Texas Birth Records for Hardy
This database contains the birth records of the persons born in Texas who were given the Hardy surname during the years 1903 thru 1997.  Each record includes the given name (shown as LAST FIRST MIDDLE), sex (M or F), and County of birth.  For years 1926 thru 1949 and some other records, the recorded names of the mother and father (also shown as LAST FIRST MIDDLE) are included.

To search the database, enter a Name in the form "last first middle (first and middle optional)" putting spaces between words as shown.  To narrow the search, enter a Year and/or County of birth.  For the years 1926 thru 1949, the name of a father or the maiden name of a mother can be entered as a keyword (with a space between the words).  All fields are searched for the keyword except the name field.

Note:  Name is required but Year, County, and Keyword are optional.  All of the entries must be found in a record exactly as entered for it to be returned.  There are many misspellings in the names, abbreviations of names, etc., so entering full names can sometimes cause a desired record to not be displayed.  For best results do not narrow your search too much.

As an example, entering the following:  Name: hardy william    Year: 1950

would return the records of all persons named William Hardy who were born in Texas in 1950.  Hardy can be entered as the name with no first or middle.

There is a limit of 250 results per query.





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