Transcription - Will of Chaplin Williams (1781)



In the name of God Amen -

I Chaplin Williams Being Sick and weak of body but

of sound and perfect mind Since and memory, praised be

god, and knowing the uncertainty of human life do make

this my last will and testament in manner and form follo

wing Imprimus


ItemI give and beQueath to my loving wife Susanna all that

part of my Stock of Cattle distinguished by my Brand being

put on Sideways and known by her old place Stock two

feather Beds and furniture one horse known by the name

of Rodger and one Sorrell mare known by the name of

Nancey and all my kitchen furniture, I like wise Lend to

my Loveing wife one Negro woman Named Lender dure

ing her Life and after her Decease She and her Increase

if any to be Equally divided amongst my three Children

Item    I give and bequeath to my three Children Sarah, Jane,

and [Chaplin crossed through] Elihu, all the Rest of my personal Estate

two negroes only Excepted, to be Equally divided when they Come

of age or when one of my Daughters marries, and I lend the

use of my two negroes Solomon and Isaac to my three

Children to be Imployed at the discretion of my Executors to their

use untill the division afore said, and then I give Isaac

to my Daughter Sarah and Solomon to my Daughter

Jane, and my old woman Jinney I leave to her own

Choice to live where She Likes without Interuption

and my desire is that my three Children Sarah Jane and Elihu

be Brought up and Educated at the discretion of Britton Dawson

& Lud Williams whome I make ordain Constitute and appoint

Sole Executors to this my Last will and Testament, nulling and

disallowing all other will or wills before made by me [dark area crossed out?]

as in witness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and

affixed my Seal the 18th Day of June 1781

Sealed and Signed

in Presence of ushis

Pryde Williams Chaplin Williams (Seal)

Grace Rowell  mark

Ann (her mark) Shelton

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