Texas Births Search Tips
All of the entries are searched for in the birth records as "strings".  This means that all entries have to be found in a record just as they are entered, including spaces.  At least the appropriate surname (Harris for this example) must be entered in the NAME field, but YEAR, COUNTY, and KEYWORD are optional.  The search entries are not case sensitive.  If you get no or few results, remove some of your search terms to broaden the search, and try again.

An example of a record from the database is:


The fields are (L to R): Name (last middle first); Sex (M, F, or U); Date (mm-dd-yyyy); County; Mother's Name (last middle first; Father's name (last middle first).  The father's and mother's names are present for years 1926 thru 1949 and in certain other records.  The KEYWORD search entry is looked for in all of the fields except the name field.

Some examples of search entries which would retrieve the above record are:

(1)  NAME: harris william harold    KEYWORD: (blank)    This is rather obvious.  Any other records with the same name would also be displayed.

(2)  NAME: harris will    YEAR: 1926    This will display all Harris records from 1926 with first names starting with "Will", such as Will, William, Willis, etc.

(3)  NAME: harris    KEYWORD: monroe    This will retrieve all Harris records which show "monroe" in a mother's or father's name.  (Note: If "monroe" happened to be the name of a Texas county (which it isn't), then this would also display all Harris records  from that county).

(4)  NAME: harris william h    COUNTY: tarrant    This will result in all of the William Harold, William Henry, William Houston, etc. records from Tarrant County being displayed.

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