This old photo is only the left half of the original, which I have not located.  It is believed to show John Calvin and Mary Tine Harris and some of their children, taken around 1906.  The ages of the older man and woman look about right in relation to the age of the baby.  John would have been about 50 and Mary about 45 when daughter Grace was a baby.  A closer view of the people is given below:

John Lemuel Harris, son of Denzil Harris, wrote his opinion as to the identity of the people in the picture:

"Mary Tine Harris has probably Grace in her lap.  The two girls standing on Mary Tine's left is Beaulah Webb (Mary Tine's half sister, 11 yrs old), and Annie, then John Calvin.  Just below the two girls and between Mary and John Calvin is Bill.  Below Bill and to his right is Wynns.  Denzil is sitting on the steps in the original picture (from page four of Marie Key's book) on the other side of the steps from Wynns, but has been cropped out of this picture.  The girl holding on to the pole would be Ophelia."

John didn't mention the grown woman standing on the left, but this could have been one of the older Harris daughters, Addie or Minnie.   Their home place was near Ozan in Hempstead Co., Arkansas.

Portrait of John Calvin and Mary Tine Harris


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