Invincible Guards of Magnolia


The “Invincible Guards” company of volunteer infantry was organized at Magnolia, Columbia county, Arkansas, in May 1861, by Capt. Thomas Pleasant Dockery.  The Guards were composed of 70 men, mostly from Columbia county, with a few from neighboring Lafayette, Ouachita and Union counties.  The Guards marched to Camp Walker, in northwest Arkansas, where they were mustered into State service as Company B, Fifth Regiment, Arkansas State Troops, on July 11, 1861.  Captain Dockery was appointed colonel of the regiment, Lieutenant William H. Dismukes succeeding him as captain.

The Invincible Guards fought at the battle of Wilson’s Creek, Missouri, August 10, 1861, suffering only one casualty, Private James T. Key, slightly wounded.  Shortly after this engagement, the State Troops returned to Arkansas, where they were mustered out of service in September 1861.  The men returned to their respective home counties, where they soon enlisted in regular Confederate regiments.

Most of the Invincible Guards subsequently enlisted in the 11th, 19th and 33rd Arkansas regiments, CSA.

Captain Dockery went on to become colonel of the 19th Arkansas Infantry Regiment, and was later appointed brigadier-general in the Provisional Army of the Confederate States.  Lieutenant William H. Dismukes would later command a company in Dockery’s 19th Arkansas, while his brother, Sergeant Paul Thomas Dismukes, went on to command a battery in the 1st Tennessee Heavy Artillery Regiment.  One of the Guards, Private Christopher Columbus Beeman, enlisted in the 3rd Arkansas Infantry Regiment and was killed in action at faraway Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  Private Josiah Vinson eventually wound up in the 7th South Carolina Regiment.

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