hope
STORY, Robert F. 	Hope
STORY, Thomas J. 	Hope
STORY, Unknown   	Spring Hill
STORY, Warren A. 	Spring Hill
STOUT, Bettie    	Red Land
STOUT, Mary      	Red Land
STOUT, Rose      	Red Land
STOUT, Willis    	Red Land
STRAIN, Ann Laura	De Roane
STRAIN, Anna E.  	De Roane
STRAIN, David    	De Roane
STRAIN, George   	De Roane
STRAIN, Herman   	De Roane
STRAIN, James    	De Roane
STRAIN, James    	De Roane
STRAIN, John S.  	De Roane
STRAIN, Joseph   	De Roane
STRATTAN, Jane   	Red Land
STRATTAN, Joseph 	Red Land
STRATTAN, Sarah  	Red Land
STRATTAN, Thomas 	Red Land
STRATTAN, William	Red Land
STRATTON, Bettie 	Red Land
STRATTON, George 	Red Land
STRICKLAND, Charles W.	Garland
STRICKLAND, Della	Garland
STRICKLAND, Estelle	Garland
STRICKLAND, Lillian	Garland
STRICKLAND, Minnie	Garland
STRICKLAND, Udera T.	Garland
STRINGFELLOW, Andrew J.	Spring Hill
STRINGFELLOW, George F.	Spring Hill
STRINGFELLOW, James K.	Spring Hill
STRINGFELLOW, John H.	Spring Hill
STRINGFELLOW, Manora A.	Spring Hill
STRINGFELLOW, Margaret	Spring Hill
STRINGFELLOW, Mary J.	Spring Hill
STRINGFELLOW, Mary J. L.	Spring Hill
STRINGFELLOW, Nancy E.	Spring Hill
STRINGFELLOW, Rheuben	Spring Hill
STRINGFELLOW, Robert E.	Spring Hill
STRINGFELLOW, Sarah E.	Spring Hill
STRINGFELLOW, Terry	Spring Hill
STRINGFELLOW, Thomas	Spring Hill
STRINGFELLOW, Ursley C. M.	Spring Hill
STRINGFELLOW, Viola F.	Spring Hill
STRINGFELLOW, William	Spring Hill
STRINGFELLOW, William T.	Spring Hill
STRONG, Catherine	Spring Hill
STRONG, Ed       	Fulton
STRONG, Edgar    	Bois D'Arc
STRONG, Georgie Ann	Spring Hill
STRONG, Isabella 	Bois D'Arc
STRONG, Liza     	Bois D'Arc
STRONG, Liza     	Fulton
STRONG, Martin   	Bois D'Arc
STRONG, Wesley   	Ozan
STRONG, William  	Bois D'Arc
STRONG, William  	Bois D'Arc
STROUD, Eliza    	Ozan
STROUD, Isham    	Ozan
STROUD, James    	Ozan
STROUD, Jane     	Ozan
STROUD, John     	Ozan
STROUD, Joseph   	Ozan
STROUD, Josiphine	Ozan
STROUD, Julia    	Ozan
STROUD, Lorena   	Ozan
STROUD, Margaret 	Ozan
STROUD, Marian   	Ozan
STROUD, Martha   	Ozan
STROUD, Mary E.  	Ozan
STROUD, Nancy    	Ozan
STROUD, Nancy    	Ozan
STROUD, Nellie   	Ozan
STROUD, Rebecca  	Ozan
STROUD, Rhoda    	Ozan
STUARD, Alice    	Saline
STUARD, Brunce   	Saline
STUARD, Gant     	Saline
STUARD, Isabell  	Saline
STUARD, Mary     	Saline
STUARD, Mose     	Saline
STUARD, Sarah A. 	Saline
STUART, Ada      	De Roane
STUART, Albert M.	Mine Creek
STUART, Alfred   	De Roane
STUART, Alfred   	De Roane
STUART, Alfred O.	Washington
STUART, Allice   	Ozan
STUART, Amanda E.	Mine Creek
STUART, Anabella 	Columbus
STUART, Andrew   	Fulton
STUART, Andrew J.	Ozan
STUART, Annie    	Ozan
STUART, Anthony  	Garland
STUART, Anthony  	Ozan
STUART, Anthony  	Saline
STUART, Archer   	Ozan
STUART, Archy    	Saline
STUART, Augustus 	Ozan
STUART, Bell     	Ozan
STUART, Betty    	Ozan
STUART, Bruce    	Columbus
STUART, Calvin   	De Roane
STUART, Caroline 	Columbus
STUART, Cassie   	Columbus
STUART, Cathrine 	Mine Creek
STUART, Charity  	Mine Creek
STUART, Charles  	Mine Creek
STUART, Charles  	Saline
STUART, Charles A.	Mine Creek
STUART, Charles H.	Mine Creek
STUART, Charly   	Mine Creek
STUART, Cinda    	Saline
STUART, Clarisa  	Ozan
STUART, Clarisy  	Mine Creek
STUART, Clay     	Saline
STUART, Crocket  	Columbus
STUART, Crocket  	Columbus
STUART, Daniel   	Mine Creek
STUART, Daniel   	Ozan
STUART, Daniel S.	Mine Creek
STUART, David    	Ozan
STUART, Delvin   	Ozan
STUART, Dolly    	Mine Creek
STUART, Dora     	Garland
STUART, Doublie  	Saline
STUART, Ed J.    	Mine Creek
STUART, Edler    	Washington
STUART, Edward   	De Roane
STUART, Edwin G. 	Columbus
STUART, Eli      	Fulton
STUART, Eli      	Fulton
STUART, Elisabeth M.	Mine Creek
STUART, Elise    	Washington
STUART, Ella     	Ozan
STUART, Emly     	Mine Creek
STUART, Ervin    	Columbus
STUART, Everett O.	Washington
STUART, Florence 	Washington
STUART, Florin B.	Hope
STUART, Francis  	Garland
STUART, Fred     	Columbus
STUART, Gadson   	Ozan
STUART, George   	Mine Creek
STUART, George   	Saline
STUART, George M.	Saline
STUART, George W.	Mine Creek
STUART, George W.	Ozan
STUART, Gilbert  	Mine Creek
STUART, Gillaspie	Mine Creek
STUART, Grant    	Ozan
STUART, Green L. 	Mine Creek
STUART, Gus      	Fulton
STUART, Hanna    	Mine Creek
STUART, Hannah   	Ozan
STUART, Harriet  	Saline
STUART, Hays     	Ozan
STUART, Henretta 	Columbus
STUART, Henretta 	Saline
STUART, Henry E. 	De Roane
STUART, Henry S. 	Washington
STUART, Henryetta	Mine Creek
STUART, Henryetta	Mine Creek
STUART, Isaac    	De Roane
STUART, Isaac N. 	Mine Creek
STUART, Isabella 	Mine Creek
STUART, Ishom    	Mine Creek
STUART, Isidora  	Mine Creek
STUART, J. E.    	Hope
STUART, Jake     	Ozan
STUART, James    	De Roane
STUART, James    	Mine Creek
STUART, James    	Ozan
STUART, James    	Saline
STUART, James E. 	Saline
STUART, James H. 	De Roane
STUART, James O. 	Ozan
STUART, Jane     	Mine Creek
STUART, Jane     	Saline
STUART, Jerry    	Bois D'Arc
STUART, Jerry    	Saline
STUART, Joe      	Columbus
STUART, Joe      	Saline
STUART, John     	De Roane
STUART, John     	Fulton
STUART, John     	Mine Creek
STUART, John     	Mine Creek
STUART, John     	Ozan
STUART, John     	Ozan
STUART, John     	Ozan
STUART, John     	Ozan
STUART, John B.  	Mine Creek
STUART, John B.  	Washington
STUART, John F.  	De Roane
STUART, John H.  	Mine Creek
STUART, John M.  	De Roane
STUART, Johnie   	Saline
STUART, Joseph B.	Hope
STUART, Joseph L.	Columbus
STUART, Josephine	Mine Creek
STUART, Josephine	Saline
STUART, Josie    	Garland
STUART, Jubah    	Ozan
STUART, Julia    	Columbus
STUART, Julie    	Mine Creek
STUART, Julius   	Spring Hill
STUART, Kate     	Fulton
STUART, Laura    	Ozan
STUART, Lela     	Ozan
STUART, Lena C.  	Mine Creek
STUART, Levena A.	Mine Creek
STUART, Lilly    	Saline
STUART, Lizy     	Mine Creek
STUART, Lou      	Mine Creek
STUART, Lou      	Ozan
STUART, Lou      	Washington
STUART, Louesa C.	Washington
STUART, Louis    	Bois D'Arc
STUART, Louis    	Mine Creek
STUART, Louisa   	Ozan
STUART, Lucetta  	Ozan
STUART, Lucinda  	Ozan
STUART, Lucinda  	Ozan
STUART, Lucy     	Garland
STUART, Lunica   	Ozan
STUART, Luther   	De Roane
STUART, Manda    	Mine Creek
STUART, Margaret 	Mine Creek
STUART, Margaret 	Saline
STUART, Margaret C.	Mine Creek
STUART, Mariah   	Saline
STUART, Martha   	De Roane
STUART, Martha C.	Mine Creek
STUART, Martha F.	Ozan
STUART, Martha J.	Saline
STUART, Mary     	Ozan
STUART, Mary     	Ozan
STUART, Mary     	Ozan
STUART, Mary     	Ozan
STUART, Mary     	Saline
STUART, Mary     	Saline
STUART, Mary     	Saline
STUART, Mary A.  	Mine Creek
STUART, Mary C.  	De Roane
STUART, Mary E.  	Ozan
STUART, Mary F.  	Bois D'Arc
STUART, Mary F.  	Mine Creek
STUART, Mary L.  	Mine Creek
STUART, Mary L.  	Mine Creek
STUART, Matilda  	Ozan
STUART, Melinda  	Mine Creek
STUART, Mildred  	Columbus
STUART, Mildred  	Columbus
STUART, Mildred  	Columbus
STUART, Minnie   	Columbus
STUART, Minnie G.	Saline
STUART, Mollie   	Columbus
STUART, Mollie   	Columbus
STUART, Monroe   	Washington
STUART, Moses    	Bois D'Arc
STUART, Moses    	Mine Creek
STUART, Moses    	Washington
STUART, N.       	Ozan
STUART, Nancy A. 	Mine Creek
STUART, Nancy C. 	De Roane
STUART, Nannie   	Columbus
STUART, Nelly    	Ozan
STUART, Nelson   	Mine Creek
STUART, Nuton M. 	Mine Creek
STUART, Oden     	Washington
STUART, Ola      	Ozan
STUART, Patsey   	Mine Creek
STUART, Paul     	Columbus
STUART, Pearl    	Bois D'Arc
STUART, Peggy    	Saline
STUART, Phebe    	Ozan
STUART, Polly    	Ozan
STUART, Precilla 	Ozan
STUART, Reuben   	Ozan
STUART, Robbert C.	Columbus
STUART, Robbert C.	Columbus
STUART, Robert E.	Mine Creek
STUART, Rosetta  	Ozan
STUART, Roxey    	Columbus
STUART, Rufus    	Mine Creek
STUART, Ruth M.  	Washington
STUART, Salley   	Mine Creek
STUART, Sally    	Ozan
STUART, Sam      	Saline
STUART, Samson   	Mine Creek
STUART, Samuel   	Mine Creek
STUART, Samuel   	Ozan
STUART, Samuel   	Ozan
STUART, Samuel   	Ozan
STUART, Samuel H.	Saline
STUART, Sarah    	De Roane
STUART, Sarah    	Fulton
STUART, Sarah    	Garland
STUART, Sarah    	Ozan
STUART, Sarah A. 	Mine Creek
STUART, Sarah J. 	Garland
STUART, Senda    	Mine Creek
STUART, Snow     	Washington
STUART, Stephen  	Saline
STUART, Susan    	Mine Creek
STUART, Sylvia   	Columbus
STUART, Thomas   	Mine Creek
STUART, Thomas   	Ozan
STUART, Thomas H.	Columbus
STUART, Thornton 	Garland
STUART, Thornton 	Garland
STUART, Tobe     	Spring Hill
STUART, Unknown  	Columbus
STUART, V. J.    	Washington
STUART, Vallie   	Washington
STUART, Vick     	Mine Creek
STUART, Viola    	De Roane
STUART, W. B.    	Hope
STUART, W. B.    	Washington
STUART, Warren   	Saline
STUART, Wesley   	Garland
STUART, Wesly    	Ozan
STUART, William  	De Roane
STUART, William  	De Roane
STUART, William  	Garland
STUART, William  	Garland
STUART, William  	Mine Creek
STUART, William Jeff	Mine Creek
STUART, William R.	Mine Creek
STUART, Willie   	Fulton
STUART, Willie   	Saline
STUART, Wilmoth  	Ozan
STUART, Wisdon   	Mine Creek
STUART, Zuk      	Ozan
STUCKEY, Dick    	Garland
STUCKEY, Emma    	Garland
STUCKEY, Joel D. 	Garland
STUCKEY, Mary E. 	Garland
STUCKEY, Mary J. 	Garland
STUCKEY, Robert F.	Garland
STUCKEY, Simon T.	Garland
STUCKEY, William P.	Garland
STURDEVANT, Elizabeth	Spring Hill
STURDEVANT, John 	Spring Hill
STURDEVANT, Joseph W.	Spring Hill
STURT, Archer    	Ozan
STURT, Louis     	Ozan
STURT, Maria     	Ozan
SULIVAN, Aria A. 	De Roane
SULIVAN, Arlina  	De Roane
SULIVAN, B. P.   	De Roane
SULIVAN, Cordilia	De Roane
SULIVAN, Earnest 	De Roane
SULIVAN, Elizabeth	De Roane
SULIVAN, Emily E.	De Roane
SULIVAN, James   	Red Land
SULIVAN, James M.	De Roane
SULIVAN, John W. 	De Roane
SULIVAN, Joseph  	De Roane
SULIVAN, Lucian G.	De Roane
SULIVAN, Madison 	De Roane
SULIVAN, Malvyra 	De Roane
SULIVAN, Mary    	De Roane
SULIVAN, Mary C. 	De Roane
SULIVAN, Mary E. 	De Roane
SULIVAN, Myra    	De Roane
SULIVAN, Rachel F.	De Roane
SULIVAN, Rosa H. 	De Roane
SULIVAN, Sally   	De Roane
SULIVAN, Saml    	De Roane
SULIVAN, Viney   	De Roane
SULLIVAN, J. R.  	Spring Hill
SULLIVAN, R. F.  	Spring Hill
SUMMERELL, Anne  	Washington
SUMMERS, Govenor 	Ozan
SUMMERS, J. M.   	Hope
SUMMERS, Jane    	Hope
SUMMERS, John    	De Roane
SUMMERS, John    	Ozan
SUMMERS, Jos. T. 	Bois D'Arc
SUMMERS, Josephine	Ozan
SUMMERS, Margaret A.	Ozan
SUMMERS, Nathan  	Ozan
SUMMERS, Polly   	Ozan
SUMMERS, Saluda  	Ozan
SUMMERS, Tebe    	De Roane
SUMMERS, Texas   	Ozan
SUMMERS, Zack W. 	Bois D'Arc
SUTTEN, Harvey   	Garland
SUTTLES, Alex    	Red Land
SUTTLES, Cassie  	Red Land
SUTTLES, Daniel  	Red Land
SUTTLES, Elizabeth	Red Land
SUTTLES, Fannie  	Red Land
SUTTLES, Joseph  	Red Land
SUTTLES, Joseph  	Red Land
SUTTLES, Millie  	Red Land
SUTTLES, Sarah   	Red Land
SUTTLES, Toliver 	Red Land
SUTTON, Aldie    	Washington
SUTTON, Ann      	De Roane
SUTTON, Asberry  	De Roane
SUTTON, Benjamin A.	Garland
SUTTON, Bettie   	Garland
SUTTON, Carey    	Washington
SUTTON, Carry    	De Roane
SUTTON, Charles E.	Washington
SUTTON, Clara E. 	Garland
SUTTON, Ebby     	De Roane
SUTTON, Elijah   	Washington
SUTTON, Eliza    	De Roane
SUTTON, Ella     	Ozan
SUTTON, Ella     	Washington
SUTTON, Emily    	Garland
SUTTON, Emma M.  	Garland
SUTTON, Huey     	De Roane
SUTTON, Isabell  	De Roane
SUTTON, Isabell  	Ozan
SUTTON, James C. 	Mine Creek
SUTTON, James H. 	Garland
SUTTON, Jno      	Garland
SUTTON, Jo       	Washington
SUTTON, John     	Garland
SUTTON, John     	Washington
SUTTON, Jonathon H.	Mine Creek
SUTTON, Jonathon W.	Mine Creek
SUTTON, Lafayette	De Roane
SUTTON, Ledora   	De Roane
SUTTON, Lewis T. 	Garland
SUTTON, Lilly    	Washington
SUTTON, Lou E    	Garland
SUTTON, Malinda  	Washington
SUTTON, Mandy    	De Roane
SUTTON, Margarette	Ozan
SUTTON, Martha   	De Roane
SUTTON, Mary J.  	Garland
SUTTON, Mary M.  	Mine Creek
SUTTON, Maston A.	Ozan
SUTTON, Mollie   	Ozan
SUTTON, Mollie   	Washington
SUTTON, N. J.    	De Roane
SUTTON, Nancy    	De Roane
SUTTON, Oscar L. 	Garland
SUTTON, Phoeby   	De Roane
SUTTON, Sarah E. 	De Roane
SUTTON, Sarah J. 	De Roane
SUTTON, Sue      	Washington
SUTTON, Susan    	Garland
SUTTON, Susan A. 	Garland
SUTTON, Tennessee J.	Mine Creek
SUTTON, Tilda E. 	Garland
SUTTON, William  	De Roane
SUTTON, William  	Garland
SUTTON, William Allen	Mine Creek
SWACLANA, Jocob  	Fulton
SWAN, Allen      	Bois D'Arc
SWAN, America    	Columbus
SWAN, Davy       	Bois D'Arc
SWAN, Hannah     	Bois D'Arc
SWAN, John       	Bois D'Arc
SWAN, Nancy E.   	Columbus
SWAN, Sarah M.   	Columbus
SWAN, Wash       	Bois D'Arc
SWEENY, James    	Saline
SWINEY, Carson   	De Roane
SWINEY, Charles  	De Roane
SWINEY, Hiram    	De Roane
SWINEY, Martha   	De Roane
SWINEY, Matty    	De Roane
SWINEY, Paul     	De Roane
SWINEY, Walter   	De Roane
SWINEY, Wylie    	De Roane
SWYTEEN, Francis 	Saline
SWYTEEN, Henry   	Saline
SWYTEEN, Luvicie 	Saline
SWYTEEN, Thomas  	Saline
SWYTEEN, William 	Saline
SYNIARD, Alex    	De Roane
SYNIARD, Eliza   	De Roane
SYNIARD, James   	De Roane
SYNIARD, Susan   	De Roane
SYNIARD, Theodosia	De Roane
SYNIARD, Thomas  	De Roane
SYNIARD, William 	De Roane
TAIGG, William   	Saline
TALLEY, Jno.     	Garland
TALLY, Daisey U. 	Spring Hill
TALLY, Jason     	Spring Hill
TALLY, Mary J.   	Spring Hill
TALLY, William A.	Spring Hill
TANNER, Adaline M.	Mine Creek
TANNER, Francis M.	Mine Creek
TANNER, George   	Mine Creek
TANNER, George   	Mine Creek
TANNER, W. M.    	Spring Hill
TARPLEY, John E. 	Spring Hill
TARPLEY, John H. 	Spring Hill
TARPLEY, Louisia F.	Spring Hill
TARPLEY, Mary E. 	Spring Hill
TARPLEY, William Taft	Spring Hill
TATE, Edward     	De Roane
TATE, Elnora     	Wallaceburg
TATE, Emilie     	Wallaceburg
TATE, Francis    	Wallaceburg
TATE, Henry      	Wallaceburg
TATE, James      	Wallaceburg
TATE, John       	Wallaceburg
TATE, Martha     	Wallaceburg
TATE, Martha     	Wallaceburg
TATE, Minerva    	Wallaceburg
TATE, Ugenia     	Wallaceburg
TATE, William    	Wallaceburg
TATUM, Fannie    	Ozan
TATUM, Louis A.  	Ozan
TATUM, Thomas    	Ozan
TATUM, William H.	Ozan
TAYLER, Mills    	Bois D'Arc
TAYLOR, Adaline  	Wallaceburg
TAYLOR, Amanda   	Wallaceburg
TAYLOR, Ambroes  	De Roane
TAYLOR, Amelia   	Mine Creek
TAYLOR, Annie G. 	Fulton
TAYLOR, Bettie   	Garland
TAYLOR, Bettie   	Garland
TAYLOR, Bettie A.	Garland
TAYLOR, Carolina 	De Roane
TAYLOR, Caroline 	Mine Creek
TAYLOR, Carrie   	Fulton
TAYLOR, Carrie   	Fulton
TAYLOR, Catherine	Mine Creek
TAYLOR, Catherline	Hope
TAYLOR, Cathrine 	Ozan
TAYLOR, Charles  	Spring Hill
TAYLOR, Chas. M. 	Fulton
TAYLOR, Clarrence	Hope
TAYLOR, Claude   	De Roane
TAYLOR, Clide    	Hope
TAYLOR, David C. 	Fulton
TAYLOR, Delmela  	De Roane
TAYLOR, Earnest  	De Roane
TAYLOR, Elija A. 	De Roane
TAYLOR, Elisath  	Mine Creek
TAYLOR, Eliza    	Garland
TAYLOR, Ella     	De Roane
TAYLOR, Elvis    	Garland
TAYLOR, George   	De Roane
TAYLOR, George   	Fulton
TAYLOR, George   	Hope
TAYLOR, George   	Ozan
TAYLOR, George Ann	Washington
TAYLOR, George N.	Washington
TAYLOR, George W.	Garland
TAYLOR, George W.	Spring Hill
TAYLOR, Gus      	Bois D'Arc
TAYLOR, Harriett 	Mine Creek
TAYLOR, Harry W. 	Bois D'Arc
TAYLOR, Hennie   	De Roane
TAYLOR, Henry    	Garland
TAYLOR, Jacob    	Mine Creek
TAYLOR, James    	De Roane
TAYLOR, James    	Ozan
TAYLOR, James    	Spring Hill
TAYLOR, James    	Spring Hill
TAYLOR, James    	Wallaceburg
TAYLOR, James I. 	Garland
TAYLOR, Jane     	Garland
TAYLOR, Jennie   	Bois D'Arc
TAYLOR, Jesse    	Spring Hill
TAYLOR, Jno.     	Garland
TAYLOR, Joe      	Bois D'Arc
TAYLOR, Joe      	Spring Hill
TAYLOR, Joe C.   	Fulton
TAYLOR, John     	De Roane
TAYLOR, John     	De Roane
TAYLOR, John     	Spring Hill
TAYLOR, John     	Wallaceburg
TAYLOR, John F.  	De Roane
TAYLOR, John H.  	Spring Hill
TAYLOR, Lawson   	Garland
TAYLOR, Lora     	De Roane
TAYLOR, Lotta    	Bois D'Arc
TAYLOR, Lucy     	Garland
TAYLOR, Lue      	Wallaceburg
TAYLOR, Luther   	De Roane
TAYLOR, Malinda  	Garland
TAYLOR, Malinda  	Mine Creek
TAYLOR, Margaret 	Ozan
TAYLOR, Maria    	Spring Hill
TAYLOR, Martha   	De Roane
TAYLOR, Mary     	De Roane
TAYLOR, Mary     	Garland
TAYLOR, Mary     	Mine Creek
TAYLOR, Mary     	Ozan
TAYLOR, Mary J.  	Spring Hill
TAYLOR, Matilda  	De Roane
TAYLOR, Maud     	Hope
TAYLOR, Minerva  	Garland
TAYLOR, Nancy J. 	Mine Creek
TAYLOR, Netty    	Washington
TAYLOR, Oscar    	De Roane
TAYLOR, Parthinia	Washington
TAYLOR, Pascal   	Garland
TAYLOR, Patsy    	Bois D'Arc
TAYLOR, Rebecca  	Mine Creek
TAYLOR, Ritta    	Garland
TAYLOR, Robert   	Ozan
TAYLOR, Robert H.	Spring Hill
TAYLOR, S. E.    	De Roane
TAYLOR, Sallie   	Hope
TAYLOR, Samuel   	Mine Creek
TAYLOR, Samuel   	Ozan
TAYLOR, Samuel   	Wallaceburg
TAYLOR, Sarah E. 	Fulton
TAYLOR, Sophronia E.	Spring Hill
TAYLOR, Sylvia   	Washington
TAYLOR, Tama     	Ozan
TAYLOR, Thomas   	Mine Creek
TAYLOR, Varnell  	Ozan
TAYLOR, Vira     	Ozan
TAYLOR, W. H.    	De Roane
TAYLOR, Walter   	Garland
TAYLOR, Washington	Ozan
TAYLOR, William  	Fulton
TAYLOR, William  	Fulton
TAYLOR, William  	Garland
TAYLOR, William  	Garland
TAYLOR, William  	Ozan
TAYLOR, William R.	Mine Creek
TAYLOR, William S.	Spring Hill
TAYLOR, Winbern  	De Roane
TEAY, John       	Bois D'Arc
TEMPLE, George   	Ozan
TEMPLE, Jno. N.  	Fulton
TEMPLE, William  	Bois D'Arc
TENESTALL, A. H. 	Spring Hill
TENESTALL, Martha	Spring Hill
TENESTALL, Mary  	Spring Hill
TENESTALL, Modeni	Spring Hill
TENESTALL, Nannie	Spring Hill
TERRELL, Albert  	Wallaceburg
TERRELL, Eliza   	Garland
TERRELL, Fannie  	Wallaceburg
TERRELL, Virginia	Wallaceburg
TERRELL, William 	Wallaceburg
TERRIE, Eliza    	Red Land
TERRIE, Rufus    	Red Land
TERRIE, Thomas   	Red Land
TERRIE, Thomas   	Red Land
TERRY, Eliza     	Garland
TERRY, George B. 	Garland
TERRY, Lula      	Garland
TERRY, William S.	Garland
TEXAS, Jefferson 	Hope
THAWSON, Ella    	Spring Hill
THAWSON, Jennie  	Spring Hill
THAWSON, Joanna  	Spring Hill
THAWSON, Manard  	Spring Hill
THAYNEY, Adalade 	Saline
THAYNEY, Emma    	Saline
THAYNEY, Kitty   	Saline
THAYNEY, Millie  	Saline
THAYNEY, Terry   	Saline
THAYNEY, Van     	Saline
THOMAS, Alfred   	Ozan
THOMAS, Amanda   	Ozan
THOMAS, Amanda   	Washington
THOMAS, Caroline 	De Roane
THOMAS, Charles  	Ozan
THOMAS, Clarence 	Washington
THOMAS, Crawford 	Spring Hill
THOMAS, Douglas  	Ozan
THOMAS, Douglas  	Ozan
THOMAS, Edmond   	Spring Hill
THOMAS, Edmond   	Washington
THOMAS, Eduard   	Washington
THOMAS, Eliza    	Ozan
THOMAS, Eliza    	Washington
THOMAS, Francis  	Ozan
THOMAS, Frank    	Spring Hill
THOMAS, Frank    	Spring Hill
THOMAS, George   	Fulton
THOMAS, George   	Spring Hill
THOMAS, Georgia A.	De Roane
THOMAS, Hannah   	Ozan
THOMAS, Hannah   	Saline
THOMAS, Harrison 	Red Land
THOMAS, Henretta 	Saline
THOMAS, Henrietta	Spring Hill
THOMAS, Henry    	De Roane
THOMAS, Henry    	Spring Hill
THOMAS, Henry    	Washington
THOMAS, Isadora  	Saline
THOMAS, James    	Ozan
THOMAS, James    	Saline
THOMAS, James    	Washington
THOMAS, James F. 	Bois D'Arc
THOMAS, James R. 	Ozan
THOMAS, Jane     	Saline
THOMAS, Jesse    	Ozan
THOMAS, John     	Bois D'Arc
THOMAS, John     	De Roane
THOMAS, John     	Spring Hill
THOMAS, John H.  	Ozan
THOMAS, John J.  	Ozan
THOMAS, Joseph   	De Roane
THOMAS, Josephine	Ozan
THOMAS, Juliet   	Ozan
THOMAS, Levi     	Saline
THOMAS, Lou      	Washington
THOMAS, Lucy     	De Roane
THOMAS, Lurena   	Spring Hill
THOMAS, Malinda  	Spring Hill
THOMAS, Marshall 	Ozan
THOMAS, Martha   	Bois D'Arc
THOMAS, Martha   	Saline
THOMAS, Mary     	Ozan
THOMAS, Mary     	Spring Hill
THOMAS, Mary Magolin	Saline
THOMAS, Matha    	Ozan
THOMAS, Milly    	Ozan
THOMAS, Nelson   	Washington
THOMAS, Noah     	Ozan
THOMAS, Nuly     	Ozan
THOMAS, Perry    	Saline
THOMAS, Peter    	Ozan
THOMAS, Priscilla	Ozan
THOMAS, Reuben   	Ozan
THOMAS, Ritter   	Ozan
THOMAS, Robert   	Spring Hill
THOMAS, Robt     	De Roane
THOMAS, Rolly    	Columbus
THOMAS, Rose A.  	Spring Hill
THOMAS, Sally M. 	Ozan
THOMAS, Saml     	De Roane
THOMAS, Samuel   	Bois D'Arc
THOMAS, Samuel   	Ozan
THOMAS, Sarah    	Ozan
THOMAS, Susan    	De Roane
THOMAS, Susy A.  	Saline
THOMAS, Tom      	De Roane
THOMAS, William  	Ozan
THOMAS, William  	Saline
THOMAS, William  	Spring Hill
THOMAS, Woodson  	Saline
THOMAS, Wyatt    	Ozan
THOMAS, Wylie    	De Roane
THOMMY, Augustus 	Mine Creek
THOMMY, Judie C. 	Mine Creek
THOMMY, Robert Lee	Mine Creek
THOMMY, Wade A.  	Mine Creek
THOMPSON, Adaline	De Roane
THOMPSON, Alexander	De Roane
THOMPSON, Alons  	Bois D'Arc
THOMPSON, Amma   	De Roane
THOMPSON, Andrew M.	Mine Creek
THOMPSON, Anna   	De Roane
THOMPSON, Anna A.	Mine Creek
THOMPSON, Annie S.	Ozan
THOMPSON, Augusta	Mine Creek
THOMPSON, B. F.  	Hope
THOMPSON, Barnet L.	Mine Creek
THOMPSON, Ben F. 	Ozan
THOMPSON, Ben F. 	Ozan
THOMPSON, Benjamin C.	Spring Hill
THOMPSON, Bettie S.	Ozan
THOMPSON, Billie 	Mine Creek
THOMPSON, Brice  	De Roane
THOMPSON, C.     	Hope
THOMPSON, Carry  	Ozan
THOMPSON, Charles	Ozan
THOMPSON, Charles	Ozan
THOMPSON, Charles N.	Mine Creek
THOMPSON, Corabell	De Roane
THOMPSON, Cornelia	Mine Creek
THOMPSON, Daisy  	Ozan
THOMPSON, Dorah  	Mine Creek
THOMPSON, Effy T.	De Roane
THOMPSON, Eliza  	Ozan
THOMPSON, Eliza  	Ozan
THOMPSON, Eliza J.	Mine Creek
THOMPSON, Eliza O.	Mine Creek
THOMPSON, Elizabeth	Spring Hill
THOMPSON, Ella   	De Roane
THOMPSON, Ellen  	Wallaceburg
THOMPSON, Elmyra C.	Hope
THOMPSON, Emaline	Wallaceburg
THOMPSON, Emma P.	Mine Creek
THOMPSON, Emmet  	Mine Creek
THOMPSON, F. M.  	Hope
THOMPSON, Fanny  	Hope
THOMPSON, Flood  	Ozan
THOMPSON, Floyd  	Hope
THOMPSON, Frank  	Wallaceburg
THOMPSON, Frank M.	Hope
THOMPSON, Franklin	Red Land
THOMPSON, George 	Garland
THOMPSON, George 	Ozan
THOMPSON, Henry  	De Roane
THOMPSON, Henry  	Red Land
THOMPSON, Jacke  	Ozan
THOMPSON, Jacob  	De Roane
THOMPSON, James  	Hope
THOMPSON, James  	Wallaceburg
THOMPSON, Jane   	Ozan
THOMPSON, Jane   	Red Land
THOMPSON, Jim    	Bois D'Arc
THOMPSON, Jno.   	Bois D'Arc
THOMPSON, John   	Columbus
THOMPSON, John   	Hope
THOMPSON, John   	Ozan
THOMPSON, John B.	Mine Creek
THOMPSON, John M.	De Roane
THOMPSON, Josephine	Mine Creek
THOMPSON, Laura  	De Roane
THOMPSON, Laurence	Mine Creek
THOMPSON, Laurence R.	Mine Creek
THOMPSON, Leon E.	Mine Creek
THOMPSON, Lidia  	Ozan
THOMPSON, Lucy   	Mine Creek
THOMPSON, Lula   	Red Land
THOMPSON, Luthar 	De Roane
THOMPSON, Luticia	Ozan
THOMPSON, M.     	Hope
THOMPSON, Mandy  	Garland
THOMPSON, Margaret	Red Land
THOMPSON, Martha 	Ozan
THOMPSON, Martha 	Wallaceburg
THOMPSON, Mary   	Bois D'Arc
THOMPSON, Mary   	Mine Creek
THOMPSON, Matilda	De Roane
THOMPSON, Odies  	Mine Creek
THOMPSON, Olia   	De Roane
THOMPSON, Oliver F.	Hope
THOMPSON, Orah I.	Mine Creek
THOMPSON, Osker  	Ozan
THOMPSON, Paralee	De Roane
THOMPSON, Paralee	Ozan
THOMPSON, Perry  	Ozan
THOMPSON, Perry  	Ozan
THOMPSON, Phill  	Garland
THOMPSON, Sally  	Ozan
THOMPSON, Sally G.	Ozan
THOMPSON, Samuel H.	Ozan
THOMPSON, Sarah  	Mine Creek
THOMPSON, Sarah E.	Mine Creek
THOMPSON, Susan  	De Roane
THOMPSON, Susan  	Red Land
THOMPSON, Telucia J.	Ozan
THOMPSON, Thomas 	Red Land
THOMPSON, Thomas A.	De Roane
THOMPSON, Thomas H.	Mine Creek
THOMPSON, Wesley H.	Mine Creek
THOMPSON, William	Bois D'Arc
THOMPSON, William	De Roane
THOMPSON, William	De Roane
THOMPSON, William A.	Spring Hill
THOMPSON, William M.	Ozan
THOMPSON, Willis 	Ozan
THOMSA, Lula P.  	De Roane
THORNING, George F	Mine Creek
THORNING, Sarah F.	Mine Creek
THORNING, William C.	Mine Creek
THORNTEN, Rhoda  	Fulton
THORNTON, Aaron  	Ozan
THORNTON, Dica   	Ozan
THORNTON, Elizabeth	Ozan
THORNTON, Emeline	Fulton
THORNTON, Lulu   	Ozan
THORNTON, Missourie	Ozan
THORNTON, Mollie 	Ozan
THORNTON, Rhoda  	Fulton
THORNTON, Samuel 	Ozan
THRASHER, Roxanna C.	Spring Hill
THRASHER, William H.	Spring Hill
THURMAN, Albert  	Mine Creek
THURMAN, Charity 	Saline
THURMAN, Charlott E.	Hope
THURMAN, Cross   	Mine Creek
THURMAN, Ellen   	Mine Creek
THURMAN, Esquire 	Mine Creek
THURMAN, Estelle 	Saline
THURMAN, Isadora 	Saline
THURMAN, James H.	Mine Creek
THURMAN, Josephine	Mine Creek
THURMAN, Kanzata 	Mine Creek
THURMAN, Linda   	Saline
THURMAN, Lucetta 	Saline
THURMAN, Mary A. 	Mine Creek
THURMAN, Mary A. 	Saline
THURMAN, Mary B. 	Saline
THURMAN, Mary J. 	Saline
THURMAN, Polly A.	Saline
THURMAN, R. P.   	Hope
THURMAN, Sarah   	Mine Creek
THURMAN, Sis     	Saline
THURMAN, Unknown 	Saline
THURMAN, Wiley   	Saline
THURMAN, William 	Mine Creek
TIGG, Ceicla A.  	Spring Hill
TIGG, David      	Spring Hill
TIGG, Julia A.   	Spring Hill
TIGG, William    	Spring Hill
TIMBERLAKE, Attilea	Ozan
TIMBERLAKE, Murray P.	Ozan
TINER, James H.  	Spring Hill
TINER, Rebecca J.	Spring Hill
TINSLEY, Modelia E.	Spring Hill
TODD, Andy       	Saline
TODD, Attie A.   	Spring Hill
TODD, Brown      	Washington
TODD, Cebell     	Spring Hill
TODD, Chasm      	Spring Hill
TODD, Doc        	Spring Hill
TODD, Elizabeth  	Spring Hill
TODD, F.         	Hope
TODD, Jas.       	Hope
TODD, John       	Washington
TODD, John       	Washington
TODD, John A.    	Spring Hill
TODD, Lena P.    	Spring Hill
TODD, Oliver     	Washington
TODD, Trudy V.   	Spring Hill
TODD, Victoria   	Spring Hill
TOLAND, Caroline 	Garland
TOLAND, Charles M.	Washington
TOLAND, Corry E. 	Garland
TOLAND, Daniel W.	Garland
TOLAND, Edmond T.	Garland
TOLAND, Henry B. 	Garland
TOLAND, Henry B. 	Washington
TOLAND, James E. 	Fulton
TOLAND, John     	Washington
TOLAND, Lilly    	Ozan
TOLAND, Nancy C. 	Washington
TOLAND, Nancy C. 	Washington
TOLAND, William  	Ozan
TOLAND, William H.	Garland
TOLAND, Zackarish	Garland
TOLIVER, Calvin  	Wallaceburg
TOLIVER, Daniel  	Wallaceburg
TOLIVER, Elizabeth	Wallaceburg
TOLIVER, Nancy   	Wallaceburg
TOLIVER, Phillip 	Wallaceburg
TOLIVER, Silvie  	Wallaceburg
TOLIVER, Thomas  	Wallaceburg
TOLLET, Hariette 	Ozan
TOLLET, Jennie   	Ozan
TOLLET, Thomas   	Ozan
TOLLETT, Adlade  	Mine Creek
TOLLETT, David   	Mine Creek
TOLLETT, Elijah  	Mine Creek
TOLLETT, Elisha  	Mine Creek
TOLLETT, Elmore  	Mine Creek
TOMPKINS, James  	Wallaceburg
TOMPKINS, John   	Wallaceburg
TOMPKINS, Joseph 	Wallaceburg
TOMPKINS, Martha 	Wallaceburg
TOMPKINS, Susan  	Wallaceburg
TOMPKINS, Tom    	Ozan
TOMPKINS, William	Wallaceburg
TOOMBS, Dinah    	Bois D'Arc
TOOMBS, Eldridge 	Bois D'Arc
TOOMBS, Farris   	Bois D'Arc
TOOMBS, Leneore  	Bois D'Arc
TOOMBS, Lou E.   	Bois D'Arc
TOOMBS, Mary     	Bois D'Arc
TOOMBS, Niely    	Bois D'Arc
TOOMBS, Sylone E.	Bois D'Arc
TOOMBS, Willis   	Bois D'Arc
TOONER, Cathrine 	Ozan
TOONER, Henry O. 	Ozan
TOONER, John S.  	Ozan
TOONER, Luvenia  	Ozan
TOONER, Mary C.  	Ozan
TOONER, William  	Ozan
TOONER, William M.	Ozan
TOP, Anna        	Spring Hill
TOP, Butler      	Spring Hill
TOP, Ella        	Spring Hill
TOP, Henry       	Spring Hill
TOP, Mary J.     	Spring Hill
TORRANS, Charles L.	Spring Hill
TORRANS, Emma C. 	Spring Hill
TORRANS, Georgie A.	Spring Hill
TORRANS, H. C.   	Spring Hill
TORRANS, William E.	Spring Hill
TORRENCE, Edward 	Hope
TORRENCE, Fanny  	Hope
TORRENCE, Isaac  	Hope
TORRENCE, Lena   	Hope
TORRENCE, Michael	Hope
TOWNSEND, Elizabeth	Garland
TOWNSEND, Harriette E.	Garland
TOWNSEND, Mary A.	Garland
TOWNSEND, Nathan 	Garland
TOWNSEND, Rowland	Garland
TOWNSEND, William A.	Garland
TOWNSEND, William M.	Garland
TRAMMELL, Alex   	Bois D'Arc
TRAMMELL, Allen  	Bois D'Arc
TRAMMELL, Hulda  	Bois D'Arc
TRAMMELL, Sarah  	Bois D'Arc
TRAMMELL, Willis 	Bois D'Arc
TRAPP, William   	Spring Hill
TREADWAY, Wallace	Ozan
TREADWAY, Wallis 	Ozan
TREBLE, Sterling 	Wallaceburg
TREMBLE, Butler  	Washington
TREMBLE, Ella    	Washington
TREMBLE, Maria   	Washington
TREMBLE, Thomas  	Washington
TRENT, Ed.       	Ozan
TRENT, Eliza     	Ozan
TRENT, Henry     	Ozan
TRENT, Lizzie    	Ozan
TRENT, Martha    	Ozan
TRENT, Peyton    	Ozan
TRIBBLE, Adelia  	Spring Hill
TRIBBLE, Adelia  	Spring Hill
TRIBBLE, Cathrine E.	Mine Creek
TRIBBLE, Cottie  	Spring Hill
TRIBBLE, E. E.   	Spring Hill
TRIBBLE, Francis O.	Mine Creek
TRIBBLE, Girtrue E.	Mine Creek
TRIBBLE, Idah L. 	Mine Creek
TRIBBLE, Jonathon M.	Mine Creek
TRIBBLE, Rosie A.	Spring Hill
TRIBBLE, Sarah D.	Mine Creek
TRIBBLE, Sterling G.	Mine Creek
TRIBLE, James    	Wallaceburg
TRIBLE, Minnie   	Wallaceburg
TRIBLE, Robert   	Wallaceburg
TRIBLE, Sarah    	Wallaceburg
TRIBLE, William  	Wallaceburg
TRIGG, Arrena    	Ozan
TRIGG, Cathrine  	Ozan
TRIGG, Daniel    	Mine Creek
TRIGG, Hannah    	Ozan
TRIGG, Martha    	Mine Creek
TRIGG, Mary J.   	Ozan
TRIGG, Mike      	Ozan
TRIGG, William W.	Ozan
TRIGGS, Clarisa  	Ozan
TRIMBLE, Albert  	Saline
TRIMBLE, Henry   	Saline
TRIMBLE, Jimmie  	Saline
TRIMBLE, John    	Garland
TRIMBLE, Lucy    	Bois D'Arc
TRIMBLE, Mandy   	Garland
TRIMBLE, Wash    	Saline
TROTTER, Annie   	Saline
TROTTER, Bias    	Saline
TROTTER, Byas    	Saline
TROTTER, Ed      	Saline
TROTTER, Harriet 	Saline
TROTTER, Jack    	Saline
TROTTER, James   	Saline
TROTTER, John    	Saline
TROTTER, Judy Ann	Saline
TROTTER, Mariah  	Saline
TROTTER, Mary    	Saline
TROTTER, Mose    	Saline
TROTTER, Moses   	Saline
TROTTER, Nancy   	Saline
TROTTER, Rachael 	Saline
TROTTER, Richard 	Saline
TROTTER, Richard 	Saline
TROTTER, Rosella 	Saline
TROTTER, Thomas  	Saline
TROTTER, Thomas  	Saline
TROWEL, Albert   	De Roane
TROWEL, Betsy    	De Roane
TROWEL, Jasper   	De Roane
TRUELOVE, Henry  	Ozan
TRUESDALE, Ada   	Hope
TRUESDALE, George	Hope
TRUESDALE, Guss  	Hope
TRUESDALE, Henreitta	Hope
TRUESDALE, Mary  	Hope
TRULUCK, Charles 	Bois D'Arc
TRULUCK, Ike     	Bois D'Arc
TRULUCK, Louis   	Bois D'Arc
TRULUCK, Mack    	Bois D'Arc
TRULUCK, Sandy   	Bois D'Arc
TRULUCK, William H.	Bois D'Arc
TUCKER, Jim      	Mine Creek
TULLIS, Emily    	Saline
TULLIS, George   	Saline
TULLIS, Matilda  	Saline
TULLIS, Nandy    	Saline
TULLIS, Pleas    	Saline
TULLIS, Walter   	Saline
TUMBLE, Amelia   	Washington
TUMBLE, Annie    	Washington
TUMBLE, Delia    	Washington
TUMBLE, Henry    	Washington
TURENTINE, Adelaine	Bois D'Arc
TURENTINE, Laura 	Bois D'Arc
TURENTINE, Polly 	Bois D'Arc
TURENTINE, Tucker	Bois D'Arc
TURNAGE, Charles 	Spring Hill
TURNAGE, Cicero  	Spring Hill
TURNAGE, Eugenie E.	Spring Hill
TURNAGE, John    	Spring Hill
TURNAGE, Martha E.	Spring Hill
TURNAGE, Wesley C.	Spring Hill
TURNAGE, William C.	Spring Hill
TURNER, Ada B.   	Fulton
TURNER, Addison  	Spring Hill
TURNER, Adoline  	Ozan
TURNER, Agnes    	Ozan
TURNER, Amanda   	Ozan
TURNER, Annie    	Ozan
TURNER, Annie J. 	Ozan
TURNER, Austin   	Columbus
TURNER, C. B.    	De Roane
TURNER, Cally    	De Roane
TURNER, Cannon   	De Roane
TURNER, Caroline 	Spring Hill
TURNER, Celia    	Ozan
TURNER, Charles  	Spring Hill
TURNER, Charles E.	De Roane
TURNER, Clarence B.	Spring Hill
TURNER, Clayburn 	Ozan
TURNER, Cornelius	Ozan
TURNER, Edmond   	De Roane
TURNER, Edward   	Spring Hill
TURNER, Elbus    	Spring Hill
TURNER, Emily    	Ozan
TURNER, Emma V.  	Spring Hill
TURNER, Ephram D.	Ozan
TURNER, Erly F.  	Spring Hill
TURNER, Fannie   	Ozan
TURNER, Fannie   	Ozan
TURNER, Frances C.	Spring Hill
TURNER, Henry    	Ozan
TURNER, Henry    	Ozan
TURNER, Henry B. 	Fulton
TURNER, James    	De Roane
TURNER, James    	De Roane
TURNER, James    	Ozan
TURNER, James C. 	Spring Hill
TURNER, James W. 	Spring Hill
TURNER, Jane     	Ozan
TURNER, Jeff     	Ozan
TURNER, Jerre C. 	Spring Hill
TURNER, Jerry    	Ozan
TURNER, Jno      	Garland
TURNER, John     	Ozan
TURNER, John S.  	Spring Hill
TURNER, Jorden   	Ozan
TURNER, Joseph   	Ozan
TURNER, Julia    	Garland
TURNER, Julia    	Ozan
TURNER, Julia    	Ozan
TURNER, Kate     	Ozan
TURNER, Lela     	Ozan
TURNER, Lidington	Garland
TURNER, Lillian  	Ozan
TURNER, Lillian P.	Spring Hill
TURNER, Lilly    	Ozan
TURNER, Lilly    	Ozan
TURNER, Lizzie   	Ozan
TURNER, Lizzie   	Spring Hill
TURNER, Lizzie   	Spring Hill
TURNER, Lou      	Ozan
TURNER, Louesa   	Ozan
TURNER, Lucrecea 	Ozan
TURNER, Lucy     	Ozan
TURNER, Lulu     	Ozan
TURNER, M.       	Saline
TURNER, Maderson 	Ozan
TURNER, Maggie   	Ozan
TURNER, Major    	Columbus
TURNER, Maria    	Ozan
TURNER, Martha   	De Roane
TURNER, Mary     	Columbus
TURNER, Mary     	Ozan
TURNER, Mary J.  	Ozan
TURNER, Mary L.  	Spring Hill
TURNER, Mary T.  	Spring Hill
TURNER, Mattie J.	Spring Hill
TURNER, Milt     	Columbus
TURNER, Milton   	Washington
TURNER, Mindy    	Saline
TURNER, Miron A. 	Ozan
TURNER, Nancy J. 	Spring Hill
TURNER, Nanette  	Spring Hill
TURNER, Nannie L.	Spring Hill
TURNER, Nelson   	Ozan
TURNER, Oliver   	Ozan
TURNER, Omega    	De Roane
TURNER, Phebe J. 	Ozan
TURNER, Phillip  	Ozan
TURNER, R. W.    	De Roane
TURNER, Rena     	Ozan
TURNER, Reuben   	Ozan
TURNER, Rhoda    	Ozan
TURNER, Richard  	Ozan
TURNER, Richard  	Ozan
TURNER, Robert   	Ozan
TURNER, Robert   	Spring Hill
TURNER, Rosa     	Ozan
TURNER, Rose     	Bois D'Arc
TURNER, Rose     	Ozan
TURNER, Rose     	Ozan
TURNER, Royston  	Columbus
TURNER, Sallie   	Columbus
TURNER, Sallie W.	Spring Hill
TURNER, Samuel   	Ozan
TURNER, Samuel   	Saline
TURNER, Sugars   	Spring Hill
TURNER, Susan    	Columbus
TURNER, Susan C. 	Spring Hill
TURNER, Thomas   	Ozan
TURNER, Thomas   	Ozan
TURNER, Thomas A.	Spring Hill
TURNER, Viola    	Ozan
TURNER, Violet   	Spring Hill
TURNER, Walker   	Spring Hill
TURNER, Warren   	Ozan
TURNER, Warren   	Spring Hill
TURNER, Washington	Ozan
TURNER, William  	Ozan
TURNER, William  	Ozan
TURNER, William  	Wallaceburg
TURNER, William A.	Spring Hill
TURNER, William A.	Spring Hill
TURNER, William H.	Washington
TURNER, William M.	Spring Hill
TURNER, Willie   	De Roane
TURNIPSEED, Andrew J.	Spring Hill
TURNIPSEED, Jane 	Spring Hill
TYAS, J. H.      	De Roane
TYLER, Lewis     	De Roane
TYLOR, Eliza     	Washington
TYLOR, Ida       	Washington
TYLOR, John      	Washington
TYLOR, Julia     	Washington
TYREE, Adeline   	Spring Hill
TYREE, Anderson  	Garland
TYREE, Araminta A.	Garland
TYREE, Caroline  	Spring Hill
TYREE, Daniel C. 	Garland
TYREE, E. Emma   	Garland
TYREE, Ellen     	Garland
TYREE, Frances   	Spring Hill
TYREE, Francis   	De Roane
TYREE, George    	Spring Hill
TYREE, Harriette 	Garland
TYREE, Hattie    	Garland
TYREE, Isabella  	Garland
TYREE, Isabelle  	Garland
TYREE, James     	Garland
TYREE, Jno C.    	Garland
TYREE, Julia     	Garland
TYREE, Kate      	Garland
TYREE, Lewis     	Garland
TYREE, Margaret  	Spring Hill
TYREE, Mariah    	Garland
TYREE, Mariah J  	Garland
TYREE, Mary L.   	Garland
TYREE, Nelson    	Spring Hill
TYREE, Pinckney  	Garland
TYREE, Robert    	Garland
TYREE, Robert    	Garland
TYREE, Sarah     	Garland
TYREE, William   	Spring Hill
TYUS, Allen      	Ozan
TYUS, Annie      	Ozan
TYUS, Carry      	Ozan
TYUS, Edward     	Washington
TYUS, James      	Ozan
TYUS, James      	Washington
TYUS, Lizzie     	Washington
TYUS, Lou        	Washington
TYUS, Margaret   	Washington
TYUS, Martha     	Ozan
TYUS, Mary       	Washington
TYUS, Nancy      	Washington
TYUS, Narcessa   	Washington
TYUS, Narissa    	Washington
TYUS, Pearce     	Ozan
TYUS, Rhoda      	Washington
TYUS, William    	Ozan
TYUS, William    	Washington
UNKNOWN, Charles 	Ozan
UNKNOWN, Elmon   	Spring Hill
UNKNOWN, Emmeline	Spring Hill
UNKNOWN, Fanny   	De Roane
UNKNOWN, Isabella	Mine Creek
UNKNOWN, James   	Mine Creek
UNKNOWN, Jennie  	Spring Hill
UNKNOWN, John    	Mine Creek
UNKNOWN, Lou     	De Roane
UNKNOWN, Louisa  	Spring Hill
UNKNOWN, Mary    	Hope
UNKNOWN, Nannie  	De Roane
UNKNOWN, Pierce  	Mine Creek
UNKNOWN, Pleasant	Mine Creek
UNKNOWN, Richard 	Hope
UNKNOWN, Rufus   	Spring Hill
UNKNOWN, Samuel  	Mine Creek
UNSTEAD, Frances 	Garland
UNSTEAD, Martin  	Garland
URREY, Andrew J. 	Garland
URREY, Francis M.	De Roane
URREY, Francis M.	Garland
URREY, Laura A.  	Garland
URREY, Lera      	Garland
URREY, Lizzie A. 	De Roane
URREY, Mary C.   	Garland
URREY, Mary J.   	Garland
URREY, Sarah E.  	De Roane
URREY, Sarah E.  	Garland
VANCE, Charles L.	De Roane
VANCE, Claud S.  	De Roane
VANCE, Dennis S. 	De Roane
VANCE, Edgar H.  	De Roane
VANCE, Fanny     	De Roane
VANCE, Francis J.	De Roane
VANCE, Josephine 	Washington
VANCE, L. S.     	De Roane
VANCE, Minton    	De Roane
VANCE, W. D.     	De Roane
VANCE, Woodson   	De Roane
VANDERVER, John  	Wallaceburg
VANDERVER, Rachel	Wallaceburg
VANDERVER, Rinda 	Wallaceburg
VANDERVER, Vilumina	Wallaceburg
VANDIKE, Anna    	Wallaceburg
VARNELL, Curol   	Saline
VARNELL, Jacob   	Saline
VARNELL, Lizzie  	Saline
VARNELL, Lulu    	Saline
VARNELL, Varnell 	Saline
VAUGHN, Ann      	Bois D'Arc
VAUGHN, B.       	Hope
VAUGHN, Charles D.	Garland
VAUGHN, Dicy     	Ozan
VAUGHN, Ed J.    	Garland
VAUGHN, Ed.      	Bois D'Arc
VAUGHN, Edmond   	Garland
VAUGHN, Edward   	Garland
VAUGHN, Edward   	Garland
VAUGHN, Fannie V.	Garland
VAUGHN, George   	Garland
VAUGHN, Griffin  	Ozan
VAUGHN, Grow     	Bois D'Arc
VAUGHN, James V. 	Garland
VAUGHN, Jas. B.  	Bois D'Arc
VAUGHN, Jennie   	Bois D'Arc
VAUGHN, Jessie   	Saline
VAUGHN, Jno.     	Garland
VAUGHN, John     	Bois D'Arc
VAUGHN, Josiah B.	Bois D'Arc
VAUGHN, Kitty    	Saline
VAUGHN, Louis P. 	Bois D'Arc
VAUGHN, Lucy W.  	Garland
VAUGHN, Martha R.	Garland
VAUGHN, Mary     	Ozan
VAUGHN, Mary A.  	Ozan
VAUGHN, Mary Jane	Bois D'Arc
VAUGHN, Monroe   	Washington
VAUGHN, Nannie   	Garland
VAUGHN, Naomi A. 	Garland
VAUGHN, Queen E. 	Garland
VAUGHN, Ritta    	Garland
VAUGHN, Rosa     	Garland
VAUGHN, Sidney B.	Garland
VAUGHN, Thomas E.	Bois D'Arc
VAUGHN, Willis K.	Bois D'Arc
VAUGHN, Zula     	Bois D'Arc
VEAL, Jno.       	Garland
VEAL, Joe        	Garland
VEAL, Prucilla   	Garland
VEALLEY, Alice   	Garland
VEALLEY, Amelia  	Garland
VEALLEY, Andrew  	Garland
VEALLEY, Flora   	Garland
VEALLEY, George  	Garland
VEALLEY, George  	Garland
VEALLEY, Mary J. 	Garland
VEALLEY, Quintis 	Garland
VELVIN, Antonia  	De Roane
VELVIN, Delilah  	De Roane
VELVIN, Earnest H.	De Roane
VELVIN, Edgar    	De Roane
VELVIN, Frederick M.	De Roane
VELVIN, John E.  	De Roane
VELVIN, Joseph   	De Roane
VELVIN, Margret F.	De Roane
VELVIN, Mary F.  	De Roane
VELVIN, S. S.    	De Roane
VELVIN, Sidney W.	De Roane
VELVIN, Thomas   	De Roane
VELVIN, William H.	De Roane
VELVIN, William T.	De Roane
VENNING, Thomas  	Ozan
VERG, Amanda     	De Roane
VERG, Anna       	De Roane
VERG, Anna       	De Roane
VERG, Charles    	De Roane
VERG, Elija      	De Roane
VERG, John       	De Roane
VERG, Mary       	De Roane
VICKERS, Allie C.	Garland
VICKERS, Daniel T	Garland
VICKERS, Dena A. 	Garland
VICKERS, Hardee  	Garland
VICKERS, Iodel C 	Garland
VICKERS, Isham   	Ozan
VICKERS, Isham   	Ozan
VICKERS, Jno. B. 	Garland
VICKERS, Jno. W. 	Garland
VICKERS, Lealia P.	Garland
VICKERS, Lena E. 	Garland
VICKERS, Lilly L.	Garland
VICKERS, Lucy R  	Garland
VICKERS, Mallanie B.	Garland
VICKERS, Martha A	Garland
VICKERS, Mary C  	Garland
VICKERS, Mary G. 	Garland
VICKERS, Sarah E.	Garland
VICKERS, Texana  	Garland
VICKERS, Vestura M.	Garland
VICKERS, Williams	Ozan
VINE, Henry A.   	De Roane
VINE, Ida D.     	De Roane
VINE, James H.   	De Roane
VINE, John W.    	De Roane
VINE, Lula H.    	De Roane
VINE, Mary E.    	De Roane
VINGARD, Willis  	Fulton
WADDELL, Annie B.	Mine Creek
WADDELL, Fannie  	Washington
WADDELL, Harriett W.	Mine Creek
WADDELL, Hellen  	Ozan
WADDELL, Honsford H.	Mine Creek
WADDELL, Jennie  	Ozan
WADDELL, Lucy    	Ozan
WADDELL, Maria   	Ozan
WADDELL, Richard 	Ozan
WADDELL, Robert H.	Mine Creek
WADDELL, Robert H.	Mine Creek
WADDELL, William 	Ozan
WADDELL, William T.	Mine Creek
WADDLE, Greif    	Ozan
WADDLE, Mary J.  	Ozan
WADDLE, Peyton   	Ozan
WADE, Elizabeth  	Wallaceburg
WADE, Landawick  	Wallaceburg
WADKINS, Dilsey  	De Roane
WADKINS, George  	De Roane
WADKINS, Oscar   	De Roane
WADKINS, Tobe    	De Roane
WAFER, Charity   	Bois D'Arc
WAFER, Laura T.  	Spring Hill
WAFER, William   	Bois D'Arc
WAGNER, Samuel   	Ozan
WAKER, Emely     	Mine Creek
WAKER, George    	Mine Creek
WAKER, Jack      	Mine Creek
WAKER, James     	Mine Creek
WAKER, June      	Mine Creek
WAKER, Mahala    	Mine Creek
WAKER, Meriah    	Mine Creek
WAKER, Nancy     	Mine Creek
WALDO, Ed C.     	Garland
WALDO, Frances   	Garland
WALDO, Ida J.    	Garland
WALDO, Izora E.  	Garland
WALDO, Jno D.    	Garland
WALDO, Mary H.   	Garland
WALDO, May       	Garland
WALDO, Wiley     	Garland
WALDO, William J.	Garland
WALDON, John     	Spring Hill
WALDREP, Jeff D. 	Spring Hill
WALDREP, Martha J.	Spring Hill
WALDREP, Mary M. 	Spring Hill
WALKER, Albert   	Mine Creek
WALKER, Alfus    	Spring Hill
WALKER, Allice   	Mine Creek
WALKER, Andrew   	Mine Creek
WALKER, Andrew   	Mine Creek
WALKER, Annie    	Fulton
WALKER, Annie    	Mine Creek
WALKER, Annie    	Ozan
WALKER, Annie    	Ozan
WALKER, Anthony  	Ozan
WALKER, Anthony  	Ozan
WALKER, Anthony  	Ozan
WALKER, Archeles 	Saline
WALKER, Arkansas 	Mine Creek
WALKER, Arna     	Mine Creek
WALKER, Augusta  	Mine Creek
WALKER, Augustus 	Ozan
WALKER, Augustus 	Ozan
WALKER, Bell     	Mine Creek
WALKER, Bell     	Saline
WALKER, Belle    	Fulton
WALKER, Betsey   	Mine Creek
WALKER, Betsy    	Spring Hill
WALKER, Bob      	Mine Creek
WALKER, Burtie   	Columbus
WALKER, Carl     	Washington
WALKER, Carly    	Ozan
WALKER, Caroline 	Ozan
WALKER, Caroline 	Saline
WALKER, Ceila C. 	Spring Hill
WALKER, Charity  	Saline
WALKER, Charles  	Bois D'Arc
WALKER, Charles  	Mine Creek
WALKER, Charlotte	Ozan
WALKER, Clabe    	Garland
WALKER, Cloa     	Ozan
WALKER, Cloa     	Ozan
WALKER, Colby    	Mine Creek
WALKER, Crocket  	Saline
WALKER, Daniel   	Ozan
WALKER, Daniel   	Ozan
WALKER, Daniel W.	Mine Creek
WALKER, Danniel  	Saline
WALKER, David    	Mine Creek
WALKER, David    	Mine Creek
WALKER, David    	Mine Creek
WALKER, David    	Saline
WALKER, Davis    	Ozan
WALKER, Delsey F.	Hope
WALKER, Douglass 	Mine Creek
WALKER, Doxey    	Spring Hill
WALKER, Earnest  	Columbus
WALKER, Edmond   	Ozan
WALKER, Edmond   	Ozan
WALKER, Edward   	Mine Creek
WALKER, Edward   	Saline
WALKER, Elisabeth	Mine Creek
WALKER, Eliza    	Mine Creek
WALKER, Eliza    	Mine Creek
WALKER, Eliza E. 	Ozan
WALKER, Elizabeth	Fulton
WALKER, Elizabeth	Spring Hill
WALKER, Ella     	Ozan
WALKER, Ellen    	Saline
WALKER, Elsey    	Mine Creek
WALKER, Elvira   	Ozan
WALKER, Emeline  	Mine Creek
WALKER, Emeline  	Mine Creek
WALKER, Emma     	Fulton
WALKER, Eugene   	Ozan
WALKER, Fannie   	Saline
WALKER, Fanny    	Mine Creek
WALKER, Fanny    	Mine Creek
WALKER, Flenn    	Mine Creek
WALKER, Flora    	Ozan
WALKER, Florence 	Mine Creek
WALKER, Frances  	Spring Hill
WALKER, Francis  	Ozan
WALKER, Frank    	Mine Creek
WALKER, Frank    	Mine Creek
WALKER, Frank    	Mine Creek
WALKER, Fredrick 	Ozan
WALKER, Fredrick 	Ozan
WALKER, George   	Columbus
WALKER, George   	Fulton
WALKER, George   	Mine Creek
WALKER, George   	Mine Creek
WALKER, George   	Mine Creek
WALKER, George   	Ozan
WALKER, George   	Ozan
WALKER, George W.	Spring Hill
WALKER, Grace    	Garland
WALKER, Hanna    	Garland
WALKER, Hariet   	Fulton
WALKER, Hariette 	Ozan
WALKER, Harriet  	Saline
WALKER, Harriett 	Mine Creek
WALKER, Harris   	Mine Creek
WALKER, Harry    	Columbus
WALKER, Harry    	Mine Creek
WALKER, Harvis   	Ozan
WALKER, Henrietta	Ozan
WALKER, Henry    	Mine Creek
WALKER, Henry    	Ozan
WALKER, Henry    	Ozan
WALKER, Henry J. 	Ozan
WALKER, Hester   	Mine Creek
WALKER, Iberson  	Mine Creek
WALKER, Isaac    	Ozan
WALKER, Isabell  	Ozan
WALKER, Isabella 	Mine Creek
WALKER, Isabella 	Mine Creek
WALKER, Isadora  	Mine Creek
WALKER, J.       	Columbus
WALKER, Jacob    	Mine Creek
WALKER, James    	Garland
WALKER, James    	Mine Creek
WALKER, James    	Mine Creek
WALKER, James    	Mine Creek
WALKER, James    	Mine Creek
WALKER, James    	Ozan
WALKER, James    	Saline
WALKER, James W. 	Saline
WALKER, Jane     	Ozan
WALKER, Jane     	Saline
WALKER, Jodie    	Fulton
WALKER, John     	Fulton
WALKER, John     	Mine Creek
WALKER, John     	Mine Creek
WALKER, John     	Ozan
WALKER, John     	Saline
WALKER, John     	Saline
WALKER, John L.  	Washington
WALKER, John W.  	Mine Creek
WALKER, Joseph   	Mine Creek
WALKER, Joseph   	Mine Creek
WALKER, Joseph S.	Saline
WALKER, Josephine	Spring Hill
WALKER, Josie    	Columbus
WALKER, Josy     	Ozan
WALKER, Juleus   	Ozan
WALKER, Julie    	Mine Creek
WALKER, Julie A. 	Mine Creek
WALKER, Julius   	Mine Creek
WALKER, Julius   	Ozan
WALKER, Julius   	Saline
WALKER, June     	Mine Creek
WALKER, Kate     	Ozan
WALKER, Kate     	Ozan
WALKER, Kitty    	Mine Creek
WALKER, L.       	Mine Creek
WALKER, Laura    	Bois D'Arc
WALKER, Laura    	Saline
WALKER, Laura    	Saline
WALKER, Laurah   	Mine Creek
WALKER, Laurah   	Mine Creek
WALKER, Leroy    	Spring Hill
WALKER, Levina   	Ozan
WALKER, Lidda    	Mine Creek
WALKER, Lidy     	Mine Creek
WALKER, Lou      	Washington
WALKER, Lou      	Washington
WALKER, Lou F.   	Mine Creek
WALKER, Louis    	Mine Creek
WALKER, Louisa   	Saline
WALKER, Loura    	Ozan
WALKER, Lucy     	Mine Creek
WALKER, Lucy     	Ozan
WALKER, Lucy     	Saline
WALKER, Lurinda  	Ozan
WALKER, Maggie   	Spring Hill
WALKER, Manerva  	Saline
WALKER, Manerva  	Saline
WALKER, Manerva  	Saline
WALKER, Margaret 	Saline
WALKER, Martha   	Ozan
WALKER, Martha   	Ozan
WALKER, Mary     	Mine Creek
WALKER, Mary     	Ozan
WALKER, Mary     	Ozan
WALKER, Mary     	Ozan
WALKER, Mary     	Saline
WALKER, Mary     	Washington
WALKER, Mary     	Washington
WALKER, Mary A.  	Ozan
WALKER, Mary E.  	Saline
WALKER, Mary J.  	Mine Creek
WALKER, Mary J.  	Mine Creek
WALKER, Mary Jane	Fulton
WALKER, Matthew  	Saline
WALKER, Mattie   	Ozan
WALKER, Maud     	Ozan
WALKER, Member   	Mine Creek
WALKER, Mike     	Bois D'Arc
WALKER, Milly    	Mine Creek
WALKER, Minnie   	Columbus
WALKER, Mollie E.	Spring Hill
WALKER, Molly    	Hope
WALKER, Monroe   	Mine Creek
WALKER, Mose     	Saline
WALKER, Moses    	Mine Creek
WALKER, Nancy    	Hope
WALKER, Nancy    	Mine Creek
WALKER, Nancy    	Ozan
WALKER, Nancy    	Ozan
WALKER, Nancy A. 	Ozan
WALKER, Ned      	Hope
WALKER, Netta    	Ozan
WALKER, Noby     	Saline
WALKER, Noony    	Ozan
WALKER, Nora     	Fulton
WALKER, Obiah    	Ozan
WALKER, Obiah    	Ozan
WALKER, Paresade 	Ozan
WALKER, Patty    	Washington
WALKER, Peggy    	Ozan
WALKER, Peter    	Ozan
WALKER, Peter    	Ozan
WALKER, Peter    	Ozan
WALKER, Pheby    	Mine Creek
WALKER, Polith   	Saline
WALKER, Polly    	Mine Creek
WALKER, Polly A. 	Hope
WALKER, Polly A. 	Mine Creek
WALKER, Primus   	Saline
WALKER, Rainy    	Ozan
WALKER, Rall     	Mine Creek
WALKER, Rebecca  	Ozan
WALKER, Rentey   	Mine Creek
WALKER, Richard  	Mine Creek
WALKER, Richard  	Mine Creek
WALKER, Richard  	Mine Creek
WALKER, Richard  	Mine Creek
WALKER, Richard  	Saline
WALKER, Richard  	Saline
WALKER, Robert   	Columbus
WALKER, Robert   	Mine Creek
WALKER, Robert   	Mine Creek
WALKER, Robert H.	Spring Hill
WALKER, Roger    	Mine Creek
WALKER, Rose     	Saline
WALKER, Rozella  	Mine Creek
WALKER, Sallie   	Saline
WALKER, Sally    	Mine Creek
WALKER, Sally    	Ozan
WALKER, Sampson  	Saline
WALKER, Samuel   	Mine Creek
WALKER, Samuel   	Saline
WALKER, Samuel   	Saline
WALKER, Sarah    	Mine Creek
WALKER, Sarah    	Mine Creek
WALKER, Sarah    	Washington
WALKER, Sarah    	Washington
WALKER, Sebly    	Mine Creek
WALKER, Silvey   	Ozan
WALKER, Simon    	Saline
WALKER, Skinner  	Bois D'Arc
WALKER, Soloman  	Mine Creek
WALKER, Sophia   	Ozan
WALKER, Sousan   	Washington
WALKER, Starling 	Bois D'Arc
WALKER, Stephen  	Ozan
WALKER, Stephen R.	Ozan
WALKER, Susan    	Columbus
WALKER, Swawn    	Mine Creek
WALKER, Tarpley  	Spring Hill
WALKER, Tasher   	Saline
WALKER, Taylor   	Saline
WALKER, Thas     	Saline
WALKER, Thomas   	Fulton
WALKER, Thomas   	Hope
WALKER, Thomas   	Mine Creek
WALKER, Thomas   	Mine Creek
WALKER, Thomas   	Ozan
WALKER, Thomas   	Ozan
WALKER, Thomas   	Saline
WALKER, Thomas   	Saline
WALKER, Tilda    	Ozan
WALKER, Turner   	Saline
WALKER, Unknown  	Mine Creek
WALKER, Virgil   	Mine Creek
WALKER, Virginia 	Saline
WALKER, Walter   	Ozan
WALKER, Walter   	Saline
WALKER, Wiley    	Fulton
WALKER, William  	Mine Creek
WALKER, William  	Mine Creek
WALKER, William  	Mine Creek
WALKER, William  	Mine Creek
WALKER, William  	Mine Creek
WALKER, William  	Ozan
WALKER, William  	Ozan
WALKER, William  	Saline
WALKER, William  	Washington
WALKER, William  	Washington
WALKER, William G.	Ozan
WALKER, Willie   	Mine Creek
WALKER, Willis   	Ozan
WALKER, Winnie   	Ozan
WALKER, Wm.      	Bois D'Arc
WALKER, Zilla    	Mine Creek
WALKIR, Febby A. 	Saline
WALKIR, Frank    	Saline
WALKIR, George   	Saline
WALKIR, Mike     	Saline
WALKIR, Provy    	Saline
WALKIR, Solomon  	Saline
WALKIR, Susan    	Saline
WALLACE, Alfey T.	Saline
WALLACE, Annie   	Washington
WALLACE, Annie F.	Saline
WALLACE, Carrie  	Wallaceburg
WALLACE, Cathrine	Ozan
WALLACE, Charles 	Wallaceburg
WALLACE, Daniel  	Red Land
WALLACE, Effey R.	Saline
WALLACE, Fannie  	Wallaceburg
WALLACE, Fannie  	Washington
WALLACE, Frank   	Ozan
WALLACE, Harriet 	Red Land
WALLACE, Isaac   	De Roane
WALLACE, Isaah   	De Roane
WALLACE, James   	Wallaceburg
WALLACE, Jane    	Ozan
WALLACE, Jno.    	Bois D'Arc
WALLACE, John    	Wallaceburg
WALLACE, Louisa J.	Washington
WALLACE, Lowry   	Wallaceburg
WALLACE, Lulu    	Washington
WALLACE, Maggie  	Wallaceburg
WALLACE, Marcus  	Wallaceburg
WALLACE, Mariah  	Red Land
WALLACE, Martha  	Wallaceburg
WALLACE, Martha J.	De Roane
WALLACE, Mary F. 	Saline
WALLACE, Mary J. 	Ozan
WALLACE, Mary P. 	Saline
WALLACE, Nicie   	Red Land
WALLACE, Percival	Wallaceburg
WALLACE, Priscilla	Red Land
WALLACE, Robbert L.	Saline
WALLACE, Rosa    	Washington
WALLACE, Samuel T.	Saline
WALLACE, Sarah L.	De Roane
WALLACE, Susan   	Wallaceburg
WALLACE, Thomas  	Ozan
WALLACE, Thomas  	Wallaceburg
WALLACE, Wilson P.	Saline
WALLER, Ada      	De Roane
WALLER, Antwina  	De Roane
WALLER, Carter   	De Roane
WALLER, Guss     	De Roane
WALLER, Ham      	De Roane
WALLER, Susan    	De Roane
WALLIS, S. T.    	Hope
WALLIS, W. M.    	Hope
WALTER, L.       	Hope
WALTERS, Ada     	De Roane
WALTERS, Anna    	De Roane
WALTERS, Emma    	De Roane
WALTERS, Ida     	De Roane
WALTERS, Kitty   	Ozan
WALTERS, Lucy    	De Roane
WALTERS, Orlanda 	De Roane
WALTON, James    	Washington
WARCK, Augustus  	De Roane
WARCK, Eliza     	De Roane
WARCK, George    	De Roane
WARCK, Magnolia  	De Roane
WARD, Alice      	Wallaceburg
WARD, Allen      	Spring Hill
WARD, Anethie    	Spring Hill
WARD, Angeline   	Spring Hill
WARD, Benjamin   	Spring Hill
WARD, Cy         	Spring Hill
WARD, Demarcus L.	Garland
WARD, Dicie      	Red Land
WARD, Elbert     	Spring Hill
WARD, Emmett     	Spring Hill
WARD, Fannie     	Spring Hill
WARD, Harkless   	Spring Hill
WARD, Henry      	Spring Hill
WARD, Henry L.   	Spring Hill
WARD, James      	Red Land
WARD, James      	Spring Hill
WARD, James      	Spring Hill
WARD, James      	Wallaceburg
WARD, John       	Red Land
WARD, Joseph     	Wallaceburg
WARD, Josephine  	Spring Hill
WARD, Lewis      	Spring Hill
WARD, Lilly      	Spring Hill
WARD, Lucy       	Garland
WARD, Luella     	Spring Hill
WARD, Luke       	Garland
WARD, Mary J.    	Spring Hill
WARD, Matilda    	De Roane
WARD, Minor      	Wallaceburg
WARD, Neal       	De Roane
WARD, Neal       	De Roane
WARD, Newton     	Red Land
WARD, Robert     	De Roane
WARD, Robert     	De Roane
WARD, Rose A.    	Spring Hill
WARD, Silvey J.  	Spring Hill
WARD, Thomas     	Red Land
WARD, Unknown    	Spring Hill
WARD, Unknown    	Spring Hill
WARD, Unknown    	Spring Hill
WARD, William    	Bois D'Arc
WARD, William    	Wallaceburg
WARD, William    	Wallaceburg
WARD, Willie     	Bois D'Arc
WARDLOW, Annie   	Wallaceburg
WARDLOW, James   	Wallaceburg
WARDLOW, Lena    	Wallaceburg
WARDLOW, Martha  	Wallaceburg
WARDLOW, Robert  	Wallaceburg
WARDLOW, Walter  	Wallaceburg
WARE, C. K.      	Hope
WARE, J. L.      	Hope
WARE, John C.    	Washington
WARE, L.         	Hope
WARE, L.         	Hope
WARFIELD, David  	Ozan
WARFIELD, Docter 	Ozan
WARFIELD, Sylvia 	Ozan
WARREN, Alberta  	Mine Creek
WARREN, Andrew   	Garland
WARREN, Barnum   	Garland
WARREN, Berry    	Garland
WARREN, Cally    	Garland
WARREN, Cornelia 	Garland
WARREN, Delia    	Garland
WARREN, Elizabeth	De Roane
WARREN, Elmore   	Garland
WARREN, Elonora  	Wallaceburg
WARREN, Fannie   	Garland
WARREN, Hattie   	Garland
WARREN, James    	Garland
WARREN, James    	Wallaceburg
WARREN, James B. 	Mine Creek
WARREN, Jane     	Garland
WARREN, John     	Wallaceburg
WARREN, Kiziah J.	Mine Creek
WARREN, Lucy     	Garland
WARREN, Mandy    	De Roane
WARREN, Martha   	De Roane
WARREN, Martha   	Garland
WARREN, Mary     	Garland
WARREN, Med      	Garland
WARREN, Rosie    	Wallaceburg
WARREN, Sallie   	Garland
WARREN, Theo     	Garland
WARREN, Thomas   	De Roane
WARREN, Vinie    	Garland
WARREN, William W.	Mine Creek
WARYNER, Robert L.	Ozan
WASHINGTON, Anna 	Spring Hill
WASHINGTON, Daniel	De Roane
WASHINGTON, Daniel	De Roane
WASHINGTON, Farrington	Garland
WASHINGTON, Geo. 	De Roane
WASHINGTON, George	De Roane
WASHINGTON, George	Garland
WASHINGTON, Georgie	Garland
WASHINGTON, Hamis	De Roane
WASHINGTON, Hattie	De Roane
WASHINGTON, Hickson	Garland
WASHINGTON, J.   	Spring Hill
WASHINGTON, Laura	Spring Hill
WASHINGTON, Louisia	Spring Hill
WASHINGTON, Lycurgus	Spring Hill
WASHINGTON, Mandy	Spring Hill
WASHINGTON, Margaret	Ozan
WASHINGTON, Maria	Spring Hill
WASHINGTON, Mary 	Garland
WASHINGTON, Mary 	Spring Hill
WASHINGTON, May  	Bois D'Arc
WASHINGTON, Theophalus	Spring Hill
WASHINGTON, Thomas	De Roane
WASHINGTON, William	Garland
WASHINGTON, William	Ozan
WASHINGTON, Zack 	Garland
WATKINS, Fanny   	De Roane
WATKINS, Jane    	De Roane
WATKINS, John    	De Roane
WATSON, Alex     	Spring Hill
WATSON, Charlott 	De Roane
WATSON, Cornelia A.	Spring Hill
WATSON, Dave     	Saline
WATSON, Davis    	Ozan
WATSON, Earnest  	Ozan
WATSON, Earnest  	Washington
WATSON, Edmond   	De Roane
WATSON, Elizabeth J.	Spring Hill
WATSON, Ella     	De Roane
WATSON, Emma     	De Roane
WATSON, F.       	Hope
WATSON, Finas    	Mine Creek
WATSON, G. M.    	Hope
WATSON, George   	Washington
WATSON, H.       	Hope
WATSON, Henry    	Washington
WATSON, James    	De Roane
WATSON, James W. 	De Roane
WATSON, Jennie   	De Roane
WATSON, John     	Ozan
WATSON, John     	Spring Hill
WATSON, Joseph   	Ozan
WATSON, L. V.    	Hope
WATSON, Louis    	Ozan
WATSON, Margaret 	Ozan
WATSON, Margaret 	Washington
WATSON, Mariah   	De Roane
WATSON, Mary A.  	De Roane
WATSON, Maydaline	Ozan
WATSON, Morgan   	Washington
WATSON, Rebecca  	Ozan
WATSON, Robert   	Ozan
WATSON, Roxey    	De Roane
WATSON, S.       	Hope
WATSON, Sandford 	De Roane
WATSON, Silba    	De Roane
WATSON, William  	De Roane
WATSON, William  	Spring Hill
WATSON, William  	Spring Hill
WATT, Duddlie    	Wallaceburg
WATT, Elizabeth  	Wallaceburg
WATT, Fannie     	Wallaceburg
WATT, Mary       	Wallaceburg
WATTERS, Austin  	Ozan
WATTERS, George  	Ozan
WATTERS, Joseph  	Ozan
WATTERS, Lou     	Ozan
WAYNRIGHT, A.    	Hope
WAYNRIGHT, E.    	Hope
WAYNRIGHT, G.    	Hope
WEAR, Dave       	Fulton
WEATHERS, Harriette	Washington
WEATHERSPOON, James W.	Mine Creek
WEATHERSPOON, Levie	Mine Creek
WEATHERSPOON, Miley	Mine Creek
WEAVER, Frank    	Garland
WEAVER, Hiram H. 	Garland
WEAVER, Lizzie   	Garland
WEAVER, Mattie J.	Garland
WEBB, Allen      	Mine Creek
WEBB, Barbara    	Spring Hill
WEBB, Becky      	Mine Creek
WEBB, Christopher C.	Mine Creek
WEBB, Cintha     	Mine Creek
WEBB, Cinthy     	Mine Creek
WEBB, Columbus B.	Mine Creek
WEBB, Eugene J.  	De Roane
WEBB, G. L.      	De Roane
WEBB, Harriett M.	Mine Creek
WEBB, James      	Mine Creek
WEBB, James W. B.	Mine Creek
WEBB, John       	Mine Creek
WEBB, John C.    	Mine Creek
WEBB, John P.    	Mine Creek
WEBB, Malinda F. 	Mine Creek
WEBB, Manervy    	Mine Creek
WEBB, Margret    	De Roane
WEBB, Martha     	Mine Creek
WEBB, Mary E.    	Mine Creek
WEBB, Rebecca A. 	Mine Creek
WEBB, Richard L. 	Mine Creek
WEBB, Thomas     	Spring Hill
WEBB, William A. 	De Roane
WEBB, William A. 	Mine Creek
WEBB, Willie B.  	Mine Creek
WEBB, Willie B.  	Mine Creek
WEBSTER, N.      	Hope
WEBSTER, William 	Fulton
WEDINGTON, Curly 	De Roane
WEDINGTON, Ellen 	De Roane
WEDINGTON, Francis	De Roane
WEDINGTON, John  	De Roane
WEDINGTON, Lewis 	De Roane
WEDINGTON, Rhodes	De Roane
WEDINGTON, Robert L.	De Roane
WEDINGTON, William	De Roane
WEEY, Matildia   	Bois D'Arc
WEIDEMAN, E.     	Washington
WEIDEMAN, Eavrest	Washington
WEIDEMAN, Lilly  	Washington
WEIDEMAN, Nona   	Washington
WEIDEMAN, Thea   	Washington
WEILAND, Rebecca 	Hope
WEILAND, W. F.   	Hope
WEIR, Allice     	Ozan
WEIR, Franklin   	Ozan
WEIR, Juliet     	Ozan
WEIR, Laura      	Ozan
WEIR, Robert     	Ozan
WEIR, William    	Ozan
WELCH, L.        	Fulton
WELLES, Spencer  	De Roane
WELLINGTON, Laura	Bois D'Arc
WELLS, Bettie    	Wallaceburg
WELLS, Cha Lotte 	Mine Creek
WELLS, Delia     	Bois D'Arc
WELLS, Edgar     	Wallaceburg
WELLS, Elijah    	Wallaceburg
WELLS, Francis   	Washington
WELLS, Frank     	Bois D'Arc
WELLS, Huldah    	Wallaceburg
WELLS, Joe       	Bois D'Arc
WELLS, Joseph    	Washington
WELLS, Julian    	Bois D'Arc
WELLS, Missourie 	Washington
WELLS, Nancy     	Ozan
WELLS, Robt.     	Bois D'Arc
WELLS, Robt.     	Bois D'Arc
WELLS, Sarah     	Wallaceburg
WELLS, Violet    	Bois D'Arc
WELLS, Winnie    	Bois D'Arc
WELSH, Caroline  	De Roane
WELSH, Elisha    	De Roane
WELSH, John      	De Roane
WELSH, Kansas    	De Roane
WELSH, Mary      	De Roane
WELSH, Page      	De Roane
WELSH, Parlee    	De Roane
WERNER, Louis    	Hope
WERRY, Jim       	Bois D'Arc
WERRY, Jos.      	Bois D'Arc
WERRY, Robert    	Bois D'Arc
WERRY, Sallie    	Bois D'Arc
WERRY, Sam       	Bois D'Arc
WESLEY, Cathrine 	Ozan
WESLEY, Coffee   	Ozan
WESSON, Ada      	Mine Creek
WESSON, Ann      	Mine Creek
WESSON, Armstead 	Mine Creek
WESSON, Bascom   	Mine Creek
WESSON, Charley  	Mine Creek
WESSON, Corry    	Mine Creek
WESSON, Daniel   	Mine Creek
WESSON, Daniel   	Mine Creek
WESSON, Dennis   	Mine Creek
WESSON, Dorah    	Mine Creek
WESSON, Eddie    	Mine Creek
WESSON, Edward   	Mine Creek
WESSON, Edward B.	Mine Creek
WESSON, Eliza    	Mine Creek
WESSON, Eliza A. 	Mine Creek
WESSON, Elizabeth	Mine Creek
WESSON, Elizabeth S.	Mine Creek
WESSON, Ella     	Mine Creek
WESSON, Emit     	Mine Creek
WESSON, George R.	Mine Creek
WESSON, George W.	Mine Creek
WESSON, Gid      	Mine Creek
WESSON, Henderson	Mine Creek
WESSON, Henryetta	Mine Creek
WESSON, Hunter J.	Mine Creek
WESSON, Isaac    	Mine Creek
WESSON, Johnson L.	Mine Creek
WESSON, Laurah   	Mine Creek
WESSON, Leda     	Mine Creek
WESSON, Liddy    	Mine Creek
WESSON, Lies     	Mine Creek
WESSON, Lina     	Mine Creek
WESSON, Liza     	Mine Creek
WESSON, Mannon G.	Mine Creek
WESSON, Marsha E.	Mine Creek
WESSON, Martha   	Mine Creek
WESSON, Martin   	Mine Creek
WESSON, Mary     	Mine Creek
WESSON, Mary     	Mine Creek
WESSON, Mary     	Mine Creek
WESSON, Mary     	Mine Creek
WESSON, Miry     	Mine Creek
WESSON, Nancy    	Mine Creek
WESSON, Neeley   	Mine Creek
WESSON, Nuton    	Mine Creek
WESSON, Nuton    	Mine Creek
WESSON, Paschal  	Mine Creek
WESSON, Primas   	Mine Creek
WESSON, Roseanah 	Mine Creek
WESSON, Safronie 	Mine Creek
WESSON, Sarah    	Mine Creek
WESSON, Sarah    	Mine Creek
WESSON, Sylas    	Mine Creek
WESSON, Sylas    	Mine Creek
WESSON, Thomas   	Mine Creek
WESSON, Thomas C.	Mine Creek
WESSON, Wait     	Mine Creek
WESSON, Werry    	Mine Creek
WESSON, Wiley    	Mine Creek
WESSON, William  	Mine Creek
WESSON, William  	Mine Creek
WESSON, Zacheriah	Mine Creek
WEST, Helen E.   	Hope
WEST, J. T.      	Hope
WESTMORELAND, Phredonia	Ozan
WETMORE, L.      	Hope
WETTER, Carey    	Washington
WHALEY, Ada Bell 	Bois D'Arc
WHALEY, F. M.    	Bois D'Arc
WHALEY, Jos M.   	Bois D'Arc
WHALEY, Jos P.   	Bois D'Arc
WHALEY, Lucinda C.	Bois D'Arc
WHALEY, Mary E.  	Bois D'Arc
WHALEY, Nora K.  	Bois D'Arc
WHALEY, Peyten G.	Bois D'Arc
WHALEY, Robert E. L.	Bois D'Arc
WHALEY, William T.	Bois D'Arc
WHEAT, Delia A.  	Garland
WHEAT, Lucy      	Garland
WHEAT, Rachel I. 	Garland
WHEAT, Sarah A.  	Garland
WHEAT, Theodore J.	Garland
WHEATON, Charles 	Fulton
WHEELER, Alice   	Garland
WHEELER, Ann     	De Roane
WHEELER, Arch    	Hope
WHEELER, Ben     	Garland
WHEELER, Bud     	Garland
WHEELER, Dasie   	Garland
WHEELER, Della   	De Roane
WHEELER, Dena    	Garland
WHEELER, E.      	De Roane
WHEELER, Fanny   	Hope
WHEELER, Gabrael 	Garland
WHEELER, Jackson 	De Roane
WHEELER, John H. 	Garland
WHEELER, Julia A.	De Roane
WHEELER, Mandy   	De Roane
WHEELER, Martha  	De Roane
WHEELER, Martha  	Garland
WHEELER, Mary    	Garland
WHEELER, Mary E. 	De Roane
WHEELER, Media   	Garland
WHEELER, Miligan 	De Roane
WHEELER, Nicy    	Garland
WHEELER, Quilla  	De Roane
WHEELER, Roman   	Hope
WHEELER, Ruth J. 	Garland
WHEELER, Susan R.	Garland
WHEELER, Urella C.	Garland
WHEELER, Willie  	De Roane
WHEELER, Wilson  	De Roane
WHEELER, Wilson  	De Roane
WHILE, E.        	Hope
WHITAKER, Joseph 	Ozan
WHITAKER, Laura  	Spring Hill
WHITAKER, Wright 	Spring Hill
WHITE, Abraham   	Ozan
WHITE, Ada       	Ozan
WHITE, Ada A.    	Spring Hill
WHITE, Adison Z. 	Mine Creek
WHITE, Adline W. 	Ozan
WHITE, Albert    	Ozan
WHITE, Albert    	Saline
WHITE, Alex      	Mine Creek
WHITE, Alex      	Spring Hill
WHITE, Allice    	Ozan
WHITE, Allice    	Ozan
WHITE, Amanda    	Ozan
WHITE, Amanda E. 	Spring Hill
WHITE, Amarenta  	Ozan
WHITE, Anjuline  	Mine Creek
WHITE, Arman     	Ozan
WHITE, August    	Ozan
WHITE, B. S.     	Hope
WHITE, Benjamin  	Wallaceburg
WHITE, Benjamin B.	Mine Creek
WHITE, Bennett A.	Mine Creek
WHITE, Brooker   	Ozan
WHITE, C.        	Hope
WHITE, C. T.     	Hope
WHITE, Calvin    	Ozan
WHITE, Calvin A. 	Ozan
WHITE, Cansada   	Ozan
WHITE, Cansis    	Saline
WHITE, Cansis    	Saline
WHITE, Carry     	Ozan
WHITE, Charles   	Ozan
WHITE, Charlotte 	Ozan
WHITE, Cipio     	Ozan
WHITE, Cizero    	Saline
WHITE, Clara     	Ozan
WHITE, Claud     	Ozan
WHITE, Clelie    	Mine Creek
WHITE, Cynthy E. 	Spring Hill
WHITE, Daniel    	Ozan
WHITE, David     	Ozan
WHITE, David N.  	Mine Creek
WHITE, Dora      	Spring Hill
WHITE, Dozier    	Ozan
WHITE, Dudley    	Ozan
WHITE, Edmond    	Ozan
WHITE, Edmond    	Ozan
WHITE, Elijah    	Mine Creek
WHITE, Elisabeth 	Saline
WHITE, Elisabeth J.	Mine Creek
WHITE, Elizabeth 	Ozan
WHITE, Elizabeth 	Ozan
WHITE, Elizabeth 	Ozan
WHITE, Elizabeth 	Ozan
WHITE, Ellen     	Ozan
WHITE, Estella   	Spring Hill
WHITE, Eugene    	Ozan
WHITE, Ezekiel J.	Mine Creek
WHITE, Fannie    	Wallaceburg
WHITE, Fannie E. 	Hope
WHITE, Flora     	Ozan
WHITE, G. L.     	Hope
WHITE, Gadson    	Ozan
WHITE, Geo. W.   	Bois D'Arc
WHITE, George    	Hope
WHITE, George    	Ozan
WHITE, Gertrude  	Mine Creek
WHITE, Hannah    	Spring Hill
WHITE, Hansferd  	Mine Creek
WHITE, Harriett  	Ozan
WHITE, Harriett M.	Mine Creek
WHITE, Henry J.  	Spring Hill
WHITE, Henryetta C.	Mine Creek
WHITE, Hettie    	Ozan
WHITE, Hettie    	Saline
WHITE, Heyes     	Mine Creek
WHITE, Hugh      	Ozan
WHITE, Isaac     	Ozan
WHITE, Jack      	De Roane
WHITE, James     	Ozan
WHITE, James     	Ozan
WHITE, James     	Wallaceburg
WHITE, James W.  	Spring Hill
WHITE, Jefferson 	Wallaceburg
WHITE, Jennie    	Ozan
WHITE, Jennie    	Ozan
WHITE, Jessie    	Mine Creek
WHITE, John      	Ozan
WHITE, John H.   	Mine Creek
WHITE, Joseph    	Ozan
WHITE, Josephine 	Mine Creek
WHITE, Josephine 	Wallaceburg
WHITE, Julia     	Fulton
WHITE, Julia I.  	Spring Hill
WHITE, Kate      	Ozan
WHITE, Katie     	Saline
WHITE, Laura     	Ozan
WHITE, Lawrence J.	Spring Hill
WHITE, Lenna     	Ozan
WHITE, Lilly     	Ozan
WHITE, Lizabeth  	Mine Creek
WHITE, Lou       	Ozan
WHITE, Lucinda   	Saline
WHITE, Lucy      	Ozan
WHITE, Luella    	Spring Hill
WHITE, Lunacy M. 	Spring Hill
WHITE, Mahala    	Garland
WHITE, Margaret  	Ozan
WHITE, Margaret  	Ozan
WHITE, Maria     	Saline
WHITE, Mariah    	Saline
WHITE, Martha    	Mine Creek
WHITE, Martha    	Ozan
WHITE, Mary      	Bois D'Arc
WHITE, Mary      	Hope
WHITE, Mary      	Saline
WHITE, Mary      	Wallaceburg
WHITE, Mary A.   	Saline
WHITE, Mary E.   	Mine Creek
WHITE, Mary J.   	Ozan
WHITE, Mathew    	Ozan
WHITE, May       	Fulton
WHITE, Melley    	Ozan
WHITE, Molly     	Ozan
WHITE, Nancy     	Ozan
WHITE, Nancy     	Ozan
WHITE, Nat       	Saline
WHITE, Ned       	Saline
WHITE, Neptune   	Ozan
WHITE, Oden A.   	Ozan
WHITE, Orain     	Mine Creek
WHITE, Peter     	Mine Creek
WHITE, Phebe     	Mine Creek
WHITE, Pierce    	Ozan
WHITE, Pirene    	Ozan
WHITE, Porter    	Ozan
WHITE, Powell C. 	Spring Hill
WHITE, Primos    	Ozan
WHITE, Prince    	Ozan
WHITE, Prince    	Ozan
WHITE, Prince    	Saline
WHITE, R. T.     	Hope
WHITE, Rachel    	Mine Creek
WHITE, Richmond  	Ozan
WHITE, Riley     	Spring Hill
WHITE, Robert    	Ozan
WHITE, Robert    	Spring Hill
WHITE, Robert E. 	Mine Creek
WHITE, Robert T. 	Ozan
WHITE, Rose      	Ozan
WHITE, Roxanna   	Ozan
WHITE, Rufus     	Ozan
WHITE, Rufus H.  	Mine Creek
WHITE, S. W.     	Hope
WHITE, Sallie J. 	Saline
WHITE, Sally     	Ozan
WHITE, Sally     	Ozan
WHITE, Samuel    	Mine Creek
WHITE, Samuel    	Ozan
WHITE, Sarah     	Ozan
WHITE, Sarah     	Ozan
WHITE, Sarah     	Ozan
WHITE, Sarah B. D.	Mine Creek
WHITE, Saul      	Mine Creek
WHITE, Screven   	Ozan
WHITE, Sencher   	Mine Creek
WHITE, Sip       	Saline
WHITE, Sousan    	Ozan
WHITE, Stephen   	Mine Creek
WHITE, Stephen   	Saline
WHITE, Susa      	Saline
WHITE, Thomas    	Ozan
WHITE, Thomas    	Spring Hill
WHITE, Thomas C. 	Mine Creek
WHITE, Tuenty    	Ozan
WHITE, William   	Ozan
WHITE, William   	Ozan
WHITE, William   	Ozan
WHITE, William P.	Fulton
WHITE, William R.	Mine Creek
WHITE, Willis    	Mine Creek
WHITE, Yancy     	Ozan
WHITE, Zilla     	Ozan
WHITFORD, Estell 	Hope
WHITIE, Corry    	Mine Creek
WHITIE, Earl     	Mine Creek
WHITIE, Iry      	Mine Creek
WHITIE, Jane     	Mine Creek
WHITIE, John     	Mine Creek
WHITIE, Lucy A.  	Mine Creek
WHITIE, Lujinas  	Mine Creek
WHITIE, Walter   	Mine Creek
WHITINGTON, George	Wallaceburg
WHITLOCK, G. S.  	Fulton
WHITMORE, Anderson	Mine Creek
WHITMORE, Andrew 	Mine Creek
WHITMORE, Edny   	Mine Creek
WHITMORE, Elisabeth	Mine Creek
WHITMORE, Essex  	Mine Creek
WHITMORE, Frank  	Mine Creek
WHITMORE, George 	Mine Creek
WHITMORE, Isaac  	Mine Creek
WHITMORE, James  	Mine Creek
WHITMORE, Jo. H. 	Mine Creek
WHITMORE, Mary   	Mine Creek
WHITMORE, Mary   	Mine Creek
WHITMORE, Mary E.	Mine Creek
WHITMORE, Reeder 	Mine Creek
WHITMORE, Reeny  	Mine Creek
WHITMORE, Robert 	Mine Creek
WHITNEY, D.      	De Roane
WHITNEY, Henry   	Bois D'Arc
WICK, Wesly      	Red Land
WICKER, David    	Wallaceburg
WICKER, Delilah  	Red Land
WICKER, Edward   	Red Land
WICKER, Effie    	Wallaceburg
WICKER, Elisabeth	Mine Creek
WICKER, Elizabeth	Red Land
WICKER, Elizabeth	Red Land
WICKER, Elizabeth	Wallaceburg
WICKER, Fannie   	Wallaceburg
WICKER, Francis  	Wallaceburg
WICKER, James A. 	Mine Creek
WICKER, James R. 	Mine Creek
WICKER, Josephine	Red Land
WICKER, Lewis    	Red Land
WICKER, Malinda  	Red Land
WICKER, Mary A.  	Mine Creek
WICKER, Monroe   	Mine Creek
WICKER, Sarah    	Wallaceburg
WICKER, Sarah E. 	Mine Creek
WICKER, Surena   	Wallaceburg
WICKER, Thomas   	Wallaceburg
WICKER, Wesly    	Wallaceburg
WICKER, William  	Red Land
WICKES, John     	Red Land
WICKES, Margaret 	Red Land
WICKES, Rufus    	Red Land
WILBERN, Jane    	Hope
WILBERN, Marshall	Hope
WILBERN, Molly   	Hope
WILEY, Jesse     	Spring Hill
WILEY, Jno. M.   	Bois D'Arc
WILHITE, Alice   	Saline
WILHITE, Laurance	Saline
WILHITE, Maggie  	Saline
WILKINS, Riley   	Ozan
WILKINSON, Anna  	De Roane
WILKINSON, Antny 	De Roane
WILKINSON, Cornetas	De Roane
WILKINSON, Frazar	De Roane
WILKINSON, George	De Roane
WILKINSON, Loucinda	De Roane
WILKINSON, Matty 	De Roane
WILKINSON, Susan 	De Roane
WILLENS, Amos    	Mine Creek
WILLENS, Susan   	Mine Creek
WILLER, Daniel   	Washington
WILLIAM, Alexander	Wallaceburg
WILLIAM, Anna    	De Roane
WILLIAM, Annis   	Wallaceburg
WILLIAM, Avery   	Wallaceburg
WILLIAM, Careie  	Saline
WILLIAM, Carry   	De Roane
WILLIAM, Cora    	Saline
WILLIAM, Eliza   	Saline
WILLIAM, Ella    	De Roane
WILLIAM, Ella    	De Roane
WILLIAM, Emma    	Saline
WILLIAM, George  	Ozan
WILLIAM, Georgia 	Saline
WILLIAM, Harriette	Ozan
WILLIAM, Henry   	Saline
WILLIAM, Horrace 	Wallaceburg
WILLIAM, Ida     	Ozan
WILLIAM, Jessie  	De Roane
WILLIAM, John    	Ozan
WILLIAM, Katie   	Wallaceburg
WILLIAM, Lee     	De Roane
WILLIAM, Mary    	De Roane
WILLIAM, Milly   	Bois D'Arc
WILLIAM, Rebeca  	Wallaceburg
WILLIAM, Sopha   	Saline
WILLIAM, Virginius	Saline
WILLIAM, William 	Saline
WILLIAM, Wilson  	De Roane
WILLIAMS, A. J.  	Bois D'Arc
WILLIAMS, Abner B.	Washington
WILLIAMS, Albert 	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, Albert 	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, Aleck  	Garland
WILLIAMS, Alex   	Garland
WILLIAMS, Alex   	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, America	Ozan
WILLIAMS, Andrew 	Hope
WILLIAMS, Andrew 	Saline
WILLIAMS, Ann    	Ozan
WILLIAMS, Ann    	Saline
WILLIAMS, Ann B. 	Washington
WILLIAMS, Anna   	Wallaceburg
WILLIAMS, Arabella	Wallaceburg
WILLIAMS, Archie 	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, Archie 	Wallaceburg
WILLIAMS, Aron   	Saline
WILLIAMS, Arrena 	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, Arther 	Wallaceburg
WILLIAMS, Asariah	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, Augustus	De Roane
WILLIAMS, Austin 	Hope
WILLIAMS, B.     	Hope
WILLIAMS, B. L.  	Fulton
WILLIAMS, Barney 	Saline
WILLIAMS, Betsy  	Saline
WILLIAMS, Bettie 	Washington
WILLIAMS, Brice  	Saline
WILLIAMS, Burgess	Wallaceburg
WILLIAMS, Caldonia	Saline
WILLIAMS, Caldwell	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, Cally  	De Roane
WILLIAMS, Carrie 	Wallaceburg
WILLIAMS, Carrol 	Garland
WILLIAMS, Carry  	Hope
WILLIAMS, Catharin	Saline
WILLIAMS, Catherine	Saline
WILLIAMS, Cathrine	Washington
WILLIAMS, Charles	Hope
WILLIAMS, Cinda  	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, Cinda  	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, Clara  	Wallaceburg
WILLIAMS, Columbus	Garland
WILLIAMS, Cora   	De Roane
WILLIAMS, Craig  	Wallaceburg
WILLIAMS, Daisie 	Wallaceburg
WILLIAMS, Darthuly	Mine Creek
WILLIAMS, David  	Garland
WILLIAMS, Dillworth R.	De Roane
WILLIAMS, Dock   	Saline
WILLIAMS, Dolly  	Bois D'Arc
WILLIAMS, Dora   	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, Drusilla	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, Ebbie  	Garland
WILLIAMS, Ebby   	De Roane
WILLIAMS, Ed     	Bois D'Arc
WILLIAMS, Ed     	Garland
WILLIAMS, Edna   	Mine Creek
WILLIAMS, Edna   	Wallaceburg
WILLIAMS, Edward P.	Mine Creek
WILLIAMS, Elias  	Wallaceburg
WILLIAMS, Eliza  	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, Eliza F.	Mine Creek
WILLIAMS, Ella   	Ozan
WILLIAMS, Ella   	Washington
WILLIAMS, Ellen  	Garland
WILLIAMS, Ellen  	Mine Creek
WILLIAMS, Ellis  	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, Emma   	Garland
WILLIAMS, Ernest T.	Hope
WILLIAMS, Ester  	De Roane
WILLIAMS, Exaline	De Roane
WILLIAMS, Fanni  	Saline
WILLIAMS, Fannie 	Bois D'Arc
WILLIAMS, Fannie 	Garland
WILLIAMS, Fannie 	Garland
WILLIAMS, Fannie 	Ozan
WILLIAMS, Fannie 	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, Fannie 	Wallaceburg
WILLIAMS, Fanny  	Hope
WILLIAMS, Francis	Saline
WILLIAMS, Frank  	Saline
WILLIAMS, Frank  	Washington
WILLIAMS, Fredcke	Garland
WILLIAMS, Fredrick	Garland
WILLIAMS, Gadson 	Saline
WILLIAMS, General Grant	Saline
WILLIAMS, George 	Garland
WILLIAMS, George 	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, George 	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, George 	Washington
WILLIAMS, George S.	Bois D'Arc
WILLIAMS, Georgia C.	De Roane
WILLIAMS, Gibbon A.	De Roane
WILLIAMS, Grandison	Saline
WILLIAMS, Gus    	Bois D'Arc
WILLIAMS, Hanculen	Saline
WILLIAMS, Hannah 	Garland
WILLIAMS, Henrietta	Hope
WILLIAMS, Henry  	De Roane
WILLIAMS, Henry  	Garland
WILLIAMS, Henry  	Hope
WILLIAMS, Henry  	Hope
WILLIAMS, Henry  	Ozan
WILLIAMS, Henry  	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, Hida   	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, Hugh B.	Washington
WILLIAMS, Ida    	De Roane
WILLIAMS, Ida    	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, Ida V. 	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, Independance	Saline
WILLIAMS, Ira    	Saline
WILLIAMS, Isabella	Bois D'Arc
WILLIAMS, J.     	Hope
WILLIAMS, Jackson	Wallaceburg
WILLIAMS, James  	Garland
WILLIAMS, James  	Garland
WILLIAMS, James  	Hope
WILLIAMS, James A.	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, James E.	Saline
WILLIAMS, James F.	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, James H.	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, James M.	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, James MC	De Roane
WILLIAMS, James W.	Washington
WILLIAMS, Jane   	Garland
WILLIAMS, Jane   	Washington
WILLIAMS, Jane T.	De Roane
WILLIAMS, Jas.   	Bois D'Arc
WILLIAMS, Jeff   	Mine Creek
WILLIAMS, Jennett	Wallaceburg
WILLIAMS, Jennie 	Hope
WILLIAMS, Jerry  	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, Jessa R.	Mine Creek
WILLIAMS, Jim    	Ozan
WILLIAMS, Jno.   	Bois D'Arc
WILLIAMS, Jno.   	Garland
WILLIAMS, Jno. D.	Bois D'Arc
WILLIAMS, John   	Bois D'Arc
WILLIAMS, John   	Bois D'Arc
WILLIAMS, John   	De Roane
WILLIAMS, John   	Garland
WILLIAMS, John   	Hope
WILLIAMS, John   	Mine Creek
WILLIAMS, John   	Saline
WILLIAMS, John   	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, John   	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, John   	Wallaceburg
WILLIAMS, John   	Wallaceburg
WILLIAMS, John   	Wallaceburg
WILLIAMS, John E.	Mine Creek
WILLIAMS, John E.	Washington
WILLIAMS, John J.	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, John R.	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, John R.	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, Johny  	Saline
WILLIAMS, Joseph 	Mine Creek
WILLIAMS, Josephine	Garland
WILLIAMS, Julia  	Garland
WILLIAMS, Julia A.	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, Julius 	Ozan
WILLIAMS, Kate G.	Ozan
WILLIAMS, Kineness	Mine Creek
WILLIAMS, L. M.  	Hope
WILLIAMS, Lanie  	Wallaceburg
WILLIAMS, Laurah 	Mine Creek
WILLIAMS, Lazarus	Wallaceburg
WILLIAMS, Lear S.	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, Lee    	Bois D'Arc
WILLIAMS, Lee    	Bois D'Arc
WILLIAMS, Lela   	Saline
WILLIAMS, Lewis  	Garland
WILLIAMS, Lillian F.	Hope
WILLIAMS, Lizzie 	Saline
WILLIAMS, Lonzo MC	De Roane
WILLIAMS, Lorena 	Bois D'Arc
WILLIAMS, Louticia	Mine Creek
WILLIAMS, Lucous 	Ozan
WILLIAMS, Lucy   	De Roane
WILLIAMS, Lucy   	De Roane
WILLIAMS, Lucy   	Saline
WILLIAMS, Lula   	Bois D'Arc
WILLIAMS, Lura   	De Roane
WILLIAMS, Luther 	Mine Creek
WILLIAMS, M. C.  	Hope
WILLIAMS, Mace   	Saline
WILLIAMS, Mack   	Saline
WILLIAMS, Mag    	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, Maggie 	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, Maggie 	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, Maggie 	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, Maggie H.	Mine Creek
WILLIAMS, Malinda	Garland
WILLIAMS, Margaret	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, Maria  	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, Mariah 	Mine Creek
WILLIAMS, Martha 	De Roane
WILLIAMS, Martha 	De Roane
WILLIAMS, Martha 	Ozan
WILLIAMS, Martha 	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, Martha 	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, Martha 	Wallaceburg
WILLIAMS, Martha E.	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, Mary   	De Roane
WILLIAMS, Mary   	De Roane
WILLIAMS, Mary   	Hope
WILLIAMS, Mary   	Mine Creek
WILLIAMS, Mary   	Ozan
WILLIAMS, Mary   	Saline
WILLIAMS, Mary   	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, Mary   	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, Mary   	Wallaceburg
WILLIAMS, Mary   	Wallaceburg
WILLIAMS, Mary E.	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, Mary E.	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, Mary P.	Washington
WILLIAMS, Matilda	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, Mattie 	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, Mattie 	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, Mcnair 	Washington
WILLIAMS, Mead   	Mine Creek
WILLIAMS, Meredith	Washington
WILLIAMS, Minerva	Garland
WILLIAMS, Mirna  	Saline
WILLIAMS, Missouri	Saline
WILLIAMS, Mollie I.	Mine Creek
WILLIAMS, Molly  	Mine Creek
WILLIAMS, Moody  	Ozan
WILLIAMS, Nancy J.	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, Neeley B.	Mine Creek
WILLIAMS, Ora F. 	Washington
WILLIAMS, Oza    	Mine Creek
WILLIAMS, Parker 	Bois D'Arc
WILLIAMS, Patience	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, Paul   	Saline
WILLIAMS, Perlee 	Mine Creek
WILLIAMS, Permelia C.	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, Perry  	Saline
WILLIAMS, Perthenia	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, Phillis	Wallaceburg
WILLIAMS, Pinkney	Mine Creek
WILLIAMS, Rachael	Columbus
WILLIAMS, Retta  	Garland
WILLIAMS, Richard	Mine Creek
WILLIAMS, Robert 	Saline
WILLIAMS, Robert E. L.	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, Robert H.	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, Robert MC	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, Robert N.	Ozan
WILLIAMS, Rosetta	Saline
WILLIAMS, Rufus  	Garland
WILLIAMS, S.     	Hope
WILLIAMS, Sallie 	Saline
WILLIAMS, Sallie A.	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, Samuel B.	Mine Creek
WILLIAMS, Samuel J.	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, Sancos 	Wallaceburg
WILLIAMS, Sarah  	Bois D'Arc
WILLIAMS, Sarah  	Mine Creek
WILLIAMS, Sherwood	De Roane
WILLIAMS, Sid    	Bois D'Arc
WILLIAMS, Sidney J.	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, Sip    	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, St. Louis	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, Stephen	Ozan
WILLIAMS, Stephen	Ozan
WILLIAMS, Sterling	Ozan
WILLIAMS, Susan  	Bois D'Arc
WILLIAMS, Susan  	Garland
WILLIAMS, Tena   	Saline
WILLIAMS, Tena Ann	Saline
WILLIAMS, Theodore	Garland
WILLIAMS, Thomas 	Bois D'Arc
WILLIAMS, Thomas 	Fulton
WILLIAMS, Thomas 	Saline
WILLIAMS, Thomas 	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, Thomas 	Washington
WILLIAMS, Thomas F.	Mine Creek
WILLIAMS, Thomas J.	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, Thurman W.	Mine Creek
WILLIAMS, Tomy   	Saline
WILLIAMS, Turner 	Ozan
WILLIAMS, Vance  	Saline
WILLIAMS, Virginia J.	Washington
WILLIAMS, Wade N.	Mine Creek
WILLIAMS, William	De Roane
WILLIAMS, William	Saline
WILLIAMS, William	Saline
WILLIAMS, William	Wallaceburg
WILLIAMS, William	Wallaceburg
WILLIAMS, Willian	Ozan
WILLIAMS, Willie 	Garland
WILLIAMS, Willie 	Hope
WILLIAMS, Willie 	Mine Creek
WILLIAMS, Willis 	Spring Hill
WILLIAMS, Winnie 	Garland
WILLIAMS, Yancy T.	Mine Creek
WILLIAMSEN, Albert S.	Garland
WILLIAMSEN, George L.	Garland
WILLIAMSEN, Henry C.	Garland
WILLIAMSEN, John C.	Garland
WILLIAMSEN, Julie A.	Garland
WILLIAMSEN, Percy C.	Garland
WILLIAMSEN, Robert L.	Garland
WILLIAMSEN, Thomas J.	Garland
WILLIAMSON, Andrew	De Roane
WILLIAMSON, Ann  	Bois D'Arc
WILLIAMSON, Ann  	Wallaceburg
WILLIAMSON, Anna E.	Saline
WILLIAMSON, Anna P.	Saline
WILLIAMSON, Arther	Saline
WILLIAMSON, Dan  	Garland
WILLIAMSON, Davey	Saline
WILLIAMSON, Flora	De Roane
WILLIAMSON, Flora	De Roane
WILLIAMSON, Green	Saline
WILLIAMSON, Harriet	Saline
WILLIAMSON, Harriette	Garland
WILLIAMSON, Harry	De Roane
WILLIAMSON, Henrietta	Ozan
WILLIAMSON, Henrietta	Ozan
WILLIAMSON, Henry	De Roane
WILLIAMSON, Henry	Wallaceburg
WILLIAMSON, Henry	Wallaceburg
WILLIAMSON, Hesta	Garland
WILLIAMSON, James	Saline
WILLIAMSON, Jane 	Bois D'Arc
WILLIAMSON, Jno. H.	Garland
WILLIAMSON, Jno. W.	Bois D'Arc
WILLIAMSON, Johny	Saline
WILLIAMSON, Julius	Saline
WILLIAMSON, Lenard	Garland
WILLIAMSON, Louiesa	Saline
WILLIAMSON, Maggy	Saline
WILLIAMSON, Margaret	Ozan
WILLIAMSON, Martha	Garland
WILLIAMSON, Mary 	Fulton
WILLIAMSON, Mary 	Wallaceburg
WILLIAMSON, Mary P.	Saline
WILLIAMSON, Matilda	Ozan
WILLIAMSON, Monroe	Saline
WILLIAMSON, Orange	Wallaceburg
WILLIAMSON, Robert	Saline
WILLIAMSON, Robert	Wallaceburg
WILLIAMSON, Roda 	De Roane
WILLIAMSON, Roda 	Garland
WILLIAMSON, Rosetta	Saline
WILLIAMSON, Rosie	Wallaceburg
WILLIAMSON, Sam  	Saline
WILLIAMSON, Samuel	Saline
WILLIAMSON, Sarah	Wallaceburg
WILLIAMSON, Susy 	Saline
WILLIAMSON, Washington	Ozan
WILLIAMSON, Wil  	Mine Creek
WILLIAMSON, William	Ozan
WILLIAMSON, William	Ozan
WILLIAMSON, Willis	Wallaceburg
WILLIS, Allice   	De Roane
WILLIS, Caroline 	Wallaceburg
WILLIS, Clarisa  	Ozan
WILLIS, Emmett   	Bois D'Arc
WILLIS, George W.	Spring Hill
WILLIS, Hardy    	De Roane
WILLIS, Jennie J.	De Roane
WILLIS, Jno.     	Fulton
WILLIS, John     	Wallaceburg
WILLIS, Letta    	Fulton
WILLIS, Martha A.	Spring Hill
WILLIS, Mary J.  	Spring Hill
WILLIS, Nero     	De Roane
WILLIS, Robert V.	Spring Hill
WILLIS, Sandy    	Wallaceburg
WILSON, Adell S. 	Saline
WILSON, Allen    	Saline
WILSON, Alma C.  	Spring Hill
WILSON, Alvas    	Bois D'Arc
WILSON, Ann      	Bois D'Arc
WILSON, Ann      	Spring Hill
WILSON, Archie B.	Bois D'Arc
WILSON, Ardella  	Washington
WILSON, Armstead 	Ozan
WILSON, Arthur   	Bois D'Arc
WILSON, B.       	Hope
WILSON, Bell     	De Roane
WILSON, Bell     	Ozan
WILSON, Benjamin F.	Spring Hill
WILSON, C. T.    	Spring Hill
WILSON, Call     	Washington
WILSON, Calvin   	Saline
WILSON, Carrie   	Saline
WILSON, Charles  	De Roane
WILSON, Charles  	Garland
WILSON, D.       	Hope
WILSON, David    	Mine Creek
WILSON, Early R. 	Spring Hill
WILSON, Edwin    	Saline
WILSON, Eliza    	Ozan
WILSON, Ella     	Saline
WILSON, Emma     	Bois D'Arc
WILSON, Eveline  	Columbus
WILSON, Fannie   	Garland
WILSON, Fannie   	Washington
WILSON, Fanny    	Mine Creek
WILSON, Florance 	Saline
WILSON, Francis A.	Saline
WILSON, George   	Ozan
WILSON, George Ann	Ozan
WILSON, George W 	Ozan
WILSON, Grant    	Washington
WILSON, Green    	Ozan
WILSON, H.       	Hope
WILSON, Halcormic	De Roane
WILSON, Hariet   	Bois D'Arc
WILSON, Harry    	De Roane
WILSON, Henry    	Garland
WILSON, Henry    	Ozan
WILSON, Henry    	Ozan
WILSON, Ida      	Ozan
WILSON, Jack     	Bois D'Arc
WILSON, Jack     	Saline
WILSON, James B. 	Spring Hill
WILSON, James B. 	Spring Hill
WILSON, James S. 	Columbus
WILSON, James T. 	Garland
WILSON, Jesse    	Washington
WILSON, Jno H.   	Garland
WILSON, Jno.     	Bois D'Arc
WILSON, John     	Ozan
WILSON, John     	Ozan
WILSON, John     	Ozan
WILSON, John H.  	Spring Hill
WILSON, Jourdon  	Saline
WILSON, Kansas   	De Roane
WILSON, Leander  	Bois D'Arc
WILSON, Lizzie   	Ozan
WILSON, Louise   	Columbus
WILSON, Lucinda  	Saline
WILSON, Lucy     	Bois D'Arc
WILSON, Lucy     	Saline
WILSON, Lulu     	Washington
WILSON, Maggie R.	Garland
WILSON, Maia     	Bois D'Arc
WILSON, Malinda  	Garland
WILSON, Malinda  	Washington
WILSON, Mamie S. 	Columbus
WILSON, Margaret J.	Bois D'Arc
WILSON, Maria    	Saline
WILSON, Martha K.	De Roane
WILSON, Mary J.  	Ozan
WILSON, Mattie L.	Spring Hill
WILSON, Milton   	Ozan
WILSON, Nancy    	Ozan
WILSON, Nathaniel	Washington
WILSON, Patsy    	Bois D'Arc
WILSON, Pearl    	De Roane
WILSON, Pine     	Ozan
WILSON, Press    	Garland
WILSON, Queen    	Saline
WILSON, Quince   	Saline
WILSON, Richmond 	Ozan
WILSON, Ritter   	Ozan
WILSON, Robbert M.	Columbus
WILSON, Robbert M.	Saline
WILSON, Robert   	Saline
WILSON, S.       	Hope
WILSON, Sallie G.	Spring Hill
WILSON, Sally    	Ozan
WILSON, Sally    	Ozan
WILSON, Sam      	Bois D'Arc
WILSON, Sarah    	Mine Creek
WILSON, Sarah    	Spring Hill
WILSON, Sarah A. 	De Roane
WILSON, Sarah C. 	Garland
WILSON, Sarah C. 	Spring Hill
WILSON, Sednie   	Red Land
WILSON, Susan    	Spring Hill
WILSON, Thomas   	De Roane
WILSON, Thomas   	De Roane
WILSON, Thomas   	Garland
WILSON, Thomas   	Ozan
WILSON, Thomas   	Red Land
WILSON, Thomas   	Spring Hill
WILSON, Tom      	Bois D'Arc
WILSON, Travis   	Garland
WILSON, Walter P.	Spring Hill
WILSON, William  	Bois D'Arc
WILSON, William  	De Roane
WILSON, William  	Red Land
WILSON, William  	Washington
WILSON, William  	Washington
WILSON, William H.	Spring Hill
WILSON, William R.	Spring Hill
WILSON, Willis   	Bois D'Arc
WILSON, Willis   	Ozan
WIMBLE, Mary F.  	Garland
WIMSTEN, W.      	Hope
WINDHAM, Charlotte A.	Garland
WINDHAM, Eliza F.	Garland
WINDHAM, Elma    	Garland
WINDHAM, Emma    	Garland
WINDHAM, Emma L. 	Garland
WINDHAM, Lutha M.	Garland
WINDHAM, Page I. 	Garland
WINDHAM, Sarah A.	Garland
WINDHAM, William J.	Garland
WINDOM, Alice    	De Roane
WINDOM, Houston  	De Roane
WINFIELD, Augustus	Hope
WINGFIELD, Nancy 	Wallaceburg
WINN, Ada C.     	Spring Hill
WINN, Anna. M.   	Spring Hill
WINN, Charles D  	Washington
WINN, Edmond     	Spring Hill
WINN, Edward     	Hope
WINN, Eldora     	Spring Hill
WINN, Eliza      	Hope
WINN, Emma D     	Washington
WINN, Erosmus    	Hope
WINN, Fanny J.   	Hope
WINN, Frances C. 	Spring Hill
WINN, George     	Spring Hill
WINN, George A.  	Spring Hill
WINN, Jennie     	Spring Hill
WINN, Lear       	Spring Hill
WINN, Lilly O.   	Washington
WINN, Mary E.    	Washington
WINN, Oza        	Spring Hill
WINN, Robert P.  	Washington
WINN, Willis     	Spring Hill
WINSTEAD, Laura A.	Garland
WINSTEAD, William M.	Garland
WINTER, Joseph   	Fulton
WISE, Almerena   	Spring Hill
WISE, Alvin S.   	Bois D'Arc
WISE, Araniss    	Spring Hill
WISE, Arkansas   	Spring Hill
WISE, Caroline   	Spring Hill
WISE, Eliza A.   	Spring Hill
WISE, Jane       	Spring Hill
WISE, John O.    	Bois D'Arc
WISE, Laurinda   	Spring Hill
WISE, Lebby O. M.	Bois D'Arc
WISE, Mahilda J. 	Bois D'Arc
WISE, Melvin L.  	Bois D'Arc
WISE, Oliver D.  	Bois D'Arc
WISE, Talitha    	Spring Hill
WISE, Warren     	Spring Hill
WISE, Warren N.  	Spring Hill
WISH, Elizabeth  	Garland
WISH, Neal       	Garland
WITHERSPOON, Annett	Saline
WITHERSPOON, Calvin	Saline
WITHERSPOON, Candas	Saline
WITHERSPOON, Caroline	Saline
WITHERSPOON, Crocket	Saline
WITHERSPOON, D. Willie	Saline
WITHERSPOON, Edward	Wallaceburg
WITHERSPOON, Elvira	Saline
WITHERSPOON, Emanuel	Saline
WITHERSPOON, Feebie	Saline
WITHERSPOON, Florance	Saline
WITHERSPOON, Francis	Saline
WITHERSPOON, Friday	Saline
WITHERSPOON, Gamble	Saline
WITHERSPOON, George	Saline
WITHERSPOON, Hilton	Saline
WITHERSPOON, James	Wallaceburg
WITHERSPOON, John	Wallaceburg
WITHERSPOON, Julia	Garland
WITHERSPOON, Julius	Columbus
WITHERSPOON, Kate	Wallaceburg
WITHERSPOON, Linda	Columbus
WITHERSPOON, Manery	Saline
WITHERSPOON, Margaret	Wallaceburg
WITHERSPOON, Marlan	Columbus
WITHERSPOON, Martha E.	Saline
WITHERSPOON, Mary	Wallaceburg
WITHERSPOON, Mazarine	Saline
WITHERSPOON, Pinkney	Saline
WITHERSPOON, Rachael	Saline
WITHERSPOON, Rachael	Saline
WITHERSPOON, Rachael	Saline
WITHERSPOON, Robbert	Columbus
WITHERSPOON, Robbert	Saline
WITHERSPOON, Sallie	Saline
WITHERSPOON, Sallie	Saline
WITHERSPOON, Sarah A.	Garland
WITHERSPOON, Sarah J.	Saline
WITHERSPOON, Sophia	Saline
WITHERSPOON, Stella	Columbus
WITHERSPOON, Sue 	Columbus
WITHERSPOON, Winters	Saline
WITHERSPOON, Witherspoon	Columbus
WITTER, Carryan  	Ozan
WITTER, Cary     	Washington
WITTER, Dave     	Saline
WITTER, Matilde  	Washington
WITTER, Richard  	Ozan
WITTER, Richard  	Washington
WITTER, Ruben    	Columbus
WOEN, Peter      	Bois D'Arc
WOLFF, Emma F. G.	Mine Creek
WOLFF, Florence  	Mine Creek
WOLFF, George R. 	Mine Creek
WOLFF, Hugh W.   	Mine Creek
WOLFF, James R.  	Mine Creek
WOLFF, Lexus E.  	Mine Creek
WOLFF, Milton T. 	Mine Creek
WOMACK, Alex     	Red Land
WOMACK, Franklin 	Red Land
WOMACK, Rhoda    	Red Land
WOMACK, Steven   	Red Land
WOMACK, Tentie   	Red Land
WOMACK, Thomas   	Red Land
WOMACK, William  	Red Land
WOMAX, Richard   	Spring Hill
WOOD, A.         	Hope
WOOD, B. M.      	Hope
WOOD, Bettie     	Wallaceburg
WOOD, Beulah     	Wallaceburg
WOOD, Charles    	Wallaceburg
WOOD, D. M.      	Hope
WOOD, Fletcher   	De Roane
WOOD, G. E.      	Hope
WOOD, H. D. M.   	Hope
WOOD, H. E.      	Hope
WOOD, Henry      	De Roane
WOOD, J. H.      	Hope
WOOD, James      	De Roane
WOOD, James      	Wallaceburg
WOOD, Jane       	Fulton
WOOD, Jos.       	Fulton
WOOD, Julia      	De Roane
WOOD, Lue        	Wallaceburg
WOOD, Mandy      	De Roane
WOOD, Mary       	Wallaceburg
WOOD, Mary       	Wallaceburg
WOOD, Minnie     	Wallaceburg
WOOD, O. J.      	Hope
WOOD, Oliver     	Wallaceburg
WOOD, Robert     	Wallaceburg
WOOD, S. B.      	Hope
WOOD, S. E.      	Hope
WOOD, Sallie     	Wallaceburg
WOOD, Sallie     	Wallaceburg
WOOD, V. W.      	Hope
WOOD, Virgil     	Wallaceburg
WOOD, W.         	Hope
WOOD, Westly     	De Roane
WOOD, William    	Wallaceburg
WOOD, Willie     	De Roane
WOODAL, Delana   	De Roane
WOODAL, James M. 	De Roane
WOODAL, John H.  	De Roane
WOODAL, Malina E.	De Roane
WOODALL, Edward  	Wallaceburg
WOODALL, Emilie  	Wallaceburg
WOODALL, Jennett 	Wallaceburg
WOODALL, Larkin  	Wallaceburg
WOODALL, Sarah   	Wallaceburg
WOODALL, Valentine	Wallaceburg
WOODARD, Benjamine	Ozan
WOODARD, Francis 	Ozan
WOODARD, James   	Ozan
WOODARD, Kate    	Washington
WOODARD, Mary    	Washington
WOODARD, Unknown 	Ozan
WOODBERRY, Alabama	Wallaceburg
WOODBERRY, Arine 	Wallaceburg
WOODBERRY, Dinah 	Wallaceburg
WOODBERRY, Dinah 	Wallaceburg
WOODBERRY, Hester	Wallaceburg
WOODBERRY, James 	Wallaceburg
WOODBERRY, John  	Wallaceburg
WOODBERRY, Laura 	Wallaceburg
WOODBERRY, Niel  	Wallaceburg
WOODBERY, Alabama	Garland
WOODBERY, Cornelius	Garland
WOODBERY, Derby E.	Garland
WOODBERY, Lizzie 	Garland
WOODFORK, George W.	Bois D'Arc
WOODFORK, Letitia	Bois D'Arc
WOODFORK, Liza   	Bois D'Arc
WOODFORK, Nannie 	Bois D'Arc
WOODFORK, Sam    	Bois D'Arc
WOODFORK, Sidney L.	Bois D'Arc
WOODFORK, Tempy  	Bois D'Arc
WOODS, Alfred    	Bois D'Arc
WOODS, Allice    	De Roane
WOODS, Edward    	De Roane
WOODS, John      	De Roane
WOODS, Lenora    	De Roane
WOODS, Lewis     	De Roane
WOODS, Margaret  	De Roane
WOOLEY, Cinthia Ann	Bois D'Arc
WOOLEY, Col. G.  	Bois D'Arc
WOOLEY, Col. G.  	Bois D'Arc
WOOLEY, Elneira  	Bois D'Arc
WOOLEY, Geneone  	Bois D'Arc
WOOLEY, Jas. G.  	Bois D'Arc
WOOLEY, Leila A. 	Bois D'Arc
WOOLEY, Lewella  	Bois D'Arc
WOOLEY, Martha R.	Bois D'Arc
WOOLEY, Mary A.  	Bois D'Arc
WOOLEY, Minnie V.	Bois D'Arc
WOOLEY, Nancy M. 	Bois D'Arc
WOOLEY, Oliver   	Bois D'Arc
WOOLEY, Reynard A.	Bois D'Arc
WOOLEY, Rich L.  	Bois D'Arc
WOOLEY, Rich. C. 	Bois D'Arc
WOOLEY, Sarah E. 	Bois D'Arc
WOOSLEY, Amande  	Mine Creek
WOOSLEY, Nathen B.	Mine Creek
WOOTON, Truda    	Ozan
WORD, John T.    	Mine Creek
WORD, Julie      	Mine Creek
WORDS, Louiza    	Mine Creek
WORDS, Unknown   	Mine Creek
WORDS, William   	Mine Creek
WORTHY, Mary B.  	Spring Hill
WREN, James      	Mine Creek
WRIGHT, Abraham  	Washington
WRIGHT, Amanda M.	Ozan
WRIGHT, Andrew   	Ozan
WRIGHT, Anni     	Washington
WRIGHT, Annie A. 	Garland
WRIGHT, Beatrice 	Hope
WRIGHT, Charles  	Mine Creek
WRIGHT, Claude   	Hope
WRIGHT, Dora     	Bois D'Arc
WRIGHT, Ellen    	Mine Creek
WRIGHT, Elonzo   	Mine Creek
WRIGHT, Elvira C.	Ozan
WRIGHT, F. T.    	Hope
WRIGHT, Francis  	Hope
WRIGHT, Henritta 	Mine Creek
WRIGHT, Henry    	Washington
WRIGHT, Henry S. 	Ozan
WRIGHT, James    	De Roane
WRIGHT, James M. 	De Roane
WRIGHT, Jessy    	De Roane
WRIGHT, Jno.     	Fulton
WRIGHT, John     	Washington
WRIGHT, Joseph   	Bois D'Arc
WRIGHT, Judson   	Hope
WRIGHT, Kate     	De Roane
WRIGHT, Mattie E.	Garland
WRIGHT, Minnie   	Washington
WRIGHT, Minnie E.	Garland
WRIGHT, Moses    	Washington
WRIGHT, Paul     	Mine Creek
WRIGHT, Pauline  	Washington
WRIGHT, Saphrona P.	Ozan
WRIGHT, Sophroney	De Roane
WRIGHT, Sylvester	De Roane
WRIGHT, Sylvester H.	Ozan
WRIGHT, Thomas F.	Garland
WRIGHT, W.       	Hope
WYATT, Catherine 	Spring Hill
WYATT, Chelse    	Spring Hill
WYATT, Chelse    	Spring Hill
WYATT, Henry     	Mine Creek
WYATT, Ida       	De Roane
WYATT, James F.  	De Roane
WYATT, Jane      	De Roane
WYATT, Jane      	Mine Creek
WYATT, John      	Mine Creek
WYATT, Lafyett   	Mine Creek
WYATT, Learringin	Spring Hill
WYATT, Liza      	Spring Hill
WYATT, Manuel    	Spring Hill
WYATT, Mary      	De Roane
WYATT, Mary      	Mine Creek
WYATT, Mary      	Spring Hill
WYATT, Mary      	Spring Hill
WYATT, Richard   	Spring Hill
WYATT, Robert    	Spring Hill
WYATT, Ruffin W. 	Spring Hill
WYATT, Ruth M.   	De Roane
WYATT, Samuel    	Mine Creek
WYATT, Thomas    	Mine Creek
WYATT, Viney     	Spring Hill
WYATT, William   	Mine Creek
WYLEY, J. T.     	Hope
WYLIE, Lula      	De Roane
WYLIE, Maria     	Ozan
WYLIE, Peter     	Ozan
WYLIE, Susan     	De Roane
WYLIE, Thomas    	Ozan
WYLIE, Thomas J. 	De Roane
WYRICK, Mary M.  	Garland
WYSINGER, Ammy   	Hope
WYSINGER, Crissy 	Hope
WYSINGER, Henry  	Hope
WYSINGER, Jane   	Hope
WYSINGER, Mary   	Hope
YANCY, George    	Wallaceburg
YANCY, Jennet    	Wallaceburg
YANCY, Randolph  	Wallaceburg
YARBERRY, Alice  	Wallaceburg
YARBERRY, Charles	Wallaceburg
YARBERRY, Clorinda	Wallaceburg
YARBERRY, Elizabeth	Wallaceburg
YARBERRY, George 	Bois D'Arc
YARBERRY, George 	Wallaceburg
YARBERRY, John   	Wallaceburg
YARBERRY, John   	Wallaceburg
YARBERRY, John   	Wallaceburg
YARBERRY, Joseph 	Wallaceburg
YARBERRY, Joseph 	Wallaceburg
YARBERRY, Laura  	Wallaceburg
YARBERRY, Lela   	Wallaceburg
YARBERRY, Lilian 	Wallaceburg
YARBERRY, Martha 	Wallaceburg
YARBERRY, Mary   	Wallaceburg
YARBERRY, Mattie 	Wallaceburg
YARBERRY, Sarah  	Wallaceburg
YARBERRY, Thomas 	Wallaceburg
YARBERRY, Thomas 	Wallaceburg
YARBERRY, William	Wallaceburg
YARBERRY, William	Wallaceburg
YARBROUGH, H. J. 	Spring Hill
YEARGAN, Darkess 	Spring Hill
YEARGAN, Darkess J.	Spring Hill
YEARGAN, Martha A.	Spring Hill
YEARGAN, Mary E. 	Spring Hill
YEARGAN, Melviney A.	Spring Hill
YEARGAN, Thomas D.	Spring Hill
YERGER, Amanda   	Ozan
YERGER, Antony   	Spring Hill
YERGER, Betty    	Ozan
YERGER, E.       	Hope
YERGER, Ella     	Spring Hill
YERGER, Hiram    	Ozan
YERGER, John H.  	Spring Hill
YERGER, John S.  	Spring Hill
YERGER, Laura    	Ozan
YERGER, Margaret 	Spring Hill
YERGER, Mary     	Ozan
YERGER, Mary     	Spring Hill
YERGER, Moses    	Ozan
YERGER, Nelson   	Spring Hill
YERGER, Nora     	Spring Hill
YERGER, Sallie   	Spring Hill
YERGER, Thomas   	Ozan
YERGER, Walter   	Ozan
YOCAMB, Elizabeth	De Roane
YOCAMB, George   	De Roane
YOCAMB, James    	De Roane
YOCAMB, Martha   	De Roane
YOCAMB, Robert   	De Roane
YOCAMB, Roda     	De Roane
YOCAMB, Sarah C. 	De Roane
YOCAMB, William  	De Roane
YOCAMB, Willie   	De Roane
YOCUM, Eliza A.  	Spring Hill
YOCUM, George F. 	Spring Hill
YOCUM, George W. 	Spring Hill
YOCUM, James H.  	Spring Hill
YOCUM, John      	Spring Hill
YOCUM, John H.   	Spring Hill
YOCUM, John R.   	Spring Hill
YOCUM, Julia A.  	Spring Hill
YOCUM, Lewis C.  	Spring Hill
YOCUM, Malinda   	Spring Hill
YOCUM, Margaret  	Spring Hill
YOCUM, Margaret B.	Spring Hill
YOCUM, Margaret M.	Spring Hill
YOCUM, Nancy J.  	Spring Hill
YOCUM, Sarah E.  	Spring Hill
YOKAMB, William  	De Roane
YOUNG, Albert    	Hope
YOUNG, Alex      	Red Land
YOUNG, Allice    	Ozan
YOUNG, Amanda    	Red Land
YOUNG, Amey      	Hope
YOUNG, Anjaline  	De Roane
YOUNG, Ann E.    	Mine Creek
YOUNG, Barvile   	De Roane
YOUNG, Bell J.   	Spring Hill
YOUNG, Callie    	Wallaceburg
YOUNG, Carrie    	Wallaceburg
YOUNG, David     	De Roane
YOUNG, Della     	Wallaceburg
YOUNG, Elizabeth 	Red Land
YOUNG, Emma      	Wallaceburg
YOUNG, Fannie    	Ozan
YOUNG, Fannie    	Ozan
YOUNG, Francis   	Red Land
YOUNG, Francis C.	Mine Creek
YOUNG, Harvy     	Ozan
YOUNG, Hellen O. 	Mine Creek
YOUNG, Inge I.   	Mine Creek
YOUNG, Jacob     	Ozan
YOUNG, James     	De Roane
YOUNG, James K.  	Hope
YOUNG, Jessie    	Red Land
YOUNG, Jessie    	Red Land
YOUNG, Laurah E. 	Mine Creek
YOUNG, Lucy      	Hope
YOUNG, Margaret  	Ozan
YOUNG, Marshal J.	Mine Creek
YOUNG, Martha    	Ozan
YOUNG, Martha    	Ozan
YOUNG, Martha    	Red Land
YOUNG, Mary      	De Roane
YOUNG, Mary J.   	Hope
YOUNG, Mathew J. 	Mine Creek
YOUNG, Miner     	Bois D'Arc
YOUNG, Richard   	De Roane
YOUNG, Rufus     	Red Land
YOUNG, Samuel A. 	Ozan
YOUNG, Thalia    	Hope
YOUNG, Warren    	Ozan
YOUNG, Warren    	Ozan
YOUNG, William   	Hope
YOUNG, William   	Red Land
ZELLNER, Ann     	Garland
ZELLNER, Arnold  	Garland
ZELLNER, Dickson 	Garland
ZELLNER, Henry   	Garland
ZELLNER, John    	Garland
ZELLNER, Lidy    	Garland
ZELLNER, Lula    	Garland
ZELLNER, Sallie  	Garland
ZELLNER, William 	Garland
ZUMALT, Henry    	Washington
ZUMALT, Love     	Washington
ZUMALT, Marion   	Washington
ZUMALT, Saun L.  	Washington
ZUMALT, William  	Washington

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