The Nall Cemetery is located 12 miles southeast of Magnolia on Col 98. There are no markers at all
and probably never were. One of the members of SO WE ARE - Chester BULLOCK - gathered the
information on those who were buried there.
NALL, Martin11 Aug 1853 - 5 Sep 1902
     son of James Martin NALL & Rebecca UTLEY WARNOCK 
NALL, Silas Sumpter15 Sep 1863 - 24 May 1869
     son of James Martin & Rebecca  
NALL, Zefora Ann 29 Nov 1857 - 14 Jul 1875
     dau of James Martin & Rebecca 
NALL, James Martin 1826 in AL - 27 Sep 1872
     son of Nathan & Elizabeth CLARK NALL 
NALL, Bradley1829 in AL - 10 Sep 1910
     son of Nathan & Elizabeth. Nathan was born in North Carolina & Elizabeth was born in Alabama 
NALL, Flora CAISON ca 1831 - ca 1853
     first wife of Bradley NALL 
NALL, Almeda Elizabeth FRANKLIN1835 - 1871
     second wife of Bradley NALL, She daughter of William B. FRANKLIN and related to the Franklins of 
     Magnolia: grandmother of Melvin CHAMBERS of Magnolia
     wife of James Martin ANLL buried in unmarked grave near west fence of Bethlehem Cemetery in
     Spotsville Community 
NALL, Wiley   
     son of Bradley & Almeda, born 1876, may have had a twin brother. If so, he would be buried in this 
     a traveler, buried here in 1912 

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