David Gilbert Sudderth Family

Husband: David Gilbert Sudderth

Born: 20 Apr 1850at: Gwinnett Co., GA
Married: 25 Jul 1872at: Fannin Co., TX
Died: 05 Sep 1929at: Leonard, TX
Buried: at: Leonard Cemetery, Leonard, TX
Father: Abraham Sudderth IV
Mother: Temperance Harris

Wife: Martha Hancock

Born: 03 Sep 1854at: Bates Co., MO
Died: 31 Jan 1940at: Leonard, TX
Buried: at: Leonard Cemetery, Leonard, TX


Name: William Aldredge Sudderth
Born: 16 Apr 1873at: 
Died: Abt 1938at: 
Buried: at: 
Spouses: Maude Connelly  

Name: Temperance Ellen (Tempie) Sudderth
Born: 25 Apr 1875at: 
Died: Abt 1935at: 
Buried: at: 
Spouses: N. T. Smith  

Name: Abraham Avery Sudderth
Born: 26 Mar 1877at: 
Died: Abt 1945at: 
Buried: at: 
Spouses: Pearl Allen  

Name: Gilbert Sudderth
Born: 18 Jan 1879at: 
Died: 28 Feb 1957at: 
Buried: at: 
Spouses: Edna Fleming  

Name: James Letcher Sudderth
Born: 15 Jan 1881at: 
Died: 28 Feb 1957at: 
Buried: at: 
Spouses: Maggie Connelly  Carrie Richardson  

Name: Joseph Asbury Sudderth
Born: 23 Jan 1883at: 
Died: at: 
Buried: at: 
Spouses: Neta Sudath  

Name: David Virgil Sudderth
Born: 12 Dec 1885at: 
Died: at: 
Buried: at: 
Spouses: Elma White  Nell Allen  

Name: John Wesley Sudderth
Born: 01 Mar 1887at: 
Died: 04 Jun 1950at: 
Buried: at: 
Spouses: Alice Johnson  Katy Wright  

Name: Roy Sudderth
Born: 09 Jun 1889at: 
Died: Sep 1951at: 
Buried: at: 
Spouses: Julia Connally  Goldie Scott  

Name: Hattie Sudderth
Born: 10 May 1891at: 
Died: at: 
Buried: at: 

Name: Nugent Sudderth
Born: 05 Jan 1893at: 
Died: 17 Apr 1934at: 
Buried: at: 
Spouses: Jessie Akins  

Name: Jesse Houston Sudderth
Born: 18 Jul 1895at: 
Died: at: 
Buried: at: 

Name: Elmer Sudderth
Born: 01 Apr 1900at: 
Died: at: 
Buried: at: 

More Information:

About David Gilbert Sudderth:

They lived on a farm near Leonard, TX.

From "The History of Leonard, Texas 1880-1980", supplied by Nita Pickett.

"David Gilbert Sudderth was born in Gwinnett County near Buford,Georgia. He was the son of Abraham Sudderth (1824-1853) and Temperence Harris Sudderth (1824-1853).........On the way to Texas, which was by ox wagon, Temperence became ill with malaria and died. She was buried somewhere near the Mississippi River (place unknown). It took three months to make the trip. ......David's father married Nancy Brown 1824-1896), a native Texan.....Abraham served with the Confederate Army......David Gilbert Sudderth married Martha Hancock (1853-1940). (His dates are 1850-1929).......Abraham Sudderth returned to Georgia after the Civil War and brought back an old slave of the family who refused to leave when they were freed. He had grown up in North Carolina with members of the Sudderth family and then went into Georgia with other members of the family. David Gilbert and his wife, Martha, built a small house behind their home where he remained until his death. He lived to be over 100 years of age. I have been told that he was treated as a member of the family. He was buried in the Grove Hill Cemetery (I have seen his grave, Gary.). His name was Jack Sudderth, and there is a small tombstone at his grave. I think he is the only black person buried in this cemetery.......Clairrisu Elizabeth Sudderth (1848-unknown) married Jess London and after his death married Lon Tefteller." Joe and B. Sudderth - Grandsons

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