Students of Fair Park High School

Shreveport, LA - 1936

This list is from the 1936 school yearbook, Sequoyah.

Note:  In the yearbook, the students were grouped and designated as "A Freshmen", B Freshman", "A Sophomores", "B Sophomores", etc.  It is unclear what these A and B designations signified.

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Name Class
Abrahams, Billie MargaretJunior
Adair, Dorothy ElizabethClass of 1936
Adams, CatherineClass of 1936
Adams, EnolaA Sophomore
Adams, J. L.Junior
Alexander, MargaretClass of 1936
Alexander, VictorJunior
Alford, S. L.A Sophomore
Alfred, J. B.A Freshman
Allen, HelenClass of 1936
Allen, LucilleA Sophomore
Allmand, J. C.B Freshman
Allred, DavidJunior
Alston, EdwardA Sophomore
Anderson, RaymondA Sophomore
Armstrong, ThomasineJunior
Arnold, ElizabethA Sophomore
Arnold, FlorenceB Freshman
Arnold, Helen EthelenClass of 1936
Arnold, MabelA Freshman
Ashley, Bennie FayB Sophomore
Ashley, Irene HopeClass of 1936
Ashley, Victor NoelClass of 1936
Ashley, VioletA Sophomore
Atkins, AllanA Sophomore
Audleman, BettyB Sophomore
Ault, CharlesA Freshman
Babin, JanieJunior
Babin, MontezA Freshman
Baggett, OscarA Sophomore
Baggett, SydneyA Freshman
Baldock, JerryA Sophomore
Baldridge, AlbertClass of 1936
Bannon, E. C.Class of 1936
Bardwell, Essie PearlB Sophomore
Bardwell, JewellA Sophomore
Bardwell, JuanitaJunior
Barnes, RobertB Sophomore
Barnette, DorothyA Freshman
Barney, CharlesClass of 1936
Bartschmid, AlbertA Sophomore
Bass, CecilA Sophomore
Bass, CecilB Sophomore
Bass, LaverneA Sophomore
Bass, TerrellA Freshman
Batchelor, Josie DeanA Sophomore
Bayliss, RobertA Freshman
Beck, MarquiseClass of 1936
Becker, JuneJunior
Beckwith, OlinB Freshman
Beeman, JeaniceB Sophomore
Beeman, MaurineJunior
Bell, BarbaraJunior
Bell, HowardB Senior
Bell, LydiaA Freshman
Bell, ReginaldA Sophomore
Belt, DebsB Sophomore
Berry, AlbertClass of 1936
Berry, ClarenceA Sophomore
Berry, JackA Sophomore
Berry, RichardClass of 1936
Bethany, AnitaA Freshman
Bettis, Sammy JoA Sophomore
Bewley, ByronA Freshman
Bewley, GenevieveClass of 1936
Bibb, LeonardB Sophomore
Bibb, Mary LouiseA Sophomore
Bickham, CharlesA Sophomore
Bickham, JamesB Sophomore
Bickham, MaryA Freshman
Bicknell, JamesA Sophomore
Bienvenu, BessieA Freshman
Bigby, BunaJunior
Birge, LillianJunior
Bishop, EdwinaJunior
Black, A.D.B Freshman
Black, EdgarB Sophomore
Blaine, LouiseA Sophomore
Blake, CharlesA Freshman
Bland, EdgarClass of 1936
Bland, HaroldA Freshman
Bloodsworth, AaronB Sophomore
Bloxom, BillyA Freshman
Bloxom, BillyB Freshman
Bloxom, HaroldJunior
Bloxom, JackA Freshman
Bloxom, LeotaA Sophomore
Bonds, CharlesA Sophomore
Bonner, AgnesB Sophomore
Bonner, DouglasB Senior
Bonner, HowardA Freshman
Bonner, PaulA Sophomore
Bonner, PaulA Sophomore
Bonnette, JamesB Sophomore
Bonnette, LillianB Freshman
Booker, GlennaA Freshman
Booker, LewisClass of 1936
Booker, Mary LouiseA Sophomore
Bordelon, MarjorieClass of 1936
Bossier, RoyA Sophomore
Bostian, ElaineJunior
Bott, EnidA Sophomore
Bott, UdineB Senior
Bowden, JackClass of 1936
Bowman, EdwardA Sophomore
Bowman, JewelB Sophomore
Bowman, LorineA Freshman
Boyd, RobertB Freshman
Boykin, BessieClass of 1936
Boykin, MackB Freshman
Bradford, DorothyJunior
Bradford, ErnestineClass of 1936
Bradford, LouiseA Freshman
Bradley, JoeB Freshman
Brady, Margaret AlbertaClass of 1936
Brandt, CharlesB Freshman
Brandt, NatB Senior
Braswell, GrantA Sophomore
Braswell, JuanitaA Freshman
Brewer, EdwardA Freshman
Brice, JackB Sophomore
Bridges, HunterA Sophomore
Bridges, PeggyB Freshman
Britton, RogersA Sophomore
Brobst, Mary ElizabethJunior
Brocato, AndrewB Freshman
Brocato, CharlieA Freshman
Brocato, Enrico PaulClass of 1936
Brocato, JoeA Freshman
Brocato, JohnnieA Freshman
Brocato, JosephineA Freshman
Brocato, MarthaB Freshman
Brocato, TonyB Freshman
Brock, JamesA Freshman
Brock, JamesB Sophomore
Brock, JohnnyB Freshman
Brock, LouiseA Sophomore
Brock, Margaret IdellaClass of 1936
Brooks, MarieB Sophomore
Broughton, EloiseClass of 1936
Broughton, JamesB Freshman
Brown, Carr BatesJunior
Brown, EugeneA Sophomore
Brown, FloyB Senior
Brown, FronahA Freshman
Brown, GertrudeA Freshman
Brown, GloriaA Freshman
Brown, IonaA Sophomore
Brown, LavelleA Sophomore
Brown, LewisA Sophomore
Brown, Mary InezClass of 1936
Brown, MildredA Freshman
Brown, ThomasA Freshman
Brown, W. F.B Senior
Brown, WallaceJunior
Brownlee, Woodrow WilsonClass of 1936
Bryan, DaelB Senior
Bryan, GaelB Senior
Bryan, JohnA Sophomore
Bryan, WilliamA Sophomore
Bryant, MaryleaA Freshman
Bryant, RubyClass of 1936
Buchanan, BettyA Sophomore
Buchanan, BobB Sophomore
Buchanan, GradyJunior
Bullock, EldredA Freshman
Bullock, JamesA Sophomore
Burdine, ElaineClass of 1936
Burke, VerlinB Senior
Burkett, OuidaA Sophomore
Burnette, MonnieB Freshman
Burns, BryanA Sophomore
Burns, LloydA Freshman
Burns, Margaret DenhamClass of 1936
Burton, RoyA Freshman
Bushart, LucilleJunior
Bussie, MildredA Sophomore
Byrd, VernonB Sophomore
Bytes, RuthA Freshman
Caldwell, Mary E.A Freshman
Calhoun, TomA Sophomore
Call, JoyceA Freshman
Call, LeonaB Senior
Campbell, Clea T.Junior
Caraway, JetaA Sophomore
Caraway, JosephineJunior
Cardwell, AshfordA Sophomore
Carlisle, DempseyA Sophomore
Carlton, BeatriceClass of 1936
Carlton, CharlesB Freshman
Carlton, JackA Sophomore
Carr, DorisJunior
Carr, Emma LouA Sophomore
Carroll, GayA Sophomore
Carvell, E. C.Class of 1936
Carvell, MaryB Freshman
Cascio, AndrewA Freshman
Cascio, JohnnyA Freshman
Cascio, RoyA Freshman
Casey, J. T.Junior
Chalor, VictorA Sophomore
Chambers, MaryA Sophomore
Chamlee, JackJunior
Chamlee, Nettie LouiseB Sophomore
Chandler, J. E.A Freshman
Chapman, YettaA Sophomore
Chennault, MildredA Sophomore
Cherry, PerrenClass of 1936
Cherry, W. T.B Freshman
Clanton, JackB Freshman
Clanton, ReeseA Sophomore
Clanton, RuthA Freshman
Clark, MildredA Freshman
Clark, Rose MarieJunior
Clarke, HildaClass of 1936
Clem, Betty RuthA Sophomore
Cline, AliceA Freshman
Cobb, EloiseA Sophomore
Cobb, LillieJunior
Cobb, SybilB Sophomore
Cockerham, ArviliaA Sophomore
Cockerham, RuthClass of 1936
Cogdell, LeverneA Freshman
Coile, HenryA Freshman
Coleman, MaxB Freshman
Collins, AddisonB Sophomore
Collins, AllenA Freshman
Collins, BillyB Freshman
Collins, CortezClass of 1936
Collins, DanB Sophomore
Collins, LeonardB Freshman
Collum, NeilanA Sophomore
Compton, RobertA Sophomore
Conerly, MableClass of 1936
Connell, DeeA Sophomore
Connell, EdnaB Sophomore
Connell, GenevaClass of 1936
Connell, MildredB Freshman
Connole, BarneyClass of 1936
Cook, JuneA Freshman
Cook, TomA Sophomore
Coon, RoyA Sophomore
Cooper, EdwardB Sophomore
Cooper, JackJunior
Copeland, LeonardB Sophomore
Corbet, Frances AnneJunior
Corbit, MiltonB Freshman
Cordell, JimmieA Sophomore
Cosby, KennethClass of 1936
Cox, BerniceA Freshman
Craig, DouglasB Sophomore
Crain, O. L.A Sophomore
Cranford, LillianA Sophomore
Craun, Elizabeth AnnB Sophomore
Crenshaw, EthelA Sophomore
Crew, AliceB Senior
Crouch, Myra AliceJunior
Cryar, JuanitaA Freshman
Culatto, RoyB Senior
Culbertson, RobertB Freshman
Cullato, JoeA Freshman
Cureton, JeraldB Sophomore
Curry, MauriceB Senior
Curry, RalphB Freshman
D'Anna, SantinaA Freshman
D'Anna, VinceA Freshman
D'Anna, VinceB Freshman
Dantes, DanA Freshman
Dantes, JohnnieA Sophomore
Darrow, CharlesB Sophomore
Dauzat, GertrudeJunior
Dauzhar, J. A.B Freshman
Davis, DorisA Freshman
Davis, EdgarClass of 1936
Davis, ErnestA Freshman
Davis, Eunice MarieB Sophomore
Davis, LeonB Sophomore
Davis, SybleA Sophomore
Deal, JamesA Sophomore
Deal, JamesB Sophomore
Deason, JoeB Sophomore
Deason, NellClass of 1936
Deck, BillyA Freshman
Declerk, HenryJunior
Defatta, AngelinaB Senior
Defatta, PhilipClass of 1936
Dehaan, AnthonyA Sophomore
Demoss, EdwinA Sophomore
Demoss, MorganA Freshman
Demoss, RalphA Freshman
Dennis, MargaretA Freshman
Deprato, EdwinB Freshman
Desiere, FrancisA Freshman
Deyoung, HelenJunior
Dillman, Mary GraceA Freshman
Dinkins, LynnB Sophomore
Dixon, Dorothy JaneA Sophomore
Dixon, JohnClass of 1936
Dixon, PhyllisA Freshman
Dolce, CamilleB Freshman
Dolce, JennieA Freshman
Doran, Edith ClaireA Freshman
Downs, HerschelA Freshman
Draper, NellaB Freshman
Drummond, CowdenClass of 1936
Ducote, H. J.A Freshman
Ducote, HaroldJunior
Dumas, FerneJunior
Dumas, MarilynA Freshman
Duncan, WallaceA Sophomore
Dunham, PrentisB Sophomore
Dupree, BeatriceJunior
Dupree, ElnaA Sophomore
Durham, HowardB Sophomore
Durr, Elva ThomasA Freshman
Easley, CleonA Freshman
Easterling, RupertClass of 1936
Egbert, DennisonA Freshman
Egbert, DennisonB Freshman
Elder, AnitaA Sophomore
Ellington, Wanda WrayClass of 1936
Elzey, DouglasB Sophomore
Embry, JanieA Freshman
Emery, Mary HelenB Senior
Ensminger, RayA Freshman
Epinette, EdnaA Freshman
Epstein, GussieJunior
Eshete, VirgieA Sophomore
Evans, ChristineB Senior
Evans, Mary FrancesJunior
Everett, CurtisA Sophomore
Fagan, GeraldineA Sophomore
Faircloth, Dora MarieA Freshman
Fairman, NelmaB Senior
Fallon, BettyB Sophomore
Faour, MatildaA Freshman
Faour, SelmaA Freshman
Farmer, CatherineA Freshman
Farquhar, DorothyJunior
Farrington, ArthurClass of 1936
Farrington, GraceB Sophomore
Feducia, FrancesJunior
Ferguson, BillyA Freshman
Ferguson, LenedaB Sophomore
Ferguson, RuthClass of 1936
Fertitta, CamilleB Freshman
Fertitta, PhillipA Sophomore
Fetzer, BowmanJunior
Fetzer, JohnJunior
Fields, DonaldA Freshman
Finch, InezJunior
Finley, ThorntonB Freshman
Finuf, C. E.A Freshman
Finuf, C. E.B Sophomore
Fitts, Bessie MaeA Sophomore
Fletcher, MarianJunior
Flory, DorothyJunior
Flory, GordonA Freshman
Floyd, T. A.B Sophomore
Foley, DorothyJunior
Ford, AlvinA Sophomore
Foretich, MarjorieB Freshman
Forsong, ChettaA Freshman
Forsong, ViolaB Sophomore
Fort, ClydeB Sophomore
Fortner, MorrisB Freshman
Fowler, MarieA Sophomore
Fox, CharlesA Sophomore
Franks, DanB Sophomore
Frazier, JuanitaA Sophomore
Freeman, SolJunior
Freeze, DorothyA Freshman
Fry, OrineA Freshman
Fulco, CecilA Freshman
Fulco, JoeB Freshman
Fulco, LorraineJunior
Fulco, RoyA Sophomore
Fulco, Roy J.A Sophomore
Fuller, GwendolynB Freshman
Fuqua, WayneB Sophomore
Futch, G. B.B Sophomore
Gage, IvyClass of 1936
Gage, RoyB Freshman
Gaines, FrankA Freshman
Gallien, JohnetteB Freshman
Gallien, MalcolmB Sophomore
Gamble, WilliamClass of 1936
Gamblin, Sue EllenB Sophomore
Gandy, HazelB Freshman
Gandy, Mary WallaceA Sophomore
Gardner, FrancisA Freshman
Garner, Janie MaeClass of 1936
Garrard, EarlA Sophomore
Garrard, MyrlB Sophomore
Garrett, ImaA Sophomore
Garrett, ImaB Sophomore
Garrett, WyckliffA Sophomore
Garris, AgnesJunior
Gaston, Hessie MarieJunior
Gaston, ThomasClass of 1936
Gatlin, HermanA Freshman
Gatti, AliceA Freshman
Gatti, CarlA Sophomore
Gaude, AgnesA Sophomore
Gault, Era FayeB Freshman
Geneux, Mary FrancesA Freshman
George, ClarenceB Sophomore
George, HazelsteenJunior
George, JamesA Freshman
George, T.H.B Freshman
Gibson, MarjorieClass of 1936
Giddens, LexA Freshman
Gilcrease, HowardA Sophomore
Gilcrease, ThelmaA Freshman
Gililland, AlA Sophomore
Gililland, HazelClass of 1936
Gilley, DualA Freshman
Gilley, TravisB Sophomore
Gilliland, LawrenceA Freshman
Gilliland, Mary ElizabethB Senior
Gilmer, MaryB Freshman
Gilmer, VirgieA Sophomore
Gilson, EgbertClass of 1936
Givens, F. A.B Sophomore
Godwin, MargueriteA Sophomore
Goodwin, ImogeneClass of 1936
Goodwin, NellJunior
Gordy, HazelClass of 1936
Gordy, IvyA Sophomore
Graff, CarltonJunior
Graff, JamesB Sophomore
Graham, CurtisA Sophomore
Graham, EdwinA Freshman
Graham, GloriaA Freshman
Grant, RosamondClass of 1936
Graves, HubertClass of 1936
Gray, BillA Freshman
Green, BenA Sophomore
Green, CharlesB Sophomore
Green, DonA Freshman
Green, DonnA Freshman
Green, Ruth ClaireB Sophomore
Green, WilburB Freshman
Gremillion, SydneyA Sophomore
Griffin, HaywoodA Freshman
Griffin, JamesClass of 1936
Griffith, MarieA Freshman
Griffith, Mary AliceA Sophomore
Grizzle, LouiseB Freshman
Grubbs, AllenB Sophomore
Grubbs, RussellB Senior
Guice, ThomasA Sophomore
Guillory, JosephineA Freshman
Gullion, IreneB Freshman
Gullion, RobertB Sophomore
Gullo, JosephineJunior
Guthermann, Mary RuthB Freshman
Gwin, HellonA Sophomore
Gwyn, ErnestA Freshman
Hailey, MarvinB Freshman
Hale, ClaudeA Sophomore
Haley, Mary FrancesA Freshman
Hamilton, AnneB Freshman
Hammons, CrenaA Freshman
Hamner, BillyA Freshman
Hamner, Martha IlerJunior
Hankins, VirginiaB Freshman
Hanlon, DorrisB Senior
Hanlon, RuthB Freshman
Harbin, P. K.B Sophomore
Harbour, JamesA Sophomore
Hardy, JamesA Freshman
Harlan, ThomasJunior
Harlin, ReginaldA Sophomore
Harlow, RoyA Sophomore
Harmon, EmmettA Sophomore
Harper, RuthB Sophomore
Harrell, MildredB Freshman
Harrelson, NarceyClass of 1936
Harris, LeverneB Sophomore
Harrison, JamesJunior
Harrison, RexJunior
Harrison, SunshineJunior
Harvey, JoeB Sophomore
Harvey, RoyJunior
Hasty, Alice RuthA Freshman
Hatcher, DillardClass of 1936
Hatcher, WesleyA Sophomore
Hattic, BillyA Freshman
Hattic, CharlesB Senior
Hauser, BertB Freshman
Hawkins, MildredA Sophomore
Hayden, RuthA Sophomore
Hayes, YvonneB Freshman
Haygood, JohnB Freshman
Haywood, FernB Sophomore
Haywood, HelenB Sophomore
Head, Bessie MaeB Freshman
Head, VeraB Sophomore
Hearst, JackB Freshman
Hebert, WertieA Sophomore
Hedges, HoustonA Sophomore
Heim, StewartJunior
Heiser, JulietteJunior
Heiser, Mary EmmaA Sophomore
Heister, Emma LeeA Freshman
Henderson, Lillie MayB Sophomore
Hendricks, F. E.A Freshman
Hendricks, MarionA Freshman
Hendrix, MarjorieClass of 1936
Henley, B. J.B Sophomore
Henley, CharlesB Freshman
Henley, Esther MaeA Freshman
Hermes, John AlbertA Freshman
Herrin, RichardB Senior
Hession, MichaelA Sophomore
Hiers, JerryB Senior
Hiers, RobertA Sophomore
Higdon, NellieA Freshman
Hill, F. A.A Freshman
Hill, FrancesClass of 1936
Hilliard, WinifredA Sophomore
Hinton, DeloresJunior
Hodge, InezA Freshman
Hodge, W. B.B Freshman
Hodges, ClovisClass of 1936
Hodges, ShirleyClass of 1936
Hodges, WatsonA Freshman
Hoffman, RubyB Senior
Holeman, J. W.A Freshman
Holland, BenB Sophomore
Holland, LoisClass of 1936
Holliday, RuthClass of 1936
Hollingsworth, WayneA Sophomore
Holloway, JaniceA Freshman
Hollowell, JennieClass of 1936
Holman, BobbieB Freshman
Hood, JosephA Sophomore
Hood, WalterA Freshman
Horn, AlfredA Freshman
Horn, MurdockJunior
Horn, RobertA Sophomore
Hornsby, EstelleA Freshman
Hough, EvelynClass of 1936
Hough, OpalA Sophomore
Houston, Bobbie GeneB Freshman
Houston, JohnA Freshman
Houston, Virginia ClaireClass of 1936
Howard, JamesClass of 1936
Howard, JohnnieA Freshman
Howell, MargaretB Freshman
Howell, MargieA Freshman
Huckabee, BillA Freshman
Huckabee, ChesterA Sophomore
Huckabee, Denzil LeeB Freshman
Huddleston, CharlesA Freshman
Hudman, JacqueJunior
Hudson, AlverneB Sophomore
Hudson, DarwinA Sophomore
Huffman, CorneliaJunior
Huffman, MarthaA Sophomore
Hunter, JuanitaA Sophomore
Hutchinson, HelenClass of 1936
Hyatt, JamesA Freshman
Hyde, MarjorieA Freshman
Ice, DorothyClass of 1936
Ice, EvaJunior
Iles, DavidA Freshman
Imbragulio, GloriaA Freshman
Ivy, CharlesA Freshman
Ivy, Maude FrancesClass of 1936
Ivy, RubyB Sophomore
Jackson, LoraineA Freshman
Jackson, MargaretA Sophomore
Jackson, Mary HelenClass of 1936
Jackson, NoreenB Sophomore
Jacoby, GeorgeA Freshman
James, EdwinA Sophomore
James, LillianA Sophomore
Jameson, Ann DeanA Freshman
Jean, BillA Freshman
Jean, CharleanA Freshman
Jeffers, NelloisB Freshman
Jenkins, H. R.Class of 1936
Jenkins, SueJunior
Jennings, HelenA Freshman
Jeter, MargaretA Freshman
Johnson, DorothyB Senior
Johnson, GeraldineA Sophomore
Johnson, HaroldClass of 1936
Johnson, J. B.B Senior
Johnson, MargaretA Sophomore
Johnson, NollimaeB Freshman
Johnson, OttolieClass of 1936
Johnston, LydiaA Freshman
Johnston, MarionA Freshman
Jones, ElizabethB Sophomore
Jones, EvelynClass of 1936
Jones, GenevieveA Sophomore
Jones, GloriaB Freshman
Jones, HelenJunior
Jones, JackB Freshman
Jones, KyleB Freshman
Jones, Laura EvelynA Freshman
Jones, MarcelleJunior
Jones, RossA Freshman
Jones, Winnie MaeJunior
Jones, YvonneB Senior
Jopling, WilmaClass of 1936
Kaivin, TerrolB Sophomore
Kaufman, BobbieA Sophomore
Keith, CharlesA Sophomore
Kelley, BobA Sophomore
Kelley, DorisB Senior
Kelley, ErnestineB Freshman
Kemper, BillyA Sophomore
Kennington, LoisB Freshman
Kerley, ElnaB Sophomore
Kerley, J. L.A Sophomore
Key, J. C.A Freshman
Kihneman, JamesA Freshman
King, HarryClass of 1936
King, RayA Freshman
Kline, BillyB Senior
Kneipp, EmileB Senior
Kneipp, FredClass of 1936
Kneipp, Susie MaeA Freshman
Kneippe, W. J.Class of 1936
Kottler, EvelynJunior
Krisle, Mary LouiseA Sophomore
Lafitte, TommyA Sophomore
Lalena, PhillipB Sophomore
Lamb, AvaClass of 1936
Lambert, JuanitaB Sophomore
Lambeth, LoreneJunior
Lancaster, CorineA Freshman
Lancaster, MildredA Sophomore
Landrum, EugeneJunior
Landrum, MildredA Freshman
Lanza, AnthonyClass of 1936
Lanza, JohnClass of 1936
Larrison, A. C.A Freshman
Lasseter, EugeneB Freshman
Laurant, DorothyA Freshman
Lawler, Laura FrancesClass of 1936
Lawrence, JamesA Freshman
Lawrence, JamesB Freshman
Lawrence, RuthA Sophomore
Lawson, SarahB Sophomore
Leach, Hugh WilsonClass of 1936
Lealon, TramelA Freshman
Lee, HurmondB Sophomore
Lee, LouiseClass of 1936
Lee, Mamie EvaA Freshman
Lee, Mary KatherineB Senior
Leonardos, Sophia DemetriaClass of 1936
Lester, DorothyA Freshman
Levasseur, MarjorieB Sophomore
Leverett, Helen RuthB Senior
Lewin, RichardA Sophomore
Lewis, DorisA Sophomore
Lewis, DorothyB Sophomore
Lewis, FlorenceB Sophomore
Lewis, RupertJunior
Liberto, TonyB Freshman
Lilly, DorothyA Freshman
Lilly, SusieB Freshman
Lindsay, BobbyJunior
Lindsay, VernonB Freshman
Litton, ElnoraA Freshman
Locke, MarthaA Sophomore
Lockhart, Mary AnneClass of 1936
Lofton, BettyA Sophomore
Lofton, EloiseJunior
Lombardino, BuddyB Senior
Long, NaomiJunior
Long, WallaceA Freshman
Loper, CatherineB Freshman
Lottier, EmileA Freshman
Lottinger, OresteA Freshman
Lovelace, MathaA Sophomore
Loving, AudreyA Sophomore
Lowe, SamA Sophomore
Lowery, ClarenceB Freshman
Lucas, DorisB Freshman
Lucas, FrancesJunior
Lunsford, HelenClass of 1936
Lyle, BirdieB Senior
Lyman, VirginiaA Freshman
Lynch, HaroldA Freshman
Lynch, HaroldB Freshman
Mabry, Verda MaeB Freshman
Macklin, BertB Freshman
Madden, EugeneB Freshman
Mahlen, Hilda MaeJunior
Malone, BobbyA Sophomore
Malone, LetaClass of 1936
Marks, MargieA Freshman
Marsalis, ElizabethA Sophomore
Martin, DellaA Sophomore
Martin, EudoraJunior
Martin, J. B.A Sophomore
Martin, MarionA Sophomore
Martin, RodneyClass of 1936
Mason, Leah JaneB Senior
Mason, RaymondJunior
Maxwell, FrankClass of 1936
Maxwell, HelenJunior
Maxwell, HomerB Freshman
Maxwell, NellieJunior
Maxwell, NewmanA Sophomore
McBride, PaulineA Freshman
McCarty, FrancesA Freshman
McCaskill, WandaB Freshman
McClusky, JeanA Freshman
McComic, VerleneA Sophomore
McConnell, TruettA Sophomore
McCoy, CarleneJunior
McCracken, Laura EmilyA Freshman
McCrary, LamarA Freshman
McDonald, FrancesJunior
McDonald, GeorgeA Freshman
McFarland, J. B.A Sophomore
McFarland, OlaineJunior
McFarland, VeronaA Sophomore
McGinty, MaxineA Freshman
McGullion, TheresaA Sophomore
McKaskle, MajorieA Freshman
McMillan, PaulB Freshman
McMillian, T. A.A Freshman
McNeill, BernardClass of 1936
Mead, AnnaB Freshman
Meador, ElizabethJunior
Meek, JamesA Sophomore
Meek, RichardA Freshman
Melilly, JasperA Freshman
Melton, EleanorA Sophomore
Melton, MargaretJunior
Merrett, EdithB Sophomore
Merrill, Jessie LeeA Freshman
Mertz, JosephineJunior
Messina, SamB Freshman
Messina, WillieB Freshman
Michalik, MargaretA Sophomore
Miciotto, AnthonyA Sophomore
Miciotto, CamilleB Freshman
Miciotto, EmuellaA Freshman
Miciotto, RoyA Sophomore
Miles, PearlB Sophomore
Miller, BurtonB Senior
Miller, Clara JaneA Freshman
Miller, DorothyClass of 1936
Miller, EdithA Sophomore
Miller, EdithB Freshman
Miller, JamesB Senior
Miller, JimmyJunior
Miller, LeonardB Sophomore
Miller, RoyA Freshman
Mills, Daisy JaneClass of 1936
Moak, RubyA Sophomore
Moellenkamp, DavidJunior
Monsour, EdwardClass of 1936
Monsour, MargaretB Freshman
Monsour, MichaelClass of 1936
Monsour, NeasibeB Sophomore
Monsour, VictorA Freshman
Moore, AlineJunior
Moore, DorothyA Freshman
Moore, MaryA Sophomore
Moore, RuthB Senior
Moos, JimmieA Freshman
Moreneaux, KathrynA Freshman
Morizot, EleidaB Senior
Morizot, PatA Freshman
Morris, EdmondJunior
Morris, FrancesA Freshman
Morris, MarieB Freshman
Morris, MaywoodA Freshman
Morrow, EvaB Freshman
Morrow, VirginiaJunior
Moseley, JuanitaB Freshman
Murphy, IreneClass of 1936
Murrell, W. E.B Senior
Myers, Cora MaeClass of 1936
Myers, WilliamB Sophomore
Neel, R. M.A Sophomore
Nelson, Blanche JewellA Freshman
Nelson, CliffordClass of 1936
Nesser, JohnJunior
Nichols, MelvinB Freshman
Nichols, ViolaA Freshman
Nickel, DonaldA Freshman
Nitsche, DorisA Sophomore
Nolan, Elmer LouisB Freshman
Norman, EugeniaB Sophomore
Normand, RuthB Senior
Norton, GeorgeA Freshman
Norwood, DorothyB Senior
Oakes, GenevaClass of 1936
Oberle, MarvinA Sophomore
O'Donnell, SamB Senior
O'Donnell, VirginiaB Senior
Offutt, Bertie MaeA Freshman
Oglesby, JimmieA Freshman
Oliver, AnneA Freshman
Oliver, Dorothy LeeA Freshman
Oliver, Nancy MaeA Sophomore
O'Neal, Johnnie LeeJunior
O'Neal, LloydJunior
O'Quin, InezB Sophomore
Orr, Mary LouiseA Freshman
Orton, Charles AlbertClass of 1936
Osborne, Mary RewClass of 1936
Owens, LeeA Sophomore
Owens, LinmoreJunior
Owens, RaymonA Freshman
Oxford, JoyceA Freshman
Pace, EllonB Sophomore
Packard, IvanClass of 1936
Packard, Roslyn JeanClass of 1936
Palmer, JackA Sophomore
Papa, JosephineB Sophomore
Papa, PeteA Freshman
Pappa, BennieA Freshman
Pappa, MarieClass of 1936
Pappas, SamA Freshman
Pappas, SamB Freshman
Parker, JimmyJunior
Parker, MildredJunior
Parrault, CatherineA Sophomore
Parsley, Charlie MaeClass of 1936
Parsons, ErnestineJunior
Parsons, VirginiaClass of 1936
Pate, BarneyA Freshman
Patterson, Dorothy RuthA Sophomore
Patterson, HarrietteA Freshman
Payne, ArthurClass of 1936
Payne, EuniceA Freshman
Pearce, JeanJunior
Pearce, MarieClass of 1936
Pecory, JoeB Freshman
Pedro, AliceJunior
Pedro, SamJunior
Peek, TomB Freshman
Pendleton, MaxA Sophomore
Pere, CamilleB Sophomore
Perkins, Doris LaneA Freshman
Petersen, DorisA Sophomore
Peterson, Pearl JuanitaClass of 1936
Petree, A. T.Junior
Peyton, Anna BellB Sophomore
Pharis, GeraldB Senior
Phillips, WinifredA Sophomore
Pierce, RebeccaA Freshman
Pigott, HulonB Sophomore
Pike, M. E.A Freshman
Pinckard, AliceJunior
Pipkin, DanielClass of 1936
Pipkin, Mary JaneClass of 1936
Pither, MarieB Freshman
Pittman, HarveyB Freshman
Polette, CharlesA Freshman
Pollard, HaroldA Freshman
Pollard, HelenClass of 1936
Pollard, LozanB Freshman
Pollard, Mary AliceA Freshman
Pool, WillB Sophomore
Porterfield, HowardB Freshman
Posey, HowardB Sophomore
Post, LawrenceA Sophomore
Potter, MargaretB Senior
Powell, AliceA Sophomore
Powell, KatherineB Freshman
Powell, LarueA Sophomore
Poythress, SamClass of 1936
Preble, GeraldineB Sophomore
Prestige, ElzeyA Freshman
Preston, NormanClass of 1936
Prestridge, ElzyB Freshman
Prestridge, EthelClass of 1936
Price, JuneA Freshman
Price, MattB Sophomore
Prince, CarrollA Sophomore
Provenza, JosephineA Freshman
Prudhomme, VirginiaB Sophomore
Pynes, O. A.Class of 1936
Railey, OpalClass of 1936
Railey, TopsyB Senior
Rampmaier, CarlA Sophomore
Raney, RobertB Freshman
Raven, WilliamA Freshman
Reed, EvelynB Freshman
Reed, HazelClass of 1936
Reed, JoeB Freshman
Reed, ValrieJunior
Reeves, HaroldA Freshman
Reeves, Maxie B.A Sophomore
Reeves, NellJunior
Rehkopf, GloriaA Freshman
Reid, JoeA Freshman
Reid, JuliusA Sophomore
Reid, LelandB Sophomore
Reid, VernonB Freshman
Reppert, CarlyleA Sophomore
Rhodes, MarjorieB Senior
Rice, HyltonA Freshman
Richardson, ElbertA Sophomore
Richardson, ImonClass of 1936
Richmond, JuanitaA Sophomore
Ridling, MarthaB Sophomore
Riley, FrankB Sophomore
Riser, BillyA Freshman
Riser, LeroyB Senior
Ritman, RachelB Sophomore
Robbins, RobertB Freshman
Roberts, EnidJunior
Roberts, JadaJunior
Roberts, OdomA Freshman
Roberts, RayJunior
Robertson, ClaudiaJunior
Robertson, HenryB Freshman
Robinson, MelbaA Freshman
Rogers, FreddieB Sophomore
Rogers, GailB Sophomore
Rogers, WilliamClass of 1936
Ross, VincentA Sophomore
Rowell, EleanorA Sophomore
Roy, HarrisA Freshman
Roy, MartharieJunior
Rubenstein, CharlesA Freshman
Ruff, MildredJunior
Rumley, DensonA Freshman
Rundle, Mary ElizabethA Freshman
Rust, Billie FayB Sophomore
Rust, Willie MaeB Freshman
Ruthenberger, GeorgeA Freshman
Rutherford, PaulB Freshman
Rutledge, MarthaA Freshman
Sanders, FrankA Sophomore
Sandifer, TravisA Freshman
Santone, ChettaA Sophomore
Saucier, Alma JeanB Freshman
Sauer, CharlesB Freshman
Schauman, WilleneA Freshman
Schilling, MarieB Sophomore
Scogins, KathleenA Freshman
Scruggs, RosemaryA Sophomore
Semon, RichardA Freshman
Serio, MaryB Sophomore
Serio, SarahB Sophomore
Sexton, JoeA Sophomore
Shackelford, RuthB Sophomore
Shahan, EdwardB Sophomore
Shaw, MabelA Freshman
Shelby, NovisJunior
Shelton, Marie FrancesA Freshman
Shields, YvonneA Sophomore
Shipp, BerniceA Freshman
Shows, SamA Sophomore
Sikes, OdomA Sophomore
Silliman, PerryB Freshman
Sirman, MurielB Senior
Sistrunk, KermitB Senior
Slagle, FredA Sophomore
Smelley, MurrayA Freshman
Smith, AdriaA Sophomore
Smith, ClaudeA Sophomore
Smith, DorotheeB Sophomore
Smith, GraceB Sophomore
Smith, JamesA Freshman
Smith, JamesB Freshman
Smith, LeolaJunior
Smith, PenningtonB Senior
Smith, RaymondB Sophomore
Smith, SamJunior
Smith, VirginiaB Freshman
Smith, WandaA Sophomore
Smithson, HaroldA Sophomore
Snell, CharlesJunior
Snell, LorraineA Freshman
Snodgrass, BillieJunior
Solley, HazelA Freshman
Sparks, DelphineB Freshman
Sparrow, Alice LouiseA Sophomore
Spivey, MarieClass of 1936
Sproull, MelvinA Sophomore
Spruell, ElizabethA Freshman
Spruell, EugeneA Sophomore
Spurlock, Allie B.A Freshman
Standley, LynnA Freshman
Starnes, BarneyA Sophomore
Starnes, DonaldA Sophomore
Starnes, GladysA Freshman
Stayton, EarlB Sophomore
Stephens, L. I.A Sophomore
Stephens, RobertA Sophomore
Stephenson, LonnieJunior
Story, JuneClass of 1936
Stowell, EarlA Sophomore
Strehlow, LillianJunior
Strickland, CharlesB Freshman
Strickland, MildredB Senior
Stuart, HarrisB Sophomore
Suggs, John AllenB Freshman
Sullivan, BurlA Sophomore
Sullivan, FerneJunior
Sutton, EvelynA Freshman
Sutton, FerrelA Freshman
Swearengen, HazelA Freshman
Tamburo, CharlesA Sophomore
Tamburo, SamA Sophomore
Tarno, J. T.B Sophomore
Taylor, FayeA Sophomore
Taylor, Johnnie LeeA Freshman
Taylor, MargieB Freshman
Tedlie, ArdisB Freshman
Terra, JohnA Freshman
Terry, EddieClass of 1936
Terry, Frankie MaeA Freshman
Terry, HelenJunior
Thatcher, RembertClass of 1936
Thomas, EdwardB Sophomore
Thomas, FayreneB Sophomore
Thomas, GeorgeA Freshman
Thomas, JuanitaA Sophomore
Thomasson, HelenA Sophomore
Thompson, Annie LaurieA Freshman
Thompson, BettyA Sophomore
Thompson, DonnA Freshman
Thompson, DorothyA Freshman
Thompson, Edith SueClass of 1936
Thompson, GenevaClass of 1936
Thompson, LionelClass of 1936
Thompson, NelwynClass of 1936
Thompson, RobertA Freshman
Thompson, RobertB Freshman
Thompson, TommyA Sophomore
Thomson, GusClass of 1936
Thorn, Ora MaeA Freshman
Tiller, DorothyB Freshman
Tinnin, BeverlyA Sophomore
Tinnin, FinleyClass of 1936
Titone, Emma LeeB Sophomore
Todaro, Mamie MaryClass of 1936
Tooke, FloraB Freshman
Townsend, Mary EvelynJunior
Treadway, O. D.A Sophomore
Treadwell, RayB Freshman
Tuminello, DominickA Freshman
Tuminello, MaryA Freshman
Tuminello, PhilA Sophomore
Tumminello, P. J.Junior
Turner, FrancineB Sophomore
Turrentine, JoeB Sophomore
Tyler, FrancesJunior
Upchurch, DociaJunior
Upchurch, TommyA Freshman
Urban, PermanA Sophomore
Vann, JohnA Sophomore
Vaughan, JosephineClass of 1936
Vaughan, RichardA Freshman
Vaughan, RichardB Freshman
Vetsch, AliceJunior
Vetsch, JoeClass of 1936
Vincent, ShirleyJunior
Viola, VirginiaB Sophomore
Voss, JohnA Sophomore
Vowels, FrancesA Freshman
Vowels, Jr, H. L.Junior
Waggoner, CharlesB Sophomore
Waggoner, Minnie JeanA Freshman
Wagley, Johnnie MaeB Senior
Wagner, MabelB Freshman
Waites, AlineA Freshman
Waites, BillyA Freshman
Waites, SimB Sophomore
Walker, HaroldB Sophomore
Walkup, ShirleyA Sophomore
Wallace, ConeyClass of 1936
Wallace, DebsB Senior
Wallace, FrancesB Sophomore
Wallace, GlemethClass of 1936
Wallace, HelenB Freshman
Wallace, PaulA Sophomore
Walton, ReeseJunior
Wardlaw, Emily JaneJunior
Warren, O. A.B Senior
Watson, BillieA Freshman
Watson, IreneB Senior
Watson, MauriceA Sophomore
Watson, MaurineJunior
Watts, BeatriceClass of 1936
Watts, JackB Senior
Watts, TheoA Sophomore
Webber, ElizabethB Freshman
Webber, MarvinB Freshman
Welch, LillianClass of 1936
Weldon, FloydA Freshman
Weldon, LloydA Freshman
West, GeorgeB Freshman
White, AzileJunior
White, BartellClass of 1936
White, BeatriceB Freshman
White, ClarenceA Sophomore
White, JeanA Sophomore
White, JimmieA Sophomore
White, MargaretB Freshman
Whitely, MonroeA Freshman
Whitley, AllenJunior
Whitley, HelenA Freshman
Whitley, LouiseB Freshman
Whitlock, J. C.A Sophomore
Whitten, CharlesA Sophomore
Whitten, GlynB Sophomore
Whittington, MildredA Sophomore
Wier, BettyA Sophomore
Wiggins, FloraA Freshman
Wilkins, J. F.Class of 1936
Williams, AnnieClass of 1936
Williams, EdwardA Sophomore
Williams, JohnB Freshman
Williams, Mary ElizabethA Sophomore
Williams, MildredClass of 1936
Williams, OliverB Freshman
Williams, RobertB Freshman
Williams, WilmaJunior
Williamson, LevertA Freshman
Wilson, BobbieB Sophomore
Wilson, CatherineB Sophomore
Wilson, ElizabethJunior
Wilson, EvelynA Sophomore
Wilson, GeorgeJunior
Wimberly, FletaJunior
Windham, MarieA Freshman
Windham, MaxineA Sophomore
Winko, FrancesA Sophomore
Winko, Mary ElizabethA Sophomore
Winko, ThelmaA Freshman
Winslett, VirginiaA Freshman
Winters, BillA Sophomore
Wise, PaulineA Freshman
Womack, JacquelineB Sophomore
Womack, LeroyA Sophomore
Womack, S. A.Junior
Wood, AustinB Freshman
Wood, MaxineB Sophomore
Wood, SamA Sophomore
Woodson, MildredJunior
Wooley, FrankA Freshman
Woolley, MargaretB Senior
Worsham, EdwinaA Sophomore
Wortman, KathleenClass of 1936
Wright, HaroldA Sophomore
Wright, HarryA Sophomore
Wright, MaxwellA Sophomore
Yarborough, DonaldA Freshman
Yearwood, RuthJunior
Yellin, MorrisB Senior
Young, CecilA Freshman
Young, VivianB Freshman
Zagone, LenoraB Sophomore
Zelinsky, SylviaB Freshman

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