Original Will of Chaplin Williams - 1781

Chaplin Williams was my fifth great-grandfather, born probably in the early 1750's, in NC or VA.  He was the grandfather of Helen Zubly Williams, wife of William Henry Orchard.  Chaplin Williams is believed to have been a soldier in the Revolutionary War, a Georgia "soldier of the line" participating in the defense of Augusta, GA in 1781.  It appears that he was very ill in June of 1781 when he had his will drawn up, since his mark made as a signature on the will, a large "C", was written with a very shaky hand.  It is possible that he was wounded in the battle, or fell ill while serving in the army.  It is believed that Chaplin's brother Pryde Williams wrote the body of the will, based on comparing the handwriting with the signature Pryde affixed to the will on the bottom left.  Chaplin's brother Lud Williams was named as the Executor of the estate.  It is assumed that Chaplin died shortly afterward.  His will was probated in 1786.

I came into possession of his original will, it apparently having been removed from the Richmond County, GA Courthouse archives under unknown circumstances.   The will is in excellent condition and is quite legible.  A scanned image is shown below.  Also available is a transcription of the will.

Transcription of Will

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