My School Class Group Pictures

These are most of my school class group pictures for grades 1 thru 8, and also a couple of my brother Danny's. Included are:

  • Claiborne Elementary, Shreveport, LA, school years 1946-47, 1947-48, 1948-49.
  • Queensborough Elementary, Shreveport, LA, school years 1949-50 through 1954-55.
  • Lakeshore Junior High, Shreveport, LA, school year 1954-55.

I have put names to a few of the kids on the pictures, as well as I can remember (it's been a long time!).  Many of the faces are still familiar, but the names escape me.  If anyone can add names to these pictures, I would appreciate receiving them.   If I have mis-named anyone, my apologies, and please send me the corrections.

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