one mile north of Bussey on Col 17 about 3/4 mile
on left side of road and in about 50 feet
Canvassed by Doris Fletcher March 2002
Only one stone in cemetery with all the names listed
YEATES (infant - buried in casket with mother, Georgia)
     Georgie (died in childbirth)
     Lizzie (born about 1865)
     Sarah (w/o Wm Baker YEATES - born about 1832 & died before 1897)
     William Baker (born in England 1818 & died before 1897)
     Dr. William Baker (s/o Wm & Sarah - born in England about 1859)
This cemetery was Canvassed by Chester H. Bullock with help of Archie Barton with
counsel from Mrs. Ila Souter Franks and others. This family can be found in the 1870
census of Columbia County in Georgia Township, household number 119. Emily (Emma)
married Jacob T. Souter and they are buried at the Philadelphia Cemetery. John R.
Yeates married three times and two of his wives are buried in the Park Cemetery in the
western corner of Columbia County. John R. and his third wife, Nora E., are buried at
Shiloh Cemetery near Waldo.
1870 Census Columbia Co. Georgia Township Household - 119/119
YEATES, William 53 M W England
     Sarah 38 F W England
     William 11 M W England
     Rose 10 F W England
     Emily 9 F W England
     Elizabeth 5 F W England
     John 1 M W England

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