Robert Nelson Montgomery Family

Husband: Robert Nelson Montgomery

Born: 11 Oct 1870at: Worth Co., MO
Married: 12 Apr 1896at: Neal, OK Terr.
Died: 01 Jul 1960at: Tecumseh, OK
Buried: at: Tecumseh Cemetery, Tecumseh, OK
Father: Harvey Heath Montgomery
Mother: Sarah (Sally) Harriss

Wife: Senneca McClure Whitlatch

Born: 30 Mar 1878at: Perry Co., IL
Died: 20 Oct 1968at: Shawnee, OK
Buried: at: Tecumseh City Cemetery, Tecumseh, OK
Father: Senica M. Whitlatch
Mother: Minerva Harriss

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About the Robert Nelson Montgomery Family:

About Robert Nelson Montgomery:

Nine children.

About Senneca McClure Whitlatch:

From Laquetta Montgomery, granddaughter of Senneca Whitlatch:

" Sennie told a story about the day they left Perry County, Illinois. She was a small child and hid in the wagon so that she did not have to say good-bye to her grandfather, John Harriss. He found her anyway. It was a difficult parting. An aunt, uncle, nephew rode with them the first day, camped that night and returned to Perry County. They went on, Minerva Harriss and her three children in the wagon.

My grandmother lived in various places in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas. Minerva was the post mistress in Neal, Oklahoma Territory and ran the first telephone switchboard in St. Louis, Oklahoma along with her sister, Harriet. Minerva also worked in a factory in Dallas. Minerva is buried as Minerva Brown, beside her daughter, Senneca, in the Tecumseh City Cemetery in Tecumseh, Oklahoma.

Senneca sewed, made quilts, canned, wrote poetry, had flower and vegetable gardens, worked the cotton fields, was a wonderful cook and person. She was also a member of the First Baptist Church in Tecumseh, Oklahoma.

Senneca died when I was 18 years-old."

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