Jacob Sylvester Lanham Family

Husband: Jacob Sylvester Lanham

Born: at: 
Married: 14 Nov 1880at: Dallas, TX
Died: at: 
Buried: at: Beeman Cemetery - Dallas, TX

Wife: Mary Anna Ferguson

Born: 10 Feb 1861at: Dallas, TX
Died: 26 Oct 1881at: Dallas, TX
Buried: at: Beeman Cemetery - Dallas, TX
Father: James Parson Ferguson
Mother: Susan Morrow Bowen


Name: Anna Lanham
Born: 03 Oct 1881at: Dallas, TX
Died: 22 Nov 1881at: Dallas, TX
Buried: at: Beeman Cemetery - Dallas, TX

More Information:

About Jacob Sylvester Lanham:

The headstone of Jacob is broken into pieces, you can not read anything that was on the stone .

About Mary Anna Ferguson:

Mary Anna Ferguson died a couple of weeks after the birth of hers and Jacobs 1st child.

Her headstone reads: Mary Anna Lanham
Dau of J. P. and Susan Ferguson
Born Feb 10th 1861
Died Oct 26th 1881
She Sleeps with Jesus

There is a crack in the middle of the stone and the stone is hidden away in the trees in the cemetery, along with her husband Jacob, and their daughter Little Anna.

About Anna Lanham:

Little Anna Lanham died a little more then a month after she was born from what they called back then Child Bed Fever. Which is now known as SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Her headstone reads:
In Memory of Little Anna
Dau of Jacob and Anna Lanham
Born Oct 3rd 1881
Died Nov 22nd 1881

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