The elderly lady in the second row with the arrow pointing to her is Eveline Melton (1842-1927), the mother of Laura Murrell Ferguson, my great-grandmother.  I have to assume that this is a gathering of her family.  Eveline's maiden name was Stovall, and she was born in Mississippi.  Her first husband, Edmund Murrell, died when Laura was a young girl, and Eveline was remarried to W. M. Melton.  They lived in Harrison County, Texas when Laura was growing up.

This is a fascinating picture, I wish I knew who the other people are.  All of the old gentlemen on the first row have long beards, is that just the custom of the time?  Note the pious pose struck by the Reverend with the Bible.  I believe that this picture was made around the turn of the Twentieth Century.

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