Civil War Service Record of Molias Hardy

The Confederate Service Records held in the National Archives consist of a series of cards which were created years after the war from the original Confederate records.  The cards reflect periodic muster rolls, lists of deaths, POW lists, etc. which from the soldier's units.  A card was filled out for each time an individual soldier's name appeared on one of the lists.  The records are incomplete, sometimes inaccurate, and often hard to read.  However they do contain a wealth of valuable information on many Confederate soldiers.

The following are descriptions of the cards comprising Molias Hardy's Civil War Record.  Some show "N. Hardy, some "M. Hardy".  Click on the card number to see a scanned image of the card.

Card 1 - Index card for "N. Hardy", Private, Co. A, 15th (Johnson's) Ark. Inf.

Card 2 - Company Muster Roll for Co. A, 15th (Johnson's) Ark. Inf., for the period Oct 4, 1861 to Oct. 6, 1862,  showing that "N. Hardy" enlisted on Oct. 4, 1861 at Magnolia, Ark. for one year.  The remark reads: "Died at Camp Butler, Ill., March 26, 1862."  (Later records show the date as March 15, 1862.)

Card 3 - Roll of Prisoners of War at Camp Butler, Springfield, Illinois, for Co. A, 15th (Johnson's) Ark. Inf.  It states that "M. Hardy" was on the list, captured at Ft. Donelson on Feb. 16, 1862, and he died on March 15, 1862.

Card 4 - Register of Officers and Soldiers who were killed or died of wound or disease, for Co. A, 15th (Johnson's) Ark. Inf.  It states that "M. Hardy" was on the list, deceased on March 15, 1862 at Camp Butler, Ill., he left no money or effects.

Card 5 - Register of Claims of Deceased Officers and Soldiers.  It states that "Molins Hardy" was on the list, claim presented by "Julia Hardy, widow", claim filed Dec. 11, 1862.  It does not give the amount of the payment, or if it was actually paid.

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