This is a picture of my great-grandfather Joseph W. Ferguson, my great-grandmother Laura Ferguson, and their children.  In the rear, left to right: Raymond, Leonard W. (my grandfather), and Joe Allen.  In front, Joseph, Verda, and Laura.  Laura lived to the age of 98, dying in 1965.  My great-grandfather Joseph worked for Kansas City Southern Railroad, and since he died in 1942 when I was a baby, I have no memory of him.  There was another son, Homer F., who was killed in an auto accident in 1912 at the age of 24.  Since Verda was born in 1906 and looks to be 6 or 7 here, then Homer must have been killed shortly before this picture was taken, or otherwise he would most likely have been in this picture.  Verda married a railroad man, Ray Wyatt.  Leonard was also a lifelong K.C.S. Railroad worker, living in Shreveport until 1938 when he transferred to Port Arthur, Texas, after his separation from my grandmother, Kathleen.  Joe Allen, who was also a railroad man, never married and lived with his mother until her death.  Raymond, who I only met a few times, was a Civil Engineer with Atlantic Oil Co. and lived and died in Dallas.


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