Hardy's Regiment, Arkansas Infantry


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Dawson's Infantry Regiment was assembled during the early spring of 1864. It was a temporary command composed of parts of the 19th (Dawson's) and 24th Arkansas Infantry Regiments. The unit was assigned to General Tappan's Brigade. Trans-Mississippi Department, and fought at Jenkins' Ferry where it lost 8 killed and 18 wounded. Its commanders were Colonel C. L. Dawson of the 19th Regiment, and Lieutenant Colonel W. R. Hardy and Major F. H. Wood of the 24th Regiment.

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Dawson's - Hardy's Arkansas Infantry Regiment

Organized around February of 1863 by consolidating the portions of the 19th (Dawson's) and 24th Infantry Regiments and Crawford's Infantry Battalion that were not captured at the battle of Arkansas Post on January 11th, 1863. The regimental commander was Colonel Charles L. Dawson, assisted by Lt. Col. William R. Hardy and Major Francis H. Wood. Initially assigned in an unattached status to Frost's Division in southeastern Arkansas in May and June of 1863, they were reassigned to Drayton's Brigade of Price's Division, which in turn became Tappan's Brigade upon that officer's reassignment to the Trans-Mississippi in January, 1864. Field consolidated with the 30th Arkansas in March, 1864. Then under the command of Lt. Col. Hardy, the regiment participated in the Red River Campaign with Tappan's Brigade in northwestern Louisiana in March and early April of 1864, and was engaged at the battle of Pleasant Hill. They then slung their knapsacks and went back north into Arkansas in time to fight at Jenkins' Ferry on April 30, 1864. The 33rd suffered a total of 8 killed and 18 wounded in this battle. Consolidated again with the 15th and 20th Arkansas Infantry on November 29, 1864, and the consolidated unit renamed as the 3rd Infantry Regiment, Consolidated. The regiment saw little additional combat during the rest of the war, and remained in service in southwestern Arkansas until surrendered with MG Kirby Smith's army on May 26, 1865.

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